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The Great Work of Our Time III

September 22, 2015


Heart-Shaped Eyes ( ), with a bow of Thanks, leads us to another Perspective on the Great Work of Our Time – toppling Greed and the Patriarchy.  Permaculture can only help us assure that we can eat next year, it won’t burn the shingles to maximize quarterly profits.  Here’s a fabulous anthem for this view of The Work… 

Which is the perfect metaphor for our Sun-Juno-Lilith-Makemake-Rahu Stellium and multiple Initiations on the cusp of Libra, aka the Northern Autumn and Southern Spring Equinox, and with both Chaos and Pluto Standing Still.  Not to mention that other Stellium that’s Square to this one.

Rahu is the Hindu name for the North Node or Dragon’s Head; Ketu for the South Node or Dragon’s Tail.

In case you’ve never noticed, Mother Nature is a Mystic.  She’s also a Scorpio.  Scorpio will give you a lot of rope – many chances to show that your lack of Integrity and Responsibility were just oversights not to be repeated – but then, once the rope runs out, Scorpio has no more for you, and there is no turning back.  The end of the rope isn’t tied to the mast.  That was “for a World whose time is over.”  Humans have been dating Mother Nature and thinking of Her as an ATM for a long time now.


November 10, 2013

pasco3655bpAn excellent example of Mercury-Neptune…

I suddenly realized that I did not have to be bound by the limitations of time and space and could travel in the space-time continuum quite freely and without any restrictions.  This feeling was so convincing and overwhelming that I wanted to test it by an experiment.  I decided to see if I could travel to my parents’ apartment in Prague, which was many thousand miles away.  After determining the direction and considering the distance, I imagined myself flying through space to the place of my destination.  I had the experience of moving through space at an enormous speed, but, to my disappointment, I was not getting anywhere.

I could not understand why the experiment did not work because my feeling that such space travel should be possible was very convincing.  All of a sudden, I realized that I was still under the influence of my old concepts of time and space.  I continued to think in terms of directions and distances and approached the task accordingly.  It occurred to me that the proper approach would be to make myself believe that the place of my session was actually identical with the place of my destination.  I said to myself, ‘This is not Baltimore, this is Prague.  Right here and now, I am in my parents’ apartment in Prague.’

When I approached the task in this way, I experienced peculiar and bizarre sensations.  I found myself in a strange, rather congested place full of electric circuits, tubes, wires, resistors, and condensers.  After a short period of confusion, I realized that my consciousness was trapped in a television set located in the corner of the room in my parents’ apartment.  I was trying, somehow, to use the speakers for hearing and the tubes for seeing.  After a while, I had to laugh because I realized that this experiment was a symbolic spoof ridiculing the fact that I was still imprisoned by my previous beliefs concerning time, space, and matter.”

Stanislav Grof, When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality,” pp.220-221.

Ah, the layers of the Onion.   You can see the pitfalls of Fundamentalism, or taking your metaphors as if they were literally true.

And another…

Finance.  Food.  Fuel.  Water shortage.  Resource scarcity.  Climate chaos.  Mass poverty.  Mass migration.  Fundamentalism.  Terrorism.  Financial oligarchies.  We have entered an Age of Disruption [Hello Eris!]Yet the possibility of profound personal, societal, and global renewal has never been more real.  Now is our time.

Our moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth.  What’s dying is an old civilization and a mindset of maximum “me” – maximum material consumption, bigger is better, and special-interest-group-driven decision-making that has led us into a state of organized irresponsibility, collectively creating results that nobody wants.

What’s being born is less clear but in no way less significant.  It’s something that we can feel in many places across Planet Earth.  This future is not just about firefighting and tinkering with the surface of structural change.  It’s not just about replacing one mindset that no longer serves us with another.  It’s a future that requires us to tap into a deeper level of our humanity, of who we really are and who we want to be as a society.  It is a future that we can sense, feel, and actualize by shifting the inner place from which we operate.  It is a future that in those moments of disruption begins to presence itself through us.

This inner shift, from fighting the old to sensing and presencing an emerging future possibility, is at the core of all deep leadership work today.  It’s a shift that requires us to expand our thinking from the head to the heart.  It is a shift from an ego-system awareness that cares about the well-being of ourself to an eco-system awareness that cares about the well-being of all, including oneself.  When operating with ego-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our small ego self.  When operating with eco-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our emerging or essential self – that is, by a concern that is informed by the well-being of the whole.”

