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Lachesis-Pholus-Quaoar 1

March 23, 2019

Lachesis (Ending Timelines by Choice) makes four more Angles during the last two weeks of March.

♥ Lachesis invites us to Explore our Curiosity (Waxing Quincunxes) around our Responsiveness (dwarf planet Pholus) on 22 March, and around our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar) on 24 March.  These two folks have been Dancing together cheek to cheek for several years now, and they’ll continue to Ask us to Respond to our Survival Instincts for many years hence – till the mid-2060s, as we mentioned in the previous post.

We can basically consider them as one Energy, about Being Responsive to our Survival Instincts, and here at the Quincunx, Being Curious about how to Respond to our Survival Instincts, but not to seek Answers.  The objective is to Prime our Intuition.  We do that by Asking Questions without seeking Answers (we often refer to this as PIAVA), and then Changing the Subject so that our Current Limitations don’t Constrain our Future to only Mirroring our Past.

Lachesis Cycles are about Learning to End Situations, Habits, and Timelines Consciously, rather than “patiently” waiting for our “Fate” to Change on its own. 

Lachesis is currently five Signs ahead of Pholus and Quaoar, referred to as a Waxing (moving away from Conjunction) Quincunx (literally, five twelfths of the Zodiac) Angle.  At the Waxing Quincunx, the Energy of a Cycle has already come into the Mainstream (at the Square), become Easy (the Trine), and is Preparing to Bloom (the Opposition) and Fruit (the Phitile).  Blooming is even more of a Miracle than Growing, and (unless we’re an Accomplished and Powerful Shaman or Curandera) a Miracle Requires that our Attention is Elsewhere, because if we knew what we were doing it wouldn’t be a Miracle.  Even the Shamans and Curanderas are “elsewhere” in the sense of being In Trance.

That’s why, if our Curiosity produces Answers rather than Awesome Questions, it’s not the kind of Curiosity we need.  In the Olde Days the Medicine People Prayed every morning for the Sun to Rise; it was not a foregone Conclusion based on what had happened yesterday.  At the Quincunx stage of any Cycle, if  we’re depending on what happened yesterday, we’ll always miss the Miracle and miss the Opportunity to Step Off the Treadmill.  Even just giving serious thought or even voice to the “dumb” Question, “Gee, I Wonder if the Sun will Rise this morning,” we’re Opening ourself to the Miracle that it is.

The current Lachesis-Quaoar Cycle (Paying Conscious Attention to our Survival Instincts) began 18 March 2016 at 30 Sagittarius, “The Pope, blessing the faithful.”  The comma in there is interesting.  It puts the emphasis on the Pope, with the Blessing almost an afterthought.  The Mirror for the Pomp is the Faithful.  It’s like a mutual backscratching.  It’s the Equivalent of the Medicine People Praying for the Sun to Rise.

The current Lachesis-Pholus Cycle (Consciously Attending to our Responses) started 11 March 2016 at 28 Sagittarius, “An old bridge over a beautiful stream still in constant use.”  This Symbol always reminds me of the war in Bosnia where Bridges dating from Roman times and still in constant use were Destroyed.  Going Deeper, this is where the Ottoman Empire overrode Christianity and where the Romans settled the Ostrogoths, establishing the Regional “Fate” of Ethnic and Religious Conflicts that continue to this day.  Letting Go of this Ancient Pattern will take a Lot of People Paying a Lot of Attention to how they Respond to most everything for a Long Time.

Dan Scranton’s Channeling for today takes this even Deeper…

“We have been giving you a lot of information over the years since we began coming through this channel, and we will continue to give you more.  We notice that when some of you come across a guide, a collective, a teacher, or anyone who seems like they have answers, you give yourselves over to the teachings, the information, the guidance that comes through, and you give yourselves over to it completely.

“But now is the time to exercise your abilities to use your discernment.  Here we are, coming to you as a non-physical collective, and soon you will be face-to-face with extra-terrestrials in bodies.  So what we are suggesting is that you start using your own guidance now to determine for yourselves whether something resonates with you or not, because soon the stakes will be higher.

“You will have to feel out the extra-terrestrial being or beings that is standing right in front of you, and you will have to measure what their intentions actually are, and the best way for you to measure that is by how you feel.  This is something to practice with the other humans that you have around you and also with the other humans who are spiritual teachers, channels, psychics, and so on.

