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Rebirth of Genius

October 31, 2016

We’ve talked many times about our Adventures in 24 Degrees of various Signs, and they’re Lit Up Big Time again today, in addition to our Resistance to The Life Force.  Today we can summarize our 24-Degree Adventures as Rebirth of Genius, as like it or not, our Abandoned Genius is being Called Out.  It should be obvious that our AG is Life-Enhancing, and our Resistance to it is Anti-Life.  But of course our Resistance was Programmed in, and there’s a good chance it’s still  reinforced by our Cultures – or we Believe it does.

The Pattern is basically Positive, but it has its Challenges, especially now.  We’ve been ranting about Yintegrity since 2012, when “the 1960s” began returning in earnest, and we redoubled our efforts earlier this year, when Eris Initiated Uranus.  Lots of folks still interpret Eris as Dischord, but they’re missing the point.  Sure, the Golden Apple she threw into the party was Disruptive, but it was Disruptive solely because the Alpha Goddesses were in Denial about their Vanity and Competition.

Then Ceres came along to join them, demanding that we make our Yintegrity Permanent.  And now Mnemosyne is Dancing with the same Arian location, inviting us (or forcing us) to recall all the Episodes that have caused us to Suppress our Yintegrity in the first place.  

Mnemosyne crosses Eris again 2 November at noon PDT in 23 Aries, a Degree symbolizing flagrant Fecundity.

Then Haumea Opposed Uranus-Eris et al, inviting (or forcing) Rebirth – Asking us to start our Life over with a clean slate as much as we could, with more Yintegrity hanging out.  Of course that means Ego Death, as we have to Give Up all of the Psychic an Social props that were Foundational for our Olde Identity.  That Rebirth is basically still going on, and today we were fitted for diapers.

The asteroid Klotho was Initiated by Haumea today at 11am PDT, in 24 Libra, which Degree symbolizes a Butterfly with a third left wing.  Butterflies are symbols of Regeneration and Transformation anyway, and the third Left wing is an emphasis on the Feminine.  Of the three Fates, Klotho was the one who “cut the cloth,” or wove the tapestry that our Lifetime would Embody.

So if you happened to raise your arms today and felt a new wrap slipping around your shoulders, your Third Eye is working like a charm.  It’s not a coincidence that it’s our shoulders – Should-ers – that hold up our clothes – our Identity.  Probably wouldn’t hurt to strip nekkid, then hold up your arms again while you Imagine your new Cloak descending.

That’s literally “the half” of it, half of the Grace – see, already Challenging, and we’re talking about the Blessed part.

The Blessing is a Golden Rectangle, with Uranus-Eris et al and Haumea et al forming one of the two Oppositions.  The other is Ixion et al Opposing Chaos et al.  

The et al for Chaos (Unlimited Potential) is asteroid Veritas (Truth), which crossed Chaos for the second time on 26 October.  The et al for Ixion (our Abandoned Genius itself) is Pholus (Being Fully Responsible To).

In other words, the “other half” of the Grace is the Unlimited Potential that our Abandoned Genius is willing to deliver to our doorstep, if we’re willing to “swear an Oath” to Support It instead of Supporting our Olde Ego that has Suppressed It for so long.  More Ego Death, eh?  What Fun!

Okay, that’s the Good News; now what about the Bad News?  That’d be the actual Challenges.

I don’t think we have a name for this Configuration yet.  It deserves one.  Two third planets make T-Squares to each Opposition.  In this case the T-Squares are both on the same side of the long side of the Golden Rectangle.

We’ve talked about the Chiron T-Square, where Chiron Squares each end of the Chaos-Veritas Opposition to Ixion-Pholus.  The result is Despair, and Miracles when one is able to find a new Perspective that dissolves the apparent Dilemma.

The second T-Square focuses on Mars, which Squares both ends of the Opposition from Haumea et al to Uranus-Eris et al.  This one is more local in Time…

  • Mars Squared Uranus 28 October 9pm PDT
  • Mars Squared Eris 30 October 6am PDT
  • Mars Squares Haumea 31 October 2am PDT

We usually Experience Mars as being Energized, or Enervated if we’re in Resistance.

Remember all this is about Mastery through Challenge, not Challenge for the sake of hassle.

