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Get Back?

July 30, 2022

I’m half Expecting the Air to Rend and an Alternate Universe to burst forth, sorta the Mirror Image of Clark Kent and his famous phone booth. Phone booths are no more, so What Are We to Do, Who Are We to Be? This is quintessentially a Uranus event, and tomorrow’s the Real Thing,1 so remember that Uranus doesn’t do Linear Time. Sleep when you’re Sleepy, and don’t try to make anything happen “on schedule.” Wakefulness is under Uranian Control now, and Resistance is Feudal.2 I’m not at all suggesting that we should Get Back to where we were in June,3 in January,4 or even 2019.5

I’m just Reflecting what our Olde Egos might be Thinking about what we’re Feeling about all this Transmutation, while wondering if we’ll ever Get Back to Know That We Left. Actually, it’s now quite feasible for us to Get Back to where we were before we left the Lightworker’s Lounge, and Realize that we really can Ascend without Leaving the Body.6 You don’t Know about that? Well, What If You Did Know? That question is how my First Teacher taught us to Open Up to the Miracles of the Right Brain. Now to Manifest a 5D Reality around us, eh?

Well, What If You Did Know?

  • 1 Uranus (Soul ) Initiates True North Node (Mission) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image), 1:05 pm PST 31 July 2022, 9:05 pm BST 31 July London, 6:05 am AEST 1 August Brisbane.
  • 2 Feudalism, the ultimate Patriarchy.
  • 3 Before Uranus-Mean North Node Opposed asteroid Karma Out of Bounds-Mean South Node (Dismissing Out Karma and Held Emotions) 12:15 pm PDT 26 July, 8:15 pm BST 26 July Liverpool, 5:05 am AEST 27 July Melbourne.
  • 4 Before Quaoar Initiated Pholus (Beginning a New 150-year Cycle about Being Responsive to Our Survival Instncts) 21-22 February and 🦨Pootin’ Initiated War 24 February.
  • 5 Before the Moon went OOB for the first time in the current decade, which coincided with the advent of the Bolognavirus (the Moon goes OOB for several days every two weeks for 9-11 years, then not at all for the next 9-11 years; the previous 20-year Cycle began on 9/11/2001 ).
  • 6 Uranus in Taurus (Descent of Soul into Matter) 2017-2025.

Karma Whisperer

July 28, 2022

One of my Childhood Heroes…

“Dear Ones, you have to ask and allow yourself to receive. Allow some time every day to contemplate and focus on the object of your desires. You all know this, but very few of you take time to apply what you learn in the blogs you read. You are creators, and you have to create what you want with the love of your heart, your intention and focus. It simply does not happen on its own, without your focus, without your asking, without setting your intention and without activating the feeling of gratitude for the fruit of your creation.”

“Message of Love from Lord Sananda Together with Lady Nada,” in Aurelia Louise Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames, pp.169-170. These two were last Incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth and Mary Magdalene.

We could label this week’s Portal as Surrendering Our Karma in Exchange for Soul-Identity.1 There’s an astrologically distinct 2nd Theme we could call Surrendering Our Karma in Exchange for Enlightenment, a nuanced version of the same Vibration.2 Then there’s the Refreshing Expansiveness, like the Clouds clearing suddenly to reveal spectacular top-of-the-World panoramas.3

And a fourth Energy, which we referred to as Union with Our Ancestral Karma in the Cosmic Holiday post, and here we’re calling our Karma Whisperer,4 when those snippets of the Past visit you in the shower and you Stop everything to Savor the Sweetness of the Rich Memory, or to Review your Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas about the Missed Opportunity. Greet those with Gratitude. What feels now like a Missed Opportunity was really a Teaching, from which you Learned a great deal that has Graced your Path ever since.

  • 1 We summarized this Uranus-North Node v Karma-South Node aspect of the Holiday in some detail in note 1 (all four paragraphs) of the Liberation post, and in the recent post on The Most Important Thing.
  • 2 The 10:55 am PDT 28 July New Moon and the 9:39 pm PDT 28 July Vesta-Gonggong Conjunction both occurred in 6 Degrees (New Moon in Leo, Vesta-Gonggong in Pisces), and both featured two Doubly Self-Resolving Challenges, one to dwarf planet Zhulong (The Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment ), and the other to asteroids Moira (Fate and Choice) and Pallas (Boundaries). Our Fate and our Karma are really the same thing, so we have here Karma v Enlightenment again, with a slight nuance. The New Moon deserves an additional post.
  • 3 Station of Jupiter in 9 Aries (Effective Secret Revolutionary), 1:37 pm PDT 28 July.
  • 4 Asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) Conjoins (Merges with) dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) 9:39 pm PDT 28 July, in 6 Pisces. We’ll talk more about this recently New Cycle soon.


July 26, 2022

Are we still Chopping Water and Carrying Wood?

Brenda Hoffman nicely covers our Soul’s Descent 1 and our Potential Guilt 2 in one Channeling…


“This is a time of great upheaval for the earth and those of the earth. You are feeling that earth turmoil at the same time you are clearing issues that no longer pertain to new you. A combination of unpleasant sensations that are a small indication of your Universal strength.

“Many of you question the concept that you are a god. But because of your actions over the past few months, you are beginning to understand the phrase you learned as a child that God/the Universes ‘knows every hair on your head.’ For you are sensing the pain and fear of others you have not met and never will. Sensitivities beyond what is expected of a 3D human.

“Your responsibilities no longer include sensing everyone and everything. Even though those feelings are a natural skill, that skill is not productive in your new world.

“You are not negating humanity or other earth beings. Instead, you are allowing yourself to focus on you. Your new Rubicon crossing is from caring for everyone and everything to acknowledging your needs. A concept that was touted as selfish in 3D but is a necessary element in your new world…

“In addition to negating the caretaking of those in your 3D circle of friends and relatives, you are now doing so globally. Letting go globally has been extremely difficult for you. Your recent exhaustion and/or bouts of rage indicate how complicated this phase has been.

“You trained for eons to help earth through this transition. And as you did so, you enhanced your caretaking skills beyond what would be expected of a 3D earth being. Not only did you care for family and friends, you felt the weight of the earth and its inhabitants.

” ‘Love thy neighbor’ – especially those who looked and acted like you. ‘Love and caretake your family’ – no matter what your home experiences were. Encouraging you to acknowledge internally that everyone, including the earth, was more important than you.

“Earlier in this transition, you discovered the need to allow family and friends to find their way. You are now doing something similar globally – causing your feelings of being a bad or selfish person to once again surface.

“If someone told you that you were responsible for the well-being and feelings of all earth’s inhabitants, you would ignore them. Yet, you have been enmeshed in that seemingly unattainable concept since your earth’s entrance in this lifetime…

“You are slowly realizing you cannot – and no longer want – to control everyone and everything. You are tired. You are ready to retire from parenting the earth and everyone and everything of the earth. This new earth and new you are topsy-turvy from every other earth life you experienced.

“Caretaking, with ensuing power grabs, was key to a successful 3D earth life. To shift the earth beyond 3D, you needed to play your god role of knowing what was best for the earth. Then you needed to morph again into not caretaking the earth or its inhabitants.

“You initiated that last phase by letting go of family and friends who refused to caretake themselves, and then, doing the same with the earth – a phase you are just ending. Allowing yourself to shine as a self-contained entity, knowing others are more powerful than they believe and that the earth has proved to be the same.

“It is time for you to see and sense the sun. Those following you have accepted their heavy-lifting roles. Yours are over. Relax. Play. Laugh. You have completed your challenging pieces. It is time to be a role model of contentment. No longer do you need to experience sleepless nights worrying that your family member or the earth is incapable of self-care. You are done. You have completed those roles.

“It is time for your new personal role. A role you have not accepted in any previous earth life – but one you experienced in thousands of other frequencies and dimensions. Enjoy. Play. Laugh. Your caretaking roles are over.”

