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Chiron-Ixion New Moon

March 16, 2018

Again, not being Sensational, just Accurate, as the New Moon Lights Up an ongoing Chiron-Ixion Square that we’ve been ignoring.  Compelling Repetitive Dreams about Horses and Self-Promoting Funeral Insurance (Chiron, Clearly) shorten my Sleep, so here we are. 

The current Chiron-Ixion Cycle was Initiated 21 October 1999 at 3 Sagittarius, “Two men playing chess: the transcendant ritualization of conflict.” 

Chiron, the Unhealable Healer, is about Despair and the Miracles that follow when we “Poor-Sweetheart” ourself about it and shift from Being Despair (“There is No Hope”) to Empathizing with Despair (“You Poor Sweetheart”), or Self-Compassion.

Ixion, our Compulsively Sociopathic Forbidden Genius, can’t stop himself from Committing Crimes Against Huperity.  Thing is, Crimes-Against aren’t Absolute, they’re Relative to social norms.  So Ixion represents our Willingness to Support our Deep Truth rather than How We Were Taught to Behave.

Denying someone the Right to Express their Deep Truth is very much an act of Abuse.  This is codified in the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

The Centaurs – other than Chiron and Chariklo – are spawn of the Crime for which Ixion was forever bound to the Flaming Wheel of the Sun.  That Crime of course was Lusting after Zeus’s wife Hera (Juno) and raping the Image of Hera that Zeus fashioned for the purpose.  For Zeus to rape anybody else’s wife was No Worries, so we have a strong Connection to #MeToo working here as well.

While rape was Ixion’s ultimate undoing, his sociopathy was larger than that, as he was originally Banished for the brutal murder of his father-in-law.

Now Juno/Hera represents the Edges of Consciousness.  So it’s possible to see Ixion as Lusting after Consciousness or Self-Sovereignty, rather than having to blindly follow our Karmic Archetypes or Other People’s Rules.

And the Centaurs are often seen as representing the Struggle between Huperity’s “Lower Nature” and “Civilization,” or between Nature Itself and Huper’s Compulsion to Control.  While Chiron’s origins were more “Civilized” than that of the other Centaurs, the Metaphor stands.

So we’re getting down into some pretty fundamental Roots of Life-the-Universe-and-Everything when we talk about the Chiron-Ixion Cycle.  Arguably, the most fundamental difference between 3D and 5D is that the latter is characterized by Collaboration with Nature rather than Competition and Control.

If we return to our original interpretations for Chiron (Despair Transforming to Miracle) and Ixion (Forbidden Genius), then the Chiron-Ixion Cycle would be about Despair over ever being able to Achieve Unconditional Self-Love, or “You Poor Sweetheart, you Feel Despair about Loving ALL of yourself, don’t you,” which Empathy would of course break the Spell.

The 1999 Ixion-Chiron Initiation occurred one Sign from Sappho in early Scorpio.  That’s the Twelfth Harmonic – Pattern-Breaking.

As many of you know, we differentiate “Can-Openers,” “Expositions,” and “Confidence-Builders” when considering a series of repeating astroevents such as Angles between the outer planets. 

The Can-Opener is the first occurrence, and Opens a “Can of Worms,” likely throwing us off guard, if not for a loop.

Subsequent repetitions are Expositions because they Expose the complexities of the Issues introduced at the Can-Opener, allowing us to Grok the Energy more fully and Responsibly (that is, being able to Respond to it rather than React to it as its Victim). 

Finally, the last event in the series is the “Confidence-Builder,” because we now Grok the Energy well enough that we’re Confident we can handle it.

The Can-Opener for the current Chiron-Ixion Square occurred in mid-May 2016, with subsequent Expositions in September 2016, April 2017, and November 2017.  The current event is the Confidence-Builder and was Exact on 3 March 2018.  If you keep a Journal, those dates might be informative for you.  If not, reviewing might be useful.  We were focused more on Uranus-Eris, but you should be able to see Chiron-Ixion in the background.

