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Consciousness and Grief

January 29, 2016

Another reader asks…

“A client has transiting Sedna Stationary right on their natal asteroid Atropos.  So if Sedna is about actions taken out of fear or anger, could its transit over and station on natal Atropos help the native to ‘sever’ this tendency in some positive way?  Otherwise, the other way around, I suppose Sedna could reflect the native’s urge to sever some situation, affair or process out of fear or anger…”

Atropos is the Goddess who wields the scissors to snip our Lifelines when our Time is up.  Sedna turns Direct on 6 February, so it’s Stationary – ie, Strong – till then.  That would not be a good day to test-drive a Lamborghini or retrieve a dropped ballpoint pen from the Lion cage.  It would also be good for them to be hypervigilant on 1 February, when the Moon Opposes Sedna.

What the Ego conveniently forgets is that 99.9% of the time – and probably more – we operate on autopilot (Karma, Trance, Archetype) without realizing it.  I mean, who wants to feel Helpless.  Consciousness is a thin varnish lain over Unconscious Reality, barely more than an Illusion.  The most glaring difference between Consciousness and the Unconscious, is that the Unconscious lacks Direction – good versus bad, left versus right, up versus down.  It has Dimensions, but not Duality.  Since Reality and the Unconscious are almost identical, what we’re reading when we read astrology, is the Unconscious.

So yes, we have a merging of a Dimension of Endings with a Dimension of Fear.  So, making a guess, your client might terminate a Relationship or a job or a Habit on 6 February, or thereabouts, out of Fear that it will be harmful.  They could give up smoking, or speedboat racing, or allopathic medicine, or an other risky Habit.  Or, more likely considering who Sedna was, something that they’ll later regret Rejecting.  On the other hand, once the dust settles, it will eventually look like a Blessing.

They might undergo a Big Ego Death; living in a Culture that can’t Discern Physical Death from Ego Death, that of course could create Big Fear.  If it was my client I’d give them a list of dates when their natal Atropos was Lit Up Big – for instance, the approximate date every year when the Sun crosses it, and the years when Jupiter and Saturn have crossed it – so they might become Aware of their historical Unconscious Reaction to their own Apropos.  Also, every four years Atropros will have crossed their natal Sedna; those would be useful dates to know as well.

As long as we’re in the Unconscious, we don’t know if Fear will increase or decrease here, and we don’t know if Endings will begin or cease.  We don’t know the Direction; only the Dimension.  If we can help our client get into Consciousness – which after all is the astrologer’s primary goal, right? – then they can develop some Healthy Control over their choice of Direction.

And yes, the Symbol for the Degree of the Sedna Station (25 Taurus), “A vast public park,” isn’t obviously related.  As with Dreams, we always want to consider the possibility of “prediction,” without adding extra Fear to the situation.  The park may include a big parking lot for Lamborghini test-driving, or a Zoo with a Lion cage.  

More seriously, though, an implication might be spaciousness.  To me spaciousness implies Meditation, and the flavors of Sedna and Atropos are both akin to the flavor of the 12th House.  The traditional meaning of the 12th House is hospitals and prisons, but if we choose a Direction different from the traditional, we can use Introversion and Meditation to reduce Stress and promote Self-Assessment, which can reduce the causes of hospitalization and imprisonment.  Introversion and Meditation can also reduce the odds of stepping into a Lion’s cage to avoid a Paper Tiger that’s chasing us.

Another view…

And another reader’s note about our Fairy-Star Adventures…

“Yes… This is the School we’re in, and to really learn and participate (love) we have to Be Here Now.  But yesterday, in a moment of realizing that ‘Success’ as defined by my culture and upbringing, and my Yingtegrity (acting as my True Self) are fundamentally opposed, caused a kind of mind-heart freeze.  How to go forward without those cultural markers that I’ve ‘done it right’ and am acknowledged as skilled/creative by my tribe?  To realize that I have, in a sense, chosen to walk away from the village and into the forest alone, is a strange emptiness that I am working with all my selves to not be discouraged or terrified by.  I think Jung said something about the path of individuation being a lonely one, but to experience it in myself is truly an Edge.”

Yes, the Hero’s or Heroine’s Journey isn’t Thornless.  We’ve actually all been dancing on this Edge all our Lives, between our True Self and our necessary Community.  As children we were at times punished for being our True Self, and we’re left with the Belief that we have to Choose.  But we don’t.  As we’ve danced ever since, we let our True Self sneak out at times, and indulge our Community’s Demands at other times.  It’s not actually about Choice; it’s about Both/And.

Especially as the Internet has spread, we’ve all begun to migrate our Community.  Most of us are far closer to the people who Allow our True Self to bloom, and less close to those who don’t, than we were in our younger days.  There will be times when the cliff is steeper, when we need to cut chords that have Supported our False Self and haven’t yet replaced their Support.  And we will move toward Sustenance – the other side of the Coin from Sustainability – because Money is a tool often used to Exploit our False Self.  

Every Loss must be Grieved, so yes, there are times when the emptiness and loneliness seems to dominate.  As with other Emotions, we need to Discern, Witness, and Embrace.  Grief has its own timetable, but it will be much shortened if we give ourselves a healthy dose of “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Feeling your Abandonment, aren’t you.”

I, Dentity

January 28, 2016

Another reader comment…

Forget Trance Formation…already too many zombies on this planet.  What we really want is tranceless humanity.  Ray Kurzweil wants to meet the Borg Collective and help them take over hupers!  Hard to believe I used to covet his synthesizers...”

I don’t want to be the one to Deny Unicorns…

But assuming that what you mean by “tranceless humanity” is everyone Fully in the Present Moment (as I guess many of the Saints and Yogis are or have been reputed to be), tranceless humanity would require a very Big Download, which almost everyone would equate to Death, since the Confusion between Ego Death and Physical Transition out of a Lifetime is probably the Central Issue anyway.  It’s certainly Kurzweil’s Issue, and the Central Issue for all of the Once-Borns.  Stripped suddenly of all their Ego paraphernalia, everyone would be walking around like Zombies.

