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The Yods Are Good

July 29, 2011

Elizabeth says,

“Hey Jim; Could this have had anything to do with two extroarodinary yods in effect this week – the one involving Venus in 1 Leo, Juno in 1 Libra, with Neptune in 1 Pisces at the apex; and then Sun at the apex of another yod involving a sextile between Pluto and Chiron? Also the upcoming new moon is involved in yet another yod, and also Juno in 1 Libra opposed Ceres just after its retrograde station in 1 Aries. That’s a lot of planets in the first degrees of signs at the same time making a lot of interesting aspects!”

A “Yod” is what we usually call a “Finger of God,” a configuration consisting of three planets – two planets that are two signs apart, each five signs from the third planet, making a long narrow triangle, or, if you draw lines from the center of the chart to each planet, a “Y” or “Yod.”

Five signs make a “Quincunx” – that lovely planetary relationship that’s about Curiosity.  So a Finger of God or Yod is a fabulous configuration, signifying openings to completely new perspectives that can be extremely healing.  Remember what Einstein said – you can’t solve a problem using the same thinking that formulated the problem.  So Yods have the potential to make “problems” go away in a twinkling – Magic Is Afoot, in other words, when we locate our Curiosity!

Day 5 Starts Tomorrow

July 29, 2011

Dunno about you, but I’ll be glad when Day 5 gets here on July 30 – in fact, I wouldn’t mind if it arrived a little early.  We move from being ruled by the God of Rain & War, to the Lord of the Light.

And the Moon-Uranus-Pluto times we listed in Orb would be very useful, if I was paying attention.  Now I see that yesterday was onea those days.  Dunno if Ida done anything differently, but I sure wasn’t in tune with myself.  Don’t have time for details right now, but I’m obviously going to have to explore that, cuz it means that Change is changing faster than I am, and I need to catch up.  Much of the issue was about being Out of Time.

Impotent People

July 26, 2011

Well, I did complain, and got serious apologies, and a new link,

which does work, though I haven’t been able to get back to Monday’s session.  They did say that they’d leave Monday’s session on for a week instead of two days, just not sure how to get there.

The Not-So-Important People

July 25, 2011

Well, if you had better luck than I, fantastic, but when I try to follow the instructions for accessing the first day of the All the Important People series, all I get is SELL SELL SELL from Lynne – again.  So, my apologies if I’ve sent you on a cul de sac.


All the Important People

July 21, 2011

Quartz is the matrix that is the basic model that rocks follow.  Look through a microscope at a teaspoon of Sand from your favorite Beach, and what you’ll see is a sparkling forest of tiny Quartz crystals.  It’s what’s left when everything else has decayed around it, just the essence of Rock Energy.  It’s the perfect metaphor for intuition and intelligence – it casts a shadow, but with alotta Light getting through.  Each of our mitochondria has a direct connection to all of the Energy and Wisdom in the Universe, through the Zero Point Field.  But Emotional Holding and Toxic Chemistry can cloud this window, so less Light gets through.  We could go on for months about the symbolism of the Rose – this is Rose Quartz.  Suffice it to say that it means magnetism – the ability to draw to us that which we need.

Here’s an email I got today from Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks…

Marianne Williamson, Jack Canfield, Steven Covey, Michael Beckwith along with 18 other contributors – and your host, Lynne McTaggart – invite you to join them in creating a better country, a better world.

More than at any time, most feel that life isn’t fair.

People are losing their homes – while the mortgage brokers are back making massive bonuses

People are losing their jobs – while manufacturers set up shop in other parts of the world

People are losing social benefits, and are paying higher taxes – while those who created the financial mess, the bankers, are creaming off vast profits for themselves.

We know there has to be a better way – but what?  And what would it look like?

Some of the world’s foremost thought leaders are getting together for a very special summit to help shape a new blueprint for change, for a better, fairer world.

Through The Fairness Campaign Summit you will have the chance to explore with these speakers, experiencing their insights practices, techniques and tactics. They will be showing you how to apply this important information to activate in your life RIGHT NOW…

We have Jack Canfield, Steven Covey and Ivan Misner discussing fairness from the perspective of Business.

Marianne Williamson and Michael Bernard Beckwith will be offering their perceptions on Spirituality.

