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Moon Out of Bounds et al

November 9, 2022

Folks are more prone to Emotional Overwhelm and Panic when the Moon goes Out of Bounds (North or South of the Tropics of Cancer or Capricorn), especially when it’s Out-of-Boundsing in their Hemisphere. In a few hours, 6:08 pm PST today 9 November, 2:08 am GMT 10 November, and 12:08 pm AEDT Qld, the Moon moves Out of Bounds to the North. The New York Stock Exchange Celebrated early with a 650-point Crash (in INDU), today. The Timing was a little Surprising, I was expecting it tomorrow, but on Technical terms a downshift was definitely Due.

When the Market is Oversold, a Moon OOB N can create a “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) Rally, but usually an OOB N precipitates a sharp decline. A thousand points has been typical this year, so today’s 650 points is unusual, but the Moon isn’t actually OOB yet, so it’ll probably be worse tomorrow. Even the ASX in the Southern Hemisphere was down, but only 40-some points (S&P/ASX200). Emotional Shifts move markets less than Physical Shifts like Interest-Rate Changes, but Emotional Shifts do Move Markets.

The Moon returns In Bounds next Tuesday evening, 8:11 pm PST 15 November, 4:11 am GMT 16th, and 2:11 pm AEDT Qld 16th. No guarantees, but we might look for an Uptick in the Stock Market again on the 16th. The Moon doesn’t go OOB S till the 24th, so the Market could run for six days. Last month, parts of the NYSE rally continued right through the Moon OOB S, though with much less vigour than while the Moon was In Bounds.

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I was intrigued by an intended joke Crowdfunding that produced real benefits for Ukraine, described at I don’t do Crowdfundings because they don’t accept PayPal, and I don’t give my credit card numbers to the internet as a matter of Security. I’m Wondering if anyone has Experience with Crowdfunding – if it works for armored personnel carriers for Ukraine, maybe something similar would work to help fund NGOs for Shifting Climate Change.