I think a more practical way of looking at it is that the Ego has to Expand gradually, enveloping and Letting Go of one Archetype at a time.  Here’s Robert Bosnak (Tracks in the Wilderness of Dreaming, p.31)…

“Identification [Trance, Archetype] is an involuntary, unconscious process and cannot be willed by the ego.  By force of will I can empathize with another, imagine what another is feeling, put myself in someone else’s shoes, but full identification cannot be brought about consciously.  Identification is something that happens to me.  Still, it is possible to create conditions under which identification is likely to occur.

“Identification can be brought about by careful observation, by empathy, and by feeling oneself into the bodily posture or motion of another, combined with an attitude of waiting, of not causing something to happen.  The process leading to identification with [a different Trance] is necessarily slow.  If we try to bring it about quickly, we usually end up with a projection upon the [other Trance].  Projection – the process of unconsciously seeing elements of self in another person, while being convinced that these elements truly belong to the other … holds up an invisible mirror to self and prevents us from truly experiencing the presence of other.”

Before criticizing another, it’s important to walk a mile in their shoes.  That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes.

On a more serious note, we have four planets that are highly involved with Trance, Archetypes, Identity, Karma (which as Inertia is literally just a Trance), Identification, and, when the Mirror is invisible, Projection.  By “coincidence,” they all happen to be Lit Up just now…

  • Planet Neptune, symbolizing our Unconscious Cultural Programming, in the foot of the Mjolnir
  • Dwarf planet Pluto, the Zeitgeist, Master of Trance (Re)Formation, behind the recent Mercury Station
  • Centaur Hylonome, occupying with Venus and Centaur Chariklo one Ray of the Seven-Pointed Fairy Star
  • Asteroid Juno, which very recently Initiated Mars on another Ray of the Fairy Star

  μ    μ    μ    μ    μ    μ  

And by the way, we still have six points of the Grand Septile or Fairy Star, making the Vacancy, where the seventh Ray would be, its strongest point.  The Vacancy is the Cusp of Leo.  If you have any natal planets in that vicinity, you’ll find yourself Identified with the Fairy Star; Allow the Miracles accordingly.  

If you look with your Other Vision you can still see the faint Glow in the Sky where the Full Moon was complete, at 4 of Leo, “A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition.”  Rather than intellectualizing the Symbol, use Bosnak’s technique to Identify with this elderly gentleman:

“Identification can be brought about by careful observation, by empathy, and by feeling oneself into the bodily posture or motion of another, combined with an attitude of waiting, of not causing something to happen.”

Imagine yourself standing next to trophies you’re proud of, adjust your posture accordingly, and wait to see what in your inner milieu Changes.

You can try the same with any of the other Degrees near the Leo Cusp until you find one that triggers a “Can-Do” sense for you…

  • Cancer 30, “A Daughter of the American Revolution”
  • Leo 1, “Blood rushes to a man’s head as his vital energies are mobilized under the spur of ambition”
  • Leo 2, “An epidemic of mumps”
  • Leo 3, “A middle-aged woman, her long hair flowing over her shoulders, in a braless youthful garment”

Wear that Can-Do sense in your Body for the next several days.  It’ll be good practice for taking Archetypes on and off like youthful garments or formal dress – a movement toward the “tranceless.”

  μ    μ    μ    μ    μ    μ  

Juno was Zeus’s wife, with frequent cause for Jealousy of her many rivals, whom she liked to turn to Stone.  As the object of our Projection, Juno is a symbol for the Edges of our Consciousness, the places where we have the opportunity to Discern and Witness and Embrace the Archetypes we normally can’t Distinguish from our Self, stretching our Edges.

Mars on Juno is the Anger under our Jealousy.  Be assured that whatever you’re Jealous of, that’s actually Who You Really Are, but you don’t give yourself Permission to Act out that Persona.  We look to Orcus – what Oath prevents us from Being Who We Really Are?  Orcus Opposes Neptune, which forms one foot of our Rebirthing Haumea-Station Mjolnir or Epiphany.  

We’re starting to understand what’s being Revealed here – major segments of our Cultural Programming.  Have we noticed that yet?  How have we Responded?  Defensively?  Excitedly?  Resistance?  Embrace?  What do you Feel when you Identify into The Donald, purposely or otherwise?  With Bernie?  Ammon Bundy?  Megyn Kelley?  Who is in the news in your neighborhood?

The Centaur Hylonome took it a step further.  She killed herself with the same spear that killed her Lover – not just Unconscious Identification, but no Differentiation from Ego Death, and Confusion with Physical Transition.  Hylonome gives us not just the opportunity to step out of some very deep Karma, but the instruction to Grieve the Loss of our Old Ego.  

Venus and Chariklo join Hylonome in this Ray.  Venus our Values, and Chariklo Walking in Beauty.  Ah, those “Pet Peeves” that we use to Define ourself, laying them on the bar like three aces, to see who else is in our Ego-Tribe, and who would want to trump us.  Who is it that is thus Peeved?  If we can use Bosnak’s technique to Identify into them, maybe we can Ask how old they are, and what incident branded their Life with this Limitation.

  μ    μ    μ    μ    μ    μ  

Notice we have four different Trance planets in four different realms –

  • Juno in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, where it negotiates between Who We Are and How We Relate to Others
  • Hylonome the Centaur, dancing between Uranus and Neptune, negotiating between our Soul Self and our Larger Self in our Soul Tribe
  • Neptune the planet, symbolizing the Ocean of Oneness, where Ego dissolves
  • Pluto the dwarf planet, mediator of Time, shifting our Trances to Create the Illusion of Linear Time

Tranceless humans on Earth then becomes a bit of an oxymoron; these Trances are the Matrix in which the Soul and Ego are embedded.  Like Einstein’s picture of Gravity, where each object with Mass sits in its own dent in the fabric of Space-Time.  Each Ego and Soul has its own dents in the fabric of Life on Earth.  The Trance of Ascension is no different.  Anyone who wants to leave this Matrix without experiencing Physical Transition has only to invite a Walk-In to replace them, lest they leave their Body unoccupied, a Zombie indeed.

