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What Am I Forgetting? II

July 19, 2020

Ho Ho, a Breakthrough on my Toe!  We will never be able to Manifest something New in our Lives if we let Mechanism Distract us.  The Discomfort in my Toe looks to be a Physical-Mechanical problem.  So it seems like only Physical-Mechanical or maybe Chemical (which is Physical after all) Intervention can help it.  So a couple of days ago I realized that I was Focusing on Mechanism!  And therefore Dead-Ending.

Since a Physical-Mechanical Healing didn’t seem easily Available, I would have to Manifest a Miracle.  I don’t have complete Confidence that I can Manifest Miracles at will before breakfast, so what to do?  Well, PIAVA, or course!  I started with a Theta Healing, because that allows me to see how I might be Blocking the Healing.  Then a Tapping, because that allows me to Balance the Energy in my Meridians, with the Possibility that it can Reduce the Tenacity of the Block.

Or a Poor-Sweetheart, because that can produce Miracles (Outcomes that were not Possible in the previous Concept Set) directly.  But a Poor-Sweetheart requires totally Changing the Subject, and I wanted a Miracle Now!  So I alternated Theta and Tapping till Show Me! showed me a positive Outcome – which it did!  So I’m Confident that Healing is underway.  Doesn’t mean I won’t need Booster sessions, but the Healing has begun.

Went to look for the Comet yesterday evening, no sign of it.  Could be a Hoax.

The 9 July 2020 Rebirth chart, which occurred in the same Degree, Challenged our Confidence (T-Square to Chariklo-Jupiter-Pluto).  But in the 20 July chart…

…the New Moon cleverly fills the Vacancy and Completes a more Balanced Configuration (Grand Cross).  Doesn’t mean there won’t still be Hassles, but it means they’ll Complement one another, if only in the sense that they won’t give us time to get too Freaked Out about any one of them because there may be too many of them (though they’re likely to be “smaller”).  Confidence is a lot Easier to maintain when we aren’t Freaked Out!  No matter what situation you find yourself in, your Reaction and Response to it is more than half of the Experience, and Feeling Victimized by an Experience calls in more Bummers.

Another planet has also joined the Confidence Energy, and it’s the planet that means Pay Attention to Priority #1 (Saturn), which will Light Up our Confidence Big-Time.  Which is good, because we’ll be more likely to Notice Self-Doubt and Counteract it (with a Poor-Sweetheart maybe, or Tapping, or just Recognizing that if we don’t Support ourself by Believing in ourself, why would anyone else)?  Even though most of us are Trained not to Believe it, Vulnerability is actually the Strongest form of Protection.  If your Community doesn’t Honor and Reward that, you need a new Community.

As it was with the Rebirth Energy, our basic Hassle is that we’re likely to be Denying our Need for Rebirth (Stationary Eris Opposite Haumea, and even though it’s been ten days since Haumea Stood Still, it’s only one arcminute from it’s Station – in other words, still very Strong).

Again as in the Rebirth chart, the overall Pattern is a Big-Eared Bat – I think that’s a better name for it than a Headless Flying Squirrel.  The hidden Head, tucked between the Ears, would be at 29 Scorpio, which we could consider to be a Vacancy.  No prominent asteroids there, but there’s a prominent Star, one meaning that a Healing, Consciousness-Expanding Journey is afoot (the Fixed Star Toliman, the foot of the Centaur [Chiron]).  The (Sabian) symbol for the Degree is about Vulnerability and Honesty (“A Native American woman pleading with the Chief for the lives of her children“).