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Tumultuous Week 2

March 28, 2020

In the following table, we list the peak times for the coming astroevents.  The Energies are likely to build up in the days prior to the peak, then come to a head, then soften and fade into the background.  That doesn’t mean they’ve become unimportant.  It just means that they’re surrendering the podium to give their Peers a chance to Speak Up.  The Energies marked with a *Timespan are likely to become very strong again after the indicated Timespan has elapsed.

  • 28 March 2020 9:30 pm PDT, The need to Express yourself (Chariklo Initiates Mars 29 Capricorn).  *6 Months.  See also next entry.

  • 30 March 1am PDT, There are Things you Feel strongly about Expressing, but you don’t Feel like you have Permission to Speak out about them.  Many of these Things aren’t very Clear to you yet, making it all the more important that you Talk about them, because Talking will help you Get Clear.  So Give Yourself Permission to Ramble, without having to Make SenseIf you do Feel at all Clear, Shout it Out.  You don’t have to be – or Want to be – Perfect.  If anyone tries to shut you up, find new Friends and Allies.  The Things you need to Talk About and Get Clear About and Shout Out will turn out to be Critical for the Repair of the Planet (Ixion Stationary 1 Capricorn).  *5 Months.
  • 31 March 8:40 am PDT, A Big Change in your Values allows you to Explore New Directions.  Yes, you do have Power and your Opinion and Input are Important to Solving these Problems (Sedna Initiates Venus 28 Taurus).  *3 months.
  • 31 March 10am PDT, Focus on What You Want, whether it’s Clear to you or not.  If it’s not, just make a stab and follow it with “…or something like that.”  It’s actually better if you’re vague.  If someone tries to pin you down or put you down, change the subject or suddenly remember an important appointment (Moon on North Node 4 Cancer).  *1 Week.
  • 31 March 11:30 am PDT, Don’t Argue with Anyone.  Just Express Yourself, when it Feels Safe, and be Open to others Expressing Themselves.  Spend as much time Listening to others, as you spend Expressing Yourself, and Suspend Judgment while you’re Listening.  If you’re Suffering a Noisy Fool, take a third party aside and Ask them about themself  (Saturn Initiates Mars 1 Aquarius).  *6 Months.
  • 31 March 7:30 pm PDT, Big Changes in our Boundaries with Other People that don’t Feel Optional.  Trust your Sense of what Feels Important (Pluto Initiates Pallas 25 Capricorn).  *1 Year.
  • 1 April 11am PDT, What are The Most Important Probabilities that you need to be Ready to Deal With?  What other Possibilities are you Discounting because you don’t Believe they’re Probable?  How would you Prepare for them if they suddenly became Probable?  What are you Ignoring? (Pholus Stationary 5 Capricorn).  *5 Months.
  • 2 April 6:20 pm PDT, Paying Attention to your Vitality and Taking Full Responsibility for it.  If that’s a Difficult assignment, Reorganize your Priorities till it becomes Second Nature (Moon on Varuna 2 Leo).  * 1 Week.
  • 3 April 6:15 pm PDT, Beginning to Understand Why you’re being put through this Gauntlet (Neptune Initiates Mercury 20 Pisces).  *3 Months.
  • 3 April 9:30 pm PDT, If the Threats to your Survival Feel Overwhelming, Tap Out your Vulnerability, then Pray that the Universe Give You All That You Need to Stay Safe  (Quaoar Stationary 5 Capricorn).  *5 Months.

  • 4 April 8:40 am PDT, The Emotions that you’re Feeling are Real, but you’re Attributing them to Current-Lifetime Events, and they’re Karmic, they’re not Present-Moment.  You have what amounts to an Addiction to these Emotions, so when they Arise you Grasp them.  Emotions need to be Felt and then Let Go, to make room for the Rest of Life.  What would it be like for you if you did that?

Would you Feel Differently?  Even if you Feel Guilty, that would be Progress – you’d have Let Go of your Addictive Feeling and made some room for the Rest of Life.  You’re still Alive, right?  Now go back to your Original, Addictive Emotion.  It’s Still There, right, it hasn’t gone anywhere?  You don’t have to Grasp it – it’ll always Be There.  When it arises, Let It Come then Let It Go (Moon opposes OR10 5 Virgo).  *1 Week.


March IVb – Venus-Envy

March 3, 2017

Anxious?  The Retrogradation of Venus “is” (as without, so within) the Descent of Inanna, where the Goddess is systematically stripped of Her Olde Ego.  If you haven’t read Starhawk’s Truth or Dare, her wonderful Manifesto of Power-With, now is the time to do it.  Whatever you’re Anxious about today, probably identifies the Ego/Beliefs/Limitations that are about to be rinsed away over the next six weeks.