A Shaperson Enlisting the Aid of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet to Restore the Capacity for Joy, Play, and Laughter in someone Suffering from Karmic Guilt

  • 1 26-27 July 2022, Uranus (Soul ) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image) Initiating (Beginning a New Cycle with) the Moon’s North Node (Lifetime Mission) while the Moon’s South Node (Held Emotions) in 19 Scorpio (Driven by Spirit but Plagued by Doubt ) Merges with (Conjoins) asteroid Karma (Karma) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 20 Scorpio (Dedicated to the Path but Challenged by Spiritual Pride till Spiritual Guidance Reigns). 19 Taurus (South Node) is home to (Merged With) the Fixed Star Zuben Eschamali (Social Reform with Corruption or Need for Status by the Reformers).
  • As long as Light-Workers have 2D or 3D Expectations for What 5D Planetary Evolution should Look Like, the Evolution will in their Obstructed view be Corrupted. The Uranus-Karma Nodal Axis is Squared (Annoyed – it’s a Grand Cross, in Earth Signs) by the Opposition (Debate) between asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Web of Life) in 17 Aquarius (Maintaining Tradition) and Mercury (Awareness) in 15 Leo (Individuation). 15 Leo (Mercury) is adjacent to (Entangled with) the Fixed Star Accubens (Resurrection).
  • The Uranus-North Node Merger chart makes a Grand Unx – 12 planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, or three Grand Crosses and four Grand Trines. An Unx is one twelfth of something; the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking. A Grand Unx is Self-Resolving, meaning we need to sit back and Observe, and not try to Intervene, because the astroevents are occurring at a Higher Vibration than our Intervention would be, and we’d just Screw it Up.
  • Mars (Action) in 15 Taurus (Iterative Surrender) Conjoins Uranus and North Node, causing many astrologers to worry about Violence and Disruption. Yes, the Lower Vibration of Mars can be Violent; it you Encounter that, Raise your Vibration (try Kegels for starters). And yes, Uranus is Disruptive, but it only Disrupts that which the Soul no long has use for, so it’s Good Riddance. Thank it for its Service while it was Useful, and wish it Goddess-Speed. 15 Taurus is home to the Fixed Star Menkar (Eruption), which may increase the odds of Violent Cleansings.
  • 2 Till 3 August asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) is Stationary (Exaggerated ) in 1 Aries (Single-Minded, Hard-Working, Opinionated ). The Exaggeration comes with two Big Challenges (T-Squares), first to Nemesis itself from Very Heavy Challengers – OOB Ixion (Forbidden Genius Amplified ), OOB Chaos (Exaggerated Superpowers), OOB Asbolus (Exemplary Intuition), Hybris (Pride, Hubris), and second, to our Transmutational Rebirth (Haumea Conjunct Ka epaoka awela) from Not-Insignificant quarters – Pluto (Compulsion), Cyllarus (Death), Kassandra (Disbelief ). But both are Doubly Self-Resolving, so No Worries if we Stay Out of Their Way. We’ll Flesh these Out in a later post.

The Moon’s Nodes

July 26, 2022

Actually, every planetary body has Nodes, but except for the Moon they’re rarely used.

The Moon’s Orbit around the Earth is not in the same Plane as the Earth’s Orbit around the Sun. Consequently, the Moon at any given time may be Below the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit, or it might be Above the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit. The Moon’s Orbit is about 28 days long, so roughly once a month the Moon Crosses the Earth’s Plane from Above to Below, and two weeks later Crosses the Earth’s Plane from Below to Above. If one of these Crossings happen to occur at New Moon, the Moon Eclipses the Sun, Crossing in between the Earth and the Sun. If one of the Crossings occurs at Full Moon, the Moon is Eclipsed, as the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon. These Eclipses usually happen in pairs, twice a year.

We’ve been following the Out of Bounds Moon, noticing that it has a big Impact on Hupers, who are more Excitable when the Moon is Out of Bounds. The Moon goes Out of Bounds, or “OOB,” when it’s furthest above or below the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit. Because the Moon, the Earth, and the Sun are not Bots, they wobble around and have their peculiarities. Most especially, the Earth’s North and South Poles of Rotation1 are not perpendicular to the Earth’s Plane, so the Equator is tilted by 23 Degrees 26 Arcminutes and 11.3 Arcseconds (23.4368°) from the Earth’s Plane, or 23:27° for short.

As the Earth Orbits ’round the Sun, the tilt stays the same, so different parts of the Earth point more toward the Sun at different times of the year – hence our Seasons. 23:27 North Latitude is called the Tropic of Cancer, and when the North end of the Earth is pointed at the Sun and the Sun is overhead at 23:27 North, Northern Summer begins. 23:27 South Latitude is called the Tropic of Capricorn, and when the South end of the Earth points toward the Sun and the Sun is overhead at 23:27 South, Southern Summer begins.2

These well-established theories and definitions were all developed by Pale European Males, so of course the Northern end of the Earth is considered the “Top,” and the Southern end the “Bottom.” Some of these characterizations were developed when these Northern Folks had no Experience with Folks from the South, and still thought that of course they’d “fall off” if they ventured over the Edge. That’s the way all the maps are drawn and the globes mounted, with North at the Top, even maps of the Southern Hemisphere. The illustrations of our Solar System are always shown “from the top,” and photos and illustrations of the Moon always show the North end at the Top. What’s “Above” and what’s “Below” is Arbitrary, though I’ve yet to hear a European Male or their Cultural Descendents Acknowledge that they’re Aware of that. Astrology makes Value Judgments about these “Aboves” and “Belows,” so it’s up to us to Question them and bring them “up” out of the 13th Century.

These same European Males invented Linear Time, which moves in only one Direction forever. The Cyclic or Spherical Time used by pre-Colonial “Indigenous” People has no such Limitation. It just Spins, like the Earth on its Axis of Rotation. The impenetrable Narcissism and Hubris of most European Males and their Cultural Descendants makes them not just unwilling, but Egoically unable to consider that it’s their own Hubris that is Destroying their Planetary Home. If they did, they’d run their Linear Time backward till they finally understood the Wisdom of Cyclic Time, and surrendered Suzerainty of the Planet to the few remaining “Indigenous” Folks that have escaped their Colonial Genocide. The European Males and their Cultural Descendants, unable to Open to their Held Emotions, may well have to Die Off before Surrendering their Dominance. But who knows, we may see a Miracle this week, if we assume that even the Patriarchs have Souls!

But till we Improve the situation, we’re stuck with North as “Up” and South as “Down,” and “Up” as Good and “Down” as Less Good. The Nodes are the Points in the Sky where an Eclipse would occur if the Moon was Crossing the Plane of the Earth’s Orbit and it was a New or Full Moon. If we look at the Earth “from Above” (or “from Below” for that matter), they’re the two Points where the Moon’s Orbit Intersects the Earth’s Orbit. But the Moon and the Earth are constantly moving, so from the Perspective of our place on Earth, these Nodes are also always On The Move in the Sky. They move “backwards” relative to the movement of the Moon, or “Retrograde,” at about 3 Arcminutes 9 Arcseconds per day, or slightly more than 22 Arcminutes a week, or a little over 19 days per Degree.

Meaning that the Nodes circle the Zodiac every 19 years, 18 years and 297 days to be exact, or about 18 years 10 months. They reverse, North Node becoming the South and vice versa, every 9 years 5 months. The “North” Node is the Ascending Node, when the Moon Crosses the Plane of the Earth from “Below.” The South node is the Descending Node, when the Moon Crosses the Plane from “Above.” So you see how European Bias painted the North Node as Positive, Where We’re Heading, or our Mission, and the South Node as relatively Negative, Where We’re Been, or our Karma, because the North Node was “Up” and their Time was Linear and Unidirectional.

After many Centuries of use in this way, these Interpretations seem to work. Is it because our Values reflect Patriarchal European Culture, or because North and Up have Intrinsic Value? My Bet is on the former. In the Southern Hemisphere, where “Up” relative to Gravity is different than in the Northern Hemisphere, should we be Interpreting the South Node as Mission and North Node as Karma? If we Live in a Culture founded by Patriarchal Europe, probably not, because our Values and Language would be more European than Southern. Does this Disparity cause a slight Physical Discomfort for Folks in the Southern Hemisphere, where their Culture is Attuned to one “Up” and their Gravity-Based Body to a different “Up”? I don’t know; I’ve never been to the Southern Hemisphere in the current Lifetime. But it’s an Interesting Question.

If the Nodes are Reversible, what does that say about our Values? If Enlightenment is Unconditional Self-Love, are we Interpreting Enlightenment from the Perspective of our Programming and our resulting Values, rather than from the Perspective of our True Self and our Heart’s Desires? Probably. On the other hand, Enlightenment is often seen as Requiring Self-Knowledge. Is that Knowledge of our Karmic Limitations, or Knowledge of our True Self? As long as we’re still bound to our Karmic Limitations, can we even Know our True Self? I think not. But, Nothing Changes Till We Accept it Exactly as It Is. So the First and maybe Last Stage of our Mission has to be Reversing our Nodes, Exploring our Karmic Limitations Lovingly and Completely, and Letting the other Node Unlock Itself. Since we can’t Open a 5D Lock with a 2D key, maybe that Is our Mission.

