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Confusion Contusion III

June 26, 2021

An article from a few hours ago, ” ‘Worst Day in Pigeon Racing History’: Thousands of Birds Die”…

And from The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg, pp.330-331…

“In early October 1998 the story made headlines all over the US as, during a two-week period, pigeon races far and wide ended in disaster, with up to 90% of birds going missing… The trigger for the two weeks of sudden bird disorientation was apparently the commencement of microwave rain falling from satellites. On September 23, Motorola’s 66 newly-launched Iridium satellites had begun the first-ever cell phone service from space, everywhere on Earth, to its first 2,000 trial subscribers.”

Op.cit, p.329… “In the late 1960s a team of Canadian researchers… measured radiation patterns in the laboratory using both individual feathers and arrays of feathers spaced varying distances apart, and proved that bird feathers make fine receiving aerials for microwaves.”

Microwaves of course are what 5G uses. And how many WiFi satellites are up there as of this week?

A longtime reader sends the photos at right, taken on the street in front of their house using a new App they got from a UAP, that reads the Thoughts of the photo’s Victim and prints them on the photo.

Have you noticed that you no longer have to scrape smashed bugs off your windscreen? Bugs and Frogs and other Critters don’t have feathers, but they have their own sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, as do Hupers, as the Acupuncture Meridians in our bodies are electrical circuits. And many Bugs and Frogs and other Critters are Leaving this World.

I was surprised to learn that some of the media reports were speculating that the rather spectacular Miami-area 12-story Condo Tower collapse that occurred around 1am EDT 25 June may have been helped along by rising Sea Levels. The reports pointed out that the Tower was built on imported Sand and Fill, on top of porous Limestone, so that could prove plausible. What surprised me was seeing the mainstream media speculating about the Climate Crisis. Miami Beach, though, has been regularly flooded at high tide for years already, so they’re no strangers to The End of the World as We Know It.

Again, the Moon is as Big tonight as it was Wednesday. It may be stuck on Full. That could seriously impact our Sleep schedules.

The 24 June 2021 Full Moon occurred right between the planetary symbol for Our Unique Genius Who’s in Charge of Spreading Love and Light 1, and the planetary Merging that represents The End of the World as We Know It 2. This planetary Merging is Exact on 2 February 2022 at 3:03 UT. Note that numerologically 22/2/2022 is 2+2+2+2+2+2=12=3. The 2nd Harmonic is The Priestess, symbolizing Rule-Based Tradition, or the Power of Repetition. The 12th Harmonic is The Hanged Man, hanging by his feet to Change his Perspective, or the Pattern-Breaker. The 3rd Harmonic is The Empress, meaning Love with Wisdom. 3:03 adds to 6. The 6th Harmonic is The Lovers, or Partnership.

1 Dwarf planet Ixion.

2 Dwarf planets Pholus [Being Fully Responsive] and Quaoar [Our Survival Instincts] Conjunct.

On the Left Coast of the US, that’s 21 February 2022 at 7:03 pm PST. That date adds to 2, The Priestess (2+1+2+2+2+2=11=2), and the time to 10 (7+3=10), The Wheel of Fortune. True to form, the US is more interested in Control and Money, while England opts for Love with Wisdom and Partnership. Boris notwithstanding I suppose. At least he got rid of Blue Meanie Dominic.

The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation takes place in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated Birds sing joyously.” We’ll have to explore that chart further. Maybe it means Hupers will finally Wake Up, though History suggests otherwise.

Confusion Contusion II

June 25, 2021

The chart of the 25 June 2021 Exaggeration of Confusion (Neptune Stationary 12:31 pm PDT, in 24 Pisces), is unusual in its Simplicity…

Mostly it suggests that our Confusion will be about Unconscious Beliefs (Opposite asteroid Vesta in 21 Virgo, the red lines) that no longer seem to Match our Perceived Hardcopy Reality. For instance, has anyone else wondered why the photos of the Chinese astronauts in their new Space Station show no sign of weightlessness? ISS inhabitants are always bouncing all over the place or hanging onto something. Maybe they’ve invented a Gravity Machine, or wear magnetic booties, or maybe they’re really in one of the Hollywood Studios they’re bought? Aha, they stick one foot under those raised bars on the floor so they can pretend they’re engaged in normal protocol! Clever folks!

The Navy UFO report is due to the US Congress this month, that could Confuse many Earthlings. I guess “UFO” is a nineteenth-century term, as they want to call them “UAPs” now – Uninvited Alien People. Good thing many states now require voter ID! As delightful as the last one was, who knows who might have become the next POTUS!

There are two Bridges in the Exaggerated Confusion chart to Help us with our Confusion. Our Natural Compulsions will provide Blessings (Pluto Trine Bridge, the blue lines), and Bring us a New Trance that has more Resilience. And,What We’ve Been Denying will provide Curiosity (Eris Quincunx Bridge, the green lines). Like Confusion, Curiosity is an Emotion in it’s own right, also called Awe, or Wonder. And like Confusion, it’s Important not to try to Fix it with Thought or Figuring It Out. It’s about Appreciating the Emotion itself. We’re here to be Observers, not Masters. Denial is like a savings account – it lets us set aside Issues that would Overwhelm us, while we develop the Skills we need to work with those Issue productively.

I’m noticing here that, while the Moon is Out of Bounds, I’m not so Aware of the Confusion per se as layers of my Limiting Beliefs and Old Habits are peeling away, but I can sometimes get a little Panicked about seemingly “little” things, sometimes a little Paranoid, and often kind of Zombified, as if I don’t know what to do with myself next. One of the major elements of Moon Out of Bounds is that our Power to Fabricate “alledged Reasons” for our Feelings Expands faster than our Appreciation for the Emotions themselves. Crabs carry their Skeletons on the outside, and when they Molt, they’re totally Vulnerable for a few weeks while they harden their Shells, if they can find enough of the right kind of food to supply the Minerals needed for the job. It’s like that for us too, just a little less Physical than it is for Crabs – and the Sun [the Essence] will be in the Sign of the Crab for another 3½ weeks.

The Moon is bigger tonight than it was last night. The influence of a Full (or New) Moon usually spans several weeks after the Event. The major Full Moon Issues are a lot like those of our 17-20 June weekend, with Guilt and Enlightenment our two major Challenges. And of course our Survival! We’ll go into more Detail soon.

Confusion Contusion I

June 23, 2021

That’s what’s next, Confusion, to which many of us React by Habitually Trying to Figure It Out so we know how to Respond. Confusion is an Emotion in its own right, and needs to be Respected as such. Anytime we Try to Figure Out any Emotion so we can Decide how to Respond to its alleged cause, we just layer up our Karma Deeper and Deeper. If we Figure Out who “made” us Angry, for instance, we can go beat them up, and then we can have a solid Enemy for the next dozen or hundred or hundred million Lifetimes. It’s remarkable how many people need Enemies to Feel Alive.