Barbara Marx Hubbbard will be discussing the future of evolution, Jean Houston conversing on our country, with Janet Attwood on passion, and us, Gay and Katie Hendricks, providing insights on relationships.

Arjuna Ardagh, Hale Dwoskin, Paul Scheele, Marci Shimoff, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Eric Pearl, David Gruder, Bobbi De Porter, James O’Dea and Don Beck will be pitching in on topics of divine purpose, human genius, happiness, healing, woman, children and peace, all around the theme of fairness.

Hosting these special 21 days is best-selling author Lynne McTaggart, whose very latest book, The Bond, is setting the agenda for this change.

Lynne – and all her special guests – want you to join them at no charge, for this series of shows and classes that is setting itself the ambition of nothing less than a new and fairer world.

They all believe that YOU have a unique and important role to play in the major changes that are taking place right now on our planet and in human evolution.

What matters is not the isolated entity, but the space between things, the relationship of things — The Bond.

Ifya want, you can register for the free 21-day adventure at

Now, Lynne still thinks she’s in the 1950s, so as soon as you register you’ll be hit by an overwhelming barrage of advertisements for her stuff.  Not that her stuff ain’t good – her books are World-Changing – and we need to focus on her generosity in hosting the free assembly of All the Important People.  But it’s a task to try to thread your way through her internet equivalent of TV yelling at us.  She hasn’t figured out yet that we don’t have any of the money anymore cuz the Bankers and the Koch Brothers are taking it all, so she still thinks she has to yell a lot to maintain her own lifestyle.

But once you register, unless yer curious, you can just ignore the barrage, as the email you’ll get from Jennifer McLean a few minutes later will tell you all ya needs to know.  It works like the Tapping World Summit – they release an audio file every day, which remains available for 48 hours, then disappears.  You can choose to listen or no to each one, and if ya like ’em, you can buy a copy later.

When you’re working with Lynne, be careful what you ask for, cuz ya might get it.  As I’ve mentioned before, she once led a worldwide campaign to focus Attention on ending a civil war, and it worked.  The majority simply massacred the minority, and presto, no more civil war.  I recommend that one never PIAVA (pray/intend/ask/visualize/affirm) without also PIAVAing a loving and gentle release and a loving and gentle outcome.  It’s dangerous to ask for “Fair” (as All the Important People are doing with this adventure), because Justice is usually spelled JustUs – the losers don’t write the history books.

But “Fair” is definitely a worthwhile concept to explore within yourself.  Are we genuinely Neutral, or is there some Anger or Revenge lurking beneath the surface?  There may be some tappable histories there.  Remember that nothing changes until you can accept it exactly as it is, without rancor of any sort.  It’s counter-intuitive, but when yer Neutral, things usually change on their own, magnetically, and if they don’t, Neutrality makes them lot easier to work on.  Without Neutrality, you are unconsciously holding the current Reality in place.  For the sake of the rest of us, we all need to let that go!

And to be clear, Lynne’s books (The Field, The Intention Experiment, The Bond) are fabulous.  They are lucid introductions to a World behind the curtain that most of us would hardly ever encounter, but a World which is absolutely full of levers and switches to change the one we live in.  Next, Lynne needs to write a book on the the Ego and the Unconscious; she’s a good student and a great writer, and the wisdom that Alan Watts and Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce and Jose Silva and Shakti Gawain and Stephen Levine and Fritz Perls and Starhawk provide would fill the hole in her work so far.


July 21, 2011

Here’s where the US is headed.  And here’s a concise description of why the US is headed there.  Did we mention that the dollar you saved in 2001 is now worth 20 cents?

So let’s look at what Uranus Square Pluto means.  Pluto represents TransformationTrance Formation.  Pluto is the Long Wave, the eons of history that are long enough to make us think that this is just the way it is.  Till it ain’t anymore, and a new Trance Forms.  The 1950s Trance was painted by Liberace and Norman Rockwell, aka Norma..ll.  Neil Young painted the 1960s.  To the folks with big investments in Norma.ll, the 1960s were Evil, Chaos.  To the Young, the 1960s were a big exciting change from dad’s soulless job at the insurance company, even after dad took the T-Bird away.

