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Hungry Ghosts 2

May 5, 2023

We also have a Full Moon tomorrow that’ll be Heavier than the two Initiations, but the Full Moon Impacts only last a few weeks, versus 30 and 6 years for the Initiations. The Initiations’ Impact will be more Diffuse, though, so we’ll get to the Full Moon soon. Reviewing, the Initiations are…

  • We began a new 30-year Cycle wherein The Most Important Thing Is Dealing with Our Intrusive Memories at UT 0:00 today, 4 May 2023 (PDT 5pm 3th, BST 1am 4th, IST 5:30am 4th, AEST 10am 4th), as dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Initiated Saturn (The Most Important Thing), in 6 Pisces (Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime). Six Pisces is also home to Fixed Star Deneb Adige (Mystical Creation of the World Egg), and Adjacent to two other Stars, the Royal Star Formalhaut (Dreams) in 7 Pisces, and Sadalmelek (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty) in 5 Pisces. The Gonggong-Saturn Initiation is Self-Resolving, but it’s complicated by an almost-simultaneous Merger with the Initiation of…
  • A new 6-year Cycle wherein Mary Magdalene, if we Invite Her, will Help us Take Ownership of what we’ve been Fearing, as minor planet Damocles (Fear of Accountability) Initiates asteroid Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) in 3 Pisces (Bland Exterior Hiding an Extraordinarily Deep Inner Spiritual Awareness) that occurred at UT 2:45 on 3 May (PDT 7:45 pm 2nd, BST 3:45 am 3rd, IST 8:15 am 3rd, AEST 12:45 pm 3rd).

We began to discuss how we might start to Deal with Our Intrusive Memories in the previous post, suggesting that our Reactions to Traumatic Events are likely to be more Karmic than Present-Moment, and that it may behoove us to Separate the two Energies. But How? We’re Inquiring into the Unconscious, so we need to use some form of PIAVA. Such as…

Great Spirit, Have I Ever Experienced these Heavy Emotions Before?
When was that? What were the Circumstances?
When did I First Experience these Heavy Emotions?
What were those Circumstances?

We may not get an immediate answer. If we don’t, we need to Change the Subject. Remember when you looked everywhere for your car keys, and didn’t find them till you gave up and started to empty the dishwasher, only to find the keys in the silverware drawer. How the Devil did they get there? If you Feel Lost, or Scared, or Confused, or you have Trouble Changing the Subject, Poor-Sweetheart yourself.

The Veil between us and the Unconscious is the same Veil as the one between us and the Other Side. There are often Tricksters Guarding this Veil. If you aren’t Confident about what you’re doing, these Tricksters will Entertain themselves all day Weirding you Out. Remember that Mercury is Retrograde till the 15th, and Magic is Afoot. It takes Magic to Cross the Veil – the 2D Left Brain can’t do it. Wink and say Hi, and the Tricksters won’t Bother you. There’s a different version of this story, and a very good one, in Suzanne Giesmann’s 1½-minute video on this page, if it’s still there.

If we’ve Experienced these Heavy Emotions Before, it’s Karmic. Karma is never in the Present Moment, so it’s never Real, in the sense of being External to our Emotional Life. There’s nothing Unreal about our Emotional Life – in fact, for many of us, much of the time, it’s the Most Real Experience that we Encounter. But our Emotions happen Inside of Us. If we’re Thinking that we’re Reacting to something Outside of Us, we need to Realize that we’re no longer Feeling, we’re now Thinking.

Your Intrusive Memories are often Thoughts that may Trigger Emotions. To Separate the Emotions from the Chaff, shift to Sensation. Where do you Feel the Emotion in your Body? Put all of your Attention into that Place and Leave it there. When your Attention Wanders, Lovingly and Gently Bring It Back. Keep your Attention there till the Sensation of it Subsides or Moves.