  • 1 The Magnetic Poles are a separate phenomenon, though related to the Earth’s Rotation.
  • 2 This tilt, and hence the Seasons, is attributed to the Actions of a Troublemaking Chinese Dragon named Gonggong. We interpret the Impact of the dwarf planet named after Gonggong as Intrusive Memories. Gonggong has a fascinating relationship to the current Uranus-North Node and Karma-South Node Ascension-Potential Dynamic.

Cosmic Holiday

July 25, 2022

If you can possibly swing it – and you don’t do this every day anyway – I recommend canceling as many appointments as possible for this coming Thursday, 28 July 2022,1 and spending the day just Being with yourself. Ok to convene with like-minded friends for awhile, but most of the time, Relaxing and pretending that you’re on Vacation at your favorite Beach, with occasional Meditation, a short stroll or two if it suits you, and mostly just Enjoying a Carefree day of Mindlessness and Openness to Impulse. Why? Because the day overflows with unusually High Frequencies, it Behooves us to stay Open to Tuning In to them, and our best Chance for Receiving them is by Being Open to Spontaneous Impulses. Our Insights are most likely to come from Unexpected Sources. Similarly, see if you can find a way to Free Up some “long lunches” on Tuesday 26 July and Sunday 31 July.2

“If we look at the incredible variety and rich existence of natural ecosystems we find that there is much happening. But no Doing! Look at a tree – still and present. See how productive it is and how it is continuously engaged in looking for food, processing nutrients, growing, protecting itself, and producing fruits as well as supporting a range of insects, animals, and organisms that are thriving around it. We can also see this Beingness in native cultures that are connected with nature. They are in touch with something larger than themselves.” — Suresh Ramaswamy, Just Be, p.31.

Consider Doing a Ritual – a Meditation or an Offering or a Celebration for example – at or around each of the seven Power Points this week. Every Habit is extremely useful in some situations. Imagine if you didn’t have the knee-jerk habit of reaching for the brakes when someone ran in front of your car. There are people who could desperately use the Habits that have become Karmic for you and harmful for you because you can’t stop them from being Triggered when they’re inappropriate. On the Airwaves, Offer your Self-Sabotaging Karmic Habits to anyone or everyone who can benefit from them. To newbies they won’t necessarily be Karmic because it’s Inertia – thousands to millions of “reps” – that makes a Habit Karmic, and it will be a New Habit for someone else.

While Merger of Soul and Mission is specifically what’s happening this week, every time it occurs it Triggers the other half of that Energy – Merger of Exaggerations of our Karma with our Held Emotions.3 Exaggerated Karma is easier to Notice, and Noticing is the first step in Letting Karma Go. Our Held Emotions, the ones we can’t or won’t Feel, are the Deepest Pockets of our Karma, the hardest to Notice. Letting Go of Held Emotions is an essential step toward our Lifetime Mission, so the Power of our Soul is working for us here, bringing our Deepest Karma into Consciousness where we can replace it with Choice.

Until 3 August we also have Challenges about our Guilt Karma. They’re fully Self-Resolving, but they deal with Heavy Material. For instance, we could be Feeling Guilt around our Unlimited Potential 4 – most of us were taught that it was not appropriate for us to maintain our Fantasies about our Superpowers beyond a young age. The Mechanisms that those Superpowers Operate Through may differ from our childhood Fantasies, but the Outcomes need not. Those Fantasies were Outpicturings of our Unlimited Potential, and when used through non-Patriarchic Channels (such as PIAVAing), the “Magical” and “Miraculous” elements may not be that far off in their Effects.

We could also be dealing with Guilt around Abandonment,5 as we Fear that our Ascension will result in our Abandonment of Commitments we’ve made. If you step in that Morass, just PIAVA Both/And. You’re Letting Go of your own Abandonment Karma – it’s not your Current-Moment Commit- ments that are involved, it’s your own Abandonment Projections. Ask that your Commitments be Honored AND your Abandonment Karma Be Passed on to Someone who Needs it More than You. Someone with Commitment Phobia, perhaps. Contradiction is a 2D phenomenon; Higher Dimensions are Both/And.

Here are the seven Power Points…

For PDT (Left Coast of North America)…

  • 11:47 pm 24 July – Opening to Growth in Consciousness.6
  • 12:15 pm 26 July – Merger of Soul and Mission.7
  • 10:55 am 28 July – Rebirth New Moon.8
  • 12:04 pm 28 July – Relaxation of Tension.9
  • 1:37 pm 28 July – Expansion of Your Universe.10
  • 9:39 pm 28 July – Union with Your Ancestral Karma.11
  • 1:04 pm 31 July – Merger of Soul and Mission.12

For BST (UK, Iceland, Portugal, Far Western Africa)…

  • 7:47 am 25 July – Opening to Growth in Consciousness.6
  • 8:15 pm 26 July – Merger of Soul and Mission.7
  • 6:55 pm 28 July – Rebirth New Moon in 18 Leo.8
  • 8:04 pm 28 July – Relaxation of Tension.9
  • 9:37 pm 28 July – Expansion of Your Universe.10
  • 5:39 am 29 July – Union with Your Ancestral Karma.11
  • 9:04 pm 31 July – Merger of Soul and Mission.12

For AEST (Eastern Australia)…

  • 4:47 pm 25 July – Opening to Growth in Consciousness.6
  • 5:15 am 27 July – Merger of Soul and Mission.7
  • 3:55 am 29 July – Rebirth New Moon in 18 Leo.8
  • 5:04 am 29 July – Relaxation of Tension.9
  • 6:37 am 29 July – Expansion of Your Universe.10
  • 2:39 pm 29 July – Union with Your Ancestral Karma.11
  • 6:04 am 1 August – Merger of Soul and Mission.12

The Expansion of Your Universe Power Point10 is a particularly good time to PIAVA What You Want from the Universe. You know the Meditation where you expand to fill the room, then the building, then the block, then the ‘hood, etc etc till you stretch out to Jupiter and beyond? Do that, and then PIAVA What You Want. It’s very Powerful. Bring your Artesian Spring along, and Notice if there are any Leprechauns out there with you to Help. What if there was? Imagine it.

Union with Your Ancestral Karma should also be particularly interesting.11 Lonsdale’s Chandra Symbol tells us that the Energies may Feel very Out of Place – all the easier it will be to Recognize what doesn’t Belong in the current Lifetime, and Let It Go if it’s not a Keeper. On the other hand it may be an entirely New Superpower that you’ve never even Considered.

We won’t Experience Energies quite like this again till 2067. For a variety of reasons, you may not Feel Differently in the Moment, but you might Feel a variety of the “Ascension Symp- toms” that we’ve been dealing with for years. Do you remember the stamp above, or Björn Borg’s first win at Wimbledon, or Nadia Comăneci’s first perfect Olympics score, or John Lennon getting his Green Card, or Jimmy Carter’s nomination, or Tina Turner finally leaving Ike, or Richard Nixon’s disbarment, or Queen Elizabeth’s Bicentennial Tour of Britain’s former colonies? Or were you one of the last 49 Americans evacuated from Ho Chi Min City 15 months after the US gave up on its genocide of the Vietnamese? If so, and you have an astounding Diary, you recall the last time the Ambient Energies on the Planet resembled this coming week’s.13

