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Own It, then Let It Go 3

February 24, 2023

We didn’t talk about this Important Rebirth, or Newly Initiated Cycle featured in the 2/20 New Moon chart and thus potentially prominent over the next several weeks…

DegreeChandra Symbol
OOB Karma-PlutoCompulsively Working on Compulsive Karma12 Feb
4 years
30 CapricornAiming for the Stars and Never Letting Go of the Goal

In general, a New Cycle is Hot before its Initiation, and then goes Underground for the first quarter of the Cycle. For a 4-year Cycle like this one, that’s usually about a year, though Retrograde periods can shift that generalization quite a bit. In this case, the “Waxing Square” (first quarter) occurs on 2 April 2024, a bit more than a year hence. This is about our most Persistent Self-Sabotages, the kind that has Major Benefits for us, like for instance Helping us Avoid the Emotions that we’d rather Die than Feel. Yet they Sabotage our Health, or our Relationships, or our Survival. With this kind of Karma, we’re Split.

Not usually to the extent of the “Multiple Personalities” that the Psychologists and Robert Louis Stevenson wrote about, but still parts of ourself that may actually never meet each other or even cross paths. The Chocolate-Craver sits on the roof, watching the sidewalk for That Emotion – we don’t even know Whom, it’s on the other side of the Veil of the Unconscious. But when That Emotion strolls up the street, maybe humming a tune we didn’t even know was tied to That Forbidden Emotion, quick as a Bunny the Chocolate-Craver slides down the Chimney, hops on our back, and reaches our Arm out toward the Velvet Truffles.

We didn’t even Notice the Shift in our Assemblage Point, as our Other Ego slid in so deftly that Buffy didn’t even look up from the book she was reading. Fortunately, I’m beyond this point with my own Sugar Addiction. My Addict and my Health have met, and they’re Actively Negotiating how much Deprivation the Addict needs to endure for Health to prevail. It helped a lot that Remover of Obstacles Ganesh (asteroid Ganesa) camped out on one of my worst natal Challenges (T-Square) last week.

Part of the “Fact” that Nothing Changes Till We Accept It Completely Exactly As It Is, is that every nasty Self-Sabotage has a Positive Purpose. The Necessity may be Obsolete, but the Pattern isn’t. In the Jungian Perspective, the UnConscious Guides us toward our Mission and our Joy. As with any Interaction with the Unconscious, the results from PIAVAing More Information are usually More Useful than the results from Analyzing.

The Classic example comes from Holistic Health. From that Perspective, a Symptom is a Loving Message from the Underwhere attempting to tell Consciousness that something needs Rebalancing. If we follow Allopathetic Medicine and its Strategy to Eliminate Symptoms, we’re basically telling the Unconscious, to our Detriment, “Quit Bothering me! I Don’t Want your Help!” That attitude is all too common where we’re Outer-Directed, evaluating our Worthiness by measuring our Performance relative to some Cultural Value that isn’t actually Ours. Kinda like the way our Programmers Pushed Away our own Needs in favor of Theirs, “For Our Own Good,” of course.

Of course our Programmers need the same Compassion that our Symptoms Ask For. When we Accept Accountability for our Life, we Realize that Our Soul (or the Simulator Bot in the Lightworker’s Lounge) Chose our Programmers carefully so they’d set up Dilemmas that would Brightly Illuminate the Karma we came into this Lifetime to Heal. Think for a moment about the Most Difficult Problems in your Life, the ones you’ve never managed to Resolve. What portion of your total Life Up Until Now have you spent Thinking about, Reviewing, Feeling about, Resenting, Being Jealous about, Wishing it was Otherwise, Resisting, and generally how much Attention you’ve Squandered on that Issue?

That Attention wasn’t Wasted. It’s made you the Expert on that Issue. As Dissatisfied you Feel about it, Other People probably seek your Advice on it! In a Multidimensional and Unitary Reality like the one we Live in, Like it or Not, the Linear Mind is far too Limited to Solve any Problem, simply because it’s far too Limited to Define any Real Problem. Sure, you can come up with a 2D Solution to some 2D slice of the Problem, but what about the other (∞-2) Dimensions, let alone the Unity that’s always Larger than the Sum of its Parts? But thanks to your Obsession, your 2D Mind has looked at more 2D Slices, and Explored more nD Emotions, Instincts, and Intuitions about the Multidimensional and Unitary Issue than most others have.

