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Big Eclipse VI

August 19, 2017

Here’s a handy tool…

Before we finish with the busy 21-25-Degree Zone of the Eclipse chart, we need to talk about one more snapshot, a Yin Gate (signified by the two adjacent green Xs) nestled in amidst the T-Squares, Grand Cross, Grand Trines, and Grand Sextile that we’ve already discussed…

As you probably recall, a Yin Gate is a “Mystery School” where we’re taught to Accept Paradox, because Paradox is essential for grokking Reality.  Contradiction occurs only in the mind, never in Real Life.  If we’re Limited to Logic, we can never Grow beyond our (usually Unconscious, almost always unstated, and implicitly incomplete) Assumptions, and we’re Stuck in Duality, losing access to all of the other Dimensions of the Multifarious and Unitary Real Universe.  Whenever we encounter a Contradiction, like Jewel’s neon sign, it tells us that we need to Open to Paradox instead.

The crux of the Paradox we’re Asked to accept in the Eclipse Yin Gate is the apparent Conflict between our Values and Ego Death.  We’re taught that our Values are Fixed for Life, that they Define Who We Are, and in a post or two back, Jewel talked about using them for her compass in the Wilderness of Life.  Well, even if our Values never Change, the depth of our Understanding of them definitely Changes.  And in order for that to happen, an Ego Death of some sort or another often needs to occur. 

When we’re Emotionally Attached to our Current Ego – and almost by definition, who isn’t – then an Ego Death literally Breaks our Heart (Venus in Cancer)Why on Earth would anyone intentionally Break their own Heart?  Well, it’s not really the Heart that’s Breaking, it’s the Emotional and Intellectual Shell around it that’s Breaking.  The Heart is actually Breaking Open.

Paradox is the Central Issue in a Yin Gate, but Yin Gates involve much more…

  • The Golden Rectangle (heavy blue lines) enfolding the Gate is a Blessing helping us return to Alignment with our True Nature (Golden Rectangle), in this case Aligning the Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) of our Forbidden Genius (Ixion), which at the moment is The Most Important Thing (Saturn), with our Birthright of Freedom (Chaos), and Aligning that with Our Mission in the Lifetime (North Node), with the Dissolution of our Resentments (Mars-Atropos), and with Action (Mars) to Reclaim our Hidden Skills and Embrace the Emotions that we cannot Tolerate (South Node).  (The Golden Rectangle is blue because that’s the color we use to symbolize Grace, and Golden because it reflects the Golden Ratio that Pachamama uses to Align Her infrastructure.)
  • Funny we should mention Resentments.  In addition to being Conjunct asteroid Truth, another reader has just pointed out that the Eclipse is also Conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus, one of the four Royal Stars of Persia.  The textbook on each of these Royal Stars is that they promise Great Success, but only if a certain downside can be Avoided.  The downside for Regulus?  Resentment!  As they say, you can’t make this stuff up!  Oh, btw, I retract that comment yesterday about the caves.
  • Four Natural PIAVAs
    • I Wonder (Quincunx – green line) how my Understanding of my Values (Venus) was warped by Others to imprison my Forbidden Genius (Ixion), restrain by Self-Sovereignty (Lilith), and Limit my Healthy Control over my own Domain (Saturn).
    • I Wonder how my Programming about my Values may have helped keep my Karma (South Node) in place.
    • I Wonder what sort of Ego Death (Nemesis) would Allow me to Transcend my Most Frustrating Limitations (Chaos)
    • I Wonder what will happen if I Lovingly and Gently Affirm (Mars) exactly that sort of Ego Death, and Affirm my Commitment to Lovingly and Gently Extinguish (Atropos) all Inhibitions to my Life Mission (North Node).  Sounds scary, eh?
  • Two Big Opportunities to Let Go of Unconscious Archetypes that Control our Lives…
    • When we regard our Values as Moral Imperatives rather than Choices, we create Limits for ourself and for our Community.  We can find Alternatives that are more Flexible, Expansive, and Rewarding.  (Venus Unx to Chaos and Mars-Atropos-North Node – the Unx Angle, make by two planets one Sign apart, aka the Twelfth Harmonic, is about Breaking Patterns)
    • When we have Habits of suppressing certain Emotions, it imprisons the parts of ourself that Feel those Emotions.  Those parts might just need a good catharsis, so after Allowing those Emotions to surface, they may just Go Away.  On the other hand, they might constitute a critical Tool for an important part of ourself that we haven’t Opened Up to yet in the Lifetime.  Either way (and the latter is more likely during this Eclipse), it will be Liberating for us to Open Up to these Emotions.  (Nemesis Unx to South Node and Ixion-Lilith-Saturn)

