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Quantum Jump 19: Vesta III

July 30, 2018

Here’s the Vesta Station chart…

The Square Fez, Golden Rectangle, and double T-Squares (or, together, Square Fez with double chinstrap) are drawn in heavy lines, and the Grand Trine in lighter lines.  To Identify each…

  • The Square Fez is Pluto-Venus-Chaos-Eris
  • The Golden Rectangle is Chaos-Eris-Vesta-Haumea
  • The T-Squares are the red triangles
  • The Grand Trine is Eris-Vesta-Mercury

Since we’re dealing with a Reorg of our Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta Station), it shouldn’t be too surprising that we may be Compelled (Pluto T-Square) to Violate or Reform our previous Values (Venus T-Square). 

Two questions are prominent – see if you can Hold them as Questions rather than trying to Answer them; our Answers always spring from what we already know, so it we use them to Close the Questions, we never Grow…

  • “I Wonder what previous Limits I’ll be Compelled to Exceed” (Pluto Quincunx Chaos-Asbolus)
  • “I Wonder what I may now be ready to See, that I’ve been Denying” (Venus Quincunx Eris)
  • These are the Diagonals of the Square Fez; any Fez is most easily approached through its Diagonal Quincunxes

And there are two Dualities that are important for us to Transcend or Unify.  Answers are more appropriate here, as long as we remain Open to Better (New or more Comprehensive or just plain outrageous) Answers…

  • My Hidden Genius and its Suppression (Vesta-Ixion Opposite Chaos-Asbolus)
  • Denial and Rebirth (Eris Opposite Haumea-Atropos)
  • The Grace in the Golden Rectangle (it’s blue in the chart; it’s Golden because the ratio of its ends to its sides is Sacred Geometry’s Golden Angle) is Liberated by Resolving its Diagonal Oppositions

A New Atropos-Haumea Cycle Begins 10 August at 24 Libra, “A butterfly with an extra wing on its left side.”  In general, the Left Side implies the Receptive or Yin side of things, so we could interpret the Symbol as an emphasis on the Feminine.  While the Cycle itself can be seen as enigmatic – Beginnings (Haumea) Initiating Endings (Atropos) – we can also read it as Quenching Hindrances to Rebirth.  Hence, Quenching Hindrances to the Rebirth of the Feminine.

Which puts us right into the Heart of the Eris Myths – Eris Challenged the Vanity of the Primary Greek Goddesses, as well as the Hubris of the Greek Gods who both Manipulated and were Enthralled by their Vanity.  That’s kind of a Metaphor for an Archetype in general – we are loathe to Surrender the Archetype because we Manipulate it to our Advantage, even while the Archetype Manipulates us to its Advantage.  Think manchild ‘Rump and daddyproxy Pootin’.

One of the easiest way to Resolve any Disharmony is to Reframe it as a Virtue, though it’s not about “Spinning” it, it’s literally about viewing it through a new legitimate Perspective.  For instance, Denial, while we use it as an insult to Manipulate Guilt in others, is actually a Powerful Psychological Tool that we use, mostly Unconsciously, to postpone what we’re not ready to deal with.

So the Eris-Haumea/Atropos Opposition becomes an Invocation to Accept greater Authority and Autonomy for the Feminine in our Personal and Cultural Beliefs and Actions.

The New Vesta-Ixion Cycle began 23 March at 28 Sagittarius – on the Galactic Center – “An ancient bridge over a beautiful stream is still in constant use.”  Our Hidden and Forbidden Genius Ixion is almost certainly a long- and well-honed Skill developed in many Past and Parallel Lives.  That could be our Ancient Bridge.  The Beautiful Stream could be the Unconscious Beliefs that have brought us to Where We Are.  In the spirit of Denial as a Powerful Focusing Tool, our Limiting Beliefs have served to bring us to the Cusp of Ascension.

A bit more subtle but Powerful is the “Still in Constant Use” part of the Symbol.  Even though our Hidden Genius has been Forbidden, the Limitation is more about Recognition than Use.  So while we won’t Talk about it, or use it in situations where it would be Seen, we actually use it all of the time when no one is Watching.  So there is Hidden Power in your Fantasies about Manifesting your Greatest Desires.