The Emotion of Confusion is more serious for anyone aspiring to Enlightenment or 5D or Peace, because Confusion is the first stage of Growth in Consciousness, and Growth in Consciousness is a prerequisite for all that. Confusion means that our Mental Concept Set has lost its Perceived Circularity, and Broken Down. Our Mental Concept Set is our collection of Rationalizations for our Unconscious Limitations, also known as our Ego. And of course it’s our Unconscious Limitations that Wall us Off from Enlightenment. Sitting Still for Confusion (or Tolerating it without needing to Change it) is a Portal through that Wall.

Confusion is a big element of the Energy of Neptune, which is Exaggerated this week (Neptune Stationary 12:21 pm PDT 25 June 2021, in 24 Pisces). In particular, Neptune is about Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity. So if you want to Go Directly To Go (and you can afford to forfeit 200 Monopoly dollars!), then instead of Sitting Still with the Discomfort of Confusion, you can instead just switch to the Spiritual Perspective. Oh my, what if we don’t know what that means? Well, that’s Easy, we just Ask ourself, What If We Did Know? However, the we’d have to Sit Still for that, while we waited for Spirit to Answer. Good thing we’ve Learned to Meditate already, eh?

We’ll go into more detail about Neptune soon, but I don’t have a lot of time right now, and I want to quickly delineate our Moon schedule for this week – you’ve probably seen that big old dinner-plate-size Moon out there already, if it’s not cloudy where you are. Since the Moon represents our Instincts, it can be as Confusing as Neptune anyway, since many of us were Programmed in Childhood to Distrust our Instincts, for one flimsy reason or another. So the Moon may require some Sitting as well…

  • 23 June 2021, 9:43 am PDT, Moon goes Out of Bounds in 18 Sagittarius. Moon “OOB” will make our Emotions more Intense, though we’re likely not to notice, since they always seem to be well Rationalized. The Moon does this for a few days every two weeks for about eleven years, then doesn’t do it at all for the next eleven or so years. The Poster Children for Moon OOB are 11 September 2001 (aka “9/11”) and 5 March 2020 (does anyone remember COVID-19?). But those are the first Moon OOB in a decade, so they’re a bit more momentous than our current fortnightly Moon OOBs.
  • 24 June, 11:40 am PDT, Full SuperMoon, one of the biggest and one of the last for a while, in 4 Capricorn, sandwiched between our Forbidden Genius (Ixion) and the Climate Crisis (Pholus-Quaoar). Hereabouts the Moon has been Gifted with an Electric Blue Halo. Probably leakage from 5G.
  • 24 June, 10:51 pm PDT, Moon Stationary, as it reaches its peak OutofBoundness for this fortnight at 25:38 South Declination, in 11 Capricorn, and then turns to head back toward the Equator.
  • 25 June, 12:21 PDT, Neptune Stationary, in 24 Pisces. Won’t it be a Gas when Neptune gets to Aries!
  • 26 June, 3pm PDT, Moon returns In-Bounds, in 4 Aquarius.

Here’s the Full Moon chart…

We’ll comment on the chart in our next post.

“Chaotic” Summer/Winter III

June 20, 2021

So, let’s review. The 19-20 June 2021 series of planetary Exaggerations and Cancer Solstice 1 includes 💥 a Balanced Series of Mini-Hassles that we’re better off waiting to let them fix themselves, than trying to Intercede, even though they’re likely to Expose us to Fear, Guilt, nagging Intrusive Memories, and Held Emotions 2, and 💥 two Major Challenges 3 which Ask us to become Adept with our Manifestation Skills 4 and our Enlightenment 5. The chart is repeated below if you want to follow along.