Our picture of our Mission here is to Identify with Humanity, lose ourselves in It, and gradually Expand our Consciousness by Discerning, Witnessing, Embracing, and making each Trance and Archetype and Drama an option we can then Choose, so we’re Responding to every situation with the Patterns that most effectively and efficiently accomplish the Outcomes we Desire.  Those might be Abundance, Wealth, Grace, Ascending, Descending, Union, Separation, Compassion, Security, Confidence, Insecurity, Creativity, Community, or whatever we Value.  The more Trances and Archetypes we “Master” (Learn to Dis-identify with and Identify with on command), the more Power we have to bend our World in the directions that please us.  Happier Ever After.

Portal 25.1.16 Plus One

January 25, 2016

Great reader comments today…

Thanks for the heads up on what sounds like a fantastic opportunity.   I’m on board!   Got a comment about Rudhyar’s interpretation of An official embassy ball – ‘Group consciousness as it flows at the highest level in cultural exchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.’   An embassy is a small piece of one culture embedded in another.   Intended to represent the highest and the best.  

So if we view ‘Group consciousness as it flows at the highest level in cultural exchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class,’ as the people on the planet using consciousness to change…don’t the numbers define them as elite?  And separate?  And if consciousness does determine reality then aren’t they in fact the ‘ruling class?’  It all fits perfectly through the looking glass….”

Brilliant!  Catching my own pessimism on Culture and Huperity!  Thank you!  I’ll have to Witness and Embrace that, and Wonder what my Life will be like when I’m not so cynical about the Future of Hupers, while I Change the Subject and Pay Attention!

Powerful post… I realize how I feel divided between doing my own art for the joy of it vs. wanting to make art that others will ‘respect’ and admire.  The desire to create to make meaningful connection with others is strong, but ultimately seems to be a false flag – it will happen organically if it’s meant to be.  The other is a remnant from childhood, maybe – using my gifts in the hopes of being truly seen and loved for that true being.  Subtle discernments are moving large underpinnings of beliefs...”

I know, the Conventional Wisdom is that we need to dive into all this Modern Marketing Hoopla of the personally-addressed sort that fills my inbox and I seldom read.  Some of the people who I used to respect for their apparent dedication to educating people and Changing the World are resorting to the “Are you sure you want to leave this page” BS that I read as “I don’t care about Changing the World as much as I care about getting your money” – my cynicism again!  They need the money to Change the World!  My main cash client almost didn’t get their contract renewed last month – and I would have been harassing you with some version of the Modern Marketing Hoopla too!  Look at the next comment…

There has been a feeling that today is a big day for putting a whole different side of my life into motion.  There has also been a feel that the entire ship of life is changing direction… And being a ship that was moving really fast, it’s taking a while for it to stop and turn, change direction.  But then all this is a feel, and I come back into my world and there seems no hope for anything shifting or changing..”

So this is what I tell people, and myself.  It (Recognition of our True Selves) “will happen organically if it’s meant to be” AND when we have Let Go of all of our Resistance to Allowing it to happen organically.  We could even say, Recognition of our True Selves will happen when we have Let Go of all of our Resistance to Allowing it to happen organically.

Chiron – which signifies our Ability to turn Despair into Miracles by Witnessing and Embracing our Emotions about Despair and the thoughts that drive them – is in Pisces.  Pisces is about Cleaning Up our Emotional Baggage so we can begin the next Cycle with as little encumbrance as possible.  So Chiron in Pisces – 2010 to 2019, is our opportunity to bring ourselves up out of Despair on a Global scale.  Remember that the worst kind of Despair is “Unconscious Despair,” where we don’t even believe something is Possible, so we don’t even consider the Potential for something to be different than it is.

After 2019 the Digital Age arrives in earnest, once two centuries of Air-Sign Saturn-Jupiter Initiations begin.  Jupiter-Saturn Cycles are the Expand-Focus pump that moves Society forward.  Not “forward” because it’s necessarily progress, “forward” because we’ve invented a one-directional clock.  If “the people on the planet using consciousness to change” indeed become the “ruling class,” then the Digital Age can see the reversal of the Wage Slavery of the Industrial Age, and a great boon can emerge for everyone.  But if the 1% are still the “ruling class” and own all of the machines, then the rest of us will be relegated to scavenging like Rey.  

The key is Discernment.  We need to PIAVA that we learn to Recognize our cynicism and our loss of Control and our loss of Hope quickly when it arises, Witness it, and Embrace ourselves.  “You poor Sweetheart, you really don’t have much faith in Hupers, do you.”  “You poor Sweetheart, you aren’t sure it’s possible to be Truly Seen and loved for that True Being, are you.”  “You poor Sweetheart, you get Discouraged about anything Shifting or Changing, don’t you.”

Saturn, which symbolizes our Focus, is in Sagittarius.  In Sagittarius, The Way Out Is to Let Go.  We did our Saturn-in-Scorpio trudge – 2012-2015, where The Way Out Was Through.  It will be far easier, with Saturn in Sagittarius – 2015-2017, to Discern the advent of Discouragement and step out of it.  Once we get to Saturn in Capricorn, 2017-2020, we’ll be Focused on Rebuilding.  Will be Rebuilding for the 1%, or for the 99%?

Neptune remains in Pisces till 2026.  Neptune can Lose itself in a Sea of Emotion, or soar in Bliss.  Pisces specializes in Emotion.  Soaring in Bliss will be short-lived as long as we haven’t Discerned, Witnessed, and Lovingly Embraced all of our Emotions.  The Buddhist saying is “Into the Water, out through Fire,” symbolizing the Ascent into Bliss as a result of the Descent into Emotion.  But it doesn’t work that way if we get stuck in the Emotion and can’t get out.  Ascension is a lot more likely if we first Learn to Discern and Witness, and then Descend into Emotion.

