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Hope New Moon

January 26, 2017

In addition to being a Serpent Moon (previous post), the 27 January New Moon (4pm PST) is also very much about Intuition, Boundary and Belief adjustments, and Hope.

It’s a complicated Pattern.  The New Moon is at 9 Degrees (of Aquarius), in a Major Tricolor Square to asteroid Pandora (Hope) and Trine to Centaur Asbolus (Intuition) and asteroid Veritas (Truth).  But the Big Event is the Asbolus-Veritas Diamond Star.  

A Diamond Star consists of a T-Square and a Finger of God both Pointing at the same planet.  It’s considered great because the two planets in the base of the Finger form a Truss Bridge across the base of the T-Square, which serves as a “Bowl of Grace” under the T-Square.  So the Challenge of the T-Square will be much muted by the Trines and Sextiles of the Bridge.

The Opposition at the base of the T-Square is between Orcus (Making and Breaking Oaths) and Pallas-Neptune.  Neptune symbolizes our Relationship with everything larger than ourself, so Pallas-Neptune implies Adjustments to our Boundaries with our Culture and to our Relationship with Spirit.  With Orcus involved, these Boundary Adjustments will involve our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs, and probably Ego Death, as we’re Asked to Give Up long-held Beliefs about what is Safe and what isn’t.

So the T-Square will Challenge us to Trust the Truth of our Intuition more than we Trust the Truth of our Emotional Reactions.  Our Intuitions will be based in our Soul, while our Emotions will be based in our Karma, as their source will be now-Obsolete Oaths we made to Protect ourself from Abuse.  Staring down those strong Keeping-Us-Alive Emotions will constitute difficult Emotional Challenges.

The Sextile at the base of the Finger of God connects asteroid Pandora (Hope) with Centaurs Hylonome (Merging, Demerging, Grief) and Chariklo (Walking in Beauty).

Living our Lives out of Protection from Abuse requires a certain posture, where Pride is probably involved, as we Stiffen our Spine and harden our Shell against our Fear of Abuse.  We’ve Learned that Projecting Fear is a loud invitation to more Abuse, so we ossify our Outrage into Pride.  It’s a Big Step from there to the sort of Soft-Belly Vulnerability that Stephen Levine talks about and which correlates with Dropping our Masks.

We can Walk in Beauty from the posture of Pride and Outrage, but the sort of Walking in Beauty that we’ll do from the posture of Soft Belly will be very different.  Soft Belly is likely to Feel very scary and, initially, very wrong.  It will be Important not to be naive or incautious about it.  We don’t want to wander innocently into situations where Abuse will ambush us when we’re most Vulnerable but not Expecting Abuse, as that will re-Traumatize us and potentially reverse our Growth in Consciousness. 

We want to gradually and Consciously ease into Soft Belly, Opening to it when we know we’ll be Safe, and reverting to Stiff Spine and Tight Belly in situations where we may not be Safe.

Ultimately, it’s not so much Soft Belly that’s our Objective; it’s Conscious Choice.  We want to be able to Choose, Moment to Moment, whichever posture is Safest and most appropriate for the situation, and as we Learn, develop many intermediate postures.

We’ve been operating from the posture of Defense for so long that it’s now largely Unconscious.  As we Decide to step into Vulnerability (which will probably be much helped by PIAVAs, as we’ll be breaking long-held Habits), we’re Newborn.  We’ll Regress to the age we were prior to the historical Abuse that froze us into Stiff Spine, and in the Regression process we Lose Access to the Skills we Learned since, including all of our Adult Skills.  So we want to practice Vulnerability with Safe friends who are willing and able to nursemaid us, before we naively take it to work with us.

The Saving Grace here is Hope.  

Pandora opened the jar and let all manner of “Evil” out into the World.  From the Patriarchy’s Perspective, this was not at all Good, and another indictment of the Feminine.  But we know that what is Unconscious rules us without our Knowledge, while bringing it our into Consciousness offers us Free Choice – usually after an intervening Ego Death and considerable Adjustment to our Timeline.  So moving this nasty material into the Open is actually a tremendous boon for us!  And what was left at the bottom of Pandora’s jar after all the Demons had escaped?  


As we Open to our Vulnerable Infant Self, we have no idea where this new Journey will take us.  We’re likely to be spaced out enough that we can avoid getting lost in the Fear that this Rebirth will evolve in the same Abusive directions as the earlier one.  I’ve always thought that Hope was a poor substitute for Confidence, but it’s a fine replacement for Hopelessness!