  • 1 💥Dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Stationary 19 June 6:42 pm PDT in 6 Libra; 💥Jupiter [Expansion] Stationary 20 June 8:04 am PDT in 3 Pisces; 💥asteroid Lachesis [Opportunity to Jettison Karma Early] Stationary 20 June 2:42 pm PDT in 6 Scorpio; and 💥the Cancer Solstice [Moving from the Frantic Busyness of Gemini to the Single-Pointed Compassion of Cancer] 20 June 8:32 pm PDT in 0:00 Cancer. With a footnote to the headnotes that 💥dwarf planet Eris [Revelation of What’s Been Denied] came back In Bounds [became less Exaggerated] 18 June 4:12 am PDT in 20 Cancer.
  • 2 A Grand Cross (four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, in the chart as a red square with an X connecting the corners) comprised of 💥Stationary Jupiter Conjunct dwarf planet Gonggong [Intrusive Memories] in 3-6 Pisces, 💥asteroids Nemesis [Guilt] in 1 Sagittarius and 💥Karma [Held Emotions] in 4 Virgo, and 💥dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power, with e.g. Kagels] in 29 Taurus. Converting our Fear to Power is likely to be the most Challenging of the four, because the other three Signs are Mutable [Relatively Easily Adapted to], while Sedna’s Sign is Fixed [Relatively Persistent and less Changable ]. However, the Sedna T-Square is Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star, where the same planet is the Focus of a T-Square and of a Finger of the Goddess).
  • 3 Two T-Squares (two planets Opposing one another, with a third halfway in between, in the chart as red triangles). A T-Square Challenges us to become Adept. We often react to them by Struggling for Perfection and repeatedly Failing. To Adapt to them we need to Reject our Perfectionism, and Realize that they’re the equivalent of Graduate Seminars – there are no Answers, only better Questions. So instead of Judging ourself for Failing again, we Want to Honor ourself for our Persistence and Resilience by comparing our current “Failure” with our many previous “Failures” and Noticing that we’re actually Learning and Growing. While it’s hard to revise our Negative Attitudes toward them, our T-Squares actually indicate our Greatest Skills, simply because we have so much Experience with their Real-World Difficulties. The Challenging Energies are Channeled mostly through the third, middle planet.
  • 4.1 💥One T-Square Challenges our Manifestations (Makemake) from a very complex base, namely 💥the Solstice Sun [Exaggeration of our Essence – a Solstice is a Station, as the Sun stops heading away from the Equator, Stands Still, then Turns About and heads back toward the Equator] Conjunct dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential] across the Cancer Cusp, 💥Opposing a Stellium (group of three or more planets) across the Capricorn cusp comprised of the Galactic Center [Headquarters] and dwarf planets Ixion [our Hidden and often-Forbidden Genius that is often Motivated to Violate Social Norms], Pholus [our Ability and Willingness to Respond], and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]. The ongoing low-speed Conjunction of Pholus and Quaoar [our Willingness to Respond to our Survival Instincts] represent the Climate Crisis that threatens the Planet and most species, including Hupers.
  • 4.2 💥Ixion’s Presence reinforces the Channeled Wisdom that in order to Survive we all (or at least the square root of 1% of us – or is it 70%?) need to wriggle out of our Codependence and Trust our own Deep Values more than we Trust our Deference to Social Norms and Authority. Obviously, Social Norms in the supposedly “Developed” World protect Capitalist Exploitation, which is exactly what Creates more Climate Crisis. 💥The closeness of Headquarters (a Locus of More-Whole Consciousness) implies that the Issue is increasingly Urgent. 💥The Chaos-Ixion Opposition is the key Unconscious-Limitation-and-Ego Conflict that Prevents us from Claiming our Power, as both Chaos and Ixion are Overwhelming. The more we Follow Zach Bush’s “monologue” (previous post), the more this Opposition becomes Facilitating for us.
  • 4.3 The 💥Vacancy (the Zodiacal Location that would “complete” the T-Square and make it into a Grand Cross, which would be a little Easier) is 6 Aries. If you have a planet there, you’re a Poster Child for this Manifestation-Limitlessness-Genius (Makemake-Chaos-Ixion) Issue. If you don’t, you can Meditate on “A square, with one of its sides brightly illuminated ” (I don’t think Elsie Wheeler, who Channeled these Sabian Symbols, Consciously meant a T-Square or a Grand Cross, but rather the four-sided geometrical figure, though the connection is quite intriguing). 💥Near Earth Asteroid Orpheus is there. It will flyby Earth this year (don’t know the date) at 15 times the distance from your house to the Moon. Orpheus of course was the Famed and Loved Lyre-player who tried to rescue his Deceased Beloved Eurydice [Trust] from the Underworld.
  • 5.1 💥The second T-Square focuses on our Enlightenment (Zhulong-Lachesis-Moon) from another complex base – 💥dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence or Self-Doubt] Opposing another Stellium, this one made up of (the aforementioned) 💥asteroid Eurydike [Trust], Mars [Action, Energy], dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force], and asteroid Hopi [Respect for All Things]. So our Enlightenment may not be handed to us on a silver platter, as we may need to Align our Gratitude and Respect, our Trust, our Actions, and our Vitality, not to mention our Confidence, before we can get on the escalator. Like Zach says, it’s about being Fully Accepted just as we Are, by Ours Truly.
  • 5.2 The 💥Vacancy here is 6 Taurus. So if you have a natal planet near there you may well be a Poster Child for this Energy as well. 💥Asteroid Amor [Cupid] is there, helping us to be Fully Accepted Just as We Are, if we’re Willing to Petition for it, with PIAVA or Theta, for instance.

❤️ The Chart…

…is Well-Integrated, as five Fingers of the Goddess or Yods tie the Grand Cross and the two T-Squares together. A Finger of the Goddess stands for Pay Attention to This! – to the planet at the point of the green wedge. The base of a Finger of the Goddess is always a Sextile, an Angle between two planets two Signs apart, meaning Grace if we take the first step toward it. The planet to which we’re urged to Pay Attention! to would help Motivate us to take the first step if we Allow it to.

For instance, the base of the Expansion-Intrusive Memories Finger of the Goddess (Jupiter-Gonggong), in the 💥Grand Cross, is the Sextile between the Focus of the 💥Manifestation T-Square (Makemake) and the Trust-Respect-Action (Eurydike et al) Stellium in the base of the 💥Enlightenment T-Square (Lachesis et al). The bases of the other Yods, to Confidence (Chariklo), to Genius (Ixion et al), to Trust-Respect-Action (Eurydike et al), and to Fear/Power (Sedna), are likewise members of the other two major Configurations (the Grand Cross and the two T-Squares).

💙 The chart also includes two Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trines, “GT,” three planets more or less equally spaced around the Loop, mapped with a blue triangle), on the Water (Emotion) and Air (Mentality) Cusps. Both include planets at the end of a preceding Sign – Chaos in Air (Thought) in the Emotion GT, and Sedna in Matter (Earth) in the Mentality GT. Including two Modalities in a Grand Trine Confuses the Blessings, because the very definition of a GT is that the three planets share a Modality. Yet the planets are three Signs apart. Kind of like an Alien in an ill-fitting Huper suit.

There are no Grand Sextiles (six planets more or less equally spaced, which would be mapped as a blue hexagon) in the chart. However, the asteroids in the two T-Square Vacancies, Orpheus and Amor, would both complete Grand Sextiles, and both of them together would complete a…

💚 Grand Unx (twelve planets equally spaced, which would be mapped as a green twelve-sided “circle”). A Grand Unx would mean a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for any Obsolete Habits that we Choose to Change. Even without the Vacancies, we have nine Unxes, more than enough to make mincemeat of our Karma if we so Chose. (An “Unx” is one twelfth of anything; we map an Unx Angle in our charts with short green lines.) The Easily-Broken Patterns are in our Habitual Relationships Between…

  • Fear and Unlimited Potential (Sedna and Chaos), between
  • Unlimited Potential and Trust-Action-Respect (Chaos and Eurydike et al), between
  • Trust-Action-Respect and Held Emotions (Eurydike et al and asteroid Karma), between
  • Held Emotions and Manifestation (asteroid Karma and Makemake), between
  • Manifestation and Enlightenment (Makemake and Lachesis-Zhulong-Moon), between
  • Enlightenment and Guilt (Lachesis-Zhulong-Moon and Nemesis), between
  • Guilt and Genius (Nemesis and Ixion et al), between
  • Genius and Confidence (Ixion et al and Chariklo), and between
  • Confidence and Expansion (Chariklo and Jupiter-Gonggong).

We’d be ahead to Choose one Habit we’d like to Change from each of those ten categories, then Theta or PIAVA to Change it. Gary Craig, the Creator of EFT or Tapping, now prefers to use an Unseen Therapist instead. I often combine Theta with my Unseen Therapist, as in something like “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that My Unseen Therapist Revert Any Habit that Constrains My Manifestation of Enlightenment! It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done! Thank You, God/Goddess! Show Me!” If I didn’t get a satisfactory Show Me! result, I’d Tap Out any shortcoming I Saw or Felt, then repeat the Theta.

💚 A Finger of the Goddess is made up of two “Quincunxes” (Angles between planets that are Separated by five Signs), mapped in our chart by long green lines. It behooves us to Pay Attention not just to the Fingers of the Goddess, but to all of the Quincunxes, because they hold important Contextual information for us. A Quincunx always Advises that we Avoid Intellectual Anal-ysis in the particular Issue indicated, in the context defined by the chart. In the Cancer Solstice chart above, there are no unpaired Quincunxes, they are all parts of Fingers of the Goddess.

