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Full Moon Jupiter 3

June 11, 2017

The 9 June Jupiter Station Lit Up 11-17 Degrees of the Cardinal Signs.  Let’s take another reader at random and see how having these Degrees Triggered might impact them… 

Well, this will reveal the reader’s age, so we can’t say anything else about their chart without giving out too much information, but for our reader, the Jupiter Station Lights Up a “Chariklo Return” that they’re in the middle of.

Every half-century or so, Chariklo Returns to the same place, and for us Hupers, this marks a major Crisis of Self-Confidence.  Chariklo symbolizes our Charm and Beauty, two characteristics that Hupers are particularly Fond of becoming Addicted to.  This Fondness from Other easily translates into Confidence for us – if folks tend to fawn over me, why wouldn’t I (ceteris paribus) develop Self-Confidence!  A patina of Privilege can thus constellate around Chariklo, if one’s Ego Attaches to the deference that others might grant.  And, y’know, Ego and Attachment are pretty much synonyms, so that wouldn’t be unusual.

Now, when a planet in the Sky crosses one of our natal planets, then turns Retrograde and crosses again, we refer to the first crossing as a “Can-Opener,” because it may open a “Can of Worms” for us.  Since the most likely planets to do this are the outer, slower, planets, we may not have much Experience with the Energy in their crossings.  We’ve all Lived our whole Lives with Chariklo, but we Experience Chariklo most Intensely only every twelve and a half years, when it Squares, Opposes, then Squares itself again, then finally Returns to its natal position.  So unless we Live past a hundred, we’ll only Experience a Chariklo Return once in a Lifetime.

In other words, we’re all rookies at outer-planet Returns.  So when Chariklo Returns, we can expect some fairly intense Self-Questioning about whether or not we Deserve the Respect we Receive.  And it wouldn’t be surprising to find Respect withdrawn from us, as Chariklo noses its way into Consciousness.  The fastest way to Trigger Gratitude is to have something withdrawn when we’ve taken it for granted.  A Full Moon already tends in the direction of greater Consciousness anyway, as Full Moons are all about Illumination.  And just now, at this Full Moon, Chariklo is Dancing with Juno, which is about the Edges of our Consciousness as well.  And all while Jupiter is blowing everything out of proportion.

So this was probably a pretty Big Full Moon for our reader.  Fortunately, they had their Chariklo-Return Can-Opener in January.  Chariklo has since turned Retrograde, so this is Chariklo’s second pass.  We call the second, Retrograde crossing an “Exposition,” because it Exposes more about what likely caught us off guard at the Can-Opener.  At the Exposition we’re no longer raw rookies; we’ve seen this Energy before, and recently.  Plus, it’s Retrograde, so the whole Process, however it unfolds, will unfold more slowly, giving us time to Learn about it, to become Conscious of how it works.  Our reader’s Chariklo Return Exposition will be Exact soon.  

Later in the year, Chariklo will turn Direct again, and cross a third time; we refer to this third crossing as the “Confidence-Builder,” because by then we will have become a Master at working with the Energy.  By the dawn of 2018 our reader will probably understand that we just have to Create Confidence out of thin air.  Not over-Confidence; we’re always better off tempering Confidence with Honest Appraisal of our Skills.  We want to Stretch, but as we Stretch we don’t need to mislead.  If we’ve done something before, we can be pretty sure we can do it again.  If it’s similar to something we’ve done before, we can give odds of our success.  If we’ve never done it before, then we might be better off being Honest about our Eagerness to Try. 

All of which is far superior to Giving Up before we start – when Chariklo Acts Out and disrupts our normal Confidence Patterns, we could easily do just that.  The Mythological Chariklo was Chiron’s wife, so She was no stranger to Despair, and Testing our Mettle against Despair is well within Her bag of tricks as she Educates us about Confidence.  Which gives us a knife-edge to walk, between “I Can’t” and “I Will.”  We’ll always Learn more by erring on the side of “I Will” – within Limits.  If we Stretch too far we can get “burned” and Create new Limiting Beliefs in the process.

Cavansite - Calcium Vanadate Phyllosilicate HydroxideCavansite (Calcium Vanadate), the bright blue-green Crystal Cluster, Connects us with our Multidimensional Self and with Skillsets we developed in other Lifetimes, boosting our Self-Confidence.  The matrix is Stilbite, which also loosens our Attachment to our Current-Life Ego.

Full Moon Configuration I

April 9, 2017

Okay, after a long bout of techno-obsolescence we’ve achieved visuals again, so we can go back to involving the “right brain” too.  This is how we do what we do.  Let’s temporarily take the 10 April Full Moon chart apart, starting with the 20-26 Degree region that the Full Moon itself occupies…

Focusing for the moment on just the heavier lines, we can see three intertwining Configurations…

  • The Grand Cross or the red box with the red “X” in the middle
  • The Trine Bridge or the blue lines connecting two corners of the red box
  • A Finger of God, which is the green arrowhead, pointing to the same place in the upper right as the blue lines do

The Full Moon is the diagonal red line from upper left to lower right.  The Moon at upper left Conjoins Haumea (Rebirth), and the Sun at lower right Conjoins Uranus and Eris (Honesty about our Soul Self) – more of what we’ve been enduring for the last five years, the Urge to be Forthcoming with our True Self.

Red lines signify Energy (or of course Resistence to same – the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction, so Opposites are Equal in its Realm).  The diagonal from lower left to upper right is the Square to the Full Moon, Pluto (Transformation) on the lower left to Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) on the upper right, which is labeled “oob” or Out of Bounds, which means Strong.

The resulting red Square containing a red “X” is called a Grand Cross, and it signifies Motivation.  It’s like we have four full-time jobs to do here (RebirthHonestyTransformationBeliefs) at the same time, so we’re constantly rushing from one to the other.  We don’t really get a lot of Choice, as this is happening in the Unconscious, so we can’t easily quit or shortchange any of the four, we just have to be an Efficient Multi-tasker.  That’s Motivation.

Basically, in order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed.  Our Unconscious Beliefs consist of our Karmic Habituations, our Childhood Programming (which is often a Mirror for our Karma), and the various prejudices we Learn from our Culture.  Archetypes they’re called – Constellations of Energy that are stronger than, and usually invisible to, our Ego.  