This shift in awareness from ego-system to eco-system is something that we are approaching and living through not only as groups and organizations, but also as a global community.  Pioneering the principles and personal practices that help us to perform this shift may well be one of the most important undertakings of our time.”

Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, pp.1-2.

Kind of takes all of our Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto work, our Consciousness of our Position and Trajectory in the Evolution of the Universe Juno-Nodes work, and our Fresh Violets in Ancient Pottery Chiron-Neptune work, and puts it all into perspective.

Pascoite is a Calcium Vanadate.  Vanadium pretty much rules these kinds of Trance Formations, while Calcium provides the infrastructure to support our new metaphors.  The “ate” ending, as in Vanadate, means an Oxide – Vanadium Oxide.  Pascoite frequently cohabits with Uranium, signifying the danger of Disruption or Dischord that Transformation presents.

Portal 10.15

October 14, 2013

celes4760bpWe’re stuck with our much-embellished Juno-Nodes T-Square for a while, so if you’re bummed, better find a way to Witness your Victim and get into the Present Moment, because ten to one you’re regressed deep into your Karma.  And no, it’s not anything you’ve earned, it’s just habits you’ve gotten into, and the longer you continue them, the deeper the ruts get.  As long as your Attention is focused on the bummer, you’re just creating more of it.

You can’t deny it, you have to embrace it, lovingly and gently.  Feel the feelings as deeply as you can, but while you’re doing that, look to see who is doing the feeling.  Or locate them in your body, put you hand there, and warm it up.  Or Tap, or Find Gratitude, or Meditate, or get Shen, or PIAVA what you really want, or ask yourself what color is the wallpaper.  There is a Locus of Energy that is You.  Where is it?  Is it lost in the flashback?  Is it outside of the flashback looking in?

Taking responsibility to Change these places where we get stuck and there’s no exit is what Pi’s post-2012 Earth is all about.  The Juno T-Square goes on for several weeks.  Remember all those Grand Sextiles?  Weren’t they great?  How soon we forget, eh?

Well, we get a break on October 15.  Three Grand Trines (Bigtime Grace), one after the other with a little overlap, lasting almost all day.  Enjoy!

  • From around 8am PDT to about 4pm PDT, the Moon (Manifestation) Trines Lilith (Self-Determination) which in turn Trines Saturn (the Most Important Thing), which of course in turn Trines the Moon – that’s what a Grand Trine is, a merry-go-round of Third-Harmonic, Love with Wisdom, Effortless, Dumb Luck Energy.  Moon-Lilith-Saturn means we should easily be able to tune into Guidance; it’ll be Instinctual.
  • Then from about 1pm PDT to about 8pm PDT, Mercury (Communication) replaces Saturn.  Don’t be surprised if there is someone you suddenly need to talk to.  Or several someones.
  • And from around 7pm PDT till midnight (12 am PDT October 16), Jupiter (Expansion) replaces Lilith.  Moon-Mercury-Jupiter; time to start talking a lot about what we Want, rather than what we endure.  Talking about what we Want is like bulldozing a roadbed; we enlist Other People to help Witness the drama.  When next you meet they won’t ask, How are you doing with that nasty Karma you’ve been carrying around?  They’ll ask, How’s progress on that exciting project you were telling me about? instead.

By October 16 we’re back in the slog.  After October 16, the Ceres Mjolnir fades, then after October 17, the Venus-South Node Trine (Bonus Gift) goes away.  The Ceres Mjolnir (with the Juno-South Node Square) is a fabulous opportunity to blow away that Karma once and for all!  Don’t waste it!

If you were “lucky” enough to be in the dumps on October 14, and you can Witness the difference between October 14 and October 15, you can see clearly how we so easily slump into our Karmic ruts, and how to Take Responsibility for that self-sabotage.  It’s a gift that could keep on giving into Eternity, if you play it right!  Just in case you need to be reminded, “Taking Responsibility” doesn’t mean Taking the Blame, it means you’re Able to Respond.

There are a couple more Windows of Grace later in the Month – a Grand Sextile and Juno Diamond Star on October 23-24, and a Chiron Kite (Grand Trine with an outrigger) October 26-November 2.

I used to think Juno signified what we Deny, but at least for youngsters, it’s clear that it now symbolizes what’s coming into Consciousness.  Both Malala Yousafzai and Edward Snowden were born with Pallas-Juno-Eris T-Squares.  Eris to reveal what’s being Denied, Juno to insist that it be acknowledged, and Pallas to say This has gone far enough!  Malala’s T-Square is part of a far more complex Configuration, including Juno Conjunct Sun – she embodies Juno.  Look what you’re doing, Dumbo! appears to be Juno’s message in the Age of Eris.