Tapping this morning on “I am scared about…” I realized that I was strongly emphasizing the first word, the “I” part.  So I Tapped on “I am that I am” instead, which quelled the mental noise and left the Apprehension in the Body – which is at least closer to Truth, and Feels that way.  Tapping on just “I’m Scared” several times reduces the intensity of that.  

I’m reminded of a snippet of an old Mel Gibson film I saw once.  Some monster of a guy was threatening to beat the krap out of him and he says, “Are you going to kill me?”  And the monster says “Whazzamatta, you scared?”  And Gibson says “No, I’m just trying to plan my day.”

So yes, given the state of the World and an imminent Descent into Ego Death, a measure of enduring vague Fear is probably appropriate.  It might be a good time to try out the Violet Fire…

I’m lost without the Anxiety, because if I don’t know what ills may befall me I don’t know what to Do to protect myself from them.  Which is actually good, since Anxiety seldom makes accurate predictions, excepting self-fulfilling prophesies.  As is so often the case, Daniel Scranton’s Arcturian Channeling for today addresses the issue succinctly…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Of course he doesn’t call it that, or even refer directly to it, but he’s basically talking about PIAVAing.  In case you’re new here, that means…

Rather than What To Do to Protect myself from What I Fear, PIAVA suggests I focus on What I Want.  I mean, if I’m Anxious about those things, it means I’m not fully prepared for them, so Ego Death around them is a great Outcome, as it may well Liberate me from my Limiting Beliefs around them, which would be a huge boon.  An imminent Ego Death is cause for Celebration, though I haven’t Breathed enough yet to get to Excitement.  So I can try PIAVAs on the order of “May I be relieved of cause for Anxiety around…”

And it helps to recall that my Anxieties were around issues I’ve previously PIAVAed about – that’s a call to Pay Attention.  When I do Pay Attention I understand immediately that these Anxieties are Up so I can Let Go of them.  The Archetype, the Karmic Pattern to be Broken, is Worry, intellectualizing the Emotional and Physical.  As for the vague Apprehension – just an exercise in Soft Belly.

Whenever Ego Death lurks, we should Ask, Where is Nemesis?  In ten days she crosses Pluto.  A Pluto Ego Death should be a big one.  Turns out that today is the day when Nemesis comes within our usual standard of three Degrees of Sensitivity to Pluto.  Nemesis-Pluto is a five-year Cycle, taking us up to – haven’t we seen this number recently? – 2022.  The Initiation is 13 March at 4am in 20 Capricorn – “A hidden choir singing,” invoking Heaven.  So perhaps just PIAVAing Heaven on Earth would be appropriate, though it’s Scary to contemplate the potential Healing Crises from that!  What the Hell, though, we’re already Scared.

The next Question that pops to mind, Where is Eurydike – Trust?  The Eurydice Myth was all about Trusting that Escape from Pluto’s Realm was possible!  This deserves an essay all its own…

Asteroid Eurydike is one foot of another Flying Squirrel Configuration that features three Fingers of God, pointing at 

  • Eurydike (Trust) itself, from the Sextile between Mercury-Neptune (Confusion) and Hylonome-Juno-Chariklo (Becoming Conscious of Charismatic Archetypes
  • Hopi (Respect for All Things), across the Sextile from Mnemosyne-Ceres (Remembering How to Create Sustainability) to Mercury-Neptune
  • Mercury-Neptune at the head of the Kite Opposite Karma-Orcus (Breaking Archetypal Oaths) at the Midpoint between Hopi and Eurydike

Mercury-Neptune – Blessed Confusion – is in charge of the whole Eurydike Configuration.  Neptune Initiates Mercury at 4am PST on 4 March at 12 Pisces, being “tested” as we are Initiated into a new phase of our Spiritual Evolution.  Okay.

Portal 3.17: The Fifth Dementia

March 17, 2015


Neptune Initiates Mercury at half past 1am PDT ( March 18.

An excellent time to remember that Confusion is the first stage of Growth.  It means that our rigid Limiting Beliefs are beginning to break down, so we can start to see new vistas that have been till now hidden from us.  Sitting with Confusion, and just watching the hallucinations, is the best option.  The second-best option is to respond with Curiosity.  It’s exciting, really.  Remember when you were a kid and first discovered what was on the other side of that hill that dominated your horizon?

The Sabian Symbol is all about Competition.  Mercury lives in the analytical half of the brain.  Neptune lives in the other half.  So we can expect some Competition between our hemispheres.