We been living in a version of the 1950s, courtesy of Alan Greenspan’s and The Ben Bernank’s easy money.  And now we’re moving rapidly back into Evil, Chaos.  What were the Big Exciting Opportunities of the 1960s?  You could become a Rock Star, maybe, without even having to move to Nashville.  You could become an Engineer, and go to the Moon.  You could trip out so far that you never got back to know that you left.  The 1960s exploded with Opportunity, if you went to San Francisco and wore flowers in your hair.  If it feels like the Teens are Evil, Chaos, Scary, then you’re stuck in The Ben Bernank’s Bubble Machine.  The Opportunities are there.  What are they?

Then there’s the Square part – the Fourth Harmonic.  Four is about Dominion.  That’s Mastery, but through Challenge.  There is no room for perfectionism in the Fourth Harmonic; the field is too complex for tidy solutions.  The only success is through satisficing – making things tolerable, while continuing to try to tidy up the loose ends and stanch the bleeding.  If it grows Corn, you win.  Don’t worry about the size of the ears or the color of the kernels, or whether it’s ripe on time, or whether the Raccoons got there first and ate half of it.

Ah, yes, then there’s Uranus.  Uranus looks for all the World like Disruption when you’re in the 1950s Trance.  And looks for all the World like Integrity from the perspective of the 1960s Trance.  That’s one way to escape from Ben’s Bubble Machine – ask yourself, What is it that I’ve always wanted to do but never let myself do it?  Uranus doesn’t tolerate self-abandonment lightly.  Your Woodstock awaits, and there isn’t a lot of time left.


July 19, 2011

Bitterroot, or Lewisia, named after Merryweather Lewis of Lewis & Clark fame, gave it’s name to the Mountains that separate Montana from Idaho.  Well, actually the real Bitterroot flowers are often white; these are a showier close cousin.  Bitterroot is the Shoshone word for Dragon – the jewel-collecting fire-breather with roots deep in history.  The Violence and Plunder doesn’t end till the roots are cleared of their bitter taste.  It asks each of us to take Personal Responsibility for rooting out and clearing our hidden role in the Violence and Plunder.

Orb is the name that astrologers use to indicate “slop” or “margin of error” or “sphere of influence.”  When one planet crosses another, they’re typically “exact” – in the same place or the same longitude – for only a short period of time.  But the psychological and circumstantial effect of an astroevent normally last considerably longer.  Hence the concept of “Orb.”  If you’re looking at a “transit,” where one planet in real time crosses a specific angle to another planet, you expect the influence to last as long as the angle is within “Orb.”  Still sounds confusing to me, so let’s take an example.

For transits, one degree of Orb is often considered to be useful.  So, when we’re looking at the impending Square of Uranus to Pluto (ie, 2012, ie, the 60s Becoming Permanent), we expect to begin feeling the Energy of this event once Uranus gets within one degree of exactly squaring Pluto.  During the first week of August 2011, just after Day 5 of the Callemander (ruled by the Lord of the Light) begins, Uranus is one degree and one minute from squaring Pluto – that is, right on the edge of being “within Orb.”  In other words, it’s time to start looking for Uranus-Pluto effects, because these will become the major trend of 2012-2015 and beyond.

Uranus, recall, just turned Retrograde, so it’s traveling backwards very slowly as it accelerates.  Pluto is already Retrograde, and it’s slowing down in order to turn Direct in mid-September.  So after their week at 1 degree and 1 minute of Separation, they move further apart again.  By the end of 2011, they’re back to six and a half degrees apart, and they won’t be back “within 1 degree of Orb” of their Square until early June 2012.  So we’re getting some early hints about what we’re likely to encounter next (northern) summer (southern winter), when Uranus Energy hits the Pluto Fan.

The most obvious flack occurring currently, other than the demise of the Euro, is the whole Debt Ceiling Soap Opera.  Well, the same Soap Opera was actually a prominent part of the 60s, even though not many folks were talking about it then.  LBJ believed he could do both “Guns and Butter” – build his “Great Society” and bomb Vietnam back into the Stone Age at the same time.  We’re still under the domain of the God of War and Rain until July 31.

