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Full Moon Configuration I

April 9, 2017

Okay, after a long bout of techno-obsolescence we’ve achieved visuals again, so we can go back to involving the “right brain” too.  This is how we do what we do.  Let’s temporarily take the 10 April Full Moon chart apart, starting with the 20-26 Degree region that the Full Moon itself occupies…

Focusing for the moment on just the heavier lines, we can see three intertwining Configurations…

  • The Grand Cross or the red box with the red “X” in the middle
  • The Trine Bridge or the blue lines connecting two corners of the red box
  • A Finger of God, which is the green arrowhead, pointing to the same place in the upper right as the blue lines do

The Full Moon is the diagonal red line from upper left to lower right.  The Moon at upper left Conjoins Haumea (Rebirth), and the Sun at lower right Conjoins Uranus and Eris (Honesty about our Soul Self) – more of what we’ve been enduring for the last five years, the Urge to be Forthcoming with our True Self.

Red lines signify Energy (or of course Resistence to same – the Unconscious knows Dimension but not Direction, so Opposites are Equal in its Realm).  The diagonal from lower left to upper right is the Square to the Full Moon, Pluto (Transformation) on the lower left to Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs) on the upper right, which is labeled “oob” or Out of Bounds, which means Strong.

The resulting red Square containing a red “X” is called a Grand Cross, and it signifies Motivation.  It’s like we have four full-time jobs to do here (RebirthHonestyTransformationBeliefs) at the same time, so we’re constantly rushing from one to the other.  We don’t really get a lot of Choice, as this is happening in the Unconscious, so we can’t easily quit or shortchange any of the four, we just have to be an Efficient Multi-tasker.  That’s Motivation.

Basically, in order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed.  Our Unconscious Beliefs consist of our Karmic Habituations, our Childhood Programming (which is often a Mirror for our Karma), and the various prejudices we Learn from our Culture.  Archetypes they’re called – Constellations of Energy that are stronger than, and usually invisible to, our Ego.  

That is, they run our Show.  Our Archetypes Enchant or En-Trance us.  We’re Zombies under their Command.  When we refer to Pluto as symbolizing Transformation, what we really mean is Formation of a New Trance.  On the Global scale, this is the nature of a Zeitgeist.

The blue lines represent Grace, the long blue line “Dumb-Luck” Grace (a “Trine”) that happens to us, and the short blue line (a “Sextile”) “Working” Grace, where Grace flows but we have to make the first move to get it started, like a matching grant.  

You can see the “Trine Bridge” across the Full Moon, with Moon-Haumea (Rebirth) Trine Veritas-Chaos (The Truth of Limitlessness), which Sextiles Sun-Uranus-Eris (“I Gotta Be Me”).  A Trine Bridge shows us the “easy way out” of the potential hassles (too much Energy) of the Grand Cross; in this case we see that we can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations.

The long green lines are “Quincunxes,” linking Planets that are five Signs apart, or five/twelfths of the way ’round the Zodiac from one another (Quin = 5, Unx=12).  They symbolize Curiosity.  Curiosity is in bed with Love, since they both eschew Judgment, and Judgment is the Opposite of Love.  We don’t mean Curiosity as in “How does that work?”  We mean Curiosity as in “Wow, look at that!  Isn’t that Amazing!” – the kind of Awe and Wonder you see in the face of any Newborn.

Obviously, True Curiosity can be Scary, as many of us crave the false Security provided by Understanding.  The shortcoming of Understanding is that it’s Conditional; even when it’s accurate and relevant, it’s vitally dependent upon the current Zeitgeist.  If we’ve succeeded in Accepting, simultaneously, as many different Perspectives as we can get our hands on, we’ll be less “thrown” when a Zeitgeist Changes, but even in the best case it will be a major Adjustment.

The short green lines are “Unxes,” linking two planets that are one Sign apart, or one twelfth of the way around the Loop.  Unxes are about Pattern-Breaking.  Unxes and Quincunxes are members of the Twelfth Harmonic.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning, so a Quin-Unx is about Learning to Break Patterns.  How do we do that?  We drop into Curiosity.