We also rank astroevents according to how often they recur, because if we’re likely to encounter a specific astroEnergy only once or twice in a Lifetime, then we aren’t going to have a lot of Experience with it, so it’s more likely to throw us for a loop when we do Encounter it.

The Chiron-Ixion Cycle spans about 80 years, so we’ll encounter a “hard” Angle (Square, Conjunction, or Opposition) between them about every 20 years on average, though since Chiron’s orbit is very irregular, the average won’t be very reliable.  As they say in Statistics, the average person has one testicle – the point is that averages can be quite misleading.

So Chiron-Ixion Energy isn’t a big part of our everyday Expectations.

Breakout – 2.8.15

August 2, 2015

dtalc4067bp Dendritic Talc.  Talc is just a Magnesium Mica.  The green Dendrites are Pyrolusite, a simple Manganese Oxide.  Can you stop thinking long enough to understand what they’re saying?  Suppose you really already knew their meaning.  You don’t have to repeat it, just know it.

   ð    ð    ð    ð    ð 

A huge Blessing is upon us at half-past 1am PDT on 3 August (  The Portal is Open for about six hours on either side of this peak Opening.  If you’re stuck in one of the Traumas that are going on – your house burning down for instance – know that your Blessing is in disguise, to be revealed later.  Taking advantage of the Blessing is easy.  Here’s how Dr. Kim D’Eramo describes it in her fabulously Useful and Powerful little book The MindBody Toolkit (pp.43-46)…

“Become aware of how you are feeling right now.  Do this on a scale of 0-10, ten being the best.  Rate your emotional level and acknowledge it.  Just your awareness of your internal state actually shifts your chemistry immediately.  This shift occurs because it changes the thoughts you are having and the quality of your attention.  You shift from having unconscious thoughts, which are usually negative and limiting, to being consciously aware and focusing on your internal state.”

“The fastest way I’ve found to become awakened is by feeling your body.  You just bring your attention into your physical body and focus on how it feels.  Your body only lives in the ‘Now’ so this practice immediately gets your mind out of past or future focus…  Your internal state is never something in the past or something in the future.  It can only exist Now!”

Of course it’s a boon to be Loving and Gentle with yourself wherever you are, Listen to your Body, Talk to it, Ask it if it’s Feeling what you think it’s Feeling (it may reveal subtleties you didn’t notice).  Dr. Kim’s next step is to Breathe; ours is usually to Empathize.

This specific Window is the Moon crossing Chiron.  That’s a big deal because Chiron is currently the focus of a Diamond Star.

The Diamond Star is a T-Square and a Yod with the same focus.  The base of the Yod maps a double Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square, providing a bundle of Grace to help us resolve what would otherwise feel Frustrating and impossible to solve to our Satisfaction.

The fastest-moving planet in the Diamond Star (except for the Moon) is Mercury, which is currently covering about two Degrees a day.  So the Diamond Star will be in effect for about a day and a half on either side of our 1:30am peak – but the Moon (with it’s plus or minus 6-hour Window) is a Big Peak, and it’s Window is much more intense than Mercury’s.

This is also an excellent opportunity to begin to Open to the Secrets that will be spilling out under the closet door for the next ten months, as those Secrets – which ultimately promise a significant Rebirth – harmonize nicely with the 1:30am Portal.

The approaching Uranus-Eris Conjunction, which Opposes Haumea, forms an additional Trine-Sextile Bridge across the T-Square.  That again gives us five of six points in a Grand Sextile, with the Vacancy again being the rug in the nursery – Self-Love, and Love for your Inner Rugrats – as the key to putting everything together.  As for the T-Square itself…

We are faced with a conundrum, a significant Life Choice that will Create one Future or another, neither of which will be recognizable from the other.

