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TranceFormation 2

June 29, 2020

We live in Virtual Reality, without artificial optoelectronic devices, in a Trance so deep that we don’t even know we’re in it.  Like Ken Kesey said, “You can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left,” and for most of us that Amnesia definitely applies to Life on Earth, starting at our Decision to Incarnate.  Like the fable about the 3-year old who kept asking his parents if he could have a few minutes alone with his newborn sister, and the parents hesitated because they were aware of sibling rivalry.  Finally, they got a baby monitor so they could listen in, and let the 3-year-old have his interview.  What they heard was the 3-year-old asking the newborn to “Remind me what Heaven was like; I’m beginning to forget.”  Many of us Forget, most of the time, that we came here to do a job.  Forget that we’re actually Eternal Consciousness Experimenting with a Physical Body, rather than a Frozen Waffle with a g missing, Stapled to a Body or a Mind.

Most of our Trance is Cultural.  We get a lot of Programming of all sorts, but the basic Trance in our Family of Origin, or other First Circumstances, is the one we’re most motivated to adopt, just so we can Survive relatively efficiently.  In the “Developed” World, some of the deepest elements of that Trance include Linear Time, and Cause-and-Effect.  Try Living without both of those for a day, if you can even Conceive of doing so.  Cause-and-Effect is meaningless without Linear Time.  The planet that symbolizes our Trance is Pluto, and major Pluto astroevents Change the Trance.  When the Trance Changes, it’s not always as extreme as “Either we Change or we Die,” but that’s the basic idea.  Change is Difficult because it really is another Death, but an Ego Death, and “we” (our Ego) fears Ego Death as much as Physical Death, because item #1 in the Ego’s job description is “Keep the Entity Alive.”

Comparing our Lived Experience of December 2019 with our Lived Experience of June 2020, it’s easy to see how the Changes in our basic everyday Trance have been Extreme (this Pluto astroevent includes Saturn-Pluto [Identity], Jupiter-Pluto [“Grow or Wither“], Chariklo-Pluto [Confidence], Pallas-Pluto [Boundaries], and a number of other Big events such as a Decadal Change like Moon Out of Bounds [Emotionality], and longer-term Changes such as Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar [Response to Climate Change]) – and that’s after much of the Shift has been somewhat Remediated.  Make a mental note, so you’ll be more Prepared for the next Plutostorm.  Not to predict what will Change, but to Expect a Big Change so you can Upgrade your Resilience.

We were just about to interpret the 4 April Pluto-Jupiter Initiation “Can-Opener” chart, to help us Understand and Steer the next dozen years, and to help us Grok the current Energy, as we Experience the 29 June Jupiter-Pluto “Exposition” event.  (We defined “Can-Opener” and “Exposition” in the previous post.)  Here’s the 4 April chart again…

The Crux of the chart is the Challenge (T-Square) to Adapt to the World-Wide Compulsive Expansive Transformation (Jupiter-Pluto), or Trance Re-Formation, through Adjusting our Boundaries (asteroid Pallas).  The Root of the Challenge (base of the T-Square) lies in Accepting what we’ve been Denying (dwarf planet Eris) and Finessing the Eggo’s Resistance to Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea).  The Challenge is not Self-Resolving (not a Diamond Star), but it does feature considerable Grace (a Double Trine Bridge, across the T-Square itself, rather than across the Opposite side of the Zodiac, as occurs in a Diamond Star).  We need a name for this Configuration.  For now I’ll call it what it looks like, a “Highway Bridge.”  Here it’s isolated in the heavy lines…

This Highway Bridge has the same quantity of Grace as a Diamond Star, but it’s not In Balance, it doesn’t fill up the Zodiacal Loop (dwarf planet Chaos would be one foot of a Diamond Star, but Diamond Stars require two).

What’s the Difference between a Highway Bridge and a Diamond Star?

There will be obvious Solutions to the Challenge in a Highway Bridge, but they won’t be Complete, they’ll leave out half the Picture.  When we Soften our Boundaries, they may Let In Energies we don’t Want.  When we Stiffen them, they may Exclude Energies we do Want.  For example.  Whatever Transformations we Allow, they’re likely to need Adjustment later.  We may Allow 98% of a Rebirth, but the other 2% may try to Sabotage our Transformation.  We may Open to 70% of What We’ve Been Denying, but the other 30% may Bedevil us.  A Diamond Star on the other hand is Completely Self-Resolving.  We can screw it up by Lacking Faith and Intervening, but otherwise, we’re Golden.

Returning to the original chart, we see that there are two other Bridges across the troublesome Revelation-Rebirth (Eris-Haumea) Opposition, in addition to the Highway Bridge, across the other side of the chart – a Big Contribution (Trine Bridge [Grace]) by Suspending Disbelief in the Impossible (dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential]), and an Interesting Contribution (Quincunx Bridge [Curiosity]) that can be made if we Explicitly Deal with our Fear (dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power]).  To Manifest the latter, we’ll have to carefully Avoid trying to Understand what we’re Afraid Of (Quincunx) and Deal with our Fear directly as an Emotion, rather than working with our Thoughts about it.  Causes are always Thoughts.

The Highway Bridge itself also contains two pillars of Grace – Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability and Sustenance]) and the Realization that Headquarters (the Galactic Center [literally, the Black Whole at the Center of the Milky Way]) has issued orders for us to Transcend our Programmed Beliefs (Bee-Zed, aka “514107” or “2015 BZ509,” which has recently received a real name, Ka’epaoka’awela – I think I’ll continue to use “Bee-Zed” [Transcendence]).  When we do that we may be amazed at how Disjointed friends and family can get when we Change.  Backing Down is not an option, however.  It’s not good for your Health to argue with a Black Whole.  Remember that the Easiest way to move toward Sustainability is to Jettison What We Don’t Need – Sustenance is the backside of the Sustainability Coin.  While that can be Scary, it can actually increase our Resilience.

So far so good.

We also Notice that there are two important Vacancies in the chart.  If we added a planet at 26 Cancer we’d Balance the Challenge (Convert the T-Square to a Grand Cross), and if we added a planet at 26 Leo we’d increase the Grace and Ease exponentially (by Completing both the Diamond Star and the Grand Sextile).  If you happen to have natal planets in those Locations, you’ll probably be Living a Life of Leisure for the next ten years.

The Vacancy Opposite Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas is a busy place.  The “Sabian” interpretation of Cancer 26 is “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  We hope that means they are Learning their History and Herstory and Karma, so they don’t have to repeat it.

Asteroid Magdalena is there – I’ll wager everyone has different Associations with Magdalena!  The dwarf planet Cyrallus is also there.  Cyrallus was the Centaur married to Hylonome.  He was killed in the melee that followed Herakeles’s Opening of the Sacred Wine, and then Hylonome killed herself with the same spear.  And there are two Fixed Stars there.  Procyon projects Success, but it’s short-lived, and rapid Harvesting of any gains is recommended.  We don’t recommend assigning that one to Black Lives Matter – we can PIAVA long-lived and stable Success for BLM instead.  And Pollux.  He’s the darker twin of the Gemini twins Castor and.  Bernadette, in Brady’s Book of Fixes Stars, p.249, says “you will find yourself embroiled in the more shadowy side of the issues, with the pain or angst of the situation always seeming to be present.”

That’s okay, because we know that Tapping works well for exactly that purpose, to Let Go of the Negative.  When we Tap Out a nagging negative Emotion or Thought or Experience or Scenario, such as “Even though I’m Suffering over this Transformation, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself,” we Align our Energy Body with the Truth of our Experience.  That Alignment Dispels our Attachment to the Negativity, though we may have to repeat the Tapping sequence several times.  We can also Poor-Sweetheart ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Suffering over this, aren’t you.”  If we Succeed in Changing the Subject afterwards, that too will dispel our Attachment to the Suffering.