Let’s take one Quincunx at random, such as the one between Guilt (Nemesis) and Unlimited Potential (Sun-Chaos). I’m sure we can all think of examples from our Childhood where we wanted to Experiment with something (“Playing Doctor” might be an example), and we were Shamed for it. Shame is Deeper than Guilt, but they’re in the same league. The result, especially if it was chronic Shaming, would be Guilt around our Curiosity about Other People’s Anatomy. Aiming to Let Go of Guilt, we might try to Figure Out why we Feel Guilty about this.

One obvious problem with this Approach, is that the Origin of Feelings is always Ambiguous, and usually Hidden. If it’s an Issue of any Importance in the Current Lifetime, it almost certainly has Karmic Roots in Other Lifetimes. So trying to Analyze Current-Lifetime examples will seldom Change our Deeper Patterns. Plus, problematic Patterns are often passed down from previous generations without Real Context, as Shoulds and Nevers – so we may not even be working with our own Experiences, but with those of distant Relatives whom we likely have never met and who are probably long since dead. Trying to work with Emotions that aren’t our own almost never produces good results.

💚 The Advice given by a Quincunx is to rely on our Intuition instead of our Intellect, and it’s not idle Advice. So if we’re trying to Change a Pattern around Guilt and Unlimited Potential – such as a tendency to shy away from Experiences that would have worried our parents or other Childhood Programmers – we’re better off using the Unxes rather than the Quincunxes, because the Unxes usually Respond to fairly casual PIAVAs. At this point in time, we can Easily Change (the Unxes) the Relationships between our Guilt and our Genius, and between our Guilt and our Enlightenment. And we can Easily Change the Relationships between our Unlimited Potential and our Fear/Power, and between our Unlimited Potential and our Trust-Respect-Action.

So for instance, if I try to Ask (one of the As in PIAVA) to have my Ancient Patterns around Guilt and Unlimited Potential Resolved in favor of Expanding into my Unlimited Potential, I immediately get a picture of a Parachute failing, or a Rappel Rope pulling loose the rock it’s anchored to, or not Realizing that the stove is Hot when I put my hand on it. Those may not all be my Fears, but there they are. Well, there’s an Unx between Fear (Sedna) and Unlimited Potential (Chaos), so I can PIAVA those Changes now, while they’re Easy. Nemesis has an Orbit of 4½ years, so it’ll be Dancing the Unx with Chaos in about two years. I can clean up any unresolved Guilt Patterns then.

Chariklo on the other hand has an Orbit of 63 years, so it’ll be 2055 before they Dance the Unx together – unlikely in this Lifetime for me! So if I want to Improve my Confidence about my Unlimited Potential, I’ll need to work directly with the Quincunx, or wait till the Trine (2029). At the Trine, should I hang around that long, I can PIAVA that the then-Easy Current Relationship between my Confidence and my Unlimited Potential Become Permanent.

💚 If I’m more Ambitious than that, to work directly with the Quincunx, I’d start (because of the Finger of the Goddess pointing to Chariklo) by Meditating on my Confidence in general. When I had that Located in my Body and had a good Feel for it, I’d Introduce Places I’d Love to Go but my Hesitation Prohibits me. If I can Easily Visualize or “Feelize” (or however your Intuition operates) those scenarios, I’m there already, no worries. If it Triggers Fear or Anticipatory Guilt, I would move my Attention to where those Emotions arise in my Body, and send Love into that place. Then I would Let It Go and Change the Subject.

Remember that PIAVA requires that we Change the Subject immediately afterward, lest our Old Prohibitory Patterns move back in, which they’ll do very quickly if we let them. It’s Reps, Repetitions, that cement Habits, both good ones and bad ones. So we want to Indulge Negative or Inhibiting Thoughts about What We Want as infrequently as we can.

On the other hand, trying to Mental It Out usually results in Grinding – I might Ask myself, Why Can’t I Trust a Parachute? over and over again, probably with some Self-Judgment. That would be the same as Reps of I Can’t Trust a Parachute! over and over again, cementing the unwanted Pattern in place more firmly. Not only that, but the Feeling we have during our Reps is more important than the content of our Thoughts. So we’re also cementing Self-Judgment and Self-Doubt in place more firmly – hardly the way to Improve our Confidence!

“Chaotic” Summer/Winter II

June 19, 2021

The chart of the Northern Summer/Southern Winter Solstice (Sun entering Cancer, 8:32 pm PDT 20 June 2021), which is also the chart of the almost-simultaneous Exaggerations of Expansion, Manifestation, and the Opportunity to End Karmic Limitations Early (19-20 June Stations of Jupiter, dwarf planet Makemake, and asteroid Lachesis) looks like so…

We’ve already talked, in the previous post, about our Exaggerated and Expanded Opportunity to Manifest the Shedding of Karma Before it’s Expiry Date 1 and mentioned its Merger with Enlightenment 2. What we’ve Noticed since writing that post, is that our Instincts are also Merged with this Energy 3. In other words, We know perfectly well How to Do This; it’s only our Conditioned Hypnotic Belief that it’s Matter and Emotion and Thought that are Real rather than Energy, and our Belief that it has to be done from our Will or Ego rather than via Cooperation with a Higher Energy, that stop us from Just Doing it.

  • 1 Asteroid Lachesis, which because its Station occurs last in the sequence of Stationary Jupiter [Expansion], Stationary Makemake [Manifestation], and Stationary Lachesis [Opportunity to Shed Karma Early], we Expect its influence to Prevail.
  • 2 Conjunction of Lachesis and minor planet Zhulong [the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment].
  • 3 The Moon [our Instincts, as well as what Triggers Manifestation and Maintains Form – it’s the Moon that Holds the Illusion of Materiality for us] also Conjoins Lachesis and Zhulong.

Here’s how a Scientific Adept, and incidentally the Creator of an antidote to Glyphosate, assembles the Story…

And he’s not even Channeling an Arcturian (he probably is one)! After that, need we say more? Which is different from will we say more – we’ll delve into the other complexities of the chart in the next post.

“Chaotic” Summer/Winter

June 17, 2021

Only from the Perspective of the Ego does dwarf planet Chaos signify what we usually consider “Chaos” or Disorder, simply because dwarf planet Chaos is about erasure of all Limits, and our Limits Define our Ego. Dwarf planet Chaos is Merged with (Conjunct) the 20 June 2021 (8:32 pm) Northern Summer/Southern Winter Solstice (Sun enters Capricorn). Because we’ve spent our entire Lives Deciding what’s Safe and what Isn’t (plus being Programmed about their definition of Safety by our Childhood Significant Adults) we could feel like Tweetybird caught outside his Cage.