While chart has one Self-Resolving Challenge (T-Square), focused on the Magdalena-Damocles-Saturn-Gonggong Stellium in Pisces. We’ve drawn in the T-Square (red right triangle) and the Finger of the Goddess (green wedge) that when combined with the T-Square makes a Self-Resolving Diamond Star, and the Grand Trine (blue isosceles triangle) that makes the combination Fully Self-Resolving. The thin blue lines map out the “Bowl of Grace” under the T-Square, which Bowl is what generates the Self-Resolution…

The base of the T-Square, Eurydike (Trust) Opposite Juno-Atlantis (the Expansion of Consciousness that Allows the Fall of Western Civilization, since it’s the Avaricious and Exploitative Nature of Western Civilization that’s Destroying the Biodiversity of the Planet, and Destroying the Survivability of the Hupers with it), represents the Argument that must come to Consensus in order to Permit the Full Harmony of the Life-Giving Goddess, Accountability, Priority, and the Whisper of HerStory (Magdalena, Damocles, Saturn, and Gonggong).

The base of the Finger of the Goddess, which permits the Self-Resolution, is a Sextile (Grace after we Act to get it Started) between Makemake-Kassandra (Manifesting Healing instead of Stuff) and Pallas-Cyllarus Out of Bounds-Varuna Out of Bounds (Setting Boundaries that Allow Ego Death of the Western-Medicine, non-Shamonic Belief that Drugs and Surgeries are the only way to Heal, so we can Dive Deep into our Ancient Memories of the Time when we could do Instantaneous nD Healings with a Mudra or a Huaca – One of those Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime).

The Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) connects Magdalena-Damocles-Saturn-Gonggong with Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and the Stellium of Narcissus (Attention to Self), South Node (Held Emotions), Rhadamanthus (Healer of Abuse), and Zhulong (Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment) – Healing of Deep Karma.

“The Devas at Findhorn often said they could quickly transform the planet, but they cannot do that until we as [huperity] get our consciousness act together. In these times, we need to step into our future (that is now) where we understand we are not here to conquer nature or dominate matter but to be gardeners. We are here to help nature to express its greater natural growth and to be a shepherd for matter.

“How do we do this? By remembering that all matter is alive, and that we are generative forces. When we bring our energy into a relationship – be it anger, fear, love, or joy – it has an effect. What we bring is noticed and when we honor, appreciate, and give love to a relationship, this has an effect.” —Timothy Haas, The Wonder-Full World of the Home SECOND STORY, p.8

“When we incarnate, we incarnate into a system of relationships. The soul is the originating force in the incarnational process but then as it incarnates a bit of itself, it settles into being part of the incarnational ‘team.’ .. It becomes one partner among several partners. This is the soul’s way of engaging with the world and learning. It does not dominate this team .. it learns from everyone and also contributes to the think tank of the incarnation of the individual.

“At the core of this team is the seed impulse of the incarnation. It is not passive. This seed holds the living intent of the soul itself for the incarnation and for its overall relationship with the world. .. In a dynamic way the seed unfolds and develops in our core which is our expression of the emergent aspect of the soul. It also communicates and engages with and has an effect on the world around it…

“The most common view of incarnation is to see us as a soul riding around in a body, much like a person riding in or driving a car. .. David [Spangler instead] uses the metaphor of plasma, the substance of which stars are made. Plasma cannot be held in any container; it would burn right through it. Only a magnetic field can contain it. Similarly, when our soul wants to incarnate, to experience the denser level of Gaia, it takes a bit of itself and creates a pattern or set of relationships that can contain it’s energy, drawing on a variety of sources.