The Individual Soul is at its most Creative with Uranus in Aries, 2010-2019.  Once Uranus is in Taurus, we’ll be building what we’ve already conceived, and Change will be incremental improvements rather than leaps into the Unknown.  Pluto in Capricorn, 2008-2024, is about “Just Fix It!”  The Social Order will Change a lot when Pluto Transits Aquarius and Neptune moves through Aries, but on what foundation?  We’re really in the Manifestation Stage here for the next several years; our opportunity for Change may never be greater.

Portal 25.1.16

January 24, 2016

Well, we’ve left behind that gorgeous Full Moon, but six rays of our seven-pointed Fairy Star remain, as well as the Potential for Insights that have the Power to Rebirth us.  We’re also Opening up to vigorous Expansion of our Consciousness (or vigorous Resistance thereto, your Choice – if you encounter vigorous Resistance to anything this week, you know you’ve come home to your Shadow), we’ll be Learning a great deal about Instincts and Manifestation, and by Wednesday we could put all these Energies together into a whole new level of Grace.  Let’s go through that again, one process at a time…

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • Six rays of our seven-pointed Fairy Star remain; in other words, Magic is still afoot.  Enjoy it!

The six rays are Jupiter-North Node (Leaping forward toward our Mission), Asbolus (Intuition), Uranus-Vesta (Breaking through Archetypes), Ceres (Sustainability), Chariklo-Venus (Walking in Beauty), and Mars-Juno (Active Exploration of the Edges of our Consciousness).  It’s particularly lit up

  • Around 12:30 am PST (and a day or two before and after) on 25 January when Juno Initiates Mars
  • At 2am PST on 27 January plus or minus a couple of days, when Chariklo Initiates Venus
  • From 11am till 9pm PST on 27 February, when the Moon crosses Jupiter-North Node
  • From 5pm PST 30 January till 5am 1 February, when the Moon crosses Mars-Juno

If this isn’t Fun for you, Change your Attitude.  If you aren’t sure how, leave a Comment anonymously below and I’ll see if I can help.  To leave an anonymous comment, just add “Anonymous please!”  Without that addition, I might write about “a reader.”  

Use the incredible Power here to Manifest whatever you Want.  Do that by Confronting and Embracing all Resistance you have to it.  Usually that just involves eliminating negative thoughts.  “Yes, I Want Abundance, But no, I don’t Want to endure Slavery to get it!”  Or, “Yes, I want to be Healed, But I want some money left afterwards!”  Borrowing a trick from Dr. Kim, we can make our YesButs into YesAnds.  That might look like “Yes, I want Abundance, And I want Freedom and Integrity too!”  Or, “Yes, I want to be Healed, Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, Completely, and Inexpensively!”  

It will take some Mirror work to find all the hidden Buts.  Ask yourself, “If I did get what I Want, what would be the downside or unpleasant consequences?”

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • The Potential for Insights with the Power to Rebirth us also remains.

Dwarf Plutoid Haumea (Rebirth) is no longer standing completely still, but it’s still moving so slowly that we still consider it to be Stationary (Strong).  And its still the focus of a Mjolnir (Epiphany) on the Neptune-Asbolus Square (Opening up to your Guides and Guardian Angels).

It’s not about Doing, it’s about Allowing.  Go over your ToDo List and take each item and turn it into a Permission.  Rather than “I have to go to work” or “I have to get another job,” you might make it “I Allow myself to Receive [some reasonable number] dollars per week.”  You’ll have a thousand YesButs to that.  What you Want is to Receive the rewards.  Chances are you Do things you Love to Do, and you Do things because you get paid to Do them.  If the ‘twain meet, you’re one of the “Lucky” few.  Can you Conceive of getting paid without Doing anything, and without beating yourself up?

I know that’s a Stretch for most of us.  But it’s a Magical time to Stretch!  See how close you can get.  Monitor the Feelings in your Body to see what YesButs are still hiding in there.

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • We’re Opening up to vigorous Expansion of our Consciousness.

Or vigorous Resistance thereto, your Choice.  If you encounter vigorous Resistance to anything this week, you know you’ve come home to your Shadow.  If the Resistance is in someone else, bring it home anyway.  You may need a Funhouse Mirror for the latter.  Suppose they’re Resisting what you Want.  Does that indicate a lack of Commitment on your part?  In some form, probably so, because if you were fully invested in your Intention, obstacles would fall away.  

So it’s likely that some part of yourself doesn’t Believe you’re ready yet, and the form of their Resistance may be a clue to what part of you is trying to keep you Safe.  

Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) Initiates Mars (Action) at half past midnight PST on 25 January, at 12 Scorpio, “An official embassy ball,” beginning a new two-year Cycle.  Rudhyar exposes his European roots by interpreting this Degree as “Group-consciousness as it flowers at the highest level in cultural exchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.”  Wow.  

I went with a New Yorker friend to the opera once, and I was amazed at how the only reason folks seemed to be there was to Show Up and Show Off.  I guess if you admire Wealth and Power above all else, and you Believe that selling your Soul for it is what’s required, that’s probably appropriate.  My own interpretation of an official embassy ball would be more like “The opportunity to Witness the places where we Abandon ourself in favor of Other Peoples’ Expectations.”  And Heal them.

Mars-Juno is one ray of the Fairy Star.  It’s particularly lit up from 5pm PST 30 January till 5am PST 1 February, when the Moon crosses it.

We expand Consciousness through Differentiation or Discernment, not through Discovery.  So we Notice that we Do certain things because we think Other People Expect us to.  Having Noticed, we can look to see if we really Love to Do those things, if they’re a True part of our Deeper Self.  And if not, then how much does it cost us to Betray our Deeper Self in that way.  Is the tradeoff worth it?  What if it doesn’t seem like a Big Deal, but it Creates Stress that could threaten our Health.  Scan your Body to see.