When two long green lines converge – as they do on Veritas-Chaos, it’s called a “Finger of God” – that is, the Universe is saying “Pay Attention to this!” and “Don’t try to Understand it – It Is What It Is.”  and “Accept it as an Assumption, not as a Logical Conclusion.”  Veritas-Chaos is about the Truth of Limitlessness, so this is a request by the Universe that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All.

So this segment of the New Moon chart tells us that…

  • In order to be Reborn as our Soul Self in Human form, we have to get our Unconscious Beliefs Transformed
  • We can facilitate our Rebirth by Letting Go of our Limitations
  • The Universe has requested that we Loosen up on our Belief that we Understand it All

Pretty straightforward, eh?

Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade

June 21, 2016
  • Cancel the Negative thought
  • Neutralize the Energy Created by it
  • Upgrade the thinker  

We aren’t through yet with the Solstice-Full-Moon action, so I’ve been trying to put off writing about next week.  Then it finally dawned on me – after several images of Trauma intruded – that we’re in the middle of next week’s Energy already.  

(1)  That Energy’s name is Fear.  

It’s part of the work we’ve been doing getting Honest with ourself, and it’s a foundation for our Rebirth.

Here’s a good description of it…

And as usual, Dr. Kim is tuned right in.  Here are two of her recent short videos on the subject, similar but different, and both very worthwhile, short maps of exactly what we recommend…

If what you Experience turns out to be Anger instead, drill down beneath it.  Anger is a perfectly valid Response to Fear, as Anger is just a Self-Protection.  But underneath your Anger is Fear.  Find it.

(2)  Fear is literally a Siren Song for us; we can’t not Pay Attention to it.  In this case there is a very strong Call to Action involved, and the appropriate Action is to look at what it is about ourself that we’re afraid to admit.  Afraid to admit to others, yes, but especially what we’re afraid to admit to ourself.

This is not about Self-Criticism.  We aren’t talking about those nagging voices telling you what’s wrong with you.  We need to dig beneath those.  We can start by Asking “Whose voice is that, anyway?” – that’ll remind us that the Self-Criticism isn’t really Self at all.  Ask “What is it that would really Excite me?”  Excitement is Fear plus Breathing.  The question of the month is “Why haven’t I been doing those Exciting things all along?”

You can make a list of those “reasons,” and then convert each of the Yes-Buts to Yes-Ands.  Yes-But I would make a fool of myself.  Yes-And, How would that Feel in my Body?  Yes-And, I’ll have to Learn to Love that Feeling too, won’t I.  Yes-And, I can do that, can’t I; I’ve done worse things.  Yes-And, if I had the Choice, which would I Choose?  To have Excitement in my Life, or to never Feel Embarrassed?  Yes-And, it might be Exciting to be, Um, Bareassed occasionally, eh?

This is all about Embracing our own Truth and recognizing how much doing that unlocks Unlimited Potential.

If Traumatic Memories or Visions arise in the next several weeks, go out of your way to Embrace yourself – “You poor Sweetheart, you must have Felt horrible when that happened.  Remember that Trauma can be Acute (sudden and Shocking) or Chronic (slow, easily dismissed as no Biggie, but repeated).

(3)  There is much Grace available to us here; we only need to remember to find Gratitude and Embrace it, even – especially – in the midst of Pain and Despair.

(4)  Be mindful that what you Experience in the next few weeks may not be Personal.  Don’t waste any Energy on “That couldn’t have happened.”  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you accept what you’re Feeling as if the Memories were Truly yours, and Embrace your Emotions in their wake.  The Planet is moving through big Transitions, and you may just be Chosen to help Heal that dark Energy.  We’re All One, what happens to Any of us happens to All of us.  The important thing is the Healing.

The Memories could be those of another Lifetime, of a neighbor, of a character in a movie or newsfeed, or of a Soul Sibling you hardly if at all know in the current Incarnation.  The Memories could be a Story that your Psyche made up to symbolize other, more subtle or profound Fears.  What’s Important is to Embrace the Feelings that arise, and the more repulsive the Feelings, the more Important it is to Embrace them.  Whether or not the Memories are True and Truly yours, in this moment the Feelings are True and Truly yours.

