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4 July VIII – Converging Parallel Timelines

July 1, 2017

As they so often do, Dan and the Arcturians really nail this whole 4 July Adventure…

“When you are taking a journey like this, it is to your benefit to celebrate each of your accomplishments, each tiny step forward that you take, because this journey is a giant leap forward.

“The significance of the shift for humanity is that you are becoming a new version of yourself, and that version of yourself is a total and complete projection of Source Energy.  You consist of many different aspects that have been fragmented off over your many lifetimes of existence.  When those fragments come back together, you know yourself yet again as your higher self.  You have known yourselves as your higher self before, and you will know yourself as your higher self again.

“Part of the process of reassembling these fragmented aspects does require you to experience some pain.  There will be and there have been growing pains for each of you.  What is necessary for you to bring yourselves to the higher self version is that you accept who you have been in all of your previous lifetimes, and even in your past in this lifetime.

“When you encounter other individuals in your life who display traits and behavior that you despise, realize that you are face to face with one of these aspects of you.  And as you release your judgment of that person, you show him or her compassion and unconditional love, you invite one of these fragmented aspects back into the whole.  You reassemble all of your parts.

“If you realize that this is what you are doing, all day, every day, then our hope for you is that you can enjoy this ride a little more.  As you see all of this that you are experiencing as the reassembly of your higher self, you will have a much easier time embracing everything that this world can throw at you.  Remember, however, that it is just you throwing pieces of you back at yourself.”

4 July VI – Inquire Within

June 28, 2017

As is often the case, the Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton, makes it all quite Clear and Straightforward…

“We have begun to explore different possibilities that are facing humanity at this time.  We are looking down different timelines and seeing what is in store for you as a collective if you decide to traverse those timelines.  And we are here to inform you that there is one particular timeline that looks very enticing from our perspective.

“So we are just going to suggest that you pursue the timeline in which you feel the emotions deep inside of you to the point where you come to a tipping point in the degree to which you feel compassion for one another.  On this particular timeline, that compassion leads to the forgiveness that is also a necessary part of your evolution and your ascension.

“And so you see, when you take that approach to life you are not reliant on governments making big announcements about aliens and UFOs, criminals in large organizations that you might call a cabal or illuminati being brought to justice, and your futures are not dependent upon the big oil companies granting you access to free energy.

“Your ascension is not dependent upon a redistribution of wealth, a revaluing of currency.  It is not dependent upon E.T.s landing in their ships, disarming all of your weapons, and bringing you to some sort of moment where you gather together as a collective.  It is all in your hands.

“If you choose the timeline that involves your accessing your deepest and darkest emotions so that you can feel compassion for anyone and everyone that you come into contact with, you can make this ascension process easy and even enjoyable.

“All of those other eventualities that we have mentioned can only occur when you recognize that none of those individuals, whether they be your nemeses or your heroes, are separate from you.  None of them are outside of you, and when you wake up to this knowing, you can live in the world that you want to live in.

“But as long as you deny these aspects of yourself exist and you deny the pain that comes with that acknowledgement, you will delay that inevitable moment of ascension.  That is why we are suggesting that you feel into that timeline and that you choose it for yourself as an individual, taking as many willing participants with you as you can.”