That is, they run our Show.  Our Archetypes Enchant or En-Trance us.  We’re Zombies under their Command.  When we refer to Pluto as symbolizing Transformation, what we really mean is Formation of a New Trance.  On the Global scale, this is the nature of a Zeitgeist.

The blue lines represent Grace, the long blue line “Dumb-Luck” Grace (a “Trine”) that happens to us, and the short blue line (a “Sextile”) “Working” Grace, where Grace flows but we have to make the first move to get it started, like a matching grant.  

You can see the “Trine Bridge” across the Full Moon, with Moon-Haumea (Rebirth) Trine Veritas-Chaos (The Truth of Limitlessness), which Sextiles Sun-Uranus-Eris (“I Gotta Be Me”).  A Trine Bridge shows us the “easy way out” of the potential hassles (too much Energy) of the Grand Cross; in this case we see that we can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations.

The long green lines are “Quincunxes,” linking Planets that are five Signs apart, or five/twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another (Quin = 5, Unx=12).  They symbolize Curiosity.  Curiosity is in bed with Love, since they both eschew Judgment, and Judgment is the Opposite of Love.  We don’t mean Curiosity as in “How does that work?”  We mean Curiosity as in “Wow, look at that!  Isn’t that Amazing!” – the kind of Awe and Wonder you see in the face of any Newborn.

Obviously, True Curiosity can be Scary, as many of us crave the false Security provided by Understanding.  The shortcoming of Understanding is that it’s Conditional; even when it’s accurate and relevant, it’s vitally dependent upon the current Zeitgeist.  If we’ve succeeded in Accepting, simultaneously, as many different Perspectives as we can get our hands on, we’ll be less “thrown” when a Zeitgeist Changes, but even in the best case it will be a major Adjustment.

The short green lines are “Unxes,” linking two planets that are one Sign apart, or one twelfth of the way around the Loop.  Unxes are about Pattern-Breaking.  Unxes and Quincunxes are members of the Twelfth Harmonic.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, so a Quin-Unx is about Learning to Break Patterns.  How do we do that?  We drop into Curiosity.

When two long green lines converge – as they do on Veritas-Chaos, it’s called a “Finger of God” – that is, the Universe is saying “Pay Attention to this!” and “Don’t try to Understand it – It Is What It Is.”  and “Accept it as an Assumption, not as a Logical Conclusion.”  Veritas-Chaos is about the Truth of Limitlessness, so this is a request by the Universe that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All.

So this segment of the New Moon chart tells us that…

  • In order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed
  • We can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations
  • The Universe has requested that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All

Pretty straightforward, eh?

March IV – More Week 1

March 2, 2017

Other than what we’ve already discussed, the main events during the first week of March are an Exposition of Jupiter-Uranus at 6pm PST on 2 March, and the Station of Venus at 1am PST on 4 March.  

When an astroevent repeats three or more times, the first occurrence usually catches us off guard and introduces Puzzles we need to Resolve.  Since we often become Emotionally Involved with these Puzzles, we call this the “Can-Opener.”  By the last occurrence we’ve hopefully Resolved all the Issues that arose, so we refer to the last occurrence as the “Confidence-Builder.”  Intermediate occurrences we call “Expositions.”  They Expound on the Puzzles aroused by the Can-Opener.

In the case of this Jupiter-Uranus Opposition, the Can-Opener occurred on 27 December 2016.  It’s an extension of the Uranus-Eris and Uranus-Pluto work we’ve been doing for the last one and five years, respectively – namely, Removing our Masks and Exposing our Soul Self.  The Jupiter-Uranus Opposition Confidence-Builder will occur in September.

The Jupiter-Uranus Exposition means that we’re reviewing how well we’ve Removed our Masks, Expanded our Connection with our Soul Self, and Expanded our Comfort with Vulnerability to replace the Safety that our Masks previously provided.  We first Encountered this Energy in late December, so we may be Re-Experiencing whatever Issues we had at that time with our tendencies to camoflage our True Self.  

This is 21 Degrees of Aries-Libra, so it Triggers our Golden-Rectangle Recovering-our-Hidden-Genius Work that’s so closely linked with the current stage of our True-Self-Recovery Work.  Jupiter is backing across 24-14 Degrees of Libra, the territory it’s covered since mid-November.  This territory is about Rebooting our Relationship with Other and finding more avenues for Cooperation.

Of course Uranus is traveling with Eris (Revealing what was Denied), so that’s Lit Up as well, with crises of one degree or another around Jupiter-Eris having occurred in the neighborhoods of 18 January and 23 February.  And Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) is Squaring the Jupiter-to-Uranus/Eris Opposition, calling our Limiting Beliefs into Question.  Our Beliefs are Up for Evolution during all of the second half of 2016 and the first half of 2017.

Then there are our Values.  How do Values differ from Beliefs?  We have some sense of Right/Wrong around Values, while it’s more about Possible/Impossible when it comes to Beliefs.  When someone Acts contrary to our Values we think they’re really screwed up, if not downright Evil.  When someone Acts contrary to our Beliefs, we absolutely DO NOT understand how they could possibly vote for – no, I mean, how they could possibly see the World that way, whcn it’s SO CLEARLY NOT that way.  Aliens most likely, or at least Lizards.  

As our Beliefs Change, and they have been and are Changing, our Values have to Change along with them.  For instance if we now have a new Belief that Greater Abundance is now Possible for us, we’ll be reconsidering our Values around Sharing.  If we can newly Conceive of Greater Community, we’ll be reviewing our Values around Privacy and Intimacy.  If you’re starting to Take Responsibility for your own role in World Peace, your Values around Anger and how its Expressed may be shifting.

These things are undoubtedly already happening, as Venus has been covering its Shadow Period (the path of its Retrogradation) since the end of January.  The Venus Shadow spans 27 Pisces to 14 Aries, one of the most Powerful zones of the Zodiac, at it involves the Finishing Stages of the Last Emotional Dregs of our Finishing-Business Work around Ego-Attachment to Drama, and the First Half of the process of Rebirthing our Values Directly from Spirit.  