Dwarf planet Chaos actually represents Opportunity, as it symbolizes Unlimited Potential. It was named after the state of the Universe before Zeus declared the Patriarchy. Opportunity is also suggested by the three planetary Exaggerations (Stations) occurring 19-20 June…

  • Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake) reaches peak Exaggeration 19 June (6:42 pm PDT, in 6 Libra).
  • Exaggeration of Expansion (Jupiter) is maximum 20 June (8:04 am PDT, in 3 Pisces).
  • The Opportunity to End Karmic Limitations Early (asteroid Lachesis) is Strongest 20 June (2:42 pm PDT, in 6 Scorpio).

But since these four astroevents are all less than three Degrees from their co-conspirators, we have to consider this Exaggeration of Expanded Manifestation of extra-Karmic Opportunity as one event, and grant the greatest Power to the Opportunity to End Karmic Limitations Early (Lachesis Station), since it remains Strong after the others have reached their technical peaks. However, the Moon crosses Lachesis at 1:28 pm on 20 June, so the Energy peak may be an hour or so Early.

The Solstice also Dances cheek-to-cheek with our Rule-Breaking Closet Genius (Solstice Opposite dwarf planet Ixion), which shouldn’t be a big Surprise, since Big Opportunities almost always involve Stretching, if not Breaking, Cultural Norms. This juxtaposition also directly Challenges our Exaggerated Manifestation Energy (Sun-Chaos and Ixion both T-Square Stationary dwarf planet Makemake).

Just to make sure the Challenge to our Good-Girl and Good-Boy Programming is Complete, we also get to deal with Guilt 1, Fear 2, Intrusive Memories 3, and our Held Emotions, the Emotions We’d rather Die than Feel 4.

However, these Challenges Balance one another to some extent 5, so the Real Challenge is to Sit Still for them and let them happen. We can and should Tap Them Out, and we can and should Theta or PIAVA What We Want after Tapping on them. But if we Act Them Out in the Material World, we may shoot ourselves in the feet (yes, plural). Acting from our Discipline can make things worse, because Discipline is Ego’s child, and the Ego (or Eggo) is “taking a great fall” as it’s being massively Upgraded. Better to Manage our Negative Thoughts, focus on What We Want, and Give that Over to a Higher Power.

  • 1 Asteroid Nemesis T-Square Stationary Jupiter and asteroid Karma.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Sedna also T-Square Jupiter and Karma.
  • 3 Jupiter Conjunct dwarf planet Gonggong.
  • 4 Jupiter Opposite Karma.
  • 5 Jupiter-Gonggong, Karma, Nemesis, and Sedna form a Mutable Grand Cross, and even though four T-Squares comprise a Grand Cross, they’re in Balance, so the T-Squares usually Complement one another, even though they feel like Hassles. Here, they Conspire to Deconstruct our Obsolete Egoic Relationship to Materiality.

There’s more – the Opportunity to Let Go of Obsolete Karma Early (Lachesis) can lead us toward 5D (Conjunct minor planet Zhulong), though it’s Challenged by our Confidence, Trust, Impatience, and Respect (T-Squaring an Opposition from Chariklo to asteroids Eurydike and Hopi, Mars, and dwarf planet Varuna), but we’ll talk about that in the next post, after we draw out the chart. And Ixion is joined by a small crowd of other Players.

Revelation of What We’ve Been Denying is also becoming less intense (returning from Out of Bounds) on 18 June (4:12 am PDT in 20 Cancer), which could go either way – we could start Denying less vigorously, or allow our Denial to sneak back into the Unconscious. Recall that Denial is a Healthy process that Protects us from Overwhelm, and Overwhelm is a real Possibility here (Stationary Jupiter Conjunct Gonggong).

Privilege Portal

June 12, 2021

The chart of the Emphasis on Privilege and Abuse that peaks at 5:03 am PDT on 14 June 2021 (Station of dwarf planet Nessus)…

…is all about Consciousness Expansion (the dominant feature is the T-Square [red triangle] from Nessus [Abuse and Privilege] Opposite asteroid Vesta [Unconscious Limitations] to asteroid Juno [Expansion of Consciousness], which is Conjunct the Great Attractor [Our Ultimate Destination] in 15 Sagittarius [“The Groundhog looking for its Shadow“]). While Heads always implies Tails as well, it appears to me that this Portal may be more about Privilege than about Abuse, as it Calls Out Greedheads (that is, Ground-Hogs as Hoarders and Abusers of Land). Consider this…

The guy in the pink sweater is the largest owner of farmland in the US. And he isn’t into Regenerative Farmingquite the opposite.

“Land is power, land is wealth, and, more importantly, land is about race and class. The relationship to land – who owns it, who works it and who cares for it – reflects obscene levels of inequality and legacies of colonialism and white supremacy in the United States, and also the world. Wealth accumulation always goes hand-in-hand with exploitation and dispossession. In this country, enslaved Black labor first built US wealth atop stolen Native land. The 1862 Homestead Act opened up 270m acres of Indigenous territory – which amounts to 10% of US land – for white settlement. Black, Mexican, Asian, and Native people, of course, were categorically excluded from the benefits of a federal program that subsidized and protected generations of white wealth.” —

But you’re probably familiar with the Shadow, “the unknown dark side of the personality. According to Jung, the shadow, in being instinctive and irrational, is prone to psychological projection, in which a perceived personal inferiority is recognized as a perceived moral deficiency in someone else. Jung writes that if these projections remain hidden, ‘the projection-making factor (the Shadow archetype) then has a free hand and can realize its object – if it has one – or bring about some other situation characteristic of its power.’ These projections insulate and harm individuals by acting as a constantly thickening veil of illusion between the ego and the real world.” —

“On 24 February 2011, Italy’s Supreme Court upheld the criminal conviction of Cardinal Roberto Tucci, former president of Vatican Radio’s management committee, for creating a public nuisance by polluting the environment with radio waves. The Vatican’s broadcasts to the world, transmitted in forty languages, emanate from fifty-eight powerful radio towers occupying over one thousand acres of land, surrounded by suburban communities. And for decades, residents in those communities had been screaming that the transmissions were destroying their health as well as causing an epidemic of childhood leukemia. At the request of the Public Prosecutor’s office in Rome, which was considering bringing charges against the Vatican for negligent homicide, Judge Zaira Sacchi ordered an official investigation by the National Cancer Institute of Milan. The results, released 13 November 2010, were shocking. Between 1997 and 2003, children aged one to fourteen who lived between 6 and 12 km (3.7 to 7.5 mi) from Vatican Radio’s antenna farm developed leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma at eight times the rate of children who lived further away. And adults who lived between 6 and 12 km from the antennas died of leukemia at almost seven times the rate of adults who lived further away.” –Arthur Firstenberg, The Invisible Rainbow, pp.231-232

