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Instant Healing II

January 7, 2019

All this means that we’re in the midst of the Initiation of four New Cycles.  We routinely watch about 40 planets, which means about 750 simultaneous Cycles.  Some are obvious, most much more subtle, and of course our own Sensitivity is more important than the Prominence of the Cycle itself.  In some greater or lesser sense, though, the Vibes do Change as a New Cycle is Initiated.

All four of the New Cycles are asteroid Cycles.  An asteroid Cycle with an Outer planet usually lasts around three to five years, but an asteroid Cycle with another asteroid can last Centuries, as the nearer ‘roid chases the farther one around the Zodiacal Loop.

Vesta-Klotho is the longest New Cycle beginning.  The Cycle is about how Open we are to New Beliefs.  The Initiation occurred 14 December at 6 Aquarius, “A game of cricket,” which means that Australians will be much Entertained for the Duration, while most of the rest of us will have no idea What’s Going On.

This is good, as it could, under the best of circumstances, force us to Recognize that we’ve never had any idea What Was Going On, and our Pretending that we did is what has Destroyed the Planet (  Make sure you have your Towel and your Hitchhiker’s Guide close at hand, and prepare yourself to have all of your Beliefs Challenged or Shattered, and you’ll be fine.

A New Vesta-Lilith Cycle is also starting, today (6 January).  The basic Vesta-Lilith Cycle is about whether or not our Beliefs Promote our Sovereignty.  The Initiation was in 17 Aquarius, “A watchdog stands guard, protecting its owner and their property.”  So the contest will be between Protecting the Sovereignty of our Ego, or Protecting the Sovereignty of our Soul.  You may want to make a Choice, soon, before your watchdog rips your leg off because you shifted your Assemblage Point at the wrong moment and your mutt didn’t recognize you.

Why can’t we do both, and Respect the Sovereignty of both our Ego and our Soul?  Of course that’s what’ll be happening, as there’s actually no third party left to Choose one or the other.  But if it’s your Ego that trains your watchpup by itself, and your Ego Fears your Soul, one of you will Suffer, and it probably won’t be your Soul.  Why would the Ego Fear the Soul?  Just look at traditional astrology – Uranus, our Soul Vector, is considered to mean Disruption, while the only thing that’s ever really Disrupted is what the Soul regards as Obsolete.

How do we Adapt?  We Learn to Relish our Ego Deaths.  They’ll still be Painful, but we may be able to avoid Rabies.  The more we Resist What We Want, the more likely our watchdog will attack us.  To move forward safely, we need to be Willing to Embrace our Held Emotions.  As Dan Scranton’s Arcturian biddies aver today…

“You chose to ascend with your consciousness in your physical body, and you chose to do it through processing your emotions, accessing more unconditional love and compassion, and going within to discover the truth of who you really are.  It is the longer way.  It is the more painstaking approach, but it is the most satisfying one, and ultimately, the most successful way to ascend.”

The Eurydike-Jupiter Cycle was also Rebooted today.  The Initiation occurred at 13 Sagittarius, “A widow’s past is brought to light.”  Interesting counterpoint to the next Initiation.  The Cycle itself concerns Expansion of Trust.  Since we can usually sense on some level when someone is hiding something from us, this bodes well for increasing Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration, which are all boons for “Ascension.”

The New Klotho-Lilith Cycle begins 13 January in 18 Aquarius, “A man’s secret motives publicly unmasked.”  That’s very suggestive.  Of course, for the rest of us, that means that What We Want comes out into the Open, which is a prerequisite to just about everything else we’d covet.  The Cycle is about Beginning to Trust Our Self in a Whole New Way.  Hooray, hooray!

We can prepare for this by practicing getting a little more Honest every day.  That’ll mean we’ll have to Stand Still for the Abuse that will be heaped upon us by those who are heavily invested in our Servitude to them, or who are deep in Judgment about what we’ve been Denying.  The sooner we cross that necessary Threshold the better, as it’s only the Beginning.  Wait’ll your Forbidden Genius becomes Irrepressible – you’ll be very glad you practiced on your relatively-petty Formerly-Secret Motives.

Oh, and you might want to cancel your Twitter account and close your Facebook page before you become a Pariah.

A fifth Conjunction was not an Initiation, as that occurred back at the September Equinox.  That was the Asbolus-Sappho Initiation, which started a New Cycle about How We Respond to Our Innate Urges to Love Ourself.  It began at 21 Gemini, “”A tumultuous labor demonstration,” which doesn’t promise a quick end to the gilets jaunes or the US arrêt du gouvernement, but which could mean that the new US House of Representatives might begin to make a dent in the Institutionalization of Inequality that we’ve been seeing.

The last president who started a Trade War, and deported a million or two Hispanics (mostly US citizens) while he was at it, lasted only one term – the result of a Wall-Street Crash rather than a Wall-Border Impasse (the Crash is coming, no worries).  The parallel is a bit eerie.  I had no idea that Hoobert Herver blamed the 1929 Crash on Mexicans.

