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Self-Resolving Anxiety II

August 30, 2022

In the previous post we suggested several possible Interventions to help Relieve Discomfort if it gets Intense…

  • Asking ourself What Is It I Need to Let Go Of?
  • Let Go of Some Aspect of the Relationship.
  • Stiffen our Boundaries against Pride – our own or theirs.
  • Let It Go – that was obviously Conditional Self-Love.
  • Slather yourself with feeling like Poo.
  • Let yourself wear that Cape whenever you have the Urge.
  • Play-Act with such a Persona.

But the whole chart is Self-Resolving, meaning that our 2D or 3D Interventions run the risk of interrupting the nD Shifts that the Universe is Engineering in our Manifest Entities. So if any of those Interventions Feels Natural, like you’d have done it anyway if you’d thought of it first, then go ahead and Do them. But if you Feel a Strong Reaction to the Intervention Idea, hold off. The Universe is Taking Care of Us, but some of the Medicine could be Bitter, so if we can possibly Stand It, Enduring or Embracing our Reactions will probably be a superior course. Our Discomfort should resolve itself by 11:45 PDT tonight, 30 August 2022 (8am BST 31 August in Cornwall, 4:45 pm AEST 31 August in Tasmania), when the Energy Lightens Up. If you still Feel Intense Discomfort after that, then by all means try the Intervention.

Self-Resolving Anxiety

August 30, 2022

Today is about Converting Fear to Power.1 Normally that would be anywhere from Terrifying to Scary, but the two potential Challenges/SuperPowers, like almost all of the recent astroevents, are Self-Resolving,2 so we’ll probably Experience it as Anxiety or even Worry. By itself, the fact that most recent astroevents are Self-Resolving is unusual to the degree that it’s Remarkable.

The first SuperPower is about Challenging the Authority of our Unconscious Limitations.3 That’s also a pretty remarkable combination, almost an Oxymoron. Our most Vulnerable Limitations are likely to be in the Social Realm, especially where we’re “Fed Up” with something or “Had Enough” of it, where we’re seeing the Social Compromises less as Useful and more as Irritating. Or we’re just Done with some Social Trend because it’s lost it’s luster for us. The way these folks have Lost Faith in Amerika…


Or the way the Earth is tiring of Abuse from Huperity…


It’ll be a Challenge to the extent that we Ego-Identify with the Unconscious Limits that are Lit Up. We might be Proud of our Limits, with thoughts or comments like “I’m [not] one of those people who…” or we might just Believe that our Limitations are Proper or Justifiable – “I’ll never forget the time when I almost… I’ll never do that again!” That’s Ego-Identification, you can read it in the grammar – “I Am…” or “I Will…” Those are Either/Or statements, and Either/Or is a property of the Observing 2D Mind. Either/Or is Political, which is the adjectival form of Power, which is the same as Ego. In Objective 3D Reality or Manifested Higher-Dimensional nD Reality, the World is always Both/And.

As an Intention, “I Will…” is a PIAVA. But it’s also a Promise, a Commitment to Future Action, an Expression of Masculine or Dynamic Power rather than Feminine or Magnetic Power. In Yangtegrity 4 it’s an Admission of Karma if it’s an Observation, or it threatens to become Karmic if it’s an Intention. In Yintegrity, if we’re Honest it becomes “I Might…” – probably why the word Mighty connotes Power. Not that Limitations aren’t Self-Protective. But compare “I’ll never do that again!” to “I’ll think twice before I do that again!”

The second SuperPower that’s Lit Up today is about Transmuting the Limitations of Rebirth.5 Or should we say Transmuting our Hesitations about Rebirth. Most of us are probably most Hesitant because we Worry about the Death that it Implies. Yes, Rebirth is Dangerous. We could always stumble into a Thalidomide Rebirth, though most of youalls probably aren’t old enough to remember Thalidomide. But it’s the Pre-birth that’s afflicted with Ascension Symptoms, not the Re-birth. Our Mutations are likely to Evolve us beyond the massive microwave bombardment that’s bringing us Down now. Death is Lit Up Brightly by the first SuperPower, but it’s not in the Challenge, it’s in the Self-Resolution.6 And unless we’re still eating out of a highchair, it should be Obvious that a vanishingly small proportion of our Deaths are more than Ego Deaths.

We usually feel like Poo during an Ego Death, but how often recently have we actually Died, compared to how many times we’ve felt like Poo? In fact, the quickest way to Stop feeling like Poo, is to Ask ourself, What Is It I Need to Let Go Of? In this case, it’s probably some Aspect of our Relationships with Other, usually Other People. Could be Other Anything, but here it’s more likely to be Other People. Not that we need to Let Go of the Relationship, though that could be True too if we’re Growing beyond their Limitations and they aren’t. But it’s likely we need to Let Go of Some Aspect of the Relationship.

For instance, what if a close friend frequently Criticizes a SuperPower of ours? Particularly if we haven’t yet Realized that it’s a SuperPower and we still think of it as a Challenge or a Handicap. A huge reservoir of Luscious Self-Nurturance is available to us here if we’re willing to Stiffen our Boundaries against Pride – our own or theirs. If they feel Free to Criticize without invitation, they obviously Feel Superior. It doesn’t matter if you are Narcissistic (which by the way is not Lit Up in this chart), Self-Love needs to be Unconditional. If you’re Feeling here that your Self-Love is Dying or Long Since Dead, Let It Go – that was obviously Conditional Self-Love, and you’re Transmuting that into something far better, once you Let It Go. Slather yourself with feeling like Poo – dive into that Feeling and Celebrate it, find Gratitude for it, because it’s been a Gift that has saved you from far worse many times, but one you no longer need except as a Reminder to Let Go.

We could Encounter Fear and Guilt about this, but even if they feel otherwise, here they’re our friends.7 Our most helpful Ally in this Adventure is Our Vision of Who We Can Be when our Limitations have been Banished to the Land of Dead Karma.8 Think Daydreams – the If Only and Woulda Coulda Shoulda places that your Imagination flies to when your Spirit is Liberated. Let yourself wear that Cape whenever you have the Urge. We can even Play-Act with such a Persona, but we don’t want to get Attached to the Image, because our Real SuperPower is so much Greater than anything our 2D mind could Imagine.

  • 1 Dwarf planet Sedna Stationary (Amplification of Converting Fear to Power) 11:33 pm PDT 30 August 2022 (7:33 am BST 31 August in London, and 4:33 pm AEST 31 August in Canberra), in 30 Taurus (Guided to Explore the Underwhere), adjacent to Fixed Star Alcyone of Pleiadian fame (Insight/Judgment ).
  • 2 In fact, Triply Self-Resolving. A T-Square (a third planet at the midpoint between two other planets that Oppose one another, without a fourth planet Opposing the third one) is Self-Resolving when this third planet is also the Focus of a Finger of the Goddess (two additional planets Quincunx to the third one, on each side of the Sign where the missing fourth planet would be).
  • A T-Square is Double Self-Resolving when that third planet is also one corner of a Grand Trine (three planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac).
  • A T-Square is Triply Self-Resolving when it’s Positively Related (eg, a Trine or Sextile) to another T-Square. In this case, the Foci of the two T-Squares Trine (4 Signs apart) one another.
  • 3 A T-Square to the Conjunction of asteroids Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) in 28 Aquarius (Acting Out Karmic Patterns without Attachment, Dedicating the Effort to Serving the Collective) and Damocles (Fear of Accountability) in 29 Aquarius (Turned Inward, Focused with as much Curiosity as Intention on the New Self One Is Becoming). The last few Degrees of Aquarius are about Social Facets that are near the End of their Run, and which are beginning to evoke our Piscean Emotions.
  • 4 In Yangtegrity we Do what we said we was gonna Do, when we said we was gonna Do it. In Yintegrity, we Do what we damn well Feel like Doing, moment to moment. To Live in Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World like this one, we need to Minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate when necessary, and Make Amends when Renegotiation is impossible and the Relationship is worth keeping. As we Raise our Vibration, many of our prior Relationships will fade away.
  • 5 A T-Square to Haumea (Rebirth) in 29 Libra (Guided to Serve Selflessly as a Bridge for New Energies to Replace What No Longer Works) and Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation) in 2 Scorpio (Hard Battles to Overcome Ego).
  • 6 The Finger of the Goddess or Self-Resolution of the Vesta-Damocles SuperPower is rooted in asteroid Requiem (Celebration of Death) in 3 Virgo (Living a Life of Renunciation so as to Open the Inner Life to Mystery) Sextile to asteroids Artesian Out of Bounds (Exceptional Assistance for Manifesting) in 30 Cancer (Looping through Thousands of Old Masks to Summon the Gifts of the Divine Feminine) and Sappho (Self-Love) in 1 Leo (Choosing to cast off Karma), and dwarf planet Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Mass Die-Off ) in 4 Leo (Dedicated to Shadow Work and Breaking Through to Discovery).
  • 7 The Finger of the Goddess or Self-Resolution of the Haumea-Ka’epa SuperPower is rooted in the Sedna Station itself (see note 1 above) and asteroid Nemesis (Guilt) in 29 Pisces (Obsessive Dedication to Sacred Tradition).
  • 8 The third corner of the Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace) that Connects to both Vesta-Damocles and Haumea-Ka’epa is the Stellium of dwarf planets Asbolus Out of Bounds (Superb Intuition) in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ) and Out of Bounds Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential, Writ Large) in 1 Cancer (Surrender to Spirit ) with asteroids Aletheia (Truth of the Heart ) in 30 Gemini and Pallas (Boundaries) in 28 Gemini (Union with Evolving Energies). 30 Gemini is the home of the Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ).