That’s certainly the October 14-15 message about self-sabotage, precisely about

  No longer lending our Energy to that which we wish to be free from

as Jewel puts it.  With Juno back into prominence, Malala’s touring the US and brave enough to attempt to educate Obomba about basic common sense (killing innocents makes people mad – Duh!), while Snowden’s recently appeared above ground in Moscow, as have his new revelations about how the NSA hacks your Address Book.

A crystal of blue Celestite, or Celestine – Strontium Sulfate.  Strontium is Calcium’s big brother.  Calcium creates Structure that supports but constrains; Strontium creates Structure that celebrates flexibility.


Abandonment and Portal 10.12

October 10, 2013


Discover Magazine doesn’t put their current issue on the Internet, so I can’t link to it, but there’s an article in it about a dude who has success healing OCD.  His four-step method should make progress with Abandonment too.  Not that it does the job overnight; it takes some time, attention, and work.  The Discover issue also has a nice spread on ISON, and an interesting article on research into what used to be called “MCS.”


It’s only one of an infinite number of ways to split the Universe, but we can divide and conquer many of our negative feelings by labeling them Our Abandonment (Don’t leave me!) and Our Suffocation (Don’t touch me, don’t talk to me every again!).  “Relabeling” is the first step in Jeffrey Schwartz’s process; in his OCD folks, it goes from I’m crazy to There goes my OCD again!  With Abandonment it goes from I’ll never make it! to There goes my Abandonment again!  It goes from Me to Mine, and that’s important.  Witnessing our Emotions with our Intellect.

Now, Abandonment is afoot for real, believe me.  Walk in to any room full of people, and every Abandonment feeling you’ve ever experienced will light up like it was brand fresh, at least in the USofA.  And nobody’s making it up – approximately 99.999999% of the people in the US are being Abandoned in the Present Moment, in a serious way, and there’s a serious threat to the rest of the Planet as well.  Their Livelihood is threatened, and Livelihood is almost universally aligned with Identity.  So we’re surrounded by Ego Death, and it feels horrible.

So are we making light of this, just relabeling Abandonment?  It’s not just Feelings that we’re talking about.  It’s real!  But if we allow ourselves to regress to our early Abandonment, we lose all of the skills that we learned in the interim.  If we can push ourselves into the Present Moment, we’ll still be Abandoned in the Real World, but we’ll have our full skill set to respond to it.

I’ve been pulling out all the stops to embrace my own Abandonment.  I dreamed a few days ago about a huge airliner tossed like a leaf in a storm and slamming into the ground a few yards away from me.  I Tapped for 90 minutes after waking up yesterday morning to get clear enough to know what to do with myself.  When I drove onto a ferry full of people later in the day, it took me ten minutes of vigorous Tapping to work myself out of terror.  When I get really lost in Emotions I can’t put into perspective or plan amends for, I resort to looking up my Transits – which planets in the Sky are messing with my natal planets?  That always works.  This time, no new information there.

When there’s a storm of Emotion, if you have any degree of Sensitivity, it feels like we’ve lost healthy control over our Lives.  When there’s a storm of Abandonment, it’s particularly nasty.  Snowden is creating storms of Suffocation, and they aren’t nearly so bleak as the Abandonment storm – even though they’re just as Real and may be a bigger threat to our Identity and Safety in the long run.  It’s a standard pychic “rule” that you can’t clear other people’s Feelings.

But you can get your buns into the Present Moment.

That’ll allow you to bring your full adult skills with you when you do face whatever rug is being pulled out from under you.

So first we Relabel – Yes, I feel terrified, but how much of that is a response to a real threat, and how much of it is My Abandonment?  We’ve already stepped outside of the terror; it may not be abated yet, but now we’re looking at it instead of being it.


The second step is to Re-attribute.  Initially I attributed my terror to some threat to my continued existence.  But knowing that I carry around with me a carpetbag of Abandonment, I know that I need to look to see how much of my Emotion is attributed to my Baggage.  I don’t want to respond to my Baggage, I want to respond to the Present Moment.  There’s a real threat in the Present Moment for many people, and it’ll be surprising if it doesn’t extend to me.  But responses to my Unfinished Business would just make things more entangled and complex.

The Reattribution step is an analytical one.  Differentiating the various sources of my Abandonment, and responding to each part appropriately.


The third step is Refocus.  In the current situation, after we’d separated the Present Moment from our Regression, we’d Refocus from all those negative Failure messages we got as a child, to whatever real Present Moment threats are upon us, or upon our Community, and how we might respond to them.

