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Self-Judgment and Self-Love IV

January 18, 2019

The sleeper in the 20 January Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (9:16 pm PST) is the virtually simultaneous Station of Sappho (9:12 pm PST).  Sappho of course symbolizes Self-Love.  While this is fabulous, what may be most in-your-face are any Impediments you have to Self-Love.  So if you aren’t Ecstatic, now and for the next several days, Rejoice!  You’re getting in touch with exactly what you need to Let Go Of in order to take your next big step into Liberation.  Often the most difficult part of Growth is ferreting out what holds you back, so this is a profound Gift of the Eclipse.

We usually begin our interpretation of any chart with its most Unusual or Significant Configuration, and this won’t be an exception, because both the Sappho Station and the Eclipse are part of a Grand Octile – eight planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  I don’t recall ever seeing a Grand Octile before in my fifty years of doing astrology, so this is indeed Unusual…

…No, there was one at the Ides of February 2014.  It may not have been as tidy, but it was certainly Prophetic (

The Eighth Harmonic is about Alignment, Balance, and Justice, giving us the Opportunity to Realign anything in our Lives that’s out of Balance – particularly about the Relationships between the eight principles in the Grand Octile…

  • Any gaps in our Self-Love will be Lit Up so we can Fill them – Sappho.
  • Manifesting our Mission in Real Time and Enjoying the resulting Boost to our Vitality – Eclipsed Moon-Varuna-North Node.
  • Letting Go of Ancient Oaths that have since cemented into Karmic Limitations – Orcus.
  • Reconsideration of all of our Boundaries with everyone and everything – Pallas-Haumea.
  • Expanding and Realigning our Values to match whom we’ve become – Venus-Jupiter.
  • Becoming Aware that we’re Done with what we thought was our unavoidable Karma but turned out to be just Bad Habits that can be Replaced – Sun-South Node-Karma-Atropos-Mercury.
  • Our Relationship to Spirit – Neptune.
  • Our Relationship to our own Soul – Uranus.

A Grand Octile features eight Squares (Challenges), but each is Gifted by an accompanying Mjölnir.  A Mjölnir is formed when a third planet occupies the Far Midpoint of the two ends of a Square.  Ego astrologers refer to it as a Hammer of Thor, implying a threat to the Ego.  We chose the Norwegian equivalent because it implies Lightning – an Illuminating Irresistible Force rather than a Crushing Sledge.  The Vedic Vajra serves the same function.

Our favorite Octile is the Trioctile, three eighths of the way ’round the Zodiac, because it combines the Third Harmonic (Love with Wisdom) and the Eighth (Realignment, Balance) – what could possibly go wrong with that?  Well, okay, we could get our Ego toasted by having to Confront our Resistance to Realigning into Love and Wisdom – Bummer!  With the South Node involved, we could even have to deal with our Held Emotions, the ones “we’d rather Die” than Feel.  Remember the proper syntax is “we’d (Old Ego) rather Die” not “we’d rather Die.”

A Mjölnir is a Square and two Trioctiles; combining Realignment into Love and Wisdom with Lightning, we get Epiphany!  Our eight Epiphanies are…

  • Using Self-Love to Redraw the Boundaries that Keep our Held Emotions and Karma Unconscious (Pallas-Haumea Square Sun-South Node-Karma-Atropos-Mercury Trioctile Stationary Sappho).
  • Expansion into Union with Spirit by Embracing our Deepest Desires (Venus-Jupiter Square Neptune Trioctile Moon-North Node-Varuna).
  • Renouncing our Historical Oaths to Enjoy the Demise of our Karma (Sun-South Node-Karma-Atropos-Mercury Square Uranus Trioctile Orcus).
  • Relaxing the Boundaries that falsely Distinguish between our Self-Love and Spiritual Ecstasy (Neptune Square Stationary Sappho Trioctile Pallas-Haumea).
  • Growing into the Recognition that our Lifetime Mission is to Identify with our Soul (Uranus Square Moon-North Node-Varuna Trioctile Venus-Jupiter).
  • Destroying our Karma by Choosing Self-Love over Discipline (Stationary Sappho Square Orcus Trioctile Sun-South Node-Karma-Atropos-Mercury).
  • Reaching toward Enlightenment by Healing our Impediments to Vitality (Moon-North Node-Varuna Square Pallas-Haumea Trioctile Neptune).
  • Allowing our Soul to Grow by Renouncing and Renegotiating our Commitments (Orcus Square Venus-Jupiter Trioctile Uranus).

