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Quantum Jump 13: Eclipse

July 22, 2018

Hate to sound like a stuck record, but the July 27 Total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon (1:30 pm PDT, though Totality lasts almost two hours, the longest Eclipse of the 21st Century) is all about Blowing Away any remaining impediments to Fully Living our Soul’s Path, Totally Grounded in Hardcopy Reality.

Uranus is T-Squared by Moon-Mars-South Node and Sun-North Node, while Saturn T-Squares the Opposition between Chiron and Makemake.  Or…

Both the Eclipsed Moon (Illumination) Conjunct (Merged with) Mars-South Node (Obsolete Habits around Anger or Guilt) and the Sun (our Essence) Conjunct the North Node (our Mission in the Lifetime) Square (Challenge) Uranus (the Individual Soul), while Saturn (The Most Important Thing) T-Squares (Challenges) the Opposition (Duality) between Chiron (Healing) and Makemake (Manifestation).  Which is to say…

The Eclipse Illuminates our Anger and Guilt to Challenge our Acceptance of our Soul’s Mission in the Lifetime, and The Most Important Thing is to Realize that Healing and Manifesting are One and the Same.

In other words, our Frustration over failing to Manifest our Deepest Desires, and whatever Dis-Ease befalls us, are really the Same Energy, just seen from two different angles.  We may be able to Heal our most difficult Dis-Ease by Accepting that we aren’t here to Manifest our Deepest Desires, we’re here to Strive toward them.  True Life does not Live in the nouns (Desire), it Lives in the verbs (Strive).  Or as they say, it’s not the Destination, it’s the Journey.  Greet each day’s Journey with Wonder, not Expectation.

Relish each episode involving Anger or Guilt that arises; it’s a Window into the Original Sources of your Dis-Ease.  Meet each occurrence with a PIAVA like…

God/Goddess, Creator of All Things, I Command that I Receive a Clear Memory of the Original Source of this Anger or Guilt.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show me.”

If you don’t get an immediate answer, be prepared to soon find yourself in a situation where your Anger or Guilt is triggered.  When it is, Realize that the Present Moment is just Theater, a Play-Action re-creation of your Original Drama.  You don’t need to know who the Original Players were, but it’s Critical that you Forgive them, and Forgive yourself.

Antarctica, Southern and Eastern Africa, the Near East, the ‘Stans, and India get the full Eclipse show…

It occurs at 5 Aquarius, “A council of ancestors is seen implementing the efforts of a young leader.”  It’ll be interesting when we find out who she is.  The full chart creates a Muffin or Cupcake Configuration…

We’ve positioned it so the Muffin (red sides, green top, blue bottom) is upright.  We’ll continue this discussion soon, but first…

On 25 July (10pm PDT), Mercury turns Retrograde at 24 Leo, Conjunct Aletheia (Truth), till 18 August (9pm PDT) at 11 Leo.  This is the Scorpio-through-Taurus segments of Leo – we’re Learning to Let Go of our Judgments so we can Collaborate to Create Community and a Safe Space for Everyone to Feel All of Their Emotions as Fully as They Need to.  The End Result will be a New, More Stable Reality by early September.

The Mercury Station Illuminates the same Degrees as the multiple Stations and Initiations we wrote about in Quantum Jump 10 (, the Highlight of which was Easy Release of All Old Habit Patterns.  I still hope to discuss that chart more fully, as it continues to Live on.

We’re also already Feeling the 7 August Station of Uranus (Soul), especially with Uranus lit up by the Century’s Longest Lunar Eclipse.  It’s like the Universe is giving us remedial time to study our Soul, an Intensive from noon till 3pm PDT on 27 July.  Just imagine that Blood-Red Moon projected onto the Sky like a movie screen, while a movie about your own Soul plays upon it.

Muffins 3

September 28, 2016

The Muffin is an asymmetrical Pentagram, so if you want to play it Safe relative to post-Inquisition protocol, do your Manifesting within several hours on either side of 11pm PDT – whatever your local time equivalent to that is.  That’s when the Pentagram is pointing Up, for the next week or two anyway.

If you’ve read Rumi, or studied Scienterrific Method as defined rather than as practiced, or have access to any other body of Esoteric Teachings, you know that Good and Evil are in the eye of the beholder, not in the object being beheld.  Like all the other Either/Or Dualities, it’s Political, not Spiritual.  Some Pope or other Functionary decided what to call Good and what to call Bad, mostly on the basis of whether or not it Supported his (it was a he) claim to Power.

