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TranceFormation 2

June 29, 2020

We live in Virtual Reality, without artificial optoelectronic devices, in a Trance so deep that we don’t even know we’re in it.  Like Ken Kesey said, “You can trip out so far that you never get back to know that you left,” and for most of us that Amnesia definitely applies to Life on Earth, starting at our Decision to Incarnate.  Like the fable about the 3-year old who kept asking his parents if he could have a few minutes alone with his newborn sister, and the parents hesitated because they were aware of sibling rivalry.  Finally, they got a baby monitor so they could listen in, and let the 3-year-old have his interview.  What they heard was the 3-year-old asking the newborn to “Remind me what Heaven was like; I’m beginning to forget.”  Many of us Forget, most of the time, that we came here to do a job.  Forget that we’re actually Eternal Consciousness Experimenting with a Physical Body, rather than a Frozen Waffle with a g missing, Stapled to a Body or a Mind.

Most of our Trance is Cultural.  We get a lot of Programming of all sorts, but the basic Trance in our Family of Origin, or other First Circumstances, is the one we’re most motivated to adopt, just so we can Survive relatively efficiently.  In the “Developed” World, some of the deepest elements of that Trance include Linear Time, and Cause-and-Effect.  Try Living without both of those for a day, if you can even Conceive of doing so.  Cause-and-Effect is meaningless without Linear Time.  The planet that symbolizes our Trance is Pluto, and major Pluto astroevents Change the Trance.  When the Trance Changes, it’s not always as extreme as “Either we Change or we Die,” but that’s the basic idea.  Change is Difficult because it really is another Death, but an Ego Death, and “we” (our Ego) fears Ego Death as much as Physical Death, because item #1 in the Ego’s job description is “Keep the Entity Alive.”

Comparing our Lived Experience of December 2019 with our Lived Experience of June 2020, it’s easy to see how the Changes in our basic everyday Trance have been Extreme (this Pluto astroevent includes Saturn-Pluto [Identity], Jupiter-Pluto [“Grow or Wither“], Chariklo-Pluto [Confidence], Pallas-Pluto [Boundaries], and a number of other Big events such as a Decadal Change like Moon Out of Bounds [Emotionality], and longer-term Changes such as Ixion-Pholus-Quaoar [Response to Climate Change]) – and that’s after much of the Shift has been somewhat Remediated.  Make a mental note, so you’ll be more Prepared for the next Plutostorm.  Not to predict what will Change, but to Expect a Big Change so you can Upgrade your Resilience.

We were just about to interpret the 4 April Pluto-Jupiter Initiation “Can-Opener” chart, to help us Understand and Steer the next dozen years, and to help us Grok the current Energy, as we Experience the 29 June Jupiter-Pluto “Exposition” event.  (We defined “Can-Opener” and “Exposition” in the previous post.)  Here’s the 4 April chart again…

The Crux of the chart is the Challenge (T-Square) to Adapt to the World-Wide Compulsive Expansive Transformation (Jupiter-Pluto), or Trance Re-Formation, through Adjusting our Boundaries (asteroid Pallas).  The Root of the Challenge (base of the T-Square) lies in Accepting what we’ve been Denying (dwarf planet Eris) and Finessing the Eggo’s Resistance to Rebirth (dwarf planet Haumea).  The Challenge is not Self-Resolving (not a Diamond Star), but it does feature considerable Grace (a Double Trine Bridge, across the T-Square itself, rather than across the Opposite side of the Zodiac, as occurs in a Diamond Star).  We need a name for this Configuration.  For now I’ll call it what it looks like, a “Highway Bridge.”  Here it’s isolated in the heavy lines…

This Highway Bridge has the same quantity of Grace as a Diamond Star, but it’s not In Balance, it doesn’t fill up the Zodiacal Loop (dwarf planet Chaos would be one foot of a Diamond Star, but Diamond Stars require two).

What’s the Difference between a Highway Bridge and a Diamond Star?

There will be obvious Solutions to the Challenge in a Highway Bridge, but they won’t be Complete, they’ll leave out half the Picture.  When we Soften our Boundaries, they may Let In Energies we don’t Want.  When we Stiffen them, they may Exclude Energies we do Want.  For example.  Whatever Transformations we Allow, they’re likely to need Adjustment later.  We may Allow 98% of a Rebirth, but the other 2% may try to Sabotage our Transformation.  We may Open to 70% of What We’ve Been Denying, but the other 30% may Bedevil us.  A Diamond Star on the other hand is Completely Self-Resolving.  We can screw it up by Lacking Faith and Intervening, but otherwise, we’re Golden.