There are no failures here; Embracing ten percent of them is far better than Resisting a hundred percent of them.  And you can Trust that whatever you don’t get Embraced this time around, you’ll get to revisit later.  Good reason to make a little extra Effort now.  But Safety First; take it one step at a time so you don’t bite off more than you can chew, or try to do in public what will be a lot more comfortable in private.  Without Safety, we can easily tread backwards.

(5)  Like your Mission, the exact nature of your Abandoned Genius may be hidden from you.  Even if you spend a good part of your day daydreaming about it, the Story may be a Metaphor – and probably is.  You hear stories about folks stumbling into what seems to be their Right Livelihood or True Calling, and it may be more Important to Make Yourself Available for your Genius to find you, than to Seek it out Actively.

But it doesn’t matter.  You can PIAVA to “Lovingly and Gently take meaningful steps toward your Abandoned Genius” without having to know what you’re approaching, or what’s approaching you.  It’s likely to be related to those Feelings you’ve been Resisting all your Life, the ones you’re now Embracing with all your Heart because you know the Survival of yourself, your Loved Ones, and the Planet depends upon it. 

  §    §    §    §    §  

For the rest of the Solstice-New-Moon stuff we’re still working with, see… and .

  §    §    §    §    §  

The Astrology

(1)  The dwarf planet Sedna (Actions Taken out of Fear) Initiates the asteroids Veritas (Latin for Truth) on 27 June, and Aletheia (Greek for Truth) on 8 July, both at 26 Taurus (“A Spanish gallant serenades his lover“).

The reason we put such emphasis on the Initiations, is that they signify important Changes in the Energy, in the Milieu, in the temperature of our bathwater.

Asteroid cycles are usually about four years, so for the next four years our Disowned Fear will be serenading us.  It would be an excellent time to start crooning back to it, so we can convert it to Excitement.

(2)  Sedna-Veritas-Aletheia is the Power Source in one of those Crossbow-Slingshot-Boomerang Yod-Yod Kite Configurations.

The Yod or Finger of God is a third planet at the Far Midpoint between two planets that are Sextile to one another.  The focus is the third planet.  Now add a fourth planet at the Near Midpoint of the first two (Opposite the third planet), and you have one of these Slingshots.  The focus remains the third planet, while the fourth planet becomes the projectile aimed at the bulls-eye, powered by the tension between the first two planets.

Here the third planet (focus or target) is a Stationary Mars (Action).  Mars goes Direct at 24 Scorpio on 29 June.  That’s the tail end of the Leo Duad of Scorpio, so it’s about diving deep (Scorpio) into our Ego Identity (Leo).

The first two planets, in the Sextile-bowstring, are the Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium (Making our Truth Permanent), and Mercury-Chaos (Glimpsing our Unlimited Potential).  Mnemosyne adds the possibility that we can Recover Memories of the landmark events which caused us to Mask ourself in this Lifetime.

  • Mnemosyne Opposes Haumes on 25 June
  • Eris Initiates Mnemosyne on 2 July at 24 Aries (Abundance)
  • Uranus Initiates Mnemosyne on 5 July in 25 Aries (Awareness of New Dimensions)
  • Mnemosyne Opposes Nemesis on 12 July

(3)  Sedna-Verititas-Aletheia is also the head of a Kite, mounted on a Grand Trine between Mars, Chiron (Despair and Miracles), and Varuna (the Life Force).

(4)  Chiron, meanwhile, is also at the head of a T-Square across the Opposition between Mercury-Chaos and the Ixion-Pholus-Lachesis-Quaoar Stellium (Taking Full Responsibility for Embracing our Abandoned Genius is not only Timely, but also Essential for Survival – ours and the Planet’s).

The Uranus-Eris-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium Trine-Bridges the T-Square.

(5)  Which leads us to a second Slingshot, this one aimed at the Ixion-Pholus-Lachesis-Quaoar Stellium, powered by Mercury-Chaos, with the Sextile between Varuna and Sedna-Verititas-Aletheia as the bowstring.