Do you have a Feeling yet for the nature of your Abandoned Genius?  If you could with a wave of your Magic Wand blow away All of your Limitations, what would be the Funnest thing you could think of to Do or Be?  What’s the first Obstacle that comes to mind when you think about Doing or Being that person?  Maybe it’s Fear of Being Judged, or something like that?

Following Eugene Gendlin, adding “…or something like that” is always a good idea, so you work with the Limitation rather than the wording.  When you named that vague Sense “Fear of Being Judged,” you had something in mind.  That’s what you want to work with.  You want to Change the Territory, not the Map.  You can redraw the Map later, once the Territory Changes.

“I Wonder what it would be like to Let Go of Fear of Being Judged.”

“Great Spirit, please Lovingly and Gently Liberate me from my Fear of Being Judged.”

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that my Fear of Being Judged melt in the Warm Embrace of my Self-Love.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank you God/Goddess!  Show me.”

You might want to save that last one for 11 November, when Haumea Initiates Sappho (at 2am PST).

Use quite a bit of rehearsal when you do an important PIAVA.  Once you say “I Wonder what it would be like to Let Go of Fear of Being Judged,” you may get an immediate Insight that’s more specific or more accurate.  You may Realize for instance that you don’t Fear Being Judged, you Hate Being Judged.  Or maybe it’s not Judged so much as Judged Unfairly that you dislike.  Or maybe it’s really Fear of Being Abandoned or Outcast, because you Believe that Being Judged could lead to that.

Once you finish rehearsal and get a PIAVA that you’re satisfied with, don’t forget to Change the Subject.  You’re soliciting Big Changes here, so you probably don’t want to process more than one of your Limitations at once.  Give each PIAVA a day or two to gestate, then Pay Attention to anything unusual that occurred since you PIAVAed.  Part of your “…or something like that” may have arisen – then you can modify your PIAVA and go from there.  

If you Feel Changes, then you can move on to your next Limitation.  While there’s a peak in this Energy here, the Energy isn’t going away anytime soon.  Today there’s about a Degree and a half Separating Eris, Haumea, Ixion, and Chaos.  A year from now their Separation will be a Degree and a half.

That is, they’re 30 and 60 Degrees apart, but if we ignore their Signs and just look at their Degrees within their Signs, there’s only a Degree and a half of Separation.

If when you Pay Attention you don’t see anything relevant, then pick anything unusual or Intense, regardless of relevance, and PIAVA

“I Wonder how that is Related to my Fear of Being Judged, or Related to anything else that stops me from Following My Joy.”


March 21, 2015


In a few hours (8am PDT March 21; see for other time zones) the dwarf planet Eris (Exposing Denial) Initiates Mars (Action), at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress,” starting a new two-year Cycle.

It’s going to be hard to hide things for the next couple of years, so we may as well start practicing forthrightness now.  I mean, speaking our Truth is a big part of  the Yintegrity work we’ve been doing for that last few years anyway.  Several times lately, when I would usually have just kept quiet so as not to waste more time on those old arguments and judgments again, expecting someone to criticize, I’ve decided, okay, it’s Yintegrity time, I better speak up.  And when I did, the expected criticism didn’t arise.  Time to examine all of our Expectations, invoke our Curiosity, and try out more Truthspeaking than we otherwise would.

You know how much you’ve Changed in the last three years – give other folks a chance to demonstrate how much they’ve Changed.  Expecting Others to continue to lead with their Limiting Beliefs just keeps The Shift underground longer.  In this new province, we’ll all be better off agreeing to disagree than by continuing to pretend not to disagree.  Which implicates our Actions as well.  Since we’ll have a hard time hiding the results of our Actions, we may have to consider the consequences before we Act, rather than after.