  ♥  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  

This next part Integrates the Whole McGillacuddy, so you might want to either skip it, or be prepared to spend a half-hour or so trying to grok the Bigger Multidimensional Picture it paints.  Or you can use it to see how your own Natal planets might facilitate or hinder your Transcendance.

Overall in the Eclipse chart we have…

  • The Eclipse itself (representing Conscious Differentiation of previously fused Unconscious Material) in a Pointy Square Fez (which means Utilizing Grace to Meld Multiple Challenges into Useful Compost) in 27-1 Degrees (symbolizing Endings and Beginnings).
  • A Sextile Fez (Substituting Curiosity for Conflict) in 1-7 Degrees (Designing a Prototype).
  • A Flying Squirrel (PIAVAing Grace to Resolve Complex Interactions) and Earth Grand Trine (Staying Grounded in Hardcopy 3D “Reality” to facilitate Integration of Higher Dimensions) in 7-14 Degrees (Testing the Prototype in Realistic Circumstances).
  • A Bascule Bridge (Grace with Options) in 17-21 Degrees (A Searching and Fearless Inventory of how our Prototype Performed).
  • The  21-24 Zone (Burning Away the Unnecessary in Order to Achieve a Clean Restart) that we’ve been talking about for the last several posts.

Which covers all but a few Degrees of the Zodiac! 

The Eclipse chart also has an Earth Grand Quintile (Graduate Seminar in Staying Grounded).

Well talk about the rest of these in the next few installments.

  ♥  ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥  

Then we need to quickly turn our Attention to the Adventures which follow and Challenge our Infant Self to make Choices it may not be ready for…

24 August (ie, ~ 17-24 August) – Saturn Stationary turning Direct, informing us that we need to Pay Attention to The Most Important Thing

26 August (ie, ~22-26 August) – Juno Stationary turning Direct, Opening the Gate between Consciousness and the Unconscious

27 August (ie, ~ 20-27 August) – Sedna Stationary turning Retrograde, Staying Present when we’re in Fear or Anger

1 September (ie, ~ 26 August-1 September) – Moira Stationary turning Retrograde, tapping us on the shoulder and Reminding us that Consciousness Behooves

The exact dates are when the planet is actually Standing Still.  When a planet Stands Still we Feel it strongly for a week or so beforehand.  If we know what’s going on, then the Energy drops off rapidly after that.  If we don’t, there is a danger that we might make Decisions that carry the Energy beyond the Exact date.

Let’s take an example.  Suppose the Veil thins on August 25 and we suddenly Perceive Multiple Realities at the same time.  We might be looking through a window into a Parallel Life, for instance, or the World may be Pixelating, or it may turn into Images entirely unrecognizable and we might think we’re Hallucinating (we aren’t)…

(Borrowed with Gratitude and Admiration from Brian Froud)

So we might rush to the doctor to get drugs to “bring us back to ‘Reality’ ” – that could set us back for years.  Or we might not really Discern what we’re seeing, but find ourselves disoriented and dizzy or even nauseous, and Vow to never again Allow ourselves to think about what might be just beyond the Limits of our Beliefs.  But if we know what’s happening, then after we retrieved our jaw, we’d just be Grateful for a Glimpse into the Realm of Faerie, bow, and say “Hello.  How may I serve you?”

The thing to notice is that the periods when these Stations are Strongest overlap the Eclipse.  So we could easily summarize the whole Eclipse Drama in one sentence as…

The Most Important Thing is to Get Conscious of our Fears and Angers, so we can be Present with them when they arise, rather than Allowing them to sweep us away into a fuzzy Past where we can’t tell that it’s not really still going on. 

