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Changes IV

January 29, 2020

Just a quick note to say that, while we may or may not be Adjusted to the Changes of the last three weeks (which are not at all routine or minor), this week is relatively quiet, in terms of new hurdles and portals.  We’re soon back into a couple of major new Adjustments, though, as we continue to Adapt to the Big Changes of 10-12 January 2020.

Next week we’ll cover several additional Lessons, mostly about Self-Love, Fear, Power, and Karma (5 February Station of asteroid Sappho/ Self-Love-and-its-Dark-Mirror, 7 February Stations of dwarf planet Sedna/Conversion-of-Fear-to-Power and asteroid Juno/Growth-in-Consciousness, 8 February Extinguishment-of-Karma Full Moon, and Mars/Action-and-Anger moving Out-of-Bounds 9 February through 2 March; Stations emphasize the Energy of a planet in the week or so prior, and the Energy of a planet is also emphasized while it is Out of Bounds).

To review, the Big Changes of 10-12 January were centered on the start of a New 35-year Cycle that forms the Zeitgeist that we Live In (12 January Pluto-Saturn/Transformation-Priority Initiation and related 10 January Lunar Eclipse), shaped by Descent of Soul and Insight into What Limits us (simultaneous 10 January Stations of Uranus/Soul into Matter/Taurus and dwarf planet Eris/Revelation-of-What’s-Been-Denied).

Since then we’ve Felt a Gauntlet of ancillary Changes, in Identity (14 January Station of asteroid Nemesis/Ego Death), Creative Power (24 January Manifestation New Moon and Lunar New Year), and a Whole New Rebirth (26 January Station of Haumea/Rebirth).

By way of preparation for the Big Changes, we Reviewed and Revised how we use our Creative Energy (4 January Station of dwarf planet Makemake/Manifestation), and began a major New TimeLine that will Change our Relationship to our Karma (6 January Station of asteroid Klotho/New Beginnings and Initiation of a New 7-year South Node-Jupiter Cycle/Expanded Attention to our Held Emotions).

We also started the Year and Decade with a Major Challenge to How We Deal with Our Karma (1 January Initiation of a New 5-year Cycle of asteroid Karma with Chiron/The-Edge-between-Being-Victimized-by-our-Karma-and-Becoming-Adept-with-It).  As a primary (or even The Most Prominent) feature of the birth chart for the Year and Decade, this Drama will characterize our experience of 2020 and 2020-2029.

Find more details about these Shifts in the posts we’ve published since the beginning of the year.

Along the way we’ve ignored a number of minor astroevents, simply because they were overshadowed by the Biggies.   These include…

  • Becoming more Practical about how we deal with the Absolutes that we harbor in our Hearts, which should be Beacons that Guide our Actions, but which we often instead use as Judgments to cudgel Other Folks who have Different Absolutes in their own Hearts (10 January Egress of asteroid Aletheia/Truth-of-the-Heart into Capricorn/Just-Fix-It).
  • Becoming more Practical about the Boundaries we set with these Other Folks (18 January Egress of asteroid Pallas/ Boundaries into Capricorn/Solution-Orientation).
  • Becoming more Heartfelt about our Respect for Other Beings and Things (19 January Egress of asteroid Hopi/ Judgment into Pisces/Compassion).
  • Becoming more Trustful of our Guides (26 January Egress of asteroid Eurydike/Trust into Aries/Spiritual-Creativity).
  • Becoming less Ruled by Self-Doubt (26 January end of a fourteen-year Out-of-Bounds episode by dwarf planet Chariklo/Self-Confidence-and-Self-Doubt, since November 2004).

If you Experience the Opposite of any of these Energies, Recognize that the Energy is prompting you to Let Go Of precisely that Habitual Reaction to events and entities, so you can replace the Reaction with a more Positive and Enjoyable Response.  We are creatures of Habit – Imagine how Unmanageable (and Awesome!) Life would be without Habits.  But the result of our Programming is that we are often slow to Respond to Changes in the Energy Fields that Embrace us, and sometimes we make Life a lot harder by Resisting these Changes entirely.

Happy Lunar New Year 3

January 26, 2020

An occasional reader Asks,

“Here’s what I want to know in these dark days when [the Influence of the Antichrist] seems to be spreading worldwide: when is the Age of Aquarius?”

These are 2,150-year “Ages,” so they don’t Shift on a dime.  We’re more Comfortable with Discrete Changes than we are with Gradual Changes, however, so even if we Recognize that Change is usually Incremental, we’d like to have a hard date so we know when to Celebrate Birthdays, don’t we.  Our post on Happy Lunar New Year, at, proposed several possible dates – May 2023, 25 February 2020, 25 January 2020, 2 March 2020.

But Aquarius is Fixed Air, which we can translate as Rigid Ideology.  From that perspective, it began on 1 January 2000, when the New Century chart indicated Polarity (the Grand Cross, with its Saturn-Uranus and Pallas-Neptune Oppositions) as one of the four defining characteristics of the Century.  Fortunately, Enlightenment was another (the Sabian Symbol for the Initiation of the then-new Chiron-Pluto Cycle).  It probably wouldn’t hurt to review that chart, so we can review the other two defining characteristics as well.

The Digital Age, which is replacing the Industrial Age, begins at the Capricorn (Northern Winter) Solstice, 2020 (Initiation of the second of twenty Jupiter-Saturn Cycles in Air Signs).  The promise of the Digital Age is that “Work” will no longer be necessary for us, because the Machines will do it all.  That’s a pipe dream, obviously, based on our Experience, but once the Digital Age goes Exponential – which it will, and surprisingly soon – that may Change.

For this to work, for The People as well as The Owners, the Machines must be Publicly Owned.  The Founders and CEOs can be minority owners if they haven’t Learned to Share yet, as long as most of the profits are distributed to The People.  The People also have to stop Worshiping Mammon, or They won’t be Willing to Share, either.  There is Talk of Jubilee and Universal Income, which is positive, but The People haven’t demonstrated yet that They understand much of this.

That’s if The People Survive.  Climate Change is the Grey Swan here.  If we pull another Atlantis, what would the Age of Aquarius even mean?  That we’re Underwater?  Why does Aquarius pour Water over everything, anyway?  Because Fixed Air is a Skeptic?  Skepticism will only Freeze us into What Already Is.  The People might start to get Serious about Climate Change in 2022 (when the new Pholus-Quaoar [Responsibility/Survival] Cycle is Initiated, at 8 Capricorn on 2 February 2022.  That’s 2/2/2022, which resolves to 10, the Wheel of Fortune; another chart we need to Examine).

Our Survival Zeitgeist then shifts from “Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge Oak tree: The power of tradition as it shelters the beginnings of individual self-expression” (the Sabian Symbol for the 11 Leo Initiation of the previous, 12 October 1901, Pholus-Quaoar Cycle) to “In a Sun-lit home domesticated Birds sing joyously: The wholesome happiness which subservience to the ideals and patterns of a well-established culture brings to those who accept them unreservedly (the Sabian Symbol for 8 Capricorn).”

Based on this, if we see “the Influence of the Antichrist” as anti-Democratic, maybe Robotic Obedience to Cultural Propaganda is our Best Option.  To a Culture that requires everyone to spend an hour a day with their thumb in the dike, for instance.  Someone might even invent a Culture that’s based on Universal Acceptance of Other People’s Ideas.  Wouldn’t that be Radical.  They’d have to outlaw the Idea that certain Other People, however defined, need to be Killed, probably enforced with Capital Punishment.  See how quickly Mentality – and Fixed Air – shoots itself in the foot?

If we look at what Hupers actually Do, rather than what they Profess, we see how we’re Herd Animals, who often violently Resist an Idea until enough Other People come to Accept the Idea.  Once we Realize that continuing our Resistance will lead to our Abandonment, we often relent.  As a Social Species, except for Indigenous Cultures that Train for the eventuality, Hupers equate Abandonment with Death, because they’ve Forgotten how to Survive Alone, and have themselves Abandoned the Intuitive Energies (such as the “Gods” Quaoar or Makemake) who would Teach them how.

