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13.12 Full Moon IV

December 11, 2016

“Surely the paradox of all paradoxes.  The enlightened Being that I, and others like me, had struggled to reach was never above or beyond, or in some distant future, but the greater Truth of who we are, right here and now.”  –Michael Roads, Journey into Oneness: Into a Timeless Realm, p.13.

Before we move on to the rest of December (which is also busy – can we Expect otherwise?), let’s spend a few minutes on the several “niggling little irritants” in the Full Moon chart.

[1] A while back we mentioned that the Hylonome-Makemake Cycle, which is about how Manifestation is blocked by Archetypes that we’ve Merged with.  We keep Manifesting the Archetype instead of What we Want, until we do it enough times to figure it out, if we ever do figure it out (hint: it’d not about Judgment).  Here’s what we said then ( …

(8) Think about how the last week or two have been very different in your Life.  Seeing more Mysterious movements out of the corner of your eye?  Obvious signs of Ego Rebirth (such as feeling lost on a route you’ve traveled often)?  Long deep Sleeps?  Unusually sharp Intuitions?  Unexplainable surges of Excitement?  Angels are becoming more Present; keep your eye out for evidence of them. The more you Acknowledge their Presence, the more they can work their Magic.

(8) On 5 December at about 3am, Hylonome (Detaching from Archetypes) Waxing Squares (Challenge) Makemake (Manifestation).  The Hylonome-Makemake Cycle in general is about Letting Go of Self-Sabotage.  The Energy of a Cycle is strong around its Initiation, then goes underground till the Waxing Square, then reaches the mainstream.  The current Cycle was Initiated in June 1989 (think Harmonic Convergence) at 3 Virgo, “Two Guardian Angels“!

Turns out that was an error; this Cycle isn’t really about the Guardian Angels; it’s about “Black and white children playing happily together” (September 1988 at 4 Virgo).  Not to worry about the Angels, They’re here; I’ve long since learned that an “error” in a chart is a valuable Intuition.  It’s great news about the Children.

In the Full Moon chart, Makemake is at the focus of a T-Square with Hylonome and asteroid Atropos.  Atropos is about Endings.  

This is more good news, as Inhibitions to Manifestation End.  However, it’s a T-Square, so it’s a Challenge, and the Challenge is likely to be our Attachment to the Inhibitions.  Maybe you’ve been getting glimpses of Possibilities that you’d never entertained before, but dismissed them as too remote?  Reconsider.

In a “naked” T-Square (ie, absent a Grand Cross to Complete it), the Strongest point is the Vacancy Opposite to the planet at the focus.  Here that would be 5 Aries, which is about “Self-Transcendence.”

“People are never without help from Self or other Beings.  The help is always there, but of course, if  you are closed and unreceptive, then unfortunately you create and maintain your own helplessness.”  —op. cit. p.17

[2] The asteroid Lachesis, which is about Setting the Duration of an Ego’s Lifetime, makes a T-Square across the Opposition betwen Haumea-Pandora (Rebirth into Gender Balance) and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Clearing the Memories that Hold the Emotions which Prevent Our Heart’s Truth from Becoming the Permanent Essence of Our Identity).  Ah yes, those Ten Thousand Vignettes.  This sounds more like a huge Opportunity than a Challenge, but of course many of the Vignettes are No Fun.

The Vacancy for this T-Square is 23 Cancer, a “Literary Society.”  

Hmmm.  Are we overthinking this one?  Certainly those Vignettes will be bringing up lots of pregnant Emotions that will beg us to fill out their balloon with What-If and If-Only and Why-Didn’t-I and What-Could-Have thoughts.  But there’s another trend developing here.

While Jupiter is still five-and-a-half Degrees and nine months from being Initiated by Haumea, Both Jupiter and Haumea are within our three-Degree range of Sensitivity to Uranus-et al and Lachesis, giving us a second naked Lachesis T-Square, with Jupiter.  The Vacancy for this one is 21 Cancer, A virtuosa performing an opera.  So…

There is a Timing Issue here.  Next September our Rebirth into greater Identification with our Heart’s Truth will Blossom into full unmistakeable Glory.  There will be no Doubt!  All we’re doing now is Finishing Business, cleaning up the flotsam and jetsam from the previous Jupiter-Haumea Cycle.  That Cycle was about “Children blowing soap bubbles.”  From the Perspective of our Mastery, all these Vignettes, and their referents, are just playful shimmery bubbles, of no substance!  That’s a Revelation to remember!

Heavy Duty FullMoon 22.2.16

February 19, 2016

We see the 22 February Full Moon working already, with certain well-known Bullies kicking sand in the face of the Pope.  Well, okay, “he started it” – with a more subtle form of Bullying.  Quite a comedy, actually.  A Full Moon is about Illuminating what was previously kept in the Dark, and you can expect a good deal of Bullying to be “called out” here,  Pilgrim.  Like John Wayne in Liberty Valence, Bullies are heroes in American folklore.  Americans worship Confidence, in more ways than one, alas.

At the Full Moon the Sun is bang on 2007 OR10’s (Uninvited Unconscious Material) Initiation of Nessus (Revelation of Privilege and Abuse) at 3 Pisces, “Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand” (which is exact on 26 February).  It’s Trine-Bridged by Hylonome (Merging or De-Merging with an Archetype) and Quincunx-Bridged by Makemake (Manifestation), leaving Hylonome Waxing-Square to Makemake.  The Makemake-Hylonome Initiation took place in late September 1988 at 4 Virgo, “Black and white children play together happily” – we’ll take that, thanks.

The asteroid Atropos (Mortality) Opposes Makemake, creating a Hylonome T-Square (Even though the gains of Greater Consciousness and De-merging with an Archetype are substantial, all losses must be Grieved).  Venus Sextiles Atropos, making a Finger of Yod focused on the Full Moon at 4 Virgo – the same interracial playground as the Makemake-Hylonome Initiation of the prior paragraph!

One could make a very good case for interpreting the current splash of Racism and Bullying as a final purge of obsolete ideals.  John Perkins has just updated his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and his fifteen new chapters echo Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine.  John makes it clear that the Lizards are using their media to divide the US population in order to create straw Enemies that they can then exploit even more.  If we compare Bernie’s success so far with McGovern’s progress in 1972 (following the Pluto-Uranus Initiation), we’re ahead of the game, as we should be.

Neptune (Spirit and Community) Initiates Ceres (Sustainability) the day before the Full Moon, at 10 Pisces, “An aviator pursues their journey, flying through ground-obscuring cloud,” clouds of media manipulation, where it’s a front-page headline every time The Donald disgusts himself with another dump.  This Initiation Opposes Orcus (Release from Karma) and is T-Squared by Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) – more Illumination.

Pallas (Boundaries) also Initiates Mercury (Communication) on 21 February, at 11 Aquarius, “During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life” – more Changes.  Mercury-Pallas and Vesta form the foot of a Quintile Yod focused on Jupiter, implying growing Awareness of Unconscious Beliefs leading to Expansion of Consciousness.  The North Node isn’t involved in the Q-Yod, but it’s certainly Conjunct Jupiter, implying an Expansion into our Missions.

The Full Moon is also Triseptile to Venus and Biseptile to Saturn, bringing Magic into a Focus on our Core Values.

The Drama around this Full Moon will probably become increasingly shocking, but you can expect what is Revealed to be cathartic and ultimately positive.