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Getting Wild Again7

March 15, 2022

Readers have been wondering about the Long Picture – how current events might relate astrologically to past events. The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation is our primary Long-Picture event, and its history and herstory are certainly noteworthy. Pholus has a very elongated orbit, so at times it travels almost as slowly as Quaoar, and at other times much faster. So while each overall Cycle spans about 100-125 years at this time, the span between the hard Angles (Conjunction, Square, Opposition, or Merger, Challenge, Argument ) is as little as 6 years and as much as 80 years!

At the 1798 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, Napoleon was just departing on his mission to subdue the Middle East, sailing for Egypt. If 成Pootin’ follows this precedent, Ukraine is indeed just a baby step. Napoleon, however, as did Hitler, ended up Losing it all trying to escape the Russian Plains in winter. So 成Pootin’ will have been better off just taking a winter holiday in Sochi. We’ve discovered why 成Pootin’ is so angry. It’s not Roid Rage as some have suggested (that’s Steroid, not asteroid). He’s angry at his mother because he wanted to be named 成Ras Pootin’, not 成Vladimir.

Shortly after the 1900 Quaoar-Pholus Initiation, the Bolsheviks had what Lenin later called a “Dress Rehearsal” for their later, successful Revolution against the Tsar and Tsarina, and their pal 成Rasputin hisself (滮). As they say, history doesn’t repeat, it alliterates. Or, given Huper nature, maybe that should be obliterates. But, this being an Initiation, let’s compare it to the usual situation around Initiations. A New Cycle Begins, and the New Energy is very prominent in the buildup to the Initiation. But then, after the Initiation, the folks who are heavily Invested in the old Cycle crank up the Propaganda Machine, and re-convince everyone that the Old Cycle Energy is really the Cat’s Pajamas. The New Energy doesn’t break through to become the Main Effect until the Waxing Square.

If we compare it to, say, the Uranus-Pluto Cycle, Peace, Individual Sovereignty, Equality, and Sources of Inner Wisdom were all Dominant Topics leading up to the October 1965 Initiation in 18 Virgo, “A Ouija Board: The ability to contact deeper rescesses of the unconscious psyche and sensitiveness to psychic intimations and omens”

All that seemed to fade away in the subsequent several decades, as Ronnie Reagan and Bill Clinton began moving all the money to the Greedheads.

The money, of course, like the Killing, was the Old Energy, left over from the dying embers of the 1851 Uranus-Pluto Initiation. The Quija Board was growing underground, and ’round about the Waxing Octile, halfway to the Waxing Square, the Harmonic Convergence came along…

And then, finally, there was 2012, the Waxing Square…

There are a few Retards still trying to Deny Peace, Individual Sovereignty, Equality, and Inner Wisdom, but they’re so far out of Time that they won’t have any Staying Power. The Worldwide 癒癒癒NO!!! Response to 成Pootin’ is an example, and Throwbacks like Governors 成duhSanta and 成Costello, House Minority Leader 成Snerd and Charles Manson’s Twin Brother Senator 成Joe are here only for their Comic Effect, to entertain the Dying.

If we return to our earler reading that the Quaoar-Pholus (Survival-Responsibility) Cycle is about Global Climate Change et al,1 while Recognizing that 成Pootin’s Russia has been making its living from its CO2– and Methane-Belching Oil and Gas Industry, and while Listening to the current chorus of Oil Pimps in the US and UK jumping up and down and rooting for Drill Baby Drill! – so Obviously the Old Energy – we could then suppose that we won’t find Relief from Climate Change till the Waxing Pholus-Quaoar Square. If it’s not Too Late by then.2 Pholus is currently near its Aphelion (far away, as in traveling Slowly), Holding Hands with Quaoar, so they will continue to Dance Together Cheek-to-Cheek twice a year until the 2060s!

  • 1 Mother Gaia’s Rapid Evolvution, including giving Hupers a small taste of their own Toxic “Medicine,” that’s the Core of the Issue. Weather and Climate and their Correlates like Wildfires and Sea-Level Rise, are just symptoms. Huperity needs to Reanimate Nature and move into Collaboration with it, instead of Competition and Control, before much will Change. The Demise of the Patriarchy is a small part of the overall Change.
  • 2 I doubt that it will be Too Late, though there will certainly be Permanent Changes, as their already are – it’s just more Huper Hubris to Assume that it’s Up To Us Peons – which is NOT a reason to slack off on our Efforts to Change the Trend.

We’ve just been through the Initiation – the first Conjunction of a New Cycle – of a New Quaoar-Pholus Cycle. We refer to the first Conjunction as the “Can-Opener” because it usually opens a “Can of Worms” or Major Hassle, in this case, several columns of Tanks filled with young, expendable, still-wet-behind-the-ears Russian conscripts, unfortunately and tastelessy given Live Ammunition. If we were “Living Right,” we’d have Unwound our Dependence on the Old-Cycle Energy long before the New Cycle Began.

Once we’re past the Can-Opener, those who haven’t Let Go and are still making Money or Ego off the Energy of the Old Cycle go to great lengths to Convince the rest of us that the Old Cycle is not only Better but Necessary, and the New Energy is Whacko. I mean, it’s New, and it wasn’t Created by Madison Avenue, so it must be Whacko, right? Meanwhile, as Time goes by, it gets harder and harder for them to Convince us, and despite its Relative Invisibility, it gets Easier and Easier, for anyone who’s Open to it, to Embrace the New Energy. When Outer Planets Conjoin or temporarily Merge their Energies, they usually do so several to many times. Subsequent Conjunctions are called “Expositions,” because they Expose what’s really going on and, if we Pay Attention, give us additional information about the nature of the Cycle.

So what do we do, or How do we be, about this? Well, it’s a Fool’s Errand to try outshouting the Old-Energy Carnies, but we can Recognize that their Death Knell will be Loud and Long, and Let their coattails Fund our own efforts.3 We can Stay Awake to the Expositions and Take Advantage of their Opportunities to hone our Approach to our Underground Efforts to Co-Manifest the New Energy. We can Recognize that it’s a multi-Generational Project, and Team Up with younger people who can absorb our Contributions and carry them Forward after we Step through the Veil. Of course we’ll base our own Future on the New Energy, because it’s the one that will Survive. But it’ll take a while, so we won’t Bet the Farm on it yet, rather we’ll slowly Develop it as a Cash Stream separate from our Sustenance.

The first Exposition Conjunction occurs on 6 June 2022. It should be detectable at least a week prior to that date, as all Outer-Planet Angles are. Wouldn’t hurt to mark our Calendar two weeks ahead, so we can train our Sensitivity to pick up on the Early Impacts. The next dozen Expositions are…

  • 8 February and 22 May 2023,
  • 31 January and 31 May 2024,
  • 27 January and 6 June 2025,
  • 26 January and 8 June 2026,
  • 29 January and 7 June 2027, and
  • 4 February and 2 June 2028.