“A physical body is not enough to hold its energy; like plasma, it is held by .. an ‘incarnational field’ made up of subtle and physical matter and energies drawn from our soul itself, from Gaia, from nature, from the collective energy of [huperity], from our parents, from our surroundings, and so forth. In effect, we don’t incarnate into a body as much as we incarnate into a whole system woven from the connections and relationships our soul makes with the world…

“With all of that in place, something happens. At the heart of this field, the emergent soul begins to add a whole other dimension… It is now not just a system or a set of relationships, it is a Presence. It has a wholeness to it, a unique character… It is this Presence that interacts with the physical, subtle, and transpersonal worlds around us. Sovereignty holds the integrity of the Presence; Self Light is its radiance…

“The amazing thing about this is emergence. It is not like something that has been gifted or has come down from some higher level; it is developing out of a set of relationships, it is transforming them into an amalgamation of being that is particularly human… We are agents of synthesis assisting Gaia in the unfolding of a new creation. We are bringing the gravity of our Presence, our spiritual mass, to shape the world. This is a sacred act.” Hass, op cit, pp.23-25.

Beyond the Veil

October 31, 2022

Well, so far I’ve watched two videos, by folks I didn’t know, on the Beyond the Veil Summit: Explore the Science and Mysteries of Near-Death Experiences, Mediumships & the Afterlife, and both presentations have been beyond Excellent. You can still sign up at and watch recordings of the videos free for up to 48 hours after each one.

One video was by two folks named Jeff, one an Emergency Room doctor, and the other a former patient. The doctor had witnessed the patient’s deceased wife floating over the patient in the ER while the patient was having a Near Death Experience, and they subsequently became friends. Fascinating.

The second one was “Psychic Lawyer” and polymath Mark Anthony, who very expertly Aligned the Spiritual Perspective with the Perspective of Open-Minded Scientists (that sounds like an oxymoron, but both presentations made it clear that there are a lot more of those than we usually hear about). He had some cute acronyms for us…

S.O.U.L. — Source of Unconditional Love

R.A.F.T. — Recognize, Accept, Feel, Trust

The latter is his key for Responding to Experiences of Communications from the Invisible Realms, which he Feels as tingling or other unusual inputs to his Six Senses.

Will Your Soul Find Anyone Inhabitable

August 9, 2020

I’m sorry that many of you will have missed this, but I just found out about it.  Marko Pogačnik has prepared a world-wide meditation to be held on the Telepathnet, 8-10 pm local time everywhere, today 9 August 2020.  Find the workshop plan at (English; other languages at  To log in to the Telepathnet, Ground Yourself, Close your Eyes, and Breathe Deeply…

From the introduction…

“Have the workshop plan [links above] printed with you or have it ready on your computer or phone so that you can follow the time table…

“Our intuition, dreams and exchange [and astrology] tell us that right now humanity stands at one of the decisive crossroads.  One road leads towards a complete robotisation of our society and control over the individual.  The other road leads towards co-creation with the beings of this wonderful Earth, those visible and invisible, and towards peace among peoples of the human race.

“A relatively large group is needed to express the decision, which of the two paths we want to walk in the next years and onward towards the future.  We believe that each of us collaborating here already made her or his decision to follow the path of life and freedom.  The purpose of this telepathic workshop is to communicate our decision to the beings of the Earth and the Universe and to ground it in the body of the planet as well as within our body.  We do this as a holographic piece (fractal) of humanity as a whole.”

Sample of the workshop plan…

“8:50–9pm Cosmic connection of water

  1. “We open our circle to the south and the water we have gathered in our vessel happily approaches the Dragon of the Alps.
  2. “Touching the high mountains, water rises into the vertical position. Imagine pillars of water reaching towards stars, embodying the cosmic inspiration
  3. “Feel those pillars of water within you and open up to the cosmic inspiration they bring to you.”

Without accelerated Huper Physical Evolution and Spiritual Devolution, the “complete robotisation of our society” is likely to intensify after this year’s December Solstice (first of 18 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Air Signs of the Digital Age).  I don’t believe it’s All or Nothing, as 5D and 3D co-exist in the same place and time (3D is just unaware that there are more dimensions), and I don’t believe that the December Solstice is an absolute deadline, but I do believe that the more cumulative Huper Psychic Energy Shifts to 5D, the easier it will be for individual Hupers to Hold the Space.  And it may well be more difficult to Shift (without Physical Death) after the December Solstice.