Leo 26 Completes the Grand Sextile (Great Grace) and the Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge)The Star Alphard is there.  It’s the Heart of the Heavenly Serpent.  Bernadette says on pp.151-2 that “Its preferred expression is conscious passion… you are working with very strong feelings and will need to resist striking back in anger.  A better use of the energy is to focus on a subject or a cause to which you can devote your strength and determination” – to avoid manifestations that are “murderous and violent.”  This certainly draws a picture of White Supremacy and Colonialism, and makes an educated suggestion about how to begin to overcome it.

This is a very deep History.  Remember that it was Pope Nicolas V in the 15th Century that declared non-white non-Europeans subhuman and condemned them to “perpetual slavery.”  That was 19 Generations ago, which makes White Supremacy a very Deep Trance, and one that the Antichrist defends daily.  It’s unlikely to Let Go in a week or two.  Leo 26 is “After a heavy storm, a rainbow,” so there’s some hope for progress.

Next we’ll look at the 29 June Jupiter-Pluto Exposition chart.  First, though, a couple of shots of our recent Crescent Moon…

In the second picture, the left side of the Moon is illuminated by what’s called “Earthshine,” Sunlight reflected off the Earth and projected onto the Dark Side of the Moon…

Transformation 1

June 28, 2020

Remember this “Tumultuous Week“? …

That was the first week of April 2020, when Our Willingness to Accept our Forbidden Genius in order to Respond to Climate Change was all Lit Up (Ixion [Forbidden Genius], Pholus [Response or Denial], and Quaoar [Survival Instincts] all Stationary [Strong]).  And of course we were busily Reliving “9/11” (Moon beginning a decade going Out of Bounds for a few days every two weeks, after staying In Bounds for a decade), disguised as a Virus this time around.  And beginning to Recover from (the first decline of?) the fastest “Bear Market” in recorded history, in the US stock market.  It was so busy that we didn’t have time to write about what would otherwise be a Big Deal, the Merging (Conjunction) or the Energy of Expansion (Jupiter) and the Energy of Compulsory Transformation (Pluto).

Here’s the chart of that 4 April 2020 (7:40 pm PDT) Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction in 25 Capricorn…

Why are we thinking about this 3-month-old chart?  Turns out we’re Reliving it, as the Energies of Expansion and Compulsory Transformation are Merging (Retrograde Jupiter Conjunct Retrograde Pluto in 25 Capricorn) for the second time, culminating 29 June (9:30 pm PDT).  As many of you know, when two planets Merge, they often Dance the Three-Step – they cross, then stop and back up to cross a second time, then stop again and then finally cross for a third time (some planets even do the Five-Step or Seven-Step and more).  We have names to distinguish these three crossings from one another.

We call the first crossing the “Can-Opener” because it usually introduces a Problem of some kind.  The Energy of the current Three-Step Dance is about Expanding into Compulsory Transformation.  Well, we definitely saw the Planet as a Whole Expanding into Compulsory Transformation, didn’t we.  You can even see the Sky in Beijing and Los Angeles!  Many of us as individuals Experienced this Transformation as a Problem, all right, and those of us without effective Community still do.  Not to mention those of us who were Challenged directly by the Virus.

We name the second crossing of the Three-Step Dance – the current one – the “Exposition,” because the Problem repeats itself, but this time (with at least the faster, Active planet Retrograde) it unfolds more slowly, giving us the Opportunity to Grok the issue, and make some attempts to Respond to the Problem rather than just Reacting.  The Exposition phase of the Three-Step is when we Learn more about how to handle the Issue.  (In the case of the Five-Step, Seven-Step, and More-Step Dances, all of the crossings except the first one and the final one are multiple Expositions.)

This particular Issue, Expanding into Compulsory Transformation (Jupiter-Pluto), reccurs every 12-13 years, so we do have Experience with it, at least if we’re over 30 (we may not be Trustworthy, but we are Experienced).  If we look back in herstory and history, the last time it occurred was in 2007 – the Derivatives Crash that most folks, following the propaganda of the time, referred to as the “Housing Crisis.”  That tells us that current Transformation events aren’t really about the Virus, as the headlines would have us Believe.  They’re about what John Perkins in Touching the Jaguar calls the Death Economy, often called Predatory Capitalism, or the modern version of Colonialism.

If you haven’t read any of John’s books, now would be an excellent time to start, beginning with Touching the JaguarIf you’re at all curious about any of the Conspiracy Theories around the Virus, it will be very educational.  And you’ll end up Grokking much more of what Expanding into Compulsory Transformation is all about.

We highly recommended this book recently, along with Larry Korn’s One-Straw Revolutionary, but we weren’t explicit about why we recommended them – because they’re the best Expositions of 5D I’ve run across so far.  Michael Roads’s Through the Eyes of Love series goes into more depth, but it’s far beyond the Skillset of many of us, thus easily dismissed as Fantasy by folks who don’t understand much about the Spirit Realms.  Touching the Jaguar and One-Straw Revolutionary may be ambitious, but they’re completely feasible from the 3D Perspective.  And I’ve found another book to join these two – Masanobu Fukuoka’s Planting Seeds in the Desert.

Previous episodes of Expanding into Compulsory Transformation occurred in 1906, 1918, 1931, 1943, 1956, 1968, 1981, and 1994.  Many of those years were indeed significantly Transformative.  In addition to the obvious, we might note that 1918 included the Spanish Flu, 1943 included race riots, and 1981 included the beginning of the AIDS epidemic.  Intriguing that Microsoft Bing chose this evening to put the Empire State Building on it’s headline page, as it was completed in 1931.  On the page it’s illuminated in rainbows for Pride Week in 2014.

The third crossing of the Three-Step Dance is called the “Confidence-Builder” because at that point we re-Experience the Issue but this time we have enough Experience to sail through it.  In this case that will occur in mid-November.  That would be a good Timeline for putting the current Virus behind us, if we’re ever in a position where we have to make a prediction.  With luck, and if enough of us PIAVA it, we may be able to put other current issues behind us as well.

Remember that the Energy comes first and the Physical follows.  The more time we spend Meditating on How we’ll Feel when we’re in 5D, the faster we’ll get there.

This is an Initiation – a Can-Opener of a Merger between two planets (first Conjunction in a Three-Step).  That means that the chart above will define how we will Expand into Compulsory Transformation for the next dozen years.  This Cycle begins at 25 Capricorn, “A store filled with precious Oriental rugs.”  While Oriental rugs are luxury items today, their original use was as large very tightly woven rugs used by desert nomads to keep their tent floors from being overwhelmed by Sand.  So it’s reasonable to Believe we might see politics “Cleaned Up” a bit over the next decade (the Active portion of a 12-year Cycle lasts about 10 years)On the other hand, the desert nomads were terribly Patriarchal.  However, the rugs are displayed in a store – the original use is no more.

The 29 June chart (next post) then will tell us about how we’re Learning about Expanding into Compulsory Transformation here at this Exposition, but the 4 April chart above will tell us about the next dozen years.  So to interpret the next few days, we should start by interpreting the 4 April chart.  The nature of the Initiation of a new astrological Cycle is that the Energy of the new Cycle is Lit Up around the time of the Initiation, but then goes underground for a while (until the Waxing Square, which will occur in mid-May 2023) as those who are heavily invested in the Old Cycle blast us with propaganda about how superior the Energy of the Old Cycle is.

Or rather, in this era where the Capitalists own the media, pretend that the New Cycle doesn’t exist.  Fortunately, there are a few bastions of actual Journalism left that also report on the New Cycle’s Energy.  So, if we look at what’s been happening over the last 3-4 months, what do we see?

  • A bump up in our mortality rate, obviously.
  • Severe debilitation by Virus and by treatment.
  • Governments acting like “Third-World” countries.
  • Minorities banding together to Insist on their Huperity.
  • Remarkable Environmental Recovery even while the Antichrist peels away legal protections by the truckload.
  • Death Capitalism grinding to a halt.
  • Lots of people Threatened with Economic catastrophe.
  • Lots of people Helping one another.
  • Diminished Materialism and Globalization.
  • Massive Confusion as Polarization grows.
  • Resistance to Denial and Prevarication.

What am I leaving out?

