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7 September Feminine Power Webinar

September 6, 2021

Either these folks have good astrologers, or they’re in tune with the Universe. In this case it’s probably the latter, because while the Global Need for Feminine Power is Overwhelming and Intuitively Obvious, the current-moment Emphasis, at least according to the astrofilter we use here,1 is astrologically very obtuse.2

I’m not personally familiar with Dr. Claire Zammit’s work, but she comes highly recommended, and TOMORROW, 7 September 2021 at 5:30 pm PDT, she is presenting a free 75-minute webinar called Unlock Your Feminine Power: Make the Single Most Powerful Shift Conscious Women Can Make to Get Unstuck & Leap Forward into Their Destiny. Find more information and register at The announcement says that if you register you’ll get a link to a recording of the webinar in case you can’t make the appointed time. You can also download her webinar Guidebook at

I wouldn’t hesitate to register if you’re Male in any sense of the word (there are many these days). From the Planet’s perspective, Males actually Need to get in touch with their Feminine Power more than Women do. I don’t know how Open Dr. Zammit would be to this idea though, so please keep a low profile. You’d be there to Learn, not to Compete or Argue or Expound.

1 We focus primarily on the usually-week-long Exaggeration of the impact of the planets when they Stand Still in the Sky, when they’re said to be Stationary, or having a Station. To catch the planet actually doing this, you need to take a snapshot at the same time every night, to cancel out the rotation of the Earth. As we all take our laps around the Sun, the Faster among the planets constantly pass the Slower, and when they do, one appears from the other to Stand Still for a moment. The Slower have the more Powerful Impact upon us, as we have less Experience with them.

2 As we said in the previous post, at least through 12 September “we have a Challenge between a double symbol of Rebirth and a double symbol of Death. This is not a Duel, but a more nuanced Conflict with many combatants and collaborators and involved spectators who have Skin in the Game. Our Self-Confidence is deeply Involved, as is The Integration of Feminine Power into our Life.” The Feminine Power part derives from the engagement of “Two Fixed Stars, Al Rescha [Bringing two disparate Concept Sets together to Create Deeper Understanding] and Mirach [Harmony, Receptivity, Intuition, Magnetism, Collaboration].”

Aha, I haven’t mapped out the Ixion Station chart yet, but now that I look I see that Venus will be joining the Cuspal Dance, along with Cupido, Aphrodite, Eurydike, Kassandra, and Mars. Kassandra’s Presence is particularly interesting, as she was cursed to be Psychic but constantly Ignored, because of failing to be sufficiently Codependent to a Male God, namely refusing the sexual advances of Apollo. Remember though that Greek Tragedy is misunderstood to be Fatalistic, without any Exits. But Awareness can “Cure” Fate because we gain Choice, and Empathy Heals the Unhealable, so Consciousness and Poor-Sweethearts can go a long way.

Truth of the Mind II

August 25, 2020

A sharp-eyed reader noticed that we misplaced Orcus in the 25 August 2020 (1:30pm PDT) Veritas-Station chart of our previous post.  Actually, Orcus wasn’t involved; we read OR-cus where we should have read OR-10.  Orcus is about Oath-Breaking; OR-10 is about Intrusive Memories.  You remember it because it’s been traveling with Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) for the last several years.  Nessus has moved on – have you noticed fewer Flashbacks to Abusive situations from your Personal or Karmic history?

There’s no shortage of Current-Moment Abuse, alas, from the people who have been Reacting to their Nessus-OR10 Intrusive Abusive Memories with Blame rather than Self-Compassion, particularly Unconscious Blame.  OR-10 has recently received a “real” name, Gonggong, as if that could be a real name – it’s Chinese, so if it sounds like an insult from our Abusive Childhood, it’s a coincidence.  Or maybe not, since the Mythical Gonggong was a Troublemaking Dragon.  It might be an insult in Chinese too.