You may remember that Plutoid dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) Opposed Eris not so long ago, a Blooming of their 1831 “Big Bear sitting down and waving all of its paws” Initiation.  They’re still only half a degree from their Opposition.  What if one manifestation of this Big Bear is Racism.  Brazil forbade Slavery in 1831, and opposition to Slavery in the US began to heat up then.  In many ways Europe is living with the delayed consequences of its Colonialism and the Racism embedded in it.  India’s dealing with deep-seated Sexism.  We could even extend that to Inequality of all manner, including the Mass Extinction we’re in the middle of Co-Creating.  We could see this Cycle as the Birth of the end of Denial around Inequality.  There’s an about-to-become extinct species, sitting there waving its paws, “Yoohoo, I’m here too.  Don’t forget me”

The Plutoid dwarf planet Ixion (Unbridled Desire) makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across this Opposition.  Another side of Unbridled Desire is If you ain’t got nothin’ you got nothin’ to lose, which is the position many victims of Inequality are increasingly finding themselves in, making their rebellion harder to stop, and making embedded Inequality harder to continue to Deny.  The Haumea-Ixion Sextile is also the base of a Finger of God pointing at the probably dwarf planet Sedna (Fear and Actions perpetrated under the influence of Fear).  While Pluto takes 250 years to orbit the Sun, Sedna takes 11,400.  It’s waaay out there, and what little is known about it suggests that it’s unlike other dwarf planets.

So we’re looking at Actions perpetrated under the influence of Fear becoming harder to hide and find excuses for, and bringing Xenophobia out into some degree of Consciousness where it can be examined as something a bit more consequential than a camp song on a fraternity bus.  Power is obviously involved here, but does Power evolve as a response to Fear?  Is Power necessary when there is nothing to Fear?

The final link to Mars-Eris in our map of March 21 and the two years to follow is an Octile (Rebalancing) to Neptune (among other things, Culture).  The Quintile (Learning) from Neptune to Pallas (Boundaries) is the base of the Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This) pointing at Juno (the Edges of Consciousness).

So there may be hope for Racism, Colonialism, Sexism, Egotism, Species Extinction, and other forms of Inequality and Exploitation, to come up into Consciousness here.  In the Unconscious, they can only be the subjects of Rhetoric and Distrust.  As they move toward Consciousness, they invite examination and revision.

Mars OOB 4 – Chariklo

October 15, 2014

apo8867bpMy answer would probably be different every day, but if you asked me to choose a consummately Beautify Crystal, I’d often choose Apophyllite.  At least, if there wasn’t a Diamantino Quartz Crystal handy. 

* * * * *

I’ve always said that

“Beauty has it’s own Karma

meaning that being born beautiful, or handsome, or charming, or rich, or with a strong dose of any socially favorable characteristic that’s easily and quickly identified, brings with it special problems that the rest of us don’t encounter.  You may never have experienced what it’s like to have to earn the trust of others.  Many others will give you deference and acceptance unconditionally.  A few will hate you, but most of those will be ashamed of their envy and keep it out of your field.

Since most folks regard Karma as retribution rather than inertia, it’s common to see Innate Grace as “good Karma” rather than a Lifetime dedicated to becoming Conscious about overconfidence.  A Life with less difficulty than most is an incredible Blessing, nothing to be disparaged.  But do most folks in those shoes even see the suffering in the World, let alone feel it, or strive to soften it?  Like Milt Romney’s 47% gaff, sure, it’s easy to feel like you’re One with All, except for those 47% lazy-asses on the other side of the tracks.

Chariklo Initiated Mars an hour or so ago as I write.  Chariklo, like Chiron to whom she was married in myth, is astronomically a “Centaur” or minor planet with an irregular orbit between Jupiter and Neptune.  Because their orbits generally cross those of the giant planets, they’re considered unstable, and by astronomical standards short-lived.  But mythologically, Chariklo was a Water Nymph, and a Beauty.

The minor planet Chariklo got her name because her orbit is very close to round, unusual for a Centaur, and does not cross the orbit of a giant planet (Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter), also unusual – that is, her astronomical symmetry is lovely.  When discovered, she closely Opposed a tight Jupiter-Uranus-Ceres-Mercury Conjunction, and these were both members of a very tight Grand Trine with Mars, Pluto, Saturn, and the Moon.

To top it off, the Chariklo-JUCM Opposition is Squared closely by an Opposition between Chiron and Juno, making a Grand Cross.  In Leo in a Grand Sextile – implicitly two Grand Trines and six Kites – and a Grand Cross as well, she is indeed Charmed.  Her Discovery degree is 7 Leo, “The constellations of stars shine brilliantly in the night sky.