Choice, Fate, & Consciousness

October 1, 2018

“Okay, this gets serious.  All human life takes place within the framework of certain universal principles.  These principles are unwaveringly powerful.  This is the principle that applies to imagination.  Consciousness does not know the difference between a powerfully imagined happening and an actual live, physical happening.  Why?  Simply because, in consciousness, there is no difference.  It is all timeless energy.”  –Michael Roads, Entering the Secret World of Nature, p.58

“When you bring your ancient inner ocean of imagination – of living matter – into synchronization and harmony with the imagination of the world, then you can have a powerful effect.  You can bless the world in ways beyond our [the Sidhe’s] ability.  But you can curse it as well.  This is your incarnate challenge as human beings.

“Here is where we [the Sidhe] feel our collaboration can be helpful, for we can help receive and channel your imaginative powers in ways that are more harmonious with the life of Gaia.  Your inner magic can emerge to harmonize with the magic in the world with which we are familiar.  This possibility is what lies behind our project of exploring collaboration with you.”  –David Spangler,  Engaging with the Sidhe, p.14

Pluto, which was Stationary, or Very Strong, on 30 September, in some ways represents the Imagination of the World and the Life of Gaia.  We usually refer to it as the Zeitgeist, which is a bit more Plebeian, but comparable when looking through a 3D lens and Linear Time.  And asteroid Lachesis, which was Stationary on 28 September, symbolizes Conscious Choice, especially the Choice to Manifest a specific Timeline. 

You can see the colossal Cosmic struggle between the Kavanaugh Timeline and the Ford Timeline, to see which one compliments the Life of Gaia, though of course it’s never Either/Or in Real Life.  The fact that it’s cast as an Either/Or by the Politic and the Media, tells us that it’s an Illusion.  As is always the case, it’s really a Negotiation of Degree between continuing the old Old-Boy Timeline and Facilitating the new MeToo Timeline.  The actual Political Result doesn’t matter that much. 

What really matters is your Powerful Imagining of the Future you want to Live in while you’re still in Linear Time because that will impact your own Experience far more than the Political Result of the current public Negotiation.  The Either/Or Political Result is like two Icebergs meeting; their above-Water tips don’t count nearly as much as their below-Water Mass.  Your own Powerful Imagining just determines which Iceberg you hang out in.  Thinking in terms of Vanquishing will get you nowhere, and certainly won’t Harmonize with Mother Gaia.

If your Powerful Imagining is Limited to repetition of the Past – yours or Gaia’s – think again.  Dwarf Planet Chaos, which was Stationary 26 September, is about Unlimited Potential.  How do we access Unlimited Potential?  With Powerful Imagining of course.  So keep your Focus on the version of Gaia you Want to Live in, not the one you Fear will happen.  The only thing you can Create from Fear is more Fear.

Here’s the Lachesis Station chart…

It’s a Flying Squirrel Configuration.  The head, which is about Powerfully Imagining Perfect Health (Varuna-North Node) – or Fearing the alternative (why the devil would you Choose that?) – is where the Configuration is heading. 

The green diagonals describe the Journey.  These are about Curiosity.  Not the sort of Curiosity that demands Judgment (like the Iceberg Juggernauts Pretend to do in their Drama), but the sort that has room for interesting new combinations and permutations, like the Negotiation of Degree going on beneath the surface.  These diagonals are…

  • How will Choice (the Lachesis Station itself) come to Balance with Transcendence of our Unconscious Beliefs (Saturn-Vesta-BZ509)?  If we’re trying to Choose Either/Or, we’re not Harmonizing with What’s Real.  Whatever we Choose, we’ll be struggling against tons of Karmic and Cultural Programming.  We won’t be Happy or Harmonize with Mother Gaia, or escape the Political Either/Or, if our Choices don’t have wiggle-room for lagging Beliefs.
  • How will our Memories of Abuse {Ford} or Privilege {Kavanaugh} (Nessus-OR10) come to Balance with the Truth of What We’re Creating (Sun-Veritas-Makemake)?  This is thorny.  Self-Righteousness and Rage will Manifest as more Rage and Self-Righteousness.  How will be work with this without Creating more Held Emotions that will glue us to 3D?

The Pluto Station chart…

…Challenges us to bring our Karma or Unconscious Patterns up into our Awareness, Promising a Rebirth into Liberation to the extent that we do.

Pluto Station Conjunct Klotho (Beginning a New Timeline) Opposing Moira (Fate and Choice) T-Squared by Mercury (Awareness) and Abetted (Trine-Bridged) by Atropos (Choosing to End Old Timelines) and Aletheia (Facing the Truth).

We also need to be Open to Ego Death, without Prejudgment about how we will Experience it or where it will Lead us. 

Pluto-Klotho and Atropos form the base of the Yod (two Quincunxes or Curiosity) Demanding that we Pay Attention to our Intuitively Authentic Ego Deaths (Asbolus-Moon-Nemesis).