Look for a moment at the Debates and Arguments and Judgments you’ve Overheard today, including the Debates that the Angels and Devils on your Shoulders have dwelled upon.1 Do any Themes Emerge?

Of course the World is Debating or at least Recounting the Anniversary “Celebration” of a year’s worth of Destruction and Deprivation that the Patriarchy’s Violent 20th-Century Colonial Brutality and Cruelty has unleashed upon Ukraine. Energy Follows Attention. Has this Attention Triggered Emotion in us, or have we become Hardened against it? If we had Attended Deeply to any of the Debates we Heard today, what might we have Felt? Do you Welcome that Emotion as Reflection of your Values? Or as an Introduction to any Element of your Programming?

1 Veritas (Truth of the Mind) Exact Station 24 February 2023 (PST 1:25 am, GMT 9:25 am, IST 2:55 pm, AEDT Qld 7:25 pm), in 8 Cancer (Acceptance of All without Judgment). Also on the 24th, asteroid Samadhi (Enlightenment) moved back into Leo to Clean Up any Residual Self-Indulgence, while Tantalus (Insatiable Desire) moved into Aquarius to help us Define the Social Needs that Bedevil us through their Difficulty.

Wavelite is a Fluoride of Aluminum Phosphate with Water embedded in the Crystal Structure. Like asteroid Hopi, it Promotes Discernment of Truth without Judgment, even in folks without the natural proclivity. It makes Radial Mountain-Shaped Clusters of Needle-shaped Crystals like the ones in the lower right, till the slopes of a Mountain are broken, and further Erosion creates Crater-Shaped Crystal Clusters like the one just left of center. The morphological similarity between the Crater-Crystal in the left center, and the Analytical meaning of the Mineral, is pure Coincidence.

Denying Nature, Transmuting Huperity

January 10, 2023

8-18 January 2023 is a busy 10 days. Fortunately the Moon is back In-Bounds for the entire 10 days,1 so we may squeak by without too many Freakouts on the Edges. Then asteroid Hopi Out of Bounds (Respect for All Things, Amplified ) moves into Scorpio (Which Doesn’t Kid Around ).2

1 The Moon is In Bounds from 8-9 January (PST 8:15 pm 8th, GMT 4:15 am 9th, IST 9:45 am 9th, AEDT Qld 2:15 pm 9th) till 17-18 January (PST 7:27 pm 17th, GMT 3:27 am 18th, IST 8:57 am 18th, AEDT Qld 1:27 pm 18th). Hupers are less likely to Panic when the Moon is In Bounds.

2 9 January, PST 3:44 am, GMT 11:44 am, IST 5:14 pm, AEDT Qld 9:44 pm. The Consequences of Lack of Respect are likely to be much more Serious while Hopi is in Scorpio. Hopi is also slowing (gaining Strength) for a 15 February Station. It will review the last half of Libra till early September, then stay in Scorpio for the rest of 2013. It doesn’t return In Bounds till late August.

Then the Big Guns – Stations (Increased Impact ) of Pan (the Primary Deva of Nature), Eris (the Revelation of What’s Been Denied ), Mars (Action), and Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation), followed by a Station of Mercury (Awareness, Communication).

All of these Stations except that of Eris happen within the same 9-13 Degree Window, so they’re Merged in both Time and Degree. We could hope that Hupers will Become more Aware of their Denial of Nature and Transmute it, Promoting Action to Correct it, but we’ve seen so many False Alarms that we aren’t Holding our Breath. Even more Apocalyptic Weather would be Appropriate. The Pholus-Quaoar Cycle tells us that this will be a long slow process, lasting a couple of Generations.

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t Visualize and watch for signs of Progress and Celebrate them. The Energy of the Restoration of Nature to its Proper Respect is Growing, we’re just unlikely to hear about it from a Minia owned and dominated by the previous Cycle’s oily Energy. That’s why I came to this Planet, to Visualize, Witness, and Celebrate the Restoration of Nature to its Proper Respect, and I suspect many of youalls did too. Progress is Cumulative, and Celebration Magnetizes more Progress, so even small steps are worthy of Celebration.