Don’t fall for any Analytical dismissal of Intuition, nor any Intuitive rejection of Analysis.  Unless you always favor one or the other – in which case, align your Ego with the weaker of the two.  This is about Both/And, about each Weltanschauung respecting the contribution of the other.  If they must Compete, make it a friendly Competition.

The Initiation makes a slew of Angles…

  • Square to Saturn
  • Quincunx to the North Node, Unx to the South Node
  • Quintile to Pallas, Biquintile to Juno, and Decile to Uranus
  • Septile to Venus and Triseptile to Jupiter

Expect to be entertained when you try to set Priorities.  Don’t worry about the dissonance; no one else can figure it out either.

If we’re open to it we can Learn much about our Mission, and break through Patterns of self-sabotage, but to do so we need to exploit the available Curiosity.

This is part of our Yintegrity debriefing – adjusting the way we relate to Spirit and Culture, and adjusting the way we use mentality, so that they support our new way of Being in the World.  Experiment with tightening Boundaries that allow your Energy to leak out or inhibit your Truth, and loosening Boundaries between you and the New.

Great Grace is available if we stay Grounded and within our own Body.  It’s fine to Expand, but do so from a base of Self rather than from an abandonment of Self.  Stay at the center of your Expanded Field.

The Fabled Ides and the March Portals

March 9, 2015

astro8461bpAstrophyllite, a very complex and much-ignored Mineral that’s excellent for integrating large conglomerations of trends and events.  That’s why it’s named after astrology.  Despite its “-phyllite” suffix, it’s not a mica.  Here’s a cut and polished version: .  A Mica would never consent to being cut and polished across the grain like that.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

We’ve several very busy weeks coming up, with several important threads weaving quite a tapestry for us.  Here’s the overview and timing…

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

For the next two years we’ll be bringing more Integrity – both Yintegrity (being True to ourself) and Yangtegrity (being True to our Word) – into our Actions.  This is big.  We’ll also endure less Stress, as we’ll have a light-Hearted and humor-filled approach to our Relationships.  Can you Imagine that – Integrity and less Stress?  That’s a natural consequence of being True to Ourself.

  • March 11 – Uranus Initiates Mars (fireworks) at 15 Aries, “An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket: Projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment,” 9am PDT (for other time zones see – spanning two years after the event.  Uranus Initiated Venus in the same Degree March 4.

      Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

We’re waking up to some very big Realizations that will Change our Lives March 8-14, and as this Energy ricochets around from Person to Person it will Change our Cultures.  Will it Change the Horrible Cultures for the better?  Not till folks in the Glorious Cultures notice what Bullies they are and come to understand that the Horrible Cultures are just Mirrors for their Glory.  Even after that it’ll take a long while to work off the horrible Karma that Glory has Created.  This isn’t even Age of Pisces material (except for the Victims of Glory), it’s Karmic krap left over from the Age of Aries, the Age of Heroes. 

In Heroic history, a few hotshot leaders are the movers and shakers and everyone else is just rabble.  In Herstory, Real Change is made one Person and one Action at a time, and the hotshots are seen as the blowhards and stuffed shirts that they actually are.  If you compare Obama to Gandhi, or Putin to Mandela, or better yet Merkel to your own mother, you can grok the difference.  Gandhi and Mandela, while Peace-loving, were still very public figures.  Think about the individuals you admired growing up.  Herstory isn’t about singing the praises of a few, it’s about enjoying the accumulated fruits of the Many, and taking them one step further.  You’re surrounded by unsung Heroines.  Celebrate them, including your own Inner Unsung Heroine!

  • March 12 – Moon crosses Saturn (focus), 2am PDT ( Energy increases from three hours prior till the event, then lingers for thirty hours after
  • March 13 – Juno Stationary Direct (uptick in Consciousness), 1am PDT ( – spanning three or four days prior to the event
  • March 14 – Saturn Stationary Retrograde (Let Go of priorities #2 through #99 for now), 8am PDT – spanning one week prior to the event

      Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

For the last three years we’ve been working on resurrecting the 1960s.  It was a complex decade, where Freedom from the need to Conform ascended into the limelight as the evil manipulators behind the curtains were exposed.  What appears to be Conservative backlash is just more opportunity to expose the manipulation – the more confident they get, the sooner they shoot themselves in the foot.  Don’t Confuse the Libertarian Perspective (don’t tell me what to do – I’ll tell you what to do!) with the Uranian Perspective (don’t tell me what to do and I won’t tell you what to do or who to be).  The differences are Compassion and Accountability – Libertarianism has neither. 