We talked about the Chaos Station in Summer of Self-Love VI (

Love Ends When Judgment Replaces Curiosity

September 29, 2018

From Michael Roads’s new book, Entering the Secret World of Nature, pp.45-46…

“One day while I was learning to listen to the silent voice of the river, it asked me a question.  ‘Do you see me as new?’

“I struggled with this for a long time…  For months I practiced looking at the river to see newness while listening to the river to be sure it was not laughing at me!

“After nearly a year of this, my intent was still unwavering.  I hindsight, I now know that when you set your intent, life will take you seriously.  But, you are also required to persist.  And persist I did.  I spent most of my practice time in attempting to see the newness in my wife and my children.

“Month after month passed by, yet they remained aggravatingly the same.  Same river, same wife, same kids, same me, same old same old.  I was literally overwhelmed in sameness, but bereft of newness.  I even wondered if what I was attempting was possible, but I kept on, feeling increasingly ridiculous.

“One morning, just as I awakened, I heard/felt words moving through my consciousness.  Only the newness in you can see the newness in the river and in other people.  I thought it was the river speaking, as it seemed to carry river energy.  Later I confirmed this.

“From this point I began to look for the newness in me!  Phew!  That took another six months or more …[but] there came a breathtaking moment when I discovered the newness in me.  Then, from the foundation of this startling newness in me, I started looking for – and eventually seeing – the newness in my wife and children.  I remember the initial excitement, and the frustration of being able to tell so few of my friends; but my wife knew, and she understood.

“Eventually, when I went down to the water’s edge and looked at the river, I experienced it as continual newness.  I smiled in delight.  It seemed so simple now.  What was the difference?  As I thought about it, I realized that it is normal to look through the brain-eyes, they connect. 

“However, by persisting I had gradually learned to also look through the heart-eyes connection, which has always metaphysically existed.  It is not a by-pass of the automatic brain-eyes connection; it is an inclusion, a more holistic way of deeper seeing.  I also suspect that although this was a discovery for me, it has probably been known among indigenous people of various nations for ages.”

Drunvalo Melchizedek also talks about and teaches this in Living in the Heart.

Summer of Self-Love VI

September 27, 2018

Well, my apologies.  I’ve been so busy that I didn’t notice till yesterday that the Chaos Station was 26 July, not 28 July!  See, I’ve been too busy – I think it’s July.  Make that September!  The actual 28 September event is the Lachesis Station, which is actually okay, because after all isn’t being able to Consciously Choose the Length of our Timelines – Lachesis’s specialty – what it’s all about?  I mean, yes, we need to get Conscious of all that Unconscious material, so we make Real Choices rather than Karmic Puppet Choices, but then, Making the Choices is what it’s about.

The Chaos Station was a Yin Gate or Mystery School, where we get to Experience Paradox.  We Win if we stay with the Reality of it, the Reality that it doesn’t Make Sense.  We Lose if we Rationalize it and Make Sense of the Illusion as if it’s Reality…

The critical central axis is the Opposition between Respect for All Things (Hopi) and Consciousness of our Fear (Juno-the Edges of Consciousness and Sedna-Fear, or Power once it’s brought into Consciousness and Grounded).  So it’s our Xenophobia.  How do you Feel about yours?  “Kick the bastards out, they’re taking our jobs?”  Or “We need more Diversity!”  Or “I Feel Guilty about my Racism and Sexism.”  Or, most commonly, “What Racism?  I’m not Sexist.”

Castenada used to call it Cognitive Dissonance – holding several Contradictory notions in mind at once without having to debate about them.  Accepting that Belief in Contradiction is a Limitation of Duality that Separates us from an Alive, Unitary, Multifarious Reality that is rife with apparent Contradiction, when squeezed through the sieve of Intellect.  We build our Egos on Contradiction.  “I Am” because “I’m Not such-and-such.”

The Yin Gate is those two green Xs on each side of the red asterisk in the middle of the chart.  The red diagonals are important too…

  • Rebirth (Haumea) Opposing Authenticity (Moon, Conjunct Eris, which symbolizes Revelation of What’s Been Denied).  Another False Dichotomy.  The Second Harmonic (Opposition) represents Ritual.  So here’s our Opportunity to Choose – between Being Reborn into Authenticity, or Choosing between Rebirth and Authenticity.  Soul would Choose the former, Ego the latter.
  • Enchantment with Limitlessness (Sappho = Self-Love and the Stationary Chaos = Unlimited Potential) versus Being Responsive to our Craziness (Pholus = Being Fully Responsive and Ixion = our Forbidden Genius).  Do you see those as Contradictory?  Find a way that they are Contradictory.  Then hold every Imagined Interpretation without Judging between them.

Not drawn in is the Chiron T-Square across the Limitless-Crazy axis.  As we said last time, there’s Pain there.  We’re conditioned to Believe that our 3D Illusions are Real, and when we begin to see that they’re just Holograms, Illusion, we Freak Out a bit.  Or maybe a lot.  It destabilizes the Ego.  Which, if you want to Identify with Soul, is good.  Providing we Manage our Natural Reactions to it.  It is after all the same as “mental illness,” the only difference is whether or not we’re Managing our Egoic Reactions.

