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Wow VI

December 8, 2018

The other simple Conjunction in the Orcus-Station chart is the 4 December (2pm PST) Initiation of Pallas (Boundaries) by Aletheia (Truth) at 13 Libra, “Children blowing soap bubbles.”  Since Pallas (4.6 years) and Aletheia (5.6 years) have similar orbital lengths, Pallas can chase Aletheia around the Zodiac for about 23 years before they Initiate a New Cycle.  We’ve been in the Old Cycle since 1995.

The basic Pallas-Aletheia Cycle is about how well our Boundaries serve us.  Do they keep us Safe while Letting In the Lessons we need to Expand our Consciousness?  Do they Eliminate Threats to our Life while Allowing our Ego Deaths?  Are our Boundaries True, in other words.  Since 1995 we’ve been judging our Boundaries by “A gardener trimming large Palm Trees” (25 Gemini) – a True Boundary has been one that looked presentable to polite company.

Now we’ll get to Play with them instead, and if we get bored with them, we’ll just pop it or send it away, and blow another one.  One of the implications of wearing Boundaries like hats, is that we could end up pretty Vulnerable.  How do we stay Safe?  One way is to recognize that our Core Identity is actually neither Ego nor Matter, but Energy.  I’ve seen kids using the Wind to blow hula hoop-size soap bubbles.  They’re as big as the kids, they take on all manner of shapes, and they can be pretty durable.  Identifying ourselves as indestructible and infinitely flexible Energy Fields is a big step toward 5D.


The Stellium at 9-10 Capricorn in the Orcas-Station chart Initiates six Cycles.

Capricorn 8, “In a Sun-lit home Domesticated Birds sing joyously” is where the 12 September (4pm PDT) Initiation of BZ509 (Transcendence, 12 years) by Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty, 128 years) occurs.  This would be a Cycle of about 13-14 years.  It’s easy to imagine ourselves Singing Joyously in Sunshine after we’ve Transcended all Obstacles to our Self-Sovereignty, though the Domestication is worrisome.

Domesticated Self-Sovereignty is a bit of an oxymoron, even if we may not want to be feral.  Perhaps we can think of the Birds as “Tame” instead.  If we’re living Collaboratively with Nature, we’d all be Tame to one another.

Three Cycles Initiate in 9 Capricorn, “An Angel carrying a Harp.”  That’s a Symbol we can accept without much argument.  These three are…

  • The 5 December (12am PST) Initiation of BZ509 (Transcendence, 12 years) by Saturn (The Most Important Thing, 28 years), starting a new 15-16 year Cycle.  This bodes well; the next 15-16 years could be difficult, so if Angels will be facilitating our Attention to Transcendence, sign me up.
  • The 6 December (9pm PST) Initiation of asteroid Karma (Self-Sabotaging Habits, 4.1 years) by BZ509 (Transcendence, 12 years), a 5-6 year Cycle.  Again, no objection at all to Angels helping me Transcend my Karma, even if it’s only for half a decade.
  • The 7 December (3am PST) Initiation of Karma by Saturn (The Most Important Thing), also a Cycle of about five years.  And I don’t mind if The Most Important Thing is Attending to my Karma (what else is new?) when I have Angels helping out!

Capricorn 10, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor,” is the home of the 11 December (7am PST) Initiation of Karma by Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty), a five-year Cycle.  Another Tame Bird, this one helping us blow away Karmic impediments to our Liberation.

We don’t incur the last of our six Cycles until 25 December (11am PST), at 11 Capricorn, “A large group of Pheasant on a private estate.  It’s the Initiation of Saturn by Hylonome, at about 35 years the longest Cycle of the bunch.  Birds again, not Domesticated, but unless the private estate is a hunting club, Living in relative Safety.  The Cycle is about The Most Important Thing being Transcending Codependence.  It wouldn’t hurt us a bit to Transcend the perceived need for private estates and return to the Commons.