In the next installment we’ll talk about the Potential for Hopelessness with this New Moon.  Not to worry, as that Configuration is more about Adjustment than more Trauma.

Kundalini New Moon

January 26, 2017

We need to start here…

The 27 January New Moon (4pm PST) Conjoins the asteroid Lachesis, named for the Bushmaster – largest, most dangerous, and most primitive of the Snakes.  Here’s some notes on the homeopathic remedy Lachesis, by veteran homeopath David Lilley at

“Lachesis may be viewed with the eye of a shaman to better penetrate the snake’s hidden genius.  She provides the matriarchal image of all snakes, for not only is she the largest representative of the most evolved snake family, she is also the only pit-viper that… [produces] eggs, all others… [give] birth to live young.  Hence she is the forerunner, the source and essence of all things serpentine and venomous, and the jungle is her shrine.

“This is significant.  She comes from the bosom of Gaia (Mother Earth), from the reproductive centre of the planet, its metabolic heart, the equatorial rainforests of the Amazon basin.  Here speciation is at its most prodigious; it is Gaia’s hothouse for the generation of diverse life forms – a teeming paradise – a Garden of Eden.  Deep within its steamy density lurks the awesome bushmaster, her venom charged with the creative and destructive passion of the planet.  She is the serpent of our genesis!”

Isn’t this intriguing, as we near the end of our Lilith-Sedna Yin Gate.  Lilith was the original Female Huper, who in search of Self-Sovereignty left Adam before he and his Rib allowed the Serpent to Apple them.  The Yin Gate is about accepting the Paradox that we must Embrace our Fears (Sedna) to attain our Sovereignty.  Lilley continues (hmm, Lilley, Lilith, curious)…

“In the Judeo-Christian creation myth the snake is portrayed as the evil tempter and seducer, the very personification of deception and intrigue, premeditating and perpetrating the downfall of mankind.  Aptly it is coiled round the Tree of Knowledge, or of Intellect, and induces Adam, via Eve, to partake of the fruit and lose his innocence – the innocence of instinctive, animal existence that keeps the urges and impulses within the bounds of natural restraint and in harmony with life’s laws.  

“This is symbolic of mankind attaining that level of intellectual and emotional capacity which permits ‘freedom of choice’ and custodianship of the conscience, a release, unfolding and responsibility which were bound to bring conceit and conflict.

“There is no cult more universal or ambivalent than that of the serpent.  In ancient cultures the snake was above all a magical and religious image of the creator divinity itself, or a symbol of the primeval life force, the primitive animal will, which it is our destiny to wrestle and ultimately subdue.  

“As such it embodies all man’s potentialities, the divine and the mortal, the sacred and the profane, and the contention between the two.  The snake has always been perceived as a dualistic force, a source of strength when mastered, but potentially dangerous and often emblematic of chaos and corruption when yielded to.”

“Rooted since antiquity in paradox and polarity, duality is the very essence of the snake, of Lachesis and of the subject who requires this wonderful remedy.  As with so many of us, they are in contention with themselves – the lower self opposes the higher, the animal nature vies with the human, deceit confronts sincerity, egotism struggles against selflessness, arrogance competes with diffidence and perversity challenges morality.  Conscience and desire strive for dominance.  The entire sphere of spiritual conflict is the battlefield of Lachesis.  The conflict is often heroic.”

Of course, the “subject who requires this wonderful remedy” is our Planet, Cultures, and Identities at this point in Linear Time.

“The venom from which the remedy is prepared is immensely powerful and destructive and those who require it are proportionately of an intense and passionate nature.  The Lachesis individual is ever in danger of being possessed by passions and feelings.  They are aware of the struggle within them, their labile emotions and thoughts and their unpredictability.  

“At times they feel at the mercy of their emotions, torn between the promptings of their heart and their head, between their thoughts and feelings and between desire and guilt.  If they are unable to indulge their passions or sublimate their emotions through creative release, they will have to repress them and the price is emotional or physical ill-health.

The snake in movement is a miracle to behold.  Without legs to propel it the creature flows effortlessly along, like a shining rivulet – sinuous and silent.  The entire energy of the snake is manifested in fluidity and flow.  In the course of evolution the snake withdrew its limbs to attain flow.  Its venom contains enzymes, which dissolve and digest the tissues of its prey, causing what was firm and solid to break down into a fluid form, which can flow.  Flow is intrinsic to the snake and this is equally true of the Lachesis person.  In any condition where suppression of flow or function predominates, be it emotional, intellectual or physiological, Lachesis may be indicated.”