The Greeks did the same thing to the Matriarchy – Medusa was a Powerful symbol of Respect for Nature before the Greeks make Her Evil, so they could establish the Patriarchy’s Dominance over the Matriarchy.  To Freud the Subconscious was a dank, fetid cellar where we kept all of our Secret Shames.  To Jung the Unconscious (same cellar, different name) was the Home of everything we needed to bring ourselves back into Balance, plus the Primal Urge to do so.

So check with your own Guides and Sensitivities.  Do your Manifesting at the local equivalent of 11am PDT if you prefer to upset the Applecart and help Change the Dominant Paradigm.  You’ll probably be more in tune with the Goddess that way.  The Muffin points to its Right (Appearances, Things, Nouns, Adjectives) at 5-6pm PDT and to its Left (Relationships, Verbs, Adverbs, Wholes) at 5-6am PDT.

You may want to PIAVA different Wishes at different times of the day.  Remember not to do too many PIAVAs at once, or you won’t be able to keep track of what information you’re being Given when you Pay Attention.  Use a Journal to keep track of what you’ve PIAVed when.

Muffins 2

September 28, 2016

Abuse takes many forms, and impacts all of us.  For instance, if the Significant Others in your Childhood saw you as a blank canvas that needed to be painted with the colors and patterns of their Culture, then during your Formative years you were never recognized as an Individual Soul, unless you were lucky enough to have a “Cookie Lady,” the Mom next door who saw you for who you were. We call that Spiritual Abuse.

In some Cultures, that’s the norm.  Sexual, Physical, and Spiritual Abuse lasts for many generations – seven in one prominent version of the Story.  If your Ancestors were Abused – and whose weren’t – it’s in your genes.  We are programmed to “forget” our Abuse, so most of us are in Denial about most of our Abuse.  

In the USofA, 100 million people tuned in Monday night to watch a conversation between an aspirant that would gift the tattered remains of the short-lived and profoundly destructive American Empire to the Privileged 1%, and one who would sell it to the Exploitative multinational corporations.  And the 100 million, in Denial about their Abuse, don’t know why they don’t like either one of them.  Any way they look at it they lose.

There’s Potential that this Muffin could wake us from the somnambulance of our Abuse.

The peak of the Muffin, or focus of the Configuration, is the Nessus-OR10 Conjunction.  Nessus is about Abuse and Privilege, OR10 about Unconscious contents breaking through into Awareness.

Mars-Hylonome-Chariklo (MHC) is the left shoulder (the Muffin’s left shoulder, when it’s looking at you; it’s on the right when you’re looking at it), symbolizing its Heart.  Ceres is at the other  or Action shoulder, promising Sustainability if we handle the ifs ands & buts effectively.

The base is a Sextile between Jupiter-Makemake and Varuna.  Sappho is moving along, but it’s still quite close to Jupiter-Makemake.  The base then is about Manifesting Self-Love from our Cells outward.

The Squares that make up the sides of the Muffin are Sappho-Jupiter-Makemake (SJM) to MHC and Varuna to Ceres.

The sides of a Muffin Configuration are Challenges.  The Configuration as a whole offers a great deal of help in converting the Challenges to Mastery.  We can say that the Ultimate Purpose of this Muffin is to Liberate us from the ghosts of Abuse and Privilege, by cementing Self-Love deep into our very Mitochondria and nucleic DNA.  What are the Challenges?

The first Challenge is an apparent Conflict between our Expanding Self-Love and Mission to Create on the one hand, and the Archetypes of Pleaser, Loyalty, Protocol, Obedience, and Appearances on the other.  The Archetypes are chains that hold us back.  How would we go about breaking these chains?  The chart recommends PIAVA.  For example…

  • “I Wonder How I can make my Creative Ability Dominant and Permanent.”
  • “Ganeshi, please Remove all Obstacles to my using the Energy embedded in historical Abuse to Power the Creative Potential of my Expanding Self-Love, and Manifest it into Material Form.”

The Muffin creates a Major and a Minor Tricolor for each Square.  The Major Tricolor foe the left-hand Square is MHC Square SJM Quincunx Ceres Trine MHC, and the Minor ia MHC Square SJM Quincunx Nessus-OR10 Sextile MHC.

The Major Tricolor for the right-hand Square is Ceres Square Varuna Quincunx MHC Trine Ceres, and the Minor Ceres Square Varuna Quincunx Nessus-OR10 Sextile Ceres.  Again, the handedness is from the Perspective of the Muffin.

The second Challenge is to replace the Competition Programming in our Cells with Cooperation Programming.  