Shame and Healing

August 28, 2022

The Moon is back In Bounds now (less Excitability), till it goes Out of Bounds again (to the South) 4:42 am PDT 3 September 2022. Our next big astroevent should be Feelable already, as Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna Stationary) is prominent till at least 11:33 pm 30 August. More about that soon.

Shame is one of, if not The, hardest Emotion to hide, and the hardest to Heal, and it has a prominent role in the 1:17 am PDT 27 August 2022 New Moon. While it may be hard, it’s surrounded astrologically in the New Moon chart by Supportive Friends.1 The Guardian recently published a timely article about Exploring the Extremes of Shame…


The other Prominence in the New Moon, which influences the next few weeks, is a Doubly Self-Resolving Superpower Transmutation to Enlightenment.2 Can you beat that? Since it’s Doubly Self-Resolving, it’ll probably be a serious Challenge only if you have Afflictions to early Scorpio. On the other hand, many folks see Scorpio itself as an Affliction! Seen from Inside (from a Scorpio’s Perspective), Scorpio just means Fearlessness.

When Scorpio’s doing a Fearless and Searching Inventory of you, however, it can be a serious affront to your Boundaries. So folks with Vulnerable planets like Sappho (Self-Love) or an Afflicted Eurydike (Distrust ), or even Phaedra (Shame), in early Scorpio may be targets for Perp Instincts. If they Attack you, hold up your Garlic and Cross, keep your Head Up, and Back Away without losing eye contact, like you would from a snarling Dog. With a drooling Person, though, don’t look them directly in the eye, but keep a Diffuse gaze on their face, in case they lunge and you need to use your Cross as a Sword. People with Perp Instincts, even Strangers, can Attack without provocation or warning, so keep your Garlic handy.

Better yet, Protect yourself. While Vulnerability is the Ultimate in Protection, you may need something more Disinviting with Perpetual Perps, because they’ll Test your Vulnerability repeatedly until you Stand Up for Yourself. Today’s Perp may be one you know well Personally, or a Total Stranger that through their own Programming knows Instinctively where your Psychic Wound is, and How it Works. You could be just passing each other on the street. My First Teacher used to say, No One Can Invade Your Space When It’s Filled with Your Own Energy. If you know how to do it, “Running Your Energy” is an Important practice,3 as is “Using your Mirrors.”4

  • 1 In 5 Virgo (The Edge between Fear and Ego Death). That’s 9:17 am BST in Nottingham and 6:17 pm AEST in Eastern Oz. The New Moon Opposes minor planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) and asteroid Phaedra (Shame), both in 5 Pisces (Deep Deep Mystical Awareness Sheltered from Ego by Lack of a Need for Certainty). While the New Moon Chandra Degree Symbol suggests we’ll have work to do, the Gonggong-Phaedra Karmic Shame Chandra Symbol suggests we’ll plow right through it without great difficulty. The latter is also the home of Fixed Star Sadalmelek (Lucky One of the King). The Opposition is part of a Grand Cross, which implies helpful Balance. The other two partygoers are Mars (Action) in Gemini (Flexibility) Opposite Pandora (Hope) and Atropos (Natural Expiry of Karma) in Sagittarius (Letting Go) – more Boons.
  • 2 Minor planet Zhulong (Enlightenment ) in 6 Scorpio (The Edge between Self-Importance and Selflessness) and asteroid Ka’epaoka’awela (Transmutation) at 3 Scorpio (Addiction to Karma Till the New Energy Makes us Realize How Empty It Is) are at the Focus of a T-Square (Challenge or SuperPower) over Ceres (Sustainability) in 6 Aquarius (Learning to Surrender to the Mystery) and Lachesis (Karma that can be Consciously Let Go) in 5 Aquarius (Surrender to Merging the Chthonic with the Cosmic) Opposite the Stellium of Samadhi (Enlightenment ) in 4 Leo (Dedicated to Shadow Work and Breaking Through to Discovery), Cyllarus Out of Bounds (Focus on Death/Ego Death) in 3 Leo (Larger than Life, but sometimes Missing Important Details), Sisyphus Out of Bounds (Perpetually Perpetual Tasks) in 5 Leo (An Old Soul Who Discovers that the Old Rules No Longer Apply), and Varuna Out of Bounds (The Life Force Unchained ) in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ).
  • Zhulong-Ka’epa are also the Focus of a Finger of the Goddess (first order Self-Resolution) from Mars (Action) in 5 Gemini (Expanding into Limitlessness) to Jupiter (Expansion) in 8 Aries (Acceptance of All without Judgment ). Mars in Gemini would work better with a Diversion than a Frontal Counterattack. Jupiter in Aries should provide plenty of Creativity for your Diversions.
  • Second-order Self-Resolution is provided by a Zhulong-Ka’epa Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) to Veritas (Truth of the Mind ) in 7 Cancer (Returning to Source) and Gonggong-Phaedra (see note 1).
  • 3 Something on the order of Moving Your Attention to the Center of the Earth, Picking Up Earth Energy like wrapping Spaghetti around a fork, Drawing that Energy as if through a Straw or Firehose Up through the Body of the Earth and into your Legs, and pouring it into the Vessel that is your Pelvis; Moving your Attention Up through the Top of your Head and Up through the Sky into Source, Collecting Source Energy as if Filling your Lungs with Air, Drawing that Energy Down into your Head, Neck, Torso, Belly, and Pouring it into your Pelvis and Churning it with the Earth Energy; Then Drawing that Combined and Mixed Energy Up the front of your Body and Back through each Chakra, Up to Chakra Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, however High you’re accustomed to go. There are a zillion variations, and none are right or wrong. You can make up your own version, in fact, you need to, so it Fits your own Energy Body like a glove, and so you can do the whole process rapidly. Practice till you can do it Instantaneously using only Intention.
  • 4 When Confronted with Energy you don’t like, hold a Wardrobe Mirror up in front of you, facing outward toward the Source of the Energy, so that the Energy is Focused Back to its Source. If you aren’t sure of the Source, make a Guess and Test it by Holding the Mirror for several minutes to see if your Feelings Change. If they don’t, Guess and Test again. When they do, Hold the Mirror there till you Feel Safe. Your current Boss may be using the same Ports that your Uncle installed when you were a Child.
  • This is not just a Protection, this is a Healing. Our Programmers left Holes in the Back of our Aura, where we couldn’t see them, so they could reach in Energetically and Manipulate us like a Puppet. Our Boundaries and Ego are Overwhelmed when a Perp Intuits these Ports and uses them for their own Purposes. This is Karmic, and the more you Allow yourself to be Manipulated, the more you Cement the Karma in place. The more you “Use your Mirrors,” the more you Strengthen New Habits and the more you Weaken the Old Karma. Eventually, Using your Mirrors will Seal Up the Holes in your Aura, so you can really Fill Your Body with Your Own Energy, without Leaks. Then you will seldom Encounter Energy you don’t like, because you’ll no longer be a Magnet for it. If you do Feel it again after that, just Use your Mirrors on it.
  • We were Programmed to Feel Guilty when we Discovered these Holes and tried to Plug them. So we have to Expect to Feel Guilt when we Use our Mirrors. That’s the sign that you’re Healing your Energy Body. Embrace the Guilt, and Recognize that it Identifies what needs Healing and what’s Getting Healed. That Guilt is the Proof that you’re Catching the Embodiment or Generalization of “your” Perp In The Act, and Setting Firm Boundaries Against their Manipulation. As your Psychic Wounds Heal, you’ll Feel less Guilt, till you Feel Strong and Whole instead.
  • Our Codependence is often based on Holes in our Aura which aren’t Odious to us. We may have been Programmed to Keep Our House Clean, or to be Morally Outraged by certain Characteristics or Behaviors of other people. We may even base our Relationships on having our Programs Matched. Even though you may have very well-developed Justifications for these Obsessions and Reactions to Other People, they’ll still Stand Between you and Enlightenment. When you Begin to Notice these Codependencies and are Inspired to Work on them, you can also Use your Mirrors on them.