“The surface-based approach limits our awareness to appearances and apparent relationships. This is a world of glamoury and illusion. It leaves the intelligence, vision and soul of the natural and spiritual worlds hidden in the underworld where the dragons of dogma and the Cerberus of politics guard it. Often, this leads its adherents to a feeling of emptiness and a sense of isolation from the spiritual world.

“Most [hupers] have bound their sciences and senses to a perception and explanation of the surface world only; the courageous step into the ancient borderland where the comfortable formula of modern life reveals itself to be feeble superstition and a lure away from the truth. The spiritually curious soon discover that their beliefs only limit their perception of what is real; it never has prevented the deep abiding spiritual forces from existing. Rather, it only raises a boundary between the comfortable world of men and the domain of the spirits. This boundary has become a stranglehold suffocating the spirit and soul of [huperity] and everything it touches.

“The Faery people instruct us that ‘at this time, [hupers] must re-acquire an attuned awareness of the tides and motions that occur beneath the surface, at the foundation of the creative process.’ They send their ancient call outward from our blood, the land and the very breath of creation. Spiritual restlessness is awakened, and the otherworld is calling for [huperity] to reclaim its place in the mystical fabric of the land. This otherworld is the Faery realm, the world of enchantment. Without reconnection with its power and wisdom, [huper] endeavors will continue to lack balance and eventually lead us all to ecological disaster.”

Orion Foxwood, The Faery Teachings, pp.110-111

While the Exact Stations all occur over the next ten days, their Impact will span a week or two before and after, so we’re already in this Soup of Becoming more Aware of the Denial of Nature, and the Manifestation Full Moon we’ve just finished will also contribute its own Energy. Here’s a quick Schedule of the Stations and their accompanying Sign Changes…

Pan Stationary in 13 Taurus till 10 January (PST 4:20 am, GMT 12:20 pm, IST 5:50 pm, AEDT Qld 10:20 pm). Pan is Merged with both Our Soul (Uranus) and Our Mission (North Node). The Primary Challenges are Breaking our Patterns of Abuse and Privilege, and Subjugating our Technology to our Values.

Eris Stationary in 24 Aries till 11-12 January (PST 9:56 am 11th, GMT 5:56 pm 11th, IST 11:46 pm 11th, AEDT Qld 3:56 am 12th). The Primary Challenges are Lack of Hope and Finding Guidance to Accept Accountability for The Most Important Thing.

Mars Out of Bounds Stationary in 9 Gemini till 12-13 January (PST 12:56 pm 12th, GMT 8:56 pm 12th, IST 2:26 am 13th, AEDT Qld 6:56 am 13th). The Primary Challenge is about Acting to Save the Environment from the Patriachy’s Boundless Greed.

Juno Moves Into Aries 12-13 January (PST 10:30 pm 12th, GMT 6:30 am 13th, IST 12 noon 13th, AEDT Qld 4:30 pm 13th). The Primary Challenge will be to Embrace New Realms of Consciousness that you Cannot Explain or Justify.

Ka’epaoka’awela Stationary in 11 Scorpio till 14 January (PST 3:02 am, GMT 11:02 am, IST 4:32 pm, AEDT Qld 9:02 pm). The Primary Challenges are Self-Love and Detached Embrace of Your Worst Nightmares in order to Let Them Go.

Asteroid Tantalus Out of Bounds Moves Into Capricorn 14-15 January (PST 7:20 am 14th, GMT 3:20 pm 14th, IST 8:50 pm 14th, AEDT Qld 1:20 am 15th). The Primary Challenge will be Getting Practical about our Addictions and Unmet Desires, which probably means Recognizing Desire as one of the Richest and Most Permanent Features of Life, and Realizing that Satisfaction is Temporary, Dull, and Overrated.

Asteroid Klotho Moves Into Aquarius 15-16 January (PST 4:57 pm 15th, GMT 12:57 am 16th, IST 6:27 am 16th, AEDT Qld 10:57 am 16th). The Primary Challenge will be Finding New Community.