We Create our own Reality, so we can pick and choose which of these we want to Expand into the New Cycle, which we’ll then want to Experience Directly as Energy, PIAVAing that we Manifest them for ourself.  You can put Energy into What You Want For Others, but that’s thinner ice.  Even if you know what they say they Want, you don’t want to Compete against their Negative Unconscious Wants by trying to “Fix” their Karma for them – guess who will win that contest.  You’ve got more than enough to do to Revert your own Negative Unconscious Wants!

We’ll need to look to see which of these are Supported by the 4 April chart, and emphasize those.  We’ll look at that tomorrow.  Then we want to look at the 29 June chart and see what it contributes.  Mañana.

Ego Death and Confidence II

May 1, 2020

Whooo!  The Goddess is still working me over to Clear my Resistance to my PIAVA of the other day to let Her take over that major segment of my Live.  Earlier today I found myself dealing with not just Big-Time Self-Doubt (appropriate for the imminent 2 May 2020 4:20 pm PDT Station of Chariklo [±Self-Confidence]), but with heavy-duty early-Childhood chronic Abandonment Trauma.  Haven’t worked with that so Strikingly in a long while!  We never really finish our Karma, we just get more efficient at being Present with it.

I was in a Zoom meeting today that signed off with a “Inspirational” quote: “No matter how much you push the envelope, it’s still stationery.”  Too True, so given the length of my todo list, let’s dive right into our Dance with our Self-Doubt (Chariklo Station).  Of course it’s also about Self-Confidence, but who’s gonna complain about having too much Self-Confidence?  Well, okay, maybe Evel Knievel, if he ever complained, so it might be a good idea to Hedge our Risks this weekend.

Saturday’s chart features Great Grace directed toward our Health (Cuspal Earth-Air Kite pointing to dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force] on the Cusp of Leo [Presence]), and Great Grace directed toward Liberation of our Unique Genius (Cuspal Air-Water Kite pointing to dwarf planet Ixion [our Forbidden Genius] and the South Node [our Karma] on the Cusp of Capricorn [Just Fix It, K?]).

That’s a Powerful combination, as it Integrates all four Elements – Spirit, Emotion, Matter, and Mentality (Fire, Water, Earth, Air).  The Health issue is paramount these days, and perhaps even more so the Genius issue, as we’re all going to need that, first to Survive as the World Turns Over, and second to Manifest Collaboration with all of the many Others we’ll be dealing with in the post-Granolavirus World.

However, while Great Grace Abides, we’ll also be Compelled to Pay Close Attention to our Health and our Unique Skills (both Varuna and Ixion-South Node are at the business end of the Goddess’s Index Finger, ie, Yods [Pay Attention!]).  As we’ll Learn later, the overriding Energy here is about Growth in Consciousness (A Parasol, or Quintile and Tridecile Yods [Intense Learning Experience] focused on asteroid Juno [Expansion of Consciousness]).

The Universe will Handle those Energies for us (Grand Trines [Dumb-Luck Grace]), but we also have our Work cut out for us, as Lighting Up our Doubt-Confidence weekend (Chariklo Station) comes with two Major Challenges (T-Squares).  We’ll have to Renegotiate all of our Relationships (T-Square pointing to dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth] in Libra [Relationship to Other]), and we’ll have to be mindful that we Lovingly Embrace our Transformations (T-Square pointing to asteroid Sappho [Self-Love] in Virgo [Ego Death]).  The Challenges are not Self-Resolving, so we’ll be Working.

There are two other arenas where we need to be very Attentive (foci of Goddess Fingers or Yods), and which Information we’ll need to Weave together the Graces and the Challenges.  The first is Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres), which is key to using the Grace around our Health (Varuna Kite) to mediate our Self-Love Challenge (Sappho T-Square).  The second is Letting Go of Limitations and Unexamined Judgments that are based on Hidden Fear (dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] Merged with [Conjunct] our Conditioned Reactions [asteroid Karma] and our Ability and Willingness to Consciously End Self-Sabotaging Habits [asteroid Atropos]).

Methinks the Bottom Line of all this Doubt-Confidence (Chariklo Station chart) Complexity is that we may be able to Let Go of Subtle Resistance to Believing in our Heart that what we Intend will actually Manifest.  An Intentional Placebo Effect so to speak.  As we’ve mentioned before, we often combine Theta Healing and Tapping Iteratively to Strive for Manifesting Deep Belief or Confidence of this sort.  The PIAVA process, when done fully, can also make progress toward the same result.  This Deep Belief is the difference between Creating What We Want and Not.

The last Big Issue in the 2 May Doubt-Confidence astroevent is the placement of the symbol for Confidence itself (Chariklo).  It is Merged with the symbols for Expansion (Jupiter), Boundaries (Pallas), and Priorities (Saturn).  That’s a whole lot.  On the one (Ultimate) hand it says that The Most Important Thing is that we Expand our Confidence in our Vulnerability.  Vulnerability is the Perfected form of Boundaries.  Till we get there though, The Most Important Thing is that we Expand our Boundaries to Provide Confidence in our Personal Safety.  Especially if we’re Remembering to Hedge our Risks.

Safety is much Inferior to Vulnerability, but Safety insures that we don’t Overreach for Ascension.  Overreaching can cause the Ego to Overreact, which can create New Limitations that may take us years or Lifetimes to Transcend.  So a Compromise may be the most Practical path, something like The Most Important Thing is that we Learn to Expand our Vulnerability to the point where we have Complete Confidence in our Boundaries.  If we Learn this rather than just Doing it, better yet if we Learn by Doing, then we can continue to Stretch our Vulnerability, which will move us toward 5D.

Here’s the main Chariklo Station chart…

And here’s the Overarching Quintile-Tridecile Yods Parasol chart…

It looks like something Elon might build to Rocket us directly into Expansion of Consciousness (asteroid Juno [Growth in Consciousness] at the focus)!  The base of the central Rocket (Quintile Yod) is the Connection between our Essence (the Sun) and Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres).  The base of the Stabilizing Wings (Tridecile Yod) is the Link between our Values (Venus) and our Willingness to Surrender into a Whole New Trance (Jupiter-Pluto)Our Plutonic Trance is the Fundamental Unconscious Belief System with which we approach – and Manifest – our Reality.  What we See – and Feel – is What we Believe.  The Fuel that Powers the Rocket is our Belief that the Integrity of Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) Creates Miracles by Removing all need for Victim Postures (Chiron).

The third Chariklo-Station chart is a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod [Epiphany] to the Jupiter-Chariklo-Pallas-Saturn Stellum…

The Trioctile combines the Eighth Harmonic [Rebalancing] with the Third [Love with Wisdom].  We interpret this Configuration (the Trioctile Yod) as productive of Epiphany because Rebalancing ourself into Love and Wisdom is Ecstatically Life-Changing.  Traditional astrology refers to it as “Thor’s Hammer,” emphasizing Destruction.  We use the Norwegian spelling, Mjölnir, to emphasize its ancient connection to Lightning, EnLightenment, Penetrating all Resistance.  The root of the Nordic Mjölnir is the Vedic Vajra, a Magic Wand that combines the indestructibility of Diamond with the irrestibility of a Thunderbolt, symbolizing Firmness of Spirit and Spiritual Power.

In other words, The Most Important Thing is that we Learn to Expand our Vulnerability to the point where we have Complete Confidence in our Boundaries.  If we Learn this rather than just Doing it, better yet if we Learn by Doing, then we can continue to Stretch our Vulnerability, moving us toward 5D.

I’m not sure we’ve ever talked about Cusps, which Dominate here.  Cusps are like the Changing lines in the I-Ching, Opportunities for New Adventures.  Not to mention all of the New Cycles Beginning (Jupiter-Chariklo, Pallas-Chariklo, Saturn-Chariklo, Pallas-Jupiter, Pallas-Saturn, Karma-Sedna, Atropos-Sedna, Karma-Atropos, South Node-Ixion)!

