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Tumultuous Times

July 25, 2010

The most important thing to remember at times such as these, is that when you Pray/Intend/Ask/Visualize/Affirm (“PIAVA”) for whatya want, the first thing you’re going to experience is

a picture of the reasons why you haven’t had it all along.

In other words, it’ll feel like we’re manifesting our Greatest Fear.  I know, that’s subtle, so here’s an example.

Suppose I PIAVA 2.4 zillion Euros.  Well, the reason I’d PIAVA such a thing, is cuz I don’t feel like I have enough Euros.  There’s a good chance that my Greatest Fear, or at least a major scare for me, is getting caught without enough Euros.  Assuming I’d already bought the lottery ticket, why wouldn’t the Universe just give me 2.4zE straightaway?  Well, one approach to that question is that my Fear of not having enough is stronger than my Desire to have enough, or at least strong enough to cancel out my Desire.

A stronger answer is that, if I was to just get 2.4zE, I probably wouldn’t learn anything.  But if I got hip to the reasons why I haven’t had 2.4zE all along, that might be transformative!  I might be able to manifest all kindsa miracles with that knowledge.  In other words, for some people, the most overwhelmingly powerful force is Consciousness.  To be Conscious Of and Present With our Greatest Fears and our Strongest Desires, can bring us Miracles we can hardly imagine.

If that’s your ultimate motive, then the Universe hears “I want 2.4zE” as “I wanna know why I don’t have 2.4zE and how to get it.”

So, we ask for 2.4zE, and the first thing the Universe puts in front of us, is the sound of our father telling us Money Don’t Grow on Trees, or a memory of losing our favorite teenage potential mate to a richer rival, or a nasty letter from our credit card company, or even a vision of a lifetime as a Slave.  In other words, when we PIAVA Change, we receive the opportunity to grasp our Greatest Fear even more tightly.  It’s ultimately about Identity – as Pogo used to say, We have found the Enemy, and it is Us! We are our Greatest Fear, and we are our Greatest Desire.  Identifying with Desire is very different from having, and taking for granted, that which we Desire.

The second-most important thing to remember at this time, is that the Veil is so diaphanous that it’s very difficult to distinguish between Hardcopy Reality and Real Reality.  Hardcopy Reality is a mirror image of your Identity.   Real Reality is a cacophony of Energies.  Is that Horse jumping in front of your car a current-lifetime manifestation, or a constellation of Energies masquerading as a Horse?  If the former, can you demanifest it before you hit it?  If the latter, do you dare drive through it?  If you aren’t sure which, what do you do?

I’m depending on you to put a number of sketches into a coherent picture here, cuz I don’t have alotta free time at the moment.

So you PIAVA X, and not-X enters your field.  First, say, quickly and out loud if possible, “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” – Cancel the Reality that may be manifesting or the Fear that it might, Neutralize the Energy that created the Reality/Fear, and Upgrade the whole process.  Second, if any trace of Emotion arises with not-X, tap it out.  Third, reaffirm X.

The Full Moon occurs in a few hours (2o minutes to 1pm PST today).  Our opportunities and challenges are magnified by Mars joining the Eclipse T-Square we spoke of a few weeks ago, and of course by the Full Moon, which represents a manifestation into Hardcopy of the Energy Potentials of the New Moon Eclipse.  Mars is crossing Saturn (1 am on 7/31), opposing Uranus (half past 6 am on 7/30), and opposing Jupiter just as both Mars and Jupiter square Pluto (9-10 am on 8/3).  Even in the city, the Coyotes have been yipping and howling at that Big Moon much louder and more cacophonously than I’ve ever heard them.

Late Breaking

July 10, 2010

Here’s another NASA prospective on the Eclipse, with purdy pictures.

Lights Out

July 10, 2010


That’s the Total Solar Eclipse that skims across the South Pacific tomorrow, from Tahiti to Patagonia.  A Total Solar is always a serious business; if you’ve never been graced by one in person, DO plan to make it happen sometime during this lifetime – you won’t regret it!  The New Moon Moment is twenty minutes shy of 1pm PDT on July 11.  NASA says (scroll down to “SOLAR BLAST”) that this one may even be decorated with streamers.