Asteroid Requiem Out of Bounds Moves Into Sagittarius 17-18 January (PST 5:49 pm 17th, GMT 1:49 am 18th, IST 7:19 am 18th, AEDT Qld 11:49 am 18th). The Primary Challenge will be to Accept Respectful Communication with the Dead as a Real Process.

Moon Moves Out of Bounds South 17-18 January (PST 7:37 pm 17th, GMT 3:37 am 18th, IST 9:07 am 18th, AEDT Qld 1:37 pm 18th) till 21-22 January (PST 8:52 pm 21st, GMT 4:52 am 22nd, IST 9:22 am 22nd, AEDT Qld 2:52 pm 22nd).

Mercury Stationary in 9 Capricorn 18 January (PST 5:11 am, GMT 1:11 pm, IST 6:31 pm, AEDT Qld 11:11 pm). The Primary Challenge is to Visualize, Witness, and Celebrate Awareness and Reversion of Global Climate Change.

Everyone is familiar with Quartz, but who well knows the other two thirds of the Silicates and the most common of Minerals, the Feldspars? In these People, the Silicates are paired with Aluminates, and the two Periodic Tablemates often substitute for one another. The two major groups of Feldspars are the Sodium-Calcium Feldspars and the Potassium Feldspars. Know that you can use the Frequency of Crystals or other Stones the way you would use Supplements.

You might use a Sodium Feldspar like Lapis to raise your Blood Pressure a bit and Feel more awake, a Calcium Feldspar like Stilbite to help strengthen your Bones, and a Potassium Feldspar like Amazonite to lower your Blood Pressure a bit and create Calming. If the Medical Cartel succeeds in their longstanding Profit Wetdream of making Supplements available only by prescription, we might have to.

A favorite Potassium Feldspar is Moonstone, officially a Microperthie, known for its Opalescence. The long list of SuperPowers that Moonstone offers includes just about all of the Challenges we’ve mentioned in this post, and many others. Moonstone Amps Up Feminine Energies of all sorts, and helps to Balance Masculine excesses. Here’s one of my favorites, peering in from the Otherworld…

Embrace Your Karma – OrCuss Redux

December 13, 2022

I forgot to mention that asteroid Tantalus (Desires Forever Just Beyond Our Reach) went Out of Bounds (Intense Desires Infinitely Just Out of Reach) on 1 December 2022 and won’t return In Bounds until 21 January 2023. As we mentioned in the last paragraph of the previous post, Tantalus moves into Scorpio (Where Desires Are Often Difficult to Suppress) 14 December 2022. “Astrology Made Me Do It” is not a valid excuse for dodging Accountability.

Equality FULL Moon

September 12, 2022


  • You’d think by now I can tell NEW Moons from FULL Moons. I think it’s about Attention! And if it’s an Intuition, as Errors often are, what does it Indicate? I just started thinking of a Full Moon as an Initiation of a process that would Culminate at the Third-Quarter Moon. Hmmm. I Wonder.
  • The Moon is In Bounds till 3:13 am PDT (11:13 am BST in England and 8:13 pm AEST in Eastern Oz) 16 September 2022 in 8 Gemini, when it moves Out of Bounds (Hupersons tend to be more Excitable) over the Northern Hemisphere, till 3:40 am PST 21 September.
  • Have we mentioned that asteroid Lachesis (Unexpired Karma that We Can Consciously Let Go Of ) returned In Bounds on 8 September? That may make it a little harder to Let Go of Active Karma, but Persistence is Recommended, because All Karma is Vulnerable since it Died with Linear Time in 2012. We hold on to our Karma because it’s so Familiar and Comfortable, even when it’s untoward. We hold on to Linear Time because the rest of the World still Lives in the Yangtegrity Patriarchy. We hope you’re continuing to Minimize your Commitments, Renegotiate When you Can, and Make Amends When Renegotiation Is Not Possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping, as we Recommend as a crutch for our Yintegrity till we can hang out There All Day.
  • Of course, without Linear Time astrology is up a certain creek without the appropriate Tool to move on, but it still seems to be Useful, right?
  • Speaking of Karma, Out of Bounds asteroid Karma moves into Sagittarius (The Way Out Is Letting Go) “for good” (till it moves on into Capricorn) at 1am PDT (9am BST, 6pm AEST) on the Ides of September. Except for dipping a toe into Sadge in March and April, it’s been Dancing in Scorpio (The Way Out is Through, often Excruciatingly) since last December. It won’t return In Bounds (Less Intensity), though, till next March. It will be Rubbing Our Faces in our Emotional Baggage from July to October next year, though, as it Retrogrades in Pisces (Clearing Expired Emotions).
  • Out of Bounds Dwarf planet Asbolus (Enhanced Intuition) moves into Cancer 11pm PDT 15 September (7am BST, 4pm AEST, both 16 September), which should make us a bit less Judgmental.
  • Asteroid Tantalus moves into Leo today (11 September 2022) at 6pm PDT (2am BST, 11am AEST, both tomorrow). The SuperPower of Tantalus is to Teach us to Relish Desire more than we Appreciate its Consummation. Small wonder it shares a root with Tantric. Here’s an excellent example of the Challenge or Victim, or Shadow, side of this Dimension…


