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Strange Moon

July 15, 2022

The Moon was Full when it was Out of Bounds South1 last month, but it must have been cloudy, because I don’t ever recall seeing a Full Moon that low in the southern Sky. It didn’t help that it was a “Supermoon” (at perigee, or at its closest approach to Earth, so it looks bigger), a big yellow Orb. Weird Dreams – a friend dreamed vividly of drinking Anchor Ale at an outdoor bar they’d never seen, with people they didn’t know. And Invisible Entities pulling doors open just as we’re about to push them open. We often have invisible visitors, but this is the first time they’ve been proactive.

I had a long-lasting hallucination of a duffel-bag like pillow, probably a camel’s saddlebag, woven like an Oriental Rug, with an intricate abstract pattern, like this one, but non-repeating and only dark red and black. I stared at it for a long time, and it didn’t change. Then a clear vision of a blonde woman mourning a corpse, but with her face in a Fog. I often see parades of faces I don’t recognize, but these visions looked much more solid.

I had a trade yesterday with a land-clearing and land-healing friend, Mahala Frye, where I asked her to look at our Fruit-Less-this-year Apple Tree,1a and we shared our respective Confusions about what this Ascension business is supposed to “look” like. I was describing the Intensity of the astrological Death-of-Karma prognostication2 to her, and she related that someone had recently advised her to take whatever she Doesn’t Want, and toss it into a Waterfall she was familiar with. To me that sounded like a perfect Metaphor for the astrology, and I suggested that we add an Artesian Spring tasked with bubbling up what we Do Want, and we both agreed to try it out.

By Frederic Edwin Church – Web Gallery of Art: Image Info about artworkThe Bridgeman Art Library, Object 445386#National Gallery of Art, Washington, D. C., online collection, Public Domain,

In the 1980s I worked for a while in the building next door to where this painting is displayed. It’s as wide as your living room, and was placed at the top of a wide staircase. I used to go over there every day and just stand in awe in front of it – you could actually hear the roar of the Falls!

I was reading this today, in O. Fed Donaldson’s book Playing by Heart: The Vision & Practice of Belonging, pp.66-67 …

“One of the childcare workers described a race she had set up for the kids on the unit [for abused and neglected children]. She was concerned about Dennis’s ‘refusal to play’ with the others. With a mocking laugh, she said, ‘He didn’t even know how to race.’ She related how he ran along laughing, going every which way but straight…

“Dennis didn’t know what to do in a competitive situation; he was still a playmate. But, like all of us, Dennis’s training in the lessons that cripple the human spirit began early in life. He was laughed at by an unknowing adult for not participating in a contest, which she called play. As Dennis was discovering, it was difficult to remain a playmate around adults. It is also extremely difficult to speak against what everyone knows to be true: that play is a childish activity to be put away so that we can learn to compete effectively in what I call the Duchess’s Game. We look too soon for the adult in the child and once having created an adult, it is very difficult to retrieve a child.

“The Duchess’s Game is a way of being and acting based on the Duchess’s Law from Alice in Wonderland which states, ‘The more there is of mine, the less there is of yours.’ The Duchess’s Game is an antagonistic encounter in which we succeed by defeating an opponent. This ‘game’ can be cynically expressed as The Three Laws of Thermodynamics3 quoted by Dennis Overbye:

“1. You can’t win.

“2. You can’t break even.

“3. You can’t get out of the game.

“In this zero-sum game, everything including life itself can be won, lost, possessed, and awarded. It can be played anywhere and anytime with balls, guns and words and on sports fields, corporate boardrooms, political arenas, international battlefields, family living rooms, freeways, schoolrooms and playgrounds.”

I remember a scene like that. I must have been 9 or 10, and several of us were “racing” around the outside of our house, and one fellow could only giggle as he ran, without intensity, as if he didn’t really understand the contest. Behind his back, I made fun of him – at that age I was already adultified. 5D should look a lot more like Play than Contest. No wonder we’re Confused about Ascension, when we don’t know what Rules we’re supposed to be Competing by. Can we relax and let it come to us, instead of chasing it down? We’re Anxious about Contests. If we’re Anxious about Play, it’s not Play, is it. So our Anxiety about Ascension belongs in the Waterfall, and our Artesian Spring can bubble up Relaxation for us, and more.4

In the footnote we’ll see that asteroid Artesian, which we’ll interpret as Manifesting Our Heart’s Desire was Merged with dwarf planet Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ) when asteroid Artesian was Discovered. That’s pretty Potent. That means the two of them had just Initiated a new Cycle. That was just over 12 years ago, and Artesian has an orbit of just over 4 years. So we also just recently started another new Artesian-Chaos Cycle. When? June 20, 2022, just when the new 150-year Climate Change et al Cycle began! That’s pretty Intense! We’ve been watching 🦨Pootin’ and the US 💩 Subprime Court trying to Manifest their Hearts’ Desires, Black as their Hearts are. So let’s get to work and Manifest Our Own Hearts’ Desires!

