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August-September VII

August 26, 2015

opalor2316bpOpal comes in many forms, and is useful for many purposes, including Soul Retrieval.  Opal is just Quartz with a bit of Water included in the Crystal Structure.  It’s the reflection off the Water molecules that creates the “Fire” or Dance of Colors in Opal.  This is an Oregon or Jelly Opal.

  Š    Š    Š    Š    Š 

After dwarf planet Sedna turned Retrograde today, it took three and a half hours for Wall Street to realize that the Fear had subsided and they could buy again.  Sedna’s a newcomer, so nobody knows a lot about it, but I interpret it as Actions taken out of Fear, and that’s certainly what Wall Street’s been doing for the last several days.  When a planet is slowing to a stop, in this case turning Retrograde (backward in the sky), we feel the planet’s effect very strongly while it’s slowing down.  Then once it stops and starts moving again in the opposite direction, the impact usually diminishes quickly.

The exception is when we personalize the Energy, and make Decisions based on it.  For instance, if we attributed the Fear around Sedna’s Station to economics, we might make a Decision to get out while we can.  Then we’ll be selling into any Recovery the market makes.  In that case, the impact of Sedna’s Station could linger long after the event.  It remains to be seen whether this is the first body blow of the Monster Depression that the bears have been predicting for years.  Economists are well know for predicting twenty of the last twelve Recessions.  But as corrections go it’s pretty routine – sure, it was 1,000 points, but that’s only six percent, and a correction of that size is long overdue.

Which doesn’t diminish the fact that we’re in uncharted territory, where derivatives (which are gambles about bets on wagers) could turn a 1,000-point decline into 10,000 points overnight if the wrong bull was gored.  And that yes, a Monster Depression is likely sometime between now and 2020, which is why we’ve been advising alternative approaches to Survival for many years as part of our Perspective on the Chiron-Neptune Cycle – growing your own food, exploring small-scale entrepreneurship with things like the Maker Movement, finding our Tribe, working toward Sustainability in any way we can.

Chiron is the poster child for a group of dwarf planets that we want to talk about today, the “Centaurs,” so named because they appear to be half asteroid and half comet, like the Centaurs of Greek fame that were half horse and half Huper.  The astro-Centaurs orbit between Saturn, Uranus and Neptune – that is, between the Will, the Individual Unconscious, and the Cultural Unconscious, or between the Ego, the Individual Soul, and the Group Soul.  As such they deal with Emotions that are on the Edges of our Consciousness.  For instance…

  • Chiron deals with Discouragement/Despair over the Shortcomings of our Limiting Beliefs, which we perceive as Limitations of Reality; once we Lovingly Witness our Despair we Expand our Consciousness and are visited by Perspectives beyond our previous Limiting Beliefs
  • Chariklo deals with the Expectation of Privilege, from the Female side (Nessus from the Male side); like Self-Love, the Expectation of Privilege tends to be Mirrored by external Reality
  • Hylonome deals with our Identity – Ego-Identification or Merging with people or things outside ourself, and in particular the Ego Death which we experience as Grief when our external Mirror-Image is broken
  • Pholus deals with the Expectations of Others, and how well we meet them; it’s about Taking Full Responsibility for what’s important to us and important to those with whom we have tacit or explicit contracts

The Centaurs represent Challenges, Challenges that we meet by Expanding our Consciousness to include Awareness of these Emotional issues which often blind-side us till we Learn to include them in our Emotional repertoire.  One of the characteristics of Centaurs is that their orbits are unstable; they could get a wild hair and fly out of here in any given millenium.

The other group of dwarf planets that we want to talk about today are “Plutoids” – asteroids that orbit in the neighborhood of Pluto.  There’s a big shift between Neptune and Pluto.  Neptune is the last of the four “Gas Giants” – huge planets that are mostly Gas, too small but otherwise Star-like – along with Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter.  Beyond Neptune we find only small iceballs like Pluto.  Because it’s so large, Neptune’s gravity exerts a big impact on the orbits of many Plutoids.

Pluto is generally associated with the “Universal” Unconscious, or the Zeitgeist, the flow of Time.  As such, it’s about Transformation – or Trance Reformation, as the Zeitgeist evolves or devolves – and about the things we pretty much must do or not do, if we don’t want to end up on a siding in the flow of Time.  While the Centaurs work on the Edges of Consciousness, the Plutoids work, for most people, beyond the Edges of Consciousness.  So we don’t normally see the Plutoids as within our Span of Control.  Of course it’s As-Without-So-Within and We-Are-All-One (including all the Entities that we don’t routinely personify), so the Edges of our Span of Control are really only the Edges of our Consciousness.