Fantasies are usually scenarios we don’t actually Want to happen, because they would overly Complicate our Life, disrupting too many of the Masks we use to Protect our True Self.  It may be reasonable to suggest that Enlightenment occurs when we no longer need to Protect our True Self, when we Realize that our True Self is actually Source and as such is not Vulnerable to Harm.

While Chaos doesn’t Initiate Asbolus until 2024, it’s a 96-year Cycle, so we can reasonably consider the five-degree gap between them to be at least Hinting about the New Cycle now.  The New Cycle begins at 4 Cancer, “A cat arguing with a mouse.”  The Cat here would be our Unlimited Potential, while the Mouse would be our Resistance to our Intuitions about Reaching into it to pluck its Fruit.

So how can we Honor our Fantasies more as Practice for Plucking the Fruits of our Unlimited Potential?  We could Fantasize that our Fantasies themselves Manifest in such a manner that our Resistance to them is undisturbed, that Miracles Allow our Deepest Desires to Manifest without Resistance from ourself or Others.  But that would be a Fantasy, which by definition we tend not to Want to actually happen.

What to do then?  We could PIAVA Both/And.  To do that we have to recast our Resistance to our Hidden Genius as our Friend.  Rather than the Side Effects we Don’t Want to happen as a result of Living our Genius Out Loud, list the Effects we Do Want to happen.  For instance, that might be Confidence and Celebration rather than Shame and Banishment.

Such a PIAVA is likely to be so Powerful as to Explode our Lifestyle, so we want to approach it carefully.  We can easily Entrench our Current Ego rather than Expand it, by asking it to Grow too much at once.  A Powerful approach to Powerful Shifts is to alternate Theta and Tapping and Resting.

Suppose we’ve been a Skinny Kid all our Lives in spite of our Best Efforts to the contrary, and we Want to stop Others from kicking sand in our face at the Beach.  We could start by Thetaing what the Italians call Bella Figura (  Then when we get to the Show Me part, we just look to see what Resistance arises in ourself.

Then we Tap on that Resistance, and run the Theta again, allowing the Command phrase to Change as our Perspective on it Changes.  When we find more Resistance, we Tap it Out too.  After a couple of Iterations, or even just one, we Rest for several hours or a day or two, to let what we’ve Changed so far Integrate.  Then we run another Theta-Tap-Theta-Tap Sequence, and Rest again. 

Try this, and let me know how it works.  If you don’t already have the Theta and Tapping techniques down, the details are at and

Quantum Jump 18: Vesta II

July 29, 2018

From the last post…

“Asteroid Vesta – Unconscious Beliefs – Stands Still on 1 August (3am PDT) at 9 Sagittarius.”

I’ve been looking over all my notes for all of the Corollaries and Extensions to the Vesta Station, and I can’t find anything that’s happening at 9 Degrees of Anything.  The Vesta Station occurs at 23 Degrees of Sagittarius.  So why would I say “9” instead?  An Intuition obviously, but of what?  Time for some Introversion to Integrate all of the new Energies perhaps.

Dan Scranton’s Arcturian friends have this to say…

“We have the ability to sense when you all are taking a gigantic leap forward, and we are having that feeling right now.  And you can give the credit to what’s happening in your skies, but you deserve all of it because you have made yourselves available to the energies that you have been receiving.

“What we see in most of you who are awakened is a desire to take the rest of humanity to a higher level.  We see your willingness to pull humanity up and carry the weight on your shoulders.  We see many of you processing emotions for the other members of your collective, and most importantly, we see you wanting to be of service.

“When you hold that desire to be of service, there is so much more energy available to you because you have so many co-creators in the non-physical who want to work with willing partners.  We are so pleased to see how these partnerships are formed, and we are proud to say that we are partnering with a large number of you who are reaching out to us.  The momentum that is nudging you forward now is going to take you to the next minor event, but all of these minor events add up.

“And you are accessing more of the love that you truly are just by being willing to be the leaders in this movement, a movement that involves the evolution of the human collective consciousness.  Your service will, of course, be rewarded, but we know that you don’t do it for the rewards.  You do it because of the compassion and the love that you have within you, and you allow that love and compassion to take priority over your thinking minds.

“It’s time for more of you to acknowledge yourselves for the wonderful work that you are doing.  It’s time for you to receive the thanks from those like us in the higher realms who are so happy to be partnered with such beautiful, awakened beings.”