At first glance, I was relieved that the Juno Grand Cross that’s been with us a while has faded – Juno’s the one that asks us to transcend our Identity, which always feels a bit closer than a near-death experience.  Then I noticed that Juno and the Sun are traveling together, so the Eclipse occurs bang on Juno, so we get not just a series of changes in our Identities, but our Identity gets Eclipsed.  That’s actually not as dire as it sounds, cuz an Eclipse is about Awareness – that which we normally don’t even notice, because it’s an expected part of the background, suddenly becomes very foreground, and very discrete.  It’s a textbook example of Growth in Consciousness, which occurs not by Discovery so much as by Differentiation.  Yes, we “Discover” the World anew, but we also realize that it was there all along, and we were probably the only one not to have noticed.  Like Columbus “discovering” the “New” World.

So this is an unbelievably positive Opportunity, the Opportunity to become Conscious of our Identities!  Our Identities are to heads as our Limiting Beliefs are to tails – same coin.  So we have an immense Opportunity to release our unconscious Victim postures here, and doing that would liberate us to create what we’ve only dreamed about, and never expected to actually manifest into hardcopy Reality.  As is always the case with growth in Consciousness and fantastic Opportunities, the field is awash in Paradox.

You see, it takes a strong Ego to endure Revelation of Identity.  We stand naked in front of St. Peter, but without the Grace of death.  Think Dante or Goethe.  Very few of us aren’t hiding behind one mask or another – or more likely, many.  But the stronger the Ego, the less likely that the Ego has enough Vulnerability to be able to witness the Revelation without breakup.  Not impossible by any means, just a normal run-of-the-mill Paradox.  We’ll come back to this.

It could be even more extreme – Juno isn’t occulted (hidden) by the Eclipse, it’s just on the same longitude as the Eclipse.  A Juno Eclipse is a Biggie, but the Juno pattern isn’t the biggest pattern in the Eclipse chart – we’ll get to that in a minute.  First, let’s review our Big-Picture context.

As individuals we’ve each just received a big download in the form of a new pulse of Energy from our own Soul Chords (Uranus just went retrograde in the first degree of Aries, after Initiating Jupiter) – basically, all the Juno action is about moving our old Identities aside so there’s space for the New Ones.

As a species and a cultural entity, we’ve also recently received a Whole New Paradigm about the way the Universe is put together, should we choose to accept it (Chiron Initiated by Neptune), which will allow us to easily manifest what in the old paradigm would have been miraculous.

Then, politics notwithstanding, we’re just starting a 25-year period of history where the basic mantra is Just Fix It (Pluto in Capricorn), even though you’d never know it reading Corporate Media or watching governments fiddle.

And, we’ve exited the Age of Consumption, and entered the Age of Sustainable Sustenance (the many prominent actions of Ceres over the last decade).

The Big Pattern in the Eclipse chart is our recently historical Grand Cross, minus Juno and Ceres.  Which is to say, a Pluto T-Square with Saturn on one corner and Jupiter-Uranus on the other.  A Pluto T-Square means that Resistance is Futile – Herstory is coming down the pike, and if we don’t get outa the way, or better yet lend a hand, we’re going to get smashed.  In a coupla weeks (July 21), Saturn moves into Libra, meaning that we’re leaving a two-and-a-half-year period where our primary objective was breaking up ossified patterns, and entering a two-and-a-half-year period where the name of the game is making friends and learning to collaborate.  So this combination of indomitable Just-Fix-It Herstory and a new Soul Chord Pulse and the sudden outbreak of Collaboration, could lead to some very surprising turns of event, particularly surprising for slaves to the Corporate Media.

But it’s a T-Square (Fourth Harmonic – mastery through challenge), so the changes could be wrenching.  The Vacancy in the T-Square (the missing limb that would balance it) is the second degree of Cancer – “A man on a Magic Carpet hovers over a large area of land,” which Rudhyar develops as “The ability to expand one’s consciousness by stabilizing one’s point of view at a higher level.”  Isn’t that just timely.  All we gotta do is move our Assemblage Point!  Which is of course easier said than done, but we’re blessed with several Allies.  A T-Square is a Gift of Energy and Motivation, and all good T-Squares are accompanied by Gifts of Grace – namely Third and Sixth Harmonics to the corners of the T-Square – and this is a very good T-Square.