I don’t differentiate Retrograde events from Direct events, but if you do, the May and June events are the Retrograde ones, the January and February events Direct. These twice-yearly Hints Exposing the New Energy will continue into the 2060s, another 40 years! The Old-Energy Propagandizers will probably do the same. Remind me before 2029 and I’ll extend the list.4

The actual (first) Waxing Square, when the New Energy moves into the Mainstream, occurs 23 June 2081. That’ll be a Can-Opener, so train your Children to train their Children (and another Generation or two if you’re already Old as Dirt – if you’re old as me, we’d be talking about our Great-Great-Great-Grandchildren) to have the Grand Opening of their New-Energy Respect-for-Nature Endeavor the week of 23 June 2081.5 The secret to success is to Find a Need and Fill It, right? Well, by the time you Pay Attention to 40 Expositions, you should have a pretty good idea of what sort of Need will “Suddenly” and “Surprisingly” (as Sudden and Surprising as a Murder of Tanks) Exist in volume in 2081, and whether or not it’s a Need that you and your Spawn will be Fulfilled by Filling.

  • 3 No, we aren’t suggesting that anyone Invest in the Oil and Gas Industry, or Factory Farming, or any other CO2 or Methane-Belching Endeavor. But we are suggesting that, if we could find a way to Fund our Lifestyle on the coattails of those Industries, without increasing their Pollution and without getting Attached or Co-opted, then we’d be able to Avoid having to add a Marketing Budget for our Project, because their Propaganda will do it for us. Servicing Air-Conditioners, for instance, or Affordable Storm-Proof and Fire-Proof Roofing and Siding.3a These Industries are Dying, but their Death could take 40-60 years or more. Just be sure not to get Emotionally Involved, so you can Leap Easily to your Real New-Energy Horse in mid-stream.
  • 3a When our Refrigerator quit Refrigerating, we called the local Repair-Any-Reefer guy, and he came out, pulled a cover off the inside of the freezer, told us that our coolant had all leaked out, that he could fix it but it would just leak again, suggested we just buy a new one, charged us $120, and walked out the door. If you had a business like that, maybe charging less but charging separately for travel expense, just think of how much New-Energy Business Development you could Fund while Living Well and Harmlessly.
  • 4 Or, if you have fancy software that will list of all of the 21st-Century Pholus-Quaoar Tropical Conjunctions at the push of a button, Let me Know and I’ll publish it here, giving you the credit of course (or not, if you prefer anonymity). Or, if you want to monetize it, I’ll advertise it here for you.
  • 5 Of course, everything will be Digital or Virtual by then, but the next several Generations will be more hip to that than we are.

Romancing Our (Other) Selves 2

March 2, 2022

Lots of Big Changes going on – let’s see if we can paint a Big Picture that isn’t too Cubist. Here are some of the Cubes…

  • The Invasion of Ukraine began when the symbol for Taking Full Responsibility and the symbol for Our Survival Instincts Merged in the process of Initiating a New 125-year Cycle.1 This tells us that Climate is only a bit player in the Global Climate Change Drama. The real issue is the Death of the Patriarchy, as it’s the Patriarchy’s Choice to Value Greed more than Compassion and insist on continuing to Profit by pumping the Air overfull with Poison. And it’s the Patriarchy’s Choice to Value Competition (to the Death in this case) more than Cooperation, and to Value Bravado more than Integrity.
  • The Death of the Patriarchy is echoed in the 2 March 2022 Beginning of a new 12-year Cycle when the symbol for Expansion Merges with the symbol for Abuse and Privilege.2 This new Cycle is about Simulating an Assault. The previous Cycle was about Protecting One’s Individual Rights. For the last dozen years, Western Culture has been attempting to Revise the way Men Abuse Women. For the next dozen years, we’ll be Revising the way Armies Abuse Noncombatants and Power Abuses Innocence. Or better yet, Eliminating both classes of Abuse, though that’ll probably take a lot more Evolution than Huperity can squeeze into a dozen years. Of course, we could always encounter a Tripping Point and Surge Forward in a Big Leap.
  • The whole issue of Male-Female Relationships, especially the Relationship between Action (Male) and Values (Female), is being Modified, on all levels – Intrapersonal (between our Inner Female and our Inner Male), Interpersonal, Cultural, and Global. The overall 31-month Male-Female Cycle is about Worshiping the Light.3 The recent amendments to it are about Revaluing the Feminine,4 and Compulsive Growth of Self-Love and Accessing Genius.5 If you’ve watched his speeches, you can see how Zelensky’s comfort with his Inner Female evokes spontaneous Tears from hardened politicians, translators, and journalists. Just one of his speeches caused Germany to reverse half a century of major Policy in a few hours.
  • This is the Most Important Thing that’s going on with Huperity and the Planet. While Pootin’ may not give up easily and shoot himself in the head this week, the World is done with Aggression, and done with Macho Patriarchy. The singular Opportunity for us is to Expand this Opening so that the World is done with Profiteering, done with Polluting, done with putting Profits over People, done with Exploiting the Planet, done with worshiping Greed and Arrogance, done with Kleptocracy and Kleptocrats at all levels, and done with Crucifying Peaceniks. If we can Identify what it is we’re seeing, and replicate it, we still have much work to do, but now we know how to do it. Pay Attention as well to Zelensky’s Neutrality. He’s Changing the World, but he’s not Attached to Outcomes. This is Critical.
  • The Harmonic Confusion that Lights Up February 19-28 with dozens of minor (and a few major) Angles, is about just that, Confusion.6 Confusion is the first stage of Growth. Our Intellectual Concept Set, most of which is Unconscious, is the Mental Bars in the Cage of our Unconscious Limitations that Protect us from our Held Emotions. When those Bars start to loosen, it Exposes us to Vulnerability, as we loose our Ability to warp Reality to fit our Preconceptions. We can certainly Avoid Growth, especially if it involves Big Ego Death, but at least we were given the Opportunity to slip between the bars and Expand our Horizons.