Not to mention our eight Octiles…

  • Gracing our Mission with Self-Respect – Stationary Sappho Octile Moon-North Node-Varuna.
  • Choosing Freedom over Commitment – Moon-North Node-Varuna Octile Orcus.
  • Renouncing our Limitations – Orcus Octile Pallas-Haumea.
  • Newfound Perspective and Vision – Pallas-Haumea Octile Venus-Jupiter.
  • Embracing What We Want – Venus-Jupiter Octile Sun-South Node-Karma-Atropos-Mercury.
  • Recognizing the Spirit can Liberate us from what we have Believed to be Irredeemable – Sun-South Node-Karma-Atropos-Mercury Octile Neptune.
  • Merging our Individual Soul with the Goddess – Neptune Octile Uranus.
  • Unconditionally Loving the Gateway to our own Soul – Uranus Octile Stationary Sappho.

Lotsa work to do!  Here’s an assignment from Dan Scranton’s Arcturian friends…

“You Receive Because You Feel

“What makes you better candidates for receiving the energies that we and the other beings send is that you decided that before you incarnated in this lifetime that you would awaken.  In order to awaken, you would also need to be sensitive, empathic, compassionate beings.

“In order to receive higher frequency energies, you must first be attuned to what feels good and what does not feel good.  This is what makes you all excellent creators.  It makes you all harder to lie to, and it gives you so many different ways to help others.  If you don’t know how something feels when someone else experiences it, then it’s harder for you to have compassion for that person and to hold space for them.

“Now, you also have the opposite end of the spectrum there on planet Earth.  You have people who do not feel much of anything at all, and we have a very hard time reaching them in any way that we have attempted thus far.  Therefore, we need your help in reaching the humans that we can’t, and one thing that you have in common with them that we do not is that you are physical human beings.

“And there will always be a way to reach one of your human cohorts there who needs reaching.  We will continue to deliver the energies to you, and we will continue to implore you to spread those energies around so that others may experience what it feels like to engage with higher frequency energies.”

If it’s your Mission of course.  You wouldn’t want to Commit to anything that doesn’t Serve Your Soul, would you?

Oracular Full Moon

February 15, 2014


Translucent forms of Beryl – Beryllium Cyclosilicate – are preferred for Scrying.  Beryl comes in many colors; the transparent Gem form is called Emerald when green.

Algol, the Eye of Medusa

Didn’t notice until just now (with thanks to Elizabeth) that the Eighth Harmonic Full Moon was also Square to the Star Algol, near the end of Taurus, completing the Grand Cross with Saturn.  In just about every mythic tradition you can name, Algol is considered the epitome of “evil.”  It’s the Eye of Medusa.  A glance turns you to Stone.  And like most things “evil,” when we look to see who’s making the condemnations, it gets very clear – it’s the Olde Male.

In Kelley Hunter’s book Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine, Algol/Medusa is one of the Four.  Here’s a snippet from page 27…

“Kalli Halvorsen of HerStar calls Algol the star of female passion and intensity.  As the Eye of Medusa, Algol gives witness to the violation and abuse of feminine power and sexuality, she suggests, which gives rise to a profound rage.  This rage can be self-protective, yet it often needs some kind of expression so that it does not turn in on itself from paralysis of repressed emotions, a cancerous emotional situation.  In Epheta, Vivian Bennerson, ‘Mother B,’ a wise woman who worked with Medusa as I work with Lilith, wrote, ‘Let us become angry enough to care about ourselves… let self-love develop as it ought once we admit and realize that this power is within our grasp.’ “

And yes, one glance at feminine power and sexuality can turn an Olde Male away from all manner of destruction and greed, as if turned to Stone.  Algol is currently at 27 degrees of Taurus, and like all Stars moving forward only at the rate of the Progression of the Equinoxes, the slow wobble that gives the Earth it’s 24,000-year Cycle.  Our movement into the Age of Aquarius is part of that Cycle.

Remember in Eighth Harmonic Full Moon how we said that we had six out of the eight positions necessary to make a Grand Octile?  Well, Algol makes the seventh.  That makes the eighth position, the Vacancy, the most important point in the chart, because we need to fill in that Energy in order to bring the entire chart into Balance.  What sort of Energy is that?  Eleven degrees of Libra, “A professor peering over her glasses at her students.”  That means it’s up to us to seek knowledge here.

The Grand Octile

But what’s going on there at the Vacancy?  The Asteroid Apollo is nearby.  If we count Apollo, that makes eight.  It’s a lovely chart…

G8Two Grand Crosses, an Octile apart.  And look at all the Mjolnirs

Mj8Epiphanies galore!  So who is this Apollo?  Among other things, he was the God of Light, Healing, Truth, and Prophesy.  He’s usually depicted naked – without any Masks – as befits our overarching Yintegrity Uranus-Pluto Square.  Apollo Opposes Uranus here, converting the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter T-Square into a Grand Cross.