In January our Values sprung largely from our Emotions.  Chances are, to at least some degree, what we most Valued was Resistance to Emotional Situations that we had the least tolerance for – namely our Held Emotions.  Karmic Held Emotions wall us off from our Intuition.  By late May (when the whole Venus Shadow Period will have been traced thrice) more of our Values will derive from our High Heart instead.  One clear Lesson we’re being taught here, like it or not, is that Pain is a Teacher to be Embraced, not a Curse to be Avoided or Reverted.

The Venus Retrogradation triple-Dances with Juno (The Edges of the Unconscious) and Pallas (Boundaries).  The Can-Openers were 5 January for Pallas and 3 February for Juno.  The Exposition revisits will be 14 March for Juno and 2 April for Pallas.  

At Venus-Juno events we expect the hidden doors to the Unconscious to Open and reveal to us shortcomings with our Values that we hadn’t known before, Causing and Allowing us to bring our Values more into Balance with our True Self and the Planet.  

At Venus-Pallas astroevents we’re likely to Encounter places where our Boundaries don’t jive with our Values.  This will be particularly evident as our Appreciation that we’re All One increases and our Tolerance for Diversity is forced to increase.  Unconditional Love eschews Judgment but it doesn’t relax Boundaries.  When we’re fully bulletproof we can let our Boundaries take care of themselves, as lower Frequencies won’t be able to penetrate our Field.  But during the Transition there will be many places where our Distaste and Anger will no longer automatically set a Boundary for us, yet we may not be Physically safe.  We will need to be Conscious of this possibility.

In her book The Lover Within, Julie Henderson provides great wisdom about this.  For instance, on p.34-36…

“Even when danger presents itself unavoidably, most of us are not capable yet of being fully present, loving, relaxed, contained, and capable of right action.  But there are many other situations we are accustomed to finding unpleasant, annoying, angering, frightening, saddening, and so forth; in these situations we can experiment with expanding into life rather than contracting into ‘no.’  Having this choice basically means increasing the number of situations in which we are willing to feel in harmony and capable of appropriate, effective action, instead of freezing or exploding.”

“When you make your energy body dense, it protects you by reducing the influence of other systems ‘outside.’  For example, it slows down the impact of other people’s feelings as they come at you  If you make your energy dense, it also happens often that people tend to experience you as powerful and charismatic (unless, of course, their field is denser and more flexibly contained than yours).

“Diffusing your field sensitizes you and strengthens your awareness of ‘external’ events.  Diffusing your field also increases empathy – that is, feeling other people’s feelings as your own.  If you don’t know that what you’re feeling belongs to someone else, it can be quite confusing and upsetting.  People sometimes diffuse their fields specifically in order to figure out what other people are feeling, especially when they aren’t permitted to ask…

“Since we can never be 100% sure that our guesses are right, this diffusion in order to ‘psych out’ other people can also lead to anxiety and paranoia.  But when you are with people you like and trust, your choice to diffuse your field and merge with them, to become one energetically, creates a whole range of pleasurable feelings, from comfort to bliss to ecstasy…

“Despite the pleasure of diffusion, it isn’t a great habit to have.  Like habitual contraction, habitual diffusion (especially an habitual expanded diffusion) makes some things in life difficult – like feeling separate from other people, like knowing what you feel and what you want, like saying no, asserting an opinion, asking for a raise.  The habit us unfortunate in everyday life; to be able to do it is wonderful.  People who are unable to diffuse and merge have other problems, like feeling so separate they can’t imagine what love is.”



Solar Returns aka January, Week 1, Update 4

January 4, 2017

A reader inquires…

“This is probably a silly question, given that our natal charts are quite complicated and all the planets therein need to be assessed with respect to the current complexities in the heavens, to make these aspects more personally relevant.  Given that caveat, 6 January is my birthday – does that make it more likely I am going to experience greater intensity of the aspects and issues you mention for that date??”

I’ll keep it anonymous because I don’t like to publish anybody’s birth date.

The “Solar Return” chart is traditional in astrology; it’s a chart drawn up for the moment that the Sun returns to where it was at the moment one was born.  It can be on one’s birthday, on the day before, or on the day after, because of leap years.  A Reading of that chart indicates the general trends in one’s Life for the following year.  Sensitive folks usually say, “Oh, yeah, I’ve been Feeling that already” – which they’d be doing anyway, because it’s the Energy that’s lit up at the time – but the chart is useful.  As you know, I use astrology for Interpretation rather than Prediction, so I don’t try to project External Circumstances from a Solar Return chart, but rather Internal Attitudes.

The “Lunar Return” chart, for the moment when the Moon returns to where it was at the moment one was born, can also be used to add a Dimension to What’s Up in the month to follow.

I usually read the Solar Return without reference to one’s birth chart, just because I like to read Transits (astrologuese for the relationships between on the one hand which Degrees were Lit Up and How they were Lit Up when we were born, and on the other which Degrees are Lit Up and How they’re Lit Up now) separately.

All of which can easily end up being more complex than Life itself – or at least, appearing to be so – so the bottom line ends up being What’s The Most Important Thing?  For that I look to Stations, Major Configurations, Can-Openers, and planets on the “Angles” (First, Fourth, Seventh, and Tenth House Cusps).  A “Can-Opener” is an astroevent that usually catches us off guard because it’s the first event of its kind in our recent Life Experience.  What we refer to in astrobuss.wordpress as an  “Initiation” is a Can-Opener, and the shorter the Cycle it Opens, the more Experience we’ll have had with that Energy.  So when long Cycles are Initiated, they can be big Can-Openers.

When I’m reading for astrobuss.wordpress, I’m usually reading for Sensitivity of one or at most three Degrees – and usually I’m timing things when they’re “Exact” – that is, Sensitivity of zero Degrees.  When we’re reading a Solar Return chart, we can use the same Sensitivity standards (“Orb” in astrologuese) as we do for a birth chart – it’s the birth of our year, after all.  That means Sensitivity of up to 8-10 Degrees.  While that much “slop” can be useful for general background information, there’s way too much info running around already, so I usually focus on Sensitivity of about three Degrees anyway.

If planet A is at 3 Degrees. planet B at 5 Degrees, and planet C at 7 Degrees, they’re each only two Degrees apart, but together they span four Degrees – in this case a three-Degree Sensitivity would be stretched to four Degrees on the chart.  Sometimes there are chains of planets (3-5-7-9-11 Degrees, for example) where we just have to use our Intuition to decide where to divide the chain.