The inmates on this Planet actually Believe that their Limits really are the Edge of the World, and they’ll go to great lengths, incarcerating you even, to keep you from Dropping off the Edge.  So you can’t just Go Crazy.  You have to Pretend like you Understand their Illusions and Believe in them too.  Isn’t that Weird?

Summer of Self-Love V

September 26, 2018

The Big Deal here is that Chiron has Retrograded back into Pisces.  Chiron often means Despair if you get Lost in your Feelings, and Miracles if you Empathize with your Feeler (that’s you) – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Despair again, aren’t you” – said to yourself.  And of course no one gets Lost in their Feelings more than Pisces.

We tend to Identify with our Emotions and thoughts – you can tell when that’s happening just by “Watching your Language” – when we say “I Am Angry,” Angry’Я’Us – we and Anger are the same, we’re Identified with the Emotion.  That’s actually very different from “I Feel Angry,” where an Emoter’Я’Us, not an Emotion.  This is not a silly distinction.  Go a step further and say to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Angry, aren’t you,” and now Empathy’Я’Us.  Empathy Heals, especially Self-Empathy.

There’s another Important Distinction that we all need to Learn – the Difference between Emotions and Thoughts.  Emotions happen in your Body in the Present Moment.  If you stop and Experience your Body in Real Time when you’re Feeling Anger, you’ll find all kinds of things going on – jaw jutting forward, teeth grinding, belly tightened, any number of Sensations.  That is Emotion.

Now, when we’re Angry we usually Talk to ourself to pump up our Anger.  “That so-and-so did such-and-such to me and I don’t like it.  How could anyone be such a creep!  Grrrrr”  That’s not Emotion.  That is thought.  Thought does horrible thing to Emotions.  We totally Abandon the Body and the Present Motion, and bury ourself (literally) in our thoughts about our Emotion, and in the “Past” (they did such-and-such!) and “Future” (that’ll ruin our plans!).

Past and Future are Illusions.  Really, All There Is Is Now.  Like Ram Dass liked to say, “Be Here Now.”  That’s all that’s Real.  And your thoughts, noisy and irrepressible as they are, are not Real either.  Thoughts don’t Grow Corn.

While Anger makes a good example, because it’s pronounced in the Body and because it’s so evocative of self-reinforcing thoughts, Anxiety and Despair are more important Emotions to Examine.  Where and How does Anxiety Feel in the Body in the Present Moment?  Anxiety is tricky.  It could show up as an Urge to Eat, whether we’re actually Hungry or not.  Or as Nausea.  It could show up as Vibration in the Body, or Restlessness, or an urge to check our smartphone, or to buy something. 

Often a way to Identify Anxiety is by the Obsessive and Circular thoughts that accompany it.  When thoughts are Obsessive and Circular, we need to Ask ourself, What’s Going On in My Body Right Now?  While any Emotion can go Unconscious, Anxiety is very good at it.  Anxiety may be Unconscious low-grade Fear, and our Circular Obsessions Efforts to Keep ourself Safe. 

We Liberate ourselves from Circular Obsessions by Getting into the Present Moment.  What do I Feel in my Body, Where, Right Now?  Developing this Habit – shifting from Focusing on the Content of our thoughts about our Feelings, to Identifying the Feelings themselves as Sensations in our Present-Moment Body – is Life-Changing.

Another complexity around Anxiety – it’s often not even Ours.  If Obsessive Circular thoughts keep recurring even when we Identify the Emotion in our Body, it’s worth a try to take the first person who comes to mind, and Mirror them.  Hold up an imaginary wardrobe Mirror facing them for a few minutes, which watching to see if your Inner Sensations Change.  While this Habit of Mirroring may end up being more complicated, it can also become Life-Changing.

Then there’s Despair, Chiron’s favorite “Unhealable Healer” Emotion.  When I think about Despair, other than slumping shoulders and a downward chin, I can’t even Identify what my Physical Sensations would be.  It’s as if Despair is just a thought trap, where all of our thoughts focus on negative outcomes and negative regard for self.  It hardly qualifies as an Emotion, it’s more a shitstorm of thoughts.

Chiron hangs out in Pisces till mid-February before returning to Aries “for good” (well, for nine years; it doesn’t return to Pisces till 2061).  You can see that this really is an Opportunity.  You could easily make a case that many of the Souls here today are here to take advantage of Chiron in Pisces, because it’s the Ideal environment for Finishing Business with the Held Emotions that Limit our Lives on many fronts.