We come to the end of this three-year Adventure on March 16.  While the trend toward this Energy infusing the Planet continues to advance, it becomes less of a crisis for us; we reach a working arrangement with our compromises between Yintegrity and what we see as expediency.  While we may feel pretty smug here about making it through this long and difficult Portal (and Celebration is in order – in mid-April), it’s actually one last chance to break through the most difficult of our Challenges over the last three years.  There’s some part of yourself that you’ve been tested about repeatedly, but you haven’t yielded.  Open your Heart to that part of yourSelf.  Imagine what it would be like if Life was EasyPIAVA that, along with a Loving and Gentle Release of all that would prevent it.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

There will be a trend over the next year for “Spiritual Competition” – folks loudly attesting their Spiritual Cred, so we can admire them.  This is great, as they become Heyoka (Contrary) Teachers for everyone else, who first gets a reminder of Spiritual Principles, and second gets an illustration of how not to Live them.  Beware of folks pretending to stand up for your interests while stabbing you in the back; they’ll be very vocal.

  • March 18 – Neptune Initiates Mercury (mindmeld, fuzzy Material thinking, clear Spiritual thinking) at  9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs his Horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals,” 2am PDT ( – spanning three days prior, one year after

      Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

At “Power Points,” our ability to Manifest is intensified.  March 19-20 is one of those Power Points, and the effect will linger for a year or more.  It’s been demonstrated that it’s much more difficult to turn a negative trend positive than it is to turn a positive trend negative.  So we’ll need to be very mindful of our negative thoughts.  As soon as you detect them, say “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” – Cancel the thought, Neutralize the Energy emanating from it, and Upgrade the thinker.

  • March 20 – Total Solar Eclipse (Insights) at 30 Pisces, “A majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up begins to look like it,” 3am PDT ( – spanning three hours prior, eighteen months after
  • March 20 – Sun crosses Equator 4pm PDT ( – spanning three months after

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

Big Big Insights into the way we betray ourselves on March 20-21.  Excellent time to Cancel Neutralize Upgrade that!

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

There are some things where the End justifies the Means, and we could encounter these places March 17-23.  When we come to those places, we need to be very careful to finesse the Unintended Consequences.  In these situations, it’s Safer to PIAVA ) than to Act, because we can add terms to our PIAVAs.  For instance, if we want to Visualize someone finding Peace, we can instead Wish them Peace and Justice and Safety

  • March 23 – Dwarf planet Ixion Out of Bounds and Stationary Retrograde (relentless is great, ruthless not so much), 9am PDT ( – spanning one week prior

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

Yes, you could have done better at that.  But watch out for the Blame trap March 19-25.  Definitely do a post mortem to see what can be learned, to reduce the likelihood of having to redo this assignment.  The difference between Blame and Responsibility is where you’re standing.  If you’re facing backwards (Who did that?  How did that happen?) it’s probably Blame.  If you’re facing forwards (How can we fix this?) it’s probably Responsibility.  Most of the folks around you will be in Blame.  If that triggers your Guilt or Shame, step back, locate your own Feelings in your Body, and be Loving and Gentle with them.  “You poor Sweetheart, that really feels awful, doesn’t it.”  You’ll need to make it clear to those folks that you won’t play the Shame Game no more – or Change the folks you hang out with.  Or both.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

Another opportunity to reach for the Yintegrity Stars March 22-28.  Yintegrity means Trusting your own Intuition enough to do what you feel like doing, moment to moment.  You may need to reduce your Commitments, make your Life more Sustainable by eliminating what’s not essential, Renegotiate Agreements you no longer feel like keeping, and make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible.  You have Conflicting Wants – for instance, you may Want Freedom and also Want the Income necessary to support that Freedom, but you may have the Belief that you have to “Work” for it, on their schedule.  PIAVA Freedom and Support, and a Loving and Gentle and Rapid and Complete Release of all that would prevent it.

There are things that must be done.  But that doesn’t mean you have to Betray your own Values or Desires to do them.  Betray your Limiting Beliefs instead.  Or better yet, Change them.  PIAVFA to Follow your Joy and Get Done What Must Be Done and Surrender your Belief that never the ‘twain shall meet – Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely.