Remember, if you’ve Created something once, you can Create it again.  If you’ve Created Abundance by Doing something that also Creates Stress, you’re likely to Believe that the Stress is a necessary part of the Abundance.  It’s not.  You just need to PIAVA Creating Abundance without Stress rather than Creating Abundance and Stress.  The Magic is here; use it!

  ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • We’ll be Learning a great deal about Instincts and Manifestation.

Mercury (Mentality) is Stationary turning Direct at 2pm PST on 25 January, Conjunct Pluto (Transformation, ie, Trance Re-Formation).  Mercury-Pluto (Inspiration) Quintiles the South Node (our Hidden Skills), forming the base of a Lunar Quintile Yod (Learning how to Trust our Instincts and their Role in Manifestation).  

We consider our Response to the Moon to have three levels.  First, we see the Moon as Random Emotions, not Emotions consistently triggered by our Values, but variable Responses to the same Stimulus – someone cuts us off in traffic, and at times we’re Angry, but other times we just ease off the gas.  Second, the Moon represents our Instincts.  There’s a good chance that when we’re Angry, it’s in response to the Anger of the guy (undoubtedly a guy) who cut us off, and when we just ease off, the other driver is probably just rushing someone to the hospital.  

The Third level is Manifestation.  It’s Lunar Energy that keeps Matter from spontaneously returning to Energy.  When we have no Resistance in our Body, we Manifest at will.  As Dr. Kim says, there are no “negative Emotions,” there are only habitual Reactions to some Emotions that create unhealthy Stress in our Bods.  Many of these are Cultural (like the Emotional residue of the Crusades that we’re still dealing with), but many are individualized based on our personal inertial Karma.  If we Pay Attention, there’s a good chance we can become Conscious of some of our Unconscious self-sabotaging Patterns here.

   ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

  • By Wednesday we could put all these Energies together into a whole new level of Integrity.

At 2am PST on 27 January, Chariklo Initiates Venus, at 6 Capricorn, “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.”  We probably wouldn’t notice an inner-planet astroevent like this one, since, occurring annually we have plenty of Experience with it, but Venus-Chariklo is one of the rays of the Fairy Star.  Centaur Chariklo represents our Charm and Beauty, and Venus our Values, so if we align these two we’ll be Walking in more Beauty than is our usual custom.  However, ten logs block the way.

In spite of all the Magic and Grace and Dedication and Insight that we’ve described above, the path to Healing our Self-Sabotage is blocked by our addiction to Matter.  Grace is fabulous, but there is nothing like a Challenge to increase the probability of Discernment and the probability that we won’t just be Grateful for what befalls us, we’ll also be more Conscious of how and what we Manifest.  Our Belief that Matter is Primary, and Energy Secondary, is the Challenge for the next few weeks.  Note that Emotion is Energy.

With consummate assistance from the Medical Cartel, we bemoan – we become Victim to – a medical diagnosis, for instance, Believing that this “disease” has fallen from the sky like a Safe, while we just happened to be walking by.  We don’t connect it to our diet, our Belief that Stress is the requisite for Survival, to the poisons that the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries surround us with, to suppression of True Emotions, to the Childhood or Past-Life Abuse that’s demanding Healing but we’ve ignored all our Lives.

So our assignment is to put the Magic and Grace and Insight and available Energy to work.  Whenever we encounter a perceived roadblock or a speedbump, PIAVA that is be removed.  If it is, then it’s an affliction we were ready to Let Go of.  We don’t say “release it,” because we don’t want to renew our lease on it.  Remember, Karma does not grasp us, we grasp it – every time our “favorite” untoward events occur, we curse our fate, rather than Celebrating the opportunity to Respond differently this time and begin building a different Inertial Habit Pattern.  

If the obstruction doesn’t dissolve immediately, we have to Take Responsibility for it.  That’s Responsibility, not Blame.  Blame looks backward to assign cause to an effect.  Responsibility looks forward to start Creating a new Pattern that results in more desirable outcomes.  We PIAVA, Oh, if I Create my own Reality, then how did I contribute to that?  If we succeed in Changing the Subject and Paying Attention ( ) and maintaining our Curiosity, our role will become obvious.

Usually we Create what we don’t Want because two different parts of us – of varying degrees of Consciousness and lack thereof – Want two different things, and we have a Karmic Belief that they’re incompatible.  We want Success, for instance, but our Health interferes, perhaps because Dad always told us that Big Stress is necessary for Big Success, while the Body Wants the sort of Health that less Stress provides.  So the Body warns us that Big Success without Health is kind of empty, enlisting our Belief that our Health is in the hands of the Medical Cartel, not in our own hands, to do so.

So for persistent roadblocks we need to find out what part of ourSelf Wants to protect us from the downside of what we’re Consciously trying to achieve, and appreciate that Want.  It’s not about Success versus Disease, it’s about Success and Good Health.  There’s no conflict in Reality, only in our Beliefs.  We can Choose to have Success and Good Health, usually by intending and discovering how to Compromise our True Self less.

   ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥    ♥  

The Energy will feel a bit less friendly by early February, but if we’ve maintained our focus on the opportunities to Let Go of Bummers rather than Grasping them, we’ll recognize that this Cleansing is just rinsing a little deeper.

By the end of January we’re moving into the field of the 6 February Sedna (Actions instigated by Fear) Station, and the Initiation of Ceres (Sustainability) by Nessus (Undeserved but Claimed Privilege) on 2 February and by 2007 OR10 (Irruption of Material from the Deep Unconscious) on 4 February.

“Balls!” Said the Queen

January 22, 2016

Dr. Kim has indeed recorded her excellent Anxiety webinar, and I’ve accordingly revised

It was short (actually, none) notice, so if you missed it, I recommend it.

A reader points out a fascinating introduction to a 1993 book by Jungian Genia Pauli Haddon (with two ds) that seems to have been mostly ignored so far, judging from the (lack of) Amazoo traffic on it… 

Some excerpts that convince me she’s not just redefining and rearranging words, but expanding my Perspectives…

“Unlike the penis, which is given to occasional action, the testicles’ function of producing, storing and conserving harks to male Yin qualities like patience, steadfastness, supportiveness, solidity, stability, reliability, and resourcefulness.”