So, given all that, what would we find and read in a Solar Return chart for 5-6-7 January?  It would indeed be very busy…

  • (1) Several Initiations, though all begin relatively short Cycles
    • Pallas, OR10, and Nessus Initiate Venus. OR10 Pallas, and Ixion Nemesis
  • (2) A couple of Stations
    • Eris, asteroid Karma, and Mercury, with Makemake not far off
  • (3) Several Stellia
    • A Stellium is three or more planets traveling together, which can get complex fast; Uranus-Eris et al, Saturn-Ixion et al, Nessus-OR10 et alMars-Neptune-South Node, Pholus-Quaoar-Mercury
  • (4) The Golden Rectangle
    • Which itself involves a couple of Stellia; Uranus-Eris et al, Saturn-Ixion et al, Jupiter-Haumea, and dwarf planet Chaos, with Chiron T-Squaring Saturn-Ixion et al and Chaos
  • (5) The Yin Gate
    • Lilith and Sedna-Aletheia
  • (6) The Grand Quintile
    • Saturn-Ixion et al and Nessus-OR10 et al and Vesta and Hopi and Moon; Grand Quintiles make one a “Quick Study”

So I would expect quite a year, in which your Attention will likely be focused on…

  • Clearing Abuse Issues (1,6)
  • Pursuit of Truth, Clarity, and your Rightful Abundance (2,5,6)
  • “Discovering how to Express your Unique Genius for the Benefit of All while Creating Abundance for yourself,” which process will likely require a fair amount of Healing through Loving Self-Empathy (4)
  • Self-Sovereignty through Embracing your Fears (5,6)
  • Enormous amounts of Life-Changing and Ego-Transforming Learning (6)

So were I in your moccasins I’d just PIAVA to Be Graced with Enlightenment, All Obstacles and Impediments Cleared Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely.  May as well get it over with, Change the Subject, and have Fun the rest of the year.  Maybe check in with a “Pay Attention” every few weeks, whenever flexing your Angel Wings and pouring a quart of dry water over your head doesn’t make Discomfort or Frustration disappear quickly.

All of which isn’t that different from the New Year Celebration that has Graced us all, so a similar PIAVA probably wouldn’t hurt any of us.  I’d recommend PIAVAs over “Resolutions” any day.  When you PIAVA you’re making a Request of the Unconscious, which is always eager to be of Service, Educating us when contrary Limiting Beliefs prevent it from Responding directly.  When you’re making a Resolution you’re Arguing with the Unconscious, an Argument you’ll always lose.  All Prayers are Answered, and God/Goddess IS on our Side.  Since we’re All One, He/She is on “their” Side too.

Thanks for your Question!  I’ve been thinking it’s past time to Summarize everything we’ve uncovered so far, and this was a great vehicle for that.

AstroTiming 2 – The Moon

November 19, 2016

Forgot to mention the Moon, which is a major Timing trigger.  For instance, on 8 November, Nessus was within one Arcminute and six days of its 14 November Full-Moon Station, and OR10 was within one Arcminute and eleven days from its 19 November Station – so their Influence would have been pretty strong anyway.  But on 8 November the Moon crossed them, and then on 9 November the Moon crossed Neptune-South Node, when Neptune was two Arcminutes and ten days from its 19 November Station.  

It’s very possible that this was the peak of their Station Energies for many of us.  Then on 14-15 November, at the Full Moon, the Moon Squared Nessus, OR10, Neptune, Orcus and the Nodes.  Meanwhile, the Neptune-South Node Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This!) was in full force.  This could easily have been the peak, or another peak, of these Energies.

At around 4am PST this morning (19 November), the Moon crossed the Vesta corner of the base of the Neptune-South Node Quintile Yod – another opportunity for a climax.  On 21 November, between around 6am and 5pm PST, the Moon Opposes Nessus-OR10 and then crosses the North Node, Orcus, and Karma, while Opposing Neptune-South Node – an excellent time for an aftershock.

The Moon moves about twelve Degrees a day, give or take a few Degrees (its orbit isn’t round).  The Sun, Mercury, and Venus move about one Degree a day, and they could also serve as triggers for longer-wavelength astroevents.


October 16, 2016

A Question from a regular reader…

“How do we read an asteroid conjunct one of our planets?  Eg I have a Transiting asteroid conjunct my natal Sun and Mars.  Does this mean its influence is particularly strong now, as it is tied to my core self and drive?  Should we look out for asteroid returns like we do for planets?

Yes, absolutely.  I’d use every “Transit” (when a planet in the Sky now interacts with a planet in our natal chart) by and to asteroids as Opportunities to get more Conscious about the Energies represented by the asteroids.  And an asteroid Return (when the ‘roid returns to the Degree where it was in our natal chart) is an even greater Opportunity.

None of the pychological, social, and ecological principles behind the four most commonly-used (and earliest-discovered) asteroids are taught to us in grade school…

  • Vesta – Unconscious Beliefs
  • Juno – the Edge of Consciousness
  • Pallas – Boundaries
  • Ceres – Sustainability and Sustenance

But all four are critical to our joie de vivre.  If we learned anything about the Unconscious in school it was probably about the Freudian Subconscious, the dank dungeon where we stuff our Shame, rather than the Jungian Unconscious, the potentially-daylight basement from whence our Motivations and Behavioral Controls (many of which Limit us) arise.  

Boundaries are fundamental for any Relationship, but who teaches them?  

And we’re not programmed to strive for Sustainability and Balance, but to Crave More so we can keep the Great Capitalist Treadmill running at maximum speed, scooping the results of your Life and the crumbling remains of your Planet into the great offshore Corporate treasury – and increasing GDP.  The faster the Treadmill uses you up and destroys the Planet, the greater is GDP.  And your “democratically elected” government’s primary measure of success is to increase GDP.  

Is that what democracy and “Freedom” means to you?  Are you Manifesting this Intentionally?  Maybe we should talk less about Programming and Archetypes, and more about Propaganda.  If maximizing GDP isn’t your freely-Chosen personal Intention, maybe we should focus on bringing Propaganda into Consciousness.  Our budding Nemesis-Juno Yin Gate would be a good starting point.