  • 1 In PDT, the period when the Airwaves Are most Alive with the Sound of Ascension runs from before 1 am till 10 pm 28 July. That means…
    • From before 9 am BST 28 July till 6am BST 29 July in the UK, and
    • From before 6 pm AEST 28 July till 3 pm AEST 29 July in Eastern Australia.
  • 2 On 26 July, the Action will be most Intense in the hours prior to 12:15 pm PDT, and on 31 July prior to 1 pm PDT. That’s…
    • Several hours prior to 8:15 pm BST 26 July, and prior to 9 pm BST 31 July in the UK, and
    • Several hours prior to 5:15 am AEST 27 July, and prior to 6 am 1 August in Eastern Australia.
  • 3 See notes 3-6 in
  • 4 Asteroid Nemesis (Guilt ) Stationary (Emphasized ), 4:38 pm PDT 3 August 2022 in 1 Aries (Single-Minded, Hard-Working, Opinionated ), T-Square to dwarf planet Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius) in 2 Capricorn (A Rupture in the Structure) Opposite dwarf planet Chaos (Our Unlimited Potential ) Out of Bounds (Amplified ) in 1 Cancer (Surrendering to Spirit ), asteroid Hybris (Hubris) in 2 Cancer (Doomed to Reject Ego while Retaining Enough Humility to Teach Everyone Else), and dwarf planet Asbolus (Intuition) Out of Bounds (Strong) in 29 Gemini (Embrace of the Underwhere to Bring Light ). The Great Star Betelgeuse (Achievement) is adjacent to and between Chaos and Asbolus.
  • 5 In the Nemesis Station chart, dwarf planet Haumea (Rebirth) in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes) is Merged with asteroid Ka epaoka awela (Transmutation) in 2 Scorpio (Hard Battles to Overcome Ego) and T-Square to Pluto (Compulsion) in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity) Opposite (Debating WIth) dwarf planet Cyllarus (Death) in 2 Leo (BOTH Fully Involved AND Fully Detached ) and asteroid Kassandra (True Oracles Disbelieved ) in 3 Leo (Enthusiastic, Tripping on Life, Weak on Details).
  • 6 Asteroid Juno (Expansion of Consciousness) Stationary (Strong) in 22 Pisces (Compelled to Create a Model Legacy). See notes 2-3 in
  • 7 Uranus (Soul ) Initiates (Begins New Cycle With) Moon’s North Node (Mission in the Lifetime) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image).
  • 8 Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) New Moon (New Energies) in 6 Leo (Torn between Experience and Observation).
  • 9 Moon returns In Bounds (Relaxation of Anxiety) in 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ). See also
  • 10 Jupiter (Expansion) Stationary (Emphasized ) in 9 Aries (Effective Secret Revolutionary).
  • 11 Dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) Conjoins (Merges With) asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) in 6 Pisces (Valuable Irreplaceable Karmic Frequencies that don’t fit the Current Lifetime). 6 Pisces is home to the Fixed Star Deneb Adige (Mystical Creation of the World Egg), and adjacent to the Star Sadalmelek (Lucky One of the King) and the Royal Star Formalhaut (Dreams). This is an Exposition (2nd Conjunction of 3); the Initiation occurred 17 June 2022 in 6 Pisces.
  • 12 Same as note 7 above, different date.
  • 13 July-August 1976.
  • 14 The symbol for Soul is Uranus, while the symbol for our Mission in the Lifetime is “the Moon’s North Node.” We’ll talk more about “the Moon’s Nodes” soon; for now, just realize that it doesn’t refer to the Man in the Moon’s armpits.

Loonies Loose and Then Some

July 22, 2022

The Loonies will be on the loose again from 4:22 pm PDT 23 July 2022 till 12:04 pm PDT 28 July1 as the Moon goes Out of Bounds North again. Us Hupers are more likely to Panic when the Moon’s “OOB,” as we get lost in Our Exaggerated Thoughts about Our Emotions rather than Paying Attention to the Physical Sensations that the Body uses to Inform us about What’s Happening. Camilla Blossom Bishop’s Mermaid Ambré gave us a great Lesson on this a few posts back. When will we ever Learn?

We can hope we Learn a lot this weekend, because our next astroportal is 11:47 pm PDT 24 July,2 and it’s about Expansion of Consciousness and Understanding Our Mission in the Lifetime on the Planet.3 The latter requires two distinct Steps. In order to be able to Understand our Mission, to stretch far enough out of 2D to begin to Grok it, we must first Clear our Karma, because our Karma is the Sand that we Ostriches bury our heads into, totally Obscuring our higher-Dimensional Vision. The 24 July astroportal itself is a very useful feature, but fairly trivial – it happens twice a year.

But it’s difficult to tally how Important the next week is on the Lifetime scale. We have five separate parameters here…

  1. The Soul, symbolized by Uranus.
  2. Our Karma – the Habit Patterns we’re Stuck in, symbolized by asteroid Karma.
  3. Our Lifetime Mission – symbolized by what astrologers call “the Moon’s North Node” (don’t ask; we’ll go into what the devil that is in another post).
  4. Our Held Emotions – the Deepest part of our Karma, the Emotions We’d Rather Die Than Feel, which means they Require an Ego Death to Transcend, symbolized by “the Moon’s South Node” (see #3).
  5. Amplification or Exaggeration – the process of appearing under a Microscope, symbolized by the astroadjective “Out of Bounds,” which here applies at times to asteroid Karma.

All five of these parameters will not recur together again until 2067, 45 years hence. So if anyone over age 40 or so came here to Become Enlightened, this is the week to Do it. Soul and Mission Merge every 15 years, so we’ll Enjoy that again in 2037 and 2052. Soul Dances with Karma every two years or so, but not always with Held Emotions involved, and not always when Karma is Exaggerated, or Easier than usual to Identify. This week is a Unique Opportunity. And it’s Self-Resolving. All we need to do is Avoid Disrupting the Process.

Before Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Carry Water.
After Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Carry Water.
  • 1 12:22 am BST 24 July in Scotland, and 9:22 am 24 July in Queensland. The Moon will move from 10 Gemini (Through the Dark Side to Wholeness) to 7 Leo (Ready for Enlightenment ) while it’s visiting the Reaches of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • 2 Station of asteroid Juno (Expansion of Consciousness) at 7:47 am 25 July BST in Wales and 4:47 pm AEST 25 July in New South Wales.
  • 3 The single Self-Resolving Challenge in the Juno Station chart is a Diamond Star (T-Square and Finger of the Goddess) focusing on Saturn (The Most Important Thing) in 24 Aquarius (Mandatory Mastery of Thinking, until the Basic Assumptions Prove to Be Wrong, then we must Surrender to Intuitive Survival ) T-Square to the Nodes (The Unfolding of a Lifetime) in 19 Scorpio (Driven by Spirit but Plagued by Doubt ) and Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image). Saturn in 24 Aquarius is Merged with two Fixed Stars, Sadalsuud (Luckiest of the Lucky) and Deneb Algedi (the Empress, or Love with Wisdom).
  • Uranus (Soul ) sits on the North Node (Mission) in 19 Taurus (Giving Up Self-Image).
  • The South Node at 19 Scorpio (Driven by Spirit but Plagued by Doubt ) is Merged with the Star Zuben Eschamali (Social Reform but with Corruption and/or a Need for Status by the Reformers – that’s certainly going on!). This Star is thus also adjacent to asteroid Karma in 20 Scorpio (Dedicated to the Path but Challenged by Spiritual Pride till Spiritual Guidance Reigns).
  • The parameters of the Self-Resolution (ie, feet of the Finger of the Goddess) are Samadhi (Enlightenment ) in 20 Cancer (Coming into Enlightenment ), and Requiem (Respect for Death) in 19 Virgo (Focusing on our Feelings Instead of Our Thoughts About Them) Merged with Eurydike (Trust ) in 24 Virgo (Stubbornly Persistent Messenger of the Light ) – ie, Trusting Ego Death. Samadhi in 20 Cancer is adjacent to Fixed Star Castor (Blending and Bridging of Opposites, Optimistically). Eurydike in 24 Virgo is Merged with the Star Alkes (Messenger of the Light ).

That’s Not Possible

July 21, 2022

We’re a half-hour from this week’s peak of Denial and Revelation.1 The Rebirth here comes through Integration of Extremes, not Compromise with the Patriarchy.2 Reject your Doubts and Trust your Compulsions.3 The astrology says this will Complicate things and may Trigger Feelings of Isolation or even Abandonment, but that these will work themselves out if we Let Them Be.4 Refrain from Projecting any Abandonment on those who seem to be Abandoning you – instead, Be very Loving and Gentle with your own Abandonment Karma.

  • 1 Station of dwarf planet Eris in 26 Aries (Union with All ), 8:08 am 21 July 2022 PDT, 4:08 pm BST 21 July UK, 1:08 am AEST 22 July Eastern Australia.
  • 2 Eris Opposite Haumea (Rebirth) in 28 Libra (Integration of Extremes).
  • 3 Eris-Haumea Opposition Squared by Kassandra (Disbelief ) in 26 Cancer (Sticking with our Dream), home of the Star Procyone (Take Advantage of a Flash of Success, as It May Be Brief ) Opposite Pluto (Compulsion) in 28 Capricorn (Letting Go of a Lifetime of Negativity).
  • 4 Grand Cross.