With the 26 September Chaos Station still Prominent with its Limitless Potential – our Limitless Potential – there’s no better time than now to make that Shift.  Instantaneous Healing is not only Possible, it’s Available to you.  PIAVA it.  You never know what might happen.  You might Trip Out so far you never get back to know that you’ve left.  Oh, by the way, did I mention that the Chaos Station Squares Chiron?


in Despair, you’re likely to find your head drooping, your shoulders slumped

Summer of Self-Love IV

September 25, 2018

The Full Moon is very busy…

We could spend a lot of time with this chart, especially since it will be with us for at least the next two weeks, but there’s so much else going on that we’re unlikely to find the time.  A quick summary of a few of the biggest Trends…

We could start with the three (!) Diamond Stars, which, you probably recall, mean a Self-Resolving Challenge. 

Foremost is the Diamond Star about how The Most Important Thing is to Detect and Modify our Self-Sabotaging Unconscious Beliefs (Saturn-Vesta-Quaoar). Maybe you’ve noticed how your Stealth Addictions, the ones where your Evil Twin is Acting Out and Sabotaging you with too much Sugar or other Attention-Diverting Drugs.  The Self-Destructive Habits where you very successfully Pretend like you can “get away with it” without a second thought, until you cross the line and get yourself in trouble – and then remember, “Oh yeah, I can’t really do that, can I.”

Won’t it be fabulous if we can Heal that one way or the other – either curtail our Addictive Behavior, or figure out how to step into a Parallel Life or a Different Dimension and Repair the Original Karma so we can just Enjoy our Addiction without the negative consequences.  Instant Healing is always a Possibility.  Here, where our Difficulty is Self-Resolving, it’s worth a try to just PIAVA such a Miracle a few times.  If it fails we can always try Moderation, though of course that would require that we Recognize our Evil Twin, Consciously, so they can no longer Walk In unannounced.

This Diamond Star is Foremost because its base is the Full Moon itself, which on its own is far from simple.  The Moon is decorated with Pain or Miracles (Chiron), and the Sun dances with The Truth About Manifestation (asteroid Veritas and dwarf planet Makemake).  Which is to say, Just what sort of Pain are we Creating for ourself?

By the way, the folks who complain that “Creating Your Own Reality” amounts to “New Age Guilt” are missing the basic point – the “You” in Creating-Your-Own-Reality is not your Ego, it’s your Soul.  Whatever Reality is being Manifested “for” you, is your Soul’s Purpose.

Maybe your Soul Wants you to Experience this Bummer (we’re likely to Experience it All eventually) for some reason, or maybe there’s a Worse “Fate” awaiting you that you can Avoid by Responding Fully to your current Bummer.  Remember that Fate is what occurs when we’re Operating Unconsciously; Choice is what we get by Living our Life Consciously. 

So maybe your current Bummer is only there to remind you that you have Choice about something.  What might that be, do you suppose?  Well, we can Trust that it’s Important, because the second Diamond Star is about Trust (Eurydike), and it’s base is the Nodal Axis, which signifies our Karma and Lifetime Mission.

The Karma end is enhanced by Self-Sovereignty and Action/Anger (Lilith and Mars), while the Mission end is Dancing with our Life Force (Varuna).  Twisting the Cat’s Cradle further, the Life Force itself is the focus of the third Diamond Star, and it’s base is all about Trusting our Soul (Eurydike Opposite Uranus)!

Summer of Self-Love III

September 23, 2018

Today’s minor event is the Station of Chariklo, aka the Prominence of Self-Confidence in our Energy Fields.  Of course no events are ever “minor” for everyone, but this is minor relative to the Big Events that are building up – the 26 September Station of dwarf planet Chaos (the Prominence of our Unlimited Potentials in our Energy Fields) and the 30 September Station of Pluto (the Prominence of Mandatory but Flexible Transformations in our Energy Fields). 

Today’s Station is also not minor in the sense that it will be coloring everything else that’s going on – that is, what’s particularly Lit Up is our Self-Confidence about the Transformation of our Unlimited Potentials.  With Self-Confidence, our Unlimited Potentials could be for instance Transformed into Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs, which could then Manifest as Letting Go of our Limits.  Which could in turn become Movement Toward Co-Creating What-We-Really-Want.

We also have a 24 September (8pm PDT) Aries (New Co-Creations) Full Moon (Blooming), which we’ll want to have a look at. 

Then on 25 September (5pm PDT), Chiron backs into Pisces for a final visit until mid-February, which will give us a final “Opportunity” to Let Go of the Held Emotions which still Limit us. 

Plus, on 26 September (12:30 am PDT), Eurydike (Trust) moves into Scorpio (the Compulsion to Get To The Bottom of Things).  For the last ten months we’ve been Learning to Trust our Relationships in new ways.  Eurydike’s Libra passage was unusually long; for the next ten weeks we’ll be Deepening our Trust in the Energies that are more Powerful than our Ego.  Our Ego is intimately intertwined with our Limits.  If we’re serious about making any Change in our Young Lives, the first step is always Transcending our Ego.

And on 28 September (10:30 pm PDT) Lachesis (Choosing our Timelines) is Stationary.  In addition to Lovingly Embracing our Ego Deaths, Accepting our Ability to Choose our Timelines is another essential step toward making any Change in our Lives.

