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 Life’s introduction to Awareness Intelligence

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Chapter 1 – Life’s introduction of Awareness Intelligence

We all can become aware of life’s compelling arguments, and the structure of persuasion is decipherable through human Awareness Intelligence.  Let’s welcome life to introduce itself to us.

“Hello, here’s life speaking.  Some call me also consciousness or life intelligence.  I’m the all-animating source energy that has inbreathed life into more than a hundred billion people only until today, let alone the trillions of other forms I’ve brought to life and the even more births to come in the future.  All my creatures do value me, life, as the highest good of all, which speaks for the uttermost importance of continuing to become aware of me in all its aspects and manifestations, but especially as the infinite and eternal energy I am.   There were some misunderstandings, complaints, and returns in the past, but the possibilities of the joys of life haven’t even yet been realized fully.  The latest focus to improve the user experience is called ‘Awareness Intelligence.’  I know that humans have been waiting for it.  It’s a feature of human existence that is now pre-installed in all current models.  So, please remove possible defective externally downloaded software and instead allow the activation of life’s update of the original operating system, so to speak in modern terms.  I’m thrilled to present herewith the manual on how to switch on and use this fantastic capability to not only dream about a utopia, but to create a realistic awaria, a possible world of holy, whole, and wholesome awareness to meet and exceed the expectations of the next generations of liberated human souls.” – Your life

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Chapter 2 – The awarenessland of Awaria