Dubya  and Obomba are really trying to do the same.  They both support a warped version of their own “Great Society” for a few – massive giveaways to Big Pharma (Dubya’s Medicare Part D) and to Big Bankers (Dubya’a and Obomba’s TARP) and to the Wealthy in general (their shared tax cuts for the rich), while greatly expanding their own overseas Empire-building adventures (Iraq and Afghanistan, and Spain and Ethiopia and Bohemia, er, I mean Libya, and Yemen, and …).  Like Paul Farrell points out, when you live in a country that has a near-monopoly on Hi-Tech Violence, War is the best jobs-creation and vote-getting machine there is.

Although the City Councils of many prominent cities, and the National Council of Mayors, have written to Obomba saying it’s time to get serious about throwing all that money at foreign wars when there is no money for shoelaces or Broccoli at home, the Corporate Media hasn’t given it an inch of airtime.  It’ll be interesting to see if the topic scratches the surface of the Newsosphere over the next few weeks.

It’s in Europe where the classic 60s battle is acting out, with the Greeks and other Mediterraneans playing the laissez-faire role of the Hippies, and the Germans and French playing the role of the Lawn Order end of things.  A parallel from the 60s would be the East German control freaks using the Berlin Wall to try to keep the laissez-faire Capitalists on the other side of town from polluting their socialist paradise.  Interesting that it’s a Physicist who grew up on the control side of the Wall leading the Northern European control vendetta against those lazy, er, I mean laissez-faire Mediterraneans.  Her French counterpart was born in Paris the year before the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, the son of an exiled Hungarian aristocrat father and a French-Greek mother.  Busy, busy, busy.

There are a number of times when the Moon triggers the budding Uranus-Pluto Energy.  These are great times to watch for events of relevance.  They include 5-9 pm PDT on July 20, 1-4 am PDT on July 28, 9am-noon PDT on August 3, and August 9-10 from 7am PDT on 8/9 till 10pm PDT on 8/10, when Mars joins the action.  On August 17 (when Uranus-Pluto is lit up from midnight-3am PDT), Night 5 of the Callemander begins.  Night 5 is ruled by the Lord of Darkness.

There’s an added rubbing of salt, or a window of opportunity for Consciousness, depending on yer perspective, on August 1-2, as Mercury (Awareness) is Standing Still (Strong), preparing to turn Retrograde at 9pm PDT on August 2.   Mercury remains Retro until August 26, spanning in the process 2 degrees of Virgo through 19 degrees of Leo.  This is basically the Aries Decanate (last third) of Leo, when Leo, by virtue of proving that their schtick is to promote others more than themselves, has earned the right to self-determination.  The cusp of Virgo, meanwhile, is the place where the Individual Ego begins to learn to Surrender to the Greater Will of the accumulated Other.

So there is some opportunity there for the Preachers to begin to learn to Listen.  Not easy to do while you’re drinking too much Tea, but the opportunity is there.  A few of those who are confusing the Fascist Agenda with the Popular Will might open their eyes here; the rest will probably (in the best of all possible Worlds, at least) step into the Political equivalent of concrete booties.

Bitterroot, recall, is the Shoshone word for Dragon – the jewel-collecting fire-breather with roots deep in history.  The Violence and Plunder doesn’t end till the roots are cleared of their bitter taste.  Bitterroot asks each of us to take Personal Responsibility for rooting out and clearing our hidden role in the Violence and Plunder.  The root has magical powers, and can stop a Bear from attacking.

Re-integrating Splits

July 11, 2011

Love them Living-Stone Daisies; amazing shades of color and design, on a Plant that’s barely there – that reddish bit on the right is the Plant.  Looka the way the two on the left are holding hands and interlacing their many tiny fingers.  Just saw Forks Over Knives – highly recommended!

Lots of us re-integrating Split-off parts of our Self, or too-frequent Walk-ins that wanna stay around for the Big Show.  There’s a coupla rules for doing this cleanly and easily.   We don’t even know many of our Partials, cuz they’re split off from us by a gulf of Shame, and if They was Us, there’s no way We could live with Us.  Ifya really wanna stretch yer limits, ask yer friends to tellya about yer Hidden Partials – even if you never slip up and let yer friends see any of them, yer friends can still see the places where someone is AWOL.