Remember that the overarching astrotheme for most of July and August is the Descent of Soul into Matter (Uranus in Taurus T-Square to 3 August Full Moon, and 15 August Uranus Station), along with the demise of Victimhood and Denial (involvement of Chiron, Eris, et al); see previous and subsequent posts.

Ascension New Moon 4

April 22, 2020

My colleague and friend Stephanie Austin also publishes a blog, in the form of a biweekly report on the New and Full Moons, that complements this one well.  Here’s a sample of her report on the New Moon that we’re just now Experiencing…

“The coronavirus is a reflection of a deeper and even more deadly disorder, the illusion of separation.  The ultimate cure for what humanity is facing is not a vaccine, or anything external.  The real medicine is a shift in consciousness, an awakening of the heart, a remembrance of who we really are.

“The next new moon, which forms on April 22 [2020] at 7:26 PM PDT at 4º Taurus, challenges us to stay grounded, and also commit to making significant, longterm changes.  Uranian energies run high through the end of the month, and along with five of the ten planets in Earth signs (Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn), hold a bright spotlight on how well we are relating to the physical plane – to our body, our resources, and the Earth.  The vast majority – 80% – of our personal health depends on our planetary health – the quality of our air, water, soil, biodiversity, and many other ecological factors.”

She publishes via email, rather than posting on the internet, so to get a sample you have to send a request to  She’s also a gifted photographer, and I was particularly impressed by how well her photo of a Forest Portal fit our Ascension New Moon…

One caveat when you’re wandering this Forest: if you encounter an elderly lady living in “a house made of gingerbread, cake, confection, sweets, and other treats and pastries,” Recognize it as a Karmic Illusion, and don’t eat any of it, no matter how hungry you are.  Just consider it an Ego Death instead – you know what to do with those by now, right?

If you do end up in her oven, know this…

“The Length of a Soul

There are no unfinished lives, because there are  no single lives.  Life goes on and on.  If you knew how many lives there were to work with, you would learn to be patient and know that some things just take time.  Lives are being given to you – more lives than you could imagine – over and over again.

“Those who learn to manage time gracefully will be happy from one lifetime to the next.  Those who are thrown off-balance by time will live with anxiety and confusion.  You must know that this is not the only life, and not the only time.  You can learn this if you will.

Just as the birds move easily from tree to tree with nothing to block their passage, I can teach you to move freely from one lifetime to the next.  With this confidence, much that seems difficult in this lifetime will become possible for you.  Healings and reconciliations that seem unlikely can easily be obtained, and the joy that has eluded you can be found close at hand.

You cannot trace the path of your soul from life to life in the same way that you follow your days from week to week, your months from year to year.  But know that your lives are longer than you realize, and pray and remain open to the wisdom that is yours.  That wisdom is the birthright of having a body.

It is best for this learning, however, not to be anxious or afraid.  There is nothing you have now that cannot be given to you again.  There is no one you have loved who is forever lost to you.  Nor are you condemned to repeat the same mistakes and follies.  The long story of your soul is wiser and more generous than you know.

The human concept of the soul is like a shiny coin faceup on the ground.  It is flat.  The most you can imagine is flipping it over to see what is on the other side.  I want to show you the full length and brightness of a soul.  I want you to feel its amplitude.  It is incalculably long and old.  A soul is so much deeper, so much brighter than you imagine.  The universe is astounded by every soul.  The universe is not big enough to contain a soul.

Know that you can pick up the thread of your own soul in this lifetime the moment you pick up the rosary.  So don’t lose heart, and never give in to fear.  Live with confidence, knowing that there are reasons for all things that happen.  You do not live in a random universe because you do not live in a Motherless universe.

You know by now that it was I Who, through your mothers, gave birth to your bodies.  Know also that I have given birth to your souls – and a soul may never be destroyed.”

–Clark Strand and Perdita Finn, The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary, pp. 241-2.

That was Mother Mary speaking through Clark, revealing Herself to be “just” another Incarnation of the First Mother, of Mother Earth, and of Mother Nature – the Divine Feminine.  She tells Clark that the Rosary is far more ancient than any Religion, and should be Prayed by everyone.

