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Internal Adjustments

October 2, 2014

MnTaOpManganotantalite, an Oxide of Manganese and Tantalum, will help keep Communication flowing, especially the all-important Communication between our Olde Selves and our New Selves here in this era of Great Change.

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Other than Portal 10.1-8 (we added more information to the end of that post at about 2pm PDT October 2), Mercury’s October 4 (10am PDT) Retrograde Station is pretty quiet.

It would make a Mercury-Square-Juno-Quincunx-Neptune-Trine-Mercury Tricolor, but you’d need 7 degrees of Orb to count it, and the big Orb would apply to the Quincunx, and few astrologers would ever give you that, even in a natal chart.

In case you’re a total newbie, Mercury turns Retrograde for three weeks at a shot every four months.  The traditional meaning is that Communication and Travel may become difficult, though I find that interpretation to range from subtle to irrelevant.  Retrograde means the Energy is directed inward rather than outward, and the majority of folks think that’s weird (or pathological) because only 25% of us are more introverted than extroverted, and extroverts have zero Empathy for introverts.

When a planet turns “Retrograde,” it appears to move backward in the sky.  To see this “backward” motion you’d need to take a snapshot of the sky every night at the same time, then compile the snapshots into a movie.  The planet isn’t really moving backward, we’re just passing it (or, in the case of Mercury or Venus, it’s on the other side of the Sun), so it appears to move backward. 

When a planet changes direction, it’s either “Stationary Retrograde” (turning Retro) or “Stationary Direct” (starting to go forward again).  The influence of a planet is very strong when it’s Stationary, whether Retro or Direct.

The Real impact of a Retrogradation – other than these two periods of planetary strength while the planet is Stationary – is that we get to (or have to) review three times the curriculum covered by the planet’s Retrogradation.  The planet crosses this playground once forward, then stops and backs up across it a second time, then stops again and crosses it again.  At the Retrograde Station, the planet has crossed the playground once, and it’s about to start crossing it again backwards.

The official term for this playground is the “Shadow Period.”

So in this case we have Mercury Retrograding over the last half of Libra.  Mercury is basically about Thinking.  Libra is about the self-absorbed individual meeting for the first time Other – we usually think of Other as Other People, but really it applies to anything that the individual sees as Not-Self.  The first half of Libra is about encountering Other.  The second half is about how, having encountered Other, the individual is changed.

So in the Big Picture, here in Pi’s domain after the End of Time, we’ve now encountered Other from the place of Responsibility (Ability to Respond) rather than the place of Blame (Who did that?).  This is the first Libra Mercury Retro since the End of Time.  So for the next three weeks we’ll be rethinking our Relationships to Other, making more space for Responsibility and less for Blame.  That usually means owning our Projections – recognizing that it’s our Reactions that are causing us discomfort, more than their Behaviors.  But this World is New, so who knows what it will mean now.

In the Medium Frame, we’re about five sevenths of the way through the Yintegrity work we’ve also been doing since 2012.  For the last three weeks we’ve been meeting Other through the frame of our evolving Yintegrity.  Some folks are pleased with our Yintegrity and some folks aren’t.  How have we Reacted and Responded to these differences?  We’ll be rethinking them for the next three weeks.

In the more local Picture, we’ve now met Other after the early-September Centaur Stampede Galactic Download that we briefly summarized in Portal 10.1-8.  Centaurs are, after all, half Human and half Other.  Mercury entered the playground on September 14, so we’ve been encountering Other through the filter of the Galactic Download since then.  Have you noticed how Other has seemed different since September 14?  For the next three weeks we’ll be rethinking our Relationships with this Other as well.

Our Yindependence is another changing element in our 21st-Century evolution and devolution.  How has Other Reacted to these Changes, and how have we Responded to their Reactions?  How have we Reacted to growing Yindependence in Other?  Yindependence is a big part of the Centaur Stampede Grand Trine.  Another issue we’ll be rethinking over the next three weeks.

The other thing that’s useful to know about a Retrogradation, is which planets are danced with three times, as the Retrograding planet crosses the playground thrice.  These are the interactions that the Universe wants us to review very thoroughly.  There are several here…

Pallas Initiates Mercury on September 11 at 14 of Libra.  Libra 14 isn’t within the Shadow Period, but Mercury Conjoins Pallas twice more in October and November.  Libra 14 is “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.

