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January 2020 II

November 10, 2019

Oh, one more thing.  Before we look at the next, January 2020, Saturn-Pluto chart, let’s look at the last, November 1982, Saturn-Pluto chart, the Initiator of the Cycle that we’re just now finishing.  It was 7 November 1982 (5pm PST) in 28 Libra, “A person becoming aware of spiritual forces surrounding and assisting them.”  Does that sound like something that’s been going on for you over the last 37 years?  Of course, for the last ten years (since the Waning Square in 2 Libra-Capricorn of 15 November 2009) we will have been Letting Go Of (Waning Square) this Energy, so our Memory may have become dimmed.

In that chart, the Direction in which Major Grace was Flowing  (the Head of a Kite, or the planet Opposite one corner of a Grand Trine) was that The Most Important Thing in Life at that Time Was the New Trance that Was Being Formed (Saturn-Pluto), the Trance of Becoming Aware of Spiritual Forces (Sabian Symbol for 28 Libra).  Too many Stories to tell, but that was certainly massively, shockingly, and excitingly True in my Life then.

The Direction from which Grace was Flowing (the tail of the Kite) was our Karma (asteroid Karma).  That was around the time when I first read Seth’s (Jane Roberts’s) The Nature of Personal Reality, wherein one of the more Profound Truths He and she said, was that our Karma is easy to read – it’s written in our Personal History.  And if we don’t like it, then it’s up to us to Change it.  I don’t know about you, but that’s been a major theme in my Life over the last thirty-some years – as you well know if you’ve been reading this blog for any of its 32 years!

The corollaries (the other two corners of the Grand Trine) were Becoming Aware that Clarity replaces Confusion when we shift our Perspective from the Material to the Spiritual (Neptune), and Intuitions about How to Manifest What We Want (dwarf planets Makemake and Asbolus).  Those have also been prominently Lit Up in my own Life then and since, as I know they’ve also been prominent in the Lives of Others – think Oprah as just one example.

Converting Despair into Miracles (dwarf planet Chiron) and Trust (asteroid Eurydike) are also Strong in the 1982 Saturn-Pluto chart (both forming Strong Angles to the four corners of the Kite).  There is a very important astrological Configuration that instructs us to Let Something Be and Avoid trying to squeeze it into an airless Intellectual box by trying to Figure It Out so we think we Understand it – some Energies at some times are meant to be Enduring Mysteries, and this Configuration Illuminates those Energies (we refer to this Configuration as a “Tricolor” because it’s a triangle composed of a Square which we draw in red, a Quincunx in green, and a Trine in blue).

There are three of these Configurations in the 1982 Saturn-Pluto chart.  Two of them share the same Mystery, so there have been two Mysteries that should have predominated over the last Thirty-six years.  I’ll let you think about how much Energy you’ve spent trying to Figure Them Out rather than Letting Them Be.

The first Mystery (Quincunx in a Tricolor), the one that’s repeated twice, is about the Relationship between Converting Despair into Miracles (Chiron) and Becoming Aware that Clarity replaces Confusion when we shift our Perspective from the Material to the Spiritual (Neptune).

As has been my wont, I’ve ended up Overthinking this one, as during the 1980s I discovered that It’s Empathy that Converts Despair into Miracles, and having Discovered that, I’ve been putting Poor-Sweethearting to work early and often, even making it into a sort of quasi-religious meme.  The fact that Others don’t Resonate to it the way I do should have tipped me off that I was overthinking it.  In my Defense, I didn’t Realize till just now that, in the context of the Saturn-Pluto Cycle, it was this type of Mystery – all part of the Unwinding (last quarter) of the old Cycle.

The second Mystery of this type (Quincunx in a Tricolor) is the Relationship between Trust (Eurydike) and our Karma (asteroid Karma).

When I Intellectualize that, it seems clear that the more we practice our Karma – and Repetition is what Karma does for a Living – the more likely we are to Become Conscious of the Patterns and thereby not only replace Fate with Choice, but also Dissolve the Held Emotions that block our Intuition.  To me those are Big, Liberating Realizations, so I Let Them Go with some Grief, even as I see that More Powerful Insights wait on the other side of Letting Go Of thinking that I Understand this process.  So wish me luck as I Open myself to Those…

The 1982 Saturn-Pluto chart…