Quantum Jump 17: Vesta I

July 28, 2018

The Longjump continues.  I have no idea if Transcending our Limiting Beliefs is what Don Juan meant by “Shifting our Assemblage Point,” because I don’t See Energy the way he did.  But Transcending our Limiting Beliefs is at least a junior version of it.  Such Transcending is up next in this Tunnel with many Ring-Pass-Nots that we’ve been in since early July, as asteroid Vesta – Unconscious Beliefs – Stands Still on 1 August (3am PDT) at 23 Sagittarius.

Vesta is the Roman version of the Greek Goddess Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth.  The Hearth meant Warmth, Food, Home.  The Greeks knew who Buttered their Bread, and weren’t fooled by the new-fangled Patriarchy propaganda; they toasted Hestia before they toasted Zeus, and they toasted Her again afterwards.  The Romans saw this and liked it, making their Vesta Goddess of the State in addition to Home, Hearth, and Family.

Presuming that the Greeks and Romans were sincere in their Appreciation of Hestia and Vesta, we take as our shortcut interpretation of Vesta, Unconscious Beliefs.  Belief is a corrupted term, as many use it to describe what they’ve been taught, or told.  We use it to describe the bars on the Birdcage of Paradigms that Constrain our picture of what’s Real. 

Dependence on the Authority of Others has been offered as a definition of Conservatism.  I suppose for these folks, what they’ve been told by their Authority qualifies as a Belief.  Can one be Conscious and also depend on the Authority of Others?  Maybe.  We’re probably biased by our own Belief that Consciousness correlates with Self-Sovereignty.

As befits an obviously Radical shift in Beliefs, the overall chart of the Vesta Station is a bit disorganized.  If we called it another Muffin, it would be one that collapsed on top and spilled a bit over the edge of the tin.  We do have two T-Squares (to Pluto and Venus), a Grand Trine, a Square Fez, and a Golden Rectangle to interpret. 

But the Biggest Impact probably lies in the Vesta Station’s Conjunction with Ixion, mirroring the late-March Station of Ixion Conjunct Vesta.  Expect whatever wrestling with Traditional Values and Beliefs about what’s Permissible, that you didn’t finish in the last half of March, to be Lit Up this week.  But we’ll say more about all this soon.

St. Germain

July 28, 2018

Natalie Glasson Channels St. Germain in a very germane message for us…

“Those ready can step up and embody the newwave of energy which symbolises embodying responsibility of your ascension process.  For some, the thoughts of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion.  This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them.

“To take responsibility, doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual pathway or achieve your ascension on your own, these understandings are born from the ego’s belief in separation with the Creator.  Taking responsibility for your ascension is to open and surrender yourself to the Universe of the Creator and allowing yourself to be guided, trusting that all will be well and fulfilling.

“Opening yourself to the Universe of the Creator allows you to be steered in the most beautiful way to experience magnificent spiritual and soul learning, growth and understanding.

“When you do not take responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution you lack direction, connection with yourself, understanding of your needs, blame others and wait for others to do your spiritual work, growth and evolution for you.  Other people are always present in your reality to assist, inspire, direct and reflect the truth of the Creator to you.

“However, to grow spiritually with acceleration there is a need to be centred in your core by surrendering to the guidance of the Creator, and from the intention of co-creating in harmony with the Creator; this is to take responsibility for your own growth.

The Question that Promotes Your Acceptance of Yourself

“The question you can ask yourself is, ‘How can I co-create fulfilment and spiritual growth with the Creator and those around me?’  This question allows you to realise you are the core creator and manifestor of your reality and existence upon the Earth.  However, you cannot do it alone, therefore co-creation is always essential.

“It is also essential to recognise all creations first as an energy within you which takes form in wonderful and often unexplainable ways in your reality.  When you recognise yourself, your creations, those around you and the Creator as energy you perceive your reality differently and realise that all energy is born from the Creator and wishes to experience connection in order to transform and create new energy.

“When you surrender to the Creator and are willing to receive guidance, assistance and support from the Creator while realising that your purpose is to receive the guidance and act on it in ways that inspire and fulfil you, you are stepping up to receive the new energy waves anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension, and are taking responsibility of your spiritual evolution.

Accessing Your Purpose in Ascension

“When asking for guidance concerning the purpose, journey and experience of your ascension, you realise that moments of awakening and realisations of yourself and inner self offer to you the choice of diving into the light to allow miraculous experiences to occur or to remain within limitations of preconceptions.