That Guy with the Wings on His Feet

February 19, 2020

As it’s wont to do, planet Mercury turned around and started going Backwards 16 February 2020 (5pm PST).  This will be very difficult for you to verify, since Mercury is too close to the Sun to be seen most of the time, and “Backwards” in this context is kind of metaphorical.  Mercury symbolizes Communication, Awareness, Thought, and Analysis mostly.  Backwards (“Retrograde”) Mercury has a bad rap around travel, but if like the Angels we take travel delays and disruptions Lightly, we can still Fly.

A planet goes Backwards when it wants us to really Pay Attention to some Lesson it has in mind.  It crosses the same zone of the Zodiac thrice, to make sure we don’t Lose the Plot.  The Plot this month is about the Thinking we’ve been doing, and the Conclusions we’ve been drawing, about the way our Culture should work (Mercury thrice crossing the last few Degrees of Aquarius), and how we Respond to this Emotionally (Mercury thrice crossing the first dozen Degrees of Pisces).

Overzealous Emotions cause our Mentality to Misfire.  It’s one thing that some of us are Emotional Thinkers – when we’re Analyzing something, How We Feel about it is one of our most important criteria, and that’s just Who We Are.  But it’s quite another thing when something Triggers our Karmic Judgments and we lose all hope of Neutrality.  Neutrality after all is where we must be if we want to Change or Manifest anything.  For instance, if we try to Create Peace from a position of Anger, all we’re going to get is more Anger.  Trying to Create Peace from a posture of Bliss will probably only promote Denial.

And in the section of the Zodiac that Mercury crosses thrice, there sit a couple of dwarf planets that are likely to Trigger our Karma.  One of these is the symbol for Intrusive Memories (the as-yet-unnamed dwarf planet that we affectionately call “OR10”) which are usually Karmic.  The other stands for Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus).  That’s almost always Karmicas well.  The timetable looks something like this…

  • 2 February – Mercury begins its first crossing (at 29 Aquarius)
    • 6 February – Mercury Triggers Intrusive Memories
    • 11 February – Mercury Triggers Abuse and Privilege Issues or Memories
  • 16 February – Mercury turns Backwards (at 13 Pisces)
    • 21 February – Mercury Triggers Abuse and Privilege Issues or Memories
    • 28 February – Mercury Triggers Intrusive Memories
  • 9 March – Mercury goes Forward again (at 29 Aquarius)
    • 22 March – Mercury Triggers Intrusive Memories
    • 29 March – Mercury Triggers Abuse and Privilege Issues or Memories
  • 30 March – Mercury finishes third crossing (at 13 Pisces)

When planets change their Direction, they Slooowww Dowwwn, Stop, and then slowly Accelerate again.  While they are Slowing and Stopping (ie, 16 February and 9 March), their Influence upon us is at its Strongest.

Do you have any record or recollections of what was going on for you around 6 or 11 February, give or take a day or two?  The usual astrological process is that this first crossing raises an Issue or Problem (we refer to this as a “Can-Opener”), which usually puts us into our Victim.  Then the second crossing (the “Exposition”), if we’re Awake and Responsive to it, Teaches us a lot about what’s really going down, and we can begin to see our own Role in it.  By the third crossing (the “Confidence-Builder”), if we were Awake at the second one, the original Issue or Problem recurs, but this time we Realize what’s happening, and we Handle it with Aplomb.

Mercury stutters like this three times a year, so we get a good deal of Practice with it.  Our Journey from Victim to Adept increases our Neutrality a lot, helping us to be more Objective and Effective Problem-Solvers.

If you happen to have a birth (“natal”) planet in the thrice-crossed Zone of a Backwardation, the Cosmic Headmistress is giving you a Special Lesson.  For instance, one reader has their birth planet that means Truth of the Heart (asteroid Aletheia) in the Zone of this Mercury trifecta, and that planet is in a Challenging Relationship (Square) to their birth planet that stands for their Soul (Uranus).  Birth-planet Relationships are with us for our entire Life, so the more Practice we get with them, the better.