More Landings

July 19, 2022

More wisdom from the Reaches

Some Truthtelling from Truthteller George Monbiot (George isn’t in the Reaches, but the Truth is)…


“The same formula applies to every harm humans do to each other: what cannot be discussed cannot be addressed. Our failure to prevent catastrophic global heating arises above all from the conspiracy of silence that dominates public life, the same conspiracy of silence that has, at one time or another, surrounded every variety of abuse and exploitation.

“We do not deserve this. The billionaire press and the politicians it promotes may deserve each other, but none of us deserves either group. They are constructing a world between them in which we have not elected to live, in which we may not be able to live. On this issue, as on so many, the people tend to be far ahead of those who claim to represent us. But those politicians and media barons deploy every imaginable wile and ruse to prevent decisive action from being taken.

“They do so on behalf of the fossil fuel industry, animal farming, finance, construction firms, car manufacturers and airline companies, but also on behalf of something bigger than any of those interests: the power of incumbency. Those who hold power today do so by stamping out challenges, regardless of the form they take. The demand to decarbonise our economies is not just a threat to carbon-intensive industry; it is a threat to the world order that permits powerful men to dominate us. To give ground to climate campaigners is to surrender power.”

This is straight out of the astrological Cycle Playbook. An Issue that Dominates a New Cycle (such as Climate Change et al 1) is Prominent in the weeks and months (or, sometimes, years) before the New Cycle Initiates (which occurred 21-22 February 2022). Then, once the New Cycle Begins, those who have Investments (Money, Ego, Power, etc) in the Old Cycle make sure that the Energy of the Old Cycle, rather Suddenly (think 🦨Pootin’ and ♨️Joe Mansion), Dominates the Conversation again, forcing the New Energy underground for ¼ of the Cycle, until it becomes mainstream again after that.

A classic example is Feminism, which was a hot topic in the 1960s, but then went underground till #MeToo in 2012, 43 years after the Cycle’s Initiation.2 In this case, the Climate Change et al Cycle spans 150 years, and the orbits of the two planets involved are unusual, such that the first ¼ of the Cycle lasts 60 years, until 2081.

To continue George’s essay…

“Over the past few years, I’ve begun to see that mainstream environmental movements have made a terrible mistake. The theory of change pursued by most established green groups is entirely wrong. Though seldom openly articulated, it governs their strategy. It goes something like this. There is too little time and the ask is too big to try to change the system. People aren’t ready for it. We don’t want to scare away our members or provoke a fight with the government. So the only realistic approach is incrementalism. We will campaign, issue by issue, sector by sector, for gradual improvements. After years of persistence, the small asks will add up to the comprehensive change we seek and deliver the world we want.

“But while they have been playing patience, power has been playing poker. The radical right insurgency has swept all before it, crushing the administrative state, destroying public protections, capturing the courts, the electoral system and the infrastructure of government, shutting down the right to protest and the right to live. While we persuaded ourselves that there is no time for system change, they proved us wrong by changing everything…

“Some of us know what we want: private sufficiency, public luxury, doughnut economics, participatory democracy and an ecological civilisation. None of these are bigger asks than those the billionaire press has made and largely achieved: the neoliberal revolution that has swept away effective governance, effective taxation of the rich, effective restraints on the power of business and oligarchs and, increasingly, effective democracy.

“So let’s break our own silence. Let’s stop lying to ourselves and others by pretending that small measures deliver major change. Let’s abandon the timidity and tokenism. Let’s stop bringing buckets of water when only fire engines will do. Let’s build our campaign for systemic change towards the critical 25% threshold of public acceptance, beyond which, a range of scientific studies suggests, social tipping happens.

“I feel clearer about what effective political action looks like than I have ever done. But a major question remains. Given that we have left it so late, can we reach the social tipping point before we hit the environmental tipping point?”

We’ve probably already passed it. What do you suppose the temperature in the UK will be in 2081? The 150-year Climate Crisis et al Cycle is about a lot more than Climate Change. So far, it looks more like a Tripping Point for the Collapse of Civilization, which occurs periodically throughout History, and which we can probably consider to have gotten well underway in the last Century. Our current Civilization is based in the Patriarchy, so the Collapse of the Patriarchy is something to Celebrate, even as a Rough Patch is to be Expected as Huperity begins to put the Pieces into some new sort of Order.

As Dan Scranton pointed out (see Previous Post), we as Lightworkers…

… “cannot get caught up in it and [also] be a part of the solution to it. If [we] want to unite humanity and show that [we] are all ready for e.t. contact [or Global Ascension], then [we] must be willing to let go of the side that [we] usually take. [We] must be able to rise above it all and recognize that everyone out there is reflecting back to [us] something that [we] need to love, heal, forgive, or perhaps appreciate. When [we] can accept everyone and everything as they are, and as it is, then [we] can start to see the types of changes that [we] want to see in the human collective consciousness.”

We and our children’s children’s children have 59 years to untangle our own Investment in the Fossil Fuel Culture and build the Foundation of the Next Culture, so it is ready to Take Over once the last Patriarch falls flat on his face. As we know from the recent Herstory of Feminism, the Future doesn’t unfold in a Straight Line. 🦖T.rump’s Army of Thugs, Zombies, and Judges has taken us back to the 1700s, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything but the Patriarchy’s Death Rattle. We’ll have to Conspire our way forward from there.

This region of the Reaches is ready to Help. Andrea Dombecki channels Leprechaun Messages about Ascension, Abundance and Manifesting for us from these Intermittently Incarnate folks. WordPress doesn’t supply us with a readable green, so I had to use black. Find the full Channeling, which is much more extensive, including the Pots of Gold Exercise, at…

…but it’s in a very weak grey font there. To get a copy in it’s full Green Glory, write to Andrea at

and Ask her to forward to you a copy of her 19 July 2022 email bulletin.

Leprechaun Abundance Meditation

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Get in a comfortable position. Release distractions. Intend to connect with your leprechaun friends. Envision them dancing all around you! See them sprinkling you with gold fairy dust! This is awakening your true abundant nature! Feel it awakening in all of your cells. Feel the excitement!

Feel yourself letting go of any negative energy that is blocking your ability to receive unlimited abundance in your life!

See yourself waving your hands..envisioning and creating good things all around you! See rainbows appearing in your world and pots of gold. The leprechauns are continuing to joyously dance all around!

In the same 19 July email you’ll find a link to her free 19-page ebook on Lessons of the Leprechauns. A short excerpt…

The leprechauns say: We do live on a higher dimension. Our dimension can be easily reached by humans though, through meditation and intention. We can choose to show ourselves to you. We are all knowing. We read the intention of your heart. We know your past, present and future. All is planned even this channeling was destined to reach you so that you can develop your personal connection with the leprechaun kingdom. We are excited to assist humanity. We like to reach humans and activate them as earth stewards and magical manifestors. The truest state of a human is empowered sovereignty! Sovereignty means complete wholeness and spiritual radiance! We are excited to work with humans at this great time of ascension. We believe it is time for you guys to remember that heaven on earth is a state of consciousness.”

In the ebook it’s also in that Lovely shade of 4-Leaf-Clover Green. I consider myself to be Incredibly Blessed by a Leprechaun’s Choice to Incarnate in my Presence, in his Full Glory. I only Smiled and walked on, Believing at the time that if I focused on him, he’d disappear. That was sixty years ago, but just now when I did the meditation above, he was Close and Real enough to touch! They have a very long Lifetime by our reckoning, and Linear Time is a trifle in their Dimension anyway.

Another Powerful group that’s more than Ready to Assist, and Hungry for our Recognition, is the Mermaids, Guardians of the Waters. Fresh Water is probably the scarcest resource we have, and Guarding it is an increasingly Challenging task in this age of Forever Chemicals and Ubiquitous Micro- and Macro-plastics. The Merpeople need all the Acknowledgement and Support they can get. Camilla Blossom Bishop…


…Channels them in her probably-autobiographical book Secrets of Ambrella: A Magic Mer-tail (p.15)…

” ‘So you mean nothing is wrong with me if I feel sad?’ Cammy asked.

‘Of course not, silly girl. Everyone feels sad or lonely sometimes. The sadness just tells you that you are experiencing a sensation that is appropriate to the moment. Nothing more. It is not who we are, but a wave of energy running through us.’ Ambré responded.

‘So if I just let myself feel sad, then that’s all I need to do?’ Cammy asked.

‘Yes.’ Ambré responded. ‘If you experience and accept whatever you feel, it flows away like a swift river current. It passes. It is only when you stop feelings from flowing that a dam begins to form within your body that blocks the flow of your watery emotions and can lead to illness.’