  Ò    Ò   Ô   Ó   Ó 

We’ve been making lots of Changes, not just in the last few weeks, but over the last three years.  As new portions of your Self come forth, old portions of your Self retreat.  Every Loss must be Grieved.  It would be very timely March 29-April 4 to hold a Wake for all of the parts of your Self that have been demoted.  Most of them are still Skillful, so you don’t want to Banish them entirely, but some will certainly be less Popular than they were before.  Your Pleaser, most likely, for example, who may have been disguising themselves as Yangtegrity.  Perhaps your Anger.  The Safety of being Invisible.  Praise these personae.  They’re no longer in the position of Authority that they held before, but they still represent very useful and well-practiced Skills, which you’ll need again.  Now you’ll be able to use them when they’re appropriate and effective rather than by habit.

March Portals III

March 12, 2014

jim3117bpA “hairy” tangle of Jamesonite Crystals – Lead Iron Antimony Sulfide – can be used to direct Intention into Gene Expression, healing what could otherwise contribute to mutation or disease or even aging, since most of what we experience as aging comes about from minor mutations in cell division.  This tangle sits between two Quartz Crystals, making its directionality or “steerability” even stronger. 


Then it gets hairy, Part I…

Fortunately (considering what follows), on March 22 Neptune Initiates Mercury…

Remember that Confusion is the first sign of Growth.  Confusion occurs when your Limiting Beliefs are developing cracks because you noticed parts of Reality that don’t fit, and you started taking them seriously.  Before, you ignored the dissonance.  Confusion is a huge Blessing – Celebrate it!

This occurs at 7 Pisces, “Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist,” or in Rudhyar’s view “The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.”  That’s very tricky, since we’re so used to believing that Truth comes from the Mind and is definitive, rather than believing that it comes from the Heart and Soul and is ineffable.

Remember too that the cross has been hijacked by Christianity; it’s deeper meaning is as a Crossroads.  In the traditional Irish view of the World, the Crossroads is where Spirit meets Matter, so actually, the Sabian Symbol couldn’t be more perfect, as the shaft of light (Mercury, as intellect) finds the cross (connection to Spirit, Neptune) amid sea mist (Neptune).  Remember our old saw about Neptune…

Neptune symbolizes Confusion when the World is viewed through Material eyes, and Clarity when it is seen from the Spiritual perspective.

On March 24, the Moon crosses Pluto and illuminates the Uranus T-Square – more Yintegrity work.  This Portal is open for about five hours starting around 7pm PDT March 24.

On March 25, the Moon Opposes Lilith and completes a Grand Cross with the Lilith-Nodes T-Square; celebrating our Yindependence again.


Then it gets hairy, Part II…

Or more likely, it already has.  On March 25, Uranus Initiates Juno.  We’ll talk more about that soon, but this Energy starts March 23 at the latest, and it will…

Bring us face-to-face with our pretenses.  It may not be quite like getting “caught lying,” but the impact will be similar.  If you get hung up in Shame or Abandonment or Fear, Tap it out.  It’s important that we begin this four-year Cycle with Clarity and as much Self-Love as we can muster.  We want to experience this as Insight, and for that we’ll need to clean up any negative emotions.

The Initiation occurs in a potentially difficult degree, 13 Aries, “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest,” or what Rudhyar calls “Adolescent Frustration.”  With Uranus at the Apex of a T-Square with Pluto and Jupiter,

Of course we aren’t going to do everything right the first time we try.  Remember that in baseball we go to the Hall of Fame if we get on base 35% of the time, let alone hit any home runs.  When we recover our True Self, it will be at the developmental age that it was when we abandoned it to please our “Superiors.”  We could be starting to resume behaviors and perspectives that we last practiced at age 14, or 7, or 2, or 6 months.  We will be stark rookies!  We’ll need loads of Self-Forgiveness.  But take Heart – it will take us a lot less time than we imagine to get up to speed!


Then it gets hairy, Part III…

And on March 27, the dwarf Planet Quaoar (pronounced “kwah’war” or “kwah’o-ar”) turns Retrograde.  Quaoar is half the size of Pluto, and currently about a third farther away.  On March 13, Quaoar is only three arc-minutes from it’s Station, so we may have been experiencing this Energy for a while already.  We’ll go into more detail later, but Quaoar was something akin to a Creator God to the pre-colonial Natives of southern California.  Good for Mike Brown and Chad Trujillo, Caltech discoverers of many of the new dwarf planets, for honoring these local victims of genocide by both the Spanish and American colonialists.

Thanks largely to the fact that by 1900 only 5% of California Natives had somehow managed to remain alive, and because the Spanish Missionaries brutally tortured and often killed any “savage” that refused to knuckle under to their Yahweh and their intolerant version of “Christ,” little clean knowledge remains of who Quaoar was.  It’s fairly clear that he is credited with providing to the Native People the technology to survive in cooperation with Nature.  Under Quaoar Humans were differentiated from the rest of Nature, and plants and animals went from being “people” to being “food.”  Prior to Quaoar they ate “clay.”  Appearing from nowhere, he could easily have been another Visitor or “tall stranger,” the technology-giver that occurs in many mythologies.