“On 24 February 2011, the Supreme Court of Italy upheld the 2005 conviction of Cardinal Tucci for polluting Rome with radio waves. A ten-day suspended jail sentence was his only punishment. No one has ever been compensated for their injuries. The Prosecutor’s Office has not filed charges of negligent homicide. Vatican Radio’s antennas have not been shut down.” —ibid, p.261; see also

What is Unconscious is outside of our sphere of Healthy Control. Living from Unconsciousness, we’re Victims of our Fate and Karma. What is Conscious is subject to Choice. Consciousness doesn’t necessarily give us the Power, by ourself, to Change the World. But it does actually give us the Power to Change our World…

All of which doesn’t mean that our Abuse Memories (and our Outrage at Ongoing Personal and Global Abuse) won’t be Lit Up. Dwarf planets Gonggong (Intrusive Memories) and Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied), which abet Nessus in evoking our Abuse PTSD, haven’t been Lit Up brightly by our current Klotho/Eclipse/Nessus action, but Gonggong will be Lit Up by our 19-20 June Manifestation Adventures (simultaneous Stations of Makemake [Manifestation], Jupiter [Expansion], and Lachesis [Consciously Letting Go of Karma]). Every evocation of our Abuse PTSD is an Opportunity to Change our Programming from Revulsion to Healing. I don’t Believe that knowledge about how to make that Change is available before-hand. We just have to PIAVA the Outcome we Want, and then let it Arrive on its own.

There’s more going on in this chart…

  • Soul Letting Go of Discipline that Maintains the Current Ego (Saturn Waning Square Uranus),
  • Soul Descending Sustainably into Matter (Ceres Conjunct Uranus in Taurus),
  • Despair over the Impossibility of Change (Chiron Opposite Klotho)

…which we can explore in the next post.

Sovereignty Fortnight

June 10, 2021

For an asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) astroevent (Stationary 7 June 2021 9:24 am PDT in 18 Gemini), that was a tough Portal. The astrology itself was fairly benign…

Recall that we interpret a Grand Cross – the big red square – as Mostly Complementary Hassles that Take Care of Themselves as Long as We Don’t Try to Meddle and Screw Them Up – so I have to conclude that the Universe was Clearing Away the Identities and Protections that we no longer need so we’d be more Open for the next several Portals. It was also a prelude to the 10 June (3:52 am PDT in the same 18 Gemini) Annular Solar Eclipse, which has an unusually “simple” chart…

I wouldn’t Expect a “simple” chart to be Easy – I’d be more likely to Expect it to be Focused and Intense, which goes a long way to Explain last weekend’s difficult Portal. At the Klotho Station, it Challenged (Squared) dwarf planet Hylonome, which is all about Self-Sovereignty and Codependence. And now, at today’s Eclipse of the Sun, asteroid Aletheia moves into place to make it a Big Challenge (T-Square). Aletheia is about The Truth of the Heart, the things we’re Born Knowing to be True.

We can Reinterpret these Truths, but unlike “Facts” or Truths of the Mind, they aren’t Open for Debate. For instance, suppose we were born Knowing that the Hupers on this Planet are Really Screwed Up and we Have to Help! Then we might Interpret it as We Have to Save those Kids in the Tunnels. Or we might Interpret it in another Moment as We Have to Stop Burning Fossil Fuels, because Rising Sea-Levels will Drown Everybody in the Tunnels!

The definition of a Fundamentalist is someone who Takes Their Metaphors Literally. So if we don’t Realize that the Tunnels are a Metaphor for Hupers on this Planet are Really Screwed Up, what a load of Energy we’ll waste till we discover that the Tunnels are a Metaphor, and probably a Metaphor for the Abuse we Suffered in our own Childhood. Abuse is next weekend’s Portal, as dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) is Stationary at 5:03 am 14 June in 16 Pisces, barely beyond our 3-Degree Sensitivity (Orb) for the Eclipse.

What’s hard to Realize, is that the Universe is Unitary and Multifarious, while our Senses are Limited to 2D Judgments and a few Perspectives (such as Matter, Emotion, Thought, Energy). So we Forget that in Reality it’s All Metaphor because a Unitary and Multifarious Reality is basically Ineffable. Like the seven blind folks and the Elephant, we have precious few Tools to separate our Metaphors from the Essence of our Heart-Truths.

And this Eclipse is one of those tools! The blue lines in the Eclipse chart form a Bridge of Grace (Trine Bridge) across the Big Challenge (T-Square), and the blue lines point to the Eclipse, joined by Mentality and Communication (Mercury). Eclipses represent Illumination, because we’re suddenly Conscious of what’s Missing, that we’ve always taken for granted (like the Birdsong that Stops Cold when the Sunlight weakens).

Full and New Moons usually represent the goings-on over the following several weeks, so we can Expect to be Illuminated about Abuse and Self-Sovereignty over the rest of June.

(Photo of previous Sunrise Annular/Partial Eclipse by Dennis Put.)

New Project Week II

June 6, 2021

As we move into our New Self (asteroid Klotho Stationary 4:30 am PDT 7 June 2021 in 18 Libra), it will behoove us to Attend to our Relationships with Abuse and with Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus Stationary 9:24 am PDT 14 June in 16 Pisces). Though it’s only one of many Challenges that will Confront our Newbie shortly after our Rebirth, Unconscious and Conscious Changes in our Relationship with Abuse and Privilege is probably the biggest one. The intervening Challenges…

  • Emotional Intensity (Moon moving Out of Bounds for four days starting 10:57 pm PDT 9 June in 18 Gemini). This hits a peak on 11 June (Moon Stationary in North Declination 25:39 and Longitude 11 Cancer at 9:08 pm PDT), and fades on 13 June (Moon moving back In Bounds at 6:19 pm PDT in 4 Leo).
  • Ego Death(s) Required to Let Go of Karma (asteroid Karma moves into Virgo 2:34 pm 9 June). If you have a Journal, Karma was previously in the Sign of Ego Death (Virgo) between 1 December 2020 and 23 January 2021), before it backed back into Leo till 2 April. It’s been moving forward in its third Dance over the last five Duads (2½ Degrees) of Leo since then. This deserves a post of its own.