“When you choose to accept the light within your being and around you, you create a bridge between your physical reality and your spiritual being; this launches a transition process.  Every moment of your existence as a human you are a spiritual Creator connected light being and consciousness inhabiting a physical body but often the physical body takes prime focus until a bridge between the physical and spiritual energy of your being is reformed and continues to be reinforced.

“Awakened consciousness and inspired understanding of yourself seeps into your mind and awareness as a gradual integration. You will notice that awakening repeats itself in numerous diverse forms becoming more advanced throughout your entire life.

“To dive into the light and to focus on creating a bridge of light between your physical and spiritual self takes place when you surrender to the Creator, opening yourself to receive the expanse of the Creator.  When you choose to surrender and download or recognise the light of the Creator within your being, especially in moments of confusion, trouble or chaos, you are taking responsibility for your spiritual growth, co-creating and achieving your purpose, allowing yourself to progress along your spiritual pathway with ease and perfection.”

A wonderful Meditation comes next in the Channeling (see, “An Experience and Reminder of Your Ascension Purpose,” then…

“In sharing this meditation experience with you I, Saint Germain, wished to offer you the idea that ascension is ever flowing, continues, repetitive in advancing extraordinary ways, fluid, ever evolving and ever inspirational.  A feeling of being guided by a driving force that is beyond your comprehension will be coupled with an emerging wise certainty within your being.  In many ways, there are no stops and no time to step away from your pathway, yet a feeling of travelling nowhere fast will occur simultaneously.

“In truth, you are at every moment of your golden pathway achieving a greater connection and bridge between your physical and spiritual energies with an understanding of your purpose in your ascension process.  Remember that your physical reality is extremely important in your ascension process as it is your canvas for expression, experience and creation. 

“It is a series of numerous expeditions of exploration within and around your being, accompanied with embodiments of consciousness and understanding that describe your ascension process and purpose.  When you create the intention to take responsibility for your spiritual growth you will allow the world of the Creator to unfold to you, experiencing with divine perfection and timing the magic, bliss, love and truth of the Creator within your being. 

“Realising your purpose is easy, it is simply to express the Creator in beautiful, fulfilling and creative ways to support yourself and all.”

Quantum Jump 16: Eclipse IV

July 27, 2018

I think 16 is a record for the number of separate posts (and astroevents) on the same topic, and we still have two weeks to go before we finish our Rebirth.

Daniel Scranton Channels this Perspective on the Eclipse from the Arcturians this morning…

“We are happy to see so many of you in your place of expectation and excitement.  We know how excited you get when you have a major occurrence in your skies, and the eclipse falls into that category.  So you are preparing yourselves for something magical, something rarely seen, and more importantly, something that you can feel. 

“Those of you who are awake are also sensitive, and you can not only tap in to the excitement of the human collective.  But you also tap in to the energies of your celestial bodies, and you feel their love and the intention that they hold for you.

“So of course, you can expect some emotions to come up around all of this as well.  You can expect lots of changes, especially in the physical and emotional realms.  You will want to treat yourselves especially kindly and make sure you are hydrated.  You will want to rest and relax as much as possible, because you are not just witnessing an event in your skies.  You are also receiving more of the high frequency energies that are continuously bombarding your planet.

“You are accessing more of the galactic history that you have all been a part of.  That’s the major download that’s coming with the eclipse.  It is the memory of past lives that you have spent out there in other star systems, and even parts of your galactic history that you were not incarnate for are going to be downloaded into your fields, to be accessed whenever you are ready.

“Some of you will access these memories in dreams, others with a clear knowing of something that you did or something that happened in one of your lives in one of the other star systems.  And some of you will experience trauma and emotions coming up.  Of course, the bright side of this is that you will also have greater access to those aspects of yourself that lived in those past lives, in the other parts of the galaxy.

“And as you access their energy and the information about those lifetimes, you access more of you.  That’s what this journey is always about.”