The bushmaster is a master of camouflage.  It is a “sit and wait” predator, using its cryptic colouring to deceive and ambush its prey.  In a similar manner the Lachesis individual can practice cunning and deceit to waylay the innocent and naïve.  They don [sic] a deceptive mask to conceal their unscrupulous intentions – they are not what they seem.  They hatch plots and schemes to catch the unwary, but also to revenge themselves against those they consider enemies.”

The snake has always been recognised as a sexual or phallic symbol, implying a strong sexuality and a powerful libido or sex drive.  The sexual energy is the most fundamental energy of Lachesis and its power lies behind the intensity, the turbulent passion and the creative genius of the archetype.  It must find expression sexually, creatively, religiously or spiritually.  It may not be suppressed.”

“The sexuality is always coiled and ready to strike. Many will say that if their sex life is good, life is good.  It is part of the flow so essential to snake life; it relieves tension and stress.  The female particularly brings to a relationship a passionate romanticism and ardour, which enriches it.  She is conscious of her sexuality and its power and uses it.  She moves with serpentine grace and is able to charge the simplest action with sexual energy.”

Both the asteroid and the Bushmaster were named after the Mythological Lachesis, one of the three Fates, she who alotted the Length of Life – which we interpret as the Longevity of an Egoic Identity, since that is what we actually Experience as “Life.”  We of course, are very recently Reborn, as dwarf planet Haumea, symbolizing Rebirth, has been greatly magnified for the last several weeks.

It’s important to remember that Fate and Free Will, like all Dualities, are properties of the Observing Either/Or Mind, not properties of the Observed Both/And Universe.

There are actually four asteroids named after the Fates – Klotho who cuts the fabric of a Life, Lachesis who measures its Length, Atropos who cuts the chord when Time is up, and Moira whose name collectively symbolizes all three aspects of Fate.  And all four of these asteroids are Lit Up during this New Moon, and by extension, during the next several weeks.  If you told someone that we are entering a Fateful Month, you’d be quite correct.

Moira herself – Fate per se – is very busy flushing out all our Memories of being trapped on the Victim side of the Abuse/Privilege Coin.  This is not a Coin you want to be on either side of, actually, because Privilege is the flip side of Abuse, and the Unconscious (which, lest we forget, happens to run the show here) recognizes only Dimension, not Direction.  In other words, Victim and Perp are the same Energy, just witnessed from different angles.  We’d prefer to be off that Dimension entirely.  Avenging our Victim just makes us Victim of our own Perp.

Asteroid Moira sits in a Stellium with Nessus (Abuse and Privilege), OR10 (Irruption of Unconscious Contents), and the South Node (our Karmic Archetypes and Forbidden Emotions), Opposing the Royal Star Regulus.  The four Royal Stars all symbolized Successful Endeavors but for a downfall, each Star having its own Curse.  Regulus symbolizes Success as long as one avoids Revenge.

Asteroid Klotho, who weaves the fabric of Life, is just behind the curtain, about to enter Act Two of our Yin Gate, where Lilith/Self-Sovereignty is replaced by Sappho/Self-Love Conjoining Klotho.  Having achieved Self-Sovereignty by Being Fully Responsible to our Unconscious Fears, we’re about to assemble a whole new Timeline, or Ego-Lifetime, founded in Self-Love.

And asteroid Atropos, mistress of Endings, Conjoins dwarf planet Chaos.  Chaos, recall, represents Unlimited Potential, and Dances with our Forbidden Genius in the Golden Rectangle, promising the Sky when we fully Embrace our Uniqueness.  We explained the ongoing Golden Rectangle in (and many earlier posts).  We interpret this Atropos-Chaos Conjunction as an End to our Limits, or Reconsideration of what we thought was Impossible.

We’ll talk about how this New Moon Challenges our Hope in the next installment.

13.12 Full Moon IV

December 11, 2016

“Surely the paradox of all paradoxes.  The enlightened Being that I, and others like me, had struggled to reach was never above or beyond, or in some distant future, but the greater Truth of who we are, right here and now.”  –Michael Roads, Journey into Oneness: Into a Timeless Realm, p.13.