All these Configurations take place between 22 and 29 Degrees, and will trigger your natal planets in those Degrees.  That’s a wide Orb for Transits, but the planets themselves stretch the Sensitivity.  For instance,

  • Chaos is a little over two Degrees from Opposing Ixion
  • Ixion is a little over one Degree from Opposition to Mercury
  • Mercury is one Degree from Opposing Pholus
  • Pholus is only a few arcminutes past Lachesis
  • Lachesis is one Degrees short of the Galactic Center
  • Quaoar is one and a half Degrees past the Galactic Center

Altogether spanning 22-29 Degrees of Gemini-Sagittarius.  These folks are all Retrograde, so there are no Initiations or Can-Openers among them at this time.

And while the Orb may be wide for Transits, it’s not wide at all for a birth chart, and there’s no question that this is our Rebirth, the Birth of our True Self.  

Which means that all this will apply for the Life of our Reborn Self, and will apply to any Projects we begin now, including the Project of Unconditionally Loving ALL of our Emotions, and of Embracing our Abandoned Genius.

Rent, Or A Weekend

January 23, 2015

012515Another of my favorite Frank & Earnest cartoons: “I just get my [Identity] budget in order, and along comes a big surprise, like rent, or a weekend!”

This lovely chart will carry us through January 27 or so. 

  • Can you see the big blue Kite?  It’s pointing at the headphones in the upper left (that’s the “North Node” in astrologuese).  A Kite is a Big Boon, and it’s pointing at the North Node, which is our friend. 
  • How about the big dark red triangle?  It points to the left off of the vertical spar of the Kite.  That’s Pluto (which looks like a martini on a cross) that it’s pointing at, in the lower left.  Big red triangles are “T-Squares,” and they’re Challenging, especially when they point at the God of the Underwhere, Pluto.  Not to fear, they also lead to graduate degrees, and the Kite more than neutralizes the Challenge in this one.  We’ve been working on this Masters Degree in Transformation and Ego Death for several years now, so we’re getting pretty good at it.  Even if we still haven’t learned to enjoy it.
  • Then there’s the orange wedge and the lavender-grey wedge, both pointing at the asterisk on a cross at the top right.  The asterisk stands for the asteroid Juno, which symbolizes our Identity.  The two wedges mean that our Identity is lit up like a Roman candle.  Which is another Big Boon, because if we’re in the midst of Transforming our Ego, being Conscious of the Changes in our Identity helps a lot to remind us that we aren’t really “Dying,” we’re just crawling out of our cocoon and spreading our Wings.

And if we stretch our Sensitivity from the usual 3 Degrees, then Pallas (diamond on a cross), Mercury (horned circle on a cross), and the asteroid Chaos (written out – it means Potential, not Disorder) join to make a Grand Sextile (six-pointed star), one of the friendliest of Configurations.  Since this is actually a Birth chart (for our Trance-re-Formed Self), the more expansive Sensitivity is actually appropriate.  The chart is drawn for when the Moon reaches the Midpoint between Uranus (TV antenna on a circle) and the South Node (earbuds), 4am PST ( January 25.

The Moon usually shows us what’s really going on in a chart.

So while we expect this weekend to be pretty Intense again (or still), it should “end well.”  Our Mantra could be “Pay Attention, and look for the Silver Lining.”  We could be in for some Lifetime-Scale Epiphanies.

The orange wedge is a Quintile Yod, and the lavender-grey wedge is a Septile Yod. 

Yods (wedgy triangles, also known as Fingers of God) mean Pay Attention to this!!  A Quintile Yod is about Paying Attention to Learning (and Teaching), and a Septile Yod about Paying Attention to Magic (and Power).

The base of the Quintile (Learning) Yod is Chiron (K on a circle – Despair and Miracles) and the asteroid Ceres (cuphook – Sustainability), so…

One thing we’re Learning this weekend is how to Sustain our Consciousness of Miracles – providing we can Transcend the temptation to be Discouraged.  With Pluto Transforming everything, that shouldn’t be too hard, especially with a smidgeon of Effort on our part, once we figure out which “our” is us at the moment.  As long as our Identity is being washed, rinsed, and hung out to dry, we may as well take advantage of our Psychic nakedness and just merge with our Limitless Soul Self.

