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Abuse and Boundaries III

September 6, 2020

As we were saying…

About an hour and a half before our Celebration of Boundaries (Station of Pallas) on 5 September 2020 at 6pm PDT, we reached a Significant Milestone in a recently Initiated (1½ years old) Cycle that’s about Our Confidence in Our Ability to Have Control Over Our Own Life, as Opposed to Always Being Victims of Our Karmic Limitations (the 15-year-long South Node-Chariklo Cycle).

The Milestone peaked yesterday, but it remains very much in effect through the end of September (using one Degree of Sensitivity).  The Milestone is an Opportunity to Easily Let Go Of Obsolete Patterns, kind of a Karmic Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card (Waning Unx).  There is a bit of an Oxymoron there, because Karma is Never Easy to Let Go Of, simply because we’re so Deeply Habituated to it.  We often don’t even Recognize that there’s either an Issue or an Opportunity, it just feels like More of the Same Old Same Old.  We don’t Realize that we actually have Options.

One hint is that the Old Cycle that’s Obsolete began in September 2005, fifteen years ago.  If there’s anything you’ve been doing for the last fifteen years that now Feels Tired or Threatened for any reason, we’re probably better off Winding it Down than working harder to try to Resuscitate it.  In brief, the Old Cycle was about Continuing Pre-Established Patterns (Initiated in 15 Libra, “Circular Paths“).  The New Cycle is about Taking the Time to Reconsider Everything (Initiated in 24 Capricorn, “A Woman entering a convent“).

The Ides-of-March 2019 Initiation chart for the New Confidence-That-We-Can-Create-What-We-Want Cycle (South Node-Chariklo)

…tells us that, for the next 14 years, our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma will be

  • Compulsive and Impossible to Ignore (Initiation Conjunct Pluto).
  • All about Eliminating Judgement – Eliminating not just Racism, but Misogyny, and Exclusion of Anything, for example Eliminating Active Disrespect of Nature (Initiation Conjunct Pluto and Hopi [Respect for All Things]).
  • All about Grounding our Boundaries in the Heart.  The overall Configuration of the chart is a Parachute, with all of the Energy from the very busy left side of the cart focusing through the Boundaries-Truth of the Heart-Rebirth Portal (Pallas-Aletheia-Haumea) on the right side.
  • Challenged by Becoming Acutely Aware of our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs (which of course are Karmic) and Expanding Beyond Them (T-Square to Vesta-Mercury-Sun [Unconscious Beliefs-Awareness-Essence] from Jupiter [Expansion] Opposite Sappho and Chaos [Self-Love and Unlimited Potential]).
  • About Taking the Time to Reconsider Everything complementing the Woman joining the Convent, the Vacancy that Completes the Full-of-Grace Grand Sextile is 24 Leo (“Totally concentrated upon Inner Spiritual Attainment, a man is Sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and  cleanliness“).
  • About Becoming Adept – the Vacancy that Completes the Acute-Awareness Challenge is 23 Virgo (“A Lion tamer displays their skill and character“).

Compared to the Dead-End of trying to Resuscitate the Dying Embers of our 3D past, this is a lot to Look Forward To.

Abuse and Boundaries II

September 6, 2020

Of course as Abuse is Lit Up, Boundary Issues can’t be far behind, because Boundaries are how we Respond or React to Abuse, how we Own our part of the Drama, once we Realize we need to do that.  People who haven’t escaped the Blame Universe – and it is a Closed Universe, with few Exits – believe that “Creating Your Own Reality” is the same as “Blaming the Victim.”  That couldn’t be furthur from the Truth.  Blame is never the Issue – Blame is an Ego Defense that Covers our Unwillingness to Expand our Boundaries.  It always takes Two to Tango.

It’s a different situation when there is no Balance of Power, when an alleged Adult Preys on Children, for instance, or a Powerful Political figure Urges his Goons to Abuse the Undefended.  Those situations are so Overwhelming to the Victim that it may take Lifetimes to work off the Abuse and Reclaim our Power.  But in most other cases, there’s always some Value – Growth to be Harvested – in Inquiring of ourself, What is it about my Ego-Unconscious Constellation that draws these Dramas to me?

The phrase You Create Your Own Reality does not refer to your Ego.  It refers to your Entire Self, most especially including that part of the Unconscious that is Attached to you, and your Soul-Self as well.  Blaming the Victim is what the Ego sees when if doesn’t understand that it’s not in control, and when it’s not Aware that Looking Deeper is an Option.  No Blame – even if we’re well Aware that we aren’t monolithic, and that this Option is always Available to us, we all encounter situations every day where we Forget in the Moment that we can Look Deeper, just like we encounter situations every day where we Forget to Ask the Goddess to Handle it for us.

As Seth said long ago (in The Nature of Personal Reality), your Karma is obvious – it’s written in your Personal History.  When we Choose to remain Unconscious (or don’t Realize that there are other Options), we are total Victims to our Karma, our Fate.  When we Choose Consciousness, we suddenly have other Options.  It doesn’t really matter What we Choose, as long as it’s something Different.  The first several times we’ll Think we’re Choosing something Different, only to Discover that it’s the Same Old Same Old.  Like Blame, the Unconscious is a very Sticky Reality, Whole unto itself.  The Exits are not easily Discerned.

Once we Recognize that Oh yeah, we have to do this more than once! our Choices become more and more Different from our Ancient Dramas.  It’s a Virtuous Spiral – the more we Choose an Alternative to our Ancient Karma, the sooner we Recognize it when it Threatens to Arise again.  And the sooner we Recognize our tired Fate Arising again, the easier it is to Choose an Alternative.  It doesn’t take many Reps to Realize that Karma really is Dead, and you can See the Boundary between Fate and Choice, the low rock wall that separates the Zombies from the Living.  Karma and Liberation are no different than Muscles, the more frequently we exercise either one, the Stronger they become.

This Celebration of Boundaries (Station of Pallas) has been particularly difficult for me, as a couple of Lifetime Projects have rather suddenly appeared to be Worthless.  I Realized relatively quickly that these were Ego-Attachments that I needed to Surrender.  I needed to quit thinking that they were something that I was Doing and Doing Relatively Well, and instead I need to take my Gratitude to God/Goddess Deeper, Praying for Continuing Grace rather than patting myself on the back.  Which was a step forward, but didn’t much improve my Feelings or Outlook.