Quantum Jump 15: Eclipse III

July 26, 2018

Just a few notes about Eclipse Timing, in case you’re still trying to plan (or make sense out of) your Sleep Schedule…

  • The Sun Squared Uranus 25 July at 5am PDT
  • The Sun Opposes Mars 26 July at 10pm PDT – as I write this
  • The Moon Squares Uranus 27 July at 9am PDT
  • Partial Eclipse begins 27 July at 10:15 am PDT
  • The Moon Crosses Mars 27 July at Noon PDT
  • Totality begins 27 July at 12:30 pm PDT
  • The Moon Opposes the Sun 27 July at 1:30 pm PDT
  • Totality ends 27 July at 2:15 pm PDT
  • Partial Eclipse ends 27 July at 4:30 pm PDT
  • Mars’s closest approach to Earth occurs 31 July at 1am PDT
  • Mars (Retrograde) Squares Uranus 1 August at pm PDT

The span of Totality, 12:30 to 2:15 pm PDT, even if we aren’t in the right place to be able to See the Eclipse, will be an excellent time to Meditate on What You Want for yourself and for the Planet, as the Moon (Authenticity) will be Totally Illuminated, in the esoteric sense.  Ultimately, the Force that anchors Energy into Form is Lunar.  The Vibrations we send out during this longest Eclipse of the Century, will have much more Power to help Evolve the Anthroposphere than at other Times.

Let’s start now, if we haven’t already, to see if we can Subvert the 2020 War…

Take this in, and generalize it to your entire Life…


July 26, 2018

QuillessBending asks…

“As for the Mjölnir, what is the degree and harmonic of that aspect so we can look for it again?”

Most astrologers call this Configuration a “Thor’s Hammer,” but that term has too much baggage as a force of Destruction.  Mjölnir is just the Norwegian term for the same.  I don’t know whether it carries the same baggage in Norway, but it should be more neutral in English.  As many of you know, almost all Western Languages are descended from Sanskrit, and the Vedic equivalent of the Mjölnir is the Vajra, as the Vedic equivalent of Thor, more or less, is Indra.

Thor’s and Indra’s weapon symbolizes an Indestructible Irresistible Force.  They’re both Thunder Gods, and a constructive (and historically appropriate) interpretation of an Indestructible Irresistible Force is Lightning.  Imagine Feeling your way forward in total darkness, and suddenly having the Landscape illuminated by a bolt of Lightning. 

As Kesey said, “Sometimes you can Trip Out so far that you never get back to know that you left,” and that’s the nature of Epiphany, an Insight you can never unsee, an Indestructible Irresistible Change to your Perspective and as a result, to your Identity.  That’s how we interpret the Mjölnir Configuration.

A Mjölnir occurs when a third planet sits at the Far Midpoint of a Square, when a third planet Trioctiles each end of a Square.  The Square as a Challenge to become Adept, and the Mjölnir as Instant Achievement of that Goal.  So the (purple) Mjölnir in the Eclipse chart…

Points to Venus from the Mars-Uranus Square; if we’re Frustrated by our Resistance (Mars) to the Urging of our Soul (Uranus), we can PIAVA something like “I Wonder how my Values might be keeping me Stuck.”  How do we know when we’re In Resistance (Mars) to the Urging of our Soul (Uranus)?  Easy – when we aren’t in Bliss.

The Trioctile Angle (formerly known by the clumsy term “Sesquisquare”), three eighths of the way ’round the Zodiacal Loop, combines the Third and Eighth Harmonics.  The Eighth Harmonic is about Rebalancing, the Third about Love with Wisdom.  So the Trioctile symbolizes Constructive Insights, and the Mjölnir combines two Trioctiles in service of Resolving the Frustration of a Square.

Like the Yod or Finger of God and the Quintile Yod, the Mjölnir gives us Exact Direction about where to Look to find the Information that will Resolve whatever Doubt or Confusion we may be Feeling.  In this case we have Mars in Aquarius making a Waning Square to Uranus in Taurus, Mjölnired by Venus in Virgo. 

Uranus in Taurus says, “Ready or Not, Soul is Descending into Matter.”  Mars in Aquarius says “But what about all the People who don’t seem to be Ready?”  Mjölnired Venus in Virgo Responds, “Um, where are your Priorities?  You care more about Other People’s Social Comfort than about your own Soul?  Do you suppose it might be Time for some Attitude Adjustment?  What about all of their Abandoned Souls?”