Hopefully Current-Moment Abuse will fade as we move away from the Gonggong-Nessus Initiation, which occurred in mid-May 2015 (in 4 Pisces, “Heavy car traffic on a narrow isthmus linking two seashore resorts“) and which would seem to imply a great deal of interaction between Abuse/Privilege and Intrusive Memories during the new Cycle.  They conjoined five times between 2015 and 2017.  Nessus has been more than three Degrees (our usual range of Sensitivity) from Gonggong since 2018.

The previous Cycle lasted 145 years, from 1870 to 2015.  The 1870 Cycle was about “Mankind’s vast and enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation(29 Libra), which makes an interesting Historical Theme for the 20th Century, and a Powerful Indictment of the “Age of Reason” – Plants and Animals have been transferring knowledge from generation to generation without even thinking about it since time immemorial.  Hupers have been too, they just aren’t very Conscious about it.

There is not enough known about the orbits of Nessus and Gonggong to be able to project them beyond the middle of this century.  What Projection there is implies that the current Cycle could last three or four centuries, as these dwarf-planet People have irregular orbits and can spend a lot of time going painfully slowly when observed from our vantage point.  So Earth may be working on these Racism/Inequality/Planet-Abuse issues for a looong time.

Which brings us to an important point.  It’s tempting to think that in order for us to graduate into 5D, the whole Huper species is going to have to grow up before we die.  I mean, we’re All One, right?  That’s a very naive and egotistical Perspective.  We visit here for a century or so max, and it should be obvious that while the internal combustion engine and the telephone and the transistor changed Life immensely during the 20th Century, how much did basic Huper Nature actually Change?

We, as Light-Working Souls, chose a Theme or two to help advance while we’re here, and there have been Changes – think about the millions of Hupers worldwide who protested Dubya’s invasion of Iraq and the destruction of its Anunnaki-laced History, compared with the number who protested – or even knew about – the shelling of Belgrade by Austria-Hungary in 1918 to start World War I.  Yes, we Change the World, but Changing Huperity and its Grudges transferred from seven generations ago in one Lifetime is another story.

The overarching Theme here is Soul Descending into Flesh (Uranus in Taurus).  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anyone imply that was going to make Ego-Identity Permanent.  In fact, we have to scamper to Avoid being Mortalized more than we already are by the Medical Cartel.  The tag on my Buddha-Tea bag this afternoon said “All problems are illusions of the mind” – how many people do you know who can even conceive of that around their Health?

It’s Universal Consciousness that’s All One, not our Egos.  Many of us can’t even reach far enough to grant Consciousness to Rocks.  The Buddha said that of course we’d come back to help others after we become Enlightened.  After, not before.  It’s probably a good time to reread Stephen Levine, particularly Who Dies? or A Healing into Life and Death, or even Unattended Sorrow.

In the 25 August Truth of the Mind Veritas Station chart, Gonggong aka OR-10 is Conjoined by the astrological symbol for Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres).  So our task is to develop a Sustainable Relationship with our Intrusive Memories.  I can’t think of a reasonable way to do that without Grounding it in Self-Compassion.

The Truth of the Mind chart also includes a huge dose of Education for us, in the form of an Almost-Grand-Quintile

A Grand Quintile, like the purple-grey Star above, is five planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac.  What we’re Learning is how the five Archetypes or Principles work together.  The four we have in the Almost-Grand-Quintile include…

  • Asteroid Veritas itself, Truth of the Mind.  This implies that in order to Grok this we need to move to our Observer Self rather than approaching it from the Perspective of Attachment.
  • Neptune, the God of the Sea, aka Emotions.  The key to working with Neptune is to Recognize that Truth of the Mind and Materiality do not fit together in 3D.  Like a self-assembly from Ikea, there will always be parts left over and parts that don’t fit.  To Live with Neptune we have to Translate Matter into Energy, Spirit.  That’s one reason why it’s Important to Know that Rocks have Consciousness.  Otherwise, how will we Empathize into their Energy and what they’re Feeling?
  • Asteroid Juno, the symbol for Expansion of Consciousness.  This usually requires some Discomfort.  In fact, you can use Discomfort as a road map here!  What’s giving you Difficulty?  That’s your Doorway into the Grand Education that’s Available here.
  • Dwarf planet Sedna, which is about Transforming Fear into Power.  We’ve talked about some of the “tricks” that are useful for this – Breathing, Kegels, Tapping, Alternating Theta and Tapping, and others.