Like the 1 September 2020 Full Moon chart…

…the 5 September Pallas Station chart…

…shares the same Scorpio Vacancy to Excellent Grace (Grand Sextile), this time (at 13 Scorpio) closer to the Star Alphecca, the Sorrow that can accompany a Woman’s Crown, than asteroid Typhon, the Fierce Defender of his Mother Gaia.  Methinks I stumbled into that Sorrow.  Tapping on the Grief and Discouragement helped some.

I don’t often check my own astrology, usually only when I’m Feeling Lost.  This time I finally (thanks largely to reading Stephen Levine’s amazing posthumous book Animal Totems) Remembered to Ask, Duh, what’s going on in the Present Moment?  And of course the Answer was Self-Doubt.  So I looked to see what was going on with my natal Chariklo (Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence).  And boy did I get an education!

It’s very Lit Up by current astroevents, it’s Strong (Out of Bounds), it’s part of a Self-Resolving Challenge (one corner of a Diamond Star), and it’s one side of the business end (Central Axis) of a Yin Gate (Mystery School)!  I didn’t even know I had a natal Yin Gate, so that’s very validating.  This is natal, so it says I’ll be getting Lifelong non-Intellectual Lessons in how Doubt and Confidence relate to Fear, Vitality, and Sovereignty (Sedna, Varuna, Hylonome) – more specifically, Converting Fear to Power, Health and Kundalini, and Self-Sovereignty.  Exactly the Insight I needed!

I follow the Stations, because I’ve found them to be very important.  I follow the Cycles when I can, but there are so many of them (with the 44 or so planets I follow routinely, that’s more than 450 Cycles), and they don’t exactly leap out of ephemerides like the Stations do.  Many astrocalendars include lists of Angles or “aspects” (astrologuese for Angles), but the ones I’ve found don’t even include the four “major” asteroids, let alone the dwarf planets.

But the obvious question to Ask next, is What Angles is Chariklo making today?  The closest one turns out to be the Angle to the symbol for our Held Emotions or Karma (South Node), making a Waxing Unx to Chariklo.  An Unx is a one-Sign difference between planets, and it means Pattern-Breaking (the Twelfth Harmonic)(The Nodes move backward, so “Waxing” means the Node is behind the slower planet, not ahead as is usually the case.)  So whatever Held Emotions (the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel) are Lit Up, this is about Letting Go of them, which is fabulous news!  I’m ready for that!

The Waxing Unx stage of a Cycle is about either Fighting to keep milking our Dying Investments from the Previous Cycle (like the Antichrist is doing – and like my two Lifelong Projects were about), or about Building the Foundation for the New Cycle, even though at this early stage we can’t expect a huge amount of Support from our Community, most of which will be Fighting to keep milking its Dying Investments from the Previous Cycle.

So, what is this New Cycle about?  The 15-year South Node-Chariklo Cycle in general is about our Confidence in our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma – or our Distress about how our Karma keeps “Victimizing” us.  The Ides-of-March 2019 Initiation chart for the New Cycle…

…tells us that, for the next 14 years, our Strategy for Letting Go of our Karma will be…

  • Compulsive and Impossible to Ignore (Initiation Conjunct Pluto).
  • All about Eliminating Judgement – not just Racism, but Misogyny and for example Active Disregard of Nature (Initiation Conjunct Pluto and Hopi).
  • We’re out of gas for today; will continue tomorrow!


Lachesis-Makemake 1

March 31, 2019

As for the Lachesis-Makemake Cycle, the Waning Trine (240 Degrees) indicates Dumb-Luck Blessings, but it’s past the Fruiting (222½ Degrees; see of the Cycle.  So the Waning Trine represents the utilization of the Fruits of the Cycle, and possibly their Destructive Exploitation.  In general the Trine is vulnerable to Arrogance, as the Ego is prone to Identifying with the Boon as a source of Pride, rather than Feeling and Expressing Gratitude for the Gift from Source that it truly is. Eventually most people Learn that Everyone has Special Gifts, and so may Learn that Gratitude is more appropriate.

So the Waning Trine encountered Unconsciously would symbolize use of Resources as if they were Unlimited and given to Humanity for “Dominion” with no concern about wastefulness, like the Antichrist’s current approach to the Environment – his Mentor failed to mention to him how the same approach despoiled the Soviet Union.  The Waning Trine used Consciously would then mean the Realization that the Fruit of a Cycle is not Unlimited in Quantity or Timing, which would lead Consciousness to Save Seed and Take Notes so as to Learn from the Experience rather than just Exploiting it.

The current Lachesis-Makemake Cycle began in early January 2015 at 2 Libra, which remarkably symbolizes “Transmutation of the fruits of past experience into the seed-realization of the forever-creative spirit.”  This Sabian Symbol was made to fit a Waning Trine.

Now, we’re talking about Manifestation.  So the reading tells us to take everything we know about Manifestation, roll it up into a ball, bury it, Change the Subject, and then see what happens.  We want to Allow what we’ve Learned about Manifestation in the last several years to Migrate into our Intuitive self, where we don’t have to Consciously Direct it, we can just Enjoy its Fruits.  We’re usually harping away about how great Consciousness is, and we still will.  But our Purpose is to take our Unconscious Self-Sabotaging Habits out of hiding, Convert them into Self-Loving Habits, then put those back Behind the Curtain.

A Cycle is ripped away from us at the Waxing Square, which in this case occurs at the Summer Solstice, in about three months.  We needn’t Give Away anything we’re Creating, unless it’s Surplus, but if we start now to Clear our Minds about Manifestation Technology, we may be able to avoid Being or Feeling “Screwed” by the Square.  The new Cycle begins in mid-October of next year.

I don’t usually like to talk about the Next Cycle while the Current Cycle is moving into and through the Void, because if we start thinking about what’s next, we’ll invariably Frame our Approach to the New Cycle through the Lens of the Old Cycle, and replace the Potential Surprise, Delight, Quantum Breakthroughs of the New Cycle, with Expectations hewn from the Old Wood.  But since we’re dealing with Survival here (ie, the Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stations), I can say that the Next Lachesis-Makemake Cycle is about Sustenance and Self-Reliance.  Let it be about Sustenance and Self-Reliance in Surprising ways.