  • 1 Quaoar Initiates Pholus, 21 February 2022, 8 Capricorn. Put Pootin’ in the role of Hercules promoting the Patriarchy and Zelensky in the role of Chiron Supporting the Matriarchy. Or put Pootin’ in the role of Pholus getting Dead, and Zelensky in the role of Hercules promoting the New Order. Either way, the Pholus-Chiron-Hercules Story is a good match for the Pootin’ Debacle. We could make it like Rashomon, with Shakespeare writing the dialogue. Pootin’s Chiron is at Capricorn 8, and it’s easy to see him giving up his Immortality and Choosing Death to end his Humiliation. He just won’t get the Constellation, except among the T.rump crowd. And Quaoar? Quaoar taught people how to Survive. Shooting other people isn’t the best Survival Technique, unless you plan to Eat them. The Quaoar role is played here by the New 5D order teaching people how to Survive by Collaborating.
  • 2 Nessus Initiates Jupiter, 15 Pisces. Previous Cycle, 17 Aquarius. It’s ironic (or not) that Jupiter is the Roman name for Jove, aka Zeus, promulgator of the Patriarchy. Nessus was a rapist, plain and simple. It was Hercules’s wife that he tried to rape. Yet Nessus was a Centaur, generally associated with the Matriarchy.
  • 3 Mars Initiates Venus (“Can-Opener”), 13 July 2021, 20 Leo (Ritual to the Sun), Conjunct Atropos (Expiry of Karma) and Square to Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence). The Current Cycle, spanning July 2021 through February 2024, is much longer than the usual 1翻 to 2 years.
  • 4 First subsidiary Conjunction (“Exposition”), 16 February 2022, 17 Capricorn (Female Nudist Letting Go of Inhibitions), Conjunct Arachne (Grandmother Spider, the Matrix or the Field, which is Feminine) and Vesta (Growth in Consciousness), Square to Sappho (Self-Love), Sextile to Nessus (Females Claiming Their Power), and Trine to Orcus (Breaking Obsolete Patterns).
  • 5 Second subsidiary Conjunction (“Confidence-Builder”), 6 March 2022, 1 Aquarius (California Adobe Mission), Conjunct Pluto (Compulsion) and Vesta (Growth in Consciousness), T-Square to Sappho (Selt-Love) and Moon (Instincts) and Veritas (Truth), and Opposite to Koronis (Coronavirus) and Cyllarus (Death). The chart also features a T-Square to Ixion (Forbidden Genius) and Klotho (New Beginnings) and the Galactic Center (Orders from Headquarters), from the Opposition between Eros (Erotica) and Aphrodite (Seduction).
  • 6 The players are Venus (Values) and Mars (Action), Hylonome (Codependence), Vesta (Growth in Consciousness), Lachesis (Terminable Karma), Arachne (the Field ), and Arrokoth (Huperity’s Misguided “Dominion” over Nature) in 21-24 Capricorn, Sappho (Self-Love) and Eris (Revelation of Denial ) in 22-24 Aries, and Narcissus (Self-Absorption) in 23 Libra. By far the most Confusing day was 23 February, when our Values, Growth, Self-Love, Dominion, Codependence, Denial, and Narcissism all Danced together cheek-to-cheek.

Full Moon Reboot

February 19, 2022

The 16 February 2022 Full Moon1 will impact the next two weeks. It’s primary message is that we need to Open Our Boundaries to the Mystery, and Let Ourself be Reborn into to Our Unlimited Potential.2 Camilla Blossom leads the way…

. . . . . . . . . . . This Is Ascension . . . . . . . . . . . .

Edited in Prisma app with Surf

“What the heck is going on?

“Even when you have clues, tools, awareness of the ascension process, it can catch you by surprise exhaustion, aches, pain, dizziness, and surfacing trauma. 
“On Sunday, I died!
 “Ascension is the death of our old self into higher states of awareness while still in our body. 
 “Every human and every being is becoming more crystalline…”

By now we are deep into the 21 February 2022 Initiation of dwarf planet Pholus by dwarf planet Quaoar (Being Fully Responsive to our Survival Instincts, aka Earth Changes),3 the Beginning of a New 225-year Cycle during which we eventually come into Balance with our Fellow Earthlings of all stripes and spots,4 from the Mastodons to the Tigers to the Lions Manes to the Lichens to the Mitochondria and Beyond. Or else.

  • 1 8:56 am PST, in 28 Leo.
  • 2 In the Full Moon chart, Asteroid Pallas in 1 Aries (Where Everything Begins) T-Squares (Challenges) the Opposition between dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ) and asteroid Klotho (New Beginnings) which is visiting the Galactic Center (Getting It’s Assignment from Headquarters).
  • 3 Quaoar Initiates Pholus at 7:03 pm PST, in 8 Capricorn, close enough to 2/22/2022 for Jazz. 2/22/2022 reduces to 12, the Hanged Man in Tarot, who hangs not by his Neck or Nails, but by his Heels, so he can See the World through New Eyes. He is the Pattern-Breaker, the KarmaBreaker. 12 reduces to 3, the symbol of The Empress, or Love with WisdomCompassion.
  • 4 Capricorn 8, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated birds sing joyously.”
  • The Full Moon Squares the Nodal Axis, at 28 of the Fixed Signs. It’s a Grand Cross (4 planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac), which we consider to be a Series of relatively Smallish Hassles that Complement One Another so that the End Result is Just Fine – as Long as We don’t Screw it Up by Intervening to “Fix” any of the Smallish Hassles. A Grand Cross is an Exercise in It Is What It Is, to see if we can Let It Be.
  • To spice it up good, the Full Moon Sun in Aquarius Channels (Conjoins) asteroid Damocles (Anxiety), while the North Node (Our Mission in the Lifetime) in Taurus (Materialism) Channels asteroid Ceres (Sustainability) and dwarf planet Sedna (Converting Fear to Power), and the South Node (Our Held Emotions, the Deepest Traumas in our Karma) in Scorpio (Fearlessness) Channels asteroids Karma itself (Our Karma), Atropos (Expired Karma5), and Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence). That’s a mouthful.

It means that the Survivability of our Materiality Relies on the Transcendence of our Karma.

  • 5 Karma does not Grasp Us, We Grasp It. The nature of Karma is that it’s What We Expect, because we’ve been living with it for so many Lifetimes. By definition, it’s Older than “We” are. Well, What We Expect is What We Get, when our Expectations are Unconscious. So even when Karma reaches its Expiry Date, it doesn’t automatically get off our back. We have to Actively Let Go Of It, by making it Conscious, Noticing it when it begins to recur, and Choosing a New Alternative. Any Alternative will do, till we Break the Addiction. Then we can begin Choosing Alternatives that are Self-Supporting rather than Self-Sabotaging.

Asteroid Karma, by the way, left Scorpio and entered Sagittarius yesterday, 18 February (10:50 pm PST), meaning that we’re shifting from The Way Out of Our Karma Is Through, to The Way Out of our Karma Is To Let It Go. Whew! What Timing! Have we ever been Feeling this!

“Lady Nada oversees a retreat, which is situated in the etheric realms above Lake Titicaca at the border of Bolivia and Peru. Ascended Masters Mary (known as Mother Mary), Quan Yin, Pallas Athena, Lady Venus, and Lady Portia (Saint Germain’s twin flame) are all working closely together in that retreat. From this place in Bolivia, they distribute powerful feminine energies to our planet in order to balance the distortions still existing between the masculine and feminine energies. There is a strong emphasis on restoring the balance between the female and male polarities within ourselves and within our relationships and in our world.

“Many of these female masters are working to help us with this task; it is so vitally imperative for the Ascension of humanity. Unless humanity begins manifesting more balance between the masculine and feminine expressions of power in the world, we will not easily experience the changes in consciousness which must take place in these next years. The long awaited Golden Age can only manifest when divine balance between the male and female polarities becomes a reality on the planet.”

