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Values and Beliefs Full Moon 2

May 8, 2020

We finished last night with…

“The Full Moon chart offers several tools and Graces to help us Measure our Beliefs and Values against the Truth of our Deep Self.  We’ll go into that in the next post (Mercury [Analysis] Conjunct Sun [Essence], Veritas [Truth] Conjunct Hylonome [Sovereignty], Venus Stationary, Water Grand Trine, Almost-Grand-Sextile).”

But first…

We’re already well into a major Priority event that runs at least through 9pm PDT 10 May 2020.  The Universe will be asking us to set aside Priorities two through ten so we can focus entirely on Priority Number One.  That’ll be different for each of us, but it shouldn’t be hard for you to identify The Most Important Thing to you.  It may be an Insight about what you’ll be doing in 2021, and who you’ll be doing it with (Station of Saturn [The Most Important Thing] at 2 Aquarius [Relationships with Groups])

What will give us grief is all of the other things that we’ll be Asked to set aside, because we’ll be Scared to do it, Scared that we’ll get in trouble for ignoring them.  Rest assured that they’ll still be there, and in good shape, when we get back to them.  We may be up against the Stay Home / Get Out Dilemma, and have to Choose our Health or our Income.  Trust that you can Follow Your Truth, and still come out okay.  Whatever Decision you make, even if it feels like you might be burning a bridge today, it will turn out to be the right Decision for next year (Jupiter [Expansion] is also Stationary, peaking at 7:30 am PDT 14 May, at 28 Capricorn [Walking a Spiritual Path with Practical Feet]; with both Saturn and Jupiter Strong, we’ll be Feeling a Preview of 2021).

Meanwhile, the Moon goes Out of Bounds again, starting at 2am PDT 10 May, until 9pm PDT 11 May.  That’ll make our Emotional Experience much Stronger than usual.  And, we’ll be again working intensely on our Values, testing to see if they’re really ours, until 11:45 pm PDT 12 May (Station of Venus [Values], 21 Gemini [Possibly-Tumultuous Change]).

As far as tidying up our Full Moon interpretation, which applies to the next two to four weeks, The Most Important Thing dangling is probably our Attention to our own Yintegrity (Veritas [Truth] Conjunct Hylonome [Sovereignty]).  We haven’t talked about Yintegrity in a while.  When most folks refer to Integrity, they refer to Yangtegrity, which means that We do what we said we was gonna do, when we said we was gonna do it.  That’s a basic Rule in the Patriarchy.

Yintegrity serves the Goddess instead, especially our own Inner Goddess or Soul (Uranus).  When we operate from Yintegrity, in every Moment We do what we feel like doing in that Moment, Renegotiating in real time whenever necessary and possible.  If Renegotiation isn’t possible, and the Relationship is Important to us, then we Make Amends after the fact.

The next-most Important Thing is probably that we Want to Practice Processing our Emotions Quickly, and pay particular Attention to Noticing when Letting Go of an Emotion rapidly feels like an affront to our Identity or Sense of Who We Are (an Almost-Grand Sextile; a Water Grand Trine [Ease with Emotions] is Complete, but two legs of an Earth Grand Trine [Ease with the Physical, including Manifesting Good Health] are Missing).  It’s that Sense of Who We Are that’s Exactly what’s Changing (Vacancy 19 Virgo, “A Swimming Race“).  You don’t need to Let It Go all at once, but you do want to give it a Trial Run to see how it Feels.

There’s also a Star nearby that, if we lend it our Attention, will help bring us Good Health.  It’s Denebola (22 Virgo), the tail of Leo the Lion.  Some comments about it from Bernadette Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars pp.266-7…

“This star indicates in some degree ‘being out of step’ or being out of the mainstream of thought, not conforming, by living on the fringe.”  Bingo.  The 5D Fringe.

“Leonardo da Vinci [who had a strong Denebola]… is known in history as a man whose ideas were well ahead of his time.”  Double Bingo.

“Seeing the world differently in some way.  This may have very good results leading to a great deal of success, but generally this success will be on the edge of the establishment, out of step with the main point of view.”

Remarkable how Conservative Ego Astrologers are, never seeming to Realize how Terminally Unsustainable the mainstream is.  I omitted her suggestions that we should be Striving to Align with it.  That was 1998, but it was still ten years past the Harmonic Convergence Wake-Up call.

The Full-Moon chart follows.  We can call the Configuration the “Open Envelope,” which would imply that the Message is only barely hidden…