Some of the Plutoids include…

  • Quaoar – the Law-Giver, not for the sake of Order, but for the sake of Survival; Quaoar defines the Edges of Survivability
  • Ixion – Impulse, the Desire Body, that operates without concern for Other
  • Chaos – Unlimited Potential
  • Haumea – Rebirth
  • Eris – the principle of Denial and the Changes required by its Revelation
  • Makemake – Manifestation
  • SednaActions taken out of Fear

Sedna is an outlier here; Pluto and all of the others orbit between 30 and 100 times as far from the Sun as is Earth, while Sedna’s orbit ranges between 76 and 936 times as far from the Sun as we are.  For reference, Jupiter is at about five times, Saturn 10, Uranus 20, and Neptune 30 times.

All of which is background for early September, because between 4 September and 9 September, Ixion, Chariklo, Pholus, Hylonome, and Quaoar are all Stationary – and all more or less in the same place.  Astrologers call it a “Stellium” when three or more planets convene in the same Zodiacal place, but here we have a Stellium of five, all Stationary at the same time.  During a Station, as we said at the beginning, the impact of a planet is greatly exaggerated.  And during a Stellium, the Energies of the Conjoined planets are combined, which creates Energies we aren’t used to.

For instance, we’re well acquainted with the Energy of Assertion, Mars, and the Energy of Receptivity, Venus.  But now that they’re Conjoined (as they are on 31 August, with the Energy felt most strongly for the several days prior), do we know what to do with Assertive Receptivity or Receptive Assertiveness?  “Go screw yourself” is a common insult, but we don’t usually mean it literally.  If you “accused” most people of Androgyny, they’re likely to give you a similar insult.  Yet achieving Androgyny, where our Receptivity and our Assertiveness are Balanced, is a Mission of the Soul.   Would you recognize it if you saw it?  And if so, would you admire it?  Can you imagine how it might Feel to be Androgynous?  And this is only two planets.

In our 4-9 September Stellium we’re dealing with five dwarf planets being Strong at the same time, all of which have impacts much more subtle than Assertiveness and Receptivity.  And by the way, Venus is also Stationary during this period, and while it’s not in the same place, it’s in a Harmonic location to the Stellium. 

Venus is Trioctile to the Stellium, indicating that the Stellium of Stations will be inspiring us to evolve our Values.

In addition, the Stellium is Stationary very close to the Galactic Center.  This means that as these subtle Unconscious Energies combine they will be Channeling a message – Instructions – to the Unconscious from the Galactic Command Post.  So we can Expect to see a shift – a Major Shift, whether too subtle to Notice or not – in the Consciousness of the Planet.  What sort of Shift?  While since it’s Unconscious it’s not for us to know in any detail, yet if we can get an idea of what to look for, we can in a general way Witness it and Grow our Consciousness.

There are many other related Planets in the early-September chart; we’ll discuss their role as we go on.  But for now, let’s focus on trying to imagine how the Energies of the five dwarf planets in the Stellium might combine.

While the Stellium combines all five planets, two are close together but separated by a few Degrees from the other three, which are also close together.  So we can start by looking at the Pair and the Triad, then trying to tie them together.

The Pair is Pholus and Ixion.  We’ve talked about these two before, as they’ve been traveling together for a while.  Ixion is Uncontrolled Desire, Pholus Full Responsibility for the consequences of our commissions and omissions.  So this combination seems to be about Taking Full Responsibility for our Deepest Desires.  Our religious training would suggest that we interpret that as Taking Full Responsibility for controlling our Deepest Desires. 

But since the astrology we practice is about Healing and Integrating, we interpret it as Taking Full Responsibility for allowing and welcoming our Deepest Desires.  To the extent that they’ve been repressed (which we can assume – if you already Love your Deepest Desires, this is an opportunity for you to go Deeper), there will likely be some personal and social discomfort involved at first, as we experiment with how to let them out of their cages.

The Triad is composed of Quaoar, Chariklo, and Hylonome, and this Triad sits astride the Galactic Center, so forms the core of our Instructions. 

Chariklo symbolizes Beauty and Grace, and Humans are wont to give deference to Beauty and Grace – hence Chariklo has the flavor of unearned Privilege.  Of course Beauty and Grace can be Learned and so may carry a price and Feel earned.  Yet to Grow our Consciousness we may be Asked to Notice that we give deference to Beauty and Grace in situations where it may not be in our own best interests.  He turns the notions of Beauty and Grace upside down (but so what – astrology is about dimensions, not directions on the dimension), but we can’t help but wonder if The Donald (Trump, that is) isn’t personifying this Energy.  If that hunch is true, then we should expect to be hearing a lot less about him by mid-September. 