–Aurelia Louse Jones, The Seven Sacred Flames, p.162

Which brings us to the other Big Deal happening late this month and early next. Venus and Mars normally Convene a new Cycle every year and a half or so. The Current Cycle began in mid-July 2021 in 20 Leo, “Zuni Indians perform a ritual to the Sun: A return to the glorification of natural energies.” The Initiation Celebrates the Transcendence of Karma.6

  • 6 The Initiation Conjoined asteroid Atropos (the Expiration of Karma), and the only Challenge was a naked Square to asteroid Ka epaoka awela (Transcendence). The Initiation Enjoyed a Grand Trine (Great Blessings) with asteroids Eros (Eros) and Veritas (Truth). Veritas Opposed asteroids Klotho (New Beginnings) and Panacea (Healing), and that Opposition made a Grand Cross by Squaring the Opposition from the Sun (Essence) to dwarf planet Hylonome (Codependence) and asteroid Arrowkoth.
  • Arrowkoth, meaning Sky or Cloud or Up There, is the name currently given to the iceball that the New Horizons spacecraft perused after it finished checking out Pluto. It was known as Ultima Thule then, meaning Way Out in the Tules, but that name was replaced when it was revealed to have white supremacist connections. In its Discovery chart – it was Discovered at 10 Capricorn, “An Albatross feeding from the hand of a sailor: The overcoming of fear and its rewards” – it Conjoins Pluto (Compulsion) and asteroid Koronis (Coronavirus? ) and Opposes asteroids Moira (Fate and Choice) and Cyllarus (Death). It also includes an intriguing Mutable Grand Cross, which we’ll fill in later.

Well, Venus and Mars Convened again on 16 February in 17 Capricorn (“A repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism: The escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance on the wisdom of the body”), and they’ll do it again on 6 March in 1 Aquarius (“An old adobe mission in California: The power inherent in all great human works to endure far beyond the workers’ life spans”). What’s going on? At seven months it’s too early for a New Cycle, so why are they Convening now? Turns out it’s the last two thirds of a much-delayed Triple Conjunction, so these two events will fill out and modify the Ritual to the Sun of the actual Initiation. The Current Cycle doesn’t end till 2/22/2024, two years past our 2/22/2022 milestone or millstone.

So, relying only on the Sabian Symbols and not opening the charts yet, Using the Wisdom of the Body to Escape Bondage to Social Limitations in our Relationships and Reversing the Enduring Taint of the Patriarchy in our Relationships that was illustrated by the Genocide of the California Indians by the Spanish now become part of Celebrating the Transcendence of Karma. Bear in mind that the most important Relationship we have is the one with ourself, the one between our own Inner Female and our own Inner Male.

The Inner Female carries our Values. The Inner Male Structures our Life. When in Balance, the Inner Male would Structure Life around the Values carried by the Inner Female. Male Energy on its own would Structure Life around Competition. Female Energy would structure Life around Collaboration. In the Relationship Structures we’ve inherited from Western Social Limitations, and in the Taint of Genocide that’s Endured far beyond the original Patriarchy, it’s the Other Way Around, isn’t it. Male Competition Energy substitutes for our Values, while Collaborative Female Energy is tied up in Service to the Structure of our Day-to-Day Life. Here’s a contrast…

Earth-Healing Interviews

December 16, 2020

In honor of Chiron’s Station, for the last month or so long-time Earth-Healer Brooke Medicine Eagle has been hosting a series, called Returning to Earth ~ Becoming Fully Human, of daily free-to-watch-at-the-time online interviews with a variety of people who are engaged in Reanimating the Earth (a necessary first step for Healing the Planet from the chronic Western Civilization Disease that’s afflicting Her) in many different ways. The series is purchasable, but today she’s offering free replays of all of the interviews. I haven’t had time to watch very many of them, but some of them are exquisite, such as the interviews with Ilarion Merculieff (Becoming a Real Human Being), David and Emma Farrell (Becoming Indigenous in Your Own Land), and Don Beans (The Power of Integrative Wholistic Medicine). Fortunately I haven’t needed to try to contact him about this, but Dr. Beans says he has Homeopathic remedies for the Cursonavirus. Find the interviews today at

Nuclear Winter 1

September 23, 2019

23 September 2019 is quite a busy day…

Northern Autumn and Southern Spring began at 1am PDT. The chart predicts that (at least) through the rest of 2019 we’ll all be faced with two Challenges and one Mystery (two Squares connected by a Quincunx, or a Double Tricolor)

The first Challenge is between our Essence and our Willingness to Respond to the Climate Emergency (Sun Square Pholus-Quaoar). We have to decide Who We Are. Are we a First Responder? A Spectator? A Denier? A Leader? An Educator? A Protester? A dedicated Bit Player? Do our daily Lives Contribute to the Problem or the Solution? Where does our own Collaboration fit in?

The second Challenge (not necessarily in order of importance) is to Endure whatever Ego Death is necessary for us to Recognize and Embrace our Survival Fear and Transform our Unconscious Beliefs accordingly (Nemesis Square Vesta-Sedna, with Vesta Stationary). Do we run or slink away from Fear, or do we Step Into it? If we Step In it, is it with sword drawn, or with Heart Open and mind in park? This is not only going to be important as we Adapt to the Planet’s Carrying Capacity being cut in half, but also Necessary for our best hope to Bloom – namely moving into 5D.

The Mystery is about how our Fear, our Beliefs, and the Climate Emergency Dance with one another (Vesta-Sedna Quincunx Pholus-Quaoar). Our Job is to assiduously Avoid Understanding that Relationship and Allow it to remain Undefined and Unburdened with Expectations. We’ll have to Trust our Heart about how we Receive the folks who want to relieve our Emergency using the same “Engineering” that got us here – whether we burn them at the stake, throw them in prison where they can do less harm, or welcome them as heroes. The mind won’t give us a good answer to that (Both Vesta and Asbolus/Intuition are Stationary aka Strong on 23 September).

“Like victims of an ancient spiritual and cultural shipwreck, we have been adrift for four thousand years, floating on people-centered rafts of provisional civilizations that have convinced themselves that they are the real thing and the cutting edge of human evolution, while designating our true magical origins of deep small cultures as some dirty, half-evolved, grunting, primitive past.

“But no matter how far we’ve drifted away from those real indigenous shores, the spirits of our last happy, intact, indigenous ancestors from before we began to drift are effortlessly coursing right along with us. Having merged with the vastness of the natural wild tossing sea we so fear to drown in, they follow each of us like a pod of giant sea turtles, their big sweet scaly heads thumping up under us, trying their best to get our attention and tow us home to our real selves, knocking on the hull of the lifeboat of today’s assumed culture, while we drift along figuring that the anxiety of civilization’s never-ending feeling of emergency is normal.

“The seeds are here with us wherever we are, but we are never where we are, but always heading elsewhere to escape that feeling of never being where we are. We are never at home.