Returning to the original chart, we see that there are two other Bridges across the troublesome Revelation-Rebirth (Eris-Haumea) Opposition, in addition to the Highway Bridge, across the other side of the chart – a Big Contribution (Trine Bridge [Grace]) by Suspending Disbelief in the Impossible (dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential]), and an Interesting Contribution (Quincunx Bridge [Curiosity]) that can be made if we Explicitly Deal with our Fear (dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power]).  To Manifest the latter, we’ll have to carefully Avoid trying to Understand what we’re Afraid Of (Quincunx) and Deal with our Fear directly as an Emotion, rather than working with our Thoughts about it.  Causes are always Thoughts.

The Highway Bridge itself also contains two pillars of Grace – Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability and Sustenance]) and the Realization that Headquarters (the Galactic Center [literally, the Black Whole at the Center of the Milky Way]) has issued orders for us to Transcend our Programmed Beliefs (Bee-Zed, aka “514107” or “2015 BZ509,” which has recently received a real name, Ka’epaoka’awela – I think I’ll continue to use “Bee-Zed” [Transcendence]).  When we do that we may be amazed at how Disjointed friends and family can get when we Change.  Backing Down is not an option, however.  It’s not good for your Health to argue with a Black Whole.  Remember that the Easiest way to move toward Sustainability is to Jettison What We Don’t Need – Sustenance is the backside of the Sustainability Coin.  While that can be Scary, it can actually increase our Resilience.

So far so good.

We also Notice that there are two important Vacancies in the chart.  If we added a planet at 26 Cancer we’d Balance the Challenge (Convert the T-Square to a Grand Cross), and if we added a planet at 26 Leo we’d increase the Grace and Ease exponentially (by Completing both the Diamond Star and the Grand Sextile).  If you happen to have natal planets in those Locations, you’ll probably be Living a Life of Leisure for the next ten years.

The Vacancy Opposite Jupiter-Pluto-Pallas is a busy place.  The “Sabian” interpretation of Cancer 26 is “Guests are reading in the library of a luxurious home.”  We hope that means they are Learning their History and Herstory and Karma, so they don’t have to repeat it.

Asteroid Magdalena is there – I’ll wager everyone has different Associations with Magdalena!  The dwarf planet Cyrallus is also there.  Cyrallus was the Centaur married to Hylonome.  He was killed in the melee that followed Herakeles’s Opening of the Sacred Wine, and then Hylonome killed herself with the same spear.  And there are two Fixed Stars there.  Procyon projects Success, but it’s short-lived, and rapid Harvesting of any gains is recommended.  We don’t recommend assigning that one to Black Lives Matter – we can PIAVA long-lived and stable Success for BLM instead.  And Pollux.  He’s the darker twin of the Gemini twins Castor and.  Bernadette, in Brady’s Book of Fixes Stars, p.249, says “you will find yourself embroiled in the more shadowy side of the issues, with the pain or angst of the situation always seeming to be present.”

That’s okay, because we know that Tapping works well for exactly that purpose, to Let Go of the Negative.  When we Tap Out a nagging negative Emotion or Thought or Experience or Scenario, such as “Even though I’m Suffering over this Transformation, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself,” we Align our Energy Body with the Truth of our Experience.  That Alignment Dispels our Attachment to the Negativity, though we may have to repeat the Tapping sequence several times.  We can also Poor-Sweetheart ourself – “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Suffering over this, aren’t you.”  If we Succeed in Changing the Subject afterwards, that too will dispel our Attachment to the Suffering.

Leo 26 Completes the Grand Sextile (Great Grace) and the Diamond Star (Self-Resolving Challenge)The Star Alphard is there.  It’s the Heart of the Heavenly Serpent.  Bernadette says on pp.151-2 that “Its preferred expression is conscious passion… you are working with very strong feelings and will need to resist striking back in anger.  A better use of the energy is to focus on a subject or a cause to which you can devote your strength and determination” – to avoid manifestations that are “murderous and violent.”  This certainly draws a picture of White Supremacy and Colonialism, and makes an educated suggestion about how to begin to overcome it.

This is a very deep History.  Remember that it was Pope Nicolas V in the 15th Century that declared non-white non-Europeans subhuman and condemned them to “perpetual slavery.”  That was 19 Generations ago, which makes White Supremacy a very Deep Trance, and one that the Antichrist defends daily.  It’s unlikely to Let Go in a week or two.  Leo 26 is “After a heavy storm, a rainbow,” so there’s some hope for progress.

Next we’ll look at the 29 June Jupiter-Pluto Exposition chart.  First, though, a couple of shots of our recent Crescent Moon…

In the second picture, the left side of the Moon is illuminated by what’s called “Earthshine,” Sunlight reflected off the Earth and projected onto the Dark Side of the Moon…