Respect for the Goddess’s Infinite Forms II

August 25, 2022

Since the 24 August 2022 Uranus Station chart is so Perfect, Complete, Integrated, Balanced, and Whole (it looks just like the chart in the Pattern-Busting Full Moon III post with a few of the deck chairs moved), we’ll have to look for Trouble elsewhere. For most of our charts, we use three Degrees of what we call Sensitivity, others call Orb, and would probably most accurately be called Slop or Fudge. The Uranus Station is “the Native” here, the reason why we’re drawing the chart. Astrologers use the term Native because that’s Whom (or What) we’re drawing up a Nativity (Birth Chart) for. So when we draw up the chart, we include all the planets that are within Three Degrees of the Uranus Station.1 Three Degrees is common in this sort of astrology.

I use a fair number of asteroids and dwarf planets, so my charts can get crowded. When I do Readings,2 I use One Degree of Sensitivity, to Focus on only the Most Prominent Energies. So, since the Illuminated Soul (Uranus Station) chart is so “Perfect,”3 lets Tunnel in and look at it with One Degree of Sensitivity. That chart is much simpler…

In the overall chart, almost everything is below the horizon, indicating that this is about the Individual, with only passing concern for how they fit into Society. The most elevated planet is asteroid Narcissus (Self-Absorption) in Libra (Meeting Other). Narcissus in Libra is an Oxymoron, suggesting that we’re going to get an Education on Self-Attention here. The only other planet above the horizon is Mercury (Thinking), deep in Pisces (Letting Go of Excess Emotional Baggage), another Oxymoron, another Teaching. The chart kind of has the look of a diaper – what do you suppose that could mean?

From the Three-Degree-Sensitivity chart, New Beginnings a at 21 Sagittarius falls away, leaving The Overlighting Deva of Life In General b facing a Challenge or Becoming a Superpower.c The Crisis (in the case of a Challenge) or Grounding (of the Superpower) is about a Competition of some sort between our Awareness d and the Illumination of our Respect for All Things.e In other words, our Soul f is Asking us to Examine our Judgments.

a Asteroid Klotho b Dwarf planet Altjira c At the Focus of a T-Square, the red triangle d Mercury e Asteroid Hopi Out of Bounds f The Uranus Station

The most obvious Dumb-Luck Blessingsg are in the upside-down Trine Bridgeh composed of the Soul i and Unquenchable Desire.j Already I Intuit that we need to Savor the Desire and its Unquenchability as one of the Richest Facets of Life In General, rather than Ruing the Apparent Lack that follows from Misinterpreting the Unquenchability as Frustration!

g Trines, the blue lines h The blue trusses supporting the T-Square i Uranus j Asteroid Tantalus

The chart contains several other clues.

For instance, are there any hitches in the Relationship between Your Soul (Uranus) and The Overlighting Deva of Life In General in All Her Glory (Altjira Out of Bounds)? Changing their Relationship is an Open Portal (Unx) this week. I notice that, while I’m still Killing Mosquitos when I can, I’m no long Killing those fabric-eating Moths or Spiders which I used to Sacrifice when it was more Convenient than ushering them outside. Any Shifts like that happening for you? The Unx means that the Changes can happen on their own, but it will certainly Help Loads if we’re Aware and Cooperating. I’m Chasing the Giardia-slobbering Deer out of the yard and glaring at them with mean looks, but not hurting them (Physically) in the process. I know their Feelings have been hurt, as they’re used to coming here for the Apples (which are nil this year anyway), and have been showing their New Fawns where to find them. I’ve Embarrassed several Moms in front of their Kids with my broom.

Are there any Species that we Fear or Hate? Other than those Fearsome and Hateful Hupers? A local Trans Snafu has been going National hereabouts, for instance. Can we Send Light rather than Taking Sides and sending Judgment toward the Other Side? Mirroring their Energy with a wardrobe mirror facing them, to perhaps Help them see what they’re doing, would be much better than sending our own Judgment Energy their way. We can Locate our own Judgment Energy in our Body, Focus our Attention there, Lovingly and Gently, and Imagine Softening and Warming the Location till we can Feel a Shift. Was the Location afflicted in any way? Or do the same with whatever Discomfort that our Body is offering to us, while watching to see if any Judgments float out.

We may be working on a Fundamental Health Issue (Altjira), maybe getting Stuck on an “Ascension Symptom” or a tricky part of our DNA Evolution, and the Soul is suggesting that we may have deeply-embedded Judgment(s) that Block the Full Flow of our Energy.

The second Unx is between The Enhanced Overlighting Deva of Life In General and Unquenchable Hunger or Thirst (asteroid Tantalus). I’d be surprised if many people were going Vegan this week, but there may be Trends there. I found myself today taking the time to cook what I have in the house rather than going to the store to buy something I’d like better – for instance making a Shiitake-and-Mixed-Vegetable Soup using up leftovers, rather than making a special CO2-emitting trip to buy Lions Mane, Maitake, and Crimini for my usual Healing Soup.

Cutting Huper food waste is certainly an Offering to both The Emphatically Overlighting Deva of Life In General, and Unquenchable Huper Hunger and Thirst. For Huperity’s Transition from 3D to 5D and from Exploitation to Collaboration – which are probably prerequisites for Soul settling into Flesh, there will have to be Massive Celebration of The Overlighting Deva of Life In General Writ Large, and Massive Fearless and Searching Inventories of our Unquenchable Hungers and Thirsts, on both the Individual and Cultural Levels.

There’s a third Unx between Illuminated Respect for All Things (Out of Bounds Hopi) and Self-Absorption (asteroid Narcissus). Since Natha’s last blog post I’ve been Exploring whether I’m being too Narcissistic in any ways. I’ve certainly been “Guilty” of Arrogance during much of this Lifetime, and I may well still be. Skimming the surface of Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys,4 as she recommended, has made me Realize that I’ve actually been shorting myself of Self-Love – Arrogance would be a natural Psychological Compensation for that.

We’re instructed by the green wedge (Finger of the Goddess) to Pay Attention to Self-Absorption (Narcissus). The long green lines (Quincunxes, 5 Signs) are all about Curiosity, and especially when they are paired in a Finger of the Goddess, we’re Asked to be very careful not to use the sort of Curiosity that Inspires us to Seek an Answer. Seeking an Answer locks us into 2D, while the Finger tells us to Pay Attention to nD! Remember the Flatland parable from introductory Physics classes, where an Imaginary Civilization lived in 2D, literally flat as a sheet of paper. When we of 3D came along and placed a finger on their paper, they could only interpret it as an Act of God, lacking any other Perspective. That’s Exactly how a Finger of the Goddess operates – we need to consider it a Mystery School.

I certainly Regret nothing I’ve learned so far from Richard Rudd, and I’m not sure it would even be possible to get Frozen into 2D using the Gene Keys, as the Depth Between the Lines seems so nearly Infinite that I can barely stay Grounded for more than a page at a time. So while I have Concluded (Conclusion = 2D! ) that I’ve been shorting myself of Self-Love (Who Hasn’t? ), it feels like more doors have been Opened than Closed. But the astrology is definite here – Keep an Open Mind about Narcissism and Self-Aborption. The root of the Finger is the Sextile (Blessing) between Soul (Uranus) and Awareness (Mercury). So it’s not just an Open Mind, but a Soulful Awareness.

Meanwhile, the Relationship between Self-Absorption and Unquenchable Desire is a Challenge or a Superpower (Naked Square). I can see that we need to Celebrate our Addictions as Unquenchable Messages about Self-Preservation. Wouldn’t that be a Superpower – Every Time I’m Inspired to Seek a Hit of Sugar, what if I Celebrated it, Congratulating myself for Noticing that a Feeling had been Suppressed and was Inquiring whether the Curtain might now Open to the Light! I could even Celebrate with Chocolate! No, wait. Oh yeah, I’m supposed to Feel Guilty. Well, that’s a Challenge, isn’t it.