“To find our seeds to plant new culture, we have to find a way to be quiet and feel welcome at home on earth. When we can find ways of being at home, our ancient seeds will be there with us and will have a place to resprout.

“So first we have to stop drifting away from what home really means and learn to be indigenously at home right in the lost place where we have drifted to and try to reseed and reflower with culture and food plants the odd, alienated condition of the present.

“These herds of thumping spirits on the big powerful sweet natural forces of vitality of our unkillable Indigenous Souls – they are grand and they are diverse. They don’t live only in humans, or just in carbon-relegated organisms, nor are they limited to any single dimension of place. They are not confined to only an invisible existence beneath the surface of the known, or imprisoned as abstract ideas, but more often than not they show up coming at us as tangible events that stretch what is accepted as real.”

–Mart穩n Prechtel, The Unlikely Peace at Cuchumaquic: The Parallel Lives of People as Plants, Keeping the Seeds Alive, p.310.

Which is an incredible book, highly recommended.

Earth Changes

September 6, 2017

Well, thanks to Eliza Ayres’s , Clarity evolves around that “Jewelry shop filled with valuable Gems” (the Vacancy in today’s Nemesis and Ixion charts) – the 23-Taurus “missing” Earth element, Perseus’s sword Capulus. Of course the Earth element couldn’t possibly be “missing,” or we’d have nowhere to Stand. We’re just being Asked to Become More Conscious of Her, if not Responsible To Her.

With a strong Total Solar Eclipse (which is a “Parallel Conjunction” of the sort we spoke of last time; a non-Eclipse New Moon by comparison is a simple Conjunction), where are the Earthquakes and Landslides? New and Full Moons, especially Eclipses, are points of great Tension in Planetary-scale Gravity, so Earthquakes aren’t unusual. The biggest Earthquake (with its own Landslide) in the last month was generated by BadHaircut’s Nucular toy – which itself is intriguing.

Those of us with European Ancestors are at least passingly familiar with the Druidic Tradition for Dancing with Mother Nature. Even more Ancient is the Bon Tradition from Tibet. Quaoar taught Natives of the “Serengheti of the West” – California’s Central Valley – how to Survive. Griz may have been one of the biggest Challenges, as She was at the top of the Food Chain there.

The Bon Tradition enabled People Living at 15,000 feet – 4500 meters – and above to Survive in Tibet, which would seem to be a greater Challenge. When Buddhism came to Tibet it didn’t replace Bon, it merged with it, producing Practices like sitting on a corpse while it rots, to fully understand Temporality, Change, TranceFormation, Identity, und so weiter. Perhaps an explanatory hint about Marilyn Raffaele’s suggestion that Living with one foot in 3D and another in 5D will be Challenging.

A Touch of Bon…

Here’s another Perspective, from Jelelle Awen…

Feeling Gaia as a planetary consciousness allows the current events to move beyond 3D perception of weather patterns and natural events that are beyond any control into feeling the Divine invitation that they are for us and WITH us. Gaia is in collaboration with us as a human species to move out of our comfort zones of 3D living and into the now of transition, change, and resurrection. Gaia brings us to the edges of death and rebirth, in-our-face reminders of our own mortality and need to be in the now, and it is our choice from there how to respond to this edge色宇o jump off, to surrender, to leave the Gaia timeline.

“The 3D self is programmed and conditioned to BE a victim to what is outside of it and to remain disconnected through this victim perspective. Something is being done to it rather than it/your soul being WITH life on all levels, as would be the higher sense of it as you move more into unity consciousness.

“You can feel deep compassion for the 3D selves that experience pain and being devastated by weather events such as this and I do feel that Gaia (as a planetary expression of Divine feminine love) doesnt want us to unnecessarily suffer over our suffering either. However, it can bring in more trust to feel how ALL of this is being held with MUCH love for us. It is about moving us through the necessary growth crucibles at a rate and pace to minimize the suffering of our 3D self and Metasoul aspects too.

“Gaia has long collaborated with us in this 3D experiment for which so much of Her has been negatively impacted by it as She is a consciousness that is learning and growing too. She is choosing something higher for herself and inviting us to wake up WITH her. To be in collaboration or to not be in love WITH Her or to not be. To choose love or fear WITH Her as we choose it within ourselves圩rom one part of us to another.”

And Eliza’s own Perspective…

Don’t Anger the Planet

September 6, 2017

Let Alone the Galaxy.

The best time to study a distant Galaxy is when another, closer Galaxy is between it and you. As Einstein claimed, Mass bends Light (or Space), so the nearer Galaxy acts as a “Gravitational Lens” to amplify the Galaxy behind it. It’s the same when one planet lines up in front of another; the nearer planet amplifies the Energy of the planet behind it. Astrologers call that a Conjunction or Transit; we usually call it an Initiation, as the far planet grants Shakipat to the nearer planet, which passes it on to us.

Technically, there’s a “catch,” or a fly in the ointment. An astrological Conjunction occurs in only one Dimension, Longitude (East-West). Two planets that are astrologically Conjunct need not be in the same position on the North-South Dimension, which astrologers call Declination.

So, for instance, the 10 September (5am PDT) Pholus Station and the 11 September (8:30 am PDT) Quaoar Station are two-and-a-half Degrees apart in Longitude, but they’re five-and-a-half Degrees apart in Declination. So technically, on the purely Physical level, Pholus (27 AUs from us) won’t be doing much Gravitational Lensing of Quaoar’sEnergy (43 AUs from us).

AU” is short for “Astronomical Unit,” which measures the approximate distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers, or the distance Light travels in about five hundred seconds. The AU is the standard unit for measuring distances between planets. So dwarf planet Quaoar (a Plutoid) is 60% farther from us than Pholus (a Centaur).

Centaur is a name given to “minor planets” (a general term that includes asteroids) that orbit between Jupiter and Neptune. Most have an elliptical orbit; Pholus’s varies from 9 to 32 AUs from the Sun; 27 AUs is it’s current distance from Earth. Plutoids are Pluto-like dwarf planets and other minor planets. Quaoar’s orbit varies from 42 to 45 AU from the Sun (compared to Pluto’s elliptical orbit of 30-49 AU).

Nevertheless, the Western astrology that we practice has a long history of Empirical success using only Longitude. So if we say that Pholus will “Lens” Quaoar’s Energy anyway, metaphorically, we’ll have Empirical astrological history behind us.

Now, the reason I bring all this up, is that Pholus and Quaoar are straddling the Galactic Center, which is only a quarter of a Degree of Longitude from the Exact Pholus-Quaoar Midpoint. The Galactic Center is quite a bit further south, but we’ll use our Metaphoropoetic License to say that the almost-Simultaneous Pholus and Quaoar Stations is likely to, in effect, in our Psychic Experience of it, “Lens” or Amplify the Energy of the Galactic Center.

Of course, even if that metaphor doesn’t hold, it’s still a classic astrological Conjunction, without dispute.