It’s precisely how these moral-preaching Congressdudes and others can get caught with their paws and other body parts in the wrong panties, cuz their two Partials are split off from one another.  “Multiple” is an official definition that allows yer shrink to bill yer insurance company, but we’re all Multiples, mostly in lesser ways than, for instance, the lady who had Cancer in One of her Multiples, and didn’t in the Others.  Gives ya ideas, though, eh?  It’s just about sliding a dimension boundary over a bit, so’s ya can slip through, like Owen after midnight.

It should be obvious we’re gonna have big problems with our personal pronouns when we start in on this Soul Retrieval stuff.  If They is Us, then who is We?  When a Partial that “we” (our everyday self) are ashamed of takes over, we become somebody else.  Often we ain’t even home, cuz we couldn’t stand ourself.  And when we come back home, we don’t allow any memory of that other Part – it’s simply too Shameful.  Shame is the most debilitating emotion there is, and for most of us, it was the tool that our parents and other programmers used to keep us doing what they wanted us to be doing.

But if what they wanted us to do conflicted with what we had to do, all we could do is split off a Partial.  We didn’t all come here to please Mum & Da, after all – more likely we “hired” Mum & Da to tell us we couldn’t do what we had to do, so we would never forget that we had to do it!  That’s tricky; you might wanna read it a coupla times…

More likely we “hired” Mum & Da to forbid us from doing what we had to do, so we would never forget that we had to do it!

Their Hell did slowly go by, so there’s little chance they will understand anything about that.

At any rate, there comes a time when yer Everday Partial meets yer Shamed-Off Partial.  Given where we are on the Callemander, it aint surprising that the time is a-coming for many of us.  Rule Number One is

Ya Gotta be Proactive!

Chances are, yer Shamed-Off Partial will carry less weight (ie, will have spent less time behind yer glasses) than yer Everyday Partial.  Yer Everyday Partial will be more grounded, more present, and have a more responsible, mature orientation toward Life, the Universe, and Everything, than yer Shamed-Off Partial (SOP), who will have only gotten the opportunity to come out and play on Full-Moon Nights.

So yer Everyday has to take Full Responsibility for being in charge of the re-integration process.

This is really important, cuz the gap in yer Everyday where yer SOP will be when yer integrated, has a hypercritical role to play in yer Mission.  Just as a frinstance, when yer SOP comes home, you’ll stop sabotaging yerself.

You might be ashamed of yer SOP, but that ain’t because yer SOP is bad, it’s because yer Everyday was taught to believe that yer SOP’s behavior was unacceptable.  So the first step in taking Full Responsibility is to commit to being only loving and gentle with yer SOP, and with yer (Everyday) Self while yer suffering through the Shame of re-integration.  That ain’t gonna be easy, cuz yer Everyday’ll be reversing some prejudices they’ve held all their life, most at a level far below the level of consciousness.

You’ll be unlocking and releasing a Trance that yer programmers installed, probably before you were even verbal.  Do we even have such a thing as memory before we were verbal?  Good chance it’s also a Trance from many lifetimes back, which makes the concept of “memory” even more vague.  How can we change a Trance we don’t even remember?  This is why we need Rule Two…

Only Love is Allowed

When yer Everyday strays from Pure Compassion toward yer SOP, you gotta be totally loving and gentle with yer Everyday.  It’s a Challenge, it’s ancient programming that is not connected to any sense of Cause and Effect, so it’s not something that’s open to understanding.  Only blind acceptance will work.

And notice that yer required to split again – “you” have to be loving and gentle with yer Everyday – well, if “you” are yer Everyday, who is this other “you” gonna be?  That ain’t trivial.  You’re gonna hafta use every model you can muster for blind Compassion – Christ, Mother Teresa, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Terrence Malick, Green Tara – whoever you can muster up to use as a temporary model for this Walk-In that’s gonna help Everyday take Full Responsibility.  You just need to understand that

Only Blind Compassion will Create Re-Integration

and Ask for help from yer Guides and these Angels.  They’ll jump at the chance to help, once ya Ask, cuz for most of us, Compassion isn’t our strongest suit, and we don’t got alotta practice with it.

