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Uranus Stationary II

July 13, 2013

MilkyWayAlquevaAnother gorgeous Milky Way photo by Miguel Claro.

Here’s a picture of all the Angles that the Uranus Station makes…

UranusStaThe Grand Cross is drawn in with thinner red lines, and the Grand Trine with thinner blue lines.

The Grands

Uranus relates to all four corners of the Grand Cross – Trine (Third Harmonic) to the Ceres corner, Quincunx (Eighth) to the North Node corner, Sextile (Sixth) to the Juno corner, and Semi-Sextile (Twelfth) to the South Node.  And to all three corners of the Grand Trine – Quincunx to the North Node, Square to Mercury (Fourth), and Semi-Sextile (Twelfth) to Chiron.  Uranus isn’t in either of the Grands, but you can think of it as the conductor behind the scenes.  The Great Manifester (and Authenticator! – Uranus’s henchperson here in the lower Dimensions), the Moon, sits on the North Node, directing our Attention very clearly to that corner.

The Grand Cross, which was exact while Saturn was Stationary earlier this week, is about making permanent (Ceres) the Changes (Nodes) in our Unconscious Identity (Juno) that have been occurring for a while now, Changes that will liberate us from our Karma (South Node) so we can more effectively Manifest (Moon) our Mission (North Node).  The tension (it’s a Grand Cross after all) involves releasing what we’re attached to, that we no longer need, particularly the Karma part.

The Grand Cross sits on the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs, which symbolize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  Like the Solstices and Equinoxes, the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs epitomize the Grand Cross.  They are celebrated by the Cross-Quarter Days, the other four Pagan Holidays.  Because of the Precession of the Equinoxes and other anomalies, the Fixed Stars representing the Four Horsemen are no longer at the Midpoints of the Fixed Tropical Signs.  But the symbolism remains.  Like the Mjolnir, the Four Horsemen represent Challenges that result in either Great Success or Great Failure.

  • The Star Aldebaran and the Holiday Beltane or MayDay symbolize the Midpoint of Taurus.  Beltane, like Samhain (Hallowe’en), is a time when the Faerie or Spirit Dimension is close to ours.  Beltane celebrates Fire.  The Challenge that Aldebaran brings is Integrity.  While the South Node, at the Taurus Midpoint, is about Karma or obsolete Patterns, it’s also about the Lost Skills that are hidden beneath our Karmic Emotional Holding – the Light of Authenticity would be a good candidate.
  • Ceres sits near the Midpoint of Leo.  Ceres stands for that which Sustains us, what is permanent, and illuminates the excesses in our Desire.  The Holiday Lammas celebrates the first harvest of the summer – often with grain.  Ceres as in Cereal – another multiplication of independent forces.  The Star Regulus presents the Challenge of Revenge.  The combination symbolizes Responsibility – the willingness to accept and repay all of our legitimate debts cleanly and respectfully.
  • The Midpoint of Scorpio is Samhain, celebration of Spirit and Death.  The Challenge of its Star Antares is to Defy Death.  You can see the reflection of Antares as a short red streak in the lower right of Miguel Claro’s photo.  If you scroll down on the link, he traces out the entire Scorpius constellation in the reflection.  The North Node occupies this Midpoint, signifying that our Mission is not without meaningful Risk.  We knew that, actually.
  • The Midpoint of Aquarius is represented by Brigid and the Star FormalhautBrigid celebrates the Return of the Light after the darkness of winter.  Formalhaut symbolizes Purity of Ideals as the blade on which success and failure balance.  Here we have Juno.  The plotline is about purifying our Unconscious Intention, so our Conscious Intentions are no longer sabotaged by our Evil Twin.

While Uranus, being Stationary, is the clear Leader in this horoscope, the North Node, as the corner shared by both the Grand Cross and the Grand Trine, is the clear contributor of meaning.  The Nodes run from 15 Taurus in the South (“Head covered with a rakish silk hat, muffled against the cold, a man braves a storm“) to 15 Scorpio in the North (“Children playing around five mounds of Sand“).  Giving up on the Male Ego, industriously proud of his Doingness and Bravado, and regressing back to a simple Childishness, Playfulness – we can even call it Authenticity, Instinct.

Why Sand?  It’s elemental, fundamental, uncomplicated, simple, ancient.  Every Beach is different, but much of the Planet’s Sand is Quartz, as being hardest, that’s what’s left when everything else has been ground to dust.  Quartz, the great Healer, the great Amplifier of the Energies in other Stones.  Healing back to simplicity, without guile, guided by Instinct rather than figuring it out.

Why Five?  Five is the number of Learning, and clearly much of Humanity will need a lot of Learning to reach Simplicity.  But Five is also, as Rudhyar points out, the number of Venus, of the Sacred Rose and the pre-Intellectual Apple, of the Pentagram, of Magic.  Venus is the focus of the Mjolnir with the Uranus-Pluto Square, and the Uranus-Pluto Square is the fundamental underlying Energy of 2012-2015.  Five is also the number of the additional Dimension we need to fathom if we are to thrive after the End of Time – perhaps the Faerie or Spirit Dimension.

The Grand Trine involves the North Node, Stationary Mercury, and Chiron.  That’s remarkable, as it contributes great skills, operating effortlessly, to our Attention to our Mission – Chiron’s ability to reframe Despair into Miracle by changing the frame of reference, and Mercury’s ability to analyze, draw and test hypotheses, and maintain Awareness.

Embedded in all this is a Pythagorean Triangle – a Configuration combining a Square (Challenge), a Trine (Grace), and a Quincunx (Curiosity) – the Third Harmonic (Love with Wisdom), the Fourth Harmonic (Healthy Control), and their product the Twelfth Harmonic (Pattern-Breaking).  Nice combination.  The corners are the Uranus Station, the North Node, and Ceres.

We could easily use the Pythagorean Triangle as a summary of the whole Station –

By permanently (Ceres) allowing our True Self (Uranus) to show through, moment to moment, our Mission (North Node) becomes effortless.

Not to forget all the trimmings though, as they’ll add color to the picture.