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Year of Crazy Creativity

December 29, 2015

Suddenly, thanks to a reader, we feel a little less lonely…

From 2013.  All it lacks is the terms, Yangtegrity and Yintegrity.

We talked about the Station (Strong Impact) of the dwarf Plutoid Makemake in our previous post, but what we didn’t realize then is that it will be Rising at midnight.  When a planet is Rising, it’s sitting on the eastern horizon, where the Sun sits as it Rises.  In a horoscope, that eastern horizon is called the Ascendant.  Because the Ascendant circles the Earth every 24 hours, a slow-moving planet that’s Rising will be Rising everywhere on Earth – as Ceres was at 12am on 1 January 2000.  

A Rising planet has a Strong Influence, as does a Stationary planet, so we have a Makemake double whammy.  The Ascendant in a chart is what everyone Sees – so if you’re a Pisces but you have Taurus Rising, folks may think you’re as Unmovable as a Taurus till they get to know you.  Makemake is about Making Do – finding new ways to Survive in changing circumstances – mostly through PIAVA.  So everyone will be Seeing your Creativity in 2016.  The Question is whether you’ll See it, because since it will look quite strange, you’re likely to be Rejecting it.

The dwarf planet 2007 OR10 is about Unconscious Contents irrupting from the Underwhere, and of course our Ego will do its best to Reject those, as they will be experienced as a direct threat to the Olde Ego’s continued suzerainty.  In the lexicon of for-profit psychology, the irruption of Unconscious Contents that disrupt the Ego is sometimes called a Psychotic Break.  We know better, we understand it as Rapid and Disruptive Growth.  We recognize Confusion as the first stage of Growth, not the End Times.  If we wanted to convert it into something medicable, all we need to do is Resist it.  If we were programmed to have Shame about our Creativity, as many of us were, then we’re going to have to work on our Shame a lot in 2016, Lovingly and Gently.

The Rising and Stationary Makemake is closely Quincunx to OR10.  To make it all the more personal and intimate and off base, in some parts of the World the Moon is also Conjunct Makemake.  You know, Moon, Luna, Lunacy?  This will include North America, western South America, and the eastern Pacific.

So we will need to be hypervigilant in 2016 for any strange notions we get about how to address problems or issues Unconventionally.  And once we Witness such strange notions, we need to work on Accepting them.  We may need to keep them under wraps while we test them out in private, to protect ourself from ridicule, if we’re sensitive to that sort of thing.  Like if we had older siblings, or critical significant adults, in our childhood.  If we were Shamed as kids, this is precisely the Healing Opportunity that we need to prepare for June’s Yintegrity Challenge (when Eris Initiates Uranus).

The more you can Open up to your Weird Creativity, and follow it, the more you’ll give others Permission to do the same.  And if you Ask someone else what they would Do if they could Do anything they wanted to, their Weirdness might give you some degree of Permission to be Present with your own supposedly-Pathological Genius.  The key in 2016 will be PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Asking, Visualizing, Affirming, and it’s other many permutations, like Feelizing and Commanding and Wondering and Expanding, etc.  See for all the details.

When strange urges or thoughts emerge, you can Pray for Guidance, or Ask the Universe “What am I supposed to Do with this?” or just remember to trigger your non-intellectual Permanent Curiosity about them.  “Wow, that’s a trip!  I Wonder how this will evolve?”  If you try to make “sense” of them, you’re doomed, because the nature of irrupting Unconscious Contents is that they introduce you to a larger Universe, where all of your definitions of what “makes sense” are Expanded.  Your Bird Cage is exploding, and Freedom awaits.

If you allow yourself to get into situations where Other People feel the need to make sense of your Creativity, they won’t, because these gifts are Yours, not Theirs.  Your Creativity will be even stranger to them than it seems to you.  They’ll be getting – and Resisting – their own Gifts, and by Resisting yours, their Ego will feel more secure, believing that they’re defending the status quo.  Pay Attention to this, and try to avoid casting your Pearls before Pink Animals.  You’ll have your own Resistance, you don’t need theirs.

If Grief arises, as your Creativity blows apart olde ideas or situations that you had an Ego-investment in, Witness and Embrace it – it’s exactly what’s appropriate as your Consciousness and Ego Expand.  You’ll be moving a lot closer to your Mission in 2016.  You’ll also have much to gain by Meditating on what’s Weird and New, rather than Reacting Impulsively to it.  Be Mindful of Expectation; it’ll lead you off course in 2016.

In the New Year chart Makemake makes a tight Square to Hylonome, and to Chariklo.  Venus, meanwhile, makes a tight Square to OR10.  However, Venus Sextiles Makemake, and Hylonome-Chariklo Sextiles OR10, so the Configuration resolves to the Unx between Venus and Hylonome-Chariklo, which will be about Breaking our Patterns of Expectation.  We are in the Reaches, where “Rules Change.”  With New Constellations Rising, Expectation will lead us astray.  We need to be hypervigilant for it, and replace it with Curiosity.

There’s also a Novile Yod to Uranus from Juno and the North Node. The Novile Yod says Pay Attention! (to your Yintegrity), but do it in Meditation.  Jupiter is close to the North Node, but it does not complete the Initiation yet, as Jupiter turns Retrograde on January 7 and backs away faster than the Node can keep up.  