Or is it? 

No, it never really was.  That was just a painful Hallucination.

13.12 Full Moon VI

December 13, 2016

The Full Moon “Occulted” (moved in front of and hid) Aldebaran last night.  An Occultation is a Conjunction on steroids, so the Full Moon will test us on our Commitment to Integrity (Yin or otherwise, probably both)…

“The four royal stars of Persia are all very powerful stars and each one offers the possibility of glory, success, or happiness, but only if a particular nemesis can be overcome.  In the case of Aldebaran, the challenge is one of integrity and honor.  Greatness can be achieved but the individual will be challenged on issues of integrity and purity of their thoughts and dealings.  If they fail this test they lose everything.”  –Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, p.233

Find details at .  The article also points out a Lunar Occultation of another of the Royal Stars or Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Regulus, on 18 December.  The nemesis associated with Regulus is the urge toward Revenge.

Aldebaran is at 11 Gemini in the Tropical Zodiac, New Opportunities, and Regulus at 1 Virgo, Exaggeration of Unusual or Identifying Characteristics.  If you have natal planets near those Degrees, the impact on you may be Strong.

I recommend Kelly Hunter’s view of the Full Moon, at… 

And Dr. Kim has some excellent advice for us on holyday Self-Care… 

Waning Jupiter-Saturn Square: Confidence-Builder

May 25, 2016

GrandTrines has a nice graphic analysis of the 26 May Jupiter-Saturn Square, at …

I’ll add some commentary.  In general, Jupiter-Saturn Squares are about tension between Extroversion and Introversion.  During duress, our Inner Extrovert gets Centered by hanging out with other people, while our Inner Introvert gets Grounded by hanging out with Ourself.  A couple of you have written about how your Guides seem to be recommending playing your cards close to the chest, apparently contrary to our preaching about Dropping Our Masks and Letting It All Hang Out.  This Extro-Intro-Vert Confusion may be part of that; see if it Changes after 26 May.  

In general, we like Safety First, and don’t recommend throwing your Pearls before Pink Animals, unless you really don’t care.  A Jupiter-Saturn Square in another sense suggests that staying Present with The Most Important Thing is more Expansively Important than usual, and the Most Important Thing for the next few weeks is to get Honest with yourself.  Getting Honest with other people is very Important if it’s an Important Relationship.  Of course we’d all be better off if we were all completely Honest with one another, but Idealism is not a game you can win.

We’ve mentioned that this particular Jupiter-Saturn Square is likely to kick off an economic decline, but that’s another story – see, for instance, .  This is the third occurrence of this Square, so it’s a Confidence-Builder.  The Changes it heralds will serve us in good stead as we endure the next four years of relative Scarcity.  What do you suppose it means that it coincides with a major shift in our Yintegrity?

GrandTrines mentions a couple of interesting Quintile Yods in the Jupiter-Saturn chart, one focused on Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) and the other on Uranus (Yintegrity).  

  • The Juno QYod is from a base of Sun and Chiron: it’s time to Learn to bring our Bummers up into Consciousness and deal with them as Masks rather than bottom-line Truths.  As Bill Plotkin puts it (Wild Mind p.138-9)…

“When an Inner Critic is operating outside our awareness, we notice only how bad we feel about ourselves, which we probably attribute to the fact that we must objectively be deplorable or inadequate.  We passively accept our deficiencies or even our contemptibility.”

“When we know what we’re doing, we consciously choose to royally perform a degradation ceremony upon our very own poor selves.  We know we’re doing it and we feel we deserve it.”

“In contrast, our Nurturing Generative Adult protects and nurtures us by encouraging adequate preparation and conditioning, offering helpful suggestions and guidelines, self-care when things go adversely, and skills for improving less-than-optimal circumstances for both self and others.”

Our Nurturing Generative Adult would start by Tapping it Out.