So now you’ve got an Everyday who, after being shocked by meeting this SOP, now has to work his butt off reversing his ancient prejudices – while taking Full Responsibility for being loving and gentle with yer SOP!  Not a possible assignment, even should you choose to accept it.  So whaddaya do?  Rule Three is

One Day at a Time

or rather, One Minute at a Time.  Yer gonna win some and lose some.  It’ll be stressful.  It ain’t how many times ya fall down, it’s how many times ya get up. 

Yer gonna hafta constantly remind yerself that yer being graced with a huuuge opportunity, cuz it’s gonna feel like yer being dragged through Pergatory.

Thing is, if yer SOP wasn’t a critical piece of yer Mission on the Planet, it would never have been important enough to hide from the Nazis.  Splitting Off is a form of Protection, like the Witness Protection Program.  Yer SOP stayed safe cuz the wall of Shame was impenetrable.

And now, time is getting short, and we all gotta get on with our Missions.  So it’s time to re-integrate, which means we gotta wash our faces with all that green, slimy Shame.  Moment to moment, we just do the best we can to be loving and gentle with our Rejected Self, and loving and gentle with our Rejecting Self.  The Fourth Rule is

Victory Builds on Itself

That won’t be easy to notice, when yer struggling to be Compassionate with two at-odds folks who both so clearly need yer Unconditional Love, and both of which are so certain there will be Conditions.  You’ll be working hard to get each of them to trust you.  Yer Everyday will be wanting you to join them in rejecting yer SOP – that’s what Alan Watts meant when he said that yer good Karma‘s a lot harder to release than yer bad Karma.  And yer SOP will be craving your empathy and sympathy for their Victimhood and Shame and Abandonment.  And that’s after they quit shouting at each other.

“You” meanwhile, will be saying to each of them, over and over again, calmly and quietly…

“Yes, I know you feel that way, and I’m not rejecting you for it.  But that Day is finished, and a new Day is dawning, and we need a whole ‘nother approach.  Lemme know when yer ready to consider this, okay?”

Then, when they’re ready, “you” will already have a good deal of experience imitating yer Compassion models, and you can begin to teach the two of them to first tolerate, then embrace, one another.

This is not something you do inna weekend, even with help.  You might get a good Soul Retrieval inna weekend, but that still leaves you to do the hard work of the actual re-integration.  Normally, a coupla years is more like it, and we ain’t got a coupla years.  Fortunately, Time is still getting faster and faster, which means we may well be able to do a coupla years’ worth of work in a few weeks, once we put our minds to it.  Each little Victory really does make the next one a thousand times easier.  Much of the time, we’ll be battling our own negative expectations, more than negative outcomes.

A month late, Native Blackberries begin to ripen.

The FairyFolk in these realms know a whole bunch about Splitting Off to stay safe, and they’re getting ready for their own re-integration with us.  That’ll be as big, and as initially contentious (think ADM or Monsanto), as anything we’re experiencing with our own Shame.  If the Druidic view that the Planet will come to Grace only through the Three-fold Alliance of Human and Fairy and Critter, then our practice with our own Shame is just that, practice for a far larger Cosmic assignment that will have the same rules –

  1. We Gotta be Proactive,
  2. Only Love is Allowed,
  3. One Moment at a Time,
  4. Victory Builds on Itself.

Truth is, if all this work with Identity has loosened anyone enough to be able to start to hear it, it’s Individual Identity that’s the Base Illusion on this Planet.  We personalize everything because of a deeper level of the same kinda Trance that mirrors away our SOPs.  In Real Life, Identity is fluid as can be, and Boundaries constantly float hither and thon.  “Us” is a quantum superposition, our Everyday is an average.  And like most real variables, the standard deviation is larger than the average.  That means we’re more like them than we are like us.  The Absence of Separation between Mother and Infant is not a rare miracle – it’s the natural state of things.  Nothing actually that yer Priest or Minister or Preacher or Imam or Guru hasn’t said a hundred times.

Fact is, as we experience these very very personal  SOP processes – we can’t even talk about them to more than a few people if that – as belonging to only us, they are actually not personal at all, but a glimpse into the larger integration that’s already well under way on the Planet, which we introject (take as our own) because we don’t know any better.  We actually just dropped in to watch the Big Show here at the End of It All, and the Big Show is in Experience-A-Vision.  Does a little more than just rock your chair about.

