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Handmaids and Handbaskets 3

November 8, 2020

As often happens, “tomorrow” gets delayed as Life intervenes. But I’m not complaining! When any astroindication is Lit Up, we’re either likely to Experience its Essence, or the Opposite of its Essence, because astroindicators are about Dimensions rather than Directions. Direction is up to us, as we can React (through Karma) or Respond (through Choice) anywhere along the Dimensional scale. Of course it’s not anywhere near as Cartesian or 2D as that, but that’s the way the Western-trained Either/Or mind sees it.

So on 6 November 2020, when Respect for All Things (asteroid Hopi) was Exaggerated (Stationary), we could have Experienced Either Respect for All Things or Disrespect for All Things, and we Experienced Respect for All Things. That’s a tremendous Blessing! Well, maybe Respect for Most Things would be more accurate, as we also Experienced Disrespect for Thuggery. Since Thuggery is Disrespectful in the Extreme, though, I for one am quite willing to let two Negatives multiply to a Positive, and translate Disrespect for Thuggery into virtual Respect for All Things.

But since “tomorrow” has finally arrived, it’s time to interpret the Merger (Conjunction) of Guilt and Ego Death (asteroid Nemesis) with Illumination (“Torch Dragon” minor planet Zhulong). Just phrasing it that way sounds useful – having Light cast upon our Guilt and Ego Deaths! We Experience Remorse and Guilt when our Behavior transgresses our own Values. Our Behavior follows from our Ego, so in order to Make Amends for our Transgression, we must first Adjust our Ego’s Relationship to our Behavior – ie, often, an Ego Death. Lighting up this process is a Boon.

As two planets make their way ’round the Zodiac, faster planets will repeatedly pass slower planets. When they do, they Begin a “Cycle,” with the Slower planet Initiating the Faster planet as an Assistant in accomplishing its Mission. The Slower planets set the Agenda, while the Faster planets implement the Evolution specified in the Agenda. Each Cycle lasts till the next Meeting of the two planets. Cycles evolve in predictable ways (as delineated in Dane Rudhyar’s The Lunation Cycle)…

The Beginning or Initiation often Illuminates an Issue or a Change (which becomes an Issue whenever we’re Attached to the Status Quo).

During the first one fourth of the Cycle (till the Faster planet Squares the Slower planet, or gets 90 Degrees Ahead of it), the Issue is Underground, as Ego Investments (and in the Pandemican Empire, especially Monetary Investments) in the previous regime Lobby and Propagandize to Discourage the Change.

Between 90 and 180 Degrees of Separation, there is an initial Crisis as the New Cycle Erupts from the Underwhere, followed by a Blooming of the New Energy at 180 Degrees (Opposition).

The New Cycle Fruits between 223 Degrees (the Phitile) and 270 Degrees (the Waning Square).

After 270 Degrees of Separation, the now-no-longer-so-New Cycle begins the Autumn of it’s Lifespan. Often the Cyclical equivalent of the Fall Equinox or Last-Quarter Moon includes a Crisis that suggests we Loosen our Ego-Attachment to the now-Old Cycle’s Manifestations, by Requiring Adjustments to keep our Response to the Issue relevant.

During the Last 90 Degrees of the Cycle, the Suggestions to Let Go, and the Necessity of Adjustment, get more Extreme as we approach the Next Initiation.

If we’re paying Attention, the Energy of the Next Cycle begins to get very Obvious once we’re within 15 Degrees or so of the Next Initiation – ie, when the Faster planet is 15 Degrees or less Behind the Slower planet.

Of course our Sensitivity will determine how much and how well we Respond to each of these Cosmic Suggestions.

Our first clue for interpreting the nature of a Cycle, is the Nature of the planets involved. Here, the Torrent of Evolution toward Enlightenment (Zhulong) prescribes the Agenda, by Illuminating the places where our Karmic Patterns are out of Synch with our Values (Nemesis).

The second clue is the nature of the Sign and Degree where the Initiation occurs, as read by its Sabian Symbol (a reading for the individual Degree) of that Degree. The Nemesis-Zhulong Cycle spans about 5 years. The Cycle that’s now finished Began December 2015 in 24 Libra, the reading for which is “A Butterfly with a third wing on its left side,” which is to say, A Transformation Focused on our Magnetic (Feminine) Nature. I can easily see how that’s been Occurring.

Our New Cycle begins in 4 Scorpio, “A youth carries a lighted candle in a devotional ritual.” Ahem. They aren’t usually so remarkably Obvious.

The third clue about the nature of a Cycle, which is a lot more trouble to Divine, is the chart of its Initiation…

The Crux of this chart is a Challenge (T-Square) to Transcend (asteroid Bee-Zed) the Relationship between our Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong, formerly known as “OR10”) and our Limiting Beliefs (asteroid Vesta).

