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2019 Q4 and 2020 Q1 Stations

October 16, 2019


Now that we have a “week off” more or less, let’s look at the remainder of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.  We’ll use several “shorthand” abbreviations or symbols…

  • Â.Mickie stands for asteroid Mickie
  • Ð.Goofy stands for dwarf planet Goofy
  • Š/ stands for Station, when a planet’s Energy is especially Strong
  • Î stands for Initiation of a New Cycle between two planets

Below we list only the Stations (plus one major Initiation), or the times when a planet’s Energy is Strongest and most Distinct or Identifiable.  When there are several planets Stationary at the same time, though, it will likely be hard to Distinguish the Separate Influence of each planet, because their Energies will be Merged.  When two planets are Stationary at the same time, it’s as if they’re Conjunct.

In general, we Experience the Energy of a Station before it happens, as the Energy Intensifies until it is “Complete” (the planet starts moving in the other Direction), and then it drops off rapidly.  In cases where we aren’t Neutral to the Energy, we may make Decisions about it, and those Decisions (Orcus) will carry the Energy over into the time following the Station, possibly even eventually Creating new Karma.

For instance, the Energy of asteroid Moira is about Fate and Choice – Fate in situations where our Karma is still Unconscious…

Someone else is doing something to me

and Choice in situations where we’ve brought the Karma into Consciousness…

Oh!  I’m really not Experiencing what they seem to be Doing, I’m Experiencing my own lifelong Habitual Reaction to it!  They don’t even know I’m here!

Once we’re Conscious, we can Choose to Respond Constructively, rather than Reacting from our Victimhood.

So if we’re Insulted or Angered by something someone Says or Does, and we don’t Realize that it’s our Button that’s been pushed, we might Decide that this person is not “on our side,” and make them (or worse, people like that) a Lifelong Enemy.  And if we stay in 3D (which is likely if we haven’t Cleared our Karma), we’re likely to continue the same Conflict into Other Lifetimes.  You can tie up all Deviations from Whirled Peas and all of World History in this simple wrapper, and there won’t be much left to Clean Up.

On the other hand, we might Feel Insulted or Angry, but if we Recognize that it’s our Feeling, we may Choose to Agree to Disagree, or even move to a different Meeting, but we won’t make it into a Capital Offense.

Rose Quartz.

There are a number of ways to guess how soon we’ll begin to Experience a Station before it’s Complete, but a useful rule of thumb is…

  • A week for the four outer planets, asteroid Bee-Zed, and the dwarf planets except dwarf planet Ceres (that is, everyone with orbits longer than ten years)
  • Several days for the three inner planets, the asteroids, and dwarf planet Ceres (orbits between one and ten years)
  • Since “Tropical” astrology (the kind we use) sees events from the Perspective of Earth, neither Earth nor Sun nor Moon are ever Stationary

We might also begin to Experience the Energy of the next Station as soon as the current Station is Complete.  Our General Sensitivity is obviously relevant.  And if a Station occurs on one of our natal planets, we’ll React more Strongly and probably sooner.

If we want an Astrological Rule rather than Empirical Guidance, the usual Sensitivity projects that the Impact begins when the Stationing planet is less than one Degree from its Exact Station.  However, some of the newer dwarf planets (such as Sedna) move less than one Degree in a year, which would mean they’re Always Stationary.  And yes, we can certainly interpret that to mean that Fear is Omnipresent, as was common Before the Current Era (ie, BCE or BC)!  If we’re in the Habit of Converting Fear to Power (with Kegels for instance), then this is a Powerful interpretation!

But using lengthy Stations can give us so much overlap that we’re never sure what’s happening.

Asteroids usually take about four days to move one Degree, but when they’re slowing down to Stop and Turn Around, they’ll be much slower.  For instance, rather than 23-26 October for the first Klotho Station, you might look at 11-26 October (the one-Degree range) instead, and Pay a lot more Attention if you have a natal planet near the Ides of Gemini.

Bottom Line, feel free to start my date ranges sooner.  But if you’re still Experiencing Strong Energy after the Station, in order to Avoid accumulating new Karma you want to look over the last several days to see if you’ve made any Decisions based on your Discomfort with the Energy of the Station.  If so, Own your Discomfort and Revert your Decisions.