Before we move on to the rest of December (which is also busy – can we Expect otherwise?), let’s spend a few minutes on the several “niggling little irritants” in the Full Moon chart.

[1] A while back we mentioned that the Hylonome-Makemake Cycle, which is about how Manifestation is blocked by Archetypes that we’ve Merged with.  We keep Manifesting the Archetype instead of What we Want, until we do it enough times to figure it out, if we ever do figure it out (hint: it’d not about Judgment).  Here’s what we said then ( …

(8) Think about how the last week or two have been very different in your Life.  Seeing more Mysterious movements out of the corner of your eye?  Obvious signs of Ego Rebirth (such as feeling lost on a route you’ve traveled often)?  Long deep Sleeps?  Unusually sharp Intuitions?  Unexplainable surges of Excitement?  Angels are becoming more Present; keep your eye out for evidence of them. The more you Acknowledge their Presence, the more they can work their Magic.

(8) On 5 December at about 3am, Hylonome (Detaching from Archetypes) Waxing Squares (Challenge) Makemake (Manifestation).  The Hylonome-Makemake Cycle in general is about Letting Go of Self-Sabotage.  The Energy of a Cycle is strong around its Initiation, then goes underground till the Waxing Square, then reaches the mainstream.  The current Cycle was Initiated in June 1989 (think Harmonic Convergence) at 3 Virgo, “Two Guardian Angels“!

Turns out that was an error; this Cycle isn’t really about the Guardian Angels; it’s about “Black and white children playing happily together” (September 1988 at 4 Virgo).  Not to worry about the Angels, They’re here; I’ve long since learned that an “error” in a chart is a valuable Intuition.  It’s great news about the Children.

In the Full Moon chart, Makemake is at the focus of a T-Square with Hylonome and asteroid Atropos.  Atropos is about Endings.  

This is more good news, as Inhibitions to Manifestation End.  However, it’s a T-Square, so it’s a Challenge, and the Challenge is likely to be our Attachment to the Inhibitions.  Maybe you’ve been getting glimpses of Possibilities that you’d never entertained before, but dismissed them as too remote?  Reconsider.

In a “naked” T-Square (ie, absent a Grand Cross to Complete it), the Strongest point is the Vacancy Opposite to the planet at the focus.  Here that would be 5 Aries, which is about “Self-Transcendence.”

“People are never without help from Self or other Beings.  The help is always there, but of course, if  you are closed and unreceptive, then unfortunately you create and maintain your own helplessness.”  —op. cit. p.17

[2] The asteroid Lachesis, which is about Setting the Duration of an Ego’s Lifetime, makes a T-Square across the Opposition betwen Haumea-Pandora (Rebirth into Gender Balance) and Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Clearing the Memories that Hold the Emotions which Prevent Our Heart’s Truth from Becoming the Permanent Essence of Our Identity).  Ah yes, those Ten Thousand Vignettes.  This sounds more like a huge Opportunity than a Challenge, but of course many of the Vignettes are No Fun.

The Vacancy for this T-Square is 23 Cancer, a “Literary Society.”  

Hmmm.  Are we overthinking this one?  Certainly those Vignettes will be bringing up lots of pregnant Emotions that will beg us to fill out their balloon with What-If and If-Only and Why-Didn’t-I and What-Could-Have thoughts.  But there’s another trend developing here.

While Jupiter is still five-and-a-half Degrees and nine months from being Initiated by Haumea, Both Jupiter and Haumea are within our three-Degree range of Sensitivity to Uranus-et al and Lachesis, giving us a second naked Lachesis T-Square, with Jupiter.  The Vacancy for this one is 21 Cancer, A virtuosa performing an opera.  So…

There is a Timing Issue here.  Next September our Rebirth into greater Identification with our Heart’s Truth will Blossom into full unmistakeable Glory.  There will be no Doubt!  All we’re doing now is Finishing Business, cleaning up the flotsam and jetsam from the previous Jupiter-Haumea Cycle.  That Cycle was about “Children blowing soap bubbles.”  From the Perspective of our Mastery, all these Vignettes, and their referents, are just playful shimmery bubbles, of no substance!  That’s a Revelation to remember!

13.12 Full Moon I

December 9, 2016

Everything we’ve just said about Portal 14.12 applies as well to the 13 December Full Moon – which also occurs at 4pm PST.  Plus a lot more.  The Bottom Line is that the Full Moon is about the Unlimited Potential that awaits us when we Fully Embrace our Abandoned Genius – and the Pain we’ll have to Endure to get there!