In the “fine print” and the finer lines on the chart, we can see that the 27 August New Moon’s Relationship to our Soul (Uranus) says Now Is The Time!! k The New Moon sits at the Midpoint between the ends of the Square from Self-Absorption to Unquenchable Desire.l The New Moon governs most of September, especially the first two weeks, so we can Expect to Witness, and to be Called to make our own Adjustments, to Our Embrace of the Process of Desire as Opposed to its Fulfillment.

k ATriseptile, 3rd&7th Harmonics combining Love-with-Wisdom and Timing, 105°, the thin lavender line l Narcissus and Tantalus, making two Octiles, 8th Harmonic, half of a 4th, meaning Adjustment

It’s not drawn on this chart, but the second-most prominent5 feature of the New Moon chart and early September is about the Superpower of Embracing our Intrusive Karmic Memories about Shame (dwarf planet Gonggong Conjunct asteroid Phaedra Opposite the New Moon).

We’ll talk more about that later, but Shame is one of the most difficult Physio-Emotions to Feel, let alone Embrace, so you may want to start Visualizing or other PIAVAings about Embracing Shame. You may want to Remember that Embarrassment is Vulnerability, and Vulnerability is by far the Best Protection that there is. Put it on a flashcard that you see often, so you can just Enjoy the Attention with your Head Held High (not too High – just don’t stare at your shoes) when the Joke Is On You. It’s not a Challenge/Superpower (Square), it’s an Interlocking Series of Hassles (Grand Cross) that will Complement one another and work themselves out, with Frustration or other Uncomfortable Feelings along the way. The Hard Part about a Grand Cross is Letting It Happen Without Trying to Fix Anything, because our Interventions are highly likely to screw up the natural Interlockings of a Complex Process.

Lastly, notice that at the New Moon, Enlightenment (asteroid Samadhi) is Unx to the New Moon, and at the Midpoint between the ends of the Square (and Octile – Adjustment – to both) from Respect for All Things (Hopi) to The Overlighting Deva of Life In General in All Her Glory (Altjira Out of Bounds). This is another Emphasis on how Getting Conscious of our Judgments is Critical to our Ascension.

  • 1 Within their respective Signs. Uranus is at 19 Taurus, so any planet between 19-3=16 and 19+3=22 of any Sign counts. Astrologers call this a “30-Degree Wheel,” and use it because we can see at a glance any of the Whole-Sign Angles – Unx, Sextile, Square, Trine, Quincunx, Opposition (1,2,3,4,5,6 Signs, or 12th,6th,4th,3rd,Q,2nd Harmonics, Q=5th&12th). We’re on our own for the other Angles – 5th,7th,8th,9th,11th,13th,…,21st Harmonics. The nth Harmonic is 360/n Degrees or 12/n Signs.
  • In Degrees and Arcminutes, Uranus is at 18:56 Degrees, so we could be looking at the range of 15:56 to 21:56 Degrees. We usually use both ranges (ie, 15:01 to 22:00, according to our round-up rules), but on the edges we may omit a minor asteroid or stretch the range a bit to include an Important or Out of Bounds planet, or one that’s Relevant to the main themes of the astroevent.
  • In general, the closer the Degrees or Degree:Arcminutes, the Stronger the Influence.
  • 2 Which I haven’t done in a while except for close friends and established clients, but I think its time to start doing them again. If you’d like me to look at your Birth Chart, just leave a Comment starting with “READING,” and include your email or phone number, and if you want, a question or other notes. I won’t publish the Comment, but I’ll contact you via email or phone, and we can go from there. I’m thinking sliding scale, $20-80, depending on what you can afford without hardship, for my comments on how Current Astroevents might Dance with your Natal Chart, with the Goal of Converting your Victim Spaces to Superpowers. That Conversion usually “only” involves a Shift of Attitude, though that may take some Persuasion, and an ongoing Effort to Maintain the New Attitude as Life Intrudes. Reframing Past or Future Astroevents may take more of my time, but they’re certainly possible. We can also just do Coaching on Tapping or Theta or Poor-Sweethearting or any other technique that’s not working as it should for you.
  • 3 A great example of a “READING” (see previous note) might be to take one or a few of those twelve Glorious Pattern-Breaking Opportunities (or the pairs) that we listed in the previous post, and Compare them to the Acknowledged and Unacknowledged Natal Superpowers in your Birth Chart. If they seem to be Lit Up for you currently (or ongoingly!), all the better.
  • 4 Richard has assembled an Encyclopedic mashup of astrology, I Ching, Perennial Wisdom, and Goddess knows what all else, to create a remarkable process that will take years to master. I’ve only begun to study it, but it’s already made Significant Changes in my Life. Going deep will cost more than I can spare, but he makes a whole lot available for free, and Going Deep will take years anyway, so that cost will be spread out. Thanks, Natha!
  • 5 First-most prominent is a Double Self-Resolving Superpower (T-Square plus) about Transmutation into Enlightenment (Ka’epaoka’aweala Conjunct Zhulong). More to follow about that.

Respect for the Goddess’s Infinite Forms I

August 24, 2022

News Flash! Soul is Descending into Flesh! Oh, you knew that already? Great! So then, what’s really New today? Well, Soul and it’s Adventures with Matter are Highlighted today (Uranus Stood Still at 6:53 am PDT 24 August 2022).1 Any trouble Sleeping? Uranus is famous for that. Don’t worry about not getting your 8 – rest obeys its own Timing when Uranus is Lit Up. Do something Fun or Productive till it’s obviously time to Sleep. No sense staring at the ceiling in the dark. Worried about being Exhausted tomorrow? No Worries; Uranus Energy is a lot Stronger than any Circadian Rhythms, and it’ll handle everything. You might even be Inspired to call in Well.

Like our recent Full Moon, the Uranus Station chart is Perfected – it includes planets at every possible Station, making what we call a Grand Unx. I know, Unx is a strange word, but it means 1/12th. Of anything. In this case it means a planet in more or less the same Degree of every Sign. The Twelfth Harmonic (ie, 1/12th) is also about Pattern-Breaking. Uranus and Soul are already not Creatures of Habit. They’re Creatures of Impulse and Intuition. They’re Intimately Connected to Everything Else in the Universe, so their Perspective is Galaxies wider than our Ego, or our Biology.

The name of the game is Surrender – Hands Up or I’ll Disrupt! Muggles know Uranus as Disruption, but we know that Uranus Disrupts only that which is in the way of the Soul’s Plans for us. Take the day off and kick around town, just to see what pops up that’s Unusual. If nothing happens, you aren’t Paying Close Enough Attention! Sharpen your Focus, or Blur it, but Shift it. Look Behind everything. Nothing is as it Usually Seems. What Is It that’s Different today? Colors a little Brighter? Any little Twitches in Reality occurring just outside the corner of your Eye? Who else is with you that isn’t there? What’s it Smell Like?

An Unx, and especially a Grand Unx, makes Habits like Karma Easier than usual to Break. The dozen Patterns that we can Break this week include…

  • Our Codependence,
  • Our Tendency to Ignore the Most Important Thing,
  • The Value of Abuse for Consciousness Expansion and Boundary Refinement,
  • Indulging Despair,
  • Ignoring our Life Mission,
  • Taking Material Life for Granted,
  • Failing to Savor the Richness of Craving,
  • Transgressing our Values,
  • Disrespect for Illness as a Messenger,
  • Self-Absorption,
  • The Emotions We’d Rather Die than Feel, and
  • Carrying a Victim Perspective into a Rebirth.2

And all the Interaction Terms. The strongest Pattern-Breaking Assistance from the Universe will occur between adjacent pairs on this list.

For instance, pairing [our Tendency to Ignore the Most Important Thing] with [the Value of Abuse for Consciousness Expansion and Boundary Refinement ] – when we are in a Relationship with grossly Unequal Power Dynamics, such as Child to Adult, or Person-without-Gun to Person-with-Gun, or Hunger to Food, our Survival Instincts are the Patterns that will keep us Alive. That often means Losing-the-Battle-in-order-to-Stay-Alive-in-Hope-of-Later-Winning-the-War, aka Trauma. Trauma has a unique way of Burrowing into the Unconscious and forming a Hidden or Semi-Hidden Tumor there, which Tumor can have more Power over our Choices and Manifestations than our Ego does.