Initiations are Conjunctions, and Conjunctions act like Stations in that we Experience the Energy increasing in Strength as the Exact Conjunction approaches, then it drops off rapidly, assuming we’ve Captured the available Learning to keep, and not the Energy.  Again, we want to Pay Attention to Discomfort before the Initiation, and Work on Ourself to Own and Revert if necessary after the Initiation.  What we Learn from any astroevent is ours to keep.  They’re all Teachers.

Initiations Differ from Conjunctions, however, in that they also Begin a new Cycle, and the Energy that’s Born at the Initiation – including your Reactions to and Learnings from the Initiation – will Endure on some level for the entire Cycle, whether the Cycle is Initiated by a New Moon (28 days) or by Saturn and Pluto (30-some years).

We’ve added a few words of preliminary interpretation, but of course the actual interpretation will flow from a chart drawn for the Station, which we don’t normally do till we’re getting close to the event.  The preliminary interpretation will probably hang True, but it may not be The Most Important interpretation.

The short interpretations below are Dimensions, not Directions. The Direction is up to us.  For instance, in the first few days of November Our Perspective on our Vitality may Improve or Decline.  If the latter, it’s Identifying Karma for us to Let Go Of.  If we Allow our Victimhood to Reinforce the Decline, we Lose.  If we Notice the Decline and Realize that we have the Power to Heal (Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting, PIAVAing, Plan-Executing, Invoking the Unseen Therapist, et al), we Win.

If Our Perspective on our Vitality Improves, Gratitude is Relevant.  You don’t want to use the Improvement to pad your Ego – it’s not your Ego that Heals, though it can certainly Catalyze Healing, and increasing Self-Love is always Valuable, but not for Cause.  If Self-Love depends on Cause, it will never become Unconditional.  Self-Love is the Natural Condition we Strive to Return to, and we can certainly Congratulate ourself for Work Well Done when we step in that Direction.  But it’s Grace that Heals, and to Welcome and Encourage Grace, lift out the “c” and drop in a “titud,” then give it plenty of Exercise.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

23-26 October – New Beginnings (Š/Â.Klotho 15 Gemini)

30 October-4 November – Our Perspective on our Vitality (Š/Mercury 28 Scorpio; Š/Ð.Varuna 4 Leo)

31 October-3 November – Obsolete Habits (Š/Â.Karma 20 Pisces)

16-22 November – Ending Emotional Flashbacks (Š/Ð.OR10 4 Pisces; Š/Ð.Nessus 9 Pisces; Š/Â.Atropos 7 Aries; Š/Mercury 12 Scorpio)

23-27 November – Confusion and Bliss (Š/Neptune 16 Pisces)

7-15 December – Sidestepping Bummers (Š/Ð.Orcus 13 Virgo; Š/Chiron 2 Aries; Š/Â.Lachesis 21 Leo)

26-29 December – Unconscious Beliefs (Š/Â.Vesta 13 Taurus)

30 December-6 January – New Creations (Š/Ð.Makemake 7 Libra; Š/Â.Klotho 5 Gemini)

6-12 January – Opening to Soul (Š/Ð.Eris 24 Aries; Š/Uranus 3 Taurus; Pluto Î Saturn)

13-17 January – Ego Death (Š/Â.Nemesis 27 Virgo)

20-26 January – Rebirth (Š/Ð.Haumea 28 Libra)

2-8 February – Mastering Fear (Š/Â.Sappho 16 Libra; Š/Â.Juno 22 Libra; Š/Ð.Sedna 27 Taurus)

16-17 February – Emotional Intelligence (Š/Mercury 13 Pisces).

25 February-1 March – Intuition Breakthrough (Š/Â.Bee-Zed 28 Sagittarius; Š/Ð.Asbolus 20 Gemini)

1-6 March – New Horizons (Š/Ð.Chaos 25 Gemini)

9-10 March – Social Intelligence (Š/Mercury 29 Aquarius).