Which leaves one Vacancy.  Complete Configurations are so much Easier to Live with than Almost-Configurations, that we look for ways to Complete them.  And in this case we found one – the asteroid Apollo fits, as it travels through the Gap.  The Mythic Apollo is the Greek God of Truth and Prophecy.  How better could we fill a Great Teaching (Grand Quintile) about Truth of the Mind?

Do we need to point out that Prophecy is not reached via “Left-Brain” Logic and Reason?  It’s reached through Intuition, Instinct, Dreams, Feelings, PIAVAs – “Right-Brain,” Magnetic, what Colonial Patriarchal Culture would consider Feminine, stuff.  Court and Embrace your Discomfort, with Self-Compassion.

Boundaries and Twins

January 15, 2016

Boundaries continue to be Lit Up strongly.  I find myself learning from several different directions all about sliding through what I normally think of as pretty firm Boundaries – like the Boundary between the Air and the Earth, or between Then and Now.  Here are a couple of other examples of penetrating Boundaries…

“In the Baltic, I have been reminded again and again that one of the gifts of dreaming is that it opens authentic connections to the ancestors, offering us the chance to heal the wounds of the past and effect cultural soul recovery.  It can bring us back to the truth of Island Woman and the ancient grandmothers, to those who upheld partnership societies instead of orders based on conquest and patriarchy.  

“In this way, we can make a vital contribution to the assignment Marija Gimbutas gave us when she said, in ringing tones, ‘We must refocus our collective memory.  The necessity of this has never been greater as we discover that the path of ‘progress’ is extinguishing the very conditions for life on earth.”  –Robert Moss, Dreaming the Soul Back Home, p.230

Pallas – Boundaries – recently Initiated (22 December, 19 Capricorn, “A five-year-old child carrying a bag filled with groceries“) and Exposed (12 January) by Mercury, and Initiated by Pluto (11 December, 15 Capricorn, “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys“), is Conjoined by the Sun most of next week, and remains so at the 23 January Full Moon.

In addition, Magic is afoot.  Jupiter-North Node (Expanding into our Mission), Centaur and dwarf planet Chariklo (Walking in Beauty), asteroid and dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability), and Uranus (Yintegrity) are all Septile or Biseptile to one another, making four sevenths of a Grand Septile (Major Magic).  For much of January, two asteroids -Apollo (Light, Prophecy, Healing) and Panacea (Universal Healing) – occupy the fifth position in mid-Scorpio, and a third asteroid, Psyche (the Soul) sits in the sixth position, in Gemini.

On 19 January, the Moon crosses Psyche.  But on 23 January, at the Full Moon, the Moon occupies position number 7, completing the full Grand Septile – Major Magic, and Major Healing Magic!  The lineup is worth reviewing…

  • The Great Benefic – Jupiter
  • Our Mission and Deepest Desires – the North Node
  • Walking in Beauty – Chariklo
  • The Sustainable – Ceres
  • Our Soul Self – Uranus
  • Light and Healing – Apollo
  • Universal Healing – Panacea
  • The Soul – Psyche
  • The Manifestor – Moon

All lined up in a Powerful Shamanic Configuration.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Stillness and Action – saving one’s Power until the precise moment when it will have an impact far beyond what you can imagine, and not wasting it on what will not produce the Desired result.

And as a bonus, our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out that the asteroid Atropos Conjoins the South Node and Opposes Jupiter for the last half of January.  Atropos is one of the three Fates.  Her two sisters spin and measure out the length of Chord that our individual Lives will span, and Atropos, the Inevitable, cuts the Chord when our Time is up.  The South Node Initiates Atropos at the Full Moon, in 25 Pisces, “A religious organization succeeds in overcoming the corrupting infuence of perverted practices and materialized ideals: The power of the Soul to intervene in the personal life and to induce necessary catharses.