Wow, is that ever relevant! When I first saw the length of the red bar and the absence of the “blue wave” on the Electoral College bar-chart on Wednesday morning, my Intrusive Memories of Childhood Abuse and Karmic Oppression Triggered Depression. The Challenge is that we Avoid the Likelihood of our Ego being Drowned by the Held Emotions of our Regression. That would look like inner Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth, and outer Submission, as if the Oppression and Abuse was Personal and Present Moment.

There are two Relevant Alternatives to Drowning. We can Recognize that we’re Experiencing those Emotions (as Opposed to Believing that the Trauma is Present Moment), and Lovingly and Gently be Present with them. In Meditation, perhaps, or in Conversation with someone who’s able to be Non-Judgmental, or by Locating the Emotions in our Body or our Field, and being Loving and Gentle – Soft and Warm – with them there.

And we can Directly Transcend them. That requires that we spend at least a few minutes Recognizing them. Avoidance is not Transcendance, though at times Denial is Healthy, as it allows us to Avoid Overwhelm while we address several Issues in turn instead of trying to swallow them all at once.

The simplest form of Transcendence might just be Recognizing that we Been There Done That and Survived, and we can Do It Again If We Have To. That’s still pretty Depressive, though, so it’s not exactly Transcending the Karmic Whirlpool of Thoughts and Emotions. A better Choice would be a PIAVA or two. For instance, saying to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you really got sucked into that Regression, didn’t you.” That would have been the epitome of A Transformation Focused on our Magnetic (Feminine) Nature from the Old Cycle. The new Cycle didn’t start till Friday morning, after all!

I didn’t think of doing that, though for several reasons it would have been the Preferred Alternative. I eventually took the Risk of Accumulating additional Karma by Thetaing Joe moving into the White House, in Peace. When the “Show Me!” phase indeed showed just that without having to Tap Out any Resistance, my Emotional Reactions were much Relieved.

A “general rule” of Responsible Manifestation, is that we Change only that which we can Change – namely Ourself – and Accept what we can’t Change – namely the Universe Outside Ourself. And of course that we have the Wisdom to tell the Difference. Acceptance was my initial Response, which is Good, because it demonstrates that I have Succeeded in becoming Adept at a Self-Transformation that I began forty years ago, namely Recovering my Feelings, which (in my Perception) my Family of Origin didn’t Allow.

When I Recognize however that the Universe Outside Myself is “just” a Mirror for the State of my Limiting Beliefs, the World Changes. Other people obviously prefer to Live in a World where the Antichrist still occupies the White House, and that’s okay. I want to Live in the Other World. It’s okay with me (and perhaps even okay with Quantum Physics) if the Earth “splits in two” on some level or another, as long as I end up with my Preferred Option. Isn’t that getting pretty close to what “5D” might mean?

As the Votes were being counted, I wasn’t done with my Karmic Mirroring. My car threatened to repeat the need for a ridiculously expensive but necessary small repair. For that one I made do, and set it aside, choosing temporary Denial. While I PIAVAed that it was just a Feint, as it turned out to be, once Hopi’s Station was Exact.

Then my computer died. That’s a Biggie. Not only would this blog die for a while, but so would much of the rest of my Life. I finally got it to work again, but not after a lot of PIAVAing and Accepting, Imagining the steps I would have to take to meet my Delivery and get back up to speed with everything. I still don’t know if it will be working tomorrow, so this is obviously a Suggestion that I begin the process of replacing it. If I’m lucky I might make it to mid-February 2022 (when Nemesis Squares Zhulong and a Crisis of Illumination arises).

And that I begin to Change the way I use it. I spend too much time sitting. I’ve already been leaning toward spending more time carrying lighted candles in devotional rituals, ie, in Meditation. By the way, a friend has steered me toward…

I haven’t had time to check it out yet (it’s live till 10 December), but I plan to, and I recommend it to you as well. If we’re still on the same Planet afterward, I’ll let you know how it turns out – maybe you can let me know if you check it out?

The T-Square (red triangle) in the Nemesis-Zhulong chart is overlain by a Truss Bridge (the blue superstructure). If this Bridge was in the opposite half of the chart, the Transcendence (Bee-Zed) Issue would be Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star). With the Bridge overlying the T-Square instead, we have a portion of the Self-Resolution, but not all (we lack the Finger of the Goddess pointing to Bee-Zed, which would Focus our Attention on the Transcendence Directly, rather than our having to Manipulate the Relationship between our Memories=Gonggong and our Beliefs=Vesta). My Experience Validated this, as the Issues that arose for me were Resolved for now, but not entirely without my Active Intervention.