We also know that Hupers generally prefer to Conserve Energy, wanting to keep their Investments producing as long as possible.  Consequently, few of them jump right onto the bandwagon when a New Cycle Begins.  Instead, they argue that the New Cycle Ain’t Natural, and, once the Initial Excitement about it begins to subside, most folks start to Deny that the New Cycle will prevail, and Act as though the Old Cycle still reigns.  Until the New Cycle reaches the point where Denial is no longer possible (the Waxing Square of the Cycle).

From that Perspective, the dates we gave in the first paragraph of this post, could be our best guesses (since they’re Waxing Squares).

Another feature of Huperity and its psychology, is that while Mentality is Dualistic, the Unconscious is not.  Of course folks who Deny the Invisible are prone to Deny the Unconscious, but that’s their loss.  While the public media and most of our other discourse is Dualistic, our Behavior isn’t.  Most of us Say one thing and Do the opposite, because we’re trying to Convince ourself that we aren’t “one of those people who” Do that.  Once we Recognize that, then our approach to astrology is drastically different.

Aquarius is no longer necessarily Rigid Ideologies, it could just as easily mean The Antithesis of Rigid Ideologies.  That might mean The End of Judgment.  That could produce Universal Acceptance of Other People.  That would probably require the Opening of Hearts.  It could even produce Respect for All Things, even for the Consciousness inherent in Nature and in supposedly Inanimate Things.

That would drastically Change our approach to Climate Change, since Lack of Respect for the Consciousness inherent in Nature and in supposedly Inanimate Things is what has Created not just Climate Change, but all of the other Abuses of the Planet and Her discounted non-Huper Citizens as well.

So maybe the Age of Aquarius isn’t so much a Mass phenomenon as an Individual one.  Maybe it begins for each of us as soon as we Open our Hearts, Eschew Judgment, and start Respecting All Things, Animate or not.  If so, it could begin today.

Indeed, Marilyn Raffaele’s Arcturian Channeling for today suggests,

Allow your spiritual journey to unfold without limitations that consist of nothing more than concepts and beliefs based on the experiences of others for every person’s inner journey is individual and authentic. 

“Allow, by truly accepting that you are not the person you believed yourself to be, but are a Divine Being, an expression of Source Consciousness who formed for yourself a physical body in order to work and live in the denser energies of earth – a three dimensional interpretation of the real body, one of energy and Light.
“You are more than ready to identify with the reality of who and what you are – Self-sustained, Self-maintained Divine Consciousness.  Within ‘Self-sustained and Self-maintained’ exists every Divine Reality, everything ever believed to be lacking – abundance, harmony, wholeness, safety, security,  peace, completeness, intelligence, companionship – ad infinitum – just awaiting conscious recognition.  This is the secret of life, the holy grail, hidden in plain sight where most never think to look – within.
“Divine qualities have always been and can only be fully present within every individual simply because Divine Consciousness is all that exists, manifesting ITself in infinite forms.  Beliefs of duality and separation have created a collective consciousness that believes itself separate from other people, animals, plants and all living things as well as from God.  The ups and downs, good and bad experiences of daily living are simply duality in expression for there is no unexpressed consciousness.
“This is the work – ‘What am I holding as truth in my consciousness?’
“The three dimensional experience is like someone having a large bank account that they are unaware of and so live in poverty and need.  However, each day more people are waking up to realize that much they have always accepted as true regarding every facet of daily life is simply not true.  It is at this point that food, entertainment, activities, and desires,  begin to lose their appeal and we begin our journey toward our as of yet unknown ‘bank account’.”

Then we’d have to Ask, Where’s asteroid Hopi in all this, since Hopi is all about Respect for All Things.  Well, turns out that Hopi is part of the “Bowl of Grace” or Trine Bridges that underlie the Makemake T-Square in the 24 January New Moon chart and help make it Self-Resolving.  Which is to say that, with Uranus/Soul, it’s one foot of the Finger of God to Makemake.  Hopi Conjoins dwarf Planet OR10; in fact, that Conjunction, and Initiation of a New five-year Cycle, is Exact today, as we speak.  A Hopi-OR10 Cycle is about the Voices in our heads that whisper about Respect for All Things

This one begins at 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seasonal resorts: The mobility and intensity of interchanges which make possible and characterize complex social processes.”  Yes, Respect for All Things gets horrendously Complex.  Do I apologize to the Bread, or to the Toaster, when I burn my Toast?  For a start, we definitely need to Listen a lot more!  Sounds like an improvement though, from the previous March 2014 3 Pisces Cycle, “Petrified tree trunks lie broken on desert sand: The power to preserve records of their achievements which is inherent in fully mature cultures.”  Which records are of course tantamount to the Ghosts of the Past.

Marilyn continues…

Never attempt to reclaim the past dear ones, for once the lesson of some experience is complete, it is no longer needed.  As you shift into ever higher states of awareness,  you are no longer in alignment with much of your past.   

Some attempt to re-create the past, clinging to nostalgia for the ‘good old days’ in the belief that these times were better  but which in reality held the same dense and negative issues the world is witnessing today.  In general, the unawakened majority of earlier times surrendered their personal power to others, thus allowing the same dense and negative issues of today to be ignored, denied, or covered up.”

Happy Lunar New Year 2

January 25, 2020

Here’s the 26 January 2020 Haumea Station chart… We mentioned part of the Big Red Box with the Cross in it (a Grand Cross, in astrologuese), the Just Trust Yourself! part (Lilith-Eurydike, at the bottom).  We haven’t mentioned yet that Trusting Ourself might require a Molt (the Opposition between Lilith-Eurydike/Self-Trust and asteroid Nemesis/Ego Death).

In order to be able to Grow in Consciousness, we need to be able to Step Outside of our Everyday Ego, into our “Observer Self,” so we can Look Back at Ourself more or less Objectively.  We might have to rely on Friends for that, like we do when we have an Addiction and they’re Intervening on it.  Some folks are Lucky enough to have Friends that are Observant, Insightful, Benevolent, and Tactful enough to be able to help them through their Blocks before they turn into Addictions.  Probably not many, though, or the Planet would be in better shape.

Sometimes we can just “Cognitive” our way through a little Molt.  “Whoa, I do that?  Well, I’ll have to Stop already!” and with a little Effort it works.  But if a Block is a Biggie, like maybe our parents or other caretakers weren’t Skilled enough with their own Emotions to Recognize the difference between Reprogramming a Habit they didn’t like, and Rejecting Us as a Person.  Or if we weren’t Lucky enough to have parents or other caretakers at all and our upbringing was basically feral.

Addiction or not, the Recovery Movement is well worth Studying, because it’s a textbook for Changing Karma of all kinds.  With a Biggie Block that’s very difficult to Own, perhaps that We’d Rather Die than Own, we have to get to “Rock Bottom” and do the “Fourth Step” of the Twelve (the Twelfth Harmonic/Unx is the Pattern-Breaker, the Fourth Harmonic/Square is Dominion, which requires a becoming Adept at a Challenge to Create Self-Confidence) before we find the Motivation to work our way out of it.  Probably where the maxim “If it doesn’t Make you Stronger, it’ll Kill you” comes from.

When our Blocks are Bigger than our Self-Reprogramming Skills, our Molts become Ego DeathsWho We Perceive Ourself to Be has to Change, and since the Ego’s job is to Keep Us Alive, when an Observer Self is on vacation, the Ego thinks We’re Trying to Kill It.  I mean, after all, It is Us, and we don’t always have a Mirror big enough to notice that it’s Us that we’re trying to choke.  Ego astrologers refer to Virgo as a Sign of Criticism and Attention to Detail.

But think about it.  How does one get from the Peak of Self-Adulation, Leo, to Naively Approaching Other, Libra?  Not with a Debutante Ball.  WIth a series of Ego Deaths.  We usually think of our Nemesis as something or someone that’s Out to Get Us.  And it is.  But not You per so, rather your Bad Habits and the Ego that’s Attached to them.  “You can’t tell Me What To Do!”  If we’re Committed to Breaking Through our Karma and finding Samadhi, our Nemeses are our Best Friends.  What a Blessing if we Know that!