Finally, on 29 September (4pm PDT), Juno (the Edges of our Consciousness) visits Gemini (Change) for several weeks, which should make it Easier for us to shift our Limiting Beliefs.

Here’s the 23 September Chariklo Station chart…

The major Configuration is a Nemesis Diamond Star – an Ego-Death Challenge that should turn out to be Self-Resolving.  This Configuration occurs when a T-Square (red triangle) and a Yod (green wedge) point to the same planet.  The combination results in a “bowl of Grace” (the Cat’s Cradle of blue lines) under the T-Square.

Notice that asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) Conjoins the Chariklo Station and asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) Opposes it, while asteroid Atropos (Endings) is the other corner of the Cat’s Cradle.  This is three of the four “Fate” planets, and the fourth, Lachesis, is Stationary on 28 September, ie, now.  So this Adventure is all about Gaining Confidence in our Ability To Choose What We Want, rather than having to Accept what seems to be handed to us – or shoved down our throats, by our “Fate.” 

The Difference is Conscious Awareness.  In order to Choose, we must first be Aware – Aware of what appears to be unfolding, Aware that What-We-Want does NOT appear to be occurring, Aware that there are Other Possibilities, and Aware that we can Choose.  Manifesting is like Falling Down – it doesn’t matter how many times you fail, what matters is how many times you Get Up, compare your Outcome to your Choice, Adjust, and PIAVA again.

A second Big Configuration in the chart is an almost-Complete Grand Sextile (Great Blessings, once we Initiate the process) in the Magnetic or Feminine Signs.  It includes all three of the Fate/Choice asteroids, plus Truth/Aletheia, and Moon-Neptune.  Moon is about Authenticity, and Neptune is about Everything that is Larger than the Ego, for instance, Community and Soul.  If we Choose to be Authentic to our Cultural Programming, is that really Authenticity?  In order to be Authentic to our Community, we first need to be Authentic to our Soul.

The Vacancy in the Almost-Grand-Sextile – which symbolizes the Energy we must Consciously contribute if we want to make the Blessings Flow – is the Midpoint of Taurus, corresponding to the day of St. Brigid and the Ancient Goddess from which She evolved, She of the Sacred Eternal Flame

The Midpoint of Taurus is also associated with the Great Star Aldebaran, for which Integrity is the critical key that unlocks Achievement of What-We-Really-Want.  Since Taurus and the Almost-Grand-Sextile are Feminine, we’ll translate that from Yangtegrity (what’s usually meant by Integrity, or Doing What You Said You Were Going To Do When You Said You Would Do It) to Yintegrity, which means Doing What You Damn Well Feel Like Doing When You Feel Like Doing It, aka Trusting Your Intuition.

While the tide is turning, it’s still a mostly-Yangtegrity World, so to do Yintegrity without socially self-destructing, we need to Renegotiate when necessary, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship is a Keeper.  To do that effectively, we also have to Limit our Commitments, which at any rate is an important part of our Self-Sovereignty. 

A big part of that is our Ability to say “No.” – which we learned earlier in September, right?  It’s quite remarkable how these Energies are Scripted, each building on the previous.  As our Chief Asteroid Officer used to say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Summer of Self-Love II

September 21, 2018

Here’s the 22 September (7pm PDT) Equinox chart, which applies till the December Solstice…

The single Challenge (“Square,” the short red line) in the chart is between The-Truth-Will-Come-Out (Sun-Mercury-Veritas) and The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-To-Revise-Our-Beliefs-So-They-No-Longer-Deny-Our-Survival-Instincts (Saturn-Vesta-Quaoar), suggesting possible Hard Times ahead if we try to keep our head in the Sand. 

But the Big Picture in the chart is Dumb-Luck Grace Directed (a “Kite,” the stacked blue triangles) at Our Aptitude For Our Mission (Varuna-North Node), particularly with regard to How-Well-We-Protect-Our-Own-Health-And-Honor-Our-Physical-Vehicle.  The fact that the Equinox itself is one corner of the underlying Dumb-Luck Grace (the Grand Trine that underlies the Kite), tells us that the Challenge will Flow Easily, as long as we don’t Resist it too vigorously.

The other two corners of the Big Grace are Becoming-Conscious-Of-Our-Fear (Juno-Sedna) and Owning-Our-Anger-And-Our-Codependence (Mars-South Node-Lilith).  As part of the Big Grace, these two Energies, which would normally be some of the most Difficult things we will ever do, will also Flow Easily.

“Coincidentally,” Archangel Michael, Channeled by Natalie Glasson, has some exercises for us to Ease the process further…

“In my communication with you today, I, Archangel Michael wish to share with you tools from the Angelic Realm and my own energy to gift to you adding your ascension and empowering your current journey upon the Earth.  The tools, techniques, and practices I wish to share with you are focused upon enhancing your spiritual and physical journey upon the Earth, while recognising that both are the same. 