That’s the way it Feels.  It’s not really that way, but that’s how it Feels.  You were enmeshed in that Drama last week, and you’ll be there again next week.  You feel resolved now because of the Grace in this Portal.  Memorize what it feels like here, so you can take it with you.  The Anxiety isn’t useful, and Denying your real Feelings isn’t useful either.  Anxiety arises from trying to resolve a discomfort with the mind.  “Fake it till you make it” is useful at times, but it’s a form of Denial that we can’t afford at this juncture.  The easy way to recall the Grace we’re enjoying here, is to use Dr. Kim’s technique we introduced above to get into your body.  Her book has a lot more very Powerful techniques in it, and will prove useful over the next month.

The T-Square is the same one we’ve been talking about for a while now, as different foreground astroevents have emphasized various Perspectives on it.  The base of the T-Square is the long-lived Opposition between the dwarf planet Chaos and the Pholus-Ixion Conjunction.  In one form or another this T-Square has been hounding us since early May, and will continue until early October.  So what is the T-Square about?

The basic issue is how much we allow ourself to express our Truth.  As a child you were made to feel wrong about certain elements of your Self.  No accident and – contrary to the way it feels – no Blame, as your larger Self was just setting up a curriculum for your Ego Self in the Lifetime.  You’re very Confused about where the Edge is between Responsibility and Truth.  You’ve been repressing this part (or these parts) of your Self for so long that you’re well adjusted to your compromises.  But there’s still dischord there under the surface. 

You’re beginning to see how the buried part(s) of your Self are natural and legitimate parts of a normal Human Life – whether your Culture or your Programmed Values think so or not.  This Clarity may actually at times increase the Tension between your Truth and your Hidden Self.  These processes are going on deep in the Unconscious, so while you’re very aware of their dischord, they aren’t likely to jump out of the closet suddenly and betray your cover – and they may not even be totally Conscious.  But you’re beginning to see how other folks Enjoy this aspect of Life, and realize how much you’d like to do the same.

We of course have a complex web of Fantasies set up to normalize the Tension between our Hidden Truth and our Subterfuges.  Fantasies are like PIAVAs in cages.  They’re Intentions and Affirmations, but with blocks to keep them from Manifesting, because if they did Manifest into Form it would disrupt the rest of our Lives – which are built on the foundation of our Compromises and Compensations – too much.  If you look, you can see many examples in the news, about folks whose Hidden Self has broken out beyond their ability to keep things under Control.  You needn’t Fear that happening to you, simply because if you’re reading this, you’re much more Conscious than that.

Nevertheless, we don’t see a Resolution that won’t tear our Lives apart.

Which is the nature of an astrological Square.  There is no “Solution” because there is no “Problem.”  There is Tension, and Tension is Creative.  It’s the root of Motivation.  Whatever you’ve been thinking about the Tension between your Disallowed Truth and your Proper Persona, is just that – thinking.  As Einstein said, you’ll never solve a problem using the same thinking that you’re using to describe the problem. 

Stop thinking and Feel the Tension, as Tension.  Where is it in your Body?  Is it uncomfortable?  How much so?  What happens when you focus all of your Attention into the center of it?  Does it Change?  Feel better, worse, or the same – or just different?  How long can you hold your Attention there before wandering?  How many times can you bring your Attention back to it?  Can you imagine what Life would be like if you broke your addiction to thinking, and just Lived directly from your Experiences in your Body? 


Good, it’ll be a Surprise then – what Fun!  What we’re recovering here is our Innocence.  As children we didn’t need permission to be Curious and Explore.  That’s the internal state that we’re rediscovering.  All of the Tension and Anxiety about what we thought has been a Conflict for us, are just that, Tension and Anxiety.  When we escape from the Mental Body and just Be in the Physical Body, we can Feel that elemental Curiosity again.  Maybe not right away; it may take some dancing around with our various Selves before we come to it, but that’s where we’re headed.  Curiosity as our Natural State of Being.  Not Curiosity for the sake of finding Answers, but the kind of Curiosity that “killed the Cat.”  Permanent, Sustainable, Regenerative Curiosity.

