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Busy August VIII

August 11, 2019

While doing someone’s Transits I stumbled upon several new (to me) asteroids – as if we don’t use enough already – that are quite relevant today.  In Ego astrology, Uranus means Disruption.  In our astrology, Uranus Disrupts anything that is no longer in Alignment with our Soul.  For most of us most of the time, Uranus and our Soul sit in the Unconscious.  Many of us have to stretch to Align with our Heart, let alone our Soul.

We don’t mean to imply that Ego and Consciousness are synonyms, btw.  So, how are they different in our Worldview?  Consciousness is what we’re Aware Of moment to moment, and Ego is what we Identify With moment to moment.  It’s the Difference between I Am Angry (Ego/Identification) and I Feel Angry (Consciousness/Awareness).

Perhaps it’s good that Soul sits in the Unconscious, since the Unconscious runs the show most of the time.  But for most of us most of the time, our Karma is much more front and center than our Soul.  Kind of like the way our Concept Set tries so hard to keep Reality inside of it, so that our mental and Emotional  Preconceptions force our Intuition into submission, unless we have the good fortune to be Intuition-Driven.  From the Soul’s Perspective that’s good, but Difficult in the Patriarchy unless we’re also very charismatic.

And since the Unconscious is usually in charge, it’s very beneficial for the Ego to Befriend the Unconscious.  Since the most visible part of our Karma is our Self-Sabotaging Habits, the Ego ends up cursing the Unconscious more than Embracing it.  Bringing that Process up into Awareness so we can Appreciate all of the Players in our Daily Dramas will Benefit us greatly.  If we Notice that we’re cursing “our Fate,” and we’ve Intended to Shift that, we can fairly easily Apologize and Ask how it’s trying to Help us.  Our Karma gets up in our face so often because it’s trying to find a way to get us to Break the Pattern.

We don’t usually emphasize Ego Death when Uranus is Lit Up, but really, how often do we say or Feel I Am my SoulMany of us probably seldom even Feel our Soul.  With Uranus in Taurus (Hardcopy Reality), the Soul Wants to Manifest into Form.  Do we even have an image of what that would Look like?  My image is that it’s more about Behavior than Appearance, though I wouldn’t be too surprised if I saw someone walking down the street with a Halo, or began seeing very Different-looking Entities rolling and puffing down the sidewalk.

In other words, to bring our Soul more front and center, we’re probably going to have to make room for it by Adjusting the Ego a bit.  Or a lot.  That is, Ego Death.  Since the Soul is Immortal, if we Align our Ego with our Soul, we would be Immortal too.  Our Concept Set says that’s Unlawful, so we’ll have to be a Scofflaw.  Other than Ray Kurzweil, how many of us can even Conceive Of that, without all manner of Alarms going off in our “head”?  The early psychologists – the Greeks – invested a good deal of Mythology in this whole arena.  Did they Agree with our Alarms?

Eurydice almost got back out of the Underworld, but she was Betrayed by Human Eagerness – which leaves Open the question of whether greater Patience would have Permitted it.  And in our campaign to convert Fate to Choice, we can easily see the Eurydice story as a Teaching advocating greater Patience.  Since Hupers depend so heavily on Grains, the Rebirth in Spring of Perennials, or Sprouting of reseeded Annuals, was a very handy Metaphor for Immortality of the Soul and Recycling of the Ego, whether by Repeating Ego Deaths or Reincarnation.

Astrological symbols for the Goddess of Agriculture – dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability) in Rome and asteroid Demeter in Greece, carry this Burden.  It’s telling that Demeter’s daughter Persephone (Proserpina in Rome) became Queen of the Underworld and wife to Hades (Pluto in Rome).  Here’s a statue of Persephone holding the cellphone, then called a “Purse-Phone,” that She used to call the Dying to their new home…

AMI - Isis-Persephone.jpg

Of course in those days it was Intuitive rather than Electromagnetic.  The critical question from our Perspective, is whether any of the asteroids (or in the case of Ceres, dwarf planet) representing these Mythologies stand out in the Uranus Station chart – which is our primary event just now.  And they very much do.

Asteroid Proserpina, for instance, Conjoins the Stationary Uranus, while asteroid Persephone Trines Uranus.  We’re using three Degrees of Sensitivity, but we could easily be using more, since this is obviously a (Re)Birth chart for most of us.  Dwarf planet Ceres is four Degrees away from an Exact Quincunx to Uranus, and asteroid Demeter is five Degrees from another Exact Quincunx, putting Stationary Uranus at the Focus of a Finger of God from the Sextile between Ceres and Demeter-Makemake (Manifestation).

In the asteroid Proserpina Discovery chart, Proserpina Opposes Her consort Pluto, with Makemake Trine-Bridging the Opposition.  Why the connection between the Underworld (Pluto-Proserpina) and Creativity (Makemake)?  Perhaps because we’re really referring to Ego Death, and Ego Death Allows us to Create Miracles because our Reborn Ego stretches the Edges of our Identity, making our Universe a different place following different Rules.  It’s not clear whether there’s any etymological connection between Proserpina and Prosperity.

In the asteroid Persephone Discovery chart, Persephone is at the focus of a T-Square from the Opposition between Demeter and Proserpina.  Demeter would not be Discovered for 35 years more, so this name obviously wasn’t Chosen because of this T-Square.  Makemake, which wasn’t Discovered till 75 years after that, Trines Persephone.  Similarly, it’s “Coincidence” that Proserpina Opposes Pluto, as Pluto was Discovered almost a century later.  And Demeter makes a Mjölnir to the Makemake Square.  As my former Chief Asteroid Officer used to say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Here’s the modified Uranus Station chart…

And the Proserpina Discovery chart (5 May 1853)…