In a long-term effort to heal our Abandonment we’d train ourselves, through gentle and loving practice, to Refocus from “running scared” – continuing our everyday Lives but with a thick layer of Anxiety, to “sitting still” – Tapping out the overwhelming segments of the Emotions, recognizing the voices that are telling us we’re inadequate, identifying our approximate age when we received those messages, empathizing with our Historical Child as if they were a lost child we encountered in the park (You poor Sweetheart, you’re probably scared; let me help you find your way home), differentiating what’s really going on in the Present Moment, and PIAVAing or Planning a Healing response to it.

Humpty Dumpty is your Identity.  Once it’s broken, all the King’s men can’t put it back together again.  If you try to continue to function when your Shell is broken, you’re just going to egg everything.  When your Shell is broken, you have to STOP and devote your full Attention to pasting it back together.  While all the King’s men couldn’t do that, you can, by stepping outside and Witnessing your discombobulation.


The fourth step in Dr. Schwartz’s regimen is to Revalue our priorities – kind of the Saturn stage (looking for the most important thing).  In the current moment, in our terror, our Values are on our Survival and our Ego.  What does it mean if we Fail to keep our family Safe?  What does that say about us?  Is that Shame we’re feeling?  We’re focusing on the inventory of all the Valuable things we stand to lose.

But what’s anyone’s most scarce, most Valuable commodity?  Their Attention.  There are real threats here, we can’t afford to waste our Attention on Shame and Feelings of Failure.  But that’s precisely what we need to do, efficiently, so we can move on to addressing the real threats.  To do that efficiently, we Relabel, Re-attribute, Refocus, and then once we’ve differentiated Reality from Regression, we set aside our Valuing of Pride (the Shame) and Success (the Failure), and shift our Valuing to Responding to the Real Threats.

In a long-term program to Revalue our Abandonment process, where there may not be real threats (if we ever get back to that place again), we’d Value our ability to differentiate the various sources of our Abandonment, and our ability to respond to each appropriately.

It turns out that we are in fact engaged in a long-term program to Relabel, Re-attribute, Refocus, and Revalue our Unfinished Business, as starting this week, Juno again Squares the Nodes. 

In Dr. Schwartz’s OCD crew, their OCD was identified in brain scans that clearly showed how various parts of their brains were acting differently than the brains of those without OCD.  And after a period of time working with his four R’s, their brain scans looked a lot more like someone without OCD.

Juno and the Nodes

When a planet Retrogrades it often makes multiple Angles with another planet.  Juno first Squared the Nodes during most of May 2013.  Then at the Ides of June, it stopped and turned around.  It made a Retrograde Square to the Nodes from mid-July to mid-August.  Then in late September it turned Direct again.  It Squares the Nodes for the third time from now until November 7.

When an Angle repeats thrice like this, we call the first event the “Can-Opener,” because it usually surprises us with some unexpected dilemma that we don’t offhand know how to deal with.  The second pass we call the “Exposition,” because the problem repeats, but this time at a more reasonable pace, and we have time to try out a few strategies for dealing with it.  The third visit is the “Confidence-Builder,” because now the problem recurs but we know what we’re doing, so we dispatch it efficiently.

Juno represents our Unconscious Identity (what makes us feel insulted?) and that which is coming into Consciousness.  Juno Squaring the Nodes means we’re discovering things about our Excess Baggage that we didn’t know about (such as another layer of our Abandonment), and we’re discovering things about our Deepest Desires and what we came here to do.  So we’re in the Confidence-Builder stage of this process!

That gives us a much more fruitful perspective, because we can know that the next layer of our Abandonment could well be the last!  While the bottom-most layers may well be the hardest, we can expect that they won’t take nearly as long as most of the other layers have – simply because by now we’ve learned to be quite skillful at this process!  Even if you aren’t Conscious of how you’ve changed, you have changed.

Portal 10.12

We get a special gift on October 12, when the Moon crosses Juno and helps it Square the Nodes.  The Moon often triggers hardcopy events that reflect the underlying Energies, so while the Moon is on Juno it’s an excellent time to practice “sitting still” and taking Dr. Schwartz’s four steps – especially if there are, for better or worse, real-world events during the Portal – which using three degrees of Sensitivity runs from about 1pm PDT October 12 to 2am PDT October 13.

We get a lot of help through this Portal.  The Chiron-Pluto Bridge that we talked about earlier is still there, and now it’s offering an alternative path to the Juno Square.  You couldn’t ask for better help than Chiron and Pluto!