Can you Recover a hint of it now, while this Window of Grace is Open?  Maybe it’ll help you remember after it closes.

  ð    ð    ð    ð    ð 

Here’s a gloriously concise description of everything I’ve been using so many words to say…

Karma III and a Half

May 1, 2015

Here’s a perfect example…

Thanks, Soulspeak!!

Karma III

May 1, 2015

konig5022bp Here’s a Crystal that’s perfect for this Full Moon – Konigsbergite (literally, mineral from the King’s Town), aka Amalgam.  A combination of Silver and Mercury, the same kind the Dental Industry still wants to stuff in your teeth so you can be gradually poisoned, every day, by the Mercury.  Without Linear Time, you can turn Cause and Effect around.  It’s not then that a constant low dose of Mercury leads eventually to Dementia.  It’s that when we “lose our mind” (as the Buddhists put it) in Multi-Dimensia, now we have a rational excuse!  In the 60s we didn’t drop acid to get stoned, we were stoned by the Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Pluto fireworks and we dropped acid so we could make sense of it all!  In Einstein’s mathematics there is nothing that requires Time to flow in just one direction.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

As is always the case, Kelley Hunter brings her Powerful Perspective to the Dance under this Full Moon…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

There is Good News here, some of it historic…

Amid Mother’s protests and the billowing fascism…

We aren’t using that term lightly – fascism means that the Government and the Corporations are in bed together, and no one can deny that.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Aside from the Main-Effect Juno-Jupiter T-Square, Dual-Tricolor Pluto Bridge, and a.Karma-Chiron Biquintile, what else does the Full Moon chart want to tell us?

The a.Karma-Chiron Conjunction is the focus of a second T-Square, formed on a base of the Opposition between Venus and Ixion-Pholus.

This would likely set up a contest between our Self-Love and our Self-Blame.  The combination of the dwarf planet Ixion and the Centaur Pholus could set up any number of personal-history and Karmic flushbacks of situations where…

  • We Acted without considering consequences, and we still regret it
  • We were Blamed for something that really wasn’t our fault
  • We did our Best but were punished anyway
  • We were Deceived into Acting against our own interests
  • We were Deceived into Acting in regretful ways against Others
  • We were accused of or punished for something we didn’t even do
  • We were the Victim of Abuse and Blamed for it
  • Our Vulnerability was Exploited and we have not Forgiven
  • We were Betrayed by those who were supposed to Support us
  • We were sold out by folks who Abandoned their Commitments
  • We were a Victim of Human Trafficking

We could even have been a barnyard Animal who pictured ourself as a pet, and then was killed and eaten.  Beyond the Veil of Linear Time, these Lifetimes are still going on.  Flushbacks is a good word for it.  As we Re-Experience these adventures, if we do, it would be good to push the lever and Flush them.  It won’t relieve the Pain, but it’ll help us stay a little detached from the Energy, increasing the odds that we can be the Witness.

On the other side of this Equation is our Self-Love.  Our treasure-trove of stored-up Traumas is like an iceberg, with only the tip reaching up into Consciousness, and the balance lurking in the Unconscious where it’s reformulated as the Limiting Beliefs that hold us back.  While our Self-Love has the advantage of being Conscious – we can hope at any rate – the disadvantage is that while the Unconscious is vast, Consciousness of often a speck floating on that vast Sea, and often without its bearings.  But, being Conscious, we do have the Power of Intention and all of the other PIAVAFs to bring to the party.  It’s no coincidence that the Inspiring Women Summit is going on as we speak…

That’s just the base of the T-Square.  The focus is on asteroid Karma and Chiron.  So there’s an excellent chance that whatever flushbacks we encounter will not have their Roots in the Present Moment.  Often just setting our own Roots into the Present Moment – Grounding ourself, or imagining a steel cable extending from the base of our Spine to the center of the Earth – is enough to provide the Separation we need to be the Empathetic Witness.  These Experiences are no fun, and Experiencing them Alone makes it worse.  When we’re the Loving Present-Moment Witness to our non-Present-Moment Traumas, we’re no longer Alone.  I know, outside of Linear Time it’s all Present Moment, but when we say “Present Moment” what we mean is “Present Moment Present Place.”