So our reader may frequently run into Issues where they feel like the Desires of their Soul, and the Desires of their Heart, are in Conflict.  How can Soul and Heart be in Conflict?  Heart should Serve Soul, and do it Well.  But Karma can intervene and mess things up.  That makes it even more important to Practice with the Energy, and bring it into Consciousness, so they can Notice when the Karmic prompter is reminding them of their Lines, and Frankly, Not Give a Damn about what it is they’re Supposed To do or say.

Our reader’s Heart-Truth planet, with it’s Teasing Relationship with their Soul, is Triggered by Mercury on 4 February, 1 March, and 19 March.  The most important thing to remember about our birth-planet Relationships, is that they’re like a Graduate Seminar.  They aren’t Problems to be Solved, they’re Dramas to be Studied.  We don’t Solve Dramas, we just Learn how to Handle them a little better each time we deal with them.  They have no Clean Edges, they’re always Ragged.

Imagine you’re an fiction writer studying situations where a person’s Heart would lead them in a different direction than their Soul would, so you could write a realistic short story about their Adventures.  With that mindset, after several repetitions of this Pattern in your Life, you could write the script of your next episode of it.  That would probably help immensely to make it Easier for you to Step Out of that Role the next time those circumstances arose, and Enjoy playing the role of someone else in your script, or someone different entirely.

If we Endure our “favorite” Karmic – aka Educational – Drama once more and leave its Edges just a little less Ragged than the last time, then we’ve Succeeded Greatly, and we need to Acknowledge ourself with Celebration.  While we’re “still kickin’,” we’ll probably never know Why our Immortal Soul Chose to Experience a Lifetime with such a Drama in it.  We just have to Accept that it in fact Did, Trust its Wisdom, and try to be a good Student.

The more Conscious we can be about the Dramas hard-wired into our birth charts, the better, but we also have to remember that it’s not about Analysis (even when Mercury is being Compulsively Analytical), it’s about Experience.  We get a little more hip to our Dramas each time we Repeat them, whether we beat ourself up for Stumbling over them again, or Congratulate ourself for being Open to Learning more about them.  Analysis can give us “Book-Larnin’,” but it isn’t nearly multidimensional enough to give us Wisdom.  For that we need Experience.  That’s what Karma is all about – Inertia, Repetition, how to Use the Patterns we have to their Best Advantage, instead of being Victimized by them.

The Fives IV

October 26, 2019

This interview with Alberto Villoldo will be online free till 4pm PDT 27 October 2019.  It is also comprehensive, and as well introduces a couple of different and valuable Perspectives…

For instance, one of things that Alberto points out is that the Bliss molecule DMT, which promotes Healing, is built from Serotonin, which is mostly produced by our Gut Bacteria – if you haven’t killed them by taking antibiotics and not Restored them with Probiotics.  What he doesn’t say is that Glyphosate is an FDA-certified antibiotic and virtually all non-Organic Grains and Sugars are laced with Glyphosate because it’s also a desiccant that non-Organic agriculture typically sprays onto the plants just before harvest, in order to kill the foliage and make it easier to harvest the Grains and Sugars.  So every time you eat non-Organic Grain or Sugar, you Risk Closing yourself to Healing.

Leo II

July 22, 2019

Natalie Glasson’s Channels the rest of Lord Melchizedek’s comments on 1D to 9D, this time 6D to 9D…

6th Dimension

“The 6th dimension reinforces your connection and communication with your soul, allowing powerful soul discovery journeys and deepening expressions of your soul through all levels of your being.  If you are finding it challenging to connect with your soul, wish to enhance your communication with your soul or receive guidance from your soul, it is ideal to request the 6th dimension to download into your being at the appropriate vibrations to support you.