So, since we’re talking about Learning things that are primarily Unconscious, how do we go about this?  We use PIAVA.  Accessing the Unconscious is what PIAVA does  for a living.  

  • “I Wonder what this Vesta Transit over my Mars will Teach me about how well my Physical Energy serves my Conscious Goals.”  
  • “Great Spirit, please Lovingly and Gently show me how this Pallas Transit over my natal Ceres will Teach me to use Boundaries to more Sustainably maintain my own Safe Space.”  
  • “I Affirm that I will become Conscious of everything that this upcoming Juno Return is Teaching me.”  
  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that this Sun-Vesta Transit synchronize my Conscious Goals and my Unconscious Desires, and Lovingly and Rapidly Resolve any apparent Conflicts between them.  It Is So, It Is So, It Is So.  Thank you, God/Goddess.”

We could say the same for the other asteroids that we follow whenever they’re particularly Lit Up by the other planets…

  • Nemesis – our Ego’s “Achilles Heel”
  • Sappho – Self-Love
  • Karma – our Inertial Habits, Patterns, and the Archetypes that we Grasp
  • Hopi – Respect for All Things
  • Veritas and Aletheia – Truth
  • Mnemosyne – Memories

If you keep track of your own natal chart and want to follow any of these fellows, you can use…

to locate them.  Like most ephemerides, you’ll get their location at 12am (or “00:00 hour”) UT or GMT, ie, London time.  The asteroids between Mars and Jupiter average about one fourth of one Degree per day, so you don’t need to worry too much about adjusting for local time of day, unless you want to know their Sabian Symbols.  If anyone wants me to coach them on finding exact asteroid locations at local times, let me know.

Charles Hervé-Gruyer tells us…

“I had until then seen our world as the great river: terribly powerful.  And I often found myself swept up against my will by the current, unable to resist.  Modernity takes us along without asking our opinion, and no one really knows where we’re going.  Yet this world that is so incredibly powerful generates countercurrents: if I learned to identify them, I realized, I would not have to struggle, to exhaust myself in a losing battle.  By positioning myself in my proper place, I would be able to carve out a path aligned with my heart and my dreams.

“The defining trait of the modern Western world is hypertechnicity, a pursuit of material progress.  Despite undeniable advances in countless areas, this form of progress, as it has been developed to date, provokes a rapid and massive destruction of the biosphere.  We continue to artificialize nature, replacing life with technology.  It is the dominant current – strong, rapid, and terrifying.

“But the countercurrents exist, everywhere: lively little veins of water that bring us hope.  All around the world, millions of people of goodwill are striving with all their force to invent lifestyles that are respectful of people and the planet.”  —Miraculous Abundance: One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers, and Enough Food to Feed the World, p.9.


The Digital Age

September 9, 2016

Dagne has asked for more information on the coming “Digital, Airy, mind-y Society, probably a lot heavier on the Idealistic or Normative than the Compassionate.”

Mostly we’re talking about the next two Centuries, when the Saturn-Jupiter Initiations all fall into Air Signs, unlike the last two Centuries (the Industrial Age), when they fell into Earth Signs.  There’s much more exactitude on this in .  The Changes in our Lives between 1980 and 2000 were large, but they are miniscule compared to what we’ll see after 2020.

The Air Signs are of course about Mentality – mindstuff, Duality.  It is possible for the mind to grok many Dimensions at once (see, eg, Felix Wolf’s The Art of Navigation), and with any luck a stray cosmic ray will Mutate the species, but till then, Mentality/Duality will dominate the next two Centuries.  With Either/Or Mentality comes Repression of Creativity and Uniqueness, except for the Fearlessly Yintegrous.

As technology replaces Work, the whole Inequality thing becomes huge, as quite simply, “the Rich will Live, and the Poor will die” – or wish they had.  We would revert to Feudalism, except that the owners of the Machines won’t have much need for Serfs, so if we aren’t Entertaining them or being their Mercenaries, we’ll be pretty much doing the Han Solo thing, or Living the Dream in .  Except that even if we have the Survival Skills, there may not be enough Planet left to Support us.  So the Population/Global Balming thing becomes huge as well.

Bleak picture, I know.  A friend disagrees, arguing that it isn’t true that “the System” isn’t working – he says some parts are working, some parts aren’t, and we’re working to improve the parts that aren’t.  I didn’t say it, but “Easy for you to say, workaholic white-boy capitalist” would be a valid Response.  Bernie was a refreshing interlude, and with luck he will prove to be a Candle that ignites an Inferno.

If enough of us get Honest about our own Self-Sabotage, we can stop the trend.  And it’s indisputable that there are tons of Fresh Violets growing underneath the Corporate-owned Media that only tells us what to Fear.  

But who do you know that’s working to stop ALEC – the Corporate-funded organization that pre-writes and packages Corporation-friendly laws at the local, county, state, and federal level, that for instance make it illegal for you to buy Milk that hasn’t been through the Corporate Machine, or make it illegal for you to refuse Vaccination or Chemotherapy, or save your own Seed.  Who do you know who even knows about ALEC?

How many folks do you know who are outraged that Obomba just signed a law making it illegal for us to know if the faux Food they sell at the store contains Glyphosate, a potent carcinogen and immune-system-destroyer that is used not just on GMO Food but almost all non-Organic Food?  Outraged that Canada can sue US taxpayers for lost profits because Obomba stopped the big Tar-Sands pipeline through Nebraska to Texas, and that the “TPP” will allow Thailand to sue you because you won’t import Thai sex workers?

I’m exaggerating, but not by much.

Outraged that 25 Vulture Capitalists make more than twice as much money as all of the Kindergarten Teachers in the US but pay far less in taxes?  I could go on – and on.

Unfortunately, it’s not just the next two Centuries of Air-Sign Saturn-Jupiter Initiations that invite the reign of Either/Or.  Aquarius is an Air Sign – a Fixed Air Sign.  If Air Signs are about Mentality, Fixed Air Signs are about Ideals, or Fossilized Mentality.  The Technology can easily Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade Us for thinking the wrong thoughts, like the ones I just suggested.  Aquarius rules the next two Millennia!

Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine and John Perkins’s New Economic Hit Man both describe samples of what has happened around the World when Vulture Capitalists and Corporations run the show.  The movie The Corporation is a quicker introduction.  It’s a Blessing that The Donald trumped Ted Cruz; Ted is an avowed and rabid Supporter of the principles that Shock Doctrine exposes.