“Sticktoitedness” in the words of the Archetypal high-school coach I’m sure we all shared.  They just “hang in there” according to the Library Journal review of her earlier book.

“Birth (and menstruation) show us feminine qualities that our culture denigrates or ignores, which Haddon groups under the descriptor “exertive” – literally, “pushing out”.  These include pushing forward, transformation, bringing forth the new, urging forward, propelling, dissolving the old (as in menstruation), forceful, bearing down, demanding, assertive, active in emergency, acting in concert with natural forces, harnessing the energies of the moment.  

“Haddon explains the difference between the feminine and masculine Yang as follows: both are assertive, but while the phallic Yang is goal­-oriented, the feminine Yang acts from a field of reference.  One is forging toward, the other is birthing from.”

Wondering if I could find out her relationship to Jung’s collaborator Wolfgang Pauli, I stumbled on this article, an excellent introduction to Homeopathy…

Interesting that her Lyme disease struck just as her book was being published.  In it she recommends the Monroe Institute’s Hemi-Synch Sleep meditations ( ).

And here’s another excellent introduction, this one to the rewards of Self-Love…

An excerpt…

On the second afternoon, moved by an impulse much deeper than conscious intention, I found myself volunteering to hold an informal teaching session to share with my slim colleagues what my own body had taught me about tailoring classic postures to the rounded physique.  To my surprise, more than twenty people signed up to come.

” ‘Oh no!. What have I done?’ I lamented to Linda during the break, as the old ‘I can’t do this’ syndrome took hold again.  In reality, I did have something valuable to share.  You see, in spite of the supportive attitude of all my Kripalu teachers, not a single one of them had known how to help me adjust postures to fit me.  The suggestions they sometimes made just didn’t work.  By attuning ourselves to our own bodies, by experimenting throughout the months and years, Linda and I had discovered for ourselves what would work.  By sharing this now with our fellow yoga teachers, we might empower them to offer genuine help for their own large-size students.

“Linda and I spent the rest of the break brainstorming together, and that evening we presented an informal show-and-tell session that was so well received we agreed to do an encore the following night.  We taught the other teachers tips for supporting body weight safely and comfortably.  We demonstrated subtle modifications of postures to accommodate the reality of big hips and breasts.  We talked about negative cultural attitudes toward fat bodies and discussed the blatant or subtle messages of disapproval they might be giving their heavier students.  We began to develop graceful language for talking openly about large bodies, in ways that communicate respect, support, and acceptance.

“For me, physically demonstrating postures under the scrutiny of twenty-some slim yogis and yoginis was a coming-out party.  Although their respect and admiration were gratifying, what really mattered was that I felt confident and good about myself the whole time I was revealing my body in ways that had formerly exposed me to ridicule.”

Those “subtle messages of disapproval” from athletic Kriya Yoga teachers have long since turned me away from Yoga.  Another Self-Judgment to Love into Oblivion.

Dr. Kim on Anxiety

January 20, 2016

The recording of Dr. Kim D’Eramo’s excellent webinar on Anxiety is at …

Here’s a fabulous quote from her intro email…

“I’ve had some great questions about EFT Meridian Tapping and the video series I put out last week.  One of them:

” ‘Why do we tap on the ‘negative’ thoughts?  Doesn’t that cause more negativity?  Don’t I need to be positive?’

“My answer: Tapping (on the meridian points) neutralizes the disturbing thoughts or emotions in your brain.  There really are no negative thoughts or emotions; there are just those that trigger your body’s stress response and block you from health. 

“When you have resistance to something (whether it’s a person who gets on your nerves or resistance to feeling angry or sad), it generates toxic chemicals in your brain and body.  That’s what makes the thought FEEL negative.  When we believe things that are not true, our body responds to let us know! 

“Holding resistance not only ages you, increases pain and impairs healing…it limits your brain activity, so you continue to ‘stress’ about that thought again and again without seeing the solutions, even if they’re right in front of you!

“Tapping literally ‘changes your brain’ so you free your body to experience ease, joy and vitality.  It’s sooo much simpler than most people think.  That’s the miracle of your body!”

Scroll down to the “Tapping” Category in the right-hand column of this page to find her web page on the Tapping protocol she uses – it’s basically the same as Jessica Ortner’s, which you’ll also find there, along with Dr. Kim’s website.

Signing up for her email newsletter on her website will get you great ideas almost daily for Stress relief.

Uranus and Sleep

January 20, 2016

Folks say you’ll live longer and healthier if you establish a regular Sleep rhythm, Sleeping roughly the same time span every day, especially if this time span corresponds more or less to the hours of darkness.  This is undoubtedly true, if you’re an accountant, actuary, laborer, or have a strong natal Saturn.  However, if you’re a poet, artist, writer, or have a strong natal Uranus, forget it.  Rules Change in the Reaches, as Ursula put it, and Uranus is the Reaches.  

Uranus is also one ray of the seven-rayed Fairy Star that Graces us this week, which is to say, Uranus is lit up.  When Uranus is lit up, the worst thing you can do is lay in bed worrying that you’ll be tired on the morrow because you aren’t the slightest bit Sleepy.  If you aren’t Sleepy, get up and do something Fun or Creative, or better yet both.  Uranus is the Muse, and She’s in charge.  Your only choice is to Surrender Control and let Her handle it.  Then you’ll do just fine.

Septile Full Moon Plus Bonus

January 19, 2016

I’ve been having great results from that trick of dividing my quiver of thoughts into two piled of chips, and scooting the less-than-Stellar chips across the table to the dealer to trade for cash.  In such momentous times as these we have to Expect all of our Resistance to arise to be Cleared, and stand ready to Celebrate it.