Once you and yer SOP get chummy, come on back and bite down on these notions, see if you have room for them in yer space.  They’re big, but they can save you alotta pain if you open to learning them, while remembering that it’s always Both/And.

Not to forget the Third Wing of the Three-fold Alliance.  This is a candid paparazzi snap of Her Great Cottontailed Bunniness, the Ultimate Bunny of the Third Richness, contemplating Responsibility in a quiet moment in the Clover Room.  We know who She is cuz we tapped her mobile frequency.  Compassionately, of course.

The God of Rain and War

July 9, 2011

We do badly need some Rain here; we haven’t had a good soaker since mid-May.  Just as long as it doesn’t turn cold again.  The War we can do without.  Night 4 doesn’t look too bright, though.

I can only hope Gerald Clemente’s vision of our near future is a bit too dark…

but I sure don’t have any counter-arguments.

I haven’t finished Frank Rich’s article ( yet, don’t even know the man, but Matt Taibi’s review of it tells a story about Uncle Barrack that sounds waaay too on the money…

and I sure don’t have any counter-arguments for that either.

And didja know that almost 20% of the IMF bailouts of Greece are paid by youall – US taxpayers?  Know what happens to those funds?  They rescue Greek  hotel owners and former Dancing Queens from hard times, right?  Er, no, it goes to the bankers and hedgefunders who bought – and are still buying – Greek debt, the same bankers and hedgefunders who brung us the 2008 Crash, and who your tax monies have been making whole since.  God forbid, just because they made a bad (or fradulent) investment, that they not get paid in full.  Kinda makesya sick, to think that Gerald may well be right.

Of course we need to add a grain of salt when we read what the Germans have to say about the Greeks, but…,1518,772176,00.html,1518,772260,00.html

And then there’s the Ag Cartel, and yer Food Bill, ifyer lucky enough to have one…

Now, I don’t wanna bum ya out, but ya just can’t keep yer head in the Sand.  Woulda been great to have turned this fascist Juggernaut around in the 1980s, but we were all too charmed by Ronnie to notice his hand on our wallets.  Not that LBJ was a better thief; he was just a lot less charming.

Day 5 starts on the last day of July, so maybe August will feel a little more hopeful.

The Stone is called Pietersite, though it has alotta other names too, like Tiger Eye, Hawk’s Eye, Crocidolite, Riebeckite, depending on whoya talk to.  In general, while it’s not official (common names are just that), the name Pietersite is usually used when both Tiger Eye (red or brown or yellow) and Hawk’s Eye (blue) are found in the same Rock.  It’s a Sodium Iron (Magnesium) Inosilicate Hydroxide – the Crocidolite or Riebeckite is the blue Iron-Hydroxide threads.  They look so luscious cuz they’re embedded in Quartz or Feldspar, like the Copper or Iron in a Sunstone.

That’s Uranus Talkin’ Atcha

July 9, 2011

That’s pronounced Yer’-ann-us, just so’s there’s no confusion.  You know my Party Line about the three traditional Outer Planets – since we’re talking about the Unconscious, Heads are Tails and Tails are Heads – ya gotta focus on the Coin.  They’re about Disruption (Uranus), Confusion (Neptune), and Deconstruction (Pluto), and about Integrity (Uranus), Clarity (Neptune), and TranceFormation (Pluto).  It’s easy to say ya get the first three characteristics whenya look through Material Eyes, and the last three whenya look through Spiritual Eyes, and in general, that’s a pretty useful metaphor.

They’re likely to Disrupt whatever is outa Integrity inyer Life, Confuse you wherever your priorities and motives are Unclear, and Deconstruct any old Trances that are obsolete and in need of Reformation.  We all operate on Trances, alla time, so don’t try to kid yerself about being immune.

So tomorrow, July 9, at about half past 5pm PDT, Uranus Stands Still, and then goes Retrograde for the next six months or so.  So by now you’ve gotten ample information about what’s outa integrity in yer Life.  The hardest things to recognize are the most important, and the most central to our Lives, closest to our Essence.  So ifyer still sufferin’, that’s good, it means yer onto some really really Core Issues.  You just gotta remember we’re talking way way up above the plane where the Ego operates – if the Unconscious was a Satellite, the Ego would be a Kite.  Yes, a Kite all dolled up to look smashing!  But for the right angle and weather and a glint from the Sun, you’d never even see the Unconscious.