Later, when we’re involved in Contractual Relationships, such as Patient to Doctor, Employee to Employer, Follower to Influencer, Client to Service Provider, that Unconscious Tumor can make the Ego forget that the Relationship is theoretically Consensual and theoretically between Equal Adults. Whether or not Doctor or Employer or Influencer or Service Provider explicitly take the role of Person-with-Gun (which many often do), that Tumor can compel Patient or Employee or Follower or Client to take the role of Person-without-Gun. If the Contract is not Explicit (Goddess save us from Lawyers), or Boundaries Loosey-Goosey, Bingo, re-Abuse, cementing the Abuse Karma in place more firmly. What a Gift it would be to Break Patterns like this!

How? The first step is Noticing, and it’s especially important to Notice that This Reminds Me of Something. I’ve Been Here Before! – which tells us that it’s Karma. If we’ve Experienced it before, it’s Karma. If it’s Karma it’s not Real-Life! Till we make it Real-Life by repeating our old Patterns and completing the Victim side of the Karmic Drama, which may or may not pull our counterparty into a Perp Role. As the current course of Politics demonstrates, many folks are more than ready to play Perp whenever the Opportunity strikes. But even without a Current-Moment Perp, we’re often perfectly capable of Re-Experiencing our Victim Role without a Perp at all – it’s Karma after all! We may not even know why we’re Bummed.

We ditch Karma by bringing it into Consciousness. Notice, Notice, Notice. We aren’t going to shrug it off in one Noticing. We need to Congratulate ourself for Noticing instead of criticizing ourself for re-Initiating – or even for Having – the Karma. We replace the Vicious Downward Spiral typical of Karmic re-Enactment by a Virtuous Upward Spiral of Noticing. The more we Notice, the Easier it is. The Easier it is, the sooner we remember to do it. The sooner we do it, the Easier it is, Onward and Upward. Once we Notice soon enough to Act, we can stop our own Habitual Pattern from going off. What to do then? Anything Different.

We’re Breaking the Old Habit now; once we get good at Noticing and Substituting, and we’ve Contemplated the Drama thoroughly and Begun to Focus on What We Want rather than What We Don’t Want, we can begin Substituting Productive, Self-Affirming Actions in place of Anything. Those will be Experimental at first, while we see What Works and What Doesn’t. We don’t Break Karma overnight.

Karma is basically Expectations. It’s what we Expect to happen, because it’s what’s happened so often before. Karma doesn’t Grab us (at least now that Karma is Dead), we Grab it. Breaking the Out-There part of Karma, the Active part, is stage one. Stage two is Breaking the In-Here part, our own Expectations that it’ll be deja vu all over again. Yes, we want to Proceed Cautiously, lest we get Trapped again. But we also want to Notice our Caution, lest we just end up Substituting Caution for Trauma. That’s a fair trade-off, but Temporary. Once we Break our Expectations, we want to be able to Live Freely.

Spend a few minutes with the other eleven pairs. Are there any that seem particularly Ripe for Expiry? Don’t forget Rebirth with Codependence – the list is circular.

  • 1 Aka 2:53 pm BST in London and 11:53 pm AEST in Sydney.
  • 2 Respectively, including everyone within three Degrees of Stationary Uranus that’s…
    • Dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) in 20 Capricorn,
    • Saturn (the Most Important Thing) in 22 Aquarius,
    • Dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) in 16 Pisces Conjunct (Merged with) asteroid Juno (Expansion of Consciousness) in 19 Pisces,
    • Chiron (Despair and Miracles) in 16 Aries,
    • Uranus (Soul ) Stationary (Strong) in 19 Taurus Conjunct (Merged with) North Node (Lifetime Mission) in 18 Taurus,
    • Dwarf planet Altjira (the Field that Enables Material Life) Out of Bounds in 19 Gemini,
    • Asteroid Tantalus (Never-Consummated Hunger) in 19 Cancer,
    • Venus (Values) in 16 Leo,
    • Asteroids Hopi Out of Bounds (Respect for All Things, Exaggerated ) in 20 Virgo Conjunct (Merged with) Koronis (Coronavirus) in 16 Virgo,
    • Asteroid Narcissus (Self-Absorption) in 19 Libra,
    • South Node (Held Emotions) in 18 Scorpio, and
    • Asteroid Klotho (Rebirth) in 21 Sagittarius.

Another Soulful Pattern-Breaker

August 19, 2022

By now the Moon is back Out of Bounds over the Northern Hemisphere, having crossed the Tropic of Cancer on its Northward trek at 9:12 pm PDT 19 August 2022.1 While the Moon is Out of Bounds, Hupers are more Excitable than usual. It returns In Bounds 7:22 pm PDT 24 August,2 just a half-day after the 6:53 am PDT Peak of another Portal wherein our Soul and our Life Mission Merge.3 We’ll talk more about this, but while it’ll be Heavy, I don’t expect it to be as Heavy as our 26 July-3 August MegaPortal.4

  • 1 In 9 Gemini (Unstoppable New Energy Forcing Its Way In, Changing Everything); 5:12 am BST 20 August in the UK, and 2:12 pm AEST 20 August in Oz.
  • 2 In 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ); 3:22 am BST 20 August in Coventry, and 12:22 pm AEST 20 August in Melbourne.
  • 3 In 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image);2:53 pm BST 24 August in Glasgow, and 11:53 pm AEST 24 August in Hobart.
  • 4 It’s another Grand Unx, or multi-Self-Resolving. Uranus is Stationary Conjoining North Node and Opposing South Node again, but the Node (both Mean and True) is now Separating from Uranus. Uranus is turning Retrograde, but it doesn’t back up quickly enough to catch the Nodes. Asteroid Karma no longer Opposes Uranus, but Saturn still Squares it, and Venus has moved into position in Leo to Complete the Uranus-Nodes-Saturn-Venus Grand Cross. More on this Grand Unx later.

Ego Test Rebirth

August 18, 2022

Amid all that fancy rare Uranus-North Node et al Excitement, and my own Pain Crisis, we didn’t even notice that we entered a new Karmic era 12:15 am PDT 15 August 2022, namely a Station (Amplification) of asteroid Klotho (New Karmic Beginnings). Klotho is the source of our word Cloth, its namesake was the Greek Goddess of Fate who Chose the Fabric for the Tapestry of our Fate. When we say Karma we’re usually referring to our Self-Sabotaging Habits, as they’re what most Bedevil us. But there’s “Good” Karma too. After all, our Fate may be to Receive Blessings and Live Happily Ever After.

I certainly regard my Pain Crisis as a Blessing, even though I’m still working off Ancillary Habits. We can be Relieved of our Self-Sabotages, and Grab them right back, since without many of our Habits we’re Confused, Lost, or Uncomfortably or Desperately Invisible to ourself, to the Degree that we Ego-Identified with the Karma itself, or with the Litany of Ancillary Habits that we developed to help Tolerate or Accommodate the Karma. Those Chocolate Chip Cookies don’t lose their Appeal just because we Let Go of the Habit of using them to alter our Emotions so we wouldn’t have to Approach Feelings that we’d Rather Die Than Feel.

Is that “Good” or “Bad”? If we can Notice that Good-Bad is an Either/Or that traps us inside 2D and outside of nD, that’s a Boon. Wouldn’t hurt to Pause any Habits that are Obviously Connected to Habits that we’re Conscious of having Changed, just to see what else might come up for us. But it’s important not to Reject them because we Feel Guilt about them. After all, there may be more Nutrition gained from the Joy that a Cookie brings us, than is lost from the Sugar or other Anti-Nutrition in them. And of course Noticing Guilt is another Opportunity for Letting Go of yet more Karma.

The single Self-Resolving Bane in the Klotho-Station chart Lights Up asteroid Narcissus, which is obviously about Excessive Self-Congratulation. With some of the most Charismatic (to closet Narcissists) Self-Back-Patters Prominent in the News Minia, we can hope that a few to many of those closet Narcissists will be Inspired to look in the Mirror and do some “work on themselves.” The Challenge to asteroid Narcissus comes from Creating Self-Love and Codependence.1 Psychology tells us that People who cling to Conservatism are characterized by a Need for Outside Authority. If that’s not Codependence, I’m not sure what is.

Natha Jay Intuits this in her latest blog post…


What if all this inner work is just to clear out enough space to focus the brain? What if it was never about fixing something, or being good enough? What if the suffering that started us on this path was just a reminder to leave the cocoon? I’m not in any way saying anyone can bypass the messy part and go straight to focusing the mind. Please, dear Goddess, don’t spiritual bypass. I’m just saying that the real reason for ‘doing the work’ may be much more significant than just feeling better psychologically.”