Wow.  So do we all die in Blissful Healing at the Full Moon?

Well, by now we understand Ego Death, don’t we.  Atropos on the South Node, which represents our Held Emotions, the blocks that Limit us and prevent us from Manifesting our Deepest Desires.  As Elizabeth puts it, Atropos “represents the definitive and irrevocable severing of a situation, affair or process” – our Opportunity to definitively and irrevocably Let Go of our Held Emotions and Limiting Beliefs!

Remember that our Karma does not bind us, we grasp it!  Every time our old Bummers arise, we have the Opportunity to Embrace them again (by rueing them or indulging the negative thoughts, for instance) or Let them Go (by Tapping them Out, or Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrading them, for example).  Karma is Inertia, Habit Patterns.  The more often we Embrace past bummers, the more we cement our Karma in place.  The more often we express our Delight that that was in the Past and is not happening in the Present Moment, the more we create new Habit Patterns.

Have you lately been catching yourself reviewing less than satisfactory Outcomes to old situations?  That’s exactly what we mean.

Ego Deaths aren’t always Wine and Roses; often they feel more like Too Much Wine, and Thorns.  Review the early signals that Ego Death is upon us –

  • Getting or Feeling Lost in your own neighborhood or while doing routine tasks
  • Confusion
  • “I’d rather die than go through that again!”
  • “I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!”
  • “If only I’d had the wits and the guts to do it differently!”
  • Unexpected or unusual Emotions or thoughts
  • Feeling Shame or Anger or Regret

Grief is appropriate; Embrace it Tenderly and Lovingly.  It should feel positive, almost like a mild version of Tears of Joy.  If it starts to get Heavy, don’t follow it, Let it Go, Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.  Tap it Out.

The sooner you notice that you’re slipping out of your Olde Ego and into something more comfortable, Embrace the Empty Void that will temporarily take its place.  All your Life you’ve been saving up two piles of chips.  The first pile holds all the times you’ve decided it wasn’t worth it, or it wasn’t possible, or it hurt too much, or it was too dangerous, or Mom would never approve, or it was too much trouble to follow your Dreams.  The other pile holds all the times when you daydreamed about how great it would be if you somehow found yourself stepping Efforlessly into your Dreams.

Take the first pile up to the cashier, and trade it in for cash, all of it.  There’s a lot of Energy bound up in those thoughts and resulting Feelings, and you can now let it Create your Dreams.  Bundle up the second pile, along with your new cash stash, and store them in your Solar Plexus.

It’s not like you’re going to go right out and start spending your Lottery winnings.  You’re going to be stumbling around Feeling kind of Autistic for a while.  Let it Be.  Be Gentle with yourself; you’re Newborn.  Keep coming back to Curiosity about what you’ll Co-Create next; Let it Flow out of your Heart and Surprise your mind.  You’ve just been Reborn, so of course you’re going to be taking a while to figure out where you End and the rest of the World begins – if you ever do figure that out!  That’s one of the things that’s likely to be most radically different now.  

Remember you don’t need to DO to Create the Future you want, you need to ALLOW it to happen.  If you catch yourself Working at it, stop and Rest.  It should Feel like Play.  The Universe will deliver it to you, you only need to Call it.  Relax.  It’s Yours.  It won’t go away.

Write “Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade” at the top of the next twenty pages of your Journal.  You can even Cancel-Neutralize-Upgrade your Bliss if it starts to Feel Overwhelming; it’ll return tenfold, when you’re ready to handle it, after you’ve practiced up.

Whoa – what was that!  A negative thought?  “How many times have I fooled myself thinking it’ll be different now?”  Tap it Out.  This is Big Magic – Let it In.  You might want to go back and reread the LightLover link and the Robert Moss quote now, to see if they’ve Changed.  That’s another sign of Rebirth – things start Changing right before your eyes.