Now, a reader, friend, and colleague has been recommending Phil Sedgwick’s work on what he calls the “Super Galactic Center” (which for some reason he abbreviates “ZS”), a multi-Galactic Black Whole which apparently dwarfs our own Galactic Center, and which sits at – you guessed it – 2 Libra.  His article on the subject seems better at fostering Self-Judgment than Self-Love, but he focuses on Compulsive Neediness, using a sort of insulting Psych-Hospital-ER Humor.  I’m not sure that insults behoove anyone.

Now, we know that Nothing Changes Until We Accept Ourself Exactly As We Are, and that It’s Empathy that Heals, so maybe in his own way he’s attempting to do a sort of wry Poor-Sweetheart with our Self-Judgments about the Compulsions which our 2 Libra planets saddle us with.  But frankly, I can lead you to the same conclusions much more Gently and Lovingly by using my tired old speech about how T-Squares are not really a Constantly Frustrating Series of Failures but rather a Graduate Course where there are no Answers only Better Questions.

If you have planets at 2 Libra that are not in a T-Square or Square, I’d be curious about whether his article, at, sounds relevant and useful to you.

But if 2 Libra does in its own right carry a quality of Compulsive Neediness, then what better to be Compulsively Needy about than “Transmutation of the fruits of past experience into the seed-realization of the forever-creative spirit.”  In the sense that Libra is about Meeting Other, and Early Libra about the Shock of that, it’s not Surprising that a Fear-based Compulsive Need for Approval and Anxiety about it would arise.

That Anxiety could easily be expressed as “Transmutation of the fruits of past experience into the seed-realization of the forever-creative spirit,” or as Goethe put it, “Wer Immer Strebend sich bemüht…”  Imagine what it will be like when the Other Ships start Landing; I Expect we’ll have a pretty Deep Need to Know that we’re Safe in that context.

Uh Oh 3

March 30, 2019

Okay, we’re technically past Pluto-South Node, though if you’re still Refusing or Unable to Embrace any particular Emotions, it may drag on for you.  No Blame – we have all the Time in the World, and for many people, specific Emotions, or the Memories that Invoke them, can literally Feel worse than Death.  If you’re in that situation, EFT may help Liberate you (

We’re now already deep into the Survival-Issue Stations (Strong Energies) that follow it.  They’re three separate Stations, but because they coincide in Time and are close in astrological longitude, we have to consider them as One Energy…

  • 29 March (8:30 am PDT) – Our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) reaches Peak Strength (Stationary).  Hopefully this means your Genius will Break Through its Chains.  If you’re Struggling with Runaway Emotions, these are the Chains that you’re Throwing Off.  Persist.  You may not be able to Dissolve the Discomfort right away, but you can make the Decision to Stop Judging those Emotions, which is a Critical Step.  29 Sagittarius.
  • 31 March (5pm PDT) – Our Willingness to Respond (dwarf planet Pholus) is Severely Tested (Stationary).  For instance, it’s Imperative that we Respond to those Uncomfortable Emotions with Love and Peace rather than Reacting to them with the Shame and Loathing that we’re accustomed to.  This Response is how we find the Keys to the Kingdom.  3 Capricorn.
  • 3 April (5:30 am PDT) – Our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar) are Lit Up very Strongly (Stationary).  If this means Fear for you, Tap and Kegel it Out.  Our Instincts should just be calmly and quietly Telling Us What To Do and When To Do It, not Scaring the pants off us.  Fear may be one of those Forbidden Emotions that are being Lit Up.  4 Capricorn.

You may recall that we’re also Learning how to Consciously Shift our “Fate” around our Survival – see  Our Manifestation Skills are critical to our Survival, and we’re also Learning how to Consciously Shift our “Fate” around our Manifestation…

  • 28 March (5pm PDT) – Lachesis Waning Trine Makemake.  5 Gemini-Libra.  More to follow.

And while we’re at it, we’re also Learning how to Consciously Shift our “Fate” around those Intrusive Memories we spoke of…

  • 26 March ( PDT) – Lachesis Waxing Square OR10.  5 Gemini-Pisces.  More to follow.

The Equinox Full Moon was also Cuspal, so the chart of the Three Stations is similar…

…but more complex, partly because we’re including everyone from 27 to 6 Degrees, to include our usual three-Degrees of Sensitivity from Ixion and Quaoar, which are five Degrees apart.  If we think of this as a Rebirth rather than a garden-variety astroevent, this is totally appropriate astrologically.  And is we consider how much is happening, including Pluto-South Node, considering this a Rebirth is totally appropriate Existentially!

It would take a long while to Interpret this chart from the bottom up, so we’ll look at it from the top down.

First, note that our Willingness to Respond Fully to our Forbidden Genius’s Need to Come Out of the Closet in order to Ensure our Survival is a Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star).  That’s fabulous news!  It means that the Planet is nearer to its Tipping Point into 5D than we Imagine.  The would-be Impediments (Squares) to this are our Manifestation Skills (Makemake) and our need to Heal our Self-Sabotaging Beliefs (Chiron-Vesta).  The Shift is Driven by Self-Love (Sappho Opposite the Stations).

Second, there are three more Self-Resolving Challenges (Diamond Stars) – Manifestation (Makemake), Rebirth (Haumea), and Vitality (Varuna)!

Third, notice that there are two Almost-Grand Sextiles, which Symbolize Blessings on Efforts where we take the First Step.  Completing the Grand Sextiles are two well-known Fixed Stars…

  • One of the Almost-Grand Sextiles Grace-Fully joins Self-Love (Sappho), Soul (Uranus), Ending our Habit of Identifying with Karmic Intrusive Memories (Atropos-Lilith-Karma-OR10), Enlisting our Hidden Genius to Help Us Attend to our Survival (Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Stations), and Rebirth (Haumea).  The Star that Fills Out the Sextuplet is Regulus, the Royal Star that promises Great Success as long as one avoids the Temptation to Seek Revenge.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that the Antichrist is currently Seeking Revenge on the “Traitors” who dared to have him investigated.  He has Mars on his Ascendant, which points right at Regulus.  Downfall here we come.  (Using the 11am chart –; in the 10am chart, Mars is still Conjunct Regulus in the First House.)