P10.12Look at Venus making a Quincunx (green) to the South Node and a Sextile (blue) to Juno, forming a Challenge-Curiosity-Grace (red-green-blue) loop from Juno to South Node to Venus.  That boils down to

  1. Whoa, something’s hassling me! (Challenge from Baggage)
  2. I wonder how I can Walk in Beauty with That?!? (Curiosity: Venus)
  3. Oh, I get it! (Grace – Coming into Consciousness)

Especially when the Ceres (making it permanent) Mjolnir (Insight) across the same Juno-South Node Square is still there (till the 16th).  The same Insight that’s embedded in #3 above, but from a different source.  The purple lines in the Mjolnir are three-eighths of the way around the Zodiac – the Eighth Harmonic is about Realignment, and the Third Harmonic is Love with Wisdom.  Another benefic!

And finally, Uranus makes a Quincunx to the North Node:

I’m used to thinking of Desire as mundane or even profane, but I wonder how my Soul Self is reflected in my Deepest Desires?!?

Which turns out to be a very deep question, one that, when answered fully, reveals why Self-Love is the key to Ascension.  It’s not drawn in, but there’s a nice Trine (Grace) between Uranus (Yintegrity) and Venus (Walking in Beauty).  Yes, Yintegrity and Walking in Beauty are from the same family, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be Conflict between them.  So a Trine between them is doubly beneficial.

Rose Quartz and Self-Love are twins.


August 11, 2013

Someone has drawn for us a sample Juno-Nodes T-Square journey for us!  Go to

and just keep on scrolling down…

Upper Limits

July 30, 2013

Not sure he invented it, be probably did, but I first heard about Upper Limits from Gay Hendricks.  It’s when things are better than we’re used to, and we freak out in very subtle ways and sabotage ourself so we can get back to what we’re used to.  It’s definitely like that when you blow away Karma and your old Limitations aren’t there any more.  Kinda scary, actually.  You have to be Conscious of it, look for it, Breathe, purposely Rest, Ground yourself, and ease into it.

Our whole world doesn’t have to fall apart in order for us to see what we’re doing in there [in our customary state of Consciousness].  We are constantly trying to hold it all together.  If you really want to see why you do things, then don’t do them and see what happens.  Let’s say you’re a smoker.  If you decide to stop smoking you quickly confront the urges that cause you to smoke  These urges are the reason you smoke.  They are the outermost layer of cause.  If you can sit through these urges, you will see what caused them.  If you can get comfortable with what you see, you will face the next layer of causation, and so on, layer upon layer. …

If you want to see why you care so much about what you wear and what your hair is like, then just don’t do it one day.  Wake up in the morning and go somewhere disheveled with your hair a mess, and see what happens to the energies inside of you.  See what happens to you when you don’t do the things that make you comfortable.  What you’ll see is why you’re doing them.”

Michael Singer, the untethered soul: the journey beyond yourself, p.121.

This is the kind of thing Uranus and Eris do for lunch.  It’s exhilarating, an amazing feeling, to feel our “fate” shift – you can actually see your Future changing, like a chimera on a desert highway.  But most of the time we act as if we’d rather live with the Demons we know than the Grace we crave.  We have to do some serious PIAVAing to reorient ourselves – but hey, Chiron’s part of the Grand Sextile – Magic is afoot!

Monday’s Child

July 28, 2013

Anybody born this coming week is going to have one hellofa Mandala for a birth chart.  It looks like the cover of Be Here Now

GSexIt’s busy, but the remarkable – and positive – thing about it is all the symmetry.  ALL of the planets are between 6 and 18 degrees, so Monday’s Child (and Tuesday’s, etc, through Friday) will start life with a Grand Sextile, a Grand Cross, two Grand Trines, an extra T-Square, a Diamond Star, three Golden Rectangles, six Pythagorean Triangles, seven French Hens, and a Yod to their Sun-Vesta-Ceres Conjunction!  These folks will Change the World.

Well, ALL of the planets except Eris, but then, we knew she wouldn’t be invited to the party, didn’t we.

You use a wider Orb (fudge factor) for a birth chart than for our usual view of current events.  The week will be a Portal for us Already-borns anyway, but it takes a four-degree Orb to make the Grand Sextile, and really three degrees (or even one) is more appropriate for most of us most of the time.  Of course, if you measured four degrees or more when you measured your Sensitivity a while back, you’ll be changing the World too.