We don’t need the Futures I describe.  I can and do and will Cancel Neutralize Upgrade their Energies.  But it we don’t understand what’s going on, we’ll end up like the Germans – “How could they have let that happen?” and they will be us.  We have to know what to Cancel Neutralize Upgrade and what to keep.  

The 2000-2020 period is about deciding what to Keep and what to Discard from the Industrial Age, and Shock Doctrine describes the worst Depravities of the Industrial Age.  There were plenty of Depravities in the Ages before the Industrial – Colonialism, Inquisitions, Genocides galore.  Let’s Discard the Depravities of Exploitative Capitalism before they’re coded into the Machines, so we can get on with Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding.  We’ll do that anyway, it’s mostly a matter of whether we’ll have to hide out in Sherwood Forest when we do.

Repeating Astroevents

July 7, 2016

One of the reasons I wrote about Anxiety specifically recently, is that several folks have expressed concern recently about whether nightmares of one kind or another that they endured when an astroevent happened, will recur when the event repeats.  Just as an example, the 9 June Uranus-Eris Conjunction will come back to haunt us on 26 September – that will probably be an intense time for Britain.  When we personally have planets in our natal chart triggered by outer planets in the Sky, it’s even more intense.

The way I look at it (from several decades of personal experience), when an astroevent repeats it’s because the Universe wants us to Learn something very well.  If we’ve never experienced the particular event before, of course we’re going to be caught off guard the first time it occurs – at times even shaken to the core!  That’s why we call the first occurrence the “Can-Opener” – it opens Cans of Worms, or venemous Snakes, that we didn’t know about.

The second and subsequent events are usually a little less intense, but if we’re swamped with dread from memories of the Can-Opener, we can actually make it worse through our Anxiety and Expectation.  Expectation turns out to be a lot like Intention (which is what’s most Self-Sabotaging about our Limiting Beliefs), and as we said earlier, Anxiety can actually create Limiting Beliefs, through Decisions.

After we’ve experienced a Can-Opener, we need to take notes on our Internal and External Realities – what were we Feeling, and what Happened (plus, what Happened and how did we React to it).  We refer to the second episode of any astroevent as an “Exposition” – it Exposes a lot more information about the first event.  So as the second event approaches, we can be reviewing our notebook and Expecting to Learn a lot more about those Feelings and Occurrences that the Can-Opener triggered.

The more Experience we have with anything, the more likely we’ll deal with it calmly and confidently.  Sometimes astroevents go on and on, like the Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2012-15.  Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Saturn and Chiron Opposed one another over and over again for eleven years!  The Universe was shouting, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING HERE IS LEARNING HOW TO DEAL WITH DESPAIR!, as Pluto crossed Scorpio.  I grayed that out a bit lest someone think we’re referring to the Present Moment.  What we got from that was the Recovery Movement.

When we’re dealing with planets in the Sky now, like we write about here, both planets are moving, and if they’re moving at similar speeds they can chase each other around playing tag for a long time.  But since our natal planets are fixed, personal astroevents usually happen only three times.  Those new dwarfs out beyond Pluto can move so slow that it takes them several years to go just one Degree, so they’re exceptions, but their impact is deep in the Unconscious, and they may have less direct impact up here on the Surface for many folks.

If we were taking good notes at our Exposition, we probably Learned a great deal about any Overwhelm we experienced at the Can-Opener, and the third occurrence of an astroevent is usually a “Confidence-Builder.”  The same Feelings recur but we’ve now integrated them.  Similar External Events happen, but now we’re a relative pro at dealing with them.  

This approach to “Transits” (as astrologers call interactions between Sky-Now-planets and natal-planets) is one of the strongest gains one can make from following one’s “Stars.”  It converts one from being an unwilling Victim of one’s Transits, to being a willing Student of them.  As a friend of mine once said, “I know that ‘This too shall pass,’ but you’re an astrologer; you know when it will pass.”

The other major impact we can make from knowing our Transits, is Decision Prevention.  Prevention of inappropriate Decisions, that is.  If you were following the in-the-Sky-Now Transits at the time of “9/11,” you’d have understood that The Most Important Thing at the time was Dealing with Your Fear of Death, as the Saturn-Pluto Cycle had just moved past it’s climax.

Instead of being a Student of the astroevents of the time and Learning about Ego Death and Transformation, most folks rushed eagerly into being their Victim, leaving the US open to being manipulated into buying what Dubya called “Perpetual War” by America’s leading export industry, the Arms Industry, and into loss of considerable civil rights through the Patriot Act.  Both of these are still Self-Sabotaging the US fifteen years later.

When we discuss 2020, as we’re planning to do, we’ll have to take into account that the decade begins with Initiation of a new 33-year Saturn-Pluto Cycle centered around Awards for bravery in combat.  We’ll have to see whether the awards go to storm troopers or freedom fighters.

The current Saturn-Pluto Cycle began in 1982 at 28 Libra, Becoming conscious of Spirit.  The next one begins in January 2020 at 23 Capricorn, Awards for bravery in combat.  

The Jupiter-Saturn Cycle that marks the beginning of the Digital Age doesn’t Initiate till the December Solstice in 2020, at 1 Aquarius, An old California adobe mission.  Pluto Initiates Jupiter in early April 2020 in 25 Capricorn, An abundance of Oriental rugs.

If we combine these new beginnings with the Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Chiron-Neptune Cycle that began at the Derivatives or “Mortgage” Crisis, we have a lot of old Technology surviving into the Digital Age – passive mud-brick buildings, weaving, pottery, Plants; Sustainable technology for a nuclear winter after a Trumpian fit of pique or Planetary climate diaster?  Violets are edible.

Or maybe just Sustainable technology for an expanded Back-to-the-Land Permaculture movement for the billions who won’t find a place in Digital society.

Initiations (2)

July 2, 2016

We’ve written about Stations, when planets appear to Stand Still, because they’re one of several of the most important astroevents that we watch for.  Another is “Configurations” – when a number of planets line up together in meaningful relationship to one another at the same time.  And a third one is “Initiations.”  Think about your internal and external circumstances in 2005, then compare it to your Experience of 2009.  See any differences?  