  • The Uranus QYod is based on Mars and the North Node: it’s time to Learn to Assertively pursue the missing pieces in our Yintegrity, and our Mission and Deepest Desires.  Uranus and Eris are only half a Degree apart here, and Eris is as much a part of the focus of this QYod as Uranus: we need to also assertively pursue any inconsistencies in our Storyline.  Exactly Why is it, again, that we can’t Live in Yintegrity, Honor our Deepest Desires, and move toward our Mission?  Well, what if we Could?  What if we asked Ganesh to Remove All Obstacles to doing exactly that?  Scary, eh?

The Kite that GrandTrines delineates points to the South Node, even though Jupiter Amplifies the North Node.  Pluto and Mercury sit on the crossbar.  This brings a lot of Grace (Grand Trine) into our Reconsideration of whether or not we’re Victim to our Karma, or just a willing participant in our repetitive Patterns (South Node), a good deal of Persistence in disallowing backpedaling (Pluto), and alert Awareness for bringing the degree of our Commitment into Consciousness (Mercury).

And of course we have a very different interpretation of the Mjolnir, or Thor’s Hammer.  Thor’s Hammer, like Ganesh, overcame Obstacles, it didn’t necessarily obliterate them.  If you examine the parallel between the Norse Mjolnir and the Hindu Vajra – the Nordic languages derive from Sanskrit – we see that one of the strongest commonalities is the theme of Lightning.  Thor’s Hammer overcomes Obstacles through Illumination, not Violence, though it may be shocking – and dangerous to an Olde Ego that’s Identified with Darkness.  

So we interpret a Mjolnir as Epiphany or Insight.  What others call a “Sesquisquare” (the arms of a Mjolnir) we call a Trioctile.  The Eighth Harmonic is about bringing things back into Balance, and the Third Harmonic is about Compassion.  An intelligent view of Health considers Disease to be one of the Body’s ways to restore Balance.  So yes, a Thor’s Hammer could feel uncomfortable, as it brings Imbalance into our Awareness.

The focus of this week’s Mjolnir is Pluto – Transformation, and the base comprises Venus and Astraea – Values and Innocence.  With Pluto we don’t get to choose whether to be Transformed, but we get to influence how we get our Trance Reformed.  Venus is in Gemini (finding our Values to be Flexible, especially Values based on Experiences that we’ve outgrown) and Astraea is in Virgo (Who, Me?).  We summarize Pluto in Capricorn as “Just Fix It.”  Behind Astraea stands the Royal Star Regulus.  Regulus promises success but warns us to eschew Revenge.

We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) Initiates Venus two days after the Jupiter-Saturn Square, and Orcus (Oath-Breaking) Initiates Astraea a week after.  We can easily consider the Mjolnir to be Pluto to Venus-Vesta-Sun and Astraea-Orcus.  Orcus is about Punishing Oath-Breakers – the Guilt we feel when we betray an ancient Trust such as our promise to Mom that we’d never do that.  Once we realize that we’ve outgrown that Oath/Mask, our Values Change.  And while our initial reaction may be “Who, Me?” as we’re shocked to find our Identity bound up to such ancient Trusts, the result is Liberation and greater Yintegrity.

The Vesta-Venus Initiation occurs 28 May at 6 Gemini, “Workers drilling for oil: The avidity for that knowledge which insures wealth and power.”  The Orcus-Astraea Initiation is 3 June at 7 Virgo, “A harem: A fateful subservience to the vagaries or desires of the emotional nature.”  While Rudhyar’s Spiritual (and Patriarchal) orientation gives secondary priority to the “emotional nature,” our Integrative orientation regards it as the Ground of our Intuition and Guidance, though of course it can overwhelm us at times, as can any other of our Channels.  So we interpret Orcus-Astraea as Liberation of our Innocence so we’re more able to pursue our Deepest Desires.

The two Initiations of course Square one another – Mastery through Challenge.  Liberation of our Innocence so we’re more able to pursue our Deepest Desires Challenges our Values, especially those still tied to Unconscious Beliefs.  If we see the Vesta-Venus Initiation as part of what Jung read as an Innate Unconscious Drive toward Wholeness (which increases real wealth and power, not just material wealth and power), then yes, there is enormous opportunity here for “violent” inner turmoil, as our Reality is twisted to embrace what “breaks all the rules you learned in school,” as Gracie put it.  