The 3am PDT (11am BST, 8pm AEST) 10 September 2022 Full Moon was in 18 Pisces. While they’re quite busy during the event, we Expect the New and Full Moons to see their primary Impact over the following several weeks, including an Energy Peak approximately a week after the event. In this case that’ll be the neighborhood of 3pm PDT 17 September (11pm BST, 8am AEST 18 September), at the Third Quarter Moon (the Waning Sun-Moon Square). The Energy Peak should mirror what we’re writing about below, perhaps with its own Embellishments.

However, by 17 September we’ll be deep into Climage Change et al (Stations of Quaoar and Pholus 18-19 September). Remember what the et al stands for? We had a list once, but I can never find it. I know it included all of the Main Effects that are Rapidly Changing these days – Gender Balance and Inclusion, Rejection of War as Barbaric, Racial Equality, Consciousness about Pollution, Death Throes of the Patriarchy, and of course all the accouterments of the End Times – Pestilence, Famine, War, Locusts, all the Fun things we associate with the Apocalypse. It’s important to Remember, though, that Karma Is Expectation. When we see certain Happenings, we Expect certain ills to follow. When we Change our Expectations, we Change our Karma.

Interesting that so many Voices are Recalling the Abuses of Colonialism. Just one example – a Carnegie Mellon Professor of Language put it thus, “If anyone expects me to express anything but disdain for the monarch who supervised a government that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my family and the consequences of which those alive today are still trying to overcome, you can keep wishing upon a star,” referring to her Experience in Nigeria.

The Full Moon Conjoins dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege). If Abuse and Privilege are the end points of a Dimension, what would we call the Dimension? How about Equality. The Full Moon has two not-really-Self-Resolving, but Much-Enhanced Challenges or SuperPowers,1 depending on our Approach to them. One of them Suggests that our best Defense against Abuse is Self-Love.2 The other is about Making a Safe Home in Our Body for Our Soul by Attending to our Self-Sovereignty.3

So, if a Full Moon is an Initiation of a Process that becomes Evident at the Third-Quarter Moon, what might we Predict for 17 September? Maybe some major News about Sovereignty? Or about Respect for Nature? Dwarf planet Altjira T-Squared the Full-Moon Axis at the Full Moon, and Altjira is Stationary on 18 September, peaking at 11:20 pm PDT in 19 Gemini.


1 T-Squares without Coincident Fingers of the Goddess, but with Coincident Grand Trines.

2 Dwarf planet Altjira (The Diva of Life itself ) T-Squares the Full Moon Axis, with Narcissus (Self-Love) and Saturn (The Most Important Thing) on the other corners of the Altjira Grand Trine.

3 Uranus Conjunct North Node (Soul Merged with Life Mission) in Taurus T-Squares Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in Aquarius Opposite (Debating With) asteroid Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) and Hybris (Hubris) in Leo. The Coincident Grand Trine connects Uranus-North Node with dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) in Capricorn and the Sun (Our Essence) in Virgo.