19-25 March – Claiming Our Power (Š/Â.Moira 20 Scorpio; Š/Â.Lachesis 8 Leo)

25 March-3 April – Survival Breakthrough (Š/Ð.Ixion 1 Capricorn; Š/Ð.Pholus 5 Capricorn; Š/Ð.Quaoar 5 Capricorn)

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

We aren’t adding the Moons and Sign Changes to this list, because they have different orientations in Time, and they would just make the list overlong.  The above are what we regard as The Most Important astroevents of the next six months.  We’ll table the Moons and Sign Changes separately, and maybe add the Out-of-Bounds periods, since the Moon starts going Out-of-Bounds in March for the first time in a decade.  Then if we get time, we can combine the lists to make a complete calendar.


September 3, 2017

See Test II ( for an explanation of what we’re doing here.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

February 2019

Pluto Initiating Chariklo in 23 Capricorn on 15 February (12am PDT).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

May 2018

Uranus entering Taurus on 15 May 2018 (9am PDT).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

April 2018

Chiron entering Aries on 16 April 2018 (2am PDT).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

March 2018

Jupiter turning Retrograde at 24 Scorpio on 8 March.

  • Mars enters Capricorn on 17 March.

Ceres turning Direct at 5 Leo on 18 March.

Mercury turning Retrograde at 17 Aries on 22 March.

  • Pallas enters Gemini on 29 March.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

February 2018

  • New Moon and Eclipse in 28 Aquarius on 15 February (1pm PST).
  • Juno enters Pisces on 23 February.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

January 2018

  • Pallas and Ceres Out of Bounds; Venus Out of Bounds until 3 January; Mercury Out of Bounds 16-20 January.
  • Full Moon at 19 Libra on 1 January 2018 (6:30 pm PST)

Uranus turning Direct at 25 Aries on 2 January (6am PST).

Makemake turning Retrograde on 2 January (3pm PST).

  • Venus returns In Bounds on 3 January.
  • Jupiter Initiates Mars on 6 January (5pm PST).
  • Sappho enters Aquarius on 9 January (11am PST).

Eris turning Direct on 10 January (1am PST).

  • Klotho enters Capricorn on 10 January (noon PST).
  • Vesta enters Sagittarius on 14 January.
  • Nemesis enters Pisces on 15 January (5am PST).
  • New Moon at 27 Capricorn on 16 January (6pm PST).
  • Mercury Out of Bounds 16-20 January.
  • Karma enters Sagittarius on 17 January (7pm PST).
  • Pallas enters Taurus on January 19.
  • Mercury returns In Bounds on 20 December.
  • Pholus enters Capricorn on 21 January (5pm PST).

Haumea turning Retrograde on 23 January (8am PST).

  • Mars enters Sagittarius on 26 January (5am PST).
  • Moira enters Taurus on 29 January (9am PST).

Full Moon and Eclipse at 12 Leo on 31 January (5:30 am PST).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

December 2017

  • Pallas Out of Bounds; Mercury Out of Bounds till 7 December.

Mercury turning Retrograde in 30 Sagittarius on 2 December (11:30 pm PST).

  • Full Moon in 12 Gemini on 3 December (8am PST).
  • Ceres goes Out of Bounds until 5 June 2017.

Mnemosyne turning Retrograde in 13 Leo on 6 December (3pm PST).

  • Quaoar enters Capricorn on 7 December (7am PST).
  • Mars enters Scorpio on 9 December (1am PST).

Orcus turning Retrograde in 11 Virgo on 8 December (8pm PST).

  • Juno enters Aquarius on 15 December (noon PST).

Moira turning Direct in 26 Aries on 16 December (3pm PST).

Pallas turning Direct in 26 Aries on 17 December (3pm PST).

  • Galactic New Moon in 27 Sagittarius on 17 December (10:30 pm PST).
  • Saturn entering Capricorn on 19 December 2017 (9pm PST).
  • Venus goes Out of Bounds until 3 January 2018.

Mercury turning Direct in 14 Sagittarius on 22 December (6pm PST).

  • Saturn Initiating Venus in 1 Capricorn on 25 December (10am PST).