💥 For now we’ll just say that Virgo is what happens between the Cyclic Culmination of our Individual Identity (Leo) and Meeting Not-Us or Other (Libra). Just as Pisces is about Letting Go of Emotional Baggage so we don’t have to drag it with us into our next Adventure, Virgo is about Letting Go of Obsolete Identities so we don’t mess up our Relationships with Others by “Pretending” (usually Unconsciously) to be someone we ain’t. “Others” includes not just People, but since Everything in the Universe is Conscious, it also includes Everything that we aren’t Being or Owning in the Moment. For example, if you Identify with Loving Nature, prove it to yourself by Inviting a Bird to perch on your finger, without pooping on your hand or giving you Salmonella.

💥 We also need to say that our most troubling Karma is where We Would Rather Die than Feel That Again, aka our “Held Emotions” (South Node). Because most Hupers Believe that we’re Once-Born or Twice-Born, we misinterpret “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That” as “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That,” while it’s really “I’d Rather Die Than Feel That” – Ego Death. We’re just sawing through one of the legs of the three-legged stool we usually sit on. If we Want to minimize Pain, we’d stand up before we did that. But if you know what it means to Go Without an Identity (ie, stepping out of your Identity) for a few minutes, I’d love to know. The Emotion of Confusion is the closest we can come, and we regard Confusion as one of the best Emotions because it’s the Doorway to Evolution. We usually try to suppress it by Figuring Out What’s “Wrong, which is one of our most Self-Destructive Habits.

  • Illuminations about the State of our Planet and the Likelihood of our Survival if we continue on our Current Trajectory (Annular Eclipse of the Sun 3:52 am PDT 10 June in 20 Gemini [Sabian Symbol “A modern cafeteria displays an abundance of food, products of various regions“], primarily impacting the several weeks following it). It will be visible if you happen to be crossing the North Pole (bring a Boat, that’s cold Water). An Annular Eclipse is one where the moon is far enough from the Earth that it doesn’t quite appear to cover the face of the Sun – an Almost-Total Eclipse. Consciousness Grows by Discovery, not by Invention, and under Eclipses we Discover what’s now missing, that we hadn’t noticed previously. For more details, see
  • An Increase in Selfishness (Mars enters Leo 6:33 am PDT 11 June). Which is not always a Negative thing. We can’t Love Other Fully until we Love Ourself Fully. Given our Illuminations about the State of the Planet and its Huper inhabitants, though, the Greedheads will probably be making another Power Grab. If we Pray enough for it, they might Betray their Heartlessness and be met with Rotten Tomatoes, or better yet new laws about, say, voting, taxing, and legal theft, and new Cultural Norms about Worshiping Wealth. The few Greedheads who aren’t Sociopaths might even have Epiphanies about their own antisocial Greed. Mars will stay in Leo till the end of July.

While we usually just dwell on the Back-of-Hand/Palm dynamics of Abuse and Privilege, we should actually look at the Pros and Cons of each. For instance, having Privilege can make so many things so much Easier. Rather than Gloating about our supposed Superiority as the source of our Privilege, or arming ourself to the hilt to keep the Rabble from “stealing” back what we’ve stolen from them, or Resisting Privilege because we’re Conscious of the Abuse that results and Guilty about it, we might instead find our Gratitude for our Privilege. In 5D where Collaboration outduels Competition, we’ll no long be in a Zero-Sum World, but back in a Natural World where the Sum is Much Greater than its Parts. From a place of Gratitude for our historical Privilege we may be able to Share it or Teach Others how to Enjoy it without creating more Abuse – not like the Missionaries that enabled the Conquistadors, however. How would we avoid that?

As for Abuse, until enough people Unite against the Psychopaths and Sociopaths and Missionaries (which will require that we no longer Worship Wealth and Greed) and enforce a meaningful Equality, the most positive feature I can envision for Abuse, is for it to Inspire us to Delete our Abuse Karma. History of course was written by the Abusers, who were by and large proud of their Conquists, so the Horrors of our Karmic History may be Exaggerated by their Pride, though I’m not naive enough about the Cruelty and Sadism of our Species, or the extreme Privilege of the Abusers, to Believe that any such Exaggeration has been more than slight.

“Trust but Verify” is good advice. During the 1980s, when Pluto was in Scorpio and Recovery was all the rage, I Learned to Ask, “What color is the wallpaper?” to remind myself that most PTSD episodes are Flashbacks and not Present-Moment. The Jungle “wallpaper” of Vietnam, and the Bare Metal “wallpaper” of the Ships, contrasts with even unadorned wallboard, so we could distinguish hallucinations from real napalm, torture, anal probes, and implants. Grounding is always a helpmate (running an imaginary cable from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth), Eating, and Orgasm are reliable Grounders.

Mirrors are always useful, especially when you’re trying to Heal Feelings that aren’t yours, which is not possible. Mirrors are even useful as a first response – when you’re Feeling awful without obvious Triggers, take the first person who comes to mind, and for five to ten seconds hold a wardrobe Mirror between you and them, facing them. If your Feelings become more acceptable, you know you’re trying to run their Emotions through your Body – or, they’re Manipulating you. If you’re being Manipulated, even with the best Intentions, it’s never fun. Most folks are totally Unconscious that they’re Manipulating. Mirrors are a good strategy for dealing with Climate Deniers, Mask Objectors, Gun Freaks, folks who want to Deny your Vote and Control your Body, and other Antichrist Lovers. You won’t need to get into a hopeless morass of Conversation with them, and if you position your Mirror so it Reflects their Energy back at them, they’ll get a bit of their own toxic “Medicine.”

The Big Advantage of using “Then versus Now” tricks, Grounding, and Mirrors, is that they’re Habit-forming. When we’re Vulnerable to Manipulation by Other People’s Energy, it’s because our Programmers “Intentionally” (though probably Unconsciously) carved a Hole in the back of our Aura, so they could reach in and pull our strings whenever they wanted or needed to. It often looks and feels like Shaming. Habitual Manipulators “see” those Holes, usually Unconsciously, so we can be Manipulated by strangers we pass on the street. Our Programmers just thought it was good parenting, and you may do it yourself when your own kids threaten to drive you Batty. As these “tricks” become a Habit, the hole in our Aura actually Seals Up, so not only do the “tricks” become second-nature, they also Heal the Source of our Dis-Ease. When our Will is Healthily Self-Serving, Habitual Manipulators pass us by without a second glance, because we’re useless as an Object for their Power Games.