We continue on the other side of purple…

  • 1 Asteroid Narcissus in 17 Virgo (Sensitivity Covered by Self-Defeating Self-Obsession) T-Squares dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) in 21 Capricorn (Hidden Well-defended Pride and Self-Rejection Craving Forgiveness) Opposite asteroids Sappho (Self-Love) and Artesian (Leprechaun-Assisted Manifestation) in 24 Cancer (Death of the “Civilized” Ego in Order to Regain the Mystical Realm). Artesian is Out of Bounds (Accentuated ). 24 Cancer is the home of Fixed Star Pollux (Blending and Bridging of Opposites, Pessimistically). Once again, it’s as if the Chandra Symbols were written with these planets/this time in mind!
  • The Finger of the Goddess which creates first-order Self-Resolution is rooted in the Sextile (Grace) between Juno (Growth in Consciousness) in 20 Pisces (Compulsive Guardian of Evolution) and the Conjunction of Uranus (Soul ) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image) and the North Node (Life Mission) in 18 Taurus (A Vehicle for Spirit ). Fingers of the Goddess tell us to Pay Attention! but they don’t say why, because they’re essentially Mystery Schools, as on a smaller scale are the Quincunxes of which they’re Assembled.
  • The second-order Self-Resolution is the Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Blessings) made up of Narcissus, Saturn (the Most Important Thing) in 22 Aquarius (Reanimating Nature and the “Inanimate” ), and the Conjunction of Altjira (the Morphogenetic Field) in 19 Gemini (Embracing the Unknown) and Pallas (Boundaries) in 20 Gemini (Fiendish Pursuit of Liberation). Altjira is Out of Bounds (Accentuated ). 19 Gemini is adjacent to Fixed Star Rigel (Teaching). We are Asked to Let Go of Artificial “Scientific” Limits on Life. Science assigns Definitions and Limitations on Reality in order to Create a Space for Discussion, but then natural Huper Fundamentalism (taking one’s Metaphors literally) takes over, and all else becomes Heresy, creating the Religion of Scientism.

Awe-tism Redefined

This is 2 hours long, but if you’re Involved or Interested or Impacted by it, Genius MD Zach Bush reinterprets the Heart of the Awetism Spectrum as Evolutionary Yintegrity


Awesome Journey

Vianna Stibal, in Seven Planes of Existence, has us take our Attention down to the Center of the Earth, then back up through the Body and it’s Chakras, then continue out through the Universe and beyond, through the Golden Realm of Healing and the Gelatinous Realm of Law, to Shimmering Pearlescent Divine Source, before we Submit our Theta Healing Proposal to Source. Bob (in Coloniser Queensland2) has generously shared a one-minute video from the new James Webb Telescope (Jack’s brother) that takes us on that Journey very nicely, while showing off what the new Telescope does for a living…

Unfortunately, the Webb hasn’t yet found the Golden Realm of Healing, the Gelatinous Realm of Law, or the Shimmering Pearl- escent Divine Source, but Webb specializes mostly on the Infrared Spectrum, not the Transgela- tinous or Peripearlescent Fre- quencies – they’re still Heresey. The Webbs seek “Just the Facts, Ma’am” except for Cousin Webbigail.

One of our obscure “silent” but Powerful PIAVAs is Expansion, where one Meditates on Expanding to fill the room, the house, the ‘hood, the town, the county, the continent, the planet, the solar system etc etc before Expressing any PIAVA. This video will be a great Complement to that.

  • 2 In kicking out the Conservative Aussie government recently, a number of “Greens” and “Aboriginals” were elected to Parliament. One of them, when being sworn in to Parliament and asked to swear allegiance to QEII, swore allegiance to the “Coloniser Queen”! She was made to recant, but the Truth was already out from under the rug anyway.

Climate Change et al

Here’s an interesting map…


As the melting ice in Greenland blocks the Gulf Stream Current that keeps Northern Europe less Siberian, it’ll probably be Refreshingly Cooler in Europe, though hopefully it’ll still be warm enough to grow Vegetables.

PIAVAing Reminder 2

August 14, 2022

When I first woke up this morning, I couldn’t walk without supporting myself with my arms. My chronic low-back and hip pain have been more troublesome for the last several days, but not like this! I couldn’t even sit without using my arms to hold my torso vertical. With visions of having to Surrender to the Medical Cartel, slathering myself with Helichrysum Essential Oil and Nano CBD Oil, and gobbling Arnica homeopathics, I decided that I really didn’t have a Choice but to go back in bed. Finding a position in bed that didn’t hurt was difficult, but possible.

The second time I woke up, it was slightly easier to walk, and before going back to bed again, I located the Traumeel (which helped more quickly than the Oils), and I Realized that I needed to Focus my Attention Fully on the Pain.

The third time I woke up, I realized that while much much worse, this was the same pain, feeling like I’m being broken in half, that I’ve felt briefly for years whenever I slacked off on my multi-gram daily Boswellia (powdered Frankincense) input. I wasn’t able to think clearly enough yet to understand that, if I’ve Felt it before, it’s Karma, but I was getting close. I started wondering if I’d had Childhood Trauma in my lower back or belly, but couldn’t identify anything.

The fourth time I woke up, I wouldn’t exactly say that I was having Visions of getting cut in half by a cannonball, but the Metaphor was very Clear and Present. I was even reviewing what I hadn’t Completed in that Lifetime! And by now I’m getting close enough to the Present Moment to Ask, What have I been PIAVAing lately? Bingo. It was still challenging to walk without supporting myself, but with more Traumeel and Arnica homeopathics, the pain was now back to its usual low level.

Yesterday we PIAVAed “Grokking the Dimension of Abuse and Respect!” and “the Dimension of Self-Abandonment and Self-Love!” and a few days ago we PIAVAed that “we Lovingly and Gently Let Go of Conscious and Unconscious Guilt and Fear, and Replace it with Confidence, Due Care, and Self-Love.” Interesting that this morning my Thoughts about having to Surrender to the Medical Cartel were not accompanied by Fear and Dread. I can’t find the reference, but I remember writing (or thinking, if I never found time to write it! ) recently that some serious Physical Healing should be available to us this month.1

Three hours later I still had low-level back and hip pain, and a little trepidation about standing up from sitting, but I had no trouble walking. Now, six hours later I’m even good for bending from the waist and lifting, picking up things from the floor, and beginning to Wonder whether this will turn out to be a major Healing of the chronic back pain that I’ve had for at least a decade and a half, and the hip pain that I’ve had for several years.

Around the first time I woke up this morning, this was happening on our friendly local Star…


It’ll take 3 days for the “Dark Plasma” to make its way to our ‘hood, but we need to remember that Scienterrific interpretations of Reality are Self-Limited to 3D, which includes Linear Time. Whether we Recognize it or not, we Operate in nD, where Energies travel not at the Speed of Light, but at the Speed of Intuition. You know someone’s going to call before the phone rings because your Intuition is picking up their Intention as it happens, while the Telephone operates at Scienterrific Speed.

In other Cosmic News, this is an “artist’s interpretation,” but it’s a good one, of Fixed Star Betelgeuse becoming a little less Fixed…


The link contains an excellent explanation of what amounts to a possible new-to-Science Stellar phenomenon they’re calling an SME (Stupendous Mass Ejection) to distinguish it from a CME (Colossal Mass Ejection). We bring this up because Betelgeuse has been Lit Up recently astrologically, and still is.2 In the picture it looks like Betelgeuse is Lifting Off like an Elon, but Betelgeuse is so big it would extend to the Orbit of Jupiter if it replaced our Sun, so it will have a tonne of Inertia!