Chariklo Initiated Mars at 23 Sagittarius, “A group of immigrants as they fulfill the requirements of entrance into the new country.”  Rudhyar, an immigrant himself, interprets that as “Consciously accepting the ways of a new stage of experience, in readiness for the opportunities it will present,” but we also want to remember that many immigrants are often treated like animals.  Emigration can be an excellent way to lose one’s Identity.  Either way…

Transition of some sort is indicated.  I’m reminded of a quote in a recent email from the New Economy Coalition

“Let’s be real.  Those who have benefited from the concentration of wealth and power aren’t going to voluntarily give up their hold on society.  Our ideas for an alternative economy — no matter how beautiful, logical, or even necessary they are — aren’t going anywhere without a social movement powerful enough to demand real change and weather the repression as it inevitably arrives.”

How would we normally think of Mars-Chariklo?  Well, the envy comes to mind, and impatience when progress isn’t as rapid as our Charmed self (we are all Beautiful in our own way, even if not everyone sees it immediately) can easily imagine it being.  In the US, where for-profit “medicine” has produced a nightmare industry, Ty Bollinger’s excellent new series…

may also generate uncomfortable new challenges to privilege.

What can we learn from the previous two-year Mars-Chariklo Cycle?  It began in October 2012 at 11 Sagittarius, “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.”  That’s a very fitting symbol for the span of Time including the End of It.  The left side is generally the receptive side, symbolizing Devolution, or the receipt of Spirit into Form, while the lamp represents Evolution, or the ascent of Form into Spirit, and Light into Human Consciousness.  This implies to me that the Mars-Chariklo Cycle is an important indicator of our process.

It would be interesting to trace recent Mars-Chariklo Cycles and the course of recent history.

Meanwhile, in a few hours Mars will Trine Eris.  While the Trine represents dumb-luck Grace, still there may be some Disturbance in the Force when the God of War meets his mythological sister Eris, the Goddess of Dischord.  Of course our own interpretation of Dischord is that it represents the Disruption of Denial – if there was no Denial or Judgment (which is a Denial of Equality and Unity), there would only be camaraderie, not Dischord.  So Change is again implied.

With Chariklo Trining Mars at about the same time as Mars Trining Eris, we’re inspired to investigate the Chariklo-Eris Cycle.  The Waning Chariklo-Eris Trine occurs on October 17 – basically, tomorrow.  Since the classical Golden Apple Eris story is about Confusion between Beauty and Vanity, and (Confusion being of course the first stage of Growth) their emergence into Consciousness, this should be an important Cycle as well.  Tomorrow’s event, however, is a Confidence-Builder.  The Can-Opener occurred on December 2013.  So, being finished with the Waning Trine, this Cycle is descending into the Void.

But what is/was this Chariklo-Eris Cycle about?  It was Initiated in mid-May 1975 at 14 Aries, “A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.”  To me that suggests a re-evaluation of their respective roles relative to one another, which has certainly occurred.  The Intiation was Conjunct Jupiter and Square Saturn, indicating major change in social structure.  It was also Semi-Sextile to Vesta – a Pattern-Breaker with respect to codified Belief, and Sextile to Mercury – an educational process.  That’s the Cycle, but we’re now entering the Void in it.

We can expect to see chaos (ie, potential) invading gender relations, a period of flux, for the next few decades.  The trend is still toward Equality, but the path will by no means be direct.  On the economic stage we’re leaving the Industrial Revolution, which included the industrialization of women, and getting ready to enter the Digital Era, the first phase of the Age of Aquarius. 

Aquarius is a conflicted Sign, from the Piscean perspective.  The Sign Aquarius is Fixed Air, which we can translate as Opionated Mind.  But it also represents Community, which, while relying on Opinionated Mind or prejudice to differentiate members from non-members, must also be Heart-Centered if it is to survive.  Heart-Centeredness within Community at the least, if not without.  While Aquarius is a Dynamic Sign, Heart-Centeredness is basically Magnetic.

The Digital Era has very sharp Edges.  Until the Quantum computer is everyday, there is no middle ground between Ones and Zeros.  “Machine Intelligence” is moving in the direction of the sort of “fuzzy logic” that the Heart demands, but for quite a while I expect a sharp split between two cultures as we enter the Age of Aquarius, one culture focused on rigid logic and fixed rules, and the other on Compassion and inclusiveness.  As we move into the new Chiron-Neptune Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Cycle, we’ll probably continuing to see a rigid hierarchical mainstream and an inclusive egalitarian counterculture.