And if your birthday is coming up, then this will be your Solar Return chart, and you’re going to have one hellofa year, Changing the World!  The Solar Return chart, drawn for the moment when the Sun returns to where it was when you were born, is a picture of what your year (birthday-to-birthday) will be like.  The chart suggests that if you’ve been contemplating doing something entirely different, or taking a whole new approach to what you’ve been doing, or Changing the World, this year is the time to get it started.

And of course, if you’ve been hesitating because your new course might trigger dischord, well, everything World-Changing does, doesn’t it.  Imagine how much dischord followed Gandhi around!

For the rest of us peasants, the main change from what’s been going on for a while now, is that Vesta is replacing Ceres in the Juno-Nodes Grand Cross.  We’ll talk about that.

But y’know, we all will be living under this chart this week, and anything we begin this week will be graced by it.  If you’ve been contemplating doing something entirely different, or taking a whole new approach to what you’ve already been doing, or Changing the World, this week is the time to get it started.  If you’ve been hesitating because your new course might trigger dischord, imagine how much dischord followed Gandhi around!

In simple terms, red represents Stress, blue Grace, and green Curiosity.  The lines symbolize different Angles between the planets, and different Angles represent different ways the planets’ Energies combine.  We can experience Stress as Anxiety, Motivation, Frustration, or Excitement, and it’s our response to the Stress that determines the quality of our experience, along with the support we Ask for and receive.  Blue and green lines help mitigate the Stress and lean it toward Motivation and Excitement, or at least Confidence, or the sense that the Challenges are not overwhelming.  The important thing is Balance, and this chart exudes Balance.

And then there’s Yintegrity.  With Uranus Squaring Pluto and Lilith acting out, Yintegrity‘s been in the spotlight for a while.  In this World-Changer chart, Uranus has its own T-Square with Mars and Pluto (Compulsion to Act, consequences mopped up later), and – with birth-chart Orb – Lilith joins Mars in the Square to Uranus (Burn, Chauvinist, Burn!).  With current-event Orb, Lilith is “only” conjunct Pallas and Jupiter (expanding our Self and in the process strengthening our Boundaries) – that is, lit up in her own right.  In our Ouija-Board World, Yintegrity attracts Grace and Synchronicity.  Like Gandhi, when we’re in Yintegrity, Grace eases Dischord.  It’s only castles burning anyway.

The Grand Sextile

How often do we see a Grand Sextile?  Once a decade, once in two decades?  Three, four?  They don’t happen every day.  The Sextile, a Sixth-Harmonic or two-Sign Angle between two planets, represents Creative Grace – outcomes are fortuitous and processes flow smoothly, but only if the Humans involved show a little initiative.  A Trine is just dumb luck; a Sextile is about Guidance.  A Grand Sextile is six Sextiles end to end in a hexagram or Star of David, circling the entire Zodiac.  In this one, the largest Orb (slop) is three-and-a-third degrees, between Chiron and Pluto.  A little farther than the sort of Orb that polite company likes to see, but we’re among friends.

You can see from the blue lines in the picture that a Grand Sextile implies two mutually complementing Grand Trines, three rotating Mystic or Golden Rectangles, and three (red) Oppositions – that is, in general, everyone is agreeable and on the same page.  They’re Sextiles, so there’s some Operator Initiative involved, it doesn’t happen on its own.  But the Operator Initiative is greatly leveraged.  While the Oppositions are red as in Stress, it’s Stress only to the Intellect, as the Opposition signifies Contradiction to the Intellect, but Awareness through Contradistinction to the Observer.

When you divide the twelve Signs into two groups by alternating Signs, you get six Yang Signs and six Yin Signs, so a Grand Sextile is either Yang or Yin.  This one – as you’d expect considering the times – is Yin.  That means your Initiative happens by PIAVA more than Plan-and-Do.  You PIAVA an outcome or a tool, then respond to what you’re given.  You adapt as you go, tacking toward your objective, rather than forcing your Will on the Universe in a straight line.  This is fortunate, because in a World so far from any kind of consensus, a Yang Grand Sextile could easily produce War.

What’s the Yin bottom line?  Collaboration, Cooperation, Community.  So we PIAVA Collaborative movement toward what we Desire, and Community that supports our Desire.  The essence of the Sixth Harmonic is Collaboration and Partnership.

In the Intellectual Yang approach to Life, the Goal is predefined, and the proposed path to it established, before the effort begins.  In the Spiritual Yang approach, the Goal is clear to the Seer who can define the steps along the way, but the End Point can’t be put into words because it exists only in a future time that hasn’t been Co-Created yet.  In the Intuitive or Instinctual Yin approach, the Desired Outcome is approximate and refined at each step along the way, with much zigzagging and some backtracking.  In the Emotional Yin approach, the Outcome is unknown, but there is a clear perception of whether a given step has been successful.