Like MakeMake’s role on Rapa Nui, there is a strong connection to Survival.  After Quaoar left town, he delegated Raven, Bear, Rattlesnake, and Cougar to avenge any transgression from his “rules” – though that sounds suspiciously like an unconscious Old-Testament introjection.  Starvation would be ample punishment for transgressing his Earth-keeping technologies.  M. Kat Armstrong, in Tending the Wild: Native American Knowledge and the Management of California’s Natural Resources (p.110)…

John “Muir’s view of California nature was a necessary counterweight to the view that had prevailed before – that nature was there to be used, exploited, and commodified – but it left us with a schizophrenic approach to the natural world: humans either conquer nature and destroy its integrity, or they visit it as an outsider, idealizing its beauty and largely leaving it alone.  These seemingly contradictory attitudes – to idealize nature or commodify it – are really two sides to the same coin, what the restoration ecologist William Jordan terms the ‘coin of alienation.’  Both positions treat nature as an abstraction – separate from humans and not understood, not real.”

Armstrong argues that the California Natives were an integral part of the natural landscape, in the Permaculture sense, where whatever is not in Balance is in the process of being brought into Balance.  Where any invasive overconsumer would be met by its own predator, or overconsume its way to starvation and collapse.  If the natural economy of California prior to Spanish colonization was in Balance under Quaoar’s tutelage, it’s taken a couple of centuries for the invasive overconsumer – Spanish and American – to wear the ecosystem down to the point of destruction.  Sure, drought has been a factor, but as Permaculture demonstrates, drought is not sufficient by itself to destroy an environment.  It also takes removal of plant cover by hoof, plow, or saw.

At any rate, Quaoar has something to do with the Balance between obedience to Sustainable technology, Survival, Kindness (he was eventually poisoned because of cruelty and corruption – which again could have been an introjection of a frustrated cry for justice), and effective response to invasion.  And when a planet is Stationary, it is Strong, so we get the opportunity here to learn more about Quaoar.  While Juno-Uranus will also be strong, the Moon crosses Quaoar at 7am PDT on March 23, another opportunity for us to observe.  As usual, that Portal should be open for several hours before and after, especially before.

And by the way, at 27 of Sagittarius, Quaoar sits in front of the Galactic Center, so it’s channeling the Energy of our Galaxy to us.



All this may not make sense until March 28, when the Moon and Mercury both cross Chiron, opening us for major major Insights.  More about this later.

Then on March 30, the Moon crosses Uranus and Juno, lighting up the Yintegrity issue again.  Since the Sun crosses Uranus on April 1, this will be enhanced.

The Fool, remember, symbolizes Courage.  So if you have the Courage to test out some of your newly Recovered personality traits, April 1 is a good day for it!

And on March 31, the Moon ambles over the South Node, again triggering the Lilith T-Square and our Yindependence, with a strong undercurrent of self-sabotage.

apon9062bpBut it could just as well be Angelhair!  The “hair” is a cluster of fine Natrolite crystals, and the green Crystal under it is Apophyllite, favorite Crystal of the twelve Apophylls.  Both are complex Silicates.  Apophyllite opens the Intuition, while Natrolite can open the Crown Chakra.


November 10, 2013

pasco3655bpAn excellent example of Mercury-Neptune…

I suddenly realized that I did not have to be bound by the limitations of time and space and could travel in the space-time continuum quite freely and without any restrictions.  This feeling was so convincing and overwhelming that I wanted to test it by an experiment.  I decided to see if I could travel to my parents’ apartment in Prague, which was many thousand miles away.  After determining the direction and considering the distance, I imagined myself flying through space to the place of my destination.  I had the experience of moving through space at an enormous speed, but, to my disappointment, I was not getting anywhere.

I could not understand why the experiment did not work because my feeling that such space travel should be possible was very convincing.  All of a sudden, I realized that I was still under the influence of my old concepts of time and space.  I continued to think in terms of directions and distances and approached the task accordingly.  It occurred to me that the proper approach would be to make myself believe that the place of my session was actually identical with the place of my destination.  I said to myself, ‘This is not Baltimore, this is Prague.  Right here and now, I am in my parents’ apartment in Prague.’