‘But I want to be happy all the time,’ stated Cammy.

‘Life is an expression of all types of feelings. Feeling happy all the time just means you are open to all the experiences of being alive. You can be happy at the same time you feel sad, lonely, or angry.’ “

What a Concise and Profound description of what it’s like to Stop Freezing our Emotions by Focusing on our Thoughts about Them. That’s probably the second-most Damaging Karma that the Patriarchy has programmed into us, after their insistence on Thinking Either/Or rather than Both/And. Camilla also does Land-Clearing and all manner of Teaching in her Earth School and other venues. At the moment she’s preparing to Teach Land Alchemy (along with Mahala Frye from our last post, who’s teaching Connecting with Great Mother Goddess) at the 22nd Annual Fairy and Human Relations Congress, 21-25 July 2022 near Salem, Oregon in the US…




Online Community and Monthly Workshops… and

Tickets are still available.

Finally, Natalie Glasson Channels the Adromedans (not the Camels, but folks from the Andromeda Galaxy) reminding us that there are Physical Changes going on in our Bodies as we Transition to 5D. Here’s an excerpt…


Are You Uncomfortable in Your Physical Body? by the Andromedans Channeled through Natalie Glasson

“You might find that each day you are searching for things wrong with your physical body. You may be worrying about your physical body and your health, worrying about ageing or the future. You might find that you are deeply judgmental about your physical body, your body might not be the same as others, maybe you feel like you don’t fit in. You might feel that there are parts of your physical body that simply aren’t working appropriately or that there’s something wrong with your physical body, but you don’t know what it is. You may have the desire to change aspects of your physical body. 

“In the civilisation you are currently existing within it is set in the belief systems that you judge, hate or dislike your physical body in some way. What is needed for the physical body is self-love and empathy. The way that you feel about your physical body is born from wounds within your being, within your energy system, within your emotions, and even your thought process. Much of your thought process is adopted from others; past generations, family members, those that surround you or the media. Many of these beliefs encourage you to seek out and search all that is wrong with your being. Thus, the wounds, the emotions, you might say the pain within you activates and you focus it upon your physical body. 

“The thought processes and programming are suppressing the divinity of your physical body, as well as the health, the vitality, and the use of your physical body. It is also limiting the connection of your physical body with the Creator and your divine self.  Therefore, you may wish to discover what you feel about your physical body. You may wish to recognise on the deepest of levels how you truly feel about your physical body, recognising these as reflections of energies, wounds, emotions, and pain that is unresolved within your being as well as programming from the outside world. 

“The remedy is self-love and empathy.”

1 The Pholus-Quaoar (Responding Fully to Our Survival Instincts); see our posts from February 2022.

2 The Uranus-Pluto (Compulsion to Inhabit Soul ) Cycle; see our posts from mid-2012.

The Landings

July 19, 2022

As Pogo might have said, We have Sighted The Landings, and It Is Us. The astrology is Abundantly Clear, and our most-trusted Channels are Agreeing – our Descent isn’t far from crossing a Threshold of No Return. Descent? Yes, Uranus in Taurus, Descent of Soul into Matter, often referred to as Ascension because in our 2D Minds Up is better than Down. In a Gravity-Dominated 3D World, Up is always Off-Planet. I Imagine that most everyone reading this has at least a fair amount of Experience with Disincarnate Guides, Teachers, Angels, Saints, Souls, Sidhe, Ancestors, Cosmic Travelers, and many other Entities, that seem to follow a different Geography than ours.

When we Connect with them we seem to be able to do it from anywhere, and from our 3D Perspective it’s as if they Float around in the Sky somewhere and travel without Friction. You eventually have to Ask, Is Consciousness Vertical, Horizontal, Oblique, or Purple? to see how “Provincial” 3D Perspective is. If Consciousness is Diagonal, what does “Up” mean? When we Soul-Identify rather than Ego-Identifying, Geometry Changes. “In The Reaches, the Rules are Different,” as Ursula Le Guin put it. Even the term Consciousness Expansion reflects our Old Geometry. In many ways Enlightenment is Consciousness Compression – your Guidance comes from Within. When Within turns out to be Limitless, is that Expansion, or Compression? Many of our Old Value Judgments become suspect in The Reaches.

We’ve discovered that the Chandra Symbols in Ellias Lonsdale’s 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny seem to fit very well when we Identify with our Soul, and less well in areas where we still Identify with our Ego. Not that you want to trust some book over your own Instincts, but it would be well worth the trouble to get hold of a copy of this book, read the Symbols for your Important natal positions, and where they don’t Ring Bells for you, Ask Yourself Is there is any Information in this Reading that I might be Overlooking, in Denial about, or that I could otherwise use to Expand my Self-Awareness?

If I use this Language to Describe my Life, Does or Could it Increase My Self-Love? Unconditional Self-Love is one Description of Enlightenment, so if a Reading would Reduce our Self-Love, by all means Reject that Interpretation of the Reading, and PIAVA whether we could be Misinterpreting it? Would Mom and our third-grade Teacher Agree? It could be our Programming that’s Interpreting it, not our True Self. If so, that’s a Huge Opportunity to Shake Loose more Karma and bring more of our Identity into the Realm of Soul and 5D.

Brenda Hoffman’s Channel comments on how our Relationships Change in 5D…


“Your rightness is now the rightness of one.

“This rightness of one concept means no one will emulate you because their worldview is different than yours. Perhaps this concept is confusing because your earth lives have always been about following someone or something. So you feel isolated – physically, emotionally, even intellectually.

“You know you are right, but no one seems to care. So you ponder your next move or thought in terms of what was instead of what is.

“That others are no longer interested in replicating your thoughts or actions indicates that the new earth has arrived. Another indicator is the unrest and discomfort of your world leaders. You want to follow their thoughts and actions, for they were ‘right’ in your 3D life, but not entirely or even partially so now that you are beyond 3D.

“There is no one for you to emulate other than yourself.

“Even though some wish to be someone they are not – to continue to be of 3D – their numbers are dwindling daily. What was is no more…

“You are no longer who you were. Much as would be true in 3D if you left a small, isolated community in your teens only to return a wealthy world leader decades later. You would perhaps communicate with those you held in your heart throughout your absence, but those connections would be strained because of the differing lifestyles. Multiple that concept 100 fold to understand how different you now are.

“You speak and think differently than was once true – your former friends are interested in orange, and you only understand green. Even though you once felt magnetized to those persons or groups, there seems to be no attachment now. They just are. There is no dept to them – as if they are paper cutouts. And they likely feel something similar about you.

“Such is so for several reasons, not the least of which is that you have transitioned beyond your 3D being. You have also cleared the karmic ties that held you together – including discomfort or needs. Your 3D karmic interactons are no more.

“You are creating connections for new reasons. Not necessarily karmic connections, but instead new you enhancement connections. So you find little interest in continuing relationships that have no meaning beyond what they used to be.”

In Greek History, Kassandra was an Oracle who, though Foresightful in her Prognostications, was Condemned to always be Disbelieved. Asteroid Kassandra is prominent in the chart of the 21 July 2022 Amplified Revelation of Denial astroevent,1 which is Lit Up as we speak. Reading the Chandra Symbol for your natal asteroid Kassandra could help you understand the places in your Life where your Opinions have repeatedly been disregarded. The Reading for the Degree of my own natal Kassandra is very Informative and Helpful for me.

Marilyn Raffaele’s Arcturian Correspondents comment on our Progress and our Abundance…


“The presence of increasingly more Light is exposing many dense energies of separation and as they surface, those in alignment with them often feel a sense of permission and empowerment to act on them. Thus the increase in violence in the world.

“As a result of the high resonating energies now pouring to earth as well as it being carried in awakened states of consciousness, shadow energies are dissolving. However, because earth is a planet of time and space and also because material bodies could not withstand intense situations of high resonating energy, its ascension out of third dimensional energies must be a process…

“Many are hurting financially at this time while others lack proper housing and food. Abundance is a quality of Divine Consciousness and therefore exists permanently as a Divine Law. Remember this with every appearance of lack or limitation. Example: Realize that in reality no one is or can be separate from their perfect home which is, always has been, and always will be Divine Consciousness. Everyone is an expression of God individualized, therefore lack and limitation can only be a manifestation of the separation beliefs that dominate collective and personal consciousness.