Veritas turning Retrograde in 9 Virgo on 28 December (8am PST).

  • Uranus turning Direct at 25 Aries on 2 January (6am PST).
  • Makemake turning Retrograde in 5 Libra on 2 January 2018 (3pm PST).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

November 2017

See .

  • Pallas Out of Bounds.
  • Ixion Initiates Sappho on 7 November – Loving our Forbidden Genius, 25 Sagittarius, “A chubby boy on a hobby horse.”
  • Saturn Initiates Sappho on 8 November – The Most Important Thing is Self-Love, 26 Sagittarius, “A flag bearer in a battle.”
  • Mercury goes Out of Bounds on 9 November until 7 December.

Pluto Initiating Juno in 18 Capricorn on 11 November (6pm PST).

  • Jupiter Initiates Venus on 13 November (12am PST).
  • Makemake Initiates Eurydike on 15 November (5am PST).
  • Vesta enters Scorpio on 15 November (8pm PST).

Nessus turning Direct in 6 Pisces on 16 November (8pm PST).

  • Sappho enters Capricorn on 17 November (12am PST).
  • New Moon in 27 Scorpio on 18 November (4am PST).

OR10 turning Direct in 3 Pisces on 20 November (4am PST).

Neptune turning Direct on 22 November (6:30 am PST).

  • Atropos enters Libra on 25 November (5am PST).
  • Saturn Initiates Mercury on 27 November (11pm PST).

Aletheia turning Retrograde in 9 Leo on 28 November (11pm PST).

  • Hopi Initiates Karma in 13 Scorpio on 29 November (6pm PST); 16-year Cycle.

The events listed above this line may not comprise a full listing of events.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

20 October-5 November 2017

Daylight Time ends in US on 5 November (2am PDT = 1am PST)

See and

Pallas goes Out of Bounds on 26 October until 24 January 2018.

Lachesis-Ceres Full Moon in 12 Taurus on 3 November (10:30 pm PDT)

Makemake Initiates Mars in 5 Libra on 29 October (12am PDT).

Lachesis turning Direct in 12 Pisces on 1 November (3am PDT).

Varuna turning Retrograde in 2 Leo on 1 November (9am PDT).

Quaoar Initiating Lilith in 30 Sagittarius on 1 November (~9am PDT).

Full Moon in 12 Taurus on 3 November (10:30 pm PDT).

Grand Quintile (Jupiter Quintile Juno-Chariklo-Pluto Quintile Chiron Quintile Aldebaran Quintile North Node Quintile Jupiter).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

11-19 October 2017

Eurydike Initiating Mars in 26 Virgo on 15 October (9am PDT); see ‎and .

Makemake Initiates Venus in 4 Libra on 17 October (6am PDT); see and .

Jupiter Initiates Mercury in 2 Scorpio on 18 October (2am PDT); see .

New Moon in 27 Libra on 19 October (12:12 pm PDT).  See .

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

29 September-10 October 2017

See for starters.

North Node Initiating Veritas at 22 Leo on 1 October (1am PDT).  See .

Makemake Initiating Mercury at 4 Libra on 1 October (4pm PDT).  See .

Orcus Initiating Atropos at 10 Virgo on 2 October (9am PDT).  See .

Varuna Initiating Aletheia in 2 Leo on 5 October (3am PDT).  See .

Haumea Initiating Hopi in 24 Libra on 5 October (7am PDT).  See .

Mars Initiating Venus in 20 Virgo on 5 October (9:30 am PDT).  See and .

Full Moon in 13 Aries on 5 October (11:40 am PDT).  See

Pholus Initiating Lilith in 27 Sagittarius on 7 October (~11am PDT).  See .

Eurydike Initiating Venus in 24 Virgo on 8 October (10pm PDT) see and .

Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10 October (5:30 am PDT); see .

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

20-28 September 2017

Juno Conjunct Hylonome in 5 Capricorn on 21 September (6am PDT).  See , , and .

September Equinox on 22 September (1am PDT).  See .

Makemake Initiates Vesta in 4 Libra on 24 September (5pm PDT).  See .