The first Gift of Grace is Mercury, sitting in early Leo and making Graceful angles to all three of the T-Square corners.  Normally, in reductive dualistic Western culture at least, Mercury would have a difficult time with Paradox, and normally, Leo would be too self-satisfied to be much interested in either Self-Transformation or Trance Revelation.  But here, Mercury (intellect, communication, Awareness) is very much our Friend.  Thoughts and hypotheses always have to be verified empirically, but by and large, over the next nine months, they’ll be worth verifying.  Be very careful not to reject any thought or hypothesis because it isn’t politically correct, or doesn’t jive with your current view of Reality.  Mercury will be our Eyes to See the Miracles.

The second beneficial Gift is a Graceful Third-Sixth-Harmonic Bridge spanning Pluto, Venus, Pallas, and Chiron-Neptune.  This Bridge will prevent us from getting lost in the Drama about what we’re losing (Pallas in early Scorpio), and help us loosen our preconceptions (Venus in early Virgo) so we have enough Free Attention to see the Miracles that are surrounding us (Chiron-Neptune), which in turn will allow us to align our own agendas with the Planet’s new agenda (Pluto).

There’s one other, fairly independent pattern to help us scramble who we believe we are and what kinda Planet we believe ourselves to inhabit.  Vesta has Initiated Mars (on June 28 at 12 degrees of Virgo – “After the wedding, the Groom snatches the veil away from his Bride,” more assistance to help birth the Identities we been hiding), and this Initiation is making a Fourth-Harmonic angle to an outabounds (unusually prominent) Ceres (Sustainability).  A Vesta-Mars Initiation is an initiation into Warriorship, as our Energy (Mars) is enlisted in service to that which we hold Sacred (Vesta), in this case a commitment to wage war on Untruth.  The Fourth Harmonic with Ceres means we aren’t in it to win the battle, but to win the war.

So it’s fierce Energy, acute Perception, and Objectivity that will help us release our fearful devotion to the Current (obsolete) Worldview, and allow us to Witness the dawn of the New Paradigm.

Maxfield Parrish - Daybreak

Christian Licorice Clothes

July 3, 2010

Didja notice all them Crazies running around yesterday like they was being chased by Demons?  Couple of them almost ran me down.  They’re the folks who’re running from their new Soul Chord – or pursued by the folks that have dependencies to their old Soul Chord that haven’t been renegotiated yet.  On Monday, 10am PST, Uranus stands still.  So for those of you who are conscious of your new Soul Chord (to some degree; it’s always relative), we’ll have a hiatus (till early December) so you can clean up any unfinished business that your old Soul Chord was involved in.  We’re still in the middle of a historical-scale Identity reset, so Uranus retrograde doesn’t give us much rest from personality reshufflings.  For folks who aren’t conscious of their new Soul Chord, they’ll get a rest from the Demons that are chasing them, but they’ll also know that they’re living a lie, so it won’t be particularly comfortable, and they won’t get away with it for long.

The hardest part, of course, is when we’re trying with all our mite to be the Good Little Boys and Girls that Mum & Da wanted us to be, if it just ain’t who we be.  The pressure to be Authentic is tremendous these days, and but for the July-November Uranus-retro respite, increasing.  This is a good time to just Stop The Music, even if you don’t know what for.  Time for folks to Talk to the Hand, whether we like it or not.  Things will get clear eventually, but for now, if it’s not clear, just ask what you know isn’t right to Stop.  When they ask for explanations, tell them you don’t got one yet, but you will, eventually, cuz you’re working on it.  But Stop the processes that are out of Integrity as soon as you possibly can, because the whole just keeps getting deeper and deeper till you do.

Bottom line: Uranus disrupts whatever is out of Integrity.  Celebrate the opportunity to renegotiate, as it’s critical to your long-term well-being on all levels.  Disruption doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start over – it could just mean you need to make adjustments.

More to follow…