And the Sun is at the near midpoint between Mars and the South Node, which are separated by a Biquintile, forming what we call a Quintangle.  Acting Impulsively will bring up your Karmic habits.  That’ll teach you a great deal, but it may be an expensive lesson.  You may gain more by holding these Karmic Urges in one hand and your Yintegrity in the other, as you Meditate on bringing them together into one Embrace.




April 13, 2015


Well, alas, Doug Simons wasn’t one of the “most popular” presentations (I shoulda voted) on Marjory’s “Summit,” so she isn’t repeating his talk.  Maybe I’ll beg.  Doug’s website is .

Wouldn’t it be incredible to watch Doug’s talk every morning before breakfast?  I did remember to take time to Listen to “my” Tulips today though, when they shouted at me.  I got a huge surge of Ecstasy walking by them, then when I asked them if they had any specific message I felt all kinds of awful things because they said “You really can follow your Bliss, y’know” and all of my excuses to the contrary flashed through my stomach.  Fortunately I was able to return to the Ecstasy by bringing my Attention back to the glowing orange flowers.  I Wonder if my excuses were flashing me as they were leaving?!?  Why not!  Magic flowers!  I didn’t eat them.  Hmm.  I Wonder…

The fave presentations were more on the order of Sustainability / Survivalism, which makes sense, since Marjory leans that way.  Those are being repeated, along with the presentations from day 1 since she had a notification glitch that day…

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

And yet another Summit starts tomorrow, the Functional Health Summit!  You can think of Functional Medicine as Orthorexic Medicine – a bunch of heretic Docs and other medical practitioners who actually believe that nutrition and health are related.  I’m sure the WTO will be suing them soon for lost pharmaceutical revenue.  The FDA already harasses many of them.  Details are at…

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Registering for that brought me an interesting “bonus” from the Gluten Free Society which looks quite definitive…

And this one also looks excellent – Seven Highly Effective Habits of Gluten Free Warriors, the word “Warriors” chosen to replace the “Victim” that is synonymous with “Patient” in non-Functional medicine…

Non-Functional medicine consists primarily of forcing symptoms into hiding.  It’s a lot like Denial or Karma – when we Deny a Trauma or a Negativity, it retreats to the Dungeon and amalgamates into the Unconscious – which of course is in charge of 99% of our Life.  Jung and others postulate that it keeps tapping us on the shoulder till we turn around and stand still for it, like Sisiutl.  In Jung’s view the Unconscious is our Treasure Chest, where we can go to retrieve misplaced Diamonds and Rubies.  When you’re caught between Desires that won’t go away and Satisfactions that never happen, this is the “Coin” that unifies the Nodes.

Non-Functional medicine considers itself a hero for hiding our symptoms from us without taking any Responsibility for their “side effects” – ask your doctor if side effects are right for you.  Non-Functional medicine is double blind to the Long Term, and they don’t see the metaphor.

  Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ    Φ 

Not much time for anything else but Summiteering these days, but gee whiz, how can we resist free graduate-education samplers that are actually up-to-the minute!?

Today there’s a Novile Yod to the North Node from Mercury and Chiron.

A Novile Yod would mean “Pay Attention to This – in Meditation.”

Portal 11.4 Plus

November 3, 2013

We recently encountered the Ninth Harmonic – Contemplation, Introspection, Inspiration, Integration, Wholeness, and Wisdom.  Just in time, as the Jupiter Station is the focus of a Novile Yod that’s in effect until around 2pm PST November 6.  The N-Yod, the brown Triangle pointing at Jupiter in the picture below, finishes up about seven hours before the Jupiter Station itself.  It’s not the only focus on Jupiter; the light blue lines represent a Jupiter Septangle, and the yellow lines a Short Jupiter Quintangle.

DSCN4652The Short Quintile joins Jupiter to the South Node and Ceres –

We’ll be Learning (Fifth Harmonic) how to Expand (Jupiter) our Consciousness by permanently (Ceres) Releasing our Karmic Limitations (South Node).

The Septangle links Mercury and Uranus to Jupiter –

We’ll be Learning to Expand (Jupiter) our Power by choosing when (Seventh Harmonic) to Speak (Mercury) our Truth (Uranus) and when it’s better to remain uncommitted. 

The Septangle is aided and abetted by Mars, which makes Seventh-Harmonic Angles to all three of the other planets –

We’ll be Learning to Expand (Jupiter) our Power by choosing when (Seventh Harmonic) to Speak (Mercury) and Act out (Mars) our Truth (Uranus) and when it’s better to remain uncommitted. 

The Fifth- and Seventh-Harmonic Influences persist into the Station and beyond.

The Jupiter Novile Yod with Juno and Venus implies that…

We’ll be Expanding (Jupiter) our Consciousness (Juno) by Contemplating (N-Yod) the places where we notice that our Emotional Values (Venus) and our Unconscious sense of Who we Are (Juno) are out of Harmony.

Notice that there’s also an interlocking Juno Novile Yod, with Jupiter and Pallas at the corners of its base.  This N-Yod remains in place after the Station.

Our Unconscious Identity (Juno) – which is the primary driver of our Intentions, Expectations, and Behavior – will Change as we are Inspired (Ninth Harmonic) to Expand (Jupiter) our Edges (Pallas). 

The interlocking N-Yods leave a Trine (Grace) between Venus and Pallas, implying that

As we Expand our Edges we’ll still find it easy to set appropriate Boundaries.

If Introverting or Meditating or just being Quiet appeal to you over the next couple of days, by all means go for it.  You won’t regret it.