“Your spiritual and physical journey are synthesised, they do not exist separately and should not be recognised as disconnected either.  Your physical life is the canvas for your spiritual being and soul to paint and create whatever inspires and fulfills you.  When you exist only in your physical reality and do not engage the presence of your soul then life becomes boring, mundane and challenging.

“When you only engage with your spiritual self and pathway and give less importance to your physical reality you miss the purpose of life and are unable to see the beauty of the Earth.  The physical reality and spiritual reality are one and the same, when you are able to recognise this, you access the magic, purpose, and fulfillment of life.”

He continues with the exercises.

And Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends also contribute…

“We are surprised and excited to see how many people are waking up every single day.  We have noticed this trend occurring as you get closer and closer to the equinox, but we also notice that there is a portion of the population who are struggling.  They are struggling to find something to believe in, and they have not been able to make a leap of faith to the truth that we are all one and we are all Source.  They certainly are far from believing that they create their reality.

“We have been looking for ways to reach this particular group of individuals on your world, and we know that at times you will attempt to share something with one of them to bring them into the light, to help them awaken.  But you are going to have a hard time convincing someone of something when they don’t really know what they believe in.  So it is much more effective if you just hold space for those individuals.  Send them love.  Have compassion for them, and live your life without apologies.

“Live your truth in every waking moment of every day, no matter what anyone else feels or thinks about your truth.  The more of you who are out there shining your light and living your truth, the more of the human collective consciousness is going to get what you know.  You can reach more people by tapping in to the collective consciousness then you can by trying to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced.

“But know that those who are looking for something to believe in are always served by having those like you around.  Your presence, and the knowing that you hold within you is enough to bring one or more people to the light.”

And, though it’s too long to quote, Dr. Kim D’Eramo also repeats the same theme – Your Presence Is Your Greatest Healing Tool – to a Conference of MDs…

And last night I was privileged to join a short workshop in Communicating with Trees, led by Joanne Marks (, and Joanne emphasized the same point about Separation – The Planet’s greatest need is that Humans get past Thinking and get down to Who We Really Are, Instinctively, As Individual Entities.

Summer of Self-Love

September 20, 2018

Well, at least a week of Self-Love, as both the 21 September Asbolus Station and the 26 September Chaos Station Conjoin asteroid Sappho, the Goddess of Self-Love.

The Chaos (Unlimited Potential) Station is the Biggie this week, but many partners are lined up to Dance with us during the Build-Up…

  • 21 September (6:30 am PDT) Asbolus (Intuition) Station in 21 Gemini, which Challenges us to Accept what’s been in the closet
    • Pluto Squaring Eris…

  • 22 September (7pm PDT) Libra Equinox – this chart will be with us till the Capricorn Solstice.  It suggests that we have Self-Judgments that are impacting our Health, and we’ll be, if we Decide to Accept the Mission, getting Conscious of the Truth around them.  Unfortunately, this message will not self-destruct in five seconds.

Of course we could have internalized someone else’s Judgments as our own.  This may be a good clue about our Forbidden Genius.  Lifelong and Life-Threatening Health issues can disappear in seconds when we find their Real Cause, which is often in our Held Emotions.  The Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Realms are not Separate Provinces – we are One Unit, and these are simply different Perspectives on that Unit.  Ever hear of “Miracle” Healings?  This is how they occur.

The Equinox Conjoins Mercury (Awareness) and Veritas (Truth), Squares Vesta-Saturn-Quaoar (see below), Trines Sedna-Juno (Becoming Conscious about Fear), and Trine-Bridges the Opposition between Mars-South Node (Self-Inflicted Wounds) and Varuna-North Node (Perfect Health).

Our Survival Instincts will make it clear to us which Unconscious Beliefs are Most Important for us to get Conscious of and Change.  Don’t mistake your Survival Instincts for Worry or Fear.  Instead, Ask yourself,

“What Indelible ‘Truths’ Create this Worry or Fear?  If a Miracle were to Manifest right now, what would be the Perfect Result I Want?  What Prevents me from Receiving that?  What if those ‘Truths’ were just Mass Hypnosis?  If there was ever one Exception, then it ain’t a Truth, is it.”

A common culprit is some variation on the Belief that there are Walls between Body, Spirit, Emotion, and Thought.

  • 23 September (4:30 am PDT) Station of Chariklo (Confidence) in 15 Capricorn.  The Bottom Line is Choosing to Accept a Big Ego Death in order to Rebirth ourself into Confidence.  Of course the process we suggest above would Create a Big Ego Death, wouldn’t it.  You might be surprises at how Easy it turns out the to be, though.
    • Stationary Chariklo Conjoins Klotho (Choosing a New Timeline) as part of the Grace in a Nemesis (Ego Death) Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge), and Opposes asteroid Moira (Choice).  Asteroid Atropos (Choosing to End an Old Timeline) is the other part of the Grace.
  • 26 September (5pm PDT) Station of dwarf planet Chaos in 26 Gemini, which promises to be a Life Lesson in Transmuting Fear of Other into Respect.