When I approached the task in this way, I experienced peculiar and bizarre sensations.  I found myself in a strange, rather congested place full of electric circuits, tubes, wires, resistors, and condensers.  After a short period of confusion, I realized that my consciousness was trapped in a television set located in the corner of the room in my parents’ apartment.  I was trying, somehow, to use the speakers for hearing and the tubes for seeing.  After a while, I had to laugh because I realized that this experiment was a symbolic spoof ridiculing the fact that I was still imprisoned by my previous beliefs concerning time, space, and matter.”

Stanislav Grof, When the Impossible Happens: Adventures in Non-Ordinary Reality,” pp.220-221.

Ah, the layers of the Onion.   You can see the pitfalls of Fundamentalism, or taking your metaphors as if they were literally true.

And another…

Finance.  Food.  Fuel.  Water shortage.  Resource scarcity.  Climate chaos.  Mass poverty.  Mass migration.  Fundamentalism.  Terrorism.  Financial oligarchies.  We have entered an Age of Disruption [Hello Eris!]Yet the possibility of profound personal, societal, and global renewal has never been more real.  Now is our time.

Our moment of disruption deals with death and rebirth.  What’s dying is an old civilization and a mindset of maximum “me” – maximum material consumption, bigger is better, and special-interest-group-driven decision-making that has led us into a state of organized irresponsibility, collectively creating results that nobody wants.

What’s being born is less clear but in no way less significant.  It’s something that we can feel in many places across Planet Earth.  This future is not just about firefighting and tinkering with the surface of structural change.  It’s not just about replacing one mindset that no longer serves us with another.  It’s a future that requires us to tap into a deeper level of our humanity, of who we really are and who we want to be as a society.  It is a future that we can sense, feel, and actualize by shifting the inner place from which we operate.  It is a future that in those moments of disruption begins to presence itself through us.

This inner shift, from fighting the old to sensing and presencing an emerging future possibility, is at the core of all deep leadership work today.  It’s a shift that requires us to expand our thinking from the head to the heart.  It is a shift from an ego-system awareness that cares about the well-being of ourself to an eco-system awareness that cares about the well-being of all, including oneself.  When operating with ego-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our small ego self.  When operating with eco-system awareness, we are driven by the concerns and intentions of our emerging or essential self – that is, by a concern that is informed by the well-being of the whole.”

This shift in awareness from ego-system to eco-system is something that we are approaching and living through not only as groups and organizations, but also as a global community.  Pioneering the principles and personal practices that help us to perform this shift may well be one of the most important undertakings of our time.”

Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economies, pp.1-2.

Kind of takes all of our Ouija Board Uranus-Pluto work, our Consciousness of our Position and Trajectory in the Evolution of the Universe Juno-Nodes work, and our Fresh Violets in Ancient Pottery Chiron-Neptune work, and puts it all into perspective.

Pascoite is a Calcium Vanadate.  Vanadium pretty much rules these kinds of Trance Formations, while Calcium provides the infrastructure to support our new metaphors.  The “ate” ending, as in Vanadate, means an Oxide – Vanadium Oxide.  Pascoite frequently cohabits with Uranium, signifying the danger of Disruption or Dischord that Transformation presents.

Neptune Station II

November 9, 2013

mnax5738bpIt doesn’t make a lot of sense to talk about a Shadow Period for Neptune, because Neptune’s always in a Shadow Period.  It enters the zone of its upcoming Retrogradation before it leaves the zone of its previous Retrogradation.  Another way to say that, is that next year’s Neptune Retro zone in the Zodiac overlaps this year’s.  Which is to say, every Neptune Shadow Period lasts more than a year.  The same is true of Eris, Pluto, Uranus, and Chiron, when Chiron is out near the orbit of Uranus – as it is now, not when it’s in near Saturn’s orbit.

Mercury and Neptune

It’s worthwhile to note that while Mercury’s Station occurs at 1pm PST November 10, the Moon crosses Neptune and exactly Trines Mercury at 11pm PST the same day.  That doesn’t mean that the main effect of the Mercury Station will be postponed till 11pm, but it does mean that a meaningful chunk of the Mercury-Neptune Energy that we’re immersed in will be manifesting then.  What do we mean by Mercury-Neptune Energy?  Well, that could look like…

Inability to focus, absent-mindedness, heavy Trances, attention directed to the cultural and Spiritual levels of existence, clear Insights, visions and hallucinations.  Remember that Neptune usually comes through as Confusion when we’re viewing the World through a Material lens, and Clarity when we’re looking through a Spiritual lens.  So Mercury-Neptune could bring Epiphanies, Doubt about Worldviews and Beliefs we hold that are no longer aligned with the shifting winds of cultural “Reality,” access to non-ordinary states of Reality, speaking in tongues or Light Language, or any number of other Mental-Spiritual crossovers that most of us don’t experience every day.