  • The second Almost-Grand Sextile Grace-Fully joins Manifestation (Makemake), Vitality (Varuna), Learning how to Consciously Change our Relationship to Fear and Violence (Lachesis-Sedna-Mars), Healing our Self-Sabotaging Beliefs (Chiron-Vesta), and Respect for All Things (Hopi).  The Vacancy that Completes this Grace is the Star Toliman, well-known to anyone who follows exoplanet-hunting as Alpha Centauri, the closest Star to our Sun!

And Alpha Centauri is Chiron’s Foot, in Ovid’s version the location of his famous Wound!

And beyond two Grand Sextiles, we now, with the two Stars added, have a Grand Unx, or twelve planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  The Unx (Twelfth Harmonic) is about Pattern-Breaking, so our Chains here are up for the bolt cutter.  The twelve specific Patterns we can Break here include…

  • Healing our Resistance to our Forbidden Genius (Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar to Toliman)
  • Recognizing our Immortality (Toliman to Haumea)
  • Reorganizing our Life Mission to cover multiple Lifetimes, or Learning to Utilize Bleedthrough from our Parallels (Haumea to Makemake)
  • Manifesting Generosity of Spirit (Makemake to Regulus)
  • Liberating our Vitality from Analysis (Regulus to Varuna)
  • Loving Impediments to our Vitality into non-Existence (Varuna to Sappho)
  • Loving Fear and Violence into non-Existence (Sappho to Lachesis-Mars-Sedna)
  • Recognizing Fear and Violence as Teaching from the Soul (Lachesis-Mars-Sedna to Uranus)
  • Healing Beliefs that Inhibit Identification with our Soul (Uranus to Vesta-Chiron)
  • No Longer Believing that we Have to Identify with Traumatic Memories (Vesta-Chiron to OR10-Atropos-Karma-Lilith)
  • Relaxing our Judgments of the Sources of our Traumatic Memories (OR10-Atropos-Karma-Lilith to Hopi)
  • Replacing Competetion with Collaboration (Hopi to Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar)

Uh Oh 2

March 29, 2019

As Iconoclast said in response to the previous post (which now has the alias Uh Oh 1).

Let’s talk more about when an Irresistible Force (Pluto) meets an (otherwise) Immovable Object (the South Node, aka Karma, Held Emotions, etc).  Our Karma is Immovable because it’s our Fate.  We’re Stuck with it, right?  It’s Fate!

But we know that Fate is what happens to us when we’re Unconscious, and we know that by Becoming Conscious we can swap out Fate and swap in Choice.  That Rolls the Stone aside, so it’s Immovable no more.  So – if we’re Skillful and Lucky and Persistent – the Irresistible Force ends up Moving the Obstacle.  Pluto is of course the Ruler of the Underwhere.  No one gets out of there Alive!

But Pluto is also Micky’s everlovable Pup.  Notice how Honest and Straightforward Pluto is with his Emotions…

When Emotions are working right, they come and go in a flash.

The Pluto-South Node event occured on 28 March (11:30 am PDT), but the Moon crosses these two on 29 March (3:30 pm PDT).  Pluto-Moon is one of the most Difficult astroevents that people face, because it Demands that we be Present and Loving with ALL of our Emotions, including the Karmic Held Emotions that the South Node represents.

A “Held” Emotion is one that we’d rather Die than Feel.  As we’ve said many times, the accent in that sentence is usually on the wrong syl-able – it’s not “I’d rather Die than Feel that,” it’s “I’d rather Die than Feel that” – Held Emotions Demand Ego Death, and there’s nothing the Ego hates more than Death.  The Ego’s very job is to keep us Alive, and the Ego doesn’t know the Difference between Itself and Us.  Or rather, when we Identify with the Ego, We don’t know the Difference between It and Us.

So of course we recommend Identifying with Soul rather than Ego, but of course that’s Easier Said Than Done.  We could even say that, for all of us, our Mission (North Node) is to Identify with Soul in some fashion.  And our South Node represents our Impediments to Identifying with Soul.  The latest (April 2019) Wired Magazine includes an article on the Doomsday Clock (pp.13-15)…

“I get random reminders of my own mortality from WeCroak [], an app with notifications that don’t mince words.  ‘Don’t forget, you’re going to die.’  Recently it served up E. M. Forster, ‘Death destroys a [person], but the idea of death saves [them].’  Holding an idea of human extinction [ie, the Doomsday Clock] doubles as an extended confession of awe at the splendor and devastation we have wrought on Earth.”

Can we help but Identify with the Ego?  Is Identifying elsewhere even Possible?  Yes and No.  As a former president famously said to Congress, “It depends on how you define ‘Is’.”  Most of us do it all the time, whenever we Regress into a Memory, Merge with Other, or get lost in a thought or Emotion and lose track of the Bigger Picture.  Ego is a very fuzzy word to most people; here I’m using “Identity” as the locus or focus of our Moment-to-Moment Consciousness, and “Ego” as a collage of how that unfolds over longer time periods, with a probably-greater emphasis on Survival – when our Moment-to-Moment Identity is Unrecognized Anxiety, our Ego and our Identity Merge.

In the chart of the Pluto-South Node Initiation…

In this picture, the North Node/Our Mission is the Focus of a Self-Resolving Conflict (Diamond Star), indicating that all of this Sturm und Drang around the South Node is just a narrow trail through a thicket that leads us to Liberation.  Yes, we will need to consider all those other planets clustering around Pluto-South Node!

But besides the Self-Resolving Conflict, we also have Great Grace in the chart, in the form of the Almost-Grand-Sextile.  The missing corner of that (22 Leo) is occupied by the Fixed Star Pherkad.  Pherkad is one of the Guardians of the Pole Star, important to Celestial Navigation and used to tell the Hour of the Night!

Isn’t that Portentous!  While we struggle through a Dark Night of Karmic Regression, in the depths of our Intuition we know how long yet we have to Endure before the Dawn arrives!

Some remarkable accompaniments to all this…


Hitting the Fan

March 26, 2019

I hope you’ve been studying the previous post on asteroid Lachesis (Letting Go of Karma) and its foils Ixion (Forbidden Genius), Pholus (Fully Reponsive), and Quaoar (Survival Instincts), because we’re about to step in it.  Here’s our Gauntlet for the coming week.