And you can see why what astrologer refer to as “Parallel Conjunction,” where two planets occupy the same or adjacent Longitudinal Degrees and also the same or adjacent Degrees of Declination, is considered to be more Powerful than a “simple” Conjunction.

The Longitudes are Pholus Station 26:10, Galactic Center 27:08, Pholus-Quaoar Midpoint 27:25, and Quaoar Station 28:40, all Sagittarius. The Declinations are Pholus 9:53 South, Quaoar 15:30 South, Galactic Center 29:00 South.

The reason we bring that up is the way we interpret these three Energies.

We consider the Galactic Center to be Headquarters.

Quaoar’s namesake was a God or God-like Entity who taught the Indians of what is now California how to, literally, groom their “wild” Landscape to maximize their Survival, teaching them how and when to replant seeds and bulbs, and how to know when the Acorns were ripe in the mountains, for instance. When the Spanish got there, of course these folks were just “nekkid savages” who knew nothing and weren’t even really People, so to the Spanish these folks were just Scavengers. The rest of the Europeans, who came along later, were no more observant of their environment than the Spanish. So we interpret Quaoar as our Survival Instincts.

Now Pholus was a half-horse dude in the Greek Mythologicon, who didn’t exactly ignore his duties, but there were things that he could have done that he didn’t. Specifically, he let Herakles (aka Hercules) find and drink the Wine that Pholus’s People were saving for Special Celebrations. That led to Herakles “having to” kill most of the Centaurs, andultimately led to Pholus’s Death as well. So we interpret Pholus as the process of Becoming Fully Responsible. That’s Responsible for Improving Future Outcomes, not Blameworthy for Past Causation – these are very different.

The plot is actually a little thicker than this, as Pholus’s lack of caution with the Celebratory Wine also led to Chiron’s famous “Unhealable” Wound, and subsequent Death. Of course, we understand that Empathy Heals, and we’d rather Take our Power than our Victimhood, so we know better than to fall for the “Unhealable” bit.

And we know that Herakles was one of the budding Patriarchy’s Hit Men, whose Labors, like Perseus, were intent on eliminating the Matriarchy. In this case, Herakles, in “self-defense,” killed off the Matriarchy’s Intuitive Healers.

Oh, and have we mentioned that the Centaurs (other than Chiron and Pholus) were bastard children of our Pathological friend Ixion, our Forbidden Genius that’s Stationary as we speak? After Zeus pardoned Ixion for some ungodly depravity, Ixion immediately set off to seduce Zeus’s wife Hera (Jupiter was the Roman version of Zeus, and Juno the Roman equivalent of Hera). Zeus conjured up a Cloud to look like Hera, which Cloud got raped and produced the Centaurs.

The First Patriarchs were Imaginative, you have to grant them that.

The four asteroids most commonly used in Western astrology – Juno, Pallas, Ceres, and Vesta – are the largest of the ‘roids between Mars and Jupiter, and the first discovered. There’s also an asteroid Hera, currently at the end of Virgo.

There also happens to be an asteroid called Heracles, which is an Earth-Crosser, though it theoretically will never come closer to our Home Planet than 22 Moon-distances. At the moment it’s Conjunct OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents). Asteroid Zeus is also an Earth-Crosser.

So, that was a long way of getting to the Bottom Line, though you hopefully got some useful background on the way.

The 10-11 September virtually-Simultaneous Stations of Pholus and Quaoar are Channeling Instructions to us directly from the Galactic Center, Asking, or perhaps Demanding, that we Become Responsible to our Survival on the Planet. The Stations are Exact just about the time when Hurricane Irma hits Florida and Mar-o-Leggo, which is of course a “Coincidence.” Tropical Storm Jose, which may by then also be a Hurricane, is right behind Irma and will be hitting Dominica at about the same time, on a similar track. Mar-o-Leggo is Spanish for “repairs will be funded by your taxes because Mexico won’t pay up.”

Meanwhile, while Air and Water (intellect and Emotion) pummel the Gulf Coast and, soon, East Coast, after a record-breaking wet winter (producing plenty of fuel) and a record-breaking dry summer, Fire (Spirit) consumes the Left Coast of the US. Though the nearest of the Forest Fires is a tad shy of a hundred miles from here, this is what our Fulling Moon looked like last night…

That’s pretty close to the real color, in mid-sky, not on the horizon. You can’t feel the Ash falling, but you can see it on cars and windowsills as a thin layer of fine dust. Last night’s Sunset was literally blood red. Tonight’s is less intense, as the clouds are thicker…

That’s the Sun, not the Moon. Here’s another Forest Fire, this one a little over a hundred miles away in a different direction…

That lake is a mile wide. This next one’s in Central California…

It’s good when the Sky burns like that, because like a Rocket Stove, it produces less Carbon Dioxide. But don’t stand too close. So, now, do we really have the surplus Energy to go to War? Or is it just that our Betters need the revenue from selling the Bombs, and they don’t really care what happens to us nekkid savages?

March III – Self-Love

February 28, 2017

As we enter March, and Sappho (Self-Love) and Aletheia (Truth) move out of theYin Gate(seeMarch I), theymix it up with some planets that we haven’t been talking about much lately. They’re Opposite one another, and an Opposition is about Duality and Ritual. Ritual gets its Power through Repetition, so there’s a more or less “right” (ie, Repetitive) way to do it, so it is indeed an Either/Or. Duality is the mainstay of Political Systems, including Religions and “Morality.” “Ethics” from the Mind is a little fuzzier, but it’s usually just a description of the Morality of the Ethicist. We all have Values in our Heart, which are much more Reliable than Morality or Ethics.

The point is that wemay bekind of struggling with our Concepts of Self-Love. We’re so used to Believing that Truth lies in the Mind rather than in the Heart. Truth in the Heart is Situational, not Absolute. We know it when we see it, but if we try to pin it down with words it gets stuck. If Truth is Absolute, it’s not Truth, it’s Doctrine. So in that Context then, what is Self-Love?

If we take the Emotional Love we’ve Felt and point it at ourSelf, does that feel like Narcissism? And what’s the difference between Absolute and Unconditional? We might be working with those kinds of Questions.

What I’d contribute, is that if there is Self-Judgment, it’s not Self-Love. I seldom meet Perfect Beings, so of course there’s Self-Judgment. What we should be striving for is Awareness of our Self-Judgments. When Judgmentoperates below the level of Consciousness, and whenit operates on the level of Absolutes, itbecomes Self-Sabotage. Sabotage because if we aren’t fully in Self-Love, then to that extent we’re in Self-Sabotage. It’s that important.

Are you in your Yes-Buts at this point? Maybe contrasting Self-Love to Selfish? Selfish is a relative term. Most of us got our definition of Selfish from someone who was using it to Power-Over us. So it’s a lousy benchmark. Many times folks have argued that Self-Criticism is not something we can Abandon. Folks with strong Virgo in their charts are particular prone to that Perspective. But if we want to use Self-Criticism as a benchmark, we have to differentiate Blame from Responsibility first.