Well, just as the asteroid Karma is a symbol for our Karma, the asteroid Nemesis is a symbol for our Nemeses, the places where we need to Volunteer to be a Human Sacrifice (or so it Feels), or at least Volunteer to Surrender an Ego Attachment.  And the asteroid Nemesis/Ego Death is currently crossing (only four more Degrees to go!) The Sign Virgo/Ego Death.

Alas, though, Nemesis just last week decided it wasn’t Clear enough yet, and turned back to do some remedial Work on those last three Issues.  While backing up, it covers just over half of Virgo, from 28 Degrees back to 12.  This Span of Virgo is about, having Realized that Change is Necessary, Committing to Make the Change, and Following Through.

All Signs are divided into twelve 2½-Degree “Duads” or “Dwads,” each of which has it’s own Interpretation.  12-28 Degrees of any Sign constitute the fifth through tenth Duads.  The first Duad is the Sign’s own Duad, eg the “Virgo Duad of Virgo.”  Each subsequent Duad melds the following Sign into Virgo, eg the second Duad of Virgo is the Libra Duad, the third the Scorpio Duad, etc.  So the third through tenth Duads of Virgo are the Capricorn (Just Do It!) through Gemini (What If We Started Over?) Duads.

Since Addiction is covered by so much Shame, I don’t Believe very many people have Studied the Twelve Steps, so let’s list them…

“These Twelve Steps, adapted nearly word-for-word from the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, have been a tool for spiritual growth for millions of Al‑Anon/Alateen members [who] share with each other the personal lessons they have learned from practicing these Steps.

“1. We admitted we were powerless over [our Biggie Blocks]—that our lives had become unmanageable (Virgo Duad of Virgo – the Shock of Recognizing that an Ego Death is Necessary).
“2. Came to believe that a [only a Source of] Power greater than our [Ego] could [Help Liberate us] (Libra Duad – Recognizing Other).
“3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of [This Source] as we understood [It] (Scorpio Duad – Getting to the Bottom of our Blocks).
“4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves (Sagittarius Duad – What Do We Need to Let Go Of?).
“5. Admitted to [This Source], to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of [the Blocks we wished to Overcome] (Capricorn Duad of Virgo – Just Get On with the Ego Death, OK?).
“6. Were entirely ready to have [This Source Help us to] remove [our Undesired Patterns] (Aquarius Duad – Recognizing our Need to Fit into Community).
“7. Humbly asked [This Source] to remove [these Undesired Patterns] (Pisces Duad – On our Knees Deploring).
“8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all (Aries Duad – Starting Afresh).
“9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when [it would Create Harm] (Taurus Duad – Making the Changes Solid).
“10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it (Gemini Duad – Inventing Version 2.0 of Ourself).
“11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with [This Source] as we understood [It, PIAVAing] only for knowledge of [It’s Advice] for us and the Power to carry that out (Cancer Duad – Nurturing our New Relationships).
“12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others, and to practice these principles in all our affairs (Leo Duad – Self-Confidence).”

That’s just the Contrast of Self-Trust (Lilith-Eurydike) to Self-Transformation (Nemesis), the vertical red line.  What about the horizontal red line (Opposition)?  The Big Red Box/Cross is one Unit, and the two lines of the Cross Interact with one another Intimately.  Plus, the four corners of the Box Interact Intimately with their neighbors, as shown by the four shorter red lines (Squares) that make up the outside of the Box.

The horizontal red line is about the Contrast between Our Unlimited Potential (dwarf planet Chaos/Limitlessness) and The Truth about the Transcendent Power of our Hidden Genius (asteroids Veritas/Truth and Bee-Zed/Transcendence, and dwarf planet Ixion/our-Forbidden-Genius).

Ego is to a Person, as Cultural Norms are to a Community.  In order to Change, Communities and Cultures must go through the equivalent of an Ego Death on a Community and Culture Scale.  We don’t have a Concept or Term for that, so we’ll invent one –  “CultEgo Death” till someone thinks of something more descriptive.  The apparent Disorder that we’re Experiencing now, is the Brueghellian picture of CultEgo Death.

Imagine how it Felt for our forebears when the Saturn-Pluto Zeitgeist Changed from 1915’s…

On a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act, a point of no return”

…to 1947’s…

“A human soul seeking opportunities for outward manifestation: The yearning for self-actualization”

Remember the turmoil of the 1960s?  And from this to 1982’s…

A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them: The realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and the ‘community’ – visible or invisible – is sustaining one’s efforts.”

In the US, the Middle Class has Collapsed since 1982, and the people who have failed to shift their Allegiance from Worship of Wealth and ModComs to Alliance with Spiritual Forces and/or Local Communities (including “Local” on the Internet), with their Unlimited Potential, have Collapsed with it.

I was barely out of diapers in 1947, but I have vivid memories of the post-war economic reorganization and massive floods that Displaced a hundred thousand people within twenty miles of where my parents lived.  Within the Geographic Scale that I lived in at the time, these Changes were as Disruptive as Syria and Tidal Flooding are in the Geographic Scale that I live within now.

And that doesn’t even Consider the more subtle but Lasting Changes that were going on.  I’m sure you Recognize that era’s “Greta”…

Rosie tore up a lot of Social Contracts before she was replaced by Olivia Newton-John in 1982.

The Antichrist constantly tries to Destroy the Ego of everyone whom he Feels Competes with his Ego.  That’s an ancient trick – to Destroy someone’s Effectiveness by Triggering their Ego Death, which often leaves us a blubbering mess for a while.  It’s the same with “our” Biggie Blocks on the Cultural and Community levels.  To Change a Culture, it’s Necessary to Trigger a CultEgo Death.  Look what it took to end the US’s fondness for the Vietnam War…

The Bad Habits that our Culture would like to Reprogram out of us – and did when we were young and more Programmable – are quintessentially the Bad Habits that can Trigger CultEgo Deaths.  Those Bad Habits are the signatures of our Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion).  For each of us, our Hidden Genius is Exactly whom we Need to Rescue ourself from Oblivion.  Removing our Programmed and Karmic Blocks to letting our Forbidden Genius drive the car, is Exactly how we Each Rescue ourself, and Exactly how we Cumulatively Rescue the Planet and the Species.

That’s what this Rebirth is all about.

Happy Lunar New Year

January 24, 2020

Actually, the more important astroevent at the moment is our 26 January 2020 Rebirth (Station of dwarf planet Haumea at 23 Libra, 1am PST).  What do we know about this Rebirth?  Well, it comes with Celebratory pink and blue Banners shouting out “Fear Not!  Just Trust Yourself!(the Haumea Station sits at the focus of a green wedge or Finger of God [Pay-Attention!] from dwarf planet Sedna [Fear] on one foot, and on the other asteroid Eurydike [Trust] and Lilith [Self-Sovereignty]).

It also promises a Ray of Sunshine (Pluto [Transformation] is moving into a Waxing Square [Becoming-Visible] with Haumea, in the Pluto-Haumea Cycle [The-Inevitability-of-Transformation] that began in September 1954 at 26 Leo about “After the heavy storm, a rainbow: Linking above and below, the Covenant with one’s diving nature, promise of immortality“). This continues to Grow until May 2023, when it becomes Permanent (when the Waxing Square is Complete).

And Accountability for Scofflaws (Saturn [Priorities] is also making a Waxing Square [the point at which the Theme of a Cycle comes out into the Open] to Haumea, in the Saturn-Haumea Cycle [The-Most-Important-Thing-Is-to-Realize-that-the-Past-Is-Gone] that began September 2011 in 18 Libra about “Two men placed under arrest: A breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result)This Blooms on 25 February 2020 (the Exact Square).  Put the name of your favorite Scofflaw in the hat, and we’ll have a drawing on the 26th to see who wins the hat.

And a Permanent Union of Power and Peace (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability] also Waxes Square [goes Public] to Haumea; this now-hatching Ceres-Haumea Cycle [Resiliency] began November 2018 in 26 Libra regarding “An Eagle and a large white Dove change into each other“).  This Energy goes fully Public tomorrow, 25 January at 2:20 pm PST (Exact Square).