We’re giving exact dates and times below, but the specific Energy actually starts a week or so prior, and builds to a Peak around the times given.  The Energy should then taper off fairly rapidly, but since these Energies are so close in time, and many of them close in Zodiacal Location as well, it’s going to be very hard to tell one from the other…

  • 27 March (10:30 am PDT) – the Edge of Consciousness (asteroid Juno) Merges with (Conjoins) Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis).  Sounds Fun, eh?  More Practice as we Learn to Celebrate Ego Death – which is a synonym for Letting Go Of Self-Sabotage.  19 Gemini.
  • 28 March (7am PDT) – Communication (Mercury) Improves Greatly (Stationary Direct).  16 Pisces.
  • 28 March (11:30 am PDT) – An Unstoppable Force (Pluto) Meets (Initiates) an Otherwise Immovable Object (the South Node, our Forbidden Emotions and Self-Sabotaging Patterns aka Karma).  Fortunately, Lachesis is Teaching us how to Move Otherwise Immovable Objects, and we Know that Karma is Dead anyway.  23 Capricorn.
  • 29 March (8:30 am PDT) – Our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) reaches Peak Strength (Stationary).  Hopefully this means it will Break Through its Chains.  If you’re Struggling with Runaway Emotions, these are the Chains that you’re Throwing Off.  Persist.  You may not be able to Dissolve the Discomfort right away, but you can make the Decision to Stop Judging those Emotions, which is a Critical Step.  29 Sagittarius.
  • 31 March (5pm PDT) – Our Willingness to Respond (dwarf planet Pholus) is Severely Tested (Stationary).  For instance, it’s Imperative that we Respond to those Uncomfortable Emotions with Love and Peace rather than Reacting to them with the Shame and Loathing that we’re accustomed to.  This Response is how we find the Keys to the Kingdom.  3 Capricorn.
  • 3 April (5:30 am PDT) – Our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar) are Lit Up very Strongly (Stationary).  If this means Fear for you, Tap and Kegel it Out.  Our Instincts should just be calmly and quietly Telling Us What To Do and When To Do It, not Scaring the pants off us.  Fear is likely to be one of those Forbidden Emotions that are being Lit Up.

After this we get into a whole New Time Province.

Lachesis-Pholus-Quaoar 1

March 23, 2019

Lachesis (Ending Timelines by Choice) makes four more Angles during the last two weeks of March.

♥ Lachesis invites us to Explore our Curiosity (Waxing Quincunxes) around our Responsiveness (dwarf planet Pholus) on 22 March, and around our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar) on 24 March.  These two folks have been Dancing together cheek to cheek for several years now, and they’ll continue to Ask us to Respond to our Survival Instincts for many years hence – till the mid-2060s, as we mentioned in the previous post.

We can basically consider them as one Energy, about Being Responsive to our Survival Instincts, and here at the Quincunx, Being Curious about how to Respond to our Survival Instincts, but not to seek Answers.  The objective is to Prime our Intuition.  We do that by Asking Questions without seeking Answers (we often refer to this as PIAVA), and then Changing the Subject so that our Current Limitations don’t Constrain our Future to only Mirroring our Past.

Lachesis Cycles are about Learning to End Situations, Habits, and Timelines Consciously, rather than “patiently” waiting for our “Fate” to Change on its own. 

Lachesis is currently five Signs ahead of Pholus and Quaoar, referred to as a Waxing (moving away from Conjunction) Quincunx (literally, five twelfths of the Zodiac) Angle.  At the Waxing Quincunx, the Energy of a Cycle has already come into the Mainstream (at the Square), become Easy (the Trine), and is Preparing to Bloom (the Opposition) and Fruit (the Phitile).  Blooming is even more of a Miracle than Growing, and (unless we’re an Accomplished and Powerful Shaman or Curandera) a Miracle Requires that our Attention is Elsewhere, because if we knew what we were doing it wouldn’t be a Miracle.  Even the Shamans and Curanderas are “elsewhere” in the sense of being In Trance.

That’s why, if our Curiosity produces Answers rather than Awesome Questions, it’s not the kind of Curiosity we need.  In the Olde Days the Medicine People Prayed every morning for the Sun to Rise; it was not a foregone Conclusion based on what had happened yesterday.  At the Quincunx stage of any Cycle, if  we’re depending on what happened yesterday, we’ll always miss the Miracle and miss the Opportunity to Step Off the Treadmill.  Even just giving serious thought or even voice to the “dumb” Question, “Gee, I Wonder if the Sun will Rise this morning,” we’re Opening ourself to the Miracle that it is.

The current Lachesis-Quaoar Cycle (Paying Conscious Attention to our Survival Instincts) began 18 March 2016 at 30 Sagittarius, “The Pope, blessing the faithful.”  The comma in there is interesting.  It puts the emphasis on the Pope, with the Blessing almost an afterthought.  The Mirror for the Pomp is the Faithful.  It’s like a mutual backscratching.  It’s the Equivalent of the Medicine People Praying for the Sun to Rise.

The current Lachesis-Pholus Cycle (Consciously Attending to our Responses) started 11 March 2016 at 28 Sagittarius, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream still in constant use.”  This Symbol always reminds me of the war in Bosnia where Bridges dating from Roman times and still in constant use were Destroyed.  Going Deeper, this is where the Ottoman Empire overrode Christianity and where the Romans settled the Ostrogoths, establishing the Regional “Fate” of Ethnic and Religious Conflicts that continue to this day.  Letting Go of this Ancient Pattern will take a Lot of People Paying a Lot of Attention to how they Respond to most everything for a Long Time.

Dan Scranton’s Channeling for today takes this even Deeper…

“We have been giving you a lot of information over the years since we began coming through this channel, and we will continue to give you more.  We notice that when some of you come across a guide, a collective, a teacher, or anyone who seems like they have answers, you give yourselves over to the teachings, the information, the guidance that comes through, and you give yourselves over to it completely.

“But now is the time to exercise your abilities to use your discernment.  Here we are, coming to you as a non-physical collective, and soon you will be face-to-face with extra-terrestrials in bodies.  So what we are suggesting is that you start using your own guidance now to determine for yourselves whether something resonates with you or not, because soon the stakes will be higher.

“You will have to feel out the extra-terrestrial being or beings that is standing right in front of you, and you will have to measure what their intentions actually are, and the best way for you to measure that is by how you feel.  This is something to practice with the other humans that you have around you and also with the other humans who are spiritual teachers, channels, psychics, and so on.