It is very possible to work with the Unconscious, but there are rules.  As Ursula would put it, The Rules Change in the Reaches.  And how true that is!  First, there is no Cause and Effect; that’s an artifact of Linear Time, which is a mass Trance.  With the Callemander winding down, that Trance could be due for Reformation, eh?  Night Four (Rain & War) begins July 12.  Second, of course no Either/Or or Contradiction.  That happens in the mechanical mind, which doesn’t even operate at the Kite level, more like the Hip Pocket level – the Ego’s smarter than the mechanical mind.  The Unconscious is totally and competely Both/And.  The Third Rule is that you kneel before the Unconscious and humbly Ask it to share its plans with you, you don’t petition it to preserve or create any particular realities.  It’ll replace you with a Walk-In inna minute if you get too uppity – don’t think it hasn’t happened before!

Not that the Unconscious is nasty – that’s Freudian Old-Testament Firebreather Trash, er, I mean Trance, that some of yer ancestors got stuck on and never could figure out how to break out of.  I think they kinda liked the illusions of Power and Order.  Ifyer trapped in onea those, just pray for a Rapture so you can start over cleanly.  There’s NOTHING that the Unconscious loves more than your commitment to cooperate with it!!  It has plans that are gonna happen whatever, and it’s a lot easier to ride shotgun than to try to fight for the steering wheel or cower in the back seat.  It needs Trust, and that’s about Faith, and that’s gonna be your major contribution.  Sure, you’ll be chipping in for the gas, but you won’t even notice that.

While Uranus represents the most personal region of the Unconscious, even there, personal doesn’t mean anything like yer Ego imagines (Wow, I’m really special! or Hoo, I yam sheet!).  It just means that the Uranus region of the Unconscious is more about yer own Soul Chord than anyone else’s.  Of course, yer Twigmates aren’t far off, but they have their own Twigs.  Not at all a lonely place, it’s permeated with all-knowing, non-judging Unconscious Energy, and inhabited by Angels.

So first thing “we” (the Ego) gotta do, is Surrender.  Not give up (though that’ll work too), but give over.  I know yer reading time is limited, but in Truth or Dare Starhawk does such a fabulous job of describing the difference between Power Over and Power With, that you’ll never regret looking it up.  I mean, gawrsh, it’s only a chapter, and I’m not even asking you to read Who Dies? in this issue – though of course you’d be infinitely happier ifya did.  It is terribly relevant.

You can call yer Unconscious whatever you like – Fred, or Connie, or God, or Great Big Me, or Higher Self, or Faraway Winker.  But you do wanna talk to It/Him/Her.  Let ‘Em know you’re declaring the intention to cooperate with whatever They have in mind for you next – you know the story, Curiosity, and Expect Miracles.  If there’s anything you really don’t want, like Pain, or Lackawanna, or Bigtime Hassles, just let ‘Em know.  They ain’t out to torture you – that’s your childhood programming that believes in No Pain No Gain.  The way the Universe really works is Big Grace Big Gains, but ya gotta Intend it, or it’ll pass ya by while you aren’t looking.  You could use something like,

I dedicate myself to collaborating with the Unconscious in Grace (though I have no idea what that means!), rapidly, completely, lovingly, and gently.

Then just distract yourself with something pleasant, and leave the rest up to Them.  Believe me, They’re up to the task!

Ain’t that Peacock Ore just lovely as a fine feathered Ego?  It’s usually a mixture of Bornite and Chalcopyrite, which are both Sulfides of Copper and Iron.  Those combinations can produce just about any reflection color imaginable!  And Copper has just as many hypercritical uses in the Body, from maintaining cells, nerves, bones, joints, to facilitating antioxidant reactions and the Body’s use of Iron.  Not exactly a precious metal (costing about 10% of the cost of Silver), Copper comes close (sharing the same bed in the Periodic Table with Silver and Gold), and has been used for adornment since forever.  It’s called “Dr. Copper” because it’s price tells you exactly how excited the World Economy is, cuz nothing industrial happens without Copper.