With Regulus involved, it’s important to remember that those who bound us to Limiting Oaths – including our historical children and Parallel Selves – were doing the best they could to keep us Safe.  Sarcasm and bitterness will not serve us.

So, we would expect Irruptions from the Deeps in circumstances like this – where is OR10?  “Coincidentally,” it’s busy Initiating Pallas (Boundaries), Opposite the Orcus-Astraea Initiation and Regulus – creating a T-Square focused on the Vesta-Venus Initiation.  So yes, sharply and possibly shockingly shifting Boundaries would accompany big Changes in our Values and our Loyalties.  The OR10-Pallas Initiation occurred on 14 May at 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts: The mobility and intensity of interchanges which make possible and characterize complex social processes.

Oh, and by the way, OR10 is Stationary, turning Retrograde on 29 May.  So we probably won’t feel “the end of this” once the Jupiter-Saturn Square is over on 26 May.  Just more explication of the transition to the new Eris-Uranus Cycle. 

Now, our Deepest Desires would have been explored long ago if they weren’t shrouded with some sort of prohibition.  Which brings us to the question, Where’s Ixion here? as our Forbidden Genius seems likely to be involved somehow, with Orcus Liberating our Innocence, Pluto Transforming our Values, OR10 haranguing our Boundaries, Regulus promising success, and the South Node heading up a Kite based on a Pluto-Mercury-Jupiter/North Node Grand Trine in the Earth (Manifestation into Form) Signs.  

Ixion’s making a Grand Trine with the imminent Eris-Uranus Initiation and with the asteroid Sappho – Self-Love.  It’s also being Squared by Chiron, making an Ixion-Square-Chiron-Quincunx-Sappho-Trine-Ixion Major Tricolor.  In other words, the key to this whole complex may be to sit with the likes of 

I Wonder what sort of Changes in my Worldview might Liberate my Orphaned Genius and Effortless success in all my endeavors. 

Not a Question seeking an Answer, but a Koan inviting Intuitions.  Inviting Epiphanies, in fact, shocking bolts of Lightning that obliterate Obstacles and turn our World upside down for the better.  If the mind drops into analysis, Change the Subject.

Portal 16.5 and a.Karma Chapter Three

May 16, 2015

s4244bpCrystals of pure Sulfur.  Esoterically, Sulfur Crystals clear detritus from all of your Bodies – Light, mental, emotional, physical, Karmic, auric, astral, psychic, you name it.  Not to mention your joints.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Today is Consciousness-Expanding Day, when Jupiter (Expansion) Initiates Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).  Since Expanding our Consciousness reduces self-sabotage, Juno-Jupiter is one of the larger Blessings we can receive.  Imagine the cone on top of your head Opening wide to receive Grace from the Heavens today.  Here’s the perfect story about Juno-Jupiter…

Love them Moody Blues!

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The Initiation occurs at the midpoint of Leo.  The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) are often referred to as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Star Regulus (while now because of precession our Tropical Leo is moving away) symbolizes the Leo Horseman.  Regulus represents great Success that can be reduced to Shame if we surrender to Revenge.  Forgiveness is highlighted; if you’ve been thinking about how to “get even” with anyone lately, it’s because this Energy is lit up. 

Like Karma, every recurrence of negativity or Discouragement is an opportunity to Let It Go.  The Temptation is always to grasp it again.  You need not yield to it.  Each time you Choose not to be Tempted, the need lessens.  Wouldn’t that be a great Expansion of Consciousness, to Let Go of a negative Energy that’s been nagging at us to Act in Revenge?  Your Ego needs you to Defend it, right?  You have to make a stand, or they’ll walk all over you.  Right?  Like Jimi says…

As summer approaches here in the North, the neighbors’ drive to use my Garden for their games of sport, all involving projectiles, increases – as I grind my teeth.  But for how long have critters been invading one another’s territories?  Harvests have been vulnerable ever since people started tending plants.  Europeans robbed, tortured, enslaved, maimed, raped, and killed aboriginal Peoples all over the World – pretty much until there wasn’t much left to pillage, and that’s just the last 500 years.  The multinationals, with their injections of Demand through propaganda aka advertising, have taken over to glean what’s left – and to turn the tables on the Colonialists.  Habitat loss is extincting other species as fast as it ever has in the geological record.  The history of civilization is the history of Defending territory.  The story of losing the Defense doesn’t get written.