A Week Off…Sorta

September 3, 2022

This is very good. Dr. Dispenza Approaches Change from many angles, including SuperScienterrific and SuperMagical. You might remember him from the What the Bleep movie. He’s a Chiropractor whose body was mangled by an auto while he was riding his bicycle. He rejected the Medical treatment that was offered to him because it promised little permanent gain, and spent the next looong while in Meditation, eventually Healing himself. As he says in the first Meditation, he monitors the Physiology of his workshop participants Scienterrifically so he can see what effects Change best, modifies his workshop strategy accordingly, and does it again for each workshop.

He’s Amazing, frankly. Also quite expensive, so his freebies are especially Appreciated! The first link is to four 15-minute Meditations on Attention, Creativity, Creating a New Reality, and Creating a New Destiny, intended to be used one per day…


This second link is one of Dr. Dispenza’s Immersion Meditations, this one taking your Attention out of your usual Assemblage Point, and trying it on elsewhere…


Kind of like the Journey from the Webb to the Beginning of Linear Time that Bob (in Coloniser Queensland) sent, or this one Looking out the Back Window.

Here’s another one, below. I have no idea how Scienterrifically Valid this one is, it’s way out of my league. I can only say that I’ve always Sensed Intuitively that the Big Bang was what we heard when those jets cracked the Sound Barrier on their way to intercept some idiot in his putt-putt plane that tinkered his way into the President’s flight path…

I think after all these Doubly and Triply and Fourfold Self-Resolving Challenges/SuperPowers, it’s probably time to review our Upper Limits – the way we Manifest some Bummer right after we Accept a Big Gift of Growth, just because we’d be Lost without our Bummers. Gay Hendricks has the best (only?) coverage I know of, in his book The Big Leap, where he describes how to Leap from our Zone of Excellence to our Zone of Genius. A Bonus – he tells us how to Master Time rather than being its Slave.

Marilyn Raffaele also Channels some excellent Advice for us at…


“Resist nothing. It is not your job as Light workers to save the world with three dimensional solutions. Your job and what you came to do as evolved individuals is to hold the Light by being the Light. Because there is only ONE Consciousness, the Light you hold in your consciousness automatically assists and lifts those near or far able to align with that same energy.

“Enjoy the ordinary things of life. Take time to have a glass of wine, read a good book, laugh with friends, or walk in nature and talk to the trees. These things are just as spiritual as sitting in church listening to someone else’s concepts of truth or engaging in prayers that beg and plead. The energy of joy is of a much higher resonance than that of ‘I don’t have. Give, give, give. Poor me.’

“Be aware of your thoughts as you go about your day, staying anchored in truth as best you can. Energy is always attracted to energy it can align with because energy is always seeking oneness and wholeness regardless of how dense or light the energy may be.”

The Moon will be Out of Bounds over the Southern Hemisphere in a few hours, starting at 4:42 am PDT 3 September 2022 (12:42 pm BST in England, 9:42 pm AEST in Eastern Oz). It’ll hang there till 7:41 am PDT 7 September (3:41 pm BST 7 September and 12:41 am 8 September). Expect everyone to be a little more Panicky, though they’ve been plenty Panicky already this week. Like Tapping, where you Speak the Truth about what’s going on in your Body so your Body calms down because now it knows that you know so it no longer has to shout, this Moon OOB could act like a Homeopathic.

There are several Sign Changes coming up…

  • Venus moves from Leo into Virgo 9:04 pm PDT 4 September (5:04 am BST 5 September in Liverpool, 2:04 pm AEST 5 September in Sydney). Expect Ego Deaths. Turn your Upper Limits into Ego Deaths, by Asking yourself, What am I not Owning?
  • Pallas moves from Gemini into Cancer 9:58 pm 5 September (5:58 am BST 6 September in Bristol, 2:58 pm AEST 6 September in the Snowys). Boundaries should be less Flibbertigibbet and more Compassionate.
  • Aletheia also move from Gemini into Cancer 10:07 am 7 September (6:07 pm BST 7 September in Cambridge, 3:07 am AEST 8 September in Canberra). Opening the Heart. Finally!
  • Tantalus moves from Cancer into Leo 5:59 pm PDT 11 September (1:59 am BST 12 September, 10:59 am AEST 12 September). Now we’ll be Tempted by Egotism instead of Codependence. Do what you do when you catch yourself Thinking during Meditation – Oh, there’s Thinking Again! Thanks for Contributing! Oh, there’s Ego Again! Luv Ya, Kiddo!