Chaos turning Retrograde in 24 Gemini on 25 September (1am PDT).  See…

Jupiter Opposes Uranus in 28 Libra-Aries on 27 September (9:30 pm PDT).  See .

Pluto turning Direct in 17 Capricorn on 28 September (12:30 pm PDT).  See and .

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

15-19 September 2017

See  for starters.

Chariklo turning Direct in 10 Capricorn on 17 September (3am PDT).  See and .

Orcus Initiates Mercury in 10 Virgo on 17 September (6pm PDT).  See .

Orcus Initiates Moon in 10 Virgo on 18 September (1:45 pm PDT).  See .

Asbolus turning Retrograde in 19 Gemini on 18 September (2:30pm PDT).  See ‎ and .

Ceres in 29 Cancer returns In-Bounds on 18 September (11pm) after being Out-of-Bounds since 1 July.

Orcus Initiates Mars in 10 Virgo on 19 September (10:30 am PDT).  See .

Haumea Opposite Eris Exact in 24 Libra-Aries on 19 September (8pm PDT).

New Moon in 28 Virgo on 19 September (10:30 pm PDT). See and .

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

12-14 September 2017

Aletheia Initiates Ceres in 27 Capricorn on 13 September (8pm PDT).  See .

Hylonome turning Direct in 5 Capricorn on 14 September (3am PDT).  See and .

Ixion Opposes Chaos in 24 Sagittarius-Gemini (3am PDT).

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

7-11 September 2017

See  for starters.

Moira Initiates Moon in 10 Taurus on 10 September (2am PDT).

Pholus turning Direct in 26:10 Sagittarius on 10 September (5am PDT).  See… . . .

Sedna Crosses (Initiates) Moon in 27 Taurus on 11 September (7am PDT).  See .

Quaoar turning Direct in 28:41 Sagittarius on 11 September (8:30 am PDT).   See .

The Galactic Center is at 27:07 Sagittarius this year.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥ 

1-6 September 2017

We start with Mercury going Direct again on 5 September (4:30 am PDT) in the same Degree as the Eclipse, 29 Leo (“A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form”).  See .

Then the Full Moon on 6 September (12 am PDT), on the Eurydike-Neptune Opposition (Trust Spirit) near the Virgo-Pisces Midpoint, which makes another Flying Squirrel Configuration.  See .

Then ten hours later Nemesis (Ego Death) goes Direct, at 22 Capricorn, followed fourteen hours after that by the Station of Ixion (Forbidden Genius) in 24 Sagittarius.  In these Degrees we unleash the same almost-Grand-Unx Pattern that we saw in the Saturn Station at .  See .

Test II

September 3, 2017

into the elysian fields he goes…
we await you they sayeth
the elfin faeiries!

–poetry by alchemist0310

When I chose this Blog format, I didn’t realize how valuable “Pages” would be.  A WordPress “Post” is blogged out to everyone and then lost in the dust when a zillion other Posts are added on top of it.  Categories help (I never found a use for “Tags” in this context), but it’s still easy to lose track of something if you’re serious about blogging.  I hunted for the PIAVA Review and Theta Posts so often that I finally made separate Categories for them! 

A “Page” sits behind a button or link on the Blog’s home page, and never gets lost.  So I’m emulating a Page by using the Category “1.Calendar” to sit permanently on the very top of the very long Categories list, to the right of the Blog text.

Note that you have to be at to see the Categories list; if you’re pointing at any single post, such as , the Categories list doesn’t appear.

So often I’ve asked myself, “Now, when was that Station happening?” or “Which planet was it that’s Stationary today?” or the like, and it’s a pain to plow back through all those words to find it.  Yes, I could look in the ephemerides, but since I use so many weird ‘roids and dwarves (planets), that isn’t easy either.  So I’m putting a Calendar into a Post I’ll call Calendar ( in a Category called “1.Calendar” so it’ll be at the top of the list, and I’ll modify the Calendar Post regularly to include the latest information, with the most recent at the top.  Since I’ll only be editing an existing Post, you won’t get an email every time I update it, unless I send out a special “Calendar Updated!” post, which I’ll do when it seems important.