Ego Death and Confidence

April 30, 2020

This is why I am Grateful for astrology…

Yesterday I PIAVAed that Control over the success of a major segment of my Life be transferred from LeftBrain or Ego to RightBrain or Goddess or “Mysterious Coincidences.”  This morning when I Opened that segment of my Life I felt a profound sense of Failure, and an Urge to Give Up on it.  But, knowing that the symbol for Ego Death was Lit Up (asteroid Nemesis Stationary till 30 April 2020 11:20 am PDT), I was able to quickly connect the Feeling of Failure to Ego Death, and to my PIAVA of the day before.  This allowed me to just move on to other segments unencumbered by the Discouraging Emotions, without even having to Poor-Sweetheart myself.

When I Opened the Surrendered segment later in the day, the Goddess had indeed delivered a nice “Mysterious Coincidence,” for which I was very Grateful.  I know I still have a lot of Resistance to overcome (Do I “Deserve” this?  Why should I?  Why me?  Will this really work?) as my LeftBrain Grieves its Loss of perceived Esteem.  This is textbook PIAVA.  If we are Ready to Receive, we’ll just Get what we’ve Requested, outright.  If we aren’t, then we’ll Get an Illustration of our Resistance.

The average Illustration may not be anywhere as near as Clear as my Feeling this morning, but if I’d never Learned what I know about PIAVAing, and if I didn’t know that we were scheduled for Ego Death, I may not have made the Connection at all, or worse, Believed by first interpretation as Confirmation of my Inadequacy.  We do also have an episode of Self-Doubt barreling down the pike at us, just two days after our Ego Death Lesson, until 2 May 2020 (dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence and Self-Doubt] Stationary) at 4:20 pm PDT.

Which is a handy Segue to something I read the other day (I think it was Demetra George) about the Immune System being kind of an ultimate Boundary (and hence an issue in the realm of asteroid Pallas).  I’d never made the connection before between the Immune System and Boundaries.  The Immune System is kind of a big deal these days!  And while we’re on this track, our Skin is another ultimate Boundary, and the folks who study our Microbiome refer to the “walls” of our Intestinal Tract, from mouth to pucker, as a continuation of our Skin.

It’s an interesting image – physically, “we” abide in the space between our Skin and our Stomach-Intestines.  And mouth-esophagus.  Something Escher might draw.  What a mess we’d be turned inside-out.  I suppose we’d have to exclude the inside of our Lungs too.  Or rather, include the lining of our lungs, and all their alveoli, as part of our External Physical Boundary.  And nose-trachea.  Kind of puts a different perspective on our Vulnerability to such as the Pomonavirus.

The Microbiome folks take it a step further – the lining of the Intestines is the front lines of our Immune System, because when it’s operating properly it screens out molecules that would cause havoc if they got into the blood stream because of their large size.  That’s exactly the kind of Damage that antibiotics, including Glyphosate/Roundup (which contaminates most non-organic sugars and grains), cause in the Intestines.  They eventually eat holes in our Intestinal lining, and the resulting large molecules in our blood cause havoc with our Health, starting with the Mucosal lining of our nose.

We bring all this up because the symbol for The Most Important Thing (Saturn) happens to be Merged with the symbol for Boundaries (Pallas), and both of these are within spitting distance of the symbol for Confidence (Chariklo) that’s Lit Up until 2 May.  The symbol for Confidence is also Merged with the symbol for Expansion (Jupiter).  As we recall from the fellow who was talking yesterday about the J-Dude…

…When we’re exercising our own Ultimate Authority, it’s Critical that we “in our Heart Believe It” – we need to have Confidence in it.  So whatever Relationship we wish to have with the Spumonivirus, when we PIAVA that Relationship, we need to have Confidence in our own Power to PIAVA it.  The same is true for whatever Relationship we wish to have with 5G, and for that matter 5D.

In other words there’s no better time to PIAVA our Ideal Relationships with…

  • Our Immune System, with
  • Known and unknown threats to our Health, with
  • Intrusive Electromagnetic Energy (with “iot” coming down the pike, 5G isn’t our only problem – “smart” electric meters have been burning down people’s houses often enough that the new US National Fire Code requires whole-house surge protection for all new residential construction), with
  • What We Want, including 5D if it fits into that basket for us, and with
  • Any situations where we want to establish Boundaries that will provide us with Total Confidence that we can meet our Objectives without Betraying our Values.

Then we need to be Hyperalert for the Ego-Death of our Resistance to what we’re PIAVing, because if we weren’t Ego-Attached to the Resistance, we would have been Manifesting them all along!

Can’t wait to draw up that Doubt/Confidence (Chariklo Station) chart, as it has some fun Configurations that we don’t see every day!  (Such as a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod [Epiphanies] to the Jupiter-Chariklo-Pallas-Saturn complex from a Square between Moon and Vesta [Breakthroughs around Unconscious Limitations], and a Quintile Yod [Learn This!] to asteroid Juno [Growth in Consciousness], and that’s before I draw in any of the extra-credit planets!)

More Ego Death

April 28, 2020

Until 11:20 am PDT 30 April 2020, the symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) is very Strong (Stationary).  It’s Merged with (Conjoins) the symbol for Oath-Making and -Breaking (dwarf planet Orcus), and Stands in Sharp Contrast to (Opposes) the symbol for Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus).  That sounds a bit ominous, but it offers Opportunities for Healing.  Just for starters, there are no major Challenges (T-Squares) involved in the Sharp Contrast, so Illumination can be the major function of the event.

Abuse, whether Chronic or Acute, is a horrendous Emotional Burden.  Like any Wound, our first Instinct is to Wall it Off, do everything we can to put our Attention on anything else but.  And as with a Physical Wound, by doing that we can create a kind of Cyst, which may fester, or may stay tightly Closed till some later event Opens it and flushes the Toxins out.  Either way, it’s a dark cloud in our Psyche, coloring our view of the Outside World.

Our Limitations are often the result of Decisions, Oaths, or Vows (Orcus) we made ages ago.  We then set up Lifetime Habits to make sure we Defended our Decisions.  When that was Successful, we forgot the original Oath, and our Defensive Thoughts and Behaviors just became our Personality.  The rest of our Self ended up Walled Off in its own Cyst.  Not so much a dark cloud, as a big chunk of Blue Sky that the Sun never seems to find.

The geometry in the chart of this Nemesis Station speaks Clearly…

The major Configuration is what we call a Parachute.  Often Parachutes are symmetrical, which is a great Blessing.  This one’s got a hint of umbrella-after-the-windstorm to it, but it looks like it will still float us to the Ground.  What’s the Crux?  Asteroid Moira, named after the Greek Goddess of Fate.  Does this mean that we’re Stuck with the ills that are befalling us?

Not at all.  Fate and Free Will form a Dichotomy, so we know that it’s an Artifact of the Dualistic Mind.  Reality is Unitary and Multifarious, so any time we encounter a Duality we know we’re looking at a Limitation in the Observer, not something “Objective” – as if there is such a thing.  If it’s Either/Or, it’s Political.  If it’s Real, it’s Both/And.

We’re Fated to Repeat our Karma until we Recognize that we’re running a one-size-fits-all Pattern in our Life that in fact, in most cases, doesn’t actually Work.  Once we Identify with our Observer Self instead of our Thinker or Actor, we can Choose at any point to modify our Thoughts and Behavior.  Since the World as we Experience it is a Mirror for our Thoughts and Behavior, modifying those Changes the World.

That’s a little harder to grasp if we’re an Emotional Thinker (Mercury in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio) or if our Emotions Dominate our Value System (Venus, Sun, Moon, or other major Indicators in Water Signs).  With my own planet of Values (Venus) in a Sign of Empathy (Pisces), I had a hard time accepting the notion that we can Choose our Emotions.  That felt like a major Self-Betrayal to me.  Eventually I Realized that I was being the Victim of my own Feelings, and began the long process of Separating my Identity from my Emotions.  That’s an important step toward Identifying with the Immortal and Limitless Soul and moving toward 5D.  What we Identify with, we cannot see without a Mirror.

For me personally, David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates’s Please Understand Me and Jane Roberts’s Nature of Personal Reality were major milestones.  Not to mention Tapping and Theta.