“If you wish to connect on a deeper or soul level with other people in your reality you can request this from the 6th dimension.  There are many other requests which can be made, such as the balancing of your spiritual body, clarity in order to remember divine information, wisdom and knowledge to support your ascension or synthesising with your Ascended Master self in order to discover your ascension pathway to completion of your ascension mastery upon the Earth.

“If you find your intuition is blocked or you are unable to gain inner guidance the 6th dimension can support you by aligning you with your soul…  It is so filled with inspiration and tremendous support, it is worthwhile downloading and anchoring into your being and reality, even if you are uncertain of the purpose of your anchoring.”

Handy as we’re Anchoring Soul into Matter with Uranus in Taurus.  (For 1D-5D see

7th Dimension

“The process of detachment is the key focus of the 7th dimension, much emphasis is placed upon understanding the method and benefits of detachment, which can be applied to all levels of your being.  Detachment isn’t to disconnect or disregard, it is to let go of bonds that cause you separation with the Creator and recreate bonds of love, trust, and truth.  It is this process which instigates new learning and even a reassessment of your spiritual pathway, to accept a pathway which is meaningful for your current transitions of ascension…”

“The 9th dimension truly fuels your spiritual evolution by supporting you in accessing an abundance of inspiration, enlightenment, and divine truth, while enhancing your ability to surrender and connect with the Creator…  The 9th dimension also aids your conscious awareness of your Soul Group and your Soul Groups spiritual evolution of working with and integrating with other Soul Groups in order to aid the divine will of the Creator.”

Such as our Arcturian friends.

A reader and friend – in fact, the friend who introduced me to the Arcturians a couple of decades ago – writes…

“Information is content, or a product.  However, why wouldn’t we need to question whether the information or data is useful or inaccurate?  The problem within the digital information age is that is too easily manipulated (see deep fakes on YouTube and altered news and images that Reuters and other news outlets have been caught out pushing on an unsuspecting populace).

“My concern is that spiritual insight and wisdom, organic connection and collective community, may be shown the back seat in a robotically controlled economy and society.  Unless human beings change drastically (i.e., evolve exponentially and quickly at that) the premise and promise inferred in Mason’s vision (or Karl Marx’s) becomes as 2D as the 1’s and 0’s in the source code of the Digital Age.  Pristine and lifeless, anesthetized and sterile.

“One of tenets of non-Dualist perspectives that Eckert Tolle and others offer is that content alone will not provide liberation from suffering or our current global challenges.  Emphasis on content and information may be the last illusion that needs to be shattered.”

Yes, one of many Last Illusions, I’m sure.  It’s very tempting to Extrapolate current trends into their worst Science Fiction nightmares, whether we’re playing with our Digits, or drowning in sweat or flood from this week’s Faux News about Global Warming.  But Seth made it clear a long time ago, in The Nature of Personal Reality, that our Personal History is an excellent Mirror of our Karma, aka our Habitual Patterns of Belief.

And likewise, the content of our Intellectual and Emotional Imaginings about the Future are a perfect Mirror for the detritus that gums up our Personal Relationship to the Unconscious.  The Unconscious is anything and everything that isn’t encompassed by our Ego at the Moment.  Energy is our True Nature, till we fall through one of the slits and become Particular, which is fine as a Snapshot, but this isn’t even a Moving Picture, because those are only 2D.  What happen to the Waves and Bits after they’re photographed?  They don’t just End there.

As Energy we are all Holographic Fragments of Source.  We only Choose to Separate ourself from the Whole for Fun or Profit.  When we Meditate on Being the Whole, what else is left to Interact with?  (The State of Wholeness is an excellent place to Manifest from, BTW, if we’re into Manifesting Partness, which of course we all are.)  Imagination is our Projection of Energy into the Future, where it will Manifest as Form.  So why would we Project something we don’t Want, except for Fun or Profit?  Why don’t we Project What We Want instead?

Well, the answer is because this is a Mirror for our Relationship with the Unconscious, with everything that isn’t Embraced by our Ego at the Moment.  This is why people talk about their “Shadow” – their Belief that Darkness is a Thing rather than a 2D Projection on the wall of the cave.