Hylonome was a female Centaur who immediately committed suicide with the lance that killed her lover.  So we have the concepts of Unbearable Grief, but even more important, the concept of Identification with Other to the point that the Self is virtually non-existent.  The implication is that we all have elements of our Identity that are Other-based.  Just as Fundamentalism is the process of Believing that your metaphors are literally true, Codependence is the process of Believing that your Mirrors are You.  We often admire what we don’t have permission to Be in ourself.  So while Grieving the Loss of our Identity is an Ego Death with all of the Soul-searing pain that involves, it’s actually a Soul Retrieval, as we are forced to give up Codependence and substitute a previously orphaned portion of our True Self.  Let’s hope this doesn’t involve the demise of a beloved World Hero or Heroine, if we have any left.

As with other processes of Growth in Consciousness and Spiritual Growth, we’re Asked to Focus on the Unknown Future rather than the Known Past.  In that task, Perpetual Curiosity is our greatest friend, as long as we can maintain it and not surrender to our craving and addiction to trying to Understand.  The World is a Mystery; when we Believe we Understand, we murder the World.  Confusion is the First Sign of Growth, but if we quash it with illusions of Understanding, we stop our Growth cold.

So we’re being Ordered (Quaoar) by Central Command (the Galactic Center) to Grieve the Loss (Hylonome) of Unearned Privilege (Chariklo), or better yet, to accept the Loss as a Return to Self, or the invocation of a Vision Quest to Retrieve a portion of the True Self through Honest Curiosity about an unknowable Future.  But wait – we’re also being Asked to either Take Full Responsibility (Pholus) for the parts of ourself which we previously rejected as unfit for polite company, or Take Full Responsibility for the parts of ourself that our friends and associates would love to be able to reject as unfit for polite company (Ixion).  Not Blame, which looks backwards to attempt to Understand a Cause (ie, murder), but Responsibility, which looks forward to attempt to improve an Outcome.

To me this suggests a further loosening of the yoke of Hierarchy and Inequality.  As Power Over corrupts, Taking Full Responsibility for Power means shifting to Power With.  If you haven’t read Starhawk’s Truth or Dare yet, this would be an excellent time to do it, as in it she Teaches us the difference between Power Over and Power With, all in the context of an Inferior Conjunction of Venus (the Descent of Inanna), which we’ve just experienced.

This is all happening in Sagittarius, the Sign of Letting Go.  So while Noticing what’s going on is appropriate as part of Growing our Consciousness, Giving Up Control is also appropriate as part of Sagittarius.  We can do Both/And, and it behooves us to do so. 

We’ll look at the rest of the early-September chart when we continue…


April 23, 2015

mnop8446bpManganophyllite, aka Manifestite, Manganese Mica.  Manganese Crystals open the Heart, stimulating Healing and Empathy, while Grounding us in Reality.  Mica represents rigid Boundaries where needed, and flexibility where appropriate.

    Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ

With thanks to Bonnie ( ), here’s a fascinating article by Alison Chester-Lambert about Makemake and hisher People…

Most of the article is an engaging review of the Mythic Makemake’s role on Rapa Nui or Easter Island, which will much help us to Intuit dwarf planet Makemake’s role in our own Lives.

Afterwards, Alison has a brief look at the Rapa Nui “Discovery” chart, which is puzzling.  I’m sure that only Intuition could give us the date of the arrival of Polynesians or South Americans on Rapa Nui, if there was such a date, so it’s not surprising that she didn’t look at that date.  The date she chose was when Europeans arrived – the Colonization date.  Maybe it’s an English tradition to equate Colonization with “Discovery,” or maybe she’s thinking that this is the date when “Westerners” were first introduced to Mythic Makemake.  But this “Discovery” date is the birth of the demise of Makemake’s People.

Nevertheless, Alison’s summary of Life on Rapa Nui before the Social Order was destroyed is fascinating, far more information that I’ve been able to find elsewhere.  I use the “Discovery” chart of the dwarf planet Makemake to help determine what its esoteric meaning might be, and that chart has Manifestation written all over it in big letters.  Of course the dwarf planet was – as far as we know – there all along (at least as a quantum potential), we just didn’t notice it until early in the current century.  Our having noticed the dwarf planet implies that its implications will be entering our individual and collective Consciousness more prominently now – ie, that Manifestation will become something we Learn to do somewhat Consciously rather than completely Unconsciously.  That seems quite relevant – not to mention very necessary and even downright urgent.

    Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ   

The Plutoid dwarf planets, unlike the Centaurs, have stable orbits.  They aren’t here for a while to deliver specific messages to “us” from the Uraniam and Neptuniam surface realms of the Unconscious.  They’re permanent fixtures of the deep Plutoniam Unconscious, of the Great Mystery that drives us.  Like Pluto they’re lenses that focus and defocus the Energies reaching this Solar System from our Galaxy and beyond. 

That Edge between the Accessible Unconscious

(if you want to know Neptune, just study how your own Culture differs from another one, and if you want to know Uranus, just study your own personal history with a non-victim Perspective)

and the Deep Unconscious is often called “The Veil,” which was predicted to thin in the current Century as a result of Neptune Conjoining the South Node in the 1/1/2000 chart.  And yes, we can see The Veil thinning almost daily. 

There were three other Main Events in the 1/1/2000 chart…

  • Ceres Rising – Sustainability comes into Visibility; what’s Sustainable is not luxury, but Sustenance.

Turns out Haumea was also not only Rising, but also Stationary – it becomes obvious that a significant Rebirth awaits our return to Sustainability.

  • The Grand Cross – Polarity will be prominent, but to Co-Create the Whole there will be important duties to be carried out by each Pole.

The Oppositions in the Cross are Moon-Saturn and Pallas-Uranus.  Adding the Plutoid dwarfs breathes a lot of Life into the Grand Cross.

Makemake itself makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Moon-Saturn axis and a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Pallas-Saturn Axis…

Learning to Manifest by Focusing the Emotions and Trusting Impulse – which we Learn through Intention and Wonder, not booklearning – eases our Journey through the Century.

While we’re on the subject of Manifestation and Emotion, here’s an interesting Perspective, also thanks to Bonnie…

Makemake is also the focus of a Finger of God from Uranus and Eris…

Opening our Consciousness – through perpetual Curiosity (seeking Surprise and Wonder, not answers) – to whatever Soul elements we’re Denying will kickstart our Manifestation. 

Makemake is Squared by the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction…

There is a Dance of Energy between Manifesting and where we are on the scale between Discouragement/Impossibility and Miracles.

Makemake makes a Grand Trine with Saturn – which is Conjunct Sedna, and a Sun-Juno Conjunction…

Immense Grace is available to us, but to access it we need to keep our Focus on the Edge of Consciousness, and be ever mindful that The Most Important Thing is becoming Conscious of, and Empathize with, our Fears.

  • Chiron Conjunct Pluto – We will need Miracles.

Chiron-Pluto turns out to be Conjunct Quaoar…

Attention to Miracles – located through being Loving with our Despair and our negative Beliefs – turns out not just to be Mandatory (Pluto), but essential to our Survival (Quaoar). 

It’s critical to seek out any Discouragement and Empathize with it.  Say to yourself, as if to a lost child, “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Discouraged, aren’t you.”  If that starts a Conversation between you and an earlier version of yourself, that’s great.  If it doesn’t, just move on to other things – it’s the act of Empathizing that unlocks the Miracle, because in that act you stop being the Discouraged One and become the Loving One.

Not seeing the possibility of any good outcomes is Discouragement – we usually call this “Unconscious Despair.”  In any situation, Focus your Attention on the best outcome you can imagine.  If that outcome doesn’t Sparkle and lift you into Ecstasy, you’re Discouraged – you’re just too habitually skeptical to call it that.  “You poor Sweetheart, you can’t even imagine anything that would be uplifting, can you.”

The Quaoar-Pluto Initiation occurred in December 1996 at 4 Sagittarius, “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of their parents: The natural assistance of superior powers during crises of growth.

Don’t try to do any of this through the Ego or Will.  Do it all through Surrender to your Guides and to Guides and Angels you haven’t met yet.

And Chiron-Pluto creates a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Pallas-Uranus axis and a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Moon-Saturn/Sedna axis…

When we Focus on our Fear, it’s important to Wonder what sort of Miracle might lift us above it.  Explore the possibility that your Conscious or Unconscious Discouragement is caused by Fear.  Ask yourself, “What is it that I Fear?”  That might help you imagine a Miraculous rescue from your Fear.

Chiron-Pluto also makes a Grand Trine with Pallas and Eris, which is Stationary turning Direct.

Great Grace is available.  To find it, ask yourself, “What am I Denying here?” then stop and see what answers you’ve already rejected.  Then Empathize with that Denial, and Honor yourself for keeping it contained until you were (are) ready to deal with it.  Denial is a Healthy process, where we set aside one issue in order to give quality Attention to another issue, then return to the Denied issue with a better Grounding.  As Karma, this is a multi-lifetime project and process.  Sudden Insight can make things look simple, but they’re actually unbelievably complex.

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