As the God of Prophesy, one of his totems was the Omphalos Stone at the Temple of Delphi…

450px-Omphalos_museumAn Omphalos is a navel, and the Omphalos at Delphi represented the bellybutton of the World, or the gateway to the center of the Unconscious.  It also channeled the hypnotizing fumes to the Oracles.  Those designs on the Stone are usually considered to be a net of knots.  But those aren’t knots.  They’re Vajras

pISTzefV5BQ1iM_Remember what a Vajra is?  It’s the Hindu equivalent of a Mjolnir, symbolizing Lightning, Diamond: incomparably hard, blindingly fast, and – your choice – incredibly destructive or blindingly illuminating.  Destructive of illusion, delusion, and deception, just as Angie says in her description of the Eighth Harmonic.  If we’ve clothed ourselves with illusion, delusion, and deception, we may be stripped naked.  In one epiphanic glance, our Masks could be turned to Stone, and shattered.

What an incredible “coincidence,” that it would be Apollo the God of Illumination that completes our Grand Octile, our octet of Mjolnirs!

Goshen3056bpClear Beryl is called Goshenite.  Beryllium, very toxic in powdered form, symbolizes Serpent Energy, Kundalini, Medusa’s hair, the Temptress of Lilith’s “rival” Eve.  There’s a ring-pass-not here, in the sense that opening up fully to the Oracle may turn your Life upside down.


8th Harmonic Full Moon

February 13, 2014

crabnebulaThe Crab Nebula

An Extra Portal

The February 14 Full Moon (4pm PST) chart is loaded with Eighth-Harmonic Angles, the Eighth being about Realignment and Balance.  We’re two points shy of a Grand Octile – eight planets evenly spaced ’round the Zodiac.  In addition to our old friend the Chiron Mjolnir, there are Mjolnirs to Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.  Mjolnirs are about Epiphanies.

So be prepared for one heck of an eye-opening Full Moon!  We’ll be learning startling things about our True Self, our Culture, and Manifestation – whether or not we’re Open to having our World Reframed, or turned sideways.  If we aren’t Open, we’ll just dismiss them as improbable.  If we are – Wow, be ready to leap forward!  In honor of the occasion, Eris even has a Trioctile to Pallas – which is good, because it will allow us to screen out perceptions that we’d experience as psychotic.  Other than that, all bets are off.

Look at all these gold lines, mostly Trioctiles, with a few Octiles…

DSCN4735Don’t forget that Squares are Bioctiles.

See if you can tease it apart.  If we remove the Chiron Mjolnir and the Eris Trioctile, we have two T-Squares (the dark red lines) that are Octile to one another – that’s what makes all the extra Mjolnirs.  Uranus is of course T-Square to the Jupiter-Pluto Opposition, and Saturn T-Squares the Full Moon Axis.  Saturn, which says Pay Attention to the Most Important Thing, is the kingpin in the chart.  The bottom line is…

Pay Attention to Expanding your Realignment with your True Self.  Sure, you’re Scared to drop your Masks, they’ve served you well all your Life.  But now you get to relax a little and just be yourself more, do and say things you always wanted to do or say.  Be as silly or serious as you want to be, moment to moment.  You don’t have to worry about being “consistent” for anybody, even for yourself.  That was your Mask that had to feign consistency, not the Real You.  Your Life is Art, go ahead and make it so.

Don’t worry if you believe you don’t really know who your True Self is; it’ll take care of itself just fine if you let it.  Don’t worry about feeling foolish or looking dumb – everybody’s in the same boat.  You’ve practiced with your Masks for many – or very many – years; you haven’t practiced with your True Self as much, so of course you’re a newbie, just like everybody else.  You’ll be slick as can be before you know it.

If your World appears to be turning inside out and upside down, let it be.  It’s not a breakdown, it’s a breakthrough.  It’s like the Sun coming out after a Storm.  Look beyond the part of yourself that’s Scared, breathe, and find the part of yourself that’s Excited.  Exalted even.  You do want to come back and be lovingly and gently Present with your Fear – tap it out, or just sit quietly with your arms around it.  Then when you feel a little stronger, you can go play.

Being a Full Moon, the impact will linger beyond the Portal itself, but the Energy will be strongest as we approach the Full Moon itself, especially six hours before and after.  As Leonard Cohen puts it, “There is a crack, a crack in everything / That’s how the Light gets in / That’s how the Light gets in.”