You know what it’s like when you’re flying, and coming in for a landing, and you can look out the window and see all those little houses down there, as if they were two-dimensional?  Well, sit up straight, let the airplane dissolve, and let yourself be sitting comfortably at the center of six or eight or twelve dimensions, rather than just two or three.  Pretty amazing, eh? 

Once the plane lands, you can get up and walk around like that, as big as a small town.  If you aren’t flying, you can get up and walk around like that anytime.  It’s a great space from which to Pray or Visualize or Intend or Ask or Affirm or Command what you Want from your Life, and to be Curious about how the devil it’s going to Manifest.  I mean, you’re Naked and Unlimited, so you can put on any sort of costume you want to put on.  You can be Anybody.  And Everybody.  All at once even.

The base of the Septile (Magic) Yod is Pluto and Neptune (fork with a cross on the handle – Spiritual Energy).  That’s a very powerful combination – Neptune (the GoddessHeart) Septile Pluto (Trance Formation), in a Yod with Consciousness or Identity (Juno)!  That’s Big.

I mean, really, the only Limits here are the ones you put on yourself.  Take them off and throw them in the washer.  Run around naked all weekend.  It’s the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius after all.

Full Mjolnir Yod Moon

June 14, 2014

galk5564bpGalkhaite – beautiful poisons.  Cesium and Thallium (often radioactive), Mercury (with Copper and Zinc), Arsenic and Antimony (poisonous too), all bundled together tightly into a Sulfide.

* * * * *

I know, the Full Moon has already left the building, but its impact will linger for a while, so it’s still worth exploring.  Besides, the more we look into it, the more it appears to be a Life-Changing rite. 

So far, we have…

The Core Issue is the Mysterious Relationship between our Soul’s Path and our Personal Mythology, particularly around balancing our need for Order with our need for Beauty, and expanding our relationships with our Inner Female and Miracles. 

And the way these Mysteries are Changing, as our Personal Mythology changes to adapt to our changing emphasis on our Soul’s Path, and as our Soul’s Path evolves and adapts to the Choices that our Ego makes.

We’ll also be rebooting our Identity, as the Edges between “us” and “not-us” shift along with our Personal Mythology.  Just to take one example, how would your sense of Self change if you took every Either/Or situation facing you, and regarded it as a Mystery rather than a Choice? 

And we’ve recommended being very watchful here and in July for any sign of Despair, Cynicism, Skepticism, or any sense that something otherwise important is impossible.  When you catch yourself in Doubt or Disbelief, do a Cancel, Neutralize, Upgrade.

You don’t want to shut down the Miracle pipeline while birthing a new Identity.

* * * * *

The Edges of Consciousness

The core of the second major element of the Full Moon chart is a Mjolnir and a Yod, both pointing at Juno, our symbol for the Edges of Consciousness.

Mjolnir is a Norwegian word meaning Thor’s Hammer.  The latter is a traditional name for a Configuration consisting of two Trioctiles or “Sesquisquares” that emerge from each end of a Square and converge to a point on the opposite side of the Zodiac.

We usually associate a Yod or Finger of God with a strong suggestion that we should Pay Attention to the planet at the apex (or rather to its referent – we don’t want to fall prey to confusing the territory with the map), and a Mjolnir with a likelihood of Epiphanies, again about the referent of the planet at the apex.

The name Thor’s Hammer carries with it the implication of enormous destructive force.  That’s why we’ve chosen to use a less familiar synonym, to soften the blow so to speak.  The Eighth Harmonic is about Alignment and Balance, not destruction.  And since the Trioctile invokes the Third Harmonic as well, there is an implication that the Trioctile should be “gentle but firm.”  

When you dig around and find out more about it, it turns out that the Mjolnir in Germanic cultures and the Vajra or Dorje in South Asian cultures are very similar symbols in their respective worldviews.  One of the most prominent meanings is Lightning, as well as the notion of the Indestructible.  To me that implies the shattering of the false Material form that clothes the Immortal Energy and Consciousness that enlivens it.  Hence, Epiphany.