So this Nemesis Station gives us an excellent Opportunity to become a Witness to whatever Abuse we have Suffered, and if we’re very Lucky, perhaps even to grok the Original Oath (such as “I’ll never put myself in that kind of situation again!“) that has Constrained our Relationship with Reality, so that we can Revert it…

Don’t be deterred by the reference to the J-Man.  The same is true of any Personification of Godessness or Godness, or even of our own Making.  Religions like to insist on their own Fave, but we know that if it’s Either/Or it’s Political (Political is the adjectival form of Ego).  The part about Belief is Important, and may require some Tapping/Thetaing or other PIAVAing to Create.  And if we are indeed possessed of Free Will, which of course we are (Both/And), then any “Evil” that we encounter is just a Split-Off part of ourself.  When we made the Oaths that we’re Reverting now, they were in Earnest and served a Positive purpose for us in that Then.  Now they’re just Obsolete.

We aren’t just dealing with the Demise of Egos that evolved from Abuse, but also Egos that devolved from Privilege.  If Abuse is heads and Privilege is tails, the Coin is Power.  If we Claim our Power as Conscious Entities, Sacred Beings, and Lightworkers, then all other Conscious Entities (including Rocks and the like) are our Equals.  We use Negotiation and PIAVAs rather than Privilege, and we Step Aside from Abusers, letting them Act out their Aggressions and Regressions on those who still need that Curriculum.

So what do we do when Privilege comes into our Consciousness, as it has already around here?  The first step is Gratitude.  If we’ve Enjoyed Privilege it’s not because we’ve Earned it, it’s because in one way or another we Asked for it.  Asking necessarily precedes Receiving, and Gratitude necessarily follows it.

One key with Privilege is Abundance.  Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Sharing is Proof that our Belief is Intact, that we are Receiving from an Abundant and Generous, if not Infinite, Source.  A second key is Self-Love.  If we aren’t Satisfying our own Needs first, then Sharing is a Self-Betrayal, and our Betrayed Self may seek to exact their just Revenge – another dark cloud in our Psyche.

The chart agrees, as it tells us to Pay Attention! (Goddessfinger or green wedge) to the Relationships between our Mercy Killing of Olde Identities that are tied to Obsolete Oaths (Nemesis Stationary Conjunct Orcus), our Self-Sovereignty (Lilith), and the Truth of our Heart (asteroid Aletheia).

We may need to make some awkward Adjustments to a few of our Relationships when we do this, but then every Ego Death requires that we Stand Our New Ground when Others want to paint us back into the Boxes they recognize as “Us.”  No Blame, that’s a natural Reaction from anyone who isn’t always in the Present Moment – which includes virtually all of us.  We just need to be Patient but Persistent with them while we take advantage of the Opportunity to Practice being our Reborn self and re-Introduce ourself to them.  That’s , if the Relationship is worth keeping to our New Persona, and they are capable of Adjusting their Expectations (not everyone will be).

Self-Love and Sustainability have both arisen here in Important ways, but neither of their symbols (asteroid Sappho and dwarf planet Ceres) are prominent in the chart we have in front of us.  They’re very much indirectly involved, and we’ll take that up in a subsequent post.

The chart avers yet again, as a second Instruction to Pay Attention! (Finger of the Yoddess) points to the symbol for the Truth of the Heart (Aletheia) and it’s Relationships with not only the Loving and Gentle Demise of our Olde Oathy Identities (Nemesis-Orcus), but also to the New Identities we are Birthing (asteroid Klotho).

Tying the chart up and wrapping it with a bow is another Pay Attention! Missive, this one Focused on our Self-Sovereignty and of course it’s antithesis Codependence (Lilith) – we may even gain Insights into places where we’re in the Habit of Giving Away our Power.  Its Roots are our Ego Death (Nemesis-Orcus) and our Lesson Plan about Fate/Karma and Choice (Moira).  Remember that it’s Consciousness that Liberates us from what has been Disguised as Fate, so every time you Recognize another Ego Death with its accompanying Letting Go of Rigid Judgments, you Gain more Freedom to Be Yourself and to Pursue What You Really Want.

Also adding a second bow is the Great Gift of Effortless Grace (Grand Trine) between Fate/Choice (Moira), Abuse/Privilege (Nessus), and Rebirth (Klotho), virtually assuring that this whole Ego-Death Adventure will be Easy and Painless.  IF (it’s a big If) we remain Conscious that Karma is in fact Dead, and the only thing that can tie us to it is our ongoing Unconscious Expectation that the Future will be like the Past.  I mean, what Expectation is more Reasonable than that!  But it’s wrong, and Self-Sabotaging.  That’s the nature of Karma after all, Self-Sabotage.

I know, lots to keep track of, but we’re developing New Habits that will better Serve us as we move into a World with more Collaboration, Cooperation, and Community.  As we continue to Practice these Skills and Integrate them with our New Identities, they’ll become more automatic.  Then we can start over, since New Karma will by then have become Ossified.

Oh, one more thing.  We haven’t mentioned two more “bows.”

The big red square and cross or X (Grand Cross) connects Fate/Choice and the Truth of the Heart with our Essence (the Sun) and our Instincts about which Patterns need to be jettisoned (Moon and asteroid Lachesis).  The latter makes an excellent addition to our Identity-Pattern Purge, and the former helps us Identify the Keepers that are really Permanently Ours and not temporary and Obsolete.

The big blue rectangle (Golden Rectangle) makes a contribution of Grace that connects our Oathy Ego Death, our Essence, Fate/Choice, and Abuse/Privilege, providing yet another set of Guideposts to keep us from throwing any Newborns out the window by accident.

Under the Blanket 4

April 28, 2020

It’s kind of like the old story about the Brain and the Heart arguing about which Organ was Most Important to the Organism, when the Anus walked in, but if I had to Choose a single Angle as The Most Important one, I’d Choose the Septile.  That’s one seventh of the way ’round the Zodiacal loop.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness in Readiness for Action, very Aikido-like.

I simplify interpretation of the Septile as Timing.  Think about that Prophesy that you’d meet your Soulmate in the Produce Department.  Unless your Soulmate works there, your Chances of meeting them are pretty slim if you don’t also know What Time You Need to Be There!  Of course it’d be Intuitive, but the “Left” Brain will understand what we mean.

In the 25 April 2020 Pluto Station chart there’s a rather remarkable chain of Septiles…

  • Neptune (our Relationship to Spirit and Culture) Septile Pluto-Jupiter (Expanded Trance Formation);
  • Uranus-Sun (Soul) Septile to Neptune;
  • North Node (our Lifetime Mission) Septile to Uranus-Sun.

We might think of these as…

  • The Time Is Right to Bring our Relationship to Spirit and Culture out of the Trance it’s been in and start being Conscious about it;
  • The Time Is Right to Bring our Relationship to our own Soul out of the Trance it’s been in and start Acting from Soul rather than Ego;
  • The Time is Right to Interview our Soul to find out how to Attend to our Mission more Consciously.

Those are very Heavy Hitters, and mostly slow-moving, so this is a long-lasting Configuration.  Using three Degrees of Sensitivity (“Orb” in astrologuese), the North Node will hold an Angle for four months, so it will be the first to break rank.  Neptune has been Septiling Pluto since before the turn of the Century, though it’s now thinking about moving out of the Angle.

A Grand Septile, where seven planets are evenly spaced around the Zodiac, would be a more remarkable Timing Event; here we only have four planets Septiling one another.  The three Vacancies are Revealing.  No asteroids that we follow, and no famous Stars.  But while they’re Minor Stars, their positions are Telling – in the Head of Leo, on the Flank of the Bear, and one hand of Ophiuchus as he holds the Serpent!  In other words, as Hupers Evolve toward 5D, the Critters Grow into their Status as Equals.  That “Dominion” shit was just part of the Patriarchy.

The chart…

Under the Blanket 3

April 26, 2020

I know, the Pluto Station is milk under the bridge, but we aim to Interpret our Current and Past Experience more than to Predict our Future Experience.  The more we grok the Present and the Past, the more equipped we’ll be to deal with whatever the Future deals.  Because Reality has many magnitudes more Dimensions than astrology does, and everyone’s Experience is Different, Prediction is always hit or miss anyway.  You could say the same for Interpretation, but if it misses the mark and we’re Open to it, we could gain a New Perspective, and the more Perspectives we can simultaneously hold, especially if they seem to Contradict on another, the greater the odds of our Navigating Life to Advantage.