So what’s Personal about my neighbors invading my Garden?  Why am I Reacting as if it’s a Personal affront?  The War goes on, in a billion little ways, for each of us.  So how do I get off this archetreadmill?  Self-Empathy.  “You poor Fellow, you’ve worked hard setting this up, and they have no idea what you’re doing.”  They get their food in the freezer section at Walmart – big deal to them if a basketball careens through those funny-looking green things.  Sports are far more important – which channel is the Stuporbowl of Gardening on?  They know not what they do.  Which cheeks do I turn, then?  Forgiveness is not a Decision, it’s a Discovery.  When you Notice that you’re no longer Reacting, Forgiveness has occurred.  You can PIAVA it, but you can’t Decide it, because it’s not a mental process.

The “senior” planets here in this Configuration that we’ve been discussing at length are the dwarf planet Chaos and the Centaur Chiron, followed by Jupiter. 

The “senior” planets here in this Configuration – which is primarily…

  • Chaos T-Squaring the Opposition between Lilith and Chiron while
  • Chiron Initiates the asteroids Vesta and Karma, and
  • Chiron Biquintiles the Initiation of Juno by Jupiter –

that we’ve been discussing for a while are Chaos – Unlimited Potential rather than Disorder – and Chiron – Discouragement and Miracle – followed by Jupiter.

You could put Jupiter first because of its size, but Chaos (309 years) and Chiron (50 years) trump Jupiter (12 years) in orbital period, and since Consciousness arises from Experience, and we have far less Experience with planets that move slowly (because they dance with other planets less often), the impact of the slower planets occurs deeper in the Unconscious.  The only Power we (Ego) have over the Unconscious, is to invite its contents into Consciousness.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The asteroid Niobe is also there at the midpoint of Leo, as we speak.  The historical or mythical Niobe mocked the Goddesses, believing in her right to be worshiped as one of them.  In revenge the Gods and Goddesses killed her fourteen children and reduced her to Shame.  It’s a similar story, about defending the Ego and its attachment to status.  While Regulus is always associated with the Midpoint of Leo, Niobe is a traveler that only visits every four and a half years.  So it’s a “coincidence” that she’s visiting now at this Jupiter-Juno Initiation, as if the Maid of Honor to stand opposite Regulus as Best Man.

In case you’ve forgotten your Greek-to-Roman translations, Jupiter is Zeus and Juno is Hera.  These are the King and Queen of Heaven.  As the Greeks established the Patriarchy, Zeus took most of the Power, leaving Hera to React to his intransigence as his Shadow.  Let’s not forget Lilith, the third member of the Chaos T-Square.  Adam had no Power over Lilith.  Lilith, like Mary Magdalen, was just written out of his-story and replaced by Eve who like Hera was relegated to be Adam’s Shadow.  Nasty Archetypes in this Gordian knot, which like War is also rising into Consciousness.

That’s the Ego’s psychological function, to Defend, to keep the Vehicle alive and functioning.  And that’s exactly what needs to happen if Consciousness is to Expand – the Ego must Stand Down.  So anywhere you’re threatened or affronted or offended or angry or outraged or abused or disrespected or invisible or tempted to Act in Defense – that’s exactly where you need to be, because Choosing not to Act, not to mentally reinforce those Feelings, that’s precisely how you Choose to step off the Wheel.  Emotions arise from the Unconscious, the Ego does not Choose them.  But the mind has tremendous Power to reinforce them or not. 