In a nutshell, Blame looks to the Past in order to attribute Cause, and often Guilt. On the other hand Responsibility looks to the Future in order to Create more Desirable Outcomes. We may look into the Past to try to Discover what the fulcrum is that will Create better Outcomes for us. Maybe we were kind of drunk when we had that last car crash, and in fact hailing a cab is likely to work out better next time. This issue is how we Feel about it.

If we’re Critical of ourself, if we Feel Bad about our role in the Water going under the bridge, that’s a form of Self-Sabotage. We can’t Change Anything until we Accept It exactly as It Is. It’s kind of a clich矇, but if we’re saying “Wow, I’m really glad I crashed my car, because it’s Teaching me not to drink and drive, before I kill somebody,” and we’re really Honest about Feeling more or less Good about it, then we’re Edging toward Self-Love.

What we want to aim for is Neutrality. We’re Feel okay about any Outcome. We have Preferences, we’d rather not be the instrument of anyone’s Death Wish, but if it happens we’ll Feel okay about it, and Take Full Responsibility for working to Create more Desirable Outcomes in the Future, once we get out of jail – maybe even before we get out.

Well, Surprise! One of those “new” Planets that are Dancing with Sappho and Aletheia, is none other than Pholus, which is about Taking Full Responsibility for Improving Outcomes. Pholus is conjunct Quaoar, which is about Taking Responsibility for our Survival. Responsibility Squared in other words. It should be obvious that if we’ve achieved Self-Love we’ll be Taking Responsibility for our Survival.

Both Pholus and Quaoar go Stationary (Strong) and turn Retrograde at the end of March, within a few days and within one Degree of one another. Pholus has been less than three Degrees behind Quaoar most of the time since 2014. While Quaoar is a dwarf planet wellbeyond Pluto and Pholus a Centaur closer to Neptune, at this point in their respective elliptic orbits they’re traveling at about the same speed, so Quaoar won’t Initiate Pholus until 2022.

That’s when Huperity might begin to Take Full Responsibility for its Survival. The Initiation is in 8 Degrees of Capricorn, which is about Domesticated Birds Singing Joyously in a Sun-Lit Home. I’ll take the Joyously part to mean that Hupers have finally Relearned how to Cooperate with Nature to at least some degree, rather than the possibility that All of Wild People have been Domesticated.

Pholus-Quaoar make a Quincunx Bridge across the Sappho-Aletheia Opposition, with Pholus-Quaoar Unx (Pattern-Breaking) to Sappho and Quincunx (Curiosity) to Aletheia. Meanwhile, Varuna makes a Trine Bridge across the Opposition, Trine to Sappho and Sextile to Aletheia.

The Angles between Pholus-Quaoar and Sappho-Aletheia are first aboutCuriosity– which, recall, we regard as next to Love in Grace, since both eschew Judgment–and second about Breaking Patterns–which in turnis positive as well, since Huperity’s Patterns for Taking Responsibility for its own Survival and for Self-Love, have historically been pretty miserable.

The other “new” planet tied to Sappho-Aletheia in the 1 March chart is Varuna, which symbolizes the Life Force. And theRelationship between them is very positive. Basically, at this time the Life Force is favoring Self-Love more than it’s favoring Truth. “Truth” has to step up andEarn it’s Blessing from the Life Force, presumably by issuing from the Heart rather than the Mind, while Self-Love basks in Grace.

The combination focuses a Finger of God (Pay Attention to This!) onto Pholus-Quaoar. That says to me that as Lightworkers we aren’t waiting until 2022, we’re building the Foundations for Communion with Nature now. This is very true, but you’d never know it from the mainstreammedia (if there is such a thing anymore – I think it’s more like a number of sloughs than a main stream), unless you read the literature on Permaculture or Organic Agriculture, or Michael Roads’sStepping…Between…Realities.

Michael’s message for today ( is…

“Most people think that in their life anythingcan happen. This is seldom true. Lifetimefollowing lifetime we are creating a templateof probabilities, and in each life that templateholds an ever more probable definition of theway that we, individually, will live. This is the prison in which humanity is caged,and the probability is that it will continue.

“You do, of course, have the option to breakthe probability template, if first you haveaccepted its reality. You break the template by treating yourselfwith the honour and respectthat you would accord to a Goddess, or a God. It also helps to consciously . . . choose Love!.”

By the way, this Sappho-Aletheia Cycle Initiated May 2012 in 14 Cancer, so the Cycle is about “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.” Sounds ominous. This Opposition, which culminates next January, is the “Blooming” of this dark Cycle – everybody blooms, even deadly Hemlock. Rudhyar interprets the northeast as the Spiritual Void, or “that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses” – very apparent in our earlier contrast between Expansion and Confusion.

By this measure then we have more apparent Darkness to reinterpret asintense Light, as the Blooming continues through this year, followed by the Fruiting, which occurs at the Phitile or Golden Angle (222.5 Degrees). Sappho reaches the Phitile next March and the Waning Square next July. Then they Dance around onthe Waning side of the Cycle till we exit from this Void-of-the-Void in 2022.

The 2022 Cycle will begin at 15 Taurus, “The courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition” (Rudhyar). Sounds like we’ll want to be in the Fifth Dimension by then, or at least if we want to be Boddhisatva about it, traveling the way Michael does (Stepping…Between…Realities orThrough the Eyes of Love).

Blessing Full Moon Eclipse III

February 8, 2017

Now we get to the Juicy part, theYin Gate. The Full Moon bisects the long side of the Golden Rectangle, but theYin Gate bisects the short side, giving us one of those Grand Crosses that we spoke of briefly earlier. A Grand Cross works better than Garlic for repelling Vampires. You’ve got four possibly-difficult planets in four Challenging Angles to one another, yet the result is that they Collaborate, because the Configuration fills the Circle and is In Balance.

Grand Crosses are either in Creative (Cardinal) or Stabilizing (Fixed) or Changeable (Mutable) Signs. This one is in the Stabilizing Signs, which, since everything else is in high Flux, is very handy. It should help Ground us. In the Grand Cross we have…

  • The Moon in Leo, which will Support our Self-Loving Emotions, as long as we eschew Self-Criticism
  • The Sun in Aquarius, which will help us Build Community, as long as we eschew Idealism
  • The asteroids Sappho (Self-Love) and Klotho (the Raw Material for Creating a New Ego-Lifetime) in Scorpio, where they’ll be Diving Deep to make sure no Self-Abandoning or Self-Limiting Psychic Cysts remain
  • Our friend Sedna (Fear/Anger– !) and asteroid Aletheia (Truth) in Taurus, where theywill help Ground us toward Walking in Beauty, as long as we eschew Oath-Making and Decision-Making

By bisecting the short sides of the Golden Rectangle, the Yin Gate sets up interlocking Fingers of God pointing to each end of the Sappho/Klotho-to-Sedna/Aletheia Opposition. Meaning that we are being Asked to find some way to Balance a Rebirth into Self-Love on one hand with the Truth of our Unrecognized Fear and Anger in the other (and the exercise isn’t optional). If that sounds Paradoxical, that’s because it is. A Yin Gate is about Accepting Paradox as a normal part of Reality.