  • 1 The Moon is “Out of Bounds South” whenever it’s further south than the Tropic of Capricorn, which is 23:27 South Latitude, or more precisely, 23:27 South Declination. We’re likely to be more Emotional when the Moon is Out of Bounds, more so yet when it’s Out of Bounds North.
  • 1a Mahala shared an impressive Channeling on the Ascension of the Trees –
  • 2 No biggie, just asteroid Karma (Karma) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated) on the South Node (Karma) Merged with (Conjunct) asteroid Atropos (Expiration of Karma), all Opposite (Debating) Uranus (Soul ) on the North Node (the Life Mission) T-Squared by (Challenging) Saturn (The Most Important Thing) and asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life). Probably just Coincidence.
  • 3 In physics they’re 1. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, only transformed; a system where output is greater than input is impossible. 2. Natural processes are irreversible; heat flows only from a warmer body to a colder body. 3. At absolute zero, there is only one outcome possible.
  • 4 I haven’t found an asteroid or dwarf planet that’s named after a Waterfall. There’s an asteroid Angel, but its meaning is already well established as Divine Guidance. But there is an asteroid named Artesian. It’s Discovery chart has one Challenge, to Exaggerated Perpetual Tasks (asteroid Sisyphus, Out of Bounds). In other words, How do we make Play interminable?
  • Artesian was Discovered while Merged with Out of Bounds dwarf planet Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential, Amplified ) – no Surprise there. These two are Opposed by (Debating with) dwarf planets Pholus (Being Fully Responsive) and OOB Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius, Amplified ), and asteroid Icarus (Enthusiasm and Risk of Flaming Failure) – that is, we make Play interminable by Being Fully Responsive to the Far Edges of our Unique Genius and Taking Risks with our Enthusiasm, while Allowing our Amplified Unlimited Potential to Continually Bubble Up from Source. Of course, we don’t know in advance what Our Unlimited Potential is, even when it isn’t Amplified – we have to Discover it through Our Amplified Perpetual Commitment to our Exaggerated Unique Genius.
  • The Challenge is not Self-Resolving, but it is accompanied by significant Dumb-Luck Grace (a Grand Trine, implying Effortlessness that can become Arrogance is we Attach our Ego to it rather than our Gratitude) in our Connection between Amplified Perpetual Motion (OOB asteroid Sisyphus), Exaggerated Intuition (OOB dwarf planet Asbolus), and Ego Death (asteroid Klotho – Rebirth). Asteroid Klotho is Merged with asteroid Koronis, suggesting that Our Relaxation of the Rat Race that Coronavirus Caused, is a Template for Rebirth into Natural Play.
  • OOB asteroid Sisyphus has one Quincunx (Curiosity) Connecting it to a Stellium (group of planets) that Squares (Challenges) OOB Asbolus (Our Exaggerated Intuition). The Stellium includes OOB dwarf planet Nessus (Exaggerated Abuse and Privilege), OOB asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart Amplified ), and asteroids Veritas (Truth of the Mind ), Damocles (Risk), and Requiem (Death). This tells us that we Unlock the Grace (Trine) between Respect for our Exaggerated Perpetual Desire (OOB Sisyphus) and Our Amplified Intuition (OOB Asbolus) by Forgetting Everything We Think We know about the Relationship between Our Unquenchable Desire and that Stellium, because that Relationship is a Mystery School.
  • So what means the Stellium? We Risk Death (at least Ego Death) and Challenge the Limits of 2D Thought, Abuse, and Privilege in order to Fully Live and Amplify the Truth of Our Heart. In other words, We Risk Everything to Pursue Our Hearth’s Desire, Moment to Moment, no Matter Where She Leads Us. This is some Crazy Artesian Spring! Are we ever going to Enjoy Creating with it, If We Dare!
  • Note that Artesian Acknowledges and Honors, and Plays with the fact that Desire is Unquenchable – as soon as we Manifest something, we want something else or something more. That’s neither Addiction nor Pathology – it’s simply indicative that we are Intensely Creative Beings.