    • Perfect Yin Gate, the central axis of which (the Paradoxes we’re Learning) is Hopi (Respect for All Things) Opposite Sedna-Juno (Becoming Conscious about Fear).  Chaos Conjoins Sappho (Self-Love) and Opposes Ixion-Pholus (Responding Fully to our Forbidden Genius) and Haumea (Rebirth) Opposes Moon-Eris (Becoming Authentic about our Hidden Truths).

As if this chain wasn’t Heavy enough, it’s followed closely by…

  • 28 September (10:30 pm PDT) Station of Lachesis (Choosing to Modify a Timeline) in 6 Gemini, which will involve Letting Go of more Memories of Abuse in order to Deepen our Physical Healing.

And the whole process is underlain by…

  • 30 September (7pm PDT) Station of Pluto (An Irresistible but Modifiable Force) in 19 Capricorn.  More Choosing, more Ego Death, more Truth.

Phew!  Then we get a few days off to Integrate it all before we have to/get to Confront our Old Reality and Adjust it to fit Who We’ve Become (Station of Juno 11 October in 1 Gemini).

Or, as Daniel Scranton’s Channel puts it…

“We have begun the process of giving you the various upgrades that you’ve been asking for.  We are working, of course, in concert with your guides to provide you with the unique upgrades that each of you has been asking for individually.  Now, these upgrades are different than the universal ones that you sometimes receive.  Those upgrades are given because of where you are on your evolutionary journey, and they are given to everyone.

“The upgrades that we are referring to are the ones that you have personally requested, whether the request was for clairvoyance [eg the Asbolus Station], the ability to channel, or to be able to heal others.  We have been working with your guides and your higher selves because so many of you have been reaching out to us, specifically, and we have been able to convince your guides and higher selves at times that you are ready for some true growth and some new abilities that will help sustain you during the rest of the time that you have in the fourth dimension.

“We are happy and eager to provide you with these upgrades while you are asleep, and it is important for all of you to know that once you have an upgrade, you will still need to learn how to use it.  So just because you receive a clairvoyance upgrade, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to start accessing that gift without any focus on your part.  Most of you will still need to sit and open your third eyes to see what you are receiving.

“You will still need to master the use of the gifts you are given, and mostly you will need to trust that what you are receiving is in fact real and not just your imagination, your mind, or your ego.  Receive your new gifts graciously, and practice, practice, practice, and you will have a lot more fun there on Earth with your new toys.”

No. IV

September 17, 2018

So far we haven’t looked at Hylonome itself, the Star of this show.  As we’ve indicated, dwarf planet Hylonome is about…

  • Merging with Other people (or concepts, or ideals, or Values), sometimes Unconsciously, sometimes because we don’t Believe we have a Choice
  • Becoming Conscious of Merging with Other
  • Making Choices that Support What We Really Want rather than What They Want.

Notice when we Choose to Kiss Someone’s Ass because we Believe it’s the best way to get What We Want, that’s a Conscious Choice, and probably more about Vesta than Hylonome.  If we don’t Believe there are Other Ways to get What We Want, then Hylonome might be involved, as that’s really about being Unconscious of Alternatives (of which there are always many, once we shift our Perspective).

The major Angles that Hylonome makes in its Station chart are…

  • Transcending our Codependence – Hylonome Conjunct BZ509
  • Becoming Authentic with ourself about the situations where we Give Away our Power – Hylonome Conjunct Moon
  • Being Challenged to make our Self-Sovereignty Sustainable – Hylonome Square Ceres
  • Facilitating Changes in our Karmic Timelines – Part of the “Bowl of Grace” under the Lachesis Diamond Star that’s part of the Lachesis-Nessus-Karma-Orcus/Pallas Grand Cross
  • Facilitating our Mission in the Lifetime – Focus of a Yod from the North Node and Lachesis
  • Making it Easier to Disrupt our Held Emotions about Bondage – Hylonome Unx Lilith-South Node
  • Making it Easier to Break our Karmic Patterns – Hylonome Unx asteroid Karma

The structure of the chart is like a Radio Telescope or a Reflecting Telescope, where a large bowl of Mirrors or Antennas Reflect signals back to  Central Point…

The single point is asteroid Lachesis.  Lachesis was the Greek “Fate” who determined the length of a Fated Timeline.  Fate happens to us when we’re Living our Lives Unconsciously.  When we Notice the Archetypal Patterns that are running our Lives, Realize that there are Alternatives, and Decide to Choose Habits that Support What We Want, we’re using Lachesis as a trigger for our Sovereignty to Choose when to start and stop each Timeline in our Life. 

When we get really good with Lachesis, we can even Decide when to bring Timelines or Wisdom, from other Lifetimes, into the Current Life.  I’ve even met people who are quite Conscious about when to begin or end a particular Lifetime.  From the Ego’s Perspective, a Lifetime is kind of the Ultimate Timeline.  From the Soul’s Perspective, a Lifetime is just one chapter in a whole series of intersecting Timelines.