Quantum Jump 14: Eclipse II

July 26, 2018

One of the most obvious signs of a Lit-Up Uranus (it’s now Stationary and T-Squared by the Full Moon) is Sleep Patterns – they aren’t.  They may have been Patterns before, but they aren’t now, and probably won’t be till 8 August.  It does only harm to lay awake worrying about being tired tomorrow.  You have to sleep when you’re tired, and work or play when you’re awake.  When I’ve had to perform tomorrow and surrendered to Uranus and stayed up most of the night, I actually haven’t been tired, as Uranus Energy takes over.  You can’t predict it; just follow it.

And of course this isn’t just a Mars Full Moon (if you see the night Sky you’ll see the Moon approaching Mars tomorrow night), it’s also Mars (Physical Energy) Squaring Uranus (Soul Energy), so we don’t even want to Try to Control it, especially since this is a Waning Mars Square, the place where we need to Surrender.  The Square isn’t Complete till 1 August (7pm PDT).

The Mars-Uranus Cycle we’re Leaving Behind began late February 2007 in 22 Aries, “The gate to the garden of all fulfilled desires.”  Well, that’ll be disappointing to Leave Behind.  Remember though that to the extent we’re Conscious, we’re Learning Animals, and our astrological Experience is Cumulative. 

Once we’ve Manifested something, we can Manifest it again.  The caveat is that the Universe never Stands Still, so Conditions are never quite the Same.  We Manifested All Fulfilled Desires while the Sun was shining – can we do it while it’s Raining?  Yes, we just need to PIAVA a Both/And.  It may not be obvious at first just what has Changed, so we may need to do some research to discover what to put after the And.  But we can.

Notice (in Quantum Jump 13: Eclipse, too that there are some subtle purple lines connecting the ends of the Mars-Uranus Square to Venus.  This is a Mjölnir, meaning Lightning, or Epiphany.  So, and you can probably Feel it happening already, our Values (Venus) are Changing.  The Most Important Thing will be Different next week than it was last week. 

So we may be in the middle of a GardenofAllFulfilledDesiresxit, but there are More Important Things coming along to occupy our Attention.  We can use the Manifestation Skills we Learned in the Garden to Resolve any Challenges the next Chapter might bring.

And actually, that’s just about what the second T-Square says – Saturn T-Square to the Chiron-Makemake Opposition; The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Fascination with Relieving (Makemake) Pain (Chiron).  All three of these people just Changed Signs; there’s a New Province here, and we’re Rookies again.  Time for some Curiosity, some Relaxing of our Expectations and Conclusions.

Instead of The Most Important Thing (Saturn) being to Shake It Off (Sagittarius), The Most Important Thing is now Just Fix It (Capricorn).  Instead of Manifestation (Makemake) being Devoted to Ego Death (Virgo), it’s now aimed toward Meeting New People (Libra) – a new Ego requires new Friends.  Instead of Healing (Chiron) being Dedicated to our Emotions (Pisces), it’s now all about Healing our Relationship with Spirit (Aries). 

So we’re Inspired to Just Fix any glitches we find between Ego and Soul, and to Just Meet New People who can easily help Resolve our most intractable Challenges.  Even Joel Salatin is writing about that in the new Mother Earth News magazine. 

Pain isn’t a Problem, it’s a Symptom of some Deeper Problem.  Now we need to Pay Attention to the Pain rather than trying to Banish it, because it’s the doorway to the Deeper Issue.  If nothing else, we can just Ask ourself, “I Wonder what this has to Teach me.”  We’re likely to be Surprised at how quickly we get an answer.

August I

July 24, 2018

Here’s a preliminary (undoubtedly partial) snapshot of August…

  • 1 August – Vesta Stationary 23 Sagittarius (3am PDT)
  • 7 August – Uranus Stationary 3 Taurus (10am PDT)
  • 8 August – Nemesis Initiates Sappho 4 Gemini (4am PDT)
  • 11 August – Partial Solar Eclipse 19 Leo (3am PDT)
  • 18 August – Mercury Stationary Direct 12 Leo (9:30 pm PDT)
  • 26 August – Full Moon 4 Pisces (5am PDT)
  • 27 August – Mars Stationary Direct 29 Capricorn (7am PDT)
  • 28 August – Sedna Stationary 28 Taurus
  • 6 September – Saturn Stationary 3 Capricorn
  • 7 September – Klotho Stationary 25 Capricorn
  • 8 September – Ixion Stationary 26 Sagittarius

Looks like we might get somewhat of a break in the middle week of August, then it gets either Exciting or Heavy again from 20 August or so till 9 September, as the then-Drama may be about Actively (Mars) Empowering our Fear (Sedna) that The Most Important Thing (Saturn) will be the Rebirth (Klotho) of our Forbidden Genius (Ixion).  Or something like that.