  • 1 In the 28 July 2022 New Moon chart, the New Moon itself was Merged with dwarf planets Varuna (the Life Force), Ceres (Sustainability), and Cyllarus (Death or Ego Death), all three of which are Out of Bounds (Accentuated ). It Opposed dwarf planet Chariklo (Confidence) and asteroid Lachesis (Unexpired Karma that can be Let Go Consciously), and the Opposition was T-Squared by minor planet Zhulong (the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment ). I need to keep a cross-referenced log of posts and astroevents, because I’m wondering if this was an event that I intended to write a lot about but the Uranus-Karma-Nodes-Saturn Portals ate up all the time. This New Moon will impact all of August.
  • 2 For instance, in the chart of the 10 August Transmutation astroevent (Ka’epaoka’awela Station), the home of Betelgeuse in 30 Gemini is prominent in the Self-Resolution of the Unconscious Limitations-Intrusive Memories-Fear of Accountability Superpower/Challenge (Gonggong-Vesta-Damocles T-Square; see note 5 of the Transmuting Blame post) –
    • “The third corner of the [Gonggong-Stationary Ka’epaoka’awela-] Grand Trine is a Stellium of dwarf planets Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ) in 1 Cancer (Surrender to Spirit ) and Asbolus (Intuition) in 30 Gemini (The Hollowness of Being Outer-Directed ), both Out of Bounds (Accentuated ), and asteroid Veritas (Truth of the Mind ) at 2 Cancer (Doomed to Reject Ego while Retaining Enough Humility to Teach Everyone Else). The Fixed Star Betelgeuse (Achievement ) Lives in 30 Gemini, adjacent to 1 Cancer.”
  • Were we Assertive (Goddess Forbid! ), we might suggest that the Passage of dwarf planets Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ) and Asbolus (Intuition) over the longitudinal position of Betelgeuse have Blasted a big chunk of the Star out! Or that Betelgeuse has Validated the Importance of the Sign Changes of these two planets from Gemini (“Random” Flashes of Brilliance, Breakdown of Former Paradigms) to Cancer (Consistent Nurturance), and in particular from the last Degree of Gemini (Codependence) to the first Degree of Cancer (Surrender to Spirit ).

Pattern-Busting Full Moon III

August 13, 2022

A friend was recently venting their frustration about the Dysfunction of the overworking underpaying Industry that they work in. My Response was…

“I’d say that what you’re doing – downsizing your Performance Compulsion (Does that sound like an accurate description?) – is a Herculean Task, but Hercules (Herakles) was one of Zeus’s hit-men hired to assassinate the Totems of the Matriarchy, and what you’re Battling is the Internalized Patriarchy. So it’s not a Herculean Task, it’s a Job for the Rebirth of the Medusa!

“So a lot of it is not Personal but Cultural.  My First Teacher used to say that when we’ve been Invaded by Other People’s Emotions (OPEm, pronounced ‘OPM’ like Opium), it’s Impossible to Let OPEm Begone in the normal way that we’d Let Our Own Feelings (OOF!) Go after we Feel them. 

“So first, Honor Yourself for your Service to the Planet, for taking on the Sisyphean Task of Purging the Planet of the Patriarchy (STPPP, pronounced STooP!). Yes, it truly is Sisyphean, till we finally turn a corner and then POOF it’s gone and we hardly Remember it!

“I can assure you that you’ve done a thousand times more than your share of STPPP, and you have my Permission to Stop STPPPing (Stop StooPing) in the current Lifetime and Beyond. 

“You could Tap On ‘Even though I’ve been covered with STooP like SlugSlime, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself…’ 

“I read the other day that for some people ‘deeply and completely’ feels too much like a Fiction, so feel free to use whatever fits, like ‘I kinda sorta Love and Accept Myself,’ or ‘I Aspire to Love and Accept Myself Adequately’ or the like.

“You can then try a PIAVA like Change Me Prayers (an excellent book by Tosha Silver) such as ‘God/Goddess, Please Lovingly and Gently Change Me So I Give Myself Permission to Stop STooPing – but use Change Me Prayers sparingly till you’re Experienced with them – they’re very Powerful. 

“F’rinstance, after Praying that, you might soon be Asked to STooP.  If that’s the case, know that your Prayer ***IS*** working, you’re just being given Opportunities to Practice being your new Changed Self – God/Goddess can Change us, but we have to Collaborate.

“If you can master that Recognition, you won’t get Defensive, and you can more easily and convincingly Deflect instead of Genuflect.  Early on in Changing Karma it doesn’t matter What you do instead, just that you do Something Different.  In many cases you can just Pretend to be a Space Case and say the first irrelevant thing that pops into your mind or congeals on your tongue.

“No way that your Life has been a Waste – Look at all the Difficult Karmic Letting Go Work you’ve been doing!  That’s Profound and Powerful Work that Changes the Future for everyone.  What IS a Waste is the Question ‘Why’!  It Is What It Is.  ‘Why’ is a 2D Question about an nD Issue, like trying to change a tire with a pencil.

“It’s the Patriarchic Culture that’s Screwed Up, and that’s not something you Doubt.  But you’ve been Introjecting it, with the result that you Feel the Need to Change Yourself.  Your ongoing Instinct is to Find Yourself among all the Detritus that’s in there, and where you Are and what you’re Doing is just what you need to Be and Do.  It feels like you Been Here Done That, but realistically compare your Attitude, Anxiety, Pressure, Goals, and Resolve to those of a Year Ago, 5 Years Ago, 10 Years Ago.”

It’s worth reading the lyrics to this song, it’s a fabulous poem…

Michael wrote it to Honor his gay sister who Committed Suicide, another example of the Patriarchy’s Trampling of the Huper Heart.

In our first installment of this series, we detailed four of the twelve Unx or Single-Sign 30° Angles (Pattern-Breaking). There are also six Oppositions or Six-Sign 180° Angles (Debates) in this 11-12 August 2022 Full Moon chart…

An Opposition is an Opportunity to Grok the Meaning of a Dimension. Our 2D “left” brains get focused on the two endpoints of the Dimension and Enjoy (or Hate, especially when we get stuck Helicoptering between them) the Argument between them. For instance, here Codependence (dwarf planet Hylonome) Opposes Creating Self-Love (the Merger of asteroids Sappho and Artesian). Performance Compulsions need not be Codependent. For instance, in Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton’s book Now, Discover Your Strengths (p.83), Achiever is a natural Huper Strength that doesn’t involve Self-Sacrifice in order to get along with Difficult Others. The book includes a quiz that identifies our own Strengths so we can better Understand what comes Natural to us, which we could otherwise easily Judge, especially if our Strengths are Ridiculed by People in the Habit of building up their own Egos by Disdaining Others, like that guy who used to live in a White House but still Threw Stones.

And we, as an Unborn Soul in the Lightworkers Lounge, often Choose Significant Others like Parents that will Disparage our Strengths, as with our Forbidden Genius, because the sharp Contrast makes our Strengths and Genii Stand Out more Obviously, once we chip away our Programming. Having “Something to Prove” or Push Against can be Motivating, Consciously or otherwise. If our Natural Internal Achiever is Strong and we were Programmed to be Codependent and/or we have a lot of Libra (which can often resemble Codependence when it ain’t), the Interaction terms can get too complicated to unravel Easily, and a Codependence v. Self-Love Dimension can seem very Either/Or. We Resolve Either/Ors by Moving to Both/And. How might we label this Dimension as a Both/And? Selt-Trust?

We referred to Herakles in our Response to our friend, and Lo, here “he” (the asteroid named after him) is in the Full Moon chart, Merged with Abuse and Privilege (Conjunct dwarf planet Nessus) and our Unconscious Limitations (asteroid Vesta). “Coincidentally,” Nessus is most famous for trying to rape Herakles’s wife, and for poisoning her Thoughts in such a way that it led to Herakles’s Death, so this is no Trivial Ball of Yarn that the Universe is proposing to Help us Unravel. The third member of the party is Vesta. In Greece, Hesta was the Goddess of the Hearth – Food, Warmth, Shelter, a hard combo to beat. The Greeks Toasted Hesta before they Toasted Zeus, and they Toasted Hesta after they Toasted Zeus. The Roman’s thought that was such a good idea that they made their version, Vesta (as in Virgins), Goddess of the State.

So before we even get to the Unxes and the Oppositions, we’re likely to be Encountering our Karmic Limitations that were Derived from Abuse and Betrayal. More of us than not are likely to have Repressed Memories of Abuse and Betrayal from Childhood. The many varieties of Abuse and Betrayal, from the Horrific to the Trivial, can seem Trivial or Horrific to the Observer; what matters is how it was Received by the Victim. We speak of Karmic Abuse and Betrayal, because if we didn’t have pre-existing Karma about Abuse and Betrayal, we probably wouldn’t Experience it in the current Lifetime. But of course, unless she still takes us to the bathroom, we all have the Experience of the first time Mom walked away and left us “alone,” so we all have some degree of Abandonment.

The other end of this Dimension is an Exaggerated Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi, Out of Bounds). So what might we call a Dimension with Respect for All on one end and Unconscious Patriarchic Trauma on the other? Hating-Forgiving? The many situations around the Globe where Indigenous Peoples are Claiming Their Rights come to mind. We could say Unconscious Colonial Trauma, but that would be a little too narrow, because the many Genocides between neighboring Peoples would seem to fall in the same category. Unless you’re Banishing a chronic Abuser to the next County, which is just a form of Denial, Forgiving an Abuser just invites more Abuse.