The Yod, with two converging Quincunxes, sort of represents irrepressible Curiosity. 

The Quincunx by itself often inspires Curiosity, so we don’t necessarily need to Consciously choose Curiosity, except in the context of the Tricolor, where the potential frustration of the Square may dominate and allow us to forget to move to Curiosity.  With a Yod, Curiosity probably already dominates, so it’s not like I’m suggesting that we Pay Attention; I’m suggesting that the Universe will be telling us to Pay Attention.  Of course, Paying Attention in the additional sense of seeing what arises in our Consciousness seldom hurts, and as the third step of a PIAVA it’s essential.

In fact, Yods may be ideal times for PIAVAing, since that third step always requires a leap – or a stumble – into what’s previously been Unacknowledged or Undifferentiated.  When moving thus out of Denial is painful or triggers an Ego Death, Curiosity could be just what we need as a trigger to encourage us to make Amends, or keep ourselves out of self-condemnation.

That is, Pay Attention to the Edges of your Consciousness, and be open to Epiphanies about the material on the Edges of your Consciousness – and the same goes for the Consciousness of your species, of the Planet, and of all the other Entities.  For instance, you never know when the Ents will march.  How would that impact your relationship to your Home Planet?  Can you do Both/And with the possibility?  We need to reanimate the Planet if we are to respect Her.

The Mjolnir is the triangle made by the two converging thick gold lines (the Trioctiles) and the dark red line below.  The Yod is the triangle formed by the two converging green lines and the blue line.  As you can see there are also two Tricolors – the triangles formed by a red line, a green line, and a blue line.  The two triangles share the same red line, making a sort of modified, pointy Fez.  We’ll talk about the Tricolors and the modified Fez after we finish with the Mjolnir and the Yod.

Mj0614We need to split this up.  It’s one Configuration – everyone’s at or near the same degree, though of course Mars and Pluto are a half-degree off and pulled in by the Trioctiles.  Here’s the Mjolnir-Yod part…

Mja0614The Square that forms the base of the Mjolnir is Mars-Pluto.  Uranus has actually moved beyond our three-degree limit and, technically, temporarily, no longer Squares Pluto.

So our Yintegrity will no longer be the core issue, though still important.

The Uranus-Pluto Square will return, as it continues into 2015 after Uranus turns Retrograde.

The Mars-Pluto Square is however very close here, completing a Portal

(its Confidence-Builder Waning Square to Pluto)

on June 14.  As we’ve said about this Mars-Pluto Cycle,

It “began in late November 2012, at 9 of Capricorn, ‘An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.’  Mars-Pluto usually doesn’t screw around, so this sounds like it’s right out of Pi’s playbook around Responsibility.”

But at the Waning Square we should be finishing up with this Cycle, especially here at it’s third iteration.

For the last decade or two, Mars-Pluto astroevents have failed to trigger the sort of large-scale trauma which astrology traditionally expects from a Mars-Pluto Square.  Now we have an exception.  Why?  As a species, are we backsliding?

An obvious answer is that we’ve been ignoring the Angelic Harpist.  So just what is “the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of” a mass shooting or a gang rape or racism or Denial of Poverty? 

We each need to answer this relative to the Edges of our own Consciousness. 

Remember that the Mirror is often a funhouse Mirror.  It probably doesn’t mean that you are a closet mass murderer or gang rapist or racist, or that it’s your Avarice that causes Poverty. 

Can you find the Spiritual Meaning and Purpose at the core of our current circumstances without resorting to Retribution?  If your Personal Mythology involves a Punishing God – and you intend to keep it that way – then probably not.  For your sake, may your Soul’s Path concur.  I wish you well. 

What if you’d prefer a Loving God or Goddess, or prefer Original Blessing to Original Sin – with or without upgrading your current Personal Mythology?  Without Retribution, how can we get to the Spiritual Meaning of Trauma?  It may be a Mystery.  We may have to PIAVA more information to stretch our Edges.