The Grand Cross

By now we’re pretty accustomed to the Juno-Nodes T-Square – which symbolizes shifts in the Ground beneath us, as Juno represents our Shadow, and the Nodes stand for our Desires and Permissions.  Whoa!  New material?  Well, the more perspectives, the better, eh?

Juno stands for our Unconscious Identity, and much of that is our “Shadow,” or the parts of ourselves that we don’t have permission to express.  The North Node signals our Mission – and how does our Mission manifest?  Desire.  Probably not what your mom taught, but there it is – get used to it.  Our Karma sits at the South Node, and what is Karma but a lack of Permission to pursue our Desires?

Our Shadow gets its Energy from Desires that we’ve been told are not socially acceptable.  So we may have experienced the Juno T-Square, which has been going on since May and will continue through October, as eruptions of our Shadow – our Evil Twin sneaking around or, if we keep our several Selves on a short leash, wanting to get out more.  Nothing we aren’t used to, as we’ve been doing this dance all our Life.  Just more pronounced this year.  I mean after all, Time bailed on us, why haven’t our Shoulds retired as well?

It’s not like we haven’t had help – at the moment both Chiron (Miracles) and Mars (Action) are Trining (Grace) the North Node.  But the Nodes require Work for a reason; if we were gifted with permission to pursue all of our Desires, we’d take it for granted.  When we earn our right to our Desires, no one can take it away from us.  The downsides of Chiron and Mars are Despair and Blame: It’s impossible, I’ll never have what I want! and It’s their fault!  Usually it’s our programmers’ fault, but often we use a scapegoat; we were taught to merge with our programmers, so blaming them is blaming ourselves, which of course can lead to Despair.  Of course not all Karma/Patterns have their origins in the current lifetime, and even those that do are mere Shadows of their former-lifetime selves.

The reframing (Chiron) that gets you out of the dilemma of the Nodes, is the realization that your Desire, and what you were taught was naughty, are two very different things.  To make it easier to talk about, let’s label what-we-were-taught-was-naughty as My Problem.  My Problem is one manifestation of our Desire, but not the only one, and by no means the most important one!  When we imagine doing My Problem, what do we gain?  Excitement?  Relaxation?  Power?  Freedom?  Pleasure?  Let’s call that My Reward.  Now imagine, or PIAVA, having My Reward without having My Problem.

It could be flipped – maybe our Desire is really Community or Acceptance, and My Problem prevents us from having that.  We could imagine or PIAVA a Community where My Problem is standard fare.  It’s unlikely that we have many Desires that aren’t normal Human Desires, so that’s not far-fetched.  And when we imagine doing My Problem, what do we lose?  Prestige?  Acceptance?  Sustenance?  Freedom?  Power?  Imagine having that and having My Problem.

What we’re getting at is that there’s a zillion ways to manifest the Desire that lies underneath My Problem without manifesting the downsides that we believe My Problem will create.  We just need to do some excavating to find where our Desire and My Problem diverge, some renegotiating between various of our Selves, some retraining for our Evil Twin, and some reframing of our expectations.  All doable.

The Stations of the Cross

What about the fourth corner of the Grand Cross?

Ceres has been there since mid-July, but now the Guard is Changing, Ceres is moving on to bigger and better things, and Vesta is taking a shift.  Ceres has been Opposing Juno.  Ceres stands in for Sustainability and Sustenance, and Oppositions are about Awareness.  So if we’ve been Awake, we’ve probably been noticing some of our own self-sabotage tendencies over the last few weeks – and noticing how easy it suddenly is to change them!

Now for the next lesson – a Vesta-Juno Opposition for the next  week-and-a-half, along with Mars and the Sun, with Jupiter not so far behind.  Busy busy.  Vesta represents that which is Sacred to us, that which we must have if we are to survive and thrive.  So we get down to some Desires that aren’t optional.  We can put off some repressions for only so long, till they burst through into topside Life, and we just have to adjust everything else to make room for them.  Sometimes All you can do is thank the razor / For the fineness of the slash, as Bruce Cockburn so eloquently put it.

By the way, the Juno-Nodes Square is exact this week, but as Juno is Retrograde, it’s the second occurrence of this Angle.  That would make this occurrence resemble a peek behind the curtain at the little man who’s pulling our strings, which is to say, a peek at the past-life self and/or the childhood experiences or vows where the self-sabotaging Patterns were set.  The first occurrence of the Square, where the original thesis would have snuck up on us, was May 11.  If you have a journal, you can pull your own curtain back early.