Remember that Neptune sat on the South Node on January 1, 2000, which we call the “Loss of the Veil” – the breakdown of the walls between the 4-D “Reality” we usually limit ourselves to, and everything that’s beyond.  So we expect that “Loss” to be a “feature” of the 21st Century.

The Second Duad of Pisces

This year’s Retrograde adventures of Neptune spanned almost exactly the second or Aries Duad of Pisces.  We’ve dealt with it twice already, from mid-February till early June, and from early June till now.  In other words it more or less corresponds to our first (Can-Opener) and second (Exposition) adventures with Consciousness of our Position and Trajectory in the Evolution of the Universe (Juno Squaring the Nodes).  We’ll probably sew all that up – and gain a better understanding about how it all fits together, when Neptune Initiates Juno in January.  So what would we say about the second Duad of Pisces?

Aquarius tests our Confidence in our Community, in the same way that Leo tests our Self-Confidence.  Since Humility and Vulnerability are not particularly rewarded, at least in Euro-American cultures, much of our Confidence in either arena involves “fake it till you make it.”  Getting to Pisces is like getting off the stage after a performance we enjoyed or one we barely squirmed through.  Either way we get hit with heavy Emotion – we have to deal with the repercussions of our hubris, or the nightmares of reliving a performance that failed our standards – all while being forced to move on with our lives, with no weekend to debrief.  Think getting out of high school, or moving to the Big City.

The Pisces Duad of Pisces is about exactly that overwhelming burst of Emotion.

In the Aries Duad we find Inspiration and Passion in the floodwaters.

Those of you born around the 21st through 23rd of February can verify – or not.  Now that we’ve lived through the Can-Opener and the Exposition of our Karma-Desire Review – which we could even equate to the Judgment after Death, are we finding some small flame of Energy amid the Shame and Fear we’ve been dealing with?  It might be a little too soon; we should ask the question again in the Spring.


Retrograde Cycles frequently involve these three-part Learning Opportunities – Can-Opener, Exposition, and Confidence-Builder, as one planet crosses a given Angle to another planet three times.  Pallas and Neptune are dancing with the stars in this way.  Pallas Opposes Neptune on November 15, then again after it turns Retro, in February, and for the third time in June.  The current Pallas-Neptune Cycle began in February 2012 at 1 Pisces, “In a crowded marketplace farmers and middlemen display a great variety of products.”  At the Opposition, folks either begin to enjoy the fruits of their labors, or move to a higher perspective and begin to debrief their adventures in order to discover what it was that they really excelled at during their efforts.

Pallas-Neptune is about our Spiritual Edges and Social Boundaries.  If we’ve been moving into the marketplace during 2012, we should begin to see rewards by June, with critical review of our progress next week and in February.  If we haven’t been moving out into the marketplace, then the Neptune Station is likely to initiate a debriefing about what we’ve been up to over the last two years.  With Pallas entering Virgo, there will be a temptation to Judge ourself.

Anticipate that monolog, hear it, recognize it, Witness it, and embrace it lovingly, but don’t believe it.  Look behind it.  There is an Expectation there, or Judgment wouldn’t be possible.  Examine the Expectation.  Is it still relevant to who you’ve become?  We’ve spent most of the last year Becoming someone new, in several different ways.  That’s a full-time job, so we deserve a great deal of forbearance in any case.  Now we need to review our Expectations – do they arise from our Mission or our Yintegrity?  Or from our programming.  Given the degree of Change we’ve been through, I’m guessing that most of our Expectations of Ourselves will no longer be what we really Want.

Calculus is difficult for folks trained in logic, because it doesn’t involve a chain of logical consequences.  In calculus you have to go to the end result that you want, and guess your way backward to where you started, one step at a time.  Reverse engineering.  That’s what we need to do with this marketplace.

What has changed for you, and how have you changed, since February 2012?  There is something there that’s not only positive, it’s sterling.  Remarkable even.

That is what you’ve been working on, not your old Expectation.  Honor yourself for that.  It’s not the same marketplace you thought you were in when Time Ended.  It’s a lot more Authentically You.

Manganaxinite – Calcium Manganese Aluminium Borosilicate.  Grounding through Feminine channels – a Silk chord from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth.  Always the first response to Neptune – Grounding.  Healing Emotional wounds and Judgment, realigning our orientation to changing Realities and Relationships.  Borosilicates evoke Magic.  Manganese opens the Heart without losing our Grounding.