While a few thoughts of “Those Bastards” will always slip through before we catch ourself, sooner or later we shift to “Oh, there’s that Irritation again!  I Wonder how I can get that thorn pulled out?”  Once we shift, we begin to Expand Consciousness, Grow the Ego, and change the Vicious Spiral of Karma into the Virtuous Spiral of Discernment and Grace.  Joe’s aged, but he can still tell the story…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

There’s another rather interesting “coincidence” here, as the asteroid Karma sports a second Grand Cross – in the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs!  In a.Karma’s “Discovery” chart, it’s Pallas that sits at the Midpoint of Leo: Boundaries.  As in Good Fences make Good Neighbors.  And as in, “You know, worst case these neighbors will probably end up doing less damage than the Sluggs, so maybe I can loosen that Boundary a little and see if it helps lighten things up.  Betternotbroken gives us some Perspective on Boundaries…

Karma is about Repetition.  My Reactions stream from the Unconscious, so I can’t Choose not to have them.  But I can Choose to be Curious about what Universal or Cultural Archetype I might be in the grip of here, or Curious about when I first encountered this Energy.

When we strongly Experience a Universal Archetype, we know that it’s not just us, the Archetype is lit up.  When the Archetype is lit up it’s an opportunity to Choose not to reciprocate its grasp.  An Archetype is like a parent – by allowing it to make the Decisions, we can Attend to issues that are more important to us in the moment.  When the Archetype reaches a strong hand down to guide us, we can either reach our small hand up to embrace the Gift, or we can Choose to forgo the training wheels this time and see if we can make it on our own.  No worries that the hand won’t still be there if we discover that it’s too early to go it alone!  Archetypes are very caring and reliable parents!

The Manifest Universe is a Mirror for the Light that we Are.  The strength of what we Experience as the negative Manifestation of the Archetype matches the strength of our Reaction to it.  Not because the Energy Exchange must be Equal, but because the Archetype and our Reaction are One.  It just depends on whether we’re looking down the barrel, or up the muzzle, which view we See.  In the Unconscious they are heads and tails of the same Coin.  A muzzle of the Archetypal iceberg protrudes from the Universal or Cultural Unconscious into our Personal Unconscious.  But it’s all One Unconscious.  The divisions are reductive, merely devices to ease analysis, without objective Existence.  For analysis to succeed, it has to be followed by Synthesis, without Revenge.

In the a.Karma chart Pallas Opposes Vesta…

Another interesting “coincidence,” as it’s Chiron’s Initiation of Vesta – the opportunity to enjoy Liberation from our Limiting Beliefs – that started us down this road.

Which is Squared by an Opposition between Mercury and Hylonome…

We used to say “Be there or be square,” but the literal meaning of this part of the a.Karma chart is “Get Conscious or Die of Grief.”

It is said “the best” kind of chart to have is one with a Grand Cross and a Grand Trine, as it provides Grace almost equal to Motivation, and this Grand Cross includes a Grand Trine, as Mars and Chiron (again!) Trine Hylonome…

Grief and Ego Death can be avoided through Action and through Self-Empathy.

Which puts Mercury at the head of a Kite…

The emphasis here is on Conscious Awareness.  The analytical side of Mercury-mind is useful as long as Synthesis and reintegration follows; if it doesn’t, we’re back to Grief…

As there is also a Finger of God pointing at Hylonome, from the Moon and a Sun-Ixion Conjunction.  Holy shit, did you say a Sun-Ixion Conjunction?  That would imply…

That the essence of Karma is psychopathic – that it serves its own narcissistic needs without concern for its Victims, like the Colonialists or the modern multinationals.  But while the mythic Ixion was uncompromisingly psychopathic, the function of Greek Mythology was to enshrine the Patriarchy, while the purpose of the sort of astrology we do here is to steer us into Wholeness.  So in our realm, Ixion is about Healing psychopathy.  We can see how the Elite in India milked the concept of Karma for every Political advantage it could give them – Dalits were untouchable because of their Karma.  If that propaganda actually works on anybody, you’ve got willing slaves for Life!  Or even Millenia.  A lesson not lost on today’s Lizards.

So the Hylonome (Grief unto Death) Finger of God is rooted in submitting (Grief unto Death) or not (Tolerating an Ego Death, as Betternotbroken guides us through above) to the Will of psychopathic Energies, and in whether or not we Trust our Instincts (The Moon) or dismiss them as “random” or irrelevant Emotions.  We could even see our Instincts as proof of our inferiority, if we’ve drunk the psychopathic Kool-Aid. 