“You need to check in with yourselves to see whether the information you are receiving is true for you in that moment.  And even if this is a being, or collective, or individual, that you trust, it still serves you to check in every time.  You need to ask yourself whether what you are receiving in that moment is valid for you.  And again, you will be strengthening this muscle as you do so, and it is a muscle that will serve you very well when you have full and open contact with physical extra-terrestrial beings.

“But you also are served just by taking the time to check in with yourselves, because you might start living your lives according to a particular piece of information that has been given to you.  What we are saying is, if it doesn’t resonate, then don’t follow that particular teaching, or don’t live your life according to a piece of information that you have received.  Always trust your own guidance.  Crosscheck everything with your own gut.

“And whatever you do, do not believe in the concept of infallibility.  Believe in yourselves.  Believe in your guidance and intuition, and be sure to follow it, because when you follow it, you then have the evidence that you need to confirm to you that what you were getting was correct.  It was valid for you in that moment.  And continue to do this.  Continue to exercise those abilities and those muscles, and use the information that you get from beings like us as confirmation of what you already know.”

Here’s the chart of the amazing 20 March Full Moon…

Oops, that wasn’t the Map, that was the Territory (no, just a Snapshot of the Territory).  Here’s the Map…

You can see the green line (Quincunx or Curiosity) connecting Lachesis to Pholus, Quaoar, and Ixion.  It’s part of the Finger of God that makes the Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion T-Square (Challenge) a Diamond Star or Self-Resolving Challenge.  The Mythic Atropos was the Goddess of Fate that was in charge of Ending Timelines, so she Challenges (Squares) Lachesis here – “Are you Really going to try to preempt my Sacred Duty here?” Atropos says.  Lachesis, here played by your Ego, Responds, “Yes I am.”

But Changing our Fate always involves Entering New Territory, where we have no (recent) Experience.  We do have Experience, but it dates to before we Fell into the Timeline that the Karma encodes.  It’s probably as or more Ancient than those Bosnia Bridges.  So is it Relevant now?  You bet it is, because the Process of Falling into that Timeline was a heavy Emotional Experience.  Consequently, Facing and Embracing that Held Emotion is a Portal to Liberation from this particular Karmic Pattern.

Which would normally Require a fairly serious Ego Death.  But this is a Self-Resolving Challenge, a Diamond Star.  Out of all the Players in the Cuspal Diamond Star, the only one that lingers behind the Cusp is Ixion, still in Sagittarius.  Ixion in Sagittarius involves Letting Go of Restraints on our Unique Genius.  With Ixion still in Sagittarius we can Rely on it’s rule that “The Way Out Is through Letting Go,” especially since it’s joined in Sagittarius by Jupiter (Expansion) and Ceres (Sustainability).

As is typical of Karma now that it’s Dead, It does not Grasp Us, We Grasp It.  So all we need to do here is to Stop Grasping it.  If you’re Conscious of the Pattern that you’re Letting Go Of, you can just Practice Letting Go Of it in all its many Guises.  But in these circumstances we don’t even need to be Conscious of what its about in order to Let Go Of it – we can just PIAVA to Let Go Of it.  For example, “Great Spirit, Please Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely Liberate me from All Karmic Patterns that I’m Ready to Let Go Of.”

The most interesting Angle in this Full Moon chart is probably Chiron Waxing Square to Pholus, as this Cycle is now coming into the Mainstream (ie, the Waxing Square).  The Energy of the Chiron-Pholus Cycle is about Responding to our Despair or Discouragement, or Learning How to Convert Despair to Miracles.  Of course Victimhood would be our first Temptation, and most likely the most common Reaction.  If you’ve read much here you know that we Recommend simply Poor-Sweethearting yourself instead.

The current Chiron-Pholus Cycle began sixty-three years ago, January 1956, at 6 Aquarius, “A parade of army officers in full dress.”  We’re always glad that this Symbol puts the Army playing Dress-Up rather than Shoot-‘Em-Up.  And Remember that, once we’re out of the Prison of Dualistic Logic, Opposites are Equal.  So we can Interpret this Symbol as either Discipline or Yintegrity, or the Axis between them.  We might think of this Axis as Self-Sovereignty – whether we Choose to Do As We Are Told, or to Follow Our Heart.

The Channeling we quoted rings very True here.


Chiron-Equinox-Survival Full Moon I

March 18, 2019

The 20 March (7pm PST) Full Moon is Impressive from several points of view…

  • The Sun is Merged with (Conjoins) a symbol for Despair and Miracles (dwarf planet Chiron); as we’ve averred many times, we Recommend Poor-Sweethearting any Disappointment that arises.

See if you’re new here.

  • The Full Moon occurs just four hours after the Spring Equinox, which is traditionally considered to be an important milestone, when the World Begins Anew.  That interpretation of course has its roots in the Northern Hemisphere, as Spring begins in Libra in the Other Half.

If we extend this a bit, we could say that the World (or at least the Plants) Beginning Anew is a matter of Solitary Creativity (Aries) in the North, and a matter of Relating to Other (Libra) in the South.  In the South, Solitary Creativity is Required to Survive Autumn and Winter, whereas in the North, it’s Relationships.  Not being much of a World Traveler, I can’t say whether this is Relevant to the Actual World, but I’d be interested in your Perspective.

  • The major Configuration in the Full Moon chart is the Reiteration of a Warning that our Survival, while likely, is not Assured (Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar Diamond Star) unless we start Paying Closer Attention to it.

So let’s start with the latter, the Diamond Star or Self-Resolving Challenge.  If the Challenge is Self-Resolving, why is our Survival not Assured?  Because about five years ago, two dwarf planets started Dancing cheek-to-cheek.  Dwarf planet Quaoar (Kwou’-are) symbolizes our Survival Instincts.  The God Quaoar taught the pre-Spanish Natives of what was to become California how to Manage their Not-Quite-Wild Landscape to Assure their Survival.  Since then, Know-It-All Colonialists in California have ignored Quaoar’s Advice to their peril.

Quaoar’s Dance partner Pholus symbolizes Full Response.  Pholus’s namesake in Greek Myth failed to take all of the Precautions he Could Have Taken, and the results Changed the World.  We can’t say Should Have Taken, because there was no recent Precedent to forewarn him.  It’s only in Hindsight that we can clearly see how he could have easily Prevented the Catastrophe.