Chiron, remember, is Discouragement/Despair and Miracles, and the worst kind of Despair is Unconscious Despair, which happens when we don’t even consider the possibility that there are alternatives, because our Limiting Beliefs overshadow all.  But it’s Empathy that Heals.  So it doesn’t matter what’s going on for you.  Witnessing whatever that is, and talking back to yourself as you would to a lost child, shifts the Frequency into the Present Moment.  “You poor Sweetheart, you’re really feeling overwhelmed here, aren’t you.  Let me hold you for a moment.” 

It’s difficult to imagine that this is all that needs to be done – and it may need to be done many times, as we slip in and out of our Regressions.  We’ll be lost in the Trauma for a while, then something – the phone ringing, the color of the wallpaper, a friend’s kind word, or simply our own cycles and rhythms, will pop us back to the surface for a moment.  That’s the moment to Act with Empathy.  Sooner or later you’ll start to slip back into the Trauma and find that it’s loosening its grip.  When it leaves you’ll feel Lost for a while, as your Experience of “Normal” is no longer.  That happens whenever there is a shift in the Unconscious.  Learn to Celebrate that feeling of being Lost.  It means your Consciousness has Expanded and you haven’t re-established your bearings yet.  The more you can leave this state be what it is, the less you’ll reinvent your former cage.

There’s a bit more, and it’s quite full of Potential, but we’ll save it for Karma IV.

Fear, Power, and Rebirth

April 25, 2015


First the Good News – Ceremony and Ritual can trump Corporate Control…

And while this sounds like Bad News, it’s actually not, because the more people know about the Unsustainability of Corporate Agriculture, the more likely we are to begin to rescue our Future from our Multinational Masters…

Does anyone even remember the WTO ( )?  It’s alive and well, and Obomba’s trying to, pretty much secretly, extend it to more countries across the Pacific with his “Trans-Pacific Partnership” ( )  The primary function of the WTO is to give Multinational Corporations more Political Power than national governments. 

And why is Powerlessness a strong theme here, when we should be enjoying Ceremony about our recent Big Rebirth?

We’ll write more about this soon, but basically, Chiron is moving into a Sextile Fez as it Squares Ixion, Quincunxes Haumea, and Sextiles Sedna.  In a Sextile Fez, we resolve the Challenge of the Square by Wondering about the Quincunxes, and Paying Attention to the base – the two planets in the base are both the foci of Fingers of God.  The Challenge is Chiron (Despair/Miracle) Squaring Ixion (Ruthlessness).  The Quincunxes are Chiron to Haumea (Rebirth) and Ixion to Sedna (Action based on Fear).  The Yods are to Sedna and Haumea.  In short…

We need to Ask ourselves, over and over again, What is it that we Fear? then Tap it out, Empathize Lovingly with the Fear, and/or otherwise move into it.  Not through it, into it.  We’re on an Edge between Despair and Miracle, and the worst kind of Despair is when we don’t even Believe there is a possible solution to a quandary that faces us – such as the rising tide of fascism (which means that Governments and Corporations are united against the People).  This is not about finding an Answer or dispelling Fear, it’s about Being Present with it. 

If we aren’t terrified about our Future, we aren’t Paying Attention.  We can’t Deny it.  But we have to be Loving with it.  We could even Celebrate it.  The important thing is that we bring it into Consciousness.  Equally important – bring our Rebirth up into Consciousness as well.  As more people become aware of the Unsustainability of fascism for all but the elite, the scope of Planetary Rebirth expands.

Meanwhile Eris (Exposing Denial) Opposes Haumea, Trines Ixion, and sits at the midpoint of the Chiron-Sedna Sextile.