The Elbows in the Truss Bridge, aka the Gifts that will Serve us in our Transcendence, are Nemesis-Zhulong itself (Illumination of Guilt) and Pholus-Quaoar-asteroid Lilith (Taking Full and Sovereign Control over our Survival). These are Blessings, and my Responses to the Issues that arose for me Reflect that, as I was Inspired to Imagine the steps I would take to mitigate the Issues, rather than being Sucked into an Emotional Whirlpool that rendered me useless.

But the Configuration also Asks us to see what would Balance the chart, as a Finger of the Goddess (two Quincunxes or 5-Sign Angles converging on Bee-Zed) or a Grand Cross would fill in the Empty lower half of the chart.

We can make the T-Square into a complete Grand Cross by adding asteroid Admetos, at 3 Gemini. The Mythic Admetus was a bit of a Drama Queen that was admired for his hospitality, suggesting that it might behoove us to Talk About our Memory-Limitation Adventures.

We can add three Stars to complete our Finger of the Goddess. Mirzam at 8 Cancer is known as an Announcer, reinforcing our Talking suggestion. Hamel at 8 Taurus was known for Independent Action, and Schedar (not the cheese) at 8 Taurus was a “Strong woman who demands Dignity and rules by the Power of her Respectability and Honor” and Suggests that we “Rely on our Desire to always Function with Propriety, Treat others as we would like to be Treated, and Know that our Dignity is the Source of our Power” —Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, pp.86-88, 96, 227-8.

Sovereignty New Moon

April 3, 2019

The chart for the 5 April (2am PDT) 16 Aries New Moon itself is pretty straightforward…

It Challenges us (Square, the red line) to Transcend (asteroid Bee-Zed) our Tendencies to Give Away our Power (dwarf planet Hylonome).  The second Challenge (T-Square, the red triangle) is more subtle.  It advises us to Pay More Attention (dwarf planet Ceres) to our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus) in order to Maintain Contact with Source (Neptune).

More important though is what it intends to Teach us (Fifth Harmonic) about Abundance (Tenth Harmonic), our Mission (North Node), and Self-Sovereignty (Fixed Star Hamal)…

The dark purple lines connect planets that are one or two fifths of the way ’round the zodiac from one another.  Astrologers call these Angles Quintiles, and they symbolize Learning and Teaching.  One of the Quintile Configurations is the “Quintangle” (dark purple triangle, meaning Big Lesson) connecting Truth (asteroid Veritas), Miraculous Rebirth of our Beliefs (Chiron-asteroid Vesta on the Aries Cusp), and the remarkable Congregation of five planets (Stellium) representing something like The Most Important Thing is Trusting that our Karma is being Transformed and Transcended (Saturn/asteroid Eurydike/South Node/Pluto/Bee-Zed).

Finally coming the Understand that our Karma is dead meat is Bigger than Life-Changing.  It means that we Realize that we no longer need to be Victimized by untoward events and emotions and ideas.  We can instead Make Choices that turn our Lives in new directions.  Yes, we need some Awareness, in order to Reframe the Patterns so we can Identify the Levers that will Shift Reality so it Operates in our favor.  The Boons described in the first paragraph of this post will move us in that Direction.

But there are even Bigger Fish to Learn to Fry here.  There’s the dark-purple wedge (Quintile Yod) Illuminating (pointing to) our Mission (North Node).  In fact, the whole left-hand side of the chart points to the North Node, like a reflecting telescope…

Virtually everything in the chart has Devoted itself to Lighting Up our Mission for us!

Then if you trace the path from the North Node/Mission to Makemake/Manifestation to Ceres/Sustainability to Lilith/Self-Sovereignty, you can see that they comprise four corners of a Grand Quintile.  A Grand Quintile is five planets all more or less equally spaced around the Zodiacal Loop, symbolizing Major Epiphany.  Even the four are profound by themselves – Learning to Sustainably Manifest Self-Sovereignty in Support of our Mission.

But if we could find or supply a fifth corner, in order to Complete the Grand Quintile Configuration, we’d be Leaping Ahead.  This Vacancy is 10 Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.”  So by Exercising whatever Compassionate Skills we could muster, we could supply the Missing Energy ourself.  Or we could look for a Fixed Star near 10 Taurus, and it turns out that the Star Hamal, the head of Aries the Ram, is at 8 Taurus.  What means Hamal?  It means Independence, Strength of Will, Focus, and Honoring Truth over Authority.

In a word, Self-Sovereignty, Directed with Compassion and without Compromise.  Truth, recall, resides in the Heart, and is Unique to each of us.  Truth has nothing to do with “Facts,” which as the current Political Climate so Clearly Illustrates, are nothing but Rationalizations for what you already Believe, or what you’re trying to make everyone else Believe.  As Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbles famously said, if you tell the same lie enough times, folks will Believe it.  But you won’t, if you’re in touch with your own Heart’s Truth.