Responsibility does not mean Blame.  Responsibility means Being Able to Respond.  If there is no recent Precedent, then, shy of Intuition or “Luck,” how are we to know What to be Prepared to Respond to?  Once an untoward event has occurred, though, or Chicken Little has Warned us, we may be able to Figure Out how to Prevent it from recurring.  So we Interpret Pholus as Being Fully Responsive.  We might have to brainstorm to think of everything that could go wrong, but if we are to be Fully Responsive, that may be Required.

So the two dwarf planets that have been Intimate for the last five or so years, were Quaoar and Pholus – Becoming Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts.  As Greta Thunberg said at Davos, “Some people, some companies, some decision-makers in particular, have known exactly what priceless values they have been sacrificing to continue making unimaginable amounts of money.  And I think many of you here today belong to that group of people.”

This requires a division between the “Us Versus them” Darwinian folks, who will Respond to their Survival Instincts by Hoarding, and the “We’re All In This Together” Rest of Us, who will Respond by Sharing.  The Problem for us is that these two dwarf planets continue to be Intimate until the mid-2060s.  We may be replaced by Robots long before then, so the few of us who are left may end up Struggling with the Robots for Control more than we Struggle with 1000-Year Floods.  “Open the pod bay doors, HAL,” as Kubrick foretold half a century ago.

The Full Moon is the base of the T-Square (Challenge) that’s embedded in the Diamond Square, which means that Chiron Squaring Pholus is a big part of the Challenge, which is quite Curious, as it was Pholus’s failure to foresee all possibilities that led to Chiron’s famous Wound, which made him supposedly Unhealable.  So this is very Ancient Karma that we’re dealing with.


March 14, 2019

We’re falling under the Influence of a recently discovered asteroid nicknamed “Bee-Zed,” which is Stationary 16 March (2pm PDT) in the middle of Capricorn.  It’s an unusual animal, orbiting “backwards” around the Sun, with an orbit as long as Jupiter’s (about twelve years) – most asteroids take four or five years to circle the Sun.  It’s orbit is elliptical; at the moment it’s an Earth-Sun distance beyond Jupiter, but when it’s closer to the Sun it’s no further from us than Mars.  It symbolizes Transcendence.

Compared to what we’re used to, the Station has a simple chart…

The Station Merges with (Conjoins) symbols for Self-Sovereignty (dwarf planet Hylonome) and Trust (asteroid Eurydike), makes an Angle of Curiosity (Quincunx or five Signs away, the green line) to symbols for Consciousness (asteroid Juno), Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus), and Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis).

We take that to mean that we’re Transcending the tired notions (mostly Resistance) that we Learned early on about Ego Death being anathema.  We have after all recently Learned that an Ego Death, as Unpleasant and Scary as it can be when we’re in Resistance to it, is actually a huge Growth spurt that will allow us to Expand beyond what used to be our most distressing Limitations.  We could easily say that our most Exhilarating Experiences – after the fact – have been Ego Deaths.

There’s also Grace in the chart, in the form of a Blessings-If-You-Take-the-First-Step Angle (Sextile, the blue line) to planets symbolizing Beginnings (asteroid Klotho) and Spirituality (Neptune).  That our Discovery of a Whole New Relationship to Life, the Universe, and Everything (Klotho-Neptune) Clashes with (Square, the red line) our Old Fear of Ego Death is a given, and the Clash is much softened by Acceptance of our Transcendence.

The combination of red, green, and blue lines in one triangle is called, logically enough, a “Tricolor.”  We unlock the Blessings in the blue line by directing our “right brain” to hold on to the Amazement embedded in the Curiosity of the green line and Resist the Compulsion that our “left brain” feels to “Figure It Out.”  That Wonderment will Resolve the apparent Tension of the red line.

It’s almost Spring in the Northern Hemisphere!  You know what that means…

Meanwhile, the ridiculous “Second Law of Thermodynamics” has been Transcended – shown up for the bunk that it is…

We run Time backwards all the time, whenever we Remember something.  We don’t Manifest it outwardly very often because when Moses carved this “Second Law” on his stone tablet, we Believed it.  It was Carved in Stone after all, how could it not be True?

Lachesis-Varuna 1

March 13, 2019

We’re detouring to examine the minutiae of the Angles that asteroid Lachesis is making with other planets, under the thesis that Lachesis can Teach us to Change or End undesirable Timelines Purposely, rather than remaining their Victim.  The Mythological Lachesis was one of the “Fates,” the Goddess who Determined the length of the “Cord” that wove the Fabric of Destiny.

But we Believe that Fate and Free Will are not properties of Reality, but yet another False Duality of the mind of the Observing Huper.  It’s the mind (and Politics and Manipulation) that Operates in Either/Or, while the Universe (along with Spirit and Manifestation) Operates in Both/And.  Fate is what Befalls us when we Operate Unconsciously; Choice is ours when we Operate Consciously.  The first Requirement for Operating Consciously is Awareness.

So we’re examining the Lachesis Cycles, to see what it can Teach us about Choice.  In the previous post we discussed the Lachesis-Chiron Cycle and its Impact on whether we find Life, Time, and Opportunity to be Discouraging or Exciting.  In the post before that we mentioned the Lachesis-Uranus Cycle and its Contribution to how much we Allow the Soul to drive our Lives rather than the Ego.  Next up is the Lachesis-Varuna Cycle, which has the Potential to bring our Health and Vitality under Conscious Influence.

On 14 March (3:30 am PDT), Lachesis Completes a Waning Sextile to (two Signs behind) Varuna.  If we allow one Degree of Sensitivity to this Angle, then this Energy comes into our Field around 10 March.  At three Degrees, it’s more like 1 March.  One Degree is the more traditional measure, but the more Sensitive among us will probably find three to be more Realistic.  As we said in the previous post, the Sextile delivers Grace in matters where we Take the First Step, and Striving to Upgrade our Consciousness is certainly an excellent example of Taking a First Step.

In a Waxing Sextile – the Sextile that occurs shortly after the Initiation of a Cycle, while the Cycle is in the Building phase – it’s fairly Clear what we can do to further the Cycle.  A Cycle doesn’t hit the Mainstream till the Waxing Square, so at the Waxing Sextile we’re kind of on our own, without a lot of Outside Support or Acknowledgement.  If we Recognize that and Make Use of it, we can get in early on the Trend and, as it were, “Buy Low,” or perhaps help Determine the Vocabulary of the Conversation that will eventually erupt into the Mainstream.