The Seven-Pointed Fairy Star is a symbol of Perfection used to ward off “evil.”  It fills our Solar System this week.  The portentous Energy peaks at the Full Moon on Saturday 23 January at 6pm PST, but there’s another huge Portal at 3pm PST on Thursday 21 January, a Big Rebirth.  Huge but narrow; we want to cash in as much Baggage as we can before then, so we can squeeze through it unencumbered.

Saturday’s Full Moon occupies the “seven” position in this week’s Grand Septile (Big Magic).  The Full Moon is also the focus of a Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to this Learning Opportunity), at the far Midpoint of a Venus-Neptune Quintile (Aligning Personal and Cultural Values, or Finding our Tribe).  Apart from – or because of – the Big Magic, we’ll be downloading coursework on Compassion for Culture, our own and that of Others, and Learning to Celebrate vive la differénce.

By Saturday the impending Juno-Mars (Pushing the Edges) Initiation joins asteroids Apollo-Panacea (Healing) in position “2,” counting widdershins from Jupiter-North Node (Finding our Passion).  The other rays of the Fairy Star are Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), Ceres (Permanence), and Vesta-Uranus (Exposing Programming that Betrays the Soul).

The Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) joins asteroid Psyche (Soul) at the “six” position, and Asbolus is Stationary, turning Direct in early February.  Psyche-Asbolus (Self-Knowledge) is Squared by Neptune (Relationship to the Cosmos), and at their far Midpoint, Haumea (Rebirth) is Stationary, turning Retrograde at 3pm on Thursday, forming a Haumea Mjolnir (Epiphany) about our Soul’s Relationship to the Godhead.  This is a major Rebirth of our Intuition, Amplified by Haumea’s Opposition to Eris, the Bearer of Formerly Unconscious Information, which is hence Octile (Rebalancing) to both Neptune and Psyche-Asbolus.  The Haumea Station is also Quincunx to Sedna (Overcoming Fear) and Sextile to Ixion (Embracing our Hidden Genius).

This is a strongly interlocking chart, with one ray of the Fairy Star also the focus of the Quintile Yod, and another ray one foot of the Mjolnir, while Neptune anchors one foot of both the Quintile Yod and the Mjolnir.  Since the Full Moon is one ray of the Fairy Star, this puts the Sun at the Near Midpoint of both the Chariklo-Ceres Septile, and the Venus-Neptune Quintile.  So the Essence of the Full Moon is in the Fourteenth Harmonic (Integration) to Beauty and Sustainability, and the Tenth Harmonic (Abundance) to Grace and Transcendance.

A strongly interlocking chart yields One-Pointed Focus, many elements all moving toward the same Goal.  Or God Forbid, if you’re in Resistance to Letting Go of your Limits, all moving toward the same Gaol.

It will behoove us this week to be very Clear with the primary Intention we have for the rest of our Lives, so we can use our Intention to sort the chips to cash in from those we want to keep.  The Intention we’ll be most attuned to though, is the Stability-Oriented Ego’s Intention, and this is a Ring-Pass-Not that holds great potential for a massive Transformation of the Ego.  It would be Ideal if we could Intend from the posture of next week’s already Transformed Ego, but that’s next to impossible for the mind to do.

The Emotions, however, the Heart, can do it.  It’s surprisingly and delightfully simple.  What does your Ego Desire most?  What’s the One Thing that will make you so thrilled that you’d gladly go to your grave once you obtain or achieve it?   How will you Feel when you do?  Let that Feeling express your Intention.  You don’t need to name it, just Feel it.  Spend as much time as you can Enjoying that Feeling this week.

Boundaries and Twins

January 15, 2016

Boundaries continue to be Lit Up strongly.  I find myself learning from several different directions all about sliding through what I normally think of as pretty firm Boundaries – like the Boundary between the Air and the Earth, or between Then and Now.  Here are a couple of other examples of penetrating Boundaries…

“In the Baltic, I have been reminded again and again that one of the gifts of dreaming is that it opens authentic connections to the ancestors, offering us the chance to heal the wounds of the past and effect cultural soul recovery.  It can bring us back to the truth of Island Woman and the ancient grandmothers, to those who upheld partnership societies instead of orders based on conquest and patriarchy.  

“In this way, we can make a vital contribution to the assignment Marija Gimbutas gave us when she said, in ringing tones, ‘We must refocus our collective memory.  The necessity of this has never been greater as we discover that the path of ‘progress’ is extinguishing the very conditions for life on earth.”  –Robert Moss, Dreaming the Soul Back Home, p.230

Pallas – Boundaries – recently Initiated (22 December, 19 Capricorn, “A five-year-old child carrying a bag filled with groceries“) and Exposed (12 January) by Mercury, and Initiated by Pluto (11 December, 15 Capricorn, “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys“), is Conjoined by the Sun most of next week, and remains so at the 23 January Full Moon.

In addition, Magic is afoot.  Jupiter-North Node (Expanding into our Mission), Centaur and dwarf planet Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), asteroid and dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), and Uranus (Yintegrity) are all Septile or Biseptile to one another, making four sevenths of a Grand Septile (Major Magic).  For much of January, two asteroids -Apollo (Light, Prophecy, Healing) and Panacea (Universal Healing) – occupy the fifth position in mid-Scorpio, and a third asteroid, Psyche (the Soul) sits in the sixth position, in Gemini.

On 19 January, the Moon crosses Psyche.  But on 23 January, at the Full Moon, the Moon occupies position number 7, completing the full Grand Septile – Major Magic, and Major Healing Magic!  The lineup is worth reviewing…

  • The Great Benefic – Jupiter
  • Our Mission and Deepest Desires – the North Node
  • Walking in Beauty – Chariklo
  • The Sustainable – Ceres
  • Our Soul Self – Uranus
  • Light and Healing – Apollo
  • Universal Healing – Panacea
  • The Soul – Psyche
  • The Manifestor – Moon

All lined up in a Powerful Shamanic Configuration.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness and Action – saving one’s Power until the precise moment when it will have an impact far beyond what you can imagine, and not wasting it on what will not produce the Desired result.