And Mercury Stands Still and turns Retrograde 8:38 pm PDT 9 September (4:38 am BST 10 September, 1:38 pm AEST 10 September) for three weeks. You know the drill, it happens three times a year – possible Travel disruptions (as if that hasn’t been everywhere already!), botched Communication, Contracts may require Renegotiation in October after Mercury goes Direct again (on the 3rd).

Then there’s the Full Moon 2:59 am PDT 10 September (10:59 am BST, 7:59 pm AEST), in 18 Pisces, but we’ll Experience most of its impact after the fact. It has two Sorta-Self-Resolving Challenges (no Fingers of the Goddess, but two Grand Trine Boons – see previous post) or SuperPowers.

The Full Moon Emphasizes Inequality (Moon Merged with Nessus, Abuse and Privilege), and the Impact will likely Emerge through Challenges to the Living Environment of Earth (T-Square to Altjira, Diva of Life). Hopefully it will still provide for Life, maybe “just” Limp a little more. The Boon (Grand Trine) is about the Oligarchs (asteroid Narcissus) and The Most Important Thing (Saturn). Reread Marilyn’s Channeling above – maybe if we all Sent Light to the 1% they’d start Paying More Attention to the Earth’s Livability than to their Hoarded Wealth.

I know, I can hear the Chorus, What a Waste of the Light – we should be sending it to the people that they’ve Ripped Off. Yes, that too. But save a trickle for the Greedheads – you know, we can always send Infra-Red Light up their behinds, disguised as something caused by the Broken Climate, like a downed Power Line. It might even Cauterize their Polyps and make them Feel less Avaricious. But don’t Forget to Resist Nothing. We want to Manifest a Better Way, and Let the Old Way crumble from the Rot in its Foundation.

The Challenge to our Soul, still Merged with our Life Mission (Uranus-North Node), is about Credibility (asteroid Kassandra) and The Most Important Thing, which in this case is probably the degree to which Society is able to Support us (Saturn in Aquarius). It sounds a lot like Jay Powell’s Recession will be Upon Us, with less Employment and a lot more Bankruptcies. I could think of far worse Scenarios, but I’ve Canceled-Neutralized-Upgraded them, so I won’t.

Then we go back to Work. Our Enthusiasm (asteroid Icarus Stationary) is tested until 12:38 am PDT 12 September (8:38 am BST, 5:38 pm AEST). Burn-out is a Likelihood if we don’t Pay Attention to our Upper Limits.

And our Willingness to Break the Rules (dwarf planet Ixion Stationary) is tested until 10:58 pm PDT 13 September (6:58 am BST 14 September, 3:58 pm AEST 14 September). We could well be Feeling that one already. Why would we want to Break the Rules? Well, to begin with, ask any Muggle – Striving for Ascension Breaks All Kinds of Rules. The only way to Facilitate Change is to Break the Rules. Like the folks fighting to Unionize, for one thing, or the folks fighting to stop More Fossil Fuel mining and burning, especially in Red-Lined Loci of Intense Poverty. It used to be that the 1% got Filthy Rich by doing things that hadn’t been declared Illegal yet. Now it’s more often not getting caught yet, though a zillion Rip-Offs are still perfectly Legal.

We’ll talk more about the I-twins soon.

Our Resistance to Our Cravings

June 8, 2022

Until noon on 9 June 2022 we’ll be working with Our Resistance to Our Cravings. It’s quite Complicated when we view it through the Mindset of Western Culture, but I think it gets a lot more Straightforward when we just look at our Cravings as Our Enlightenment Calling Us Forward while Our Programming Holds Us Back. I’d be Surprised if most of us didn’t have something that we’ve been Craving all our Life but which we’ve never quite managed to Manifest in any way that Satisfies us for very long.