The Moon Conjoins dwarf planet Chaos, while the Sun Conjoins Ixion, both T-Squared by Chiron.

The Pain, though, is optional.  We can circumvent it by Embracing ourself with “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really feeling Despair (or Confused, or Lost, or Scared), aren’t you” or the equivalent.  

A Chiron T-Square is about Mastering – through Challenge – the art of Changing Perspectives.  This is one of the reasons we keep preaching about “Cognitive Dissonance” or the Ability to hold two “Contradictory” Perspectives at the same time, often shortened to Both/And.  The Observing mind is Dual, and so recognizes Contradiction.  Reality is Multifarious and Unitary (Both/And) and so contains a lot of apparent Contradictions.  Call them Paradoxes if you don’t grok Both/And yet.  

News flash – Observed Reality is bigger than Observing mind, not the other way around!

End of sermon.  At any rate, Chiron represents Unhealable Wounds, Unsolvable Problems, Hopeless Cases, Impossible Causes.  We recommend “You poor Sweetheart…” Self-Empathy because Empathy Heals, and being non-Dual, Empathy doesn’t really much care if something appears Unhealable to the intellect.  Despair is, after all, an intellectual Problem.  Also, “You poor Sweetheart…”, like other PIAVAs, is Effortless and, if we succeed in Changing the Subject, fast.  So fast we often don’t notice that it worked!

Einstein himself informed us that we can’t solve a Problem using the same thinking that postulated the Problem – ie, if you want to solve the Problem, or rather, make the Problem go away, we need to Change our Perspective.  “You poor Sweetheart…” is an automatic Change of Perspective, because we’re no longer Identified with Despair, we’re now standing apart from ourself and Empathizing back to ourself, now Identifying with Compassion instead of Despair.

While Despair is an intellectual – Yang – Problem, Compassion is a Yin Response.  Response, not Solution.  A Solution to an intellectual Problem would be an intellectual Solution – not a Change of Perspective.  Sure, there’s an Emotional or Yin side to Despair, but there’s nothing Unhealable about Emotion (Empathy works Miracles); it’s only the intellectual cage that Despair traps our Emotions into that’s a circular maze.

We know from using PIAVA that Yin Responses to Problems or other Unpleasantries don’t work unless we get the mind out of the way, especially with Despair, because by definition there’s No Exit from Despair, no way to think your way out of it.  So we have to Change the Subject, somehow take our Attention and our intellectual grinder away from the intractable Problem that’s so compulsively attractive to us, and find something else to occupy them.

That’s not always easy to do, especially since most of us have at least one Lifetime Unsolvable Problem.  So even if our Present Problem isn’t an exact Mirror for our Lifetime Hassle or Karma, we can’t help but borrow the format from our Lifetime Hassle, because we’re so “good” at the methodology of grinding.  Or non-methodology.  Einstein also supposedly said that Responding (or more appropriately, Reacting) the same way and expecting different results would be a good definition for insanity.

So the basic Problem becomes unhooking the mind from the Object of its Fixation and Frustration.  That’s actually something we can PIAVA, or even “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really Fixated here, aren’t you.”  Alternate that with Tapping – “Even though I’m really Fixated here, I deeply and completely Love and Accept myself…”  Even a Chocolate bar is likely to Change the Subject, if you “You poor Sweetheart…” yourself first.

End of sermon, again.  Didn’t intend to get into all that, but it’s one of the most important things about the Full Moon, and we haven’t gone through it ad naseum recently, and really, can we say it too much?  What else about the Full Moon?

Oh yeah, there’s the part about the Embracing our Abandoned Genius without getting Lost in the Unlimitedness.  This is the Golden Rectangle we’ve been talking about for a while now, and the Moon sits right on one of its Oppositions, the one we’ve considered the more important one, because it’s the most Challenging – dwarf planet Chaos (the Zero Point Field) Opposite dwarf planet Ixion (Rejected or Pathological Genius).  

In fact, for many of us, the Chironean Despair we face is rooted in the fact that someone else is Acting Out a Bigger-Than-Life Mirror for Pathological Genius in plain sight, even while he makes an even better Mirror for the Bullying Parents or Teachers that originally forced us to Repress our own Pathological Genii.  Or more deeply, for the Tyrant that Repressed us in that other Lifetime where we were Powerless.  Oh yeah, that Lifetime.  Dass vergangen Leben.  Oh, there were many like that, Massa Sir?  Well, small Wonder we’re in Despair.