And as a bonus, our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out that the asteroid Atropos Conjoins the South Node and Opposes Jupiter for the last half of January.  Atropos is one of the three Fates.  Her two sisters spin and measure out the length of Chord that our individual Lives will span, and Atropos, the Inevitable, cuts the Chord when our Time is up.  The South Node Initiates Atropos at the Full Moon, in 25 Pisces, “A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting infuence of perverted practices and materialized ideals: The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses.

Wow.  So do we all die in Blissful Healing at the Full Moon?

Well, by now we understand Ego Death, don’t we.  Atropos on the South Node, which represents our Held Emotions, the blocks that Limit us and prevent us from Manifesting our Deepest Desires.  As Elizabeth puts it, Atropos “represents the definitive and irrevocable severing of a situation, affair or process” – our Opportunity to definitively and irrevocably Let Go of our Held Emotions and Limiting Beliefs!

Remember that our Karma does not bind us, we grasp it!  Every time our old Bummers arise, we have the Opportunity to Embrace them again (by rueing them or indulging the negative thoughts, for instance) or Let them Go (by Tapping them Out, or Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrading them, for example).  Karma is Inertia, Habit Patterns.  The more often we Embrace past bummers, the more we cement our Karma in place.  The more often we express our Delight that that was in the Past and is not happening in the Present Moment, the more we create new Habit Patterns.

Have you lately been catching yourself reviewing less than satisfactory Outcomes to old situations?  That’s exactly what we mean.

Ego Deaths aren’t always Wine and Roses; often they feel more like Too Much Wine, and Thorns.  Review the early signals that Ego Death is upon us –

  • Getting or Feeling Lost in your own neighborhood or while doing routine tasks
  • Confusion
  • “I’d rather die than go through that again!”
  • “I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”
  • “If only I’d had the wits and the guts to do it differently!”
  • Unexpected or unusual Emotions or thoughts
  • Feeling Shame or Anger or Regret

Grief is appropriate; Embrace it Tenderly and Lovingly.  It should feel positive, almost like a mild version of Tears of Joy.  If it starts to get Heavy, don’t follow it, Let it Go, Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.  Tap it Out.

The sooner you notice that you’re slipping out of your Olde Ego and into something more comfortable, Embrace the Empty Void that will temporarily take its place.  All your Life you’ve been saving up two piles of chips.  The first pile holds all the times you’ve decided it wasn’t worth it, or it wasn’t possible, or it hurt too much, or it was too dangerous, or Mom would never approve, or it was too much trouble to follow your Dreams.  The other pile holds all the times when you daydreamed about how great it would be if you somehow found yourself stepping Efforlessly into your Dreams.

Take the first pile up to the cashier, and trade it in for cash, all of it.  There’s a lot of Energy bound up in those thoughts and resulting Feelings, and you can now let it Create your Dreams.  Bundle up the second pile, along with your new cash stash, and store them in your Solar Plexus.

It’s not like you’re going to go right out and start spending your Lottery winnings.  You’re going to be stumbling around Feeling kind of Autistic for a while.  Let it Be.  Be Gentle with yourself; you’re Newborn.  Keep coming back to Curiosity about what you’ll Co-Create next; Let it Flow out of your Heart and Surprise your mind.  You’ve just been Reborn, so of course you’re going to be taking a while to figure out where you End and the rest of the World begins – if you ever do figure that out!  That’s one of the things that’s likely to be most radically different now.  

Remember you don’t need to DO to Create the Future you want, you need to ALLOW it to happen.  If you catch yourself Working at it, stop and Rest.  It should Feel like Play.  The Universe will deliver it to you, you only need to Call it.  Relax.  It’s Yours.  It won’t go away.

Write “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” at the top of the next twenty pages of your Journal.  You can even Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade your Bliss if it starts to Feel Overwhelming; it’ll return tenfold, when you’re ready to handle it, after you’ve practiced up.

Whoa – what was that!  A negative thought?  “How many times have I fooled myself thinking it’ll be different now?”  Tap it Out.  This is Big Magic – Let it In.  You might want to go back and reread the LightLover link and the Robert Moss quote now, to see if they’ve Changed.  That’s another sign of Rebirth – things start Changing right before your eyes.

Boundaries and Adivasi

January 13, 2016

In Edargorter (, because it seemed to be one of the more unique news items of the Mercury-over-Pluto-Pallas Can-Opener, we suggested that the recovery of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket would be back in the news in mid-January, when the Mercury-Pluto-Pallas Exposition occurred.  Sure enough, SpaceX is planning another launch and recovery, this time again on an ocean barge, for this coming weekend.  This is about stretching the Boundaries of our Thought-Space, kind of another Atlantean Wilbur-and-Orville-Wright moment.

Here’s another…

“Most important of all, India has a surviving Adivasi – indigenous people – population of almost 100 million.  They are being pushed into the market or they’re being crushed, but they still exist, they still remember how they used to live.  They are the ones who still know the secrets of sustainable living.  If they disappear, they will take those secrets with them. Wars like Operation Green Hunt will make them disappear.  

“So victory for the prosecutors of these wars will contain within itself the seeds of destruction, not just for the adivasis but eventually for the human race.  That is why the war in central India is so important.  That’s why we need a real and urgent conversation among all those political formations that are resisting this war.

“The day capitalism is forced to tolerate non-capitalist societies in its midst and to acknowledge limits in its quest for domination, the day it is forced to recognize that its supply of raw material will not be endless is the day when change will come.  If there is any hope for the world at all, it does not live in climate change conference rooms or in cities with tall buildings.  It lives low on the ground, with its arms around people who go to battle every day to protect their forests, their mountains, and their rivers, because they know that the forests, the mountains, and the rivers protect them.  

“The first step towards  reimagining a world gone terribly wrong would be to stop the annihilation of those who have a different imagination, an imagination that is outside of capitalism as well as communism.  An imagination which has an altogether different understanding of what constitutes happiness and fulfillment.”

Arundhati Roy, Reimagining the World, 2013, p.7; Alternative Radio, .