We can also query the overall Juno-Node Cycle; this is the Waxing Square to the North Node, or the time when the Energy of the current Cycle “becomes permanent.”  The Initiation occurred in mid-September 2012 at 30 Scorpio, “Children in Halloween costumes indulge in various pranks.”  Rudhyar’s view is “The periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still-immature energies” – which relates directly to our Repatterning of our self-sabotaging repression of our Desire.  Halloween is Samhain, the very position of the North Node in the Grand Cross!  Reverse double entendres like this make us sit up and take notice.

A double entendre is when an idiom has dual meaning.  By “reverse double entendre” we mean two idioms (astrological indications) with the same meaning.

The make-or-break Challenge represented by Samhain is Defying Death, and the essence of our new Grand Crosser Vesta is that which we would Live or Die for.  Reverse triple entendre!  And of course Life is continuously in Transformation, and the only real Death is Ego Death.  And it’s Ego Death, in the form of intolerable Emotions and unacceptable Identities, that guards our Karma and keeps it locked in the box.

One of the reasons it’s hard to reintegrate our banished Desires is that they’re stuck at the maturity level of the age at which they were repressed.  Say we have a Secret Need to be a Leader, but at age seven we were shamed by bullies into believing we didn’t have what it takes (which reinforced that past life where we Led our Village into disaster).  Now, when we try to Lead, we’ll do it like a seven-year-old would!  Likely with more embarrassment to add to the original shaming and regrets.  So we rebel against Following instead, which helps our Secret Need not a whit.

But Rudhyar misses an important point.  Most current Cultures regard a great many powerful Energies as “immature” because the Cultures are still trying to ban the Energies from polite society!  It’s not immaturity, it’s Limiting Beliefs.  Mainstream American Culture doesn’t even believe in Faeries, for example!  Western civilization has still not recovered respect for Intuition and the Natural World from the Inquisitions where the Groves and the “Witches” were burned.  In male-dominated realms like business, feminine ways are Shamed as immature.  When a woman sets a Boundary it must be because she’s a “bitch.”

We don’t need to abandon our repressed Desires because they’re childish – we need to embrace our repressed Desires because they usually embody exactly what the World needs to bring it back into Balance!

We come back to the Uranian message that the World is a gigantic jigsaw puzzle that cannot be put together while any one of the pieces is masquerading as a different piece!  Which is precisely the Spiritual function of visiting this Planet, to experience the consequences of inauthenticity.



Astrophyllite represents the jigsaw puzzle – making sense out of very large amounts of information.  Not only is the Planet’s Deliverance a jigsaw of Authenticity, but our own Mission is as well.  As without, so within – it’s all Mirrors.  Because it exists in a dimension beyond the Intellectual and the Emotional, our Mission can only be sought by the Spiritual Yang or the Intuitive/Instinctual Yin approach.  It’s a complex Silicate Hydroxide of Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Manganese, and Titanium.  Potassium and Sodium must be in Balance for the body to thrive.  Iron relates the Individual to the Earth.  Potassium, Manganese, Titanium, and Silicon all in different ways promote Community, Clarity, Healing, and Liberation from Limitations.

Eris and Her Golden Apple

As the only outlier, at 23 degrees, Eris becomes the Elephant in the subplot.  Lord knows it’s dangerous to not invite Eris to a party.  The only above-board Angles Eris makes are a

  • Square to Mercury (it’s Challenging figuring out how much to expose and how to phrase your exposé) and a
  • Trine to Ceres (which is a gift, because it means we can say it without having to give up our meal ticket).

But she makes

  • Septile Angles to the Sun, Neptune, and Pluto (wait for exactly the right time to say it!) and
  • Quintile Angles to Pallas-Lilith-Jupiter and to Juno (if you can’t be honest with them, it’s not your Tribe).

In other words, it’s Authenticity that rules the roost here, not Political Correctness.  It’s not about criticizing others, it’s about speaking up about Denial, and even more so it’s about confronting our own self-sabotage.  If we’re going to Change the World, we have to speak our Truth.  Not once, but a million times.  Everybody, us included, knows what they’re Denying, they see their Evil Twin every day.  If they hear three people talking about My Problem, they’ll turn away.  But if they hear thirty people talking about it, suddenly they no longer feel the need to hide.  When the Denial is about environmental destruction or feudalism or fascism, that’s World-Changing.