The Age of Aquarius spans two millennia, while the Digital Era spans only two centuries (The span of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Air Signs).  The Digital Age will be followed by an Era of Creativity (Two centuries of Jupiter-Saturn Conjunctions in Fire Signs) and an Era of Nurture (Water Signs).  The eventual core of the Age of Aquarius – a millennium or so from now – should involve “Sympathy and understanding, harmony and trust abounding.”  Relative to this future herstory, our current efforts exploring alternate ways of organizing economy and society are infantile but germinal. 

In the Kin of Ata model, quintessential Community – the Buddhist Heaven – happens in the winter, because it’s winter and as such it’s clear to all but the Ixions that Community is essential for Survival.  Our prayers should be centered around the Age of Aquarius moving toward a celebration of Midsummer’s Day (if not a Midsummer Night’s Dream), more than toward a forced sharing of Scarcity.

In “Buddhist Hell,” we are assembled before a great table containing a sumptuous feast, but our elbows are extended and locked, so we can only drool.  That’s our current situation of extreme inequality. 

But in “Buddhist Heaven,” everyone feeds Other.  That’s an excellent example of Chironean Miracle – a simple obvious-after-the-fact shift of perspective that doesn’t merely solve an insoluble problem, it disappears it.

Woodchips and Eris

January 26, 2014

petoak6003bpPetrified Oak – though it would be far too hard to use for compost or mulch.  Even before it was petrified, oak would take forever to decompose.  As a Stone it would be useful for edging a bed and retaining heat though.  And it might verrry slooowly leach minerals.

Well, I’m a convert.  Haven’t actually tried it yet, but I have enough experience with planting the mulchbed between our yard and the neighbor’s, to believe it.  Even if I did hear about it from a Tree-Service guy, and it could be a clever infomercial for helping Tree-Service folk rid themselves of their excess by-product, kinda like the chemical industry and Fluoride.  Anyway, here ’tis – the DVD is highly recommended

Amazoo sells it for $5 bucks more if you want to avoid risking your credit card number yet again.

The fellow in the DVD suffers from the delusion that God is a boy, but otherwise he is right on!   Even without the Gardening story, the DVD is more than worth the time as a fantastic illustration of Listening, Integration, Sustainability, and Gratitude.  Who cares where he gets his inspiration – the way he puts his religion to work is fabulous, a model for any mythology.

There’s a very clever line in the DVD about how a wise person might consider having a load of woodchips dumped in their yard now, so the chips can age properly, then if they need to grow their own Food in ten years because that’s the only way they can get it, their woodchip Garden will be ripe and ready.  The way things are trending so far this year, that advice may be nine or ten years late.  Though as I understand it, the chips will begin storing Water and suppressing Weeds right away, it’s just that they get more fertile over the years as they decay.  So you may have to fertilize for the first few years.

We may need the effortlessness of woodchip Gardening because we’ll be busy hand-pollinating everything…

While we’re on the subject of Food, this is interesting…

And the graph is created by the US Department of Agribusiness, so it probably only goes halfway toward healthy eating.

With China and Japan yelling at one another in Davos, developing-World currencies crashing, and nuclear Israel pouting about the possibility of peace with Iran, one wonders if early 2014 is indeed when the fertilizer hits the fan.  Snowden’s deepening of the spying scandal by including industrial espionage asks us to look at the Mars-Eris Opposition.  It’s exact at 8am PST on January 27.  Mars usually takes two days to cross one degree, but it’s slowing for its March 1 Station, so one degree of Sensitivity spans four days here.  The Mars-Eris Cycle was hatched in mid-April at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress” – a familiar degree these days.  Mars-Eris?

Secrets leach out, and like it or not, somebody could get hurt in the process.  If they’re your secrets, now’s as good a time as any to find out who loves you for who you really are.  If you get hurt by someone else’s candor, the Main Event here is Personal Growth – expand your Consciousness to Forgive and make room for other people to not have to live up to your arbitrary standards.