Which it is. Reality is Infinite; our Either/or minds, not being able to grasp Infinity, preferLimitation. Our Emotional Bodies also often prefer Duality, in the form of For-or-Against postures. We Want our Emotion-verbs to have objects – not “I’m Angry” but “I’m Angry At…” or “I’m Angry Because…”. Of course we’d first like to shift out of Identification with our Emotions – “I Feel Anger” rather than “I Am Anger.”

In Real Life “I Feel Anger” just means there’s an Energy Build-up in mySolar Plexus. Usually, that is; our Energy Bodies are oftentwisted by our Programming. While the Causes of an Energy Build-up in mySolar Plexus are Limited only by myImagination, in Reality Energy isn’t Causal; ItIs. It justIs. It doesn’t matter how it happened, only how weRespond to it.

If it’s Comfortable and Balanced by the Energy in your other Chakras, No Worries. The more the merrier – as Daniel averred. If it’s not Comfortable, we check our Safety. Would our Current Ego Feel Safer if we Set a Boundary, or Fled, or Froze? “Freezing” looks like Limiting our Vulnerability, maybe by shifting a conversation to the Weather, for instance.

Then, once we’re Safe, if “Running our Energy” didn’t resolve it quickly, and if we couldn’t easily Tap it Out, or if it’s a recurring Pattern, we could Observe our Current Ego, to see if “We” are holding onto any Obsolete Limits. We might be in the Habit of associating with people who don’t Support us, because of our Fear of Abandonment. We might be Over-Reacting to Comments or Actions that really don’t have anything to do with Us, from people who really do usually Support Us.

How to tell the difference, “Objectively”? Maybe it’s Both. (There’s actually no such thing as Objectivity, but sometimes it’s useful to Pretend that there is.) We could look at what Comments or Actions seemed to Anger us. Is thereany sense in whichWe do that to anyone? Often the Esoteric Purpose of aRogue Emotion or Energy Vortexis to Illuminate an Unconscious Cyst we don’t otherwise see.

So, what became of our Fear versus Anger “contest” around Sedna? Both Jupiter (Amplification) and Sedna were Stationary over the weekend. Well, mostly Anger, though Fear and Grief are also Present.

In the Sedna story (one of many) that I Resonate with, a father gives his daughter’s “hand” to a stranger, who turns out to be a Sorcerer. Alarmed, the father “steals” her back, only to be pursued by the Sorcerer, shapeshifted into Power, and Angry. The father is Terrified, and tries to throw hisdaughter from thecanoe to save his own ass. She clings to the side of the canoe, so he chops off her fingers, which become the Seals, food for the People. But the People must make offerings to Sedna, now a Sea-Goddess, in order to apease her Anger.

So, mea culpa, I associated with the father’s Terror, and interpreted Sedna as Fear. It’s easy to see how one could associate with the daughter’s – or even the sorcerer’s – Anger instead. The daughter has been criminally Abandoned – but Abandonment is a Fear, though often Experienced as Anger.

Some (edited) excerpts…

“While I’d say Anger, I wonder how much of that is a reaction to Disbelief that what I thought was giving from love has been treated so shabbily. So, moving from Fear of Betrayal and Abandonment to accepting that those have happened, but I survived. So I’d say self-protective rage? Or maybe the rage is self-righteous? It’s a very fine line. But I’d say the difference is seeing more clearly, taking responsibility for my part, and then moving on, without engaging and without plans to continue having those people in my life.”

“Fear is there, yes, but anger was prime the last 3 days.”

“I did experience Sedna as anger, or actually even contempt. I worked with the contempt for awhile. There was a panic attack or two, and more shifting and praying. But then, yesterday, a release. An enormous release of soul crushing rage-pain I had been carrying around with me for three years daily. I keep checking in with myself amazed. Am I finally free of this? I feel. Yes, it isn’t there. Check again. Still free. And again. It’s gone. That thing that haunted me, that thing that was my dismemberment floating on an iceberg abandoned is gone.”

“Yes…anger on Saturday evening…irritable and overwhelmed. Followed by waking on Sunday morning to sadness and then the fear kicked in and simmered along much of the day.”

“The weekend brought a lot of emotions up – and you’re right, primarily anger! A lot of this I’d been carrying around in my sub conscious and was brought to the surface. On Monday the main emotion was acceptance. More than I’ve ever felt before.”

“Tremendous almost bottomless (nearly impersonal) fear.”

“Neither Fear nor Anger, but an incredibly deep revisiting of trauma experienced when Iwas very young. I think there is no real gender-dependentreponse here, but response based on how much we have processed along the way. Adear friend of mine, with whom we always swap the emotional intensity of these challenging times, also experienced a positive weekend. So yeah, ongoing, remaining positive, and the weekend also brought lots of manifestation potential.”

“The men couldn’t handle our intensity — when we vigorously debated our positions, the guys walked out the door!”

I’d attribute the Profound Clearing that several folks reported, to the Yin Gate rather than to Sedna herself. And Anger is an appropriate response to Fear, if we Choose to Fight rather than Flee or Freeze. In the Patriarchy, the Male has the Power, so it’s he that’s in a position to be the Abandoner – till Terror causes his wits to Abandon him.

I agree that it’s ultimately Gender-neutral, as anyone can exhibit behaviors and characteristics that in Patriarchal Cultures are Gender-dependent, and Profiling is always dangerous. In Patriarchy Power-Dynamics, though, Gender is very significant, even if it’s not always determinate.

And yes, “response based on how much we have processed along the way” is relevant. There does appear to be a Progression, where we become less Self-Sabotaging as we Track Down, Embrace and Let Go of our catalog of Karmic Archetypes, Patterns, Self-Sabotage, Chronic Bummers, Dank Undercurrents, and other Psychic Cysts. But it’s definitely not Linear.

I’d say that, if a person has Squares in their natality in 20-26 Degrees, and has sailed through the last severalmonths unscathed, then Self-Congratulations are in order! But it says little about BigEnergies thatmay occur in the rest of theDegrees, between 27 and 19.

Speaking astrologically, the Energies that we’ve been dealing with have been extraordinarily Positive. Our Difficulty with them arises because it’s now so obvious that Clearing is no longer a Luxury. Our Egos can no longer so easily duck and dodge. Look at it this way…

On 2/22/2022, Quaoar (our Survival Instinct) Initiates Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility), at 7:00 Capricorn,A veiled prophet speaks, seized by the Power of a God.” 2/22/2022 reduces to the Twelfth Harmonic – Pattern-Breaking.We’re already well within this Energy, as Pholus is only one and a quarter Degrees from Quaoar.