How do we reach Neutrality when Abuse is on one end and Respect on the Other? I think it’s time for us to introduce the Yin Gate that Bob noticed in his comment to the first post in this series, the two green wedges making two green Xs or dos Equis in the blue rectangle that we drew in heavy lines on the Full Moon chart. The key to interpretation of any rectangle in astrology lies with the diagonals. The (red) diagonals that we’ve drawn in heavy lines happen to be precisely these two Oppositions or Axes or Dimensions – Nessus-Hopi or Abuse and Respect, and Hylonome-Sappho or Self-Abandonment and Self-Love.

I didn’t plan it that way! My Intention was to emphasize the Yin Gate surrounding the Axis between the Moon and Sun-Saturn! A Yin Gate is a Mystery School, where we need to Acknowledge that “Contradictions” are an artifact of the 2D mind with its Karmic Habit of preferring Separation and Competition over Union and Collaboration. Contradictions are not part of Observed Reality, they reside in the 2D Observer. When we find Contradiction we replace it with Paradox, and we Accept Paradox as It Is What It Is, and reassemble our Concepts about Reality around this. Paradox is an uncle to Confusion – they both indicate the need for Growth in our Consciousness, in the Concept Set we use to approach the World, and accordingly in our Identity. Paradox includes the Understanding that the 2D mind doesn’t have enough Bandwidth to Grok the Multifarious and Unitary Universe.

For that we need Intuition, the function of our Multidimensional “Right” Brain, and our Heart, the Seat of our Values. PIAVAing Invites our Intuition to give us some Perspective from Higher Dimensions. In my Thoughts I feel like I Understand the Self-Abandonment and Self-Love Dimension. I don’t feel like I have a good Intuitive handle on the Abuse and Respect Dimension, probably because I don’t feel like I can Support Abuse as being of Equal Moral Value to Respect. Which I think is the Point. As long as I’m making Moral Judgments, I may be Trusting my Values, but I’m not becoming Neutral, and we know that Nothing Changes until It Is Accepted Exactly as it is. “God/Goddess, May I Grok the Dimension of Abuse and Respect!” And while I do Feel Satisfied with my Embrace of the Self-Abandonment and Self-Love Dimension, it’s my Left Brain that does, it’s not Neutral, and the astrology tells me that There’s More to Learn Here. So, “God/Goddess, May I also Grok more about the Dimension of Self-Abandonment and Self-Love!”

Pattern-Busting Full Moon II

August 12, 2022

Mark Hammond has sent a sample of Aluna Joy Yaxkin’s reading at

“Magnetic storms and full moons are typically challenging for sensitive / emphatic people. To have them both peak at the same time is very rare. Aquarius rules the nervous system and is also karmic. There is an acceleration happening for those willing to do the work. We can quickly burn through intense issues, like the sun and moon moves quickly through space. Pay attention to anything that is weighing heavy on your energy field. There is a massive amount of transmuting in process with these energies. A lot of past life karma is going to be cleared if you are willing to work the deeper layers of your being. This feels like a powerful time for self healing, self empowerment, and deep self awareness. It feels like a beginning of a new chapter for humanity.”

Turns out the Magnetic Storm was a Surprise to those who spend their time predicting and watching for these things…

“The solar wind stream that sparked this display is a bit of a puzzle. It might be the early arrival of a stream originally expected on Aug. 9th, flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere. Or, perhaps, a CME was involved. A discontinuity in solar wind data at 0045 UT on Aug. 7th hints at a shock wave embedded in the solar wind. These days, the active sun is producing so many minor explosions, it is easy to overlook faint CMEs heading for Earth.”

In other words, the Scienterrific Types don’t fully understand this stuff yet, in spite of having spacecraft strategically spaced around the Sun to watch for Outbursts that could wipe out our Electric Grid for months at a time. In a recent issue, Wired Magazine featured an article that documents our Vulnerabilities very well called (in the hardcopy magazine) Star, Destroyer by Matt Ribel…

“The Carrington Event, as it’s known today, is considered a once-in-a-century geomagnetic storm—but it took just six decades for another comparable blast to reach Earth. In May 1921, train-control arrays in the American Northeast and telephone stations in Sweden caught fire. In 1989, a moderate [geomagnetic] storm, just one-tenth the strength of the 1921 event, left Quebec in the dark for nine hours after overloading the regional grid. In each of these cases, the damage was directly proportional to humanity’s reliance on advanced technology—more grounded electronics, more risk.

“When another big one heads our way, as it could at any time, existing imaging technology will offer one or two days’ notice. But we won’t understand the true threat level until the cloud reaches the Deep Space Climate Observatory, a satellite about a million miles from Earth. It has instruments that analyze the speed and polarity of incoming solar particles. If a cloud’s magnetic orientation is dangerous, this $340 million piece of equipment will buy humanity—with its 7.2 billion cell phones, 1.5 billion automobiles, and 28,000 commercial aircraft [in which the electronics will be fried if they aren’t turned off first] —at most one hour of warning before impact.”

A Nuclear Winter is probably more likely at this point. A few small nucular bombs detonated at altitude would have the same effect, with far less warning, if any. If this is Frightening, get Grounded, Tap it Out, and Recognize that Lifetimes hereabouts are short, if not nasty, brutish, and short. PIAVA a Loving and Gentle Demise. It’s Inevitable after all. Civilizations Crash all the time, it’s not even a Big Deal, and as Destructive as this one’s been, Mother Gaia will be Relieved.

Our Heavy Energy lately could have another source. Elon isn’t the only one peppering Space with thousands of Microwave Transmitters, several people and companies are. Here’s a batch moving past the Pleiades today…

He’s launching another several dozen tomorrow.

Arthur Firstenberg in his book The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life describes a fairly common 19th-Century disease then called Neurasthenia. While no one identified an accepted “smoking gun” cause, it was characteristic among telegraph operators and others who worked with the newly ubiquitous electrical wires. In those days there was only one wire, not two – the electricity returned to its source through the Earth. There’s no record that Earthworms or Gnomes suffered from Neurasthenia, but the more Sensitive among them probably did.

The symptoms (op.cit. pp.61ff) sound a lot like “Ascension Symptoms.” In the last years of the 19th-Century, the disease was renamed Anxiety Neurosis – by Sigmund Freud. Problem Solved: Blame the Victim. While Neurasthenia as a term is no longer used in the US, it’s still a very common diagnosis in psychiatry and general medicine in the rest of the World, commonly equated to “chronic toxicity.”

By the end of the 19th Century, the newly invented Telephone had become ubiquitous, and the wires multiplied many times over. And another mysterious disease appeared in epidemic proportions out of nowhere – Influenza. It’s sudden appearance and disappearance were so puzzling that it was actually named after “the Influence of the Stars.” Many researchers demonstrated that its worst epidemics corresponded to peaks of Solar Magnetic Activity.

Then, shortly after the turn of the 20th Century, Radio arrived. Marconi set up huge antennas and transmitters on the Isle of Wight. His wife, his newborn child, and eventually himself all died, apparently from the Intensity of the Radio signals. If he ever made the connection, he successfully Denied it. The indestructible Queen Victoria died of a cerebral hemorrhage at her retreat on the Isle, the same night that Marconi was firing up a powerful new transmitter a dozen miles away. And then all the Bees on the Isle died.

World War I saw a frantic increase in powerful Radio transmitters for military and particularly naval communications. Shortly thereafter there was Spanish Flu, which mysteriously popped up on ships at sea – iron Radio-wave receivers – though by then everyone knew that it was caused by a Contagious Virus. They didn’t, but they could have called it “Fish Fever.” It goes on. Rural Electrification highly correlated with Cancer in the ’30s and ’40s. Profusion of Radio Frequency use in the ’50s and Heart Disease. Radar and the Asian Flu Pandemic, 1957. Satellites and the Hong Kong Flu Pandemic, 1968. Cellphones and Epidemics of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Cancer in the ’90s.

Gosh this is all sounding so very familiar! Our cellphones are now powered by the same Frequency of Energy as our Microwave ovens. That started just about the time when the Moon started going Out of Bounds again – remember when that was? It took two years to fry 🦨Pootin’s brain and Regress him 150 years to where he Confuses himself with Raspootin’. Interesting coincidence – 150 years is just about the length of the Pholus-Quaoar Global Climate Change et al Cycle.

It looks a lot like Electromagnetism is the mechanism for our Evolution, for better or worse. Fortunately, we’ve Learned that Conscious Intention is also a Powerful Force.

To be continued…