Also, while many astroevents end fairly abruptly once they’re Exact (the Pluto Station was Exact at noon 25 April), if we mistake the astro Energy for Real-World events and make Decisions to shut them out, we can perpetuate the Energy.  For instance, if we had been in the process of making a big career jump when the corrodavirus hit, and the tension of the 25 April astroevent Triggered enough Fear of Failure that we Decided to go back to being a Barista instead, then we’ll extend the Energy of the astroevent into our Future.

An additional element of the Pluto Station chart (in previous post) is a strong message that we should Pay Attention! to Ending any Karmic Patterns that we have that Allow us to Indulge Fear (Finger of the Goddess [Pay Attention to this!] pointing to the Stellium of dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power] and the asteroids Karma [Self-Sabotage] and Atropos [Ending TimeLines or Habits]).  We Indulge Fear when we Forget that by Grounding it through Breathing, Kegels, and Tapping, we Convert it to Power.

It’s also Important to Separate Present Moment Fear (your Housemate tests Positive for the Pomegranatevirus) from Regression to Childhood (your Mom got really sick for a long time) or to Past Lives (watching the ships from China land in Venice in 1348).  Once you’re Grounded, your subsequent Actions will be very different.  With Fear that’s legitimately Present Moment, you need to Act to Protect yourself.  With Regression to Past Fear, you need to Poor-Sweetheart yourself (see  Wouldn’t hurt to also Poor-Sweetheart both yourself and your housemate either.

We Know that Karma is Dead, but we don’t always remember to Know it, so when an ancient Pattern begins to repeat we can forget to Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade it.  The sooner we do that, the Easier it is to do.  If we don’t have full Confidence in that (in our Belly, not in our mind), we need to go through those Tapping, Poor-Sweethearting and other Grounding steps.

Fate Happens to us when we aren’t Conscious of our Karma.  We just think we’re Victim of random events, and we haven’t noticed yet that they repeat, or we haven’t Claimed our Power over our own Life yet.  In the World of Fate, a TimeLine (the span of a Habit or recurring Drama) ends naturally when the Goddesses of Fate have finished with us (Goddess Atropos is in charge of Endings, as is her asteroid).  Once we become Conscious of our Karma, we no longer need to Wait for it to End – we can End it ourself with a PIAVA (see, though we may need to repeat some version of it several times before we actually Believe it.

This triple Conjunction of Atropos, Karma, and Sedna Initiates three new Cycles…

  • The four-year Karma-Sedna Cycle is about the Relationship in our Life between Fear and Karma.  Seems like a Biggie, eh?  This Cycle begins at 11:40 am PDT 30 April in 28 Taurus, “A woman, past her ‘Change of Life,’ encounters a New Love.”  Sounds like we should be Examining all of our Expectations, and revising any that are Pessimistic.
  • The four-year Atropos-Sedna Cycle is about Choosing to End any Limitations in our Life that have their Roots in Fear.  This one starts at 5:30 pm PDT 30 April in the same 28 Taurus.  Sounds like we should also be Examining all of our Judgments, which are almost always Rooted in Fear.  These two Cycles could result in considerable Liberation from Limitation for us.
  • The Atropos-Karma Cycle begins at 1:10 am 29 April in 27 Taurus, “An old Indian woman selling the artifacts of her Tribe to passers-by.”  Whoa.  We know that Tribal artifacts are held in high esteem by most Indigenous Peoples.  Rudhyar’s interpretation sounds Colonial.  We want to carry forward the Ancestors and their Rituals, and enough Sacred Objects to support that, even as the Changes may prevent us from hauling very much “Stuff” about. 

Since their orbit lengths differ by only four months or so, this Cycle, about Making the Ongoing Choice to Respond to the Present Moment rather than Reacting from our Ancient Habits, lasts for 36 years, so it’s worthy of our Attention.  How can we carry our Traditions and Ambitions of Compassion, Empathy, and Sensitivity to All of Our Planet’s Individual and Collective Denizens into a Digital Age of Bots and Borgs and Billionaires?  That’s not a trivial question, one that will likely require much PIAVAing.

Here’s a Real-Life example…

I’d also like to encourage others to consider the advantages of all-fiber-optic connections.  Wireless infrastructure already is fiber-optics-based.  It’s true that installing fiber optics the ‘last nine feet’ to business and residential doorsteps would involve increased marginal costs over wireless installations, but the cost savings would far outweigh these, because:

  • Climate change burdens due to wireless devices themselves have been estimated to account for 4% of the impact, a figure that is projected to double to 8% within five years. [8]
  • As regards human health: Costs to treat those who are disabled or made ill by negative physical effects from pulsed digital microwave radiation would be reduced.  Quality of life for such individuals and their caretakers would increase.  Health care burdens would decrease, with the added benefit that quality of life would improve for the medical community as well.
  • As regards the health of the earth, its atmosphere, its soil, and all its inhabitants: The physiological stresses already resulting from wireless radiation would not increase.  Fire dangers from wireless’ effects on plant terpenes, for instance, would lessen.[9]  “In the long run, the consequences of oxidative stress for all living organisms would be reduced.

Objection to this proposal [will undoubtedly] be made by the wireless industry and those who equate national security with the ability to connect to each individual via wireless transmissions.  Hopefully, both groups could appreciate that their work too would thrive within all-fiber-optic communication infrastructures.”

Under the Blanket 2

April 26, 2020

Like the Zodiac, Signs are divided into twelve sections.  These are called “Duads,” each 2½ Degrees wide.  The first Duad of Capricorn is the “Capricorn Duad of Capricorn,” the second the “Aquarius Duad of Capricorn,” etc.  By “coincidence,” the current span of Pluto’s Retrogradation is within an arcminute or two of spanning Exactly one 2½-Degree “Duad” – the ninth Duad of Capricorn, 22½ to 25 Degrees, is the Virgo Duad.

Virgo is the Sign of Ego Death.  Leo is the epitome of the Individual Ego, Libra is all about Meeting Other, and Virgo spans the Gap between them.  You could even think of Virgo as the Sign of the Necessity for the Realization that We Are All One, the Sign where we Recognize what Stephanie was talking about the other day – that “The coronavirus is a reflection of a deeper and even more deadly disorder, the illusion of Separation.”

As we all know by now, the first sign of Growth in Consciousness is Confusion.  If anything is Confusing, it’s Meeting Other.  “Other” of course is Not Me, so it begins with a big strike against it.  Just consider the Landings, when Aliens from Out There come to visit – how many movies are there about that?  How often do they end well?  How do you keep Fear from trying to Destroy Them before They Destroy you?

But what if they Pretend to be Friendly?  Will we ever lose our Mistrust?  If they do Nice Things for us, will we Want More?  Of course we will!  What if they want Nice Things from us?  Will we even Realize that, if we don’t even know what Other is?  Boundaries!  That’s really Confusing!  Just dealing with someone from a different family is a constant Challenge, one that you know well if you’ve ever been married, unless you live in a very rigid Culture and you’re both Bots.

What if they don’t like what we Give them?  If they do like it, will we ever be able to get rid of them when we Want our Space?  Libra, and the Rehearsal in Virgo, make Leo look sooo Easy!

In an Unenlightened Leo, Other exists only as supporting actors for the One and Only Me.  There’s a perfect example in the News every day, and there’s a reason for that.  In an Enlightened Leo, Ego exists only to Serve the Whole.  Compare Jim Morrison with Fred Rogers.  Either way, Leo comes to an end, and after that Peak…

What comes next?  Confusion?  There is no Guidebook, no Mentors, for Virgo.  You’re on your own.  And that Leo Ego has to Break.  It has to Open Up to More, when there is no More.