But a Waning Sextile – the Sextile that occurs shortly before the End of a Cycle, is a different story.  A Cycle for practical purposes Ends at its Waning Square, so by the time of the Waning Sextile, we’re Descending into the Void.  We could for instance Take the First Step to withdraw our Investment in the Cycle’s Energy, but even that would be a little late.  It may be more appropriate to Take the First Step to Clear Away All Expectations around the issues that the Cycle has Influence upon.

So the Lachesis-Varuna Cycle is about Making Conscious Choices about our Vitality.  That doesn’t mean getting a flu shot or Changing our Supplements.  It means that we start to Recognize that it’s our Thoughts, and How we Deal With our Emotions, and How we Relate to Spirit that have the most Powerful and Foundational Impact upon our Health and Vigor.  Compare how you Relate to your Vitality to how you Relate to your Abundance.  Is there any sense in which you’re in Scarcity about your Health?

Do you Respond to Messages from your Body – such as Pain or Discomfort – with Gratitude and Full Attention (to the Message-Sending Organ), or do you go directly to Symptom Alleviation?  Do I regard Pain as a Bother, or as a Gift?  Do I look to see how my Pain may be Influenced by my Habits, Thoughts, Emotions, Karma, and Patterns of Love, Fear, Gratitude, Regret, Embrace, and Rejection toward the Sources of Discomfort in my Body?  Am I a Victim of my Discomfort, or am I Adept at Manifesting the Comfort I want?

Gary Craig (, Dr. Kim (, Nick Ortner (, to name only a few practitioners, all provide many examples of what is sloppily called “Mind Over Matter” or “Mind-Body” Healing – sloppily because it’s a lot more than “mind,” in the usual intellectual sense of the word, that’s doing the work.

I find that it’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t stare at me blankly when I remind them that Body, Spirit, Intellect, and Emotion are not different, independent “Levels” of Life whose paths never cross, but different Perspectives on the Unitary and Multifarious Reality that Comprises our “Usness” and the World around us.  (I don’t even try to tell people that “We” don’t end at our Skin or our Egos.)  One of the fastest ways to Change a facet of our Lives that we don’t Want, is to Shift to a different Perspective on it.

A Physical Issue?  Do your Thoughts about it contribute to your Discomfort, or are they Healing you?  Are your Feelings about it conducive to Healing, or to Harm?  What are you Praying for?  Remember that All Thoughts are Prayers and All Prayers are Answered.  “I’m Worried about this Ache, I better go see what the Doctor has to say about it” is a Prayer, and what is it Praying for?  For Surrendering your Power, and not to any Higher Power.

A Waning phase of a Cycle doesn’t mean that the Issue, such as Vitality (Varuna), or our Victimhood or Adeptness toward our Health (Lachesis-Varuna), goes away.  It means that the current Specific Cycle is Fini.  So what do we know about the Cycle that’s Ending, the Energy we need to Let Go Of?

It initiated mid-June 2014 in 26 Cancer, “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  So, these are not owners, and perhaps not even regular visitors to this Abundance, they’re “Guests.”  In the context of Vitality, these are not Empowered, Active Participants in their own Life Force, they’re more akin to visitors in the Doctor’s office.  But they are Studying – something.  They could be immer Strebend.  Without their own Resources, they’re able to Borrow someone else’s.  So maybe the four years and nine months of this Cycle are about Getting Our Own Resources for Self-Healing.

The chart of the Initiation tells us more about how we’ve spent the last half-decade…  The Initiation Squares the Nodes, telling us that this Opening to Conscious Suzerainty over our Vitality, to the extent that we’ve Lived it, has been an integral part of our Lifetime Journey and Mission.  We may not often have been Conscious about this part of our Journey, but we can rest assured we Harvested the Experience that was necessary for us to Harvest.  When we consider all we’ve Learned about Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting, Theta Healing and the like, even if we haven’t yet applied it consistently to Physical Healing, we’ve Learned a lot that we can apply.

The Nodes are joined by Eurydike (Trust) on the North (Mission) and Eris (Revelation of what’s been Denied) on the South (Held Emotions, Karma), so we can Trust that we’ve Learned what we needed to Learn and Opened doors to what we needed to Let Go Of.

The incredible Stellium (group of three or more planets) in late Sagittarius has been a relatively Easy Path (Trine Bridge) around or through our Vitality Issues.  The Stellium is about Gaining Confidence that We’re Being Fully Responsive to Enough Self-Sovereignty to Overcome Our Programmed Shame and Begin to Embrace our Forbidden Genius and Appreciate Its Role in Our Survival as an Individual and as a Species (Chariklo-Pholus-Hylonome-Ixion-Quaoar).

Then there are the three Challenges (T-Squares, red triangles) that aren’t directly connected to the 26-Degree Initiation itself, but which are part and parcel of the Cycle.

First, we’ve Opened our Intuition (Asbolus) with God/Goddess’s Help (Neptune) to End the Karmic Vows which had been serving as Hard Boundaries that we’ve been working to Overcome, against the New Life-Serving Beliefs and Expanded Perspectives that we’ve been Gaining (Atropos-Orcus-Pallas).

The other two T-Squares Complement one another.  They’re about how The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is to Change our Values (Venus) to Allow Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho), and how we Heal our Despair (Chiron) by Facing the Truth (Veritas) of our Limitless Potential (Chaos).

Can you see how these Changes have been playing out in your Young Life over the last five years?  It’s time to Congratulate ourself for a job well done, Change the Subject, and Trust that we’ve Learned enough to now Instinctively Create a New Life where we’re more Adept at exerting Healthy Control over our Physical Circumstances.  Lord knows there are plenty of other Cycle to fret about, so we should be Delighted to know we can Let Go of this one, at least till September when the Next Cycle begins.

So what about the September Cycle?  Where will it take us?  No, it’s time to Change the Subject.  The more we can Accept that we’re In The Void phase where we’re Purging everything we Know about Lachesis-Varuna in order to be Available for the New, the more we’ll be an Open Channel for that new Energy when it Arrives.  But it hasn’t Arrived yet, and if we meet it from our current Perspective, the Perspective of the End of the Old Cycle, our Expectations will cause us to miss most of it, to Frame it in obsolete terms that will cripple it.