Note that Juno was Zeus’s wife.  As jealous as Zeus was adulterous, she was always turning rivals into Stone.  That’s probably how we got so many lovely Crystals.  Jealousy is a modified version of Empathy – someone else is stealing our rightful pleasures, and we want them back.  We Empathize with the pleasure of Other, but in an avaricious way.  If we celebrated their pleasure, the Emotional and circumstantial outcomes would be quite different.

The issue is about how we can maintain our Suzerainty over our own Lives (or our Yintegrity) and allow Others to maintain their own Suzerainty, even as we are bonded to them.  Marriage is more than an Agreement.  But where some people see Betrayal, others will see Freedom, and it’s not entirely about gender.  Our Personal Mythology will justify some of our Values and others less so, and as our understanding of and our Integrity with our own Values evolves, so must our Personal Mythology.

Hence Juno is about the Edges of our Consciousness and the Edges of our Identity.  For some, “seeing is Believing.”  But for most of us, “Believing is seeing” – what we a priori Believe filters our Perception of Reality.  While Thoughts have intricate dance routines with Emotions, Intuitions, and Perceptions, Beliefs have deep taproots in the Unconscious.  The Edges of our Consciousness run far deeper than our Thoughts alone.

What about the Yod part, other than providing a strong emphasis to everything else?  The feet of the Yod are the North Node, and that ball with a “Y” on top that’s reminiscent of Japanese money.  The North Node there tell us…

That this Growth in the Edges of our Consciousness and Identity, and the vigor with which we are compelled to Defend it

(ie, the Mars-Pluto base of the Mjolnir)

is critical to moving into our Mission in the Lifetime, critical to touching and honoring our Deepest Desires, the reason we took this Life to begin with.

And what about the Yball?  That stands for the Centaur Hylonome.  Hylonome is an iceball only about 50 miles wide, about a third as big as its fellow Centaur Chiron.  And as Chiron’s orbit skims the orbits of Uranus and Saturn, carrying messages back and forth between our Soul and our Ego, Hylonome’s path skims the orbits of Neptune and Uranus, carrying messages between the Energetic Essence of our Community and our Individual Soul.  You could also see Hylonome as ferrying messages back and forth between the Godhead and the Individual Soul, as Neptune represents our relationship to everything larger than ourselves.

And what of the mythology around Hylonome?  Hylonome was

Willing to die for what she Loved. 

In other words, it is our Deepest Desires that motivate us to remain in Material Form, and it is our Growth in Consciousness and our willingness to Defend our Yindependence and Yintegrity that make it worth Sustaining the Energy necessary to hold that Form.  So while there was a hint in the Yin Gate that we may not get fed if we don’t respect our Yindependence, there is a hint here that we may lose our desire to eat if we don’t respect our Yintegrity and Mission.  

* * * * *

This is a very busy chart.  Let’s take a break, and come back to the rest of the Mjolnir-Yod-Plus Configuration in a while.

Portal 9.29 and the Yin Gate

September 29, 2013

rutileq2236bpPortal 9.29

Portal 9.29 is a repeat of Portal 9.27, but without the Grand Sextile.  On September 27, the Moon completed the Grand Sextile.  On September 29, the Moon comes around to sit on Pallas, exciting the Pallas Diamond Star.  That’s at 9pm PDT, so a good span for the Opportunity to Invoke Miracles and Set Boundaries that will move us toward our Mission would be four hours on either side of that.  The Pallas Diamond Star fades around October 1-2.

The Yin Gate

Then from September 30 to October 3, as our adventures in 8-11-Degree Land continue, we have this unusual Configuration…

DSCN4564Two Fingers of God back to back.  Never seen that in a chart before.  The blue lines (which look black) trace out a Mystic Rectangle, but the Opposition between the Sun and Uranus bisects the two Sextiles on either end.  What will we call this Configuration?  A Cattle Guard?  Do Not Enter?  Wrong Way?  The US Congress?  Fingers of Blame?  Dos Equis?  A Yin Gate?  A Portal of Rebirth?  And what does it imply?

Probably the total failure of the Olde-Boy-Network process for organizing the World.  If a Finger of God means Pay Attention! then we’re certainly being told to look both ways, which is never a bad idea – Both/And, the Chironean Coin, and the like.