Where Are We Victims?

July 23, 2018

Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian friends have an important Insight for us today…

It is important for you all to recognize that you have come a very long way.  It is impossible for you to go backwards in your evolution, and we want to celebrate how far you have come by recognizing that you are bringing so much more of Source Energy into your current dimension.  That is why you can never go back.

“You are accessing so much more Source Energy because of the harshness of the realities that you have faced, and you are responsible for the expansion that is occurring, not just in your world, but in the universe.  Where the biggest challenges are is precisely where the greatest expansion occurs.  You see, you must summon Source Energy first, and you do that by living in harsh conditions.  And then you must allow that Source Energy to flow, and you do that when you relax and let it in.

“And then you get to experience the newly expanded state of your world.  You get to experience the newly expanded state of your consciousness.  Everything is going smoothly now for you, no matter how it might look.  The truth is that you need the beings in power who are in power right now to be doing exactly what they’re doing because they represent that minority, and that minority has to be loud in order to have the desired effect.

“You see you still need to pull more of that Source Energy through yourselves, and the only way to summon it is to have the experiences that you are having of the few but powerful who are still wanting to play that third-dimensional game of victim and perpetrator.  But as you access more of the Source Energy that you truly are, and you turn your attention to what you want to create, you take your power back.

“If you don’t agree to play the victim, then the perpetrator has nothing to play with.  And as you continue to allow more of Source Energy to flow into your dimension, you continue to bring yourselves to that doorstep of the fifth dimension, where you will all know your true power, the true power that comes from within, the power of Source.”

We are Transformers.  We Amplify Energies.  When we “Lend our Strength to that which we Wish to Be Free From,” as Jewel put it, we Amplify just that.  Wherever we Allow External Energies to Create Disturbance in our Force, we Amplify that.  Emotions are Water, they have to Flow.  When Water can’t Flow, its impurities eventually Crystallize.  On the Surface, stagnant Water eventually evaporates, leaving waterless Crystals like this Halite, commonly known as “Salt”…

The Natural State of Water and Emotion is Flow.  A natural stream Changes Constantly.  A Stuck Emotion Crystallizes and becomes what we Experience as Karma.  And vice versa – what we Experience as Unwelcome Repetitions of Unpleasantness are our Held Emotions.  Whenever our Emotions don’t Flow and Change Constantly, or when they Cycle over the same Loop repeatedly, we know we’re onto something. 

“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling That again, aren’t you” might be a relatively Easy way to Let Go of a Held Emotion, if we’re Willing to Commit to repeating it at least one more time than our Held Emotion Cycles.  Like Muscles and Rituals, Habits are placed and reinforced by Repetition.  The more we Repeat a Pattern, the Stronger it becomes.  The more we Respond to it Differently, the Weaker it becomes.

In that sense, our Karma does not Grasp or Hold Us, We Grasp or Hold our Karma.  We have the Power to Respond Differently each time it arises.  Once we Identity a Held Emotion

(Where Are We Victims Habitually?  Where Does the World Do Things to Us Repeatedly, rather than We Doing Things to the World?  Where do we Feel Helpless over and over again?)

and Commit to Responding Differently next time it arises, we Shift.  It’s not Karma per se that Bedevils us, it’s Unconscious Karma.  Just bringing it into Consciousness is the most Difficult part of Clearing it.  Yes, once we Identify a Karmic Bedevilment, we’ll be much Confused (the First Sign of Growth, right?) by How we might Respond Differently, and we’ll backslide a lot.  We won’t Notice it right away, and then we’ll beat ourself up for falling for it again.

So we recall our Commitment to outlast it, we Forgive ourself for beating ourself up, we Forgive ourself for falling for it, we Forgive ourself for not Responding Differently this time – and guess what – we’ve just Responded Differently, haven’t we.  It’s Consciousness that makes the Magic.  Once we Notice, and Shift our Reaction from Dread to Soft Embrace, we shift from a Vicious Circle of Self-Reinforcing Self-Sabotage, to a Virtuous Spiral of Self-Healing Self-Love.  From there we’ll be Shocked at how rapidly we Transform ourself!