There’s even some Magical Fun in store for us (Chariklo [Self-Confidence-and-Self-Doubt] joins the crowd making a Waxing Square to Haumea, in the Chariklo-Haumea Cycle [Self-Trust just because it’s the most Practical way to be, regardless of our Ruthless Yes-Buts] that began in November 2009 at 13 Libra about “Children blowing soap bubbles: The cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfillment“).  This Flower opens fully on 2 March (the Exact Square).

There’s a bit more to say about it all, but we’ll send out the Good News while it’s still hot.


Changes III

January 23, 2020

I agree, it’s a very Confusing time.  I can tell by the number of folks calling up this blog but not entering through a specific post.  How are we supposed to Interpret these unusual events?

For instance, two probably-independent sources have recently advised me not to sleep over underground or moving Water, predicting dire consequences.  Well, there’s an apparent Spring, and a sump pump, in the crawl space under my bedroom.  While researching this, my stove started doing weird, “irrational” things.  WTF?  A stove?  I started Meditating with the Spring, floating in it, Embracing it, inviting Communication.  The next time I was in the kitchen, the stove had resumed normal “Inanimate-Object” behaviors.

Who was it that demonstrated that Poltergeists are produced by Unconscious Contents that are Desperate for Revelation?  Recall that the symbol for Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris) was, with Uranus/Soul, one of two planets that was very Strong (Stationary) at the 10-12 January 2020 Change of Zeitgeist (Pluto-Saturn Initiation).  Also recall that Denial is a Healthy process, one which we use to file away, for future unwrapping, material we aren’t ready to deal with yet.  It’s a time capsule we leave for ourself.

My usual income Stream is again being delayed without explanation.  Plus, I’ve been without an Internet connection for most of the last two days.  Three of my four income sources depend on the Internet.  Is the Universe suggesting that I should be Changing professions again?  Advising that our Future could be Internet-less, for any number of easily imaginable reasons, from hacking to cyberwar to censorship to economic collapse to technological failure?  As I was heading in to do a Joe Dispenza Meditation on the tatters of my Identity without the Internet, I decided to make one last reboot, and lo, my connection was back.

Deprived of the Internet yesterday, we watched a DVD of Part 2 of the sixteen-year-old video of Concert for George.  The video included Monty Python performing “I’m a Lumberjack.”

Not being that familiar with Monty Python, we aren’t sure who sang the Lumberjack lead, but Terry Jones is listed as the first songwriter.  Terry Jones died yesterday, rest his Soul.  There’s an asteroid for that, and the asteroid Terryjones Conjoins the standout planet in Friday’s 24 January (1:45 pm PST) New Moon.

In the song, Tom Hanks played one of the Royal Canadian Mounties in the chorus (first row, right side).  At Friday’s New Moon the asteroid Tomhanks occupies the same position as the 10 January Eclipse that also heralded the Change of Zeitgeist.  Oh, and did I mention that the asteroid Harrison, named after George, is in the same place?  Busy, busy, busy.  Methinks we’re going to need a Sense of Humor during this Zeitgeist.

So we better look at this 24 January New Moon chart…

The Standout Planet (Alone in half of the Zodiac) that Dominates the chart is the symbol for Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake).  We’ve Changed the Water (the 10-12 January Change of Zeitgeist), we’ve jettisoned some of our Old Identities that won’t float (the 17 January Nemesis Station), and now we’re going to be Learning What Works to Create in this New Time Province.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned my experience with the film The Corporation

After watching it, I left thinking, despondently, “Shit, I guess I’m going to have to go back to the barricades,” remembering the Vietnam War protests.  As I walked, a Green Dude, about 7 feet tall, half Muppet Lizard and half Praying Mantis, appeared in a sewer grate, telepathing to me, “No, that time is over; now it’s about Meditating on What You Want.”  Afterwards I could Feel the Earth Breathing, as the sidewalk rose and fell slightly with each step.

Shortly thereafter, when I relayed this Experience to RJ Stewart in a workshop, he told a story about the women who had protested the first British Nucular power plant.  They were unsuccessful, hounded out of England, and subsequently moved to California, starting a Meditation Group that Energetically evolved into the current US Environmental Movement.

So that’s the clear message to me –

Meditate on What We Want,
Let Go of What Anyone Else Is Doing to the Contrary,
spend as much time as we can
Feeling How We’ll Feel When We Have What We Want

Let Go of any Attachments to What That Will Look Like, and especially to
Let Go of Any Pictures We Have or Don’t Have about the Mechanisms that It’ll Take to Get Us There because
The Mechanisms aren’t in 3D Reality.  They’re in 5D.

In the New Moon chart, the first thing to notice, after the Standout Planet, is the remarkable Perfect Symmetry.  Perfect Symmetry means everything fits together like Clockwork.  So yes, all this Serendipity around Meditation is right on.

Manifestation here is an Enhanced Self-Resolving Challenge (a Diamond Star or T-Square and Finger of God pointing to the same planet, that’s Enhanced by also being a corner of a Grand Trine/Dumb-Luck Grace), implying that Grace is likely to Flow Easily.  When it doesn’t, we need to Trust that Something Better is hatching behind the door.

The Manifestation planet forms a Contrast to (Opposes) the symbol for Despair and Miracles (Chiron).  That tells us that our Stops, our Blocks to Abundance (our Discouragement and Doubt), will be strongly Lit Up, so we can bring them into Consciousness and Let Them Go.  What is Unconscious Rules our Lives without our Knowing Why.  It can be very difficult to tease out the Why, and this planet (Chiron) is our roadmap, because it leads us directly there – but not Analytically.  Rather as a Contrast.  The Block is what Discourages us.

The glyph for Chiron is a Key, and the Key lies in Poor-Sweethearting ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Discouraged, don’t you.”  Then we have to Change the Subject, because if we don’t, we’ll just recycle our Despair.  If necessary, we may have to say to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re having Difficulty Changing the Subject, aren’t you.”  Chiron is non-Linear and non-Analytical.

When we Change the Subject, we Step Out of Discouragement, because when we say to ourself, “You Poor Sweetheart,” we leave Despair and enter Compassion, Self-Compassion.  We move from Fear to Love, from Storm to Sunlight, Night to Day.  When we Change the Subject and cut the tape, canceling the replay, we are Free to Manifest What We Want instead of those old Karmic tapes of What We Don’t Want.

Manifestation here also “Squares the Nodes.”  The Nodes are on Opposite sides of the Zodiac, with our Karma on one side (the South Node, or stethoscope) and our Mission (the North Node or headphones) on the other.  A planet that “Squares” them, as Manifestation (Makemake) does here in this New Moon, sits exactly halfway between them (making a 90° angle or “Square” to each).  It means that the planet between the Nodes is the Fulcrum that we can use to Lever ourself out of Karma and into Liberation.

So it is Reframing our Discouragement (Chiron) about What We’re (Not) Manifesting (Makemake), into Gratitude for Being Shown the Keywhat Discourages usthat Unlocks the Karmic Doorway from Fate to Choice.  But it’s non-Linear and non-Analytical.  So we don’t Analyze our Discouragement, we Poor-Sweetheart it.  Most of the time, we get Discouraged about the last 10% or 2% of What We Want – we’ve already Created the other 90-98%, but we’re Focused on the last few percent, because that’s what Separates us from the Bliss we seek – or so we Believe.

We aren’t actually Consumers, we’re Creators.  So there will always be another 10% or 2% more that we Want.  Which is fabulous, because Life would be Empty without ever-evolving Motivation.  Reminding ourself that we’ve already Created 90-98% of our Goal is a great Step toward turning Despair into Miracles.  So is Recognizing that 100% is only the Next Step, not the Perfect Endall.  It’s just a Goal, not an Epitaph.  Those tricks are helpful, but your real Leverage lies in Poor-Sweethearting yourself.