Just to take a “trivial” example, did you know that “Weeds” are Soil Conditioners?  Dandelions aerate and recycle Minerals washed out by rain.  Clovers recycle the Nitrogen vital to Photosynthesis.  Clovers fed the ruminants that helped fertilize, and Dandelions were a prize food nutritionally for other Animals, including Hupers.

In the modern lawn, aeration is done by machine, Nitrogen recycling by fertilizers made by processing Natural Gas, and Mineral recyling not at all.  Food for Hupers, demineralized by industrial agriculture and diminished in nutrients by processing and shipping delays, comes from the freezer cabinets at the grocery store, before it goes into the microwave as a final step to make sure it contains only calories and not nutrients.

If Hupers ate Real, Live Food, they would have a harder time maintaining the Archetypal Hypnosis.

What PIAVAs might we use to address this second Challenge?  As examples…

  • “Great Spirit, please Allow my Ego to Lovingly and Gently Embrace my Held Emotions, and Allow my Cells to Safely Let Go of the Heavy Metals and Toxic Chemicals that they hold.”
  • “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that my Cellular Memory Lovingly and Gently and Rapidly and Completely Transmute all traces of Abuse.  It is Done, it is Done, it is Done.  Thank you, God/Goddess.”

Don’t forget to Change the Subject and Pay Attention – if you aren’t sure what I mean by that, see .

We want to have our Tools (Tapping, Yes-And, Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade, Poor Sweetheart, etc.) ready, and to be watchful for Upper Limits and Ego Deaths, and mindful to be Loving and Gentle with them, since this Muffin could accelerate the Changes significantly.

A Muffin Configuration is a Pentagram, the symbol of Manifestation Magic – apart from the recent Makemake-Jupiter-Sappho Initiations, which symbolize the Expansion of Self-Loving Creative Transformation into Matter.  The Muffin is taller than it is wide, implying that while it’s well Grounded in Substance, the emphasis is on Energy and Spirit.

As they say, give someone a Fish, and they’ll eat.  Give them a boat, and they’ll sit around all afternoon drinking Beer, but they might also catch a Fish, and feed themself.  While there are no Quintiles involved, the Muffin is a Pentagram, invoking the Fifth Harmonic – Learning.  This is not a one-time Gift of Grace, though if it were it would be fabulous; it’s a Gift of Learning.  

We’re told that “You can’t take it with you,” referring to the transfer of Material Abundance from one Lifetime to another.  But in fact, what you do take with you is what you’ve Learned about Manifestation.

Muffins 1

September 28, 2016

We might have named this Configuration already, but it looks too much like a Muffin to not rename it.  It’s basically a five-pointed Star in a box, and it’s primary implication is that our PIAVAs should work exceptionally well, as four of the lines in the Star symbolize Curiosity (Quincunxes) and the fifth Major Grace (Trine).

It’s an upside-down Square Fez with a fifth planet at the near Midpoint of the Trine.  You would create one by taking a Finger of God and putting two additional planets on either side of the point, each Sextile to the lead planet.  This makes the shoulders of the Muffin Square to the ends of the base of the Yod.

The Quincunxes, Trine, and three Sextiles would greatly ease the Challenge part of the Squares, accelerating the Mastery part.

We bring this up because this Muffin is the container for two new Initiations…

  • Hylonome Initiates Mars 9:30am PDT 29 September at 2 Capricorn
  • Chariklo Initiates Mars 5pm PDT 2 October at 4 Capricorn

These Initiate eighteen-month Cycles.

Hylonome-Mars will give us a choice – waste a lot of Energy wrestling with an Archetype, which btw are gargantuan, or use the Energy to break free from the Archetype.  Capricorn 2 is about the often-violent contest between Ritual and Intuition, between Tradition and Creativity.  Lots of Leverage here for enhancing Freedom.

Similarly, the Chariklo-Mars Cycle is about how much Energy we use Pleasing Other (other people, our Programming, our Ideals), and how much Energy we use Pleasing Ourself (our Values, our Heart, our Yintegrity).  Capricorn 4 is about gathering and inventorying our Tools in preparation for a significant Emotional Adventure.

A few folks are naturally Charismatic; for them this Cycle would be about How they invest their Charisma, How they put it to work, for what Purpose, and their Commitment to it.

In this particular Mars-Chariklo Cycle, we’re dealing with our Attachment to the Archetype of Pleasing.  As with the Mars-Hylonome Cycle, we will Choose – Consciously or Unconsciously – to Use our Energy to wrestle with the Archetype, or to Liberate ourself from it.

We’ll look at how the rest of the Muffin will steer these Energies in Muffins 2.  I think we can place our bets on Liberation.