Virgo can have a Reputation for being Critical.  How else do you Break Open an Ego?  You sure can’t do it with Praise, though it’s the only language that Leo understands.  So how do we even Communicate with ourself once that Bulwark starts to Break?  Virgo is a Wilderness, a Walkabout, a Vision Quest, and it’s not Optional.

Capricorn is Grounded and Practical.  The Anthem we use for Capricorn is Just Fix It.  Capricorn knows how to Fix anything.  Okay, we’re in a Wilderness with no maps.  Where do we find Water?  Is it Safe to drink?  Can we start a Fire?  What will we Eat, where will we Sleep – is it Safe to Sleep here?  Is anyone else here?  Hello??  If only I knew the Rules!

Well, that’s just where we are, isn’t it.

Our Planet is acting like it’s trying to Shake us Off, like we’ve Overstayed our Welcome – and we have, haven’t we.  What host would invite us back if we Trashed their House the way Hupers continue to Trash our Mother’s House?  If we have any Integrity at all, we’d try to “turn over a new Leaf,” wouldn’t we.  We’d do a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory, and find out what it is exactly that we need to Change if we ever want to be Welcome in Polite Company again.  Where do we Start?  You really don’t Like me?  It’s so Confusing.  I don’t know what to do.

It must be someone else’s fault.  If I work that angle, can I get away with it?  It’s Unconstitutional!  That’s it.  It’s Unconstitutional.  I haven’t figured out Who yet, but they’re trying to take our guns.  Our jobs.  Rape our daughters.  Frying our Brains with Microwaves.  Making evil test-tube viruses.  We’re All Gonna Die!  Oh, yeah, that’s right, it’s Ego Death, isn’t it.

A friend wrote, remembering how the Universe had bounced them around in the past.  We agreed…

“Yes, we use 12-Step processes to break our Addiction to ‘Control’ (mostly the Higher Power thing, though Fearless Inventories never hurt), roll with the punches as best we can, Listen to the ‘Suggestions’ that the Universe is so generously Giving us, and begin moving toward them as best we can instead of continuing to protect our Olde Egoe.”

Pluto is about Compulsion, Transformation, Trance Reformation.  Pluto is anything but Shallow.  Like its Alter Ego Scorpio, no Stone is left unturned.  We were just thinking we had it all figured out (Leo Duad of Capricorn) when the bottom fell out (Pluto entered Virgo Duad of Capricorn in early January 2020) and suddenly We’re All Gonna Die!  And most of us, except David Geffen, are dealing with a shitstorm of assaults on our Ego.  Job Identity disappears, maybe Health Insurance with it, just when we may need it most.  Without the Sears catalog we might have to go back to corncobs and Mullein leaves.  It’s dangerous to shop for groceries!  What kind of Decade is this?  Is this what the Age of Aquarius is supposed to be like?

This is the Dawn of the Digital Age?  Remember that the Preview of the Digital Age was 2000-2020.  We began that with a big economic crash, and we’re doing it again as the 180-year Real Thing begins.  What do we expect, if the Machines do Everything?  That the 99.9% will be able to just Relax and watch?  The Truthteller here was Bernie, but they were too comfortable to Pay Attention.  Without major Changes to the World’s Political Systems, we’re back to Dickens’s 19th Century London, after they Closed the Commons, without any remaining “unoccupied” Lands to emigrate to.

How do we Cope?  We Embrace Ego Death.  It’s “What’s Happening.”

In some cultures relying on the Grace of Other – or the Goddess – is a Sacred pursuit.  Pluto will be Dancing with Ego Death (the Virgo Duad of Capricorn) till February 2021.  The symbol for Ego Death itself (asteroid Nemesis), in the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo, and in the Capricorn Duad of Virgo), is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 30 April.  The symbol for Self-Doubt (dwarf planet Chariklo) is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 2 May (in the Sagittarius Duad of Capricorn [Letting Go]).  Emotions are Strung Out for the next several days (Moon Out of Bounds 11am PDT 27 April through 5:30 am 29 April).  Heavy Times.

Besides Allowing our Identity to Morph, our Soul is available to help (Sun Conjoins Uranus 2am PDT 26 April; Mercury Conjoins Uranus 9pm PDT 30 April).  Many have Channeled the coronavirus’s purpose, and the most comprehensive one I’ve seen is by Jeff Vander Clute.  It begins…

My friends, it is true that I am here to bring closure to the inharmonious ways of being that are causing harm to humans and the whole web of life.  All the same, I am not a vengeful being or anything that is intended to be destructive.  I am simply the rebalancing agent in the overall equation of life’s evolutionary process.  By fighting me with fear in your hearts, you oppose the larger natural systems and cause me to take other forms.

“What I am, and my fundamental purpose, will not be deterred, for I am life itself acting through the available forms of distribution.  The virus that you see me as is one of an endless series of permutations.  This kind of process is one of the ways I innovate life forms and deliver new DNA sequences that will eventually be shown to be helpful. 

“The back and forth between humanity’s collective immune system and the virus is raising consciousness as humans examine their interactions, and it is literally increasing the intelligence of the superorganism that is the species as a whole.

“These tests are normal.  I repeat: these tests are normal.  For those who can hear this message and embrace me easily, you already know that fear is a much more lethal poison.  For those who will not be comforted by these words, one day you will know that I come as an act of love. 

“When you can open to the love that is at the very heart of this situation, the crisis that your media and governments decry will transform into a flower of life, spreading new consciousness and multiplying circles of cooperation.  Pay attention to your thoughts and see if you can identify the benefits of redirecting humanity’s attention from incessant wars and violence to the common ‘enemy’ that I am willing to be perceived as.

“Love will go this far, and farther, to bring healing to the mind of a young species that is still in the process of remembering itself as a divine incarnation.  Yes, you are a divine incarnation capable of fabricating realities based on goodness and beauty and compassionate understandings, actions, and beliefs. 

“Believe me when I say that I, too, am here as an act of compassion.  Accepting me in this way will lighten your heavy burden, for the divine sends only love your way.  Sometimes this love takes curious forms in order to circumvent your intricate defenses against waking up to your own glory.  I can assure you that the most functional strategy will be to embrace me as a friend of the human family...”

It’s becoming apparent that COVID-19 severity and 5G radiation are closely related.  A Worldwide event of this severity may be required to get Huperity to Recognize that Biology is an Electromagnetic process as well as a Biochemical one.  Or to Recognize that Conscious Entities are not “Resources” that can be Exploited at will for Private Profit, but must be counterparties to Negotiation and Collaboration.  If we as a Species don’t figure these things out, then the Digital Age may rapidly drive Sensitivity and Empathy to Extinction, leaving a Planet of Bots and Borgs.  Even Bionic Bots and Borgs will themselves eventually Die Out, as they’ll be subject to Entropy rather than the Syntropy of Living Organisms.  The many Great Extinctions, like Atlantis, demonstrate that Mother Earth knows how to shake off Unsustainable trends.

The 25 April Pluto Station is Merged with the astrological symbol for Growth and Expansion (Conjunct Jupiter).  This Growth in our Trance Re-Formation is Challenged by (T-Square to) the Need for a Rebirth into Consciousness of What’s been Hidden from us (dwarf planet Haumea [Rebirth] Opposite Mercury [Awareness] and dwarf planet Eris [Revelation of What’s Being Denied])Here’s the chart…

(Pluto is mislabeled as SD; it should be SR.)