“You need to check in with yourselves to see whether the information you are receiving is true for you in that moment.  And even if this is a being, or collective, or individual, that you trust, it still serves you to check in every time.  You need to ask yourself whether what you are receiving in that moment is valid for you.  And again, you will be strengthening this muscle as you do so, and it is a muscle that will serve you very well when you have full and open contact with physical extra-terrestrial beings.

“But you also are served just by taking the time to check in with yourselves, because you might start living your lives according to a particular piece of information that has been given to you.  What we are saying is, if it doesn’t resonate, then don’t follow that particular teaching, or don’t live your life according to a piece of information that you have received.  Always trust your own guidance.  Crosscheck everything with your own gut.

“And whatever you do, do not believe in the concept of infallibility.  Believe in yourselves.  Believe in your guidance and intuition, and be sure to follow it, because when you follow it, you then have the evidence that you need to confirm to you that what you were getting was correct.  It was valid for you in that moment.  And continue to do this.  Continue to exercise those abilities and those muscles, and use the information that you get from beings like us as confirmation of what you already know.”

Here’s the chart of the amazing 20 March Full Moon…

Oops, that wasn’t the Map, that was the Territory (no, just a Snapshot of the Territory).  Here’s the Map…

You can see the green line (Quincunx or Curiosity) connecting Lachesis to Pholus, Quaoar, and Ixion.  It’s part of the Finger of God that makes the Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion T-Square (Challenge) a Diamond Star or Self-Resolving Challenge.  The Mythic Atropos was the Goddess of Fate that was in charge of Ending Timelines, so she Challenges (Squares) Lachesis here – “Are you Really going to try to preempt my Sacred Duty here?” Atropos says.  Lachesis, here played by your Ego, Responds, “Yes I am.”

But Changing our Fate always involves Entering New Territory, where we have no (recent) Experience.  We do have Experience, but it dates to before we Fell into the Timeline that the Karma encodes.  It’s probably as or more Ancient than those Bosnia Bridges.  So is it Relevant now?  You bet it is, because the Process of Falling into that Timeline was a heavy Emotional Experience.  Consequently, Facing and Embracing that Held Emotion is a Portal to Liberation from this particular Karmic Pattern.

Which would normally Require a fairly serious Ego Death.  But this is a Self-Resolving Challenge, a Diamond Star.  Out of all the Players in the Cuspal Diamond Star, the only one that lingers behind the Cusp is Ixion, still in Sagittarius.  Ixion in Sagittarius involves Letting Go of Restraints on our Unique Genius.  With Ixion still in Sagittarius we can Rely on it’s rule that “The Way Out Is through Letting Go,” especially since it’s joined in Sagittarius by Jupiter (Expansion) and Ceres (Sustainability).

As is typical of Karma now that it’s Dead, It does not Grasp Us, We Grasp It.  So all we need to do here is to Stop Grasping it.  If you’re Conscious of the Pattern that you’re Letting Go Of, you can just Practice Letting Go Of it in all its many Guises.  But in these circumstances we don’t even need to be Conscious of what its about in order to Let Go Of it – we can just PIAVA to Let Go Of it.  For example, “Great Spirit, Please Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely Liberate me from All Karmic Patterns that I’m Ready to Let Go Of.”

The most interesting Angle in this Full Moon chart is probably Chiron Waxing Square to Pholus, as this Cycle is now coming into the Mainstream (ie, the Waxing Square).  The Energy of the Chiron-Pholus Cycle is about Responding to our Despair or Discouragement, or Learning How to Convert Despair to Miracles.  Of course Victimhood would be our first Temptation, and most likely the most common Reaction.  If you’ve read much here you know that we Recommend simply Poor-Sweethearting yourself instead.

The current Chiron-Pholus Cycle began sixty-three years ago, January 1956, at 6 Aquarius, “A parade of army officers in full dress.”  We’re always glad that this Symbol puts the Army playing Dress-Up rather than Shoot-‘Em-Up.  And Remember that, once we’re out of the Prison of Dualistic Logic, Opposites are Equal.  So we can Interpret this Symbol as either Discipline or Yintegrity, or the Axis between them.  We might think of this Axis as Self-Sovereignty – whether we Choose to Do As We Are Told, or to Follow Our Heart.

The Channeling we quoted rings very True here.