At and around the time of an Initiation, the Zeitgeist Changes, and it’s often a significant Change.  

Or, think about how the Zeitgeist in Britain and in the rest of Europe Changed around the time of this month’s Eris-Uranus Initiation.  Some folks couldn’t stand to have their Freedom (Uranus) Denied (Eris) any longer.  Of course, the folks in London fear that their Freedom to make money off of the rest of Europe will be Denied.  

Astrology is like that; you never know which direction a Change is going to turn.  You know which Dimension the Change is going to happen on – here Freedom and Denial.  But you don’t know, a priori, whether Freedom will be Denied, or Denial Liberated from its subterfuges.  It’s usually Both/And.

We are Actors in this Play, and it’s Improv.  Our Intentions are very important to our Future, and to the Future of the Planet.  So when we talk about an Initiation, we play up what we would regard as the Positive side of the Dimension – Releasing Denial from its grasp on our Freedom.  That’s why we emphasize working on our Limiting Beliefs, which are none other than internalized Denials of our Freedom to pursue our True Self.  

If you happen to Believe that making money, or maintaining Control, is more important than pursuing your True Self, feel free to flip our Interpretations upside down.  We happen to Believe that Liberating our True Self will, after a period of Reaction, end up making us more Abundant, and giving us greater Healthy Control.  As they say, if you don’t have to lie, you don’t have to remember everything you’ve ever told anybody.

An Initiation – when a faster planet passes a slower planet (from the Perspective of Mother Earth) – begins a new Cycle.  A New Moon is an Initiation; the faster “planet” (the Moon) Conjoins the slower “planet” (the Sun) once a month.  Then the Moon zips around the Zodiac till it catches up to the Sun again and Initiates a new Cycle.  

A technical point; when we refer to an Initiation, we put the slower planet first, because it’s Initiating the faster planet the way a Guru Initiates an Aspirant.  When we refer to a Cycle, we put the faster planet first, as it’s the faster planet that’s making the Zodiacal loop in between new assignments from its Guru.

Uranus (84 years per loop) is faster than Eris (560 years), so we speak of the Eris-Uranus Initiation but the Uranus-Eris Cycle.  Not a biggie, just the way we say things.  It’s Uranus and Eris, or Eris and Uranus, either way.  

In a Cycle, the faster planet implements the program or pogrom suggested by the slower planet.  Each fast planet has many Gurus, and each slow planet many Aspirants.  Of course fast and slow are relative.  

We usually read the “Sabian Symbol” of the Degree in which the Initiation occurred.  As the 12 Signs each have their usual Interpretations, each of the 360 Degrees of the Zodiac also have Interpretations, called the Sabian Symbols.

The germinal text on Cycles is Dane Rudhyar’s Lunation Cycle.

For convenience, we refer to everybody in the Sky, whether they’re a planet like Uranus, an asteroid like Ceres, a satellite like the Moon, a dwarf planet like Eris, a Centaur like Chiron, or just a symbolic point like Lilith, as a “planet.”  It just saves us having to say “planet or asteroid or symbolic point or Light” all the time.  (The Sun and the Moon are sometimes collectively called “the Lights.”)

One of our most basic guiding principles is that the scarcer an astroevent is, the stronger will be its impact upon us.  

That’s just because our real Teacher is Experience, and if we have little or no Experience with an event, then we’re Deer in the headlights.  For instance, as we mentioned last time, the last Eris-Uranus Initiation occurred in 1937, so precious few of us have any Experience with such a Change, and even fewer of us have Experience with it as an adult.  

I always thought it was kind of cruel to put Children through Challenging astroevents.  If you were one year old this month, can you imagine how this Initiation would impact your Life, with all of your caretakers freaking out?  Or if you’re nine and just going into puberty?

The immediate impact of the average astroevent increases up to the exact moment of the event, then drops off sharply.  The immediate impact of an Initiation works the same way, but the Change in the Zeitgeist begins in earnest after the Initiation.  For instance, most of us were Challenged by our own Denial to one degree or another as we were led up to the 9 June Eris-Uranus Initiation.  We Reacted and Responded to that in various ways, and now that we’re downwind, we’ll begin to see the Changes reflected in our Lives.  The “Brexit” is an obvious example.

Because of the timing, we more or less regard the Eris-Uranus Revelation of Denial as an adjunct to the Mask-shedding 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto Square.  We could easily see it the other way around.  Because Pluto moves twice as fast as Eris, Uranus catches up to Eris more often than it does to Pluto.  If we’re chasing a Tortoise and a Hare, we’ll catch the Tortoise before we catch the Hare – though Pluto would make a very slow Hare.

The prior Uranus-Eris Cycle spanned 89 years, from 1927 till 2016, while the prior Uranus-Pluto Cycle took 115 years, from 1850 through 1965.  So we have less Experience with Uranus-Pluto events than we do with Uranus-Eris events.  These orbits are not circles, they’re ellipses, so Cycles vary in length.  

It would be fun, but take a book – and a big one at that, to catalog all the current Cycles of the major planets.

Fun story: Stan Grof’s colleague and student, historian Richard Tarnas, wrote a book on Colonial history, The Passion of the Western Mind, that was widely acclaimed by his peers.  After this success he wrote a followup book, Cosmos and Psyche, describing the astrological Energies underlying his historical interpretations.

Neptune represents our Relationship with Everything Larger than Ourself, including with our Culture and with the Godhead.  

Chiron represents Despair and Miracle.  

I equate our mental Concept Set to a Birdcage.  We don’t allow into our Cage any idea that doesn’t agree with what we already know.  And we don’t allow Ourself to go out of our Cage.  Unless we’re wearing one of our Alternate Personas.

If we have a Shouldn’t about Chocolate, for instance, but we Love Chocolate (actually, it’s the Sugar; Chocolate itself is bitter, and most folks don’t like bitter).  So when we’re in our Chocolate Cage, we don’t eat Chocolate, but that just makes our Alter lust for it even more.  Chiron lights up when we’re at these places, where two parts of ourself are locked in a Power struggle and we can’t get out; Despair is the result.