A major element of our rethinking will be about how we need to shift our Boundaries with Other.  For instance, suppose for us Nature is part of Self or Other.  How then do we React to the news that so many species have gone extinct in the past forty years?  Empathize for a moment with an extincting species.  How would it feel to be the last remaining individual of your species?  How will your Boundaries be shifting to adjust to the Changes in your Yintegrity, your Responsibility, your Yindependence, and your Relationship to the Galaxy?

On September 16-17 Mercury Waxing Squares Juno and is Initiated by both Haumea and the North Node, at 21 of Libra.  On September 19 Mercury Opposes Eris.  All of these Angles are repeated twice more in October and November.  Libra 21 is “A Sunday crowd enjoying the beach.

As we’ve been harping on at length, we’re being Reborn anew as the hidden elements of our Karma are Revealed and Released.  This new Entity we are Becoming will need to be rethinking all of their Relationships and Boundaries with Others of all stripes.

While Mercury’s Shadow Period is over by October 26, the Confidence Builder recurrences of the Mercury-Pallas and Mercury-Juno adventures won’t occur till mid-November.

Mercury-Eris AKA Corruption

August 5, 2013

CuCOaz1836bpCats kiss like this.

Just discovered that Alternative Radio can be downloaded free, at least the current show, if you can get iTunes…

If you don’t get there in time for Scahill’s talk on License to Kill

This diversity of perspective is quite fascinating…

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Azurite says

“Give your worries to Azurite; Azurite eats negative thoughts for lunch.   Most of the time most of us don’t even realize we’re thinking negative thoughts.   Declare with me the intention to become aware of the way our habitual thoughts “lend our strength to that which we wish to be free from” (as Jewel puts it), so we can consciously surrender darkness to Azurite for transformation into beauty and light and clarity.”

It’s Both/And – we need to think clearly without Denying Reality, And to surrender darkness to Azurite.

Square Apples

August 3, 2013


When the Moon crosses Mercury at 12am PDT on August 5, both will have just Squared Eris,

While the Mercury-Eris Cycle lasts only about a year, it should be a fairly important one, as Mercury represents our temptation to move the mouth, and Eris our temptation to call out Denial.  Of course challenging anyone’s Denial is a direct slap to their Ego, and since most everyone Identifies with their Ego fairly strongly, it can be experienced almost as if it was a challenge to a duel.  Since dueling has gone out of favor in polite society, calling out Denial is usually a good way to alienate someone.  Of course if you want to alienate somebody, and you think it’s safe to do so, it might be a good way to set a Boundary.

Some folks say that Squares to Eris don’t mean much, because it’s the Graceful Angles to Eris that cause trouble.  I don’t see that in my own experience.  So have we been making any new enemies lately?  There are of course subtle and effective ways to introduce someone to their Evil Twin without making them an enemy or alienating them, but they’re tricky.  There aren’t any rules, you just have to know your counterparty pretty well, go one step at a time, probably backtrack a lot with Oh, sorry! and No, that’s not what I meant! and feel your way along.  You’re better off with questions than statements, especially you-statements.  And you’ll probably want to spend a lot of time telling them how much you appreciate them, with the intention of convincing them that you’re on their side.

The current Mercury-Eris Cycle – this is Waxing Square, or the place when it “becomes permanent” – began in early May 2012 at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  To me this implies that our suggestions about the Emperor’s clothes will call out significant issues, and have significant impact.  Chris Hedges’s story about East Germany comes to mind, where small peaceful demonstrations against repression and injustice gradually just got larger and larger till finally, in a showdown between the army and the protesters, the army joined the protestors, and the government fell within the week.

When you can pull those kinds of numbers into the streets, including half a million people in East Berlin, who are nonviolent, who speak a fundamental truth about the corruption of power, what you do is paralyze the forces that the ruling elite relies on for control.  You draw those forces to you.  This is true in most revolutions.

As it was at Woodstock.

A big slab of Manganotantalite, looking for all the World like raw meat.  The combination of Manganese and Tantalum can give you a golden tongue, so that your words, no matter how toxic your intent, can be crafted lovingly and received without defensiveness.  If you just need to vent, do it in private or with a good friend.  If you want to create real Change, you need to move past your own Emotional Attachment to the issue (which is a mirror for your counterparty’s Attachment to their Denial), and act gently and lovingly.

The Apple has the same five-symmetry as the Rose.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, moving up one Dimension from the Square, which is about Control.  That’s why we’re here.