Issues such as these may Confront our Experiential Infant this coming week. It never hurts to recall that we’re actually an Eternal Energy Nexus (often called an “Immortal Soul”) borrowing a Material Body. Energy can never be Destroyed, only Transformed. Revelation of Denial (dwarf planet Eris) remains Out of Bounds through all of this (until 4:12 am PDT 18 July in 20 Cancer), so don’t be Surprised if New Information about your Personal or Karmic History or Herstory comes into your Consciousness during these Adventures. If you’ve noticed that almost everything above occurs in 16-20 Degrees of one Sign or another, you’ll be checking your natal chart to see what will be Lit Up for you, as your own Energy System meshes with the Planet’s.

All of this is Important, because as we get past the 14 June Exaggeration of Abuse and Privilege (Nessus Station), we drop into a week of very Intense Manifestation Energy, as three Big Energies are simultaneously Emphasized. When Energies Conjoin in Time, it’s as if they’re Conjoining in Longitude – and these Big Fellas are also actually in neighboring Degrees of their respective Signs. The three Energies are Manifestation Itself (dwarf planet Makemake Stationary 6:42 pm PDT 19 June in 6 Libra), Expansion (Jupiter Stationary 8:04 am PDT 20 June in 3 Pisces, and The Opportunity to Jettison Karma Early (asteroid Lachesis Stationary 2:42 pm PDT 20 June in 6 Scorpio).

If as is the case hereabouts, you’re Wondering why the Foundations of your Personal Infrastructure seems to be Falling Apart, each Failure is a Big Clue about the Unconscious Energies “you” are running but not Owning, that Block what you’re trying to Manifest. Take time to Sit with each Failure of Intention or Function, and Merge with it Energetically. The Objective is to Meet each of your Unconscious Blocks as Energy Clusters in the Unconscious, Meet them in Neutral territory without Bias or Judgment on your part, and with an Open Mind Ask the Question, “Is this Energy really My Own, but I’ve been Denying it?”

New Project Week

June 1, 2021

The Greek Goddess Klotho, from whose name we borrowed the word cloth, was one of the trio of Goddesses of Fate. Her job was to cut the cloth from which our Karmic Tapestry is fashioned. So of course we associate asteroid Klotho with New Directions. If we’re one of the many who were programmed into Trusting Either/Or Left-Brain “Logical Thinking” (which Jung labeled “Irrational” because it failed to involve one’s Values), you may consider Fate to be an Alternative to Free Will, but like all Either/Ors, that’s misguided. We are Victims of our Fate when we’re Unconscious of our Karma. Once we bring our Karmic Patterns into Consciousness, we can replace Fate with Choice.

So yes, some of our New Beginnings can be assigned to the Fate closet, such as an involuntary loss of income. If you’re Experiencing Changes that you didn’t Choose, it may be useful to PIAVA how you can become more Conscious of the Karma that was involved. When we’re working from Choice, however, a Klotho astroevent is an Opportunity to make Changes that we Want to make. Most of us will have at least some Choice about how we Compensate for Unchosen Changes – like all other Either/Ors, Fate and Consciousness are not “Black and White.” They’re more like two Clouds meeting in the sky. Bottom line: this week is an excellent time to make Big Changes, Begin New Adventures, and Expand our Resilience.

Asteroid Klotho is Stationary (Strong) turning Direct (Ready to Go) at 9:30 am PDT on 7 June 2021, so this Reboot Energy grows Stronger between now and then. Occurring at 18 Libra, just shy of the end of the Aries “Duad” (2½ Degree window) of Libra, the Energy will likely work best on Projects and Changes that you’ve been considering for a while, and you’re finally ready to Cast them into Material Form (Taurus Duad). Projects and Changes that were interrupted in February 2021 (Klotho turned Retrograde 20 February 2021 in 3 Scorpio) may also Light Up.

Since this is Libra, Other People, and “Other” in general, are highly likely to be part of the Plans. If you would benefit from Making Amends to anyone, or Renegotiating your Boundaries with anyone or Any Thing (such as the Planet or Time or Vegetables or your plumbing), this week would be an ideal time to do it. This will be Klotho’s third trip through the last half of Libra, so you’ve already thoroughly studied what you want to Improve in your Relationships.

That includes your Relationships with all aspects of “External Reality.” Consciousness is not only a Cloud, it’s constantly Changing, being Revised, and Evolving. Consciousness Defines the Ego. Whatever we Believe to be Not-Me in any given moment – and it varies from moment to moment, that’s the “Other” that Libra manages our Relationships with. The more Empathic we are, the more complicated this gets. The more Opinionated we are, the simpler it seems, but with a Big Twist – we Become what we Deny.

Like the COVID-19 extravaganza, for instance. Some of us might inadvertently Merge with it by Fearing it. Like previous pandemics that accompanied exponential increases in Electromagnetic Pollution, the only sure way out appears to be through Epigenetic (“Real-Time” more or less) Evolution. Can we do that without Consciously Merging with the Pollution?

There are a couple of minor astroevents along the way. On 2 June, Eurydike (Trust) moves into Leo (Confidence, 7:20 am PDT) while Venus (Values) moves into Cancer (Compassion, 6:15 am PDT). Leo is pretty slick, but that doesn’t make it Immune from Overconfidence. And Compassion sometimes forgets that Self-Care is a Prerequisite for Other-Care.

Venus, meanwhile, is Very Strong as it Stands Still while Out of Bounds (5:15 am PDT 5 June, in 25 Degrees North Declination) before heading back toward the Ecliptic (the plane of the Earth’s Orbit ’round the Sun). Venus returns In-Bounds on 18 June (4:15 am PDT), at 20 Cancer. A planet goes Out of Bounds when it wanders further than 23 Degrees 27 Minutes North or South from the Ecliptic. Being Out of Bounds Exaggerates the influence of a planet’s Energy, so we can Expect our Values to be much Stronger than usual.

That’s likely to exacerbate the Politics of Polarity that it appears to be our Fate to have to Live with, as the Thirst for Power is one of the more insidious of our Either/Ors. It’s also closely Related to the need to Murder what the Heart considers to be “Wrong,” in order to Prove what’s “Right.” If we’re Impacted by any of these Either/Ors in any way other than our PTSD-Inspired Addiction to “the News,” we wouldn’t hurt our Evolution if we Examined our Ego’s Relationship to them. For instance, if we’re Disgusted by Polarity Politics and Us-versus-Them, or sick of hearing about it, but we can’t bring ourselves to stop imbibing, we might Realize that no one can do anything to us without our Conscious or Unconscious Consent.

Some of our Karmic Puppetmasters may give Unconscious Consent to what Displeases the rest of “us,” and hold our nose to the Fire so we can’t escape the smell of burning flesh. If we can manage to have a chat with them, with the Intention of getting to know one another and bringing them into Consciousness, where we may be able to Collaborate to meet both of our needs, that could accelerate our Evolution and our Ease.