“You, the awakened ones are on earth to acknowledge the higher truth about everything in the world and by doing so help create a new and higher collective consciousness. If you are personally facing some form of lack or limitation, step back and ponder the truth you know about abundance. Take truth, not the problem, into meditation in order to attain deeper awareness of your beliefs about abundance and realizing that you are God individualized and thus complete, self sustained, and maintained. God knows nothing about lack and limitation. If lack was a part of Divine Consciousness it would be a permanent reality.

“Individuals create situations of lack through their consciousness of lack and limitation. Money is energy and as such can and does flow when and where needed and often least expected. Supply is infinite spiritual completeness interpreted in three dimensional energy as material and limited. In order to attain a consciousness of abundance you must cease looking to persons, job, inheritance, husband/wife, or anything outside of self for it and start looking where it actually exists–within. Yes, your good will probably come through one or more of these outer sources, but is never from them because humans don’t have abundance to give. Abundance is a Divine quality.

“Acknowledging that you are infinitely abundant because you are one with Source does not mean you sit back doing nothing while shouting to others that God is all. Rather it means that if or when experiences of lack and limitation arise, you first acknowledge the truth about abundance and then allow your intuition ( not some well meaning friend, family, expert, or the government) to guide your steps which may appear to be ordinary and three dimensional.”

Natalie Glasson Channels the Andromedans talking about Letting Go of our Victim Postures…


“You create your reality from your thoughts, your perspectives, and your beliefs, you influence your reality from the state of your inner being. If you are able to focus upon love, peace and truth, this will radiate into your reality. The more you practice this, the more you step into it and recognise it, thus the easier it becomes. It is as if you recognise the Victim Mode with greater ease and are able to decide that it is not for you. You do not wish to spend any time lacking in power, but more so wish to energise and empower your power. Your power is your ability to follow your intuition and to make decisions, it is a loving, peaceful, blissful, and truthful flow that is natural from your being. Your power is when you are aligned with who you are. Your power can be described in so many ways and yet, you know, when you are in your power, when you are accessing it for you feel happy, you feel content, and your perspective, your thoughts radiate the same.

“Often, it is not so much about creating thoughts to think that are aligned with positivity, more so about recognising when thoughts disempower you and remembering or imagining the power, love, truth, and essence of the Creator within you, allowing this to emanate. Therefore, the thoughts are created from this foundation rather than from your personality. They can also be created from your personality and so the change in perspective and thoughts comes from the essence, the space, the energy recognised within your being, and your choice to emanate it. Affirmations can be repeated however the creation comes more from the well of truth within your being.

“As you begin to recognise the Victim Mode in your reality, you will notice how even the smallest of thoughts or actions are actually born from this Victim Mode. It could be as simple as something that you eat might be born from the Victim Mode. It could be a word that you say or even a piece of clothing that you wear that is born from the Victim Mode. The more you recognise the Victim Mode, the more you will step into your power and your truth. This will change your reality.

“You can change your reality both from within your being and through the thoughts you create, when these two merge, your entire being is synchronised. That is when the truth, wells, thoughts manifest, and your reality changes. Thus, you are leaving behind the victim mode, which is creating the suffering, the pain, the challenges in your reality and within the reality of others, in truth, the reality of the world.

“You might ask yourself or ask us, how a small change within can influence the world around you?

“Everything is linked, it is synchronised and synthesised. Each change and transformation you make within your being is like a spark of light flowing to the entire world. However, when the world is involved with so many souls, so many divine plans, it takes precision, timing and patience. Every step you make influences and changes the world around you. This filters into so many realities.”

Daniel Scranton’s friends on the Arcturian Council talk to us about Healing and Ascension…


“You cannot get caught up in it and be a part of the solution to it. If you want to unite humanity and show that you are all ready for e.t. contact, then you must be willing to let go of the side that you usually take. You must be able to rise above it all and recognize that everyone out there is reflecting back to you something that you need to love, heal, forgive, or perhaps appreciate. When you can accept everyone and everything as they are, and as it is, then you can start to see the types of changes that you want to see in the human collective consciousness. Now, we hold space for all of you all the time, and we see the improvements. We feel them, and we know that they are coming in the physical realm in every reality and on every timeline.

“Everything that you do, and think, and say, not only affects your reality and the timeline you are currently on; you are affecting the multiverse with everything that you are offering vibrationally, energetically, and with your actions. That is how powerful you are, and when you tap in and you see what is needed, what is being reflected back to you, then you know exactly what you need to do. You know exactly where the love is most needed; you know exactly where to send the healing, and that is how being tuned in helps.

“You don’t need to know what to fight against, who the bad ones are, and who needs to be locked up. You don’t need to know any of that to do the good that you are there to do. You don’t need to know what secret wars are happening in outer space or there on Earth. You don’t need to be a part of that divisiveness, but if you are made aware of a reality where something is going on, some sort of conflict, some war between various factions, then you send love to everyone involved instead of picking up your sword and joining the fight.

“This is how you raise the level of consciousness there on Earth, and this is how you ascend. And we know that you want to be a part of the solution, and for so many of you who are awake, we know that you already are. Some of you are lagging behind a bit and still are caught up in the idea of darkness versus light, but you are getting there. You are getting there, and we can feel that when we tap in to the human collective consciousness, and that is why we are always so optimistic when we come to you and speak to you in this way.”

Natha Jay gives us a great Metaphor to describe how Ego and Power Live together…


“Esoteric power is a bit of an oxymoron, because ‘power’ is a concept of the ego, and the real esoteric juice is from the Spirit. By the way, until you’ve done enough inner work (ego taming) to be really familiar with the fact that you are not your ego, this discussion will make no sense at all. If that’s the case, I invite you to revisit this topic a little later in your journey.

“Our symbol here will be a clear drinking glass. When you are born, it is filled with mostly clear water (representing spirit), and topped off with a layer of oil (representing ego). As you develop through age 14 (or as long as 21), the glass exchanges water for oil (due to programming and conditioning), until it’s about 50-50, half spirit half ego. As an adult you choose to either add more water, add more oil, or just go with what you have at that point. Most people just go with what they have, because changing what’s in the glass takes applied awareness. Keep in mind, the glass only holds 100%, so to add more spirit, you must reduce the amount of ego. You can’t expand the glass.

“True power (for lack of a better term) comes from the spirit. The pure, clear water in our analogy is pure energy from source. The more you can remove the ego, the more spirit you can hold. The ideal situation is to return to the state you were born in, with only a thin film of ego on top of this clear water of spirit. It isn’t that the ego is bad in any way, only that it is, by its very nature, limiting. You need an ego to direct personal will, but if there is too much, it limits the amount and flow of spirit.

“Another important layer of this analogy is the substances. If you spill water, it just leaves a clean spot when you wipe it up; if you spill oil, it can take a long time to clean. You can easily see through clear water, but looking through oil is extremely distorting, or even impossible. The list goes on. The ego is a necessary part of living in this world, but true potential lives in the spirit.”

We’re getting close to the end our current Portal, the 8:21 am PDT 19 July 2022 Adventure in Healing the Unhealable.2 The Template for this Energy is the Greek Centaur Chiron, an Immortal that was wounded by a poison spear thrown by another Centaur, after Zeus’s hit man Hercules Triggered a violent Frenzy among the Centaurs. His pain from the Wound was so great and persistent that he Pleaded with the Gods to Let him Surrender his Immortality. They did, and he became a Constellation in the Sky. Much later, a dwarf planet was named after him. As Eugene Gendlin pointed out in his PhD dissertation, the Unhealable is Healed by Empathy. As usual, we recommend Poor-Sweethearting.

1 Asteroid Kassandra is Merged with the Sun (Essence) and Square to Eris in the chart of the 21 July 2022 Eris Station. The Square is part of a Grand Cross, so it’s not much of a Challenge, but it lends an Intriguing Angle to our Assessments of our Amplified Revelation of What’s Been Denied. Does it Imply that we will Disbelieve the Information that Eris has for us? Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been Exposed to our Self-Secrets before we were Ready to Hear them.

2 Station of Chiron in 17 Aries (Living Outside of Culture but Open to Spirit ), 4:21 pm BST 19 July in London and 1:21 am AEST 20 July in Sydney. It’s Merged with the Moon (Instincts). The meat of the Energy is more Work with our Fields – one of the two T-Squares (Challenges) in the chart focuses on asteroid Arachne (Grandmother Spider Who Weaves the Matrix) in 19 Aquarius (Half Participant in but Half Observer of the Apocalypse, thus able to Define Alternatives), and the other on Aletheia-Altjira (The Truth about the Magic of Life) in 18 Gemini (Perfect Attunement to the New Energies), home of the Fixed Star Rigel (Teaching). Both T-Squares are Diamond Stars (Self-Resolving) and both Blessed with Great Grace – connected by a Grand Trine, with asteroid Narcissus (Self-Focus) in 15 Libra (Intimacy with the Whole of Earth History) on the third Corner.