Under the Blanket 1

April 24, 2020

Now, did someone say something about Difficult Times?  I do expect some rougher sailing coming up.  Here’s the schedule in a walnutshell…

  • The symbol for Transformation and Compulsion (Pluto) is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 25 April 2020 noon PDT (in 25 Capricorn, “A Nature Spirit Dancing in the Iridescent Mist of a Waterfall“).  Lots to talk about around this, including implications for Ego Death.
  • The symbol for our Individual Essence in the Lifetime (the Sun) Dances with (Conjoins) the symbol for our Immortal Individual Soul (Uranus) till at least 2am PDT 26 April (in 7 Taurus, “The Woman of Samaria at the Ancestral Well” – Learning the Truth of the Heart and proclaiming it far and wide, John 4:4-42).
  • The “Moon goes OOB” (see again from 10:53 am PDT 27 April till 5:23 am 29 April.  We Expect greater Emotionality, and this Pattern has been coinciding with a falling stock market (DJI).  (OOB is about Declination, which is similar to Latitude; meanwhile, the Moon crosses Longitude 1-23 of Cancer, a span where one is Learning about Compassion.)
  • The symbol for Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis), in the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo), is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 11:20 am PDT 30 April (12 Virgo, “After the Wedding, the Groom snatches the Veil away from his Bride” – the Ego eagerly seeking greater Intimacy with the Soul).  More about Ego Death later.
  • The symbol for Awareness (Mercury) Dances with (Conjoins) the symbol for our Immortal Individual Soul (Uranus) till at least 8:40 pm PDT 30 April (still in 7 Taurus).
  • The symbol for Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence (dwarf planet Chariklo) is very Strong (Stationary) until at least 4:20 pm 2 May (in 30 Capricorn, “A secret meeting of men Responsible for executive decisions in World affairs“).

Pluto is stopping and about to Back Up (Stationary Retrograde) across the same Degrees that it recently (since early January) crossed.  We’ve just been run over by a Truck, and now it’s Backing Up to see what it hit.  The span of Retrogradation (“Shadow Period” in astrologuese) represents an arc of the Zodiac which the Universe Desires that we study particularly closely during Pluto’s triple crossing of it.  If we’re able, it’s clever of us to crawl to the side of the road before the Truck backs over us.

We translate that to mean that the first of three crossings by a Retrograding planet is a “Can-Opener” that Opens a “Can of Worms” which we can Eat, use as bait to Go Fishing, start a Compost Pit, or ? –  casting them as an Oracle would be useful.  The second, Retrograde crossing, is an “Exposition,” Exposing as it does the Nature of the Ill Wind that caught us off guard during the first crossing – if we’ve crawled away and are watching from the curb to Learn what has happened.  The Exposition here lasts till early October.

We refer to the third crossing as a “Confidence-Builder” because, if we’ve been Attentive and Open during the Exposition, we are now Able and Willing to Step Out of the Way when the Truck comes by for the third time.  We’ve not only Learned how to avoid getting creamed by a Truck (or the Collapse of Predatory Capitalism disguising itself as a Benefic Oligarchy, or a Pandemic, or For-Profit Medicine, or any of a thousand other systems that are failing), but as the Truck goes by again, we now have Confidence that we know what to do about it.  The Confidence-Builder lasts till the end of January 2021.

Later we’ll make a Big Deal about how January 2021 “just happens” to follow the Beginning of the Digital Age in Earnest in December 2020 (Jupiter Conjunct Saturn in Air Signs).

Of course, if we’ve maintained our Victim posture throughout the Can-Opener phase and we’re still sitting on the pavement cursing afterward, and then we move more Deeply into our Victim as the Truck bashes us on its Second Coming, we won’t be in a position to Step Out of the Way as the Truck grinds us into the pavement on its third crossing, and instead of Confidence we’ll be Scarred for Life, suffering from PTSD, and Self-Doubt will be the least of our Worries.

Actually, understanding this Can-Opener, Exposition, Confidence-Builder Cycle that almost every planet takes us through every year, is by far the greatest benefit I’ve received from my fifty years with astrology.

So, this is Pluto that’s our Teacher-planet here.  What’s the curriculum likely to be?  Transformation and Compulsion?  Fear of Death and Addictions?  Pluto is about Trance-Formation and Trance-Reformation, Changing the Zeitgeist.  It’s about where we’re operating as Karmic Zombie Bots in Trance, Waking us Up to that, and most likely Shifting us into a different Karmic-Zombie-Bot Trance.  But hopefully, in that Shift, we’ll be gaining Consciousness.  If we’re Awake to it, that’s the Bottom Line for Pluto astroevents – Consciousness.

Now, what about the arc, the span of Zodiacal Degrees that’s crossed by the Damn Truck, er, Loving and Gentle Teacher-planet?  That can tell us a lot about exactly what we’re Learning, along, of course, with any natal planets that we have within that span, which are getting worked over three times.

But it’s getting awfully late, and I have an early Zoom meeting tomorrow, so we’ll continue after that.  K?

Ascension New Moon 4

April 22, 2020

My colleague and friend Stephanie Austin also publishes a blog, in the form of a biweekly report on the New and Full Moons, that complements this one well.  Here’s a sample of her report on the New Moon that we’re just now Experiencing…

“The coronavirus is a reflection of a deeper and even more deadly disorder, the illusion of separation.  The ultimate cure for what humanity is facing is not a vaccine, or anything external.  The real medicine is a shift in consciousness, an awakening of the heart, a remembrance of who we really are.

“The next new moon, which forms on April 22 [2020] at 7:26 PM PDT at 4º Taurus, challenges us to stay grounded, and also commit to making significant, longterm changes.  Uranian energies run high through the end of the month, and along with five of the ten planets in Earth signs (Sun, Moon, Uranus in Taurus, Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn), hold a bright spotlight on how well we are relating to the physical plane – to our body, our resources, and the Earth.  The vast majority – 80% – of our personal health depends on our planetary health – the quality of our air, water, soil, biodiversity, and many other ecological factors.”

She publishes via email, rather than posting on the internet, so to get a sample you have to send a request to  She’s also a gifted photographer, and I was particularly impressed by how well her photo of a Forest Portal fit our Ascension New Moon…

One caveat when you’re wandering this Forest: if you encounter an elderly lady living in “a house made of gingerbread, cake, confection, sweets, and other treats and pastries,” Recognize it as a Karmic Illusion, and don’t eat any of it, no matter how hungry you are.  Just consider it an Ego Death instead – you know what to do with those by now, right?

If you do end up in her oven, know this…

“The Length of a Soul

There are no unfinished lives, because there are  no single lives.  Life goes on and on.  If you knew how many lives there were to work with, you would learn to be patient and know that some things just take time.  Lives are being given to you – more lives than you could imagine – over and over again.

“Those who learn to manage time gracefully will be happy from one lifetime to the next.  Those who are thrown off-balance by time will live with anxiety and confusion.  You must know that this is not the only life, and not the only time.  You can learn this if you will.

Just as the birds move easily from tree to tree with nothing to block their passage, I can teach you to move freely from one lifetime to the next.  With this confidence, much that seems difficult in this lifetime will become possible for you.  Healings and reconciliations that seem unlikely can easily be obtained, and the joy that has eluded you can be found close at hand.

You cannot trace the path of your soul from life to life in the same way that you follow your days from week to week, your months from year to year.  But know that your lives are longer than you realize, and pray and remain open to the wisdom that is yours.  That wisdom is the birthright of having a body.

It is best for this learning, however, not to be anxious or afraid.  There is nothing you have now that cannot be given to you again.  There is no one you have loved who is forever lost to you.  Nor are you condemned to repeat the same mistakes and follies.  The long story of your soul is wiser and more generous than you know.

The human concept of the soul is like a shiny coin faceup on the ground.  It is flat.  The most you can imagine is flipping it over to see what is on the other side.  I want to show you the full length and brightness of a soul.  I want you to feel its amplitude.  It is incalculably long and old.  A soul is so much deeper, so much brighter than you imagine.  The universe is astounded by every soul.  The universe is not big enough to contain a soul.

Know that you can pick up the thread of your own soul in this lifetime the moment you pick up the rosary.  So don’t lose heart, and never give in to fear.  Live with confidence, knowing that there are reasons for all things that happen.  You do not live in a random universe because you do not live in a Motherless universe.

You know by now that it was I Who, through your mothers, gave birth to your bodies.  Know also that I have given birth to your souls – and a soul may never be destroyed.”

–Clark Strand and Perdita Finn, The Way of the Rose: The Radical Path of the Divine Feminine Hidden in the Rosary, pp. 241-2.

That was Mother Mary speaking through Clark, revealing Herself to be “just” another Incarnation of the First Mother, of Mother Earth, and of Mother Nature – the Divine Feminine.  She tells Clark that the Rosary is far more ancient than any Religion, and should be Prayed by everyone.