Double Mirrors.  Coyote is the ultimate Trickster; we shouldn’t expect otherwise when we’re prying Open Pandora’s Box, er, I mean, the Unconscious.

Speaking of Pandora, she just happens to be sitting on the Haumea corner of the Golden Rectangle.  What a Coincidence!

The other Opposition in the Golden Rectangle is Haumea-Pandora (Rebirth into the “Naughty” Feminine) Opposite Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne (Tolerating the Horrible Memories of all the times when we were forced to Suppress our True Self, in order to make our Yintegrity Permanent).

And by the way, the Sedna-Lilith Yin Gate (Becoming Aware of our Fear around our own Self-Sovereignty and PIAVAing to Heal It) is still well within our Sensitivity.

Which brings us to a need for a note about some of the players here, particularly Chaos, Pandora, and Lilith, not to mention Eris.  All four of these Lasses have been cast as questionable characters in the development of the Patriarchy.  

  • Dwarf planet Chaos is named for the Confusing Powerlessness that came before the Greek Gods straightened things up – that is, for the Matriarchy and Communion and Union with Nature.
  • Pandora was Blamed for unleashing all manner of difficulty and torture on the hapless males of the Greek world.
  • Lilith goes back even further as a miscreant for refusing to kneel to Adam’s self-proclaimed Superiority.
  • And Eris of course, She of the Golden Apple, was Blamed for all manner of difficulty, including the Trojan War, when she was only illuminating the Vanity of Ego and its Contrast to the True Beauty of Walking in our own Heart’s Truth.  And of course that Vanity of Ego was just another Greek slap in the face of Women.

So we aren’t going to get any support from the dominant Western Cultures for any of what we’re doing.  In fact, both internally and externally, we’ll be facing a lot of Guilt for wanting to Transgress any number of Oaths we have made to “Behave” and never do that again, not to mention the Twittered Projected Guilt from others over Oaths that they Believe we should have made, even if we didn’t. 

We’ll talk more about the role of Orcus (Oath-Making and -Breaking) in the 13.12 Full Moon chart, and the 14.12 Pallas-Mars Initiation chart, in Full Moon II.

Support from Wise Women we know, yes, for sure, seek it out, wallow in it, Embrace it, Pay it Forward.  Wise Woman Susun Weed was where I first learned about Both/And, after all.

Hylonome New Moon II

April 5, 2016

Our Chief Asteroid Officer has been busy with research, and uncovered another ‘roid Opposite Sappho and Squaring Vesta and Juno, completing the Grand Cross.  This creates an even greater Opportunity to Master our Limiting Beliefs.  Unfortunately (for our current Egos), the Opposing ‘roid is Hybris, another spelling for Hubris.  

I’ve been thinking that, in addition to our personal Adventures, June’s Eris-Uranus Initiation is likely to blow up our collective Denial about things like Global Warming, Functioning Economies, “News” Media, Corporate Ownership of Government (commonly referred to as “Globalization”), and the like.  

We could see Superstorms, Financial Collapse, Media Payola, and Political Scandals in June; that could certainly potentiate Ego Death and Mask Removal for many.  The Panama Papers…

could be the start; it took a while for the Pentagon Papers to get rolling.  The Pentagon Papers took place at the Uranus-Pluto Conjunction, while the Snowdon Saga and the Panama Papers grace the Waxing Uranus-Pluto Square.

While we’ve emphasized Yintegrity as a primary characteristic of the Soul Self symbolized by Uranus, one could as well emphasize other elements of Individualism, such as Libertarianism.  We used to say that the Titans of Industry got rich through Exploitations that hadn’t been declared illegal yet.  Today it’s more modern to say that the 1% has gotten rich through Exploitations that have become legal again since 1980.  

The Libertarian call for the abolition of all “regulation” is nothing more than a call for the legalization of Exploitation without limit.  There are folks saying that Paul Ryan, who worships Libertarian Mythology, might be the beneficiary of a brokered Convention and final Republican candidate for the US Presidency.