Now, you know what this means – a T-Square (Hylonome from Pallas and Vesta) and a Finger of God (Hylonome from Moon and Sun-Ixion) to the same planet creates a Diamond Star, as the base of the Finger of Yod creates a Trine-Sextile Truss Bridge under the base of the T-Square…

In other words, the Active Dance between what we Manifest and what sort of abuse we tolerate or not, effortlessly Resolves the apparent Conflict between our Beliefs and our Willingness to set Boundaries, and Conscious Attention on our Ego Death nullifies the otherwise insoluble dilemma between our Beliefs, our Boundaries, and our Grief.

That is, the Active Dance (Sextile) between what we Manifest (Moon) and what sort of abuse we tolerate or not (Sun-Ixion), effortlessly Resolves (the Bridge) the apparent Conflict (Opposition) between our Beliefs (Vesta) and our Willingness to set Boundaries (Pallas), and Conscious Attention (Mercury) on our Ego Death (Hylonome) nullifies the otherwise insoluble dilemma (T-Square) between our Beliefs, our Boundaries, and our Grief.

The key to the Portal is the Sextile between the Moon and Sun-Ixion.  A Sextile implies Grace, but only after we take the first step.  That step would be to PIAVA or Act to Trust our Instincts (Moon), and/or to PIAVA or Act to Heal our subservience to the psychopathic rather than submit to it (Sun-Ixion).  Small steps work fine – we just need to take one step, and it’s better if we don’t bite off more than we can chew.

The Portal itself is straight out of Tibetan Buddhism – invite and Celebrate Ego Death (Hylonome).  What does that mean?  Confusion.  Like Curiosity, Confusion is to be considered a Sacred State.  Neither is a question to be answered, both are akin to Love because they eschew Judgment – Curiosity because we haven’t made up our mind yet, and Confusion because we’re too blathered to discriminate.  But “making up” our mind, or forcing Confusion to submit to conclusions, puts us into Either/Or.  Either/Or is the realm of Politics; Both/And is the realm of Spirit.  Permanent Curiosity is the state of Awe.  Permanent Confusion, once we replace our Insecurity with Faith, is the state of Ecstasy.

Celebrate Confusion and Curiosity!  Rumi can take us there…

Ego Death – what else does that mean?  Pain.  Invite Pain, in tolerable quantities – physical, Emotional, or otherwise.  Then place all of your Attention into the center of it.  When your Attention strays, gently bring it back.  When your Pain moves, follow it.  Embrace your Pain, lovingly.  It’s part of your Body – don’t reject it.  Breathe into the Pain.  What if it wasn’t your Pain but The Pain.  A Universal Archetype if there ever was one.  Your Body feeling The Pain.  You are a Healer.  You came here to Embrace Pain and Love it to Death.

Do the same with Loathing…  And with Fear…  And with Rage…

There is only One Unconscious, named Pi, and She has gazillions of little protuberances, as many as there are Entities on the Planet.  If you’ve never had a conversation with a Plant or a Rock, I’m sorry, but your own Limiting Beliefs have created that failure to Connect with your Planet.  If you scoff at that, that’s precisely your opportunity to Expand your Consciousness.  PIAVA that you can begin to hear their Songs, and learn their Medicine.  You probably talk to Puppies and Kittens all the time, maybe even your Fish.  The Whole Planet is Conscious, not just the Egocentric Hufolk. 

The Fear, The Pain, The Loathing, The Rage, The Resistance to Confusion, The Killing of Curiosity, The Absence of Love and Grace and Faith, they are all cumulative.  Every thought and Emotion you Experience is an opportunity to Heal The Fear or Pain or Rage in the field of the Planet and to Grow The Love and Gratitude and Trust.  Embrace the Discomfort with Self-Empathy, Breathing, Focused Attention, PIAVAs, and every other tool you have.  Amplify the Blessings with Gratitude and Excitement.  It is we that will Heal the Planet, and we need to get to work!

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