We get out of this dilemma by adding a Chocolate wing to our Birdcage.  We introduce our Alters to one another, in such a way that they Empathize with each other.  Gestalt Psychology does this with its two chairs.  We do this with “You poor Sweetheart, you really Love Chocolate, don’t you” and “You poor Sweetheart, you Love your Ideas more than yourself, don’t you.”  Or, if it’s after our diabetes diagnosis, “You poor Sweetheart, you Love Chocolate as much as your Health, don’t you.”

We Change Perspective.  This is why we always recommend having as many Perspectives in our quiver as possible.

In 1945, Neptune Initiated Chiron.  With the dance between Chiron and Neptune, we’d expect that we’d encounter places in our cultures where we were up against Power struggles that were unresolvable – we’d either have to come up with some new Perspectives, or we’d explode from the pressure.  Here’s a timeline…

  • 16 July 1945 – First A-bomb exploded at Alamagordo New Mexico
  • 6 August – US drops A-bomb on Hiroshima, Japan
  • 9 August – US drops A-bomb on Nagasaki, Japan
  • 15 August – Japanese surrender announced
  • 2 September – Surrender agreement signed
  • 4 September – Neptune Initiates Chiron
  • 24 October – United Nations formed

A note on Sensitivity (“Orb” in astrologuese) – Chiron entered within three Degrees of Neptune on 6 August.  Three Degrees is often used as the Boundary within which the impact of a current astroevent is perceived.

You can see the tension building up to the Initiation, and the Change of Zeitgeist after it.  Here’s a fascinating story about these few months…

Even though the Zeitgeist has Changed, those who were heavily invested in the Old Cycle still cling to their Privileges, causing the Energy of the New Cycle to “go underground” for a while, as the New Energy builds.  Typically, the buildup to the Initiation is chaotic, so the stability of the Olde Guard is welcomed as a restoration of order.

Once the faster planet moves one fourth of a loop ahead of the slower planet, however, the New Energy takes its place as a permanent feature of the visible landscape.  Astrologers call this one-fourth point in a Cycle a “Square.”

This term is used because the Angle between the two planets is now 90 Degrees, making a right or “square” Angle.  This Angle represents the Fourth Harmonic (360 Degrees divided by Four), symbolized by the Fourth Archetype of the Tarot Major Arcana, the Emperor – Dominion, or Healthy Control.  Since a Square signifies a time of Change and disruption of the status quo, it creates difficulty for many.  We therefore refer to a Square as “Mastery through Challenge.”

The Chiron-Neptune Cycle that was Initiated in 1945 reached its Square in 1954.  Look at what occurred in 1953-54…

  • The USSR tested its first nuclear bomb
  • The US launched the first nuclear submarine
  • The US tested the first Hydrogen bomb
  • The USSR opened the first nuclear power plant
  • Boeing introduced its first commercial jetliner
  • The Korean War ended
  • Red-baiter Senator Joe McCarthy was dethroned
  • Nikita Kruschev replaced Joseph Stalin as head of the USSR
  • France lost the Indochina War, surrendering its Colonies in Southeast Asia, opening space for the Vietnam War
  • Algerian Revolution begins
  • US Supreme Court declares Segregation illegal
  • Bilderberg Group formed
  • Bill Haley, Elvis Presley create Rock and Roll 
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average tops 1929 peak for first time

 Which is to say, the New Energy “became permanent.”

The Sabian Symbol of the 1945 Initiation was about Visualization.  Shakti Gawain was six in 1954.

At the prior Neptune-Chiron Initiation, in 1879, overextended US transcontinental railroad corporations melted down, as excessive competition met its ultimate end, railroad bonds collapsed, and the US and World economy rebooted.  

The next (after 1945) Neptune-Chiron Initiation occurred in 2010.  In the buildup to it, thanks to Greenspan’s asset inflation strategies, overleveraged US mortgage derivatives melted down, as excessive corruption met its ultimate end, mortgage bonds collapsed, and the Federal Reserve prevented the US and World economy from rebooting.

The Brexit panic following the Eris-Uranus Initiation is the collapse of the first card in the House of Cards built to deny the need for a reboot of the World economy after the Derivative Crisis of 2007-9 – which was billed as a “mortgage” crisis by the banks and their cronies in the media and government.  Many more cards will follow.

Look at this chart, for instance…

This is Germany’s largest bank.  During the Derivative Crisis and its aftermath, this stock fell to around 15.  Today it’s around 14, and you can see from the chart that it’s troubles didn’t begin with Brexit.

The US federal government just did to Puerto Rico the same thing that Germany has been doing to Greece, forcing austerity and the sale of public assets to the 1% at bargain prices.  The same thing Dubya did to New Orleans after Katrina.  The same thing that the IMF has been doing to South America and elsewhere for decades.  John Perkins’s New Economic Hit Man and Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine document the process well.

Globalization is a key propaganda term in Milty Friedman’s economic doctrine – the mental Birdcage that is failing for the 1%.  It means basically that Corporations gain the Power to overrule Governments.  The World Trade Organization, and Bill Clinton’s NAFTA and its counterparts, including especially Obama’s TPP, give Corporations the right to overrule local laws whenever they would result in diminished profits for the Corporations, Labor and Environment be damned, literally.

In my high school civics class, this was the definition of Fascism.  Now it’s called Globalization.  We expect Fascism to be accompanied by brutal governments, but if your propaganda machine is good enough you don’t need brutality.  You just tell the same lies often enough.

For whites blinded by the Light of God and Truth and Consumer Goods, the propaganda works great.  For other races and immigrants legal or illegal, brutal government has been around for a long time already, especially since the War on Poverty was replaced by the War on Drugs – which gives US police the right to confiscate private property without the need for trial.  Now whites displaced by NAFTA and its friends – including the EU – are also no longer so blinded.

The rules of Vulture Capitalism say that no one should be able to stop you from ripping anybody off to get rich.  In the US, people are hypnotized into believing that they can join the 1%, if only the government will stop preventing them.  So they flock to The Donald, master showman of the 1%, instead of Bernie, who illuminated what’s really going on.  Clever move on the part of the 1%, as Cruz was too obvious in his ardor for Uncle Milty, and fear of The Donald’s instability will drive saner folks into the hands of Hilary, who promises business as usual.

I’ve been asked to say more about 2020 and the inauguration of the Digital Age.  This post is part of the background for that.

Initiations Oops

June 27, 2016

Oops; meant to “Save Draft” – the full article will be along soon.