The year 1980 is an interesting milestone.  It’s clearly the year – as President Reagan and The Baroness Thatcher ascended to Power – that the 1% began regaining political power from the middle class, and the year when the middle class began the decline from which it has yet to recover, if it does.  And 1980 was the first year of the transition from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age.  1980-2000 was a preview of the Digital Age, and 2000-2020 is the debriefing for the Industrial Age.  Each Age lasts two centuries, delineated by the Cycles of Jupiter and Saturn.  

It has always been clear to me that tools – mechanical or electronic – were replacing Huperson labor, and that whomever owned the tools would eventually thrive, while all others would become servants or fade back into poverty.  Or both.  It took me many years though, to understand that what the Patriarchy labels as “Primitive” cultures hold secrets that are a far cry from “poverty,” even if their existence is devoid of mod cons.

Our CAO also points out that asteroids Pandora and Tyche are also Conjunct Sappho.  Like Sappho, Pandora and Tyche are also only a few arcminutes from their recent Direct Stations.  Pandora, as the first Woman that the Gods Created, was the Greek equivalent of Lilith, and like Lilith, Pandora was blamed for all manner of ill that befell the Good Olde Boys.  

Greek Mythology recall is the propaganda that justified the Patriarchy’s victory over the Matriarchal Cultures that preceded it, just as Milty Friedman’s Economic Mythology is the propaganda that justifies the 1%’s victory over the relatively greater equality that preceded it.  If you haven’t noticed, Uncle Milty’s Mythology is worshipped by Presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Tyche is an intriguing Energy.  She represented Mother Nature’s “arbitrary” destructive and creative whims, and was used in the early (Greek and Roman) Patriarchy to justify the unpredictability of Life under corrupt leadership, and the good fortune of the beneficiaries of the corruption – very reminiscent of the Economic situation today, as Naomi Klein (Shock Doctrine) and John Perkins (New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man) vividly describe.  

In the early Patriarchy, as in the Matriarchy, “Offerings” to the Gods and Goddesses were required to keep them on your side.  We regard human sacrifice as culturally obsolete, but that’s exactly what War is all about.  The modern “New Age” tradition of Gratitude is a form of Offering, as is Surrender of Control after PIAVAs.

Good reminders to “Allow our Identity to Expand, Embrace our Confusion, Surrender Control, and Trust the Process” as we suggested in the previous post.

Portal 10.20-22 I – Lilith

October 20, 2014

IMG_1196An interesting Configuration; kind of a squashed Toadstool; a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge – in red) on a forklift, as if the green scissors could just lift the T-Square right out of here, leaving just the Grand Trine (dumb-luck Blessings, in blue).

* * * * *

A new Grand Trine

Our Mars/Centaurs-to-Lilith-to-Eris Grand Trine (Galactic-scale  opportunities to let go of Karma – or – I know it doesn’t feel good, but Congratulations!) has finally expired, using our traditional three degrees of Sensitivity.  This is the Grand Trine that began in the last few days of August, and was heralded by early September’s multiple simultaneous Stations near the Galactic Center – the Stations that would be likely to occur about once in twelve million times the scientific consensus on the age of our Universe.

But meanwhile, the asteroid Pandora has moved into Eris’s position, so our October 20-22 Grand Trine involves Pandora, Lilith, and Mars-Quaoar-Hylonome.  As the first human woman, Pandora in myth was sort of a parallel to Eve and Lilith.  But while Lilith wounded Adam’s Ego by not having the time of day for it, and Eve brought dischord onto the Planet by indulging Duality (which actually sounds more like something Adam would have done), Pandora was an explicit curse on huManity, created as punishment for Promethius’s theft of Fire from the Gods.

Now, if we translate this from the standard misogynous taint of Western Civilization, what do we get?  She was beguilingly beautiful, but that’s just the Magnetic aspect of the Feminine.  Like Eve, out of Curiosity, she unleashed a slew of Dualities on huManity.   The interpretation that makes the most sense to me is that Pandora represents Nature.  She releases – brings into Consciousness – a number of Dualisms, but one remains Unconscious, Expectation (usually translated as Hope).  Expectation is what allows us to learn, but it’s also what prevents us from seeing clearly, as we see not what is but what we Expect to see.

So we have Nature and Expectation teaming up with Yindependence and Action-Law-Grief to create a Big dumb-luck Blessing.  I’d interpret that to mean that we will stumble into all manner of surprising Delights by Acting irrationally.  How the devil do I get that?  As a friend used to say about Anger, “Don’t get even, get odd!”