Artesian Spring

July 18, 2022

Asteroid Artesian, by the way, is minor planet number 296819. You’ll need that number to find it on True Node or Serennu or the like, so you can look up where it was when you took the lift down from the Lightworkers’ Lounge. I tried putting Artesian to work earlier today, pouring my remaining Unconscious Resistance to one of my Heart’s Desires into Niagara Falls, then Imagining my Artesian Spring blurbling out What I Want instead – to finish rebalancing my budget after a big reduction in input last year. Next thing I knew I was in my chair slowly waking up from a Sound Sleep! Now that’s Powerful Information about Whatever I’ve been Denying! So I tried the sequence again with more Focus, this time to Visions of pleasing abstract Patterns in stunning blues and greens, and no Sleep. Progress with the Unconscious is always Weird.

Yesterday I allowed myself to sleep in, and missed the first two hours of the Farmers Market. I needed GF Bread, Eggs, and Spinach, which are usually sold out by that time. So on the way there I Asked my Artesian Spring to Bubble Up some of each. Spontaneous Kegels helped it along. Sure enough, when I got to the Market the GF Bread was all sold – but the Baker had more at his shop and had already sent someone to retrieve more! Then some of the best Eggs were still available, and some great Spinach, and I scored an assortment of Greens for my next batch of Green Soup, and picked up the Bread on the way out! Go Artesian!

We’ve spoken about how 🦨Pootin’ has left us with a sense of Powerlessness, but when we add asteroid Artesian to the 21 February 2022 chart of Climate Change et al, it links two of its non-Self-Resolving Challenges with Dumb-Luck Grace, and adds a Mystery School to the third.1 The Mystery School’s Advice is to Forget everything we Think We Know about Manifesting Healing, and Open our Heart to Learning how to Directly Integrate Healing Karma and Respect. In other words, we aren’t Powerless at all, we need only Enlist our Artesian Spring and Specify What We Want. Remember that this 21-22 February chart describes the whole New 150-year Cycle, and especially the next 60 years while we work to Shift the Planet from Divisive, Predatory, and Destructive Profit-Motivation, to Collaboration and Community with the Victims of our Avarice – one another and the Natural World.

We’re entering a busy two weeks.

Be on the lookout for Despair between now and 8:21 am PDT 19 July,2 and be Mindful to Respond with Poor-Sweethearting or the equivalent. The prognosis for this event is Fantastic, so don’t let any Discouragement Karma drag you down. Toss it over your favorite Waterfall, and Let Your Artesian Spring Bubble up Miracles instead. If you don’t Expect it to work, it won’t, so Intend to Believe that it will with All Your Heart.

Also in the 19th, at 6:00 pm PDT, our Unlimited Potential Changes the way it Manifests, from Flexibility to Compassion.3 This is a big Change, since our Potential has been Ambiguous since 2000. It’ll be Nurturing until 2042. Keep your Eye on, and Trial your Beliefs about, your Best Superpower Fantasies until the Ides of October 2022, because between then and the end of May 2023 we’ll be Reviewing everything we Learned about our Superpowers while they were Dancing around in all their many costumes. After that we’ll get Serious about Mothering them into their adolescence. They move into Self-Assurance in 2042.

Also also on 19 July, the nature of our Guilt Shifts from Self-Pitying to Integrity after 8:26 pm PDT.4 From mid-August till year-end we’ll be Reminded of everything we Learned about our Guilt since April while it was Recycling Emotional Baggage. We’ll have nine months to Practice Eliminating our Guilt by simply Acting and Speaking with Integrity. The more we can Choose Yintegrity the better, because Yangtegrity always includes Guilt about Self-Abandonment.5

Until 8:08 am PDT 21 July, we’ll be Swimming in Denial that Asks to Be Revealed for What It Is.6 Denial is a psychologically Healthy Strategy for postponing Important True-Self Recovery work that we aren’t yet Ready to Complete. Be mindful that some people will accuse you of Denial when they’re Projecting their own Unconscious Denial onto you. Don’t Fall for it. You’ll Open up Gracefully to your Denial when you’re damn well Ready. You’re getting close when you notice that you’re starting to think that someone else is in Denial about something, which something will Resemble your own Denial, though it’s almost always through a Funhouse Mirror. Accept only the Revelations that come from your own Inner Guidance, and Reject the attempts of Others to Manipulate you.

At 4:22 pm PDT 23 July, the Moon goes Out of Bounds to the North, until 12:04 pm PDT 28 July,7 an hour after the New Moon. Folks are more likely to Panic about things during Out of Bounds Moons, especially when they begin. They get into Thinking about the Stories they make up to Explain their Emotions, instead of Feeling them to best harvest Insights from them. For instance, Wall Street often Panics at Moon OOB N, though this time they’ll have a day and a half to think it over before the Market opens to the peons on Monday. On the other hand, the FRB will announce new higher interest rates on 27 July, so everyone will be busy Overthinking.

Sai Baba

As July winds down, Growth in Consciousness is emphasized in Pisces through 24 July, though maybe we should call that The Need for Growth in Conscious- ness. The actual Growth is optional. As we’ve written about earlier, Our Soul and Our Life Mission Merge during the last week of July – what an Oppor- tunity! We need to make the most of it.

Through the 28th we have a Strong Emphasis on Expansion in Aries, and on the 28th an Out of Bounds Leo New Moon with four Strong themes, all Self-Resolving, revolving around Health, Enlightenment, Libera- tion, and Climate Change et al.

More details to follow.

  • 1 The 21 February Pholus-Quaoar (Climate Change et al) Initiation chart featured three non-Self-Resolving T-Squares, to Moon-Zhulong, Pandora, and Pholus-Quaoar itself. Asteroid Artemis at 6 Taurus completed the Moon-Zhulong Grand Cross, converting it from a Challenge to an Inconvenience. It completed a Grand Trine connecting Pholus-Quaoar and the Hopi-Thereus foot of the Pandora T-Square. It Quincunxed Pandora and the Makemake foot of the Pholus-Quaoar T-Square, creating two Tricolor Mystery Schools. Basically, we Win by forgetting everything we think we know about Manifestation and Hope, and Opening our Hearts to Mystery.
  • 2 Chiron Stationary in 17 Aries. Two T-Squares, one to Arachne (the Web of Life) in 19 Aquarius and the other to Altjira-Aletheia (the Heart’s Truth about the Source of Life) in 18 Gemini, are Self-Resolving, and with Narcissus in Libra share a Grand Trine. 8:21 am PDT 19 July is 4:21 pm BST 19 July in London and 1:21 am AEST 20 July in Brisbane.
  • 3 Dwarf planet Chaos moves from Gemini to Cancer, revisits Gemini 15 October 2022 till 27 May 2023, and enters Leo in 2042. It’s been in Gemini since 2000. That’s 2:00 am BST 20 July in Liverpool, and 11:00 am 20 July AEST in Sydney.
  • 4 4:26 am BST 20 July in Glasgow and 1:26 pm AEST 20 July in Hobart. Asteroid Nemesis moves from Pisces to Aries. It’ll revisit Pisces from 18 August till 30 December 2022, then enter Taurus in March 2023. It’s been in Pisces since April 2022.
  • 5 Yintegrity means we Do and Say what we feel like Doing and Saying, moment to moment, though this works well – without Rudeness and Destructiveness – only after we’ve Learned to Live from our True Self. Till then, we use Rudeness and Destructiveness to Identify and Repair our True Self’s Unhealed Wounds. Yangtegrity means that we Do what we Said we were going to Do, when we Said we were going to Do it, and we Say what our Leaders want to hear. To Live with Yintegrity in a Yangtegrity World, we Minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate when we can, and Make Amends when the Relationship is Worth Keeping and Renegotiation wasn’t possible.
  • 6 Dwarf planet Eris Stationary in 26 Aries, 4:08 pm BST 21 July in Cardiff and 1:08 am AEST 22 July in Melbourne.
  • 7 In Swindon that’s 12:22 am BST 24 July through 8:04 pm BST 28 July. In Canberra it’s 9:22 am AEST 24 July through 5:04 am AEST 29 July. The Moon moves from 10 Gemini to 7 Leo while it’s OOB.