We’ve probably redefined it over and over, but it’s basically still there and still the same as it was when we were six years old. By then we’d been told so many times that we Can’t Have That, that we started Believing that “They” would never let us Have It, so we’d have to sneak around and get it on our own. We’ve been trying to Renounce it as Unachievable all our Life, but we keep coming back to it. So we’re still working on Giving Up Our Renunciation of our True Self.

Wait. You’re still trying to Renounce your Strongest Cravings? Oh, okay. I know, it’s a Stretch to claim that your Strongest Cravings Reflect the Gravitational Pull of your Soul to Manifest in the Here and Now, and your Ego’s Will is the Only thing preventing you from being Sucked Down that Rabbithole. Especially if our Cravings are so Strong that we have to Quench them with Substances like Sugar, or Suppress them with Our Thoughts About Them. How can they be Sacred when everyone has always bent over backward to make sure we Felt Guilty about them?

Then there’s the Fear. We may not even be Aware that it’s Fear, we’re more likely to be misguided into thinking it’s Wisdom! All those Don’ts we’ve Learned, from a finger on a hot stove to Humiliating a Bully to Getting too Close to the Sun. More Resistance, disguised. Nothing Changes till we Accept it Exactly as It Is. My Cravings will Kill me. They might, if you turn your back on them and try to Pretend they aren’t yours. “I say it’s easily done, you just take anyone, and pretend like you never have met,” as Dylan put it.

This is all Optional. You don’t have to Let Go of either your Craving Karma OR your Renunciation Karma. Neither is beyond their Expiry Date. But it’s an excellent Opportunity to cut back on both of them so you can “no longer lend your Strength to that which you Wish to be Free From,” in Jewel’s words. After all, Karma is Dead. It just hasn’t been told yet that it’s Dead, and we’re in on the Conspiracy, because we’re the one Believing it’s still Alive, we’re the one clinging to a Zombie. How can there be Karma when Linear Time is no more? If Cause doesn’t precede Effect, what kind of World are we Living In?

Asteroid Lachesis is about Karma that hasn’t Reached its scheduled Expiration Date, but which we’re Free to Let Go Of if we dare. It’s Exaggerated (Stationary) till 11:50 am 9 June 2022. You’ve probably Seen, or Been, It flailing around, not quite sure what the Hell It’s (or you’re) doing any more. It’s Merged with asteroid Icarus, and Icarus is Out of Bounds (Amplified ) so if we get too Excited about Freedom, our Karmaaka our Wax – will melt and we’ll Crash. Our old Ego will Melt. Will we withstand the Unknown, or will we Rush back to what we Knew all along? Our old Ego was just Wax anyway, but we can make a new one that looks just like it on our 3D printer, only out of more Durable Plastic! Or we can Stand Still for the Void, like Lachesis is doing.

Lachesis-Icarus Oppose asteroid Koronis (Coronavirus). An Opposition is a Wagging Finger – “You better toe the line OR ELSE!” Without continually Willing Ourself to avoid Dis-Ease, how will we Stay Healthy? Those Germs are worse than Karma, lurking around waiting to Attack when we have a moment of “Weakness” – another Metaphor for Fear of Letting Go of Renunciation.

The Opposition is T-Squared by not just the Uranus-Moira-Pallas Triple Conjunction and Initiation that we’ve talked about, but this trio is joined by Venus – Our Values, and asteroid Tantalus – Our Infinitely Unfulfilled Cravings. Tantalus is also Out of Bounds, or Amplified.

All this Action is at the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs, the Power Points of the Zodiac, AKA the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The four Royal Stars that served as the Calendar in Persia, have moved on, thanks to Precession. But the Tender places remain. Lachesis-Icarus are at 16-17 Aquarius, which are about Relentlessness, near the Star Sualocin, Natural Talent. Koronis is in 19 Leo, Humility, Surrender, Self-Mastery. And Uranus et al are in 15-19 Taurus, which Degrees are about Repeatedly Surrendering to Eruptions of Suppressed Unconscious Material in order to Create a Selfless Vehicle for Spirit to Help Gaia Evolve, fostered by the Fixed Star Menkar, the Jaw of the Whale (Constellation Cetus), which in the Olde Days was seen as a Giant Man-Eating Beast, like the Unconscious.