The Law (Quaoar) tells us to Act (Mars) rationally or It will bring us Grief.  But Grief (Hylonome) demands that we follow our Heart, regardless of the consequences.  Jung pointed out that the Heart is where our Values reside, so following our Heart is actually acting rationally – pursuing our Values – but an outside observer would be unlikely to understand, hence our Actions would appear to be irrational.  In other words, the outside observer would be projecting Expectations (Pandora) upon us. 

What would Yindependence (Lilith) do?  No question – she’d follow the Heart.  Who is our most critical outside observer?  Our own mind.  So while the mind is telling us to follow the Law, the Heart tells us to follow our Joy.  The mind thinks that’s irrational.

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And a New T-Square

Lilith, who turns out to be the Guide in the Grand Trine, is also the point of the T-Square – in other words,

We’re Challenged to Master our irrationality (following our Heart, or Yindependence) – that’s not much of a surprise, is it.

The base of the T-Square (which describes the impediments to Mastery) is an Opposition from Ceres to Sedna.  We can see Sedna here as our Loyalty or lack thereof – to family, to the Feminine, to our Values, to the Heart.

We’re Challenged to make our willingness to follow our Heart a permanent (Ceres) priority in our Life.

* * * * *

The Scissors and Tricolors

The shallow green “X” that connects the base of the T-Square with one side of the Grand Trine defines two Major Tricolors – Square-Quincunx-Trine (red-green-blue) Configurations.

The essence of a Major Tricolor is that, in this circumstance, genuine Curiosity (which is the absence of Expectations) about the relationship between the two principles at each end of the (green) Quincunx will open the door to the (blue) Trine, which will then resolve the apparent conflict defined by the (red) Square.

The two Tricolors are Lilith-Square-Sedna-Quincunx-Mars et al-Trine-Lilith, and Lilith-Square-Ceres-Quincunx-Pandora-Trine-Lilith.

The two apparent conflicts are the inconvenience (Sedna) of following what has Heart and Meaning to us (Lilith), and our resistance to giving first priority to our Heart permanently (Ceres) – most likely because it’s so inconvenient.  Folks are always asking us to Explain ourself, and it seems like we’re so often making it more difficult for ourself, rather than just “going along with the crowd.”

Bottom line, Portal 10.20-22 is all about Lilith – our Yindependence.

The two Quincunxes are Pandora-Ceres and Sedna-to-Mars/Quaoar/Hylonome.

Buddhism is devoted to the Pandora-Ceres Quincunx – How do we achieve Beginner’s Mind, overcoming our addiction to our Expectations to allow us to Sustainably see Reality for what it actually is.

Sedna-MQH is the classical “prisoner’s dilemma” – we are better off in sum when we work together, but each of us may be better off at the expense of Other if we maximize our own outcome instead of attending to the result most beneficial to the group.  That is, if we act as though our counterparty is playing Win-Win and they’re actually playing Win-Lose, we Lose.

We liberate Grace in this Portal by avoiding all Judgment about the motives of Others, and striving for Beginner’s Mind. 

No matter how much evidence you accumulate about what motivates the Significant Others in your Life, you have no way of knowing what’s Real and what’s Expectations.  In fact, you’ll be better off if you assume it’s all Expectation.  Even if you enlist witnesses to try to get independent views, you still can’t tell.  So each time you’re tempted to think you understand Other, Let It Go, whether you’re starting to believe they’re on your side or out to get you.  You want to preserve persistent Curiosity.

Strive for Beginner’s Mind by detaching your Identity from your thoughts.  That’s virtually an oxymoron, so what we have to do is set an internal alarm to go off every few seconds, and every time it goes off, we ask ourselves if we’re thinking.  If so, we say to ourself, “Oh, there’s thinking again.”  If we practice this long enough, we can develop the habit of hearing our thoughts as if they were someone else’s thoughts.  That allows us to follow them or not, liberating us to follow our Heart more often.

Ultimately, these two practices are complementary, and they’re both excellent approaches to Life in general, as well as being proven paths to Ascension.

* * * * *


There’s a sleeper here – the Saturn-Eris Quincunx.  We didn’t draw in the green line.  This tells us to Pay Attention to what’s Hidden, but avoid drawing conclusions, and stay in Curiosity.  Focus on the enduring Mysteries.  If we do that iteratively, it will greatly complement our Beginner’s Mind and Non-Judgment practices.