Karma Repair 2

May 17, 2019

Not a lot happening with the 18 May (2pm PDT) Full Moon, except that it could make a big dent in our Fear of Opening Up to the Truth about our Hidden Forbidden Unique Genius, the one that will Singlehandedly Save the Planet, along with all the other Single Hands that this Full Moon will help Liberate from their Fear of Opening Up to the Truth about their Forbidden Genies.  Our Hidden Forbidden Unique Genius is the missing piece in the Jigsaw Puzzle that is our 5D Future, and so is Everyone Else’s.

Which is to say that the symbol for Endings (asteroid Atropos) Resolves (Trine Bridges) the Full Moon that prominently features the symbol for Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna stands behind the Sun) and is Supported by (Finger of God-ed by) the symbol for our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) and the Merged (Conjoined) symbols for Rebirth and Truth (dwarf planet Haumea and asteroid Veritas)…

All in all an excellent chart, if we Remember our Kegels.

This Full Moon though is greatly overshadowed by the 19 May Merging of the symbol for The Most Important Thing (Planet) and the symbol for our Karma (the Mean South Node).  If you feel like you’re Sitting Pretty, look behind you.  There’s something lurking there that may not be Negative, but will Certainly help you Clean Up your Current Lifetime.  Remember what Alan Watts said back in the 1950s – it’s a lot harder to Let Go of our Good Karma than it is to Let Go of our Bad Karma.

Because we’re so fond of Patting ourselves on the Back for our Good Karma.  But we’ll be a lot more Effective at Changing the World if we’re Neutral.  Self-Love ain’t Positive Self-Judgment.  Self-Love is Unconditional, no Judgment involved.  The Demon lurking behind you could be Pride.

And of course it could also be all manner of Self-Sabotaging Habits, the kind we usually think of as Karma and Blame on “the Universe,” or Mom, forgetting that All of our Habits are Choices we’ve made in the past.  Is this a Free-Will Universe or not?  Free Will cuts both ways.  Of course we don’t Remember making that Choice, it was a hundred Past Lives ago.  Or a Parallel in a Galaxy far far away.

But as Seth put it so Clearly in The Nature of Personal Reality, our Karma is actually Obvious – it’s writ large in our Personal History in our Current Lifetime.  What in your Personal History do you not claim as your own Choice?  Those are the places where you’re Betraying your own Soul.  Of course your Current Ego didn’t make that Choice, because if you think of “You” as your Current Ego, you’re missing 99% of your Life.

If there’s anything in our Personal History, Good or Bad, that we don’t claim as our own Choice, whose Choice was it?  It was part of our Soul Self that our Current Ego doesn’t include.  We need to do some Ego Yoga.  It’s not as hard as it sounds.  Our Ego’s in it for Pleasure; our Soul’s in it for Experience, including Experiences that will – and have – Terrified or Horrified our Ego.

This is what a Free-Will Universe means.  If you aren’t in a Free-Will Universe, you’re just another automaton on the treadmill, where everything happens to you, and you have little or no Control.  That might be Liberating, since what you do won’t matter.  You may as well Take whatever Pleases you.  But can you even Conceive of a Universe without Cause and Effect?  That’s pretty Deep Programming.  Easier to Conceive of a Universe where we don’t have enough Information to sleuth out Cause and Effect.  And more Honest.

Let’s look at the Saturn-South Node chart tomorrow.  That’ll give you time to see what’s behind you.

“Dark Days” 6

April 23, 2019

Well, I’m not sure that the Assemblage Point that Donna Eden spoke about this morning is the same Assemblage Point that Don Juan used to tell Castaneda about, but her version is fascinating…

That should be available free online through 24 April and the early hours of 25 April.  If I put Donna’s main point into my own Metaphor, I’d say the Assemblage Point is a little Cloud of Light a couple of feet in front of your Heart Chakra, with a Genie sitting on it waiting for you to Notice them.  The Genie is your Soul.