As we approach 26 January, the symbol for Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea) is very Strong (Stationary).  The theme (Sabian Symbol) for this astroevent, and for the Natality (Birth) that follows it, is “Becoming Aware of Spiritual Forces Surrounding and Assisting us(28 Libra), the same anthem as the 35-year Zeitgeist we’re leaving.  So the Bravery that kernelizes the New Zeitgeist is about Being Brave enough to set our Ego aside and Receive Assistance from our Invisible Friends.

Changes II

January 16, 2020

So, asteroid Nemesis, which we interpret as Ego Death, is in Virgo, which we interpret to be the Sign of Ego Death, occurring as it does between the Peak of Individual Power – Leo, and the naive introduction to Other – Libra.  And Nemesis is at the Peak of its Power (it’s Stationary).  And we’ve just finished negotiating a huge Change in the Zeitgeist (Saturn-Pluto et al), so we should actually be Expecting to Encounter Ego Death, as our Old Persona, which for a third of a Century has been Adapting to the Old Zeitgeist, will undoubtedly have some Shifting to do, to begin Adapting to the New Zeitgeist.

If we look at the chart of this Station of Nemesis…

…we see that Nemesis herself sits on one corner of what astrologers call a “Grand Cross” – four planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, which we draw as four adjoining red triangles (four T-Squares sharing the same space – for instance, one of the T-Squares is Nemesis-Chaos-Eurydike, and another is Chaos-Nemesis-Ixion et al)

Each corner of a Grand Cross is a Challenge, but they’re all Related, so we don’t usually have enough time to Focus on one of them, before the other three Act Up.

We either end up being hypercompetent Multi-Taskers, or we give up and just Live happy-go-lucky, letting Other People Suffer when their Expectations of us are Disappointed.  Of course we could Take On other Peoples’ Expectations, and Share the Suffering, but the folks I know with this Birth Configuration seem to have enough Experience trying this, that they’ve Learned to Know Better.

This one might sneak up on us if we have other planets under it, within a Degree or so of 27 Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Gemini.  Of course, if we have our own natal Grand Cross there, it’ll be Old Hat for us, just more of the same.  And we use so many planets, that most people have Grand Crosses, so we’re likely to be Comfortable with it anyway.  Plus, the Ego Death Challenge here is Self-Resolving (the Nemesis T-Square is not only a Diamond Star, where a Finger of God also points to it, but Nemesis is also a corner of an Earth Grand Trine; the Finger of God means we’re Paying Attention, and the Grand Trine brings us Great Grace), so we’re likely to stay pretty Grounded through it, which always Helps keep us Stable…

We’re also likely to be Trusting our Own Guidance (Nemesis Opposite Eurydike/Trust and Lilith/Self-Sovereignty), or else Receiving Object Lessons in Self-Trust.  And we could well find ourself Relaxing a lot of what used to be Limitations on our Dreams and Wishes, as we start thinking more in terms of What Might Be Possible instead of What Can’t Be Done (the second axis of the Grand Cross is the Opposition from dwarf planet Chaos/Unlimited-Potential to a Stellium/group-of-planets composed of dwarf planet Ixion/Hidden-Genius and asteroids Pallas/Boundaries, Veritas/Truth, and Bee-Zed/Transcendence).

There’s a Bigger Challenge, though (T-Square), and it’s about our Adaptation to Confidently (dwarf planet Chariklo) Feeling like we can Sustain (dwarf planet Ceres) the kind of élan we’ll need to Stumble into such New-Zeitgeist Dreams (Saturn-Pluto et al) without Backing Down, or Giving Up Before We Start – let alone the kind of Sustained Focus and Effort we’d need to Manifest them Consciously…

However, we’re certainly not Alone here.  We might even Dream that someone else Recognizes our Potential (Quincunx to dwarf planet Chaos) and invites us to Step Into Roles in our Community – or in a new and perhaps larger Community – that fit right into the New Zeitgeist.  Remember, this Zeitgeist will last a third of a Century, and it’s primary drivers are Bravery and our own Goals for the Planet, so if you have no idea how some Fantasy might evolve or Where it might lead, but it smells good, you’re probably at the Start of Something Big.  The Future isn’t here yet, so you don’t need to make a Big Commitment, you just need to be Excited about something.

And there are Blessings Galore.  While this Challenge isn’t quite Self-Resolving (the potential Finger of God lacks one foot), one sure path through it lies in Respect for our own Hidden Genius (the Trine Bridge of Hopi and Ixion et al ).  Another Grace-Full path lies through Allowing the natural Ego Deaths that we do without Realizing we’re doing it (“Oh, maybe it would work better to do it that way this time, instead of Reacting the way I usually do”), to Convert our Fear to Power (the Grand Trine/Dumb-Luck-Grace with Nemesis and dwarf planet Sedna/Converting-Fear-to-Power).

And there are Friendly Guides hidden in the Challenge itself.  We’ll be getting New Information (dwarf planet Eris…) that will Trigger our Instincts about our own Rebirth – it isn’t just the Planet’s Zeitgeist that’s been reset, we are also being Reborn here (…Opposite Moon/Instincts and Haumea/Rebirth)That ⊗ between Haumea and the Moon symbolizes the Earth.  We don’t usually interpret it because it’s Location Dependent and we write for anyone on the Planet.  It applies only to Yukon, British Columbia, Washington, northern Idaho, most of Nevada, California, and Baja California del Norte.

Our Rebirth will be Guided by Respect for All Things, especially Respect for What We Haven’t Learned Yet (Grand Trine with asteroid Hopi and dwarf planet Chaos).  And Fear will Remind us to Trust that our own Guidance will Midwife our Rebirth, to put us where we need to be in order to move our Mission forward and Serve Mother Earth in Her Rebirth (Finger of God to Haumea-Moon from Sedna/Fear and the Conjunction of Eurydike/Trust with Lilith/Self-Sovereignty).  We may Watch these things happening, more than actively Planning and Executing them…

We want to deal with any Disharmony we Feel between Respect for All Things and Converting Fear to Power (Hopi Square Sedna) using Curiosity, even if we think we Understand what’s going on (the Trine Fez in the chart below; all Fezes are driven by their diagonal Quincunxes/Curiosities).  There’s always something New to Learn, and it’s almost always more Important than what we think we already Know.  At the very least we can use what we Hear or See to confirm our a priori notions, or to jiggle them just off-center enough to Question whether we really do Know It All Already.

Most especially, we want to Quiet our Expectations and Open our Mind whenever we Encounter apparent Fear about our Rebirth (Sedna Quincunx Moon-Haumea), and whenever we Encounter Judgment (Hopi Quincunx Nemesis).  Our natural Reaction is to Eschew Ego Death, and Discount Rebirth because the Ego doesn’t like to notice that it isn’t already Perfect.  Judgment Rejects a portion of Life – it’s the tip of an iceberg of Karma, and the rest of the iceberg will sink your own Titanic Overconfidence.

But this is exactly the Cultural Karma that’s being Healed here, as we Transition to Recognizing that Ego Death and Rebirth – and Letting Go of Karma – are All the Same Thing, and that they are the fastest, if not the only, path to Liberation, Enlightenment, and Ascension.  We are Learning to Celebrate them (Nemesis Unx/Pattern-Breaking Haumea-Moon; Unx means one twelfth, what many refer to as a Semi-Sextile)

Finally, the Biggest Configuration that’s hiding beneath the Complexity of the chart, is what’s called an Almost Grand Sextile.  The Sextile is considered the best Angle between two planets because while it Personifies Grace, it also requires that the Huper Participate in the Initiation of the Grace-Full Acts and Projects which it governs.  A Grand Sextile is six Sextiles head-to-tail around the entire Zodiacal Loop.  An Almost Grand Sextile is a Grand Sextile but for one Vacancy…

The Vacancy becomes The Most Important Part of the Grand Sextile, because its Presence Invokes the Grace.  So usually we need to Consciously provide the Energy of the Vacancy.  We Intuit what Energy it is by the interpretation of the Individual Degree (Sabian Symbol) of the Vacancy.  The Vacancy here is 27 Leo, “The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky: The exalting Challenge of New Opportunities at the Threshold of a New Cycle.”  What a Coincidence.  As a friend used to say, “You can’t make this stuff up.”

When a prominent Fixed Star sits in or near the Vacancy, though, we may not need to do as much work, as the five planets of the Almost-Grand-Sextile will sync in with the Star to Complete the Loop.  In this case there are two prominent Stars near the Vacancy, and both are the Heart of their respective Constellations.  They are Alphard, the Heart of the Serpent, and Regulus, the Heart of the Lion.  The Serpent symbolizes the Karma that we Let Go of through Ego Death and Rebirth.  The Lion stands in for the Bravery that bottom-lines the New Cycle.

Bernadette Brady fills us in, in Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars.  First, Alphard, p,148-152…

The Constellation Hydra, the Serpent, is “the source of connection to the ‘great deep’ and to the great dragon Tiamat.  The constellation was also considered the wandering path of the Moon before she settled into her orbit.  Therefore the Nodes of the Moon … are called the Dragon’s Head and Dragon’s Tail.  Most cultures have a snake or serpent connected with their creation myths in some way. ,,, She was also the Kundalini energy coiled in a person’s pelvis to be released as life-giving sexual energy.  The Chinese myth states they are all descendants of … the Serpent-goddess who received the souls of the dead in her belly and then gave birth to new life. … Indeed, the word for priest meant snake charmer.

“The Serpent, and thus the Serpent’s Heart [Alphard], is only just re-emerging in the human psyche, and although it is still mostly submerged in the unconscious, it can be murderous and violent when it manifests.  Its preferred expression is conscious passion. … If it is present in your chart, you are working with very strong feelings and will need to resist striking back in anger.  A better use of the energy is to focus on a subject or a cause to which you can devote your strength and determination.”

Which suggests that we should view the Patriarchy and the Blind Exploitation of Living Nature as a “resource” rather than a Partner, as the Path to Where We Are, Bravely striving to Raise their Consciousness rather than push them out of the way, and Bravely striving to build new Institutions to replace theirs, rather than rushing to dismantle theirs.

And pp.263-265…

“As one of the Royal Stars or Persia [now Iran!], [Regulus] is one of the great historical stars of the sky.  The Persians saw it as their mythical King … who once … ruled the entire known world. … In his old age he decided to divide his kingdom among his three sons.  The two oldest … murdered their younger brother … and this act so grieved [the King] that he took revenge upon his two elder sons. … This story … shows us the myth behind the military honors and successes [and awards for Bravery] of Regulus.

“Like the other three Royal Stars, a person whose chart it affects can gain great success but only by facing a particular nemesisFor Regulus, this nemesis is revenge. … Its meaning will have to do with the striving for success and the potential for ambitions to be fulfilled.  However, at the same time it will suggest issues of revenge, always tempting and testing a person.  If, out of anger or hurt, the person takes revenge, then … there is a falling from grace. … If revenge is taken then there is a loss of what has been gained.

“One of the Royal Stars will put great strain on the rest of the chart, for you will be pushed to succeed, to shine, or to move forward in your life.  This may fit well with the rest of your chart, in which case you should step out, as success is yours.  However, it may contradict other needs, in which case, by taking pride in small things, the deep pressure to shine that Regulus will apply to you can be eased. … You should aim high but with the awareness of the danger of revenge.”

When astrology, or any Guidance, gives us the same suggestion over and over, it behooves us to Heed.



January 15, 2020

This week we’re diving expeditiously into the many Changes we’ll be making as we adapt to this Brave New Zeitgeist (Saturn-Pluto), New Integration with Soul (Uranus in Taurus), and New Vulnerability (dwarf planet Eris).

Imagine that your Ego is like a suit of clothes.  You use some of your clothes for Self-Expression, some for Comfort, some for specific Tasks.  You usually Change them when your Objective Changes, though sometimes you can’t, or just don’t.  But can you really Relax in your Work clothes?  How much contrast is there between your Self-Expression clothes, your Lolling-About costumes, your Work outfits, and your Sunday-Go-To-Meeting clothes?  How inconvenient, or embarrassing – or even maybe dangerous to your reputation – is it to get caught in the wrong circumstances with the wrong outfit?

That’s the way we wear our Egos.  Ego is a Tool, like clothes.  We have and use different Roles for different circumstances, we Change them like clothes, and sometimes we get caught wearing the wrong Ego for the job we’re called to do.  We even come up against places where we Wonder if we even have a suitable Ego for some New situation at all, or for some Old one that’s always given us trouble (Pluto-Chariklo).  It felt like that for me last week, while everything was so topsy-turvy.  It Feels more Comfortable this week so far, but that may be Temporary.

As we get close to 17 January 2020, we could run into what we usually refer to as Ego Death – a place where the Ego outfit that we’ve always worn for some job, clearly doesn’t fit at all.  Or worse, a place where we’re face-to-face with one of those Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel.  Where whatever Confidence we had dissolves, and we’re Overcome by Inadequacy, Grief, Anger, Guilt, Fear, Doubt, and Shame, all at once, and we’d crawl in a hole if one was handy.  It feels like we’ve met our “Nemesis.”  If we’re really lucky, when it happens we’ll be somewhere where we can curl up in the fetal position and hide under the covers.

We really should practice with these Feelings, so we get more Comfortable with them, Savor them even, because they’re Portals into Growth of Consciousness.  Maybe you can practice receiving them as an Opportunity this week.  At 4:30 am PST on 17 January, the Influence peaks of the asteroid that’s in charge of these Transitions, from Comfortably in Denial to Horribly Discomfortable in Realization (asteroid Nemesis Stationary, in 27 Virgo, the Sign of Ego Death; the chart is complex, and closely tied to last weekend’s Saturn-Pluto-Chariklo – we’ll try to find time to take it apart soon).

With the Zeitgeist  and our own Energy Body so drastically New, we need to Expect a lot of these kinds of Changes, as we Adjust to the Changes.

I Guess We’re Here

January 13, 2020

Brenda Hoffman has an intriguing message for today…

“January 12, 2020, is a watershed date in your lives and that of all inhabiting earth at this time. For it is as if something clicked inside your hearts, your beings that shifted you from fear to love.

“This shift will not be displayed immediately because many, perhaps including you, have to adjust to the new sensations this shift created. Even though you might have been prepared for something before January 12, this something has never been experienced by you or any earth being. It is as if a shaft of light pierced your tough earth shell.

“Perhaps you think that such comments are a fairytale for how is it possible that one day can create such upheaval?

“This shift will cause many to feel that what was up is now down, and what was down is now up. Because these new sensations will feel unnatural, frightening, it is likely something most will not discuss them. For they will believe that doing so makes them seem odd.

“Those of you in the know will merely adjust as you have to every other burst of energy throughout your earth life. Others, feeling as if their life has been turned upside down, will be the most frightened.

“Even though humans are familiar with the fear of change, this energy event is a tsunami of change. It will be as if someone woke up one night with a new emotional body and must do everything in the dark without understanding how to do so. There will be fear and anger. Not because this shift is bad or damaging, but because it will seem so foreign. So it is many will test these new feelings by doing the exact opposite of their intuitive directives. A confusing time for most.

“You, the forerunners, will slip into your new being easily and effortlessly for you have prepared to do so since you began this transition.

“Those not as open to transitioning beyond 3D as you will be confused and attempt to return to their former feelings only to discover they can not.

“This is a mass transition of proportions you can not begin to envision. For anyone who has dreamt of moving beyond fear and angst will shift rapidly. Such does not mean that in two days all of the earth will be like you, but instead that everyone who wishes to will have their heart opened.

“January 12, 2020, is not a day to take lightly. Allow yourself to move as you wish. And allow the same for all others. For their fear will be displayed long before their heart actions. Just as was true for you when you initiated your transition. The difference is, you have likely been in transition for decades or years. Those now at the beginning stages will shift within days or months.

“You are their beacon – allowing those frightened to know that all is well.

“You will also shift. But your shift will be polishing more facets of your diamond being. Those beginning their transition are discovering their diamond self in the rough.

“Your role and only role is to continue a joy focus. For if you allow yourself to be in fear with those just beginning to transition, they will become more frightened, perhaps not even able to function.

“You are the beacons of the world. Allow yourself to know and accept that.

“All who wish are transitioning or beginning their transition as of January 12th, 2020. You have little to do other than to inform those who wish to know that all is well.”

Well, as they say, “Trust but Verify.”

But then, according to our own previous post, aside from the main effect of 12 January’s Big astroevent about Transforming (Pluto) our Priorities (Saturn) to accommodate (Squared by) What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris) – along with its embellishments (Mercury/Awareness, dwarf planet Chariklo/Confidence-and-Doubt) – the Big Challenge (T-Square) was about Trust (asteroid Eurydike), wasn’t it.  The Challenge to Trust was from the Veracity of the Shift (asteroids Veritas/Facts and Bee-Zed/Transcendence) and our Insights about the Incredible Scope of the Change (dwarf planets Asbolus/Intuition and Chaos/Unlimited-Potential)!

And that doesn’t even include what we Believe to define the context for the 12 January event (namely the 10 January Stations/Strength of Uranus/Soul-or-Consciousness which in Taurus is Descending into Matter, and of Eris/Revelation itself, along with the Eclipse/Illumination), which we might summarize as Huperity Becoming Aware that Matter has been Conscious all along.  Which is the Missing Core Belief in the Western Worldview that is Messing Up the Planet for Huperity and Everyone Else.

So unless Brenda has been reading this blog, which I very much doubt, her post is a remarkable “Coincidence.”  What I’ve been Feeling, myself, is quite a lot of Fear.  I’ve been working with it, Tapping and PIAVAing to get Grounded, but even then I’ve Lacked Clarity on a couple of Issues that seem Important.  Till this morning.  Then I remembered to Poor-Sweetheart myself –

“You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Scared, aren’t you.”

And Wham, suddenly there’s Excitement, tonnes of it!  Now I even Remember to Breathe, and to Kegel if necessary!

Where Are We, Then?

January 11, 2020

It’s a good time for an overview of what’s going on…

Most Important, we’re ending one 35-year (or so) Cycle and beginning another.  We use three primary sources to interpret the meaning of a particular Cycle as a whole…

First, we use the natures of the planets involved.  Here we’re referring to the planet that symbolizes The Most Important Thing – our Priorities (Saturn) and the dwarf planet that stands for Transformation and The Primary Background Theme of the Times (Pluto).  Lest we ossify, our Personal and Political Priorities will need to Change when this Zeitgeist Changes.

Those with a significant Investment in the Old Cycle will Propagandize like crazy to try to maintain the fruitfulness of their Investment.  You can see this happening around the Decline of the Patriarchy.  Mainstream Institutions and captive media make it look like the Patriarchy is at its peak.  The next phase of greater Gender Balance may take a step backward for every two forward, but rest assured it’s on track to watch the Patriarchy crumble into the toxic slough of its own Hubris.

Feel free to Allow your own Investment in the Old Cycle to Feed you while it fades, but bear in mind that the Cycle is already Dead, so your profits will slowly Decline.  Your primary Efforts are better spent laying the Groundwork for your Investment in the New Cycle.  It will be a while before you hit paydirt, but you’ll have the advantage of being well prepared when the Market comes looking for you.  In the case of this New Cycle, the Market won’t fully hatch till 2028 (when Saturn reaches its Waxing Square to Pluto), but it will gradually increase till then.

A parallel Shift occurs when a planet Changes Sign.  For someone of my own vintage, the classic example was the Shift from when the Zeitgeist (Pluto) was in the Sign of Nurturance (Cancer), to when it moved into the Sign of Self-Reliance (Leo).  My parents and their peers could not understand how my own cohort could forsake Security (Pluto in Cancer) in order to pursue Self-Expression (Pluto in Leo, especially when Pluto was Out of Bounds, as it was off and on from 1938 till 1953.  The Shit hit the Fan in the 1960s, when many of these people reached maturity just as the New Uranus-Pluto Cycle was Born).

We’ll find similar Gaps between people, projects, and Institutions that are born in different Cycles of Zeitgeist-attuned Priorities (Pluto-Saturn).  How will these Differences Manifest?  We need to look at Differences in the natures of the Expiring and the Emerging Cycles themselves, which we glean from the second and third sources of interpretation…

 The second source of meaning is a Reading for the Degree of the Birth of the New Cycle(Outer planet Conjunctions will typically occur several to many times; their first Conjunction in the Cycle defines the Birth of the New Cycle.)  Like each of the twelve Signs, the 360 Degrees of the Zodiac also each have traditional meanings (commonly read through their Sabian Symbols, which were Channeled in the 1920s).

The Priorities-Zeitgeist (Saturn-Pluto) Cycle that’s Ending began in 1982 as “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them(the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the first Conjunction of that Cycle, 28 Libra).  I doubt that Dick Clark or his clones will ever characterize the Zeitgeist of the 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s as Awareness of Spiritual Forces Surrounding and Assisting us, but in retrospect I certainly regard exactly that as the Most Important Change in my own Life since the 1980s.

It was in the early 1980s that I had an office downtown, and was riding a bus across town on an errand when I sat down next to a young lady and just to make conversation, asked her what she “did.”  She said she was a “Psychic.”  I almost fell off the bus, I was so surprised.  I thought that happened only on television.  I signed up for a Past-Life Reading, and it literally blew my mind, because of the extraordinary Sensations of Limitlessness that I felt during the Reading, and that episode led to meeting my First Spiritual Teacher.

 So, what about the New Cycle?  Its Anthem is “A soldier receiving two medals for bravery in combat(the Sabian Symbol for 23 Capricorn).  Now that is a Change of Zeitgeist.  I don’t think it needs to be about War, as we can be totally Brave in many other ways – standing up to the Bullies, Speaking our Truth, Keeping the Faith, Mediating Hopelessly Polarized Disputes, Praying for Lost Causes, Resisting War, etc.  While the Old Cycle fades from the mainstream, What We’ve Learned From It never goes away.

Over the last 35 years we’ve Learned that we not only don’t have to Do It All Ourself, but also that it’s simply Silly Egotism to think that we Do Any of It Ourself.  We are Transformers.  Our greatest Power lies in Directing the Show, in “PIAVAing” (see the World We Want to Live In, in our Intentions.  The Material World is Created in the Image of someone’s Vision of it, usually the Vision of a lot of someones.  We need to Step Up and Take Command of the Role of the Visioner.  We need to do that for the Planet and All of its Residents.  We can be a Brave Soldier in that Endeavor.

For instance, we can help the Patriarchy Save Face as it Dies Out, so its Ego doesn’t have to Cling so tightly to its Illusion of Power.  We can thank it for holding the place together while we figured out the Next Step.  We can Lovingly and Gently demonstrate Power-With when we see people getting all tied up in Power-Over, to show them that there are other ways.

We can Create our own Institutions rather than beating our heads against the wall trying to take down the Patriarchy’s Institutions.  If we demolish an Institution, it creates a Power Vacuum that someone else can step into, and the Outcome is likely to be Worse.  Better to just Create a New Institution to serve Our Goals, one that will already be up and running, ready to step into, when the Old one faceplants.

Our third source of interpretation for the Old Cycle is its Birth Chart.  On this score the Old Cycle’s 1982 Natality featured two major Changes (Squares).  First, the Movement from Victim of to Mastery over Materiality (Saturn-Pluto Opposing asteroid Karma, and Chiron Squaring dwarf planet Makemake).  I know, this is the exact period of the Decline of the US Middle Class, but not everyone has Learned to Accept the Assistance of the Spiritual Forces Surrounding them.  It’s also a period where more and more people have Realized that Abundance means Having Enough to Share, not Having More than Anyone Else.

The second Movement was from Hope to Trust (asteroid Eurydike Squaring Neptune), as we’ve Learned how to Communicate with the Spiritual Forces Surrounding us and how to Collaborate with them to Manifest What We Want.  The mass market edition of Shakti Gawain’s germinal book Creative Visualization hit the streets in 1982, just as the new Old Cycle began.  For the last third of a Century we’ve been Practicing for Ascending into 5D(Find more about 5D in Michael J. Roads’s books.  Find more detail about the Old Cycle’s Natality at

 The Birth Chart of the New Cycle teaches us a great deal about preparing for the next 35 years.  The chart of the ZeitgeistPriorities Initiation (Pluto-Saturn) itself gives us the Tools to be Aware of the Change (Saturn-Pluto Conjunct Mercury Out of Bounds), to make it Sustainable (Conjunct dwarf planet Ceres/Sustenance), and to have Confidence in it (Conjunct dwarf planet Chariklo/Confidence).  It also advises us that many Secrets that the Old Order kept Hidden will come forward into the Open (Saturn-Pluto Square dwarf planet Eris/Revelation).  We’re advised to Accept the Consequences of Aligning with Truth, rather than trying to maintain the Status Quo.

This chart also tells us that we want to Trust that New Facts will be Transformative, and Trust our Intuitions that the Future will be no Bigger than our Dreams for it (asteroid Eurydike/Trust T-Square to asteroids Veritas/Truth and Bee-Zed/Transformation Opposite dwarf planets Chaos/Unlimited-Potential and Asbolus/Intuition).  In other words, we need to be Creatively Visualizing a World that is Far Beyond what we would normally Want to Manifest.  Whatever you Want, make your Prayers and other PIAVAs much much Bigger and Better than that!  (For more detail about the New Cycle’s Natality, see

 Astroevents are always embedded in Time, so any astroevent must also be seen through the eyes of What Else Is Going On at the time.  The Beginning of the New Zeitgeist-Priorities Cycle is Blessed with A Lot Going On, and it Goes Deep.  In our view, Saturn represents Ego.  The Mythological Saturn’s mother was Gaia, and his father was Uranus – Saturn was the child of Earth and Sky.  Saturn and his siblings were Titans, and were kept inside the Earth, where they caused Gaia pain.  Gaia asked her children to neuter their father to prevent further pain, and only Her last-born Saturn was willing to do it.

In our view, Uranus represents the Soul.  So the story is about Ego taking Control over the Soul’s Ability to Create.  5D is about Recognizing the Consciousness inherent in Matter, and Manifesting in Cooperation With Gaia/Nature and Uranus/Soul rather than in Defiance Of the Life Force in Nature and the Soul.  Saturn/Ego‘s own son Zeus was the father of the Patriarchy, with its focus on 3D Hierarchy and Power-Over rather than 5D Cyclicity, Equality, Interdependence, and Power-With.

Regular readers know that we consider the Influence of a planet to peak when the planet Stands Still in the Sky, as the outer planets do twice a year (when they turn Retrograde or Direct).  So we consider a planet that’s Standing Still in the Sky to have more Power in the moment than a planet that’s Beginning a New Cycle.  In other words, we regard the entire New Cycle to be Devoted to the Mission of a planet that’s Standing Still at the Initiation of the Cycle.

 Well, at the Beginning of the New Zeitgeist-Priorities Cycle, two planets were Standing Still.  The first was none other than Uranus/Soul, whose Mission at the moment is the Descent of Soul into Matter (Uranus in Taurus/Earth), which we can also invert and read as the Ascent of Ego into Soul, or into 5D.  Astrology doesn’t comment on the Nature of Reality, but only on the Relationship between Huperity and Reality.  So one way to look at the Mission of Uranus in Taurus, is as the Reanimation of Nature and the Earth by Hupers.

We can see the New ZeitgestPriorities Cycle as offering “two awards for Bravery” in the Reanimation of Nature and Gaia.  Of course this is only one Interpretation.  But Matter Follows Energy, and Energy begins with Vision.  So this Interpretation can lead us toward 5D.  Other Interpretations can take their Visioners toward where they wish to go – more Power to them.  We don’t need to Compete with them; we can Co-Exist with them.  We don’t even have to be in the same Realities.  Many Holograms can occupy the same Space, if the concept of Space is even defined in such a picture.

The second planet that’s Standing Still in the Sky is the one that symbolizes Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris).  As we said before, this planet Challenges (Squares) the New ZeitgestPriorities Cycle.  But if there’s one Denial that’s leading to the Destruction of Life As We Know It, it’s the Denial of our Awareness of Consciousness in Nature and the Planet, and in Her Myriad of non-Huper Entities.  We can Vision and Create 5D in spite of that Denial, but the more Energy can be dedicated to a Vision of Life Cooperating With Life, the more Suffering can be reduced.

 What else is in the chart of the New ZeitgestPriorities Cycle’s Intimate Companion, the Station/Apex (Standing Still in the Sky) of Uranus/Soul?  This remarkable chart makes a Self-Resolving Challenge Full of Grace (a Diamond Star embedded in a Grand Trine, where a T-Square, Finger of God, and Grand Trine all point to the same planet, making everything work together Effortlessly.  Find the chart, and more details, at

Climate Change (the Conjunction of Quaoar/Survival, Pholus/Ability-to-Respond, and Aletheia/Truth-of-the-Heart) is in this chart as one of the Foundations for Self-Resolution (one foot of the Finger of God).  It could be that Climate Change will be the one Energy that finally Unites Huperity in the Awareness that We’re All in This Together.  The other Foundation is Memory (dwarf planet “OR10″/Intrusive Memories) – perhaps one of the Denials to be Revealed will be our Collective Memory of Atlantis.

The chart does Ask two things of us – that we Step Out of Victimhood (asteroid Moira/Fate-and-Choice Opposing Uranus, and asteroid Karma/Karma Conjoining Chiron/Despair-or-Miracles), and that we Stay Curious and Avoid Trying to Figure Out What’s Going On (the many Quincunxes in the chart).  If we covet those Medals, we just need to Bravely keep Speaking our Truth and Embracing the Life Force.  But we may find all this just Happening all on its own, while we just watch.


January 8, 2020

Bob in Australia sends us this note…

“Flash Storm at Uluru

“Uluru said goodbye to 2019 with a severe storm that lashed the nearby town of Yulara with lightning and torrential rain. The weather bureau reported this to be the type of storm that happens twice a century.

Lightning over UluruImage: Damien Hill Photography

“The bolt of lightning has traditionally been a symbol of sudden illumination and the destruction of ignorance.

Lightning Man Injalak Arts

Photo credit: Injalak Arts

“In Aboriginal mythology, the lightning man, who looks like a praying mantis is known as Namarrkon (and other names).  He uses the sun’s power as energy, forming bright arcs of light across each of his shoulders….”

This Energy is what Western Civilization (and Western astrology), worshiping as it does the Ego, misinterprets as Destruction.  It’s astrological symbol is Thor’s Hammer or the Octile Yod, which we call a Mjölnir, preferring the Norwegian name for Thor’s Hammer, because “Thor’s Hammer” is so linked to Violence and Power Over.

We could easily argue that the Main Event here isn’t so much the dreaded 12 January 2020 Saturn-Pluto Merger (The Most Important Thing is our Transformation), but the 10 January Station of Uranus/Soul as it recruits the Power of Saturn-Pluto to support its Descent into Matter (Uranus in Taurus).  In other words, the Reanimation of the Planet and Nature, which is the Most Important Thing we can do to turn around the Neo-Atlantean Self-Destructiveness of Egoic Humans. 

Note that Western Astrology doesn’t actually purport to talk about our external affairs; it talks about our Relationship to External Affairs.  Which is to say, if Hupers Learned to Respect the Consciousness in non-Huper Matter (whether Animated or not) and thus in their mind and Heart Learned to Reanimate the Planet, that in itself would Shift the Planet immensely.

The Eclipse, while it’s near the Degree of Saturn-Pluto, occurs on the day of the Uranus Station.  Which is also the day of the Eris Station, which Reveals That Which Has Been Denied.  Westerners interpret the Descent of Soul into Matter through their training as Christians, but Everything has Consciousness, and just about everything here except Hupers wear their Consciousness Responsibly.

So, what Mjölnir Graces the Uranus Station?  The Station is Trioctile to each end of the Square/Challenge between Truth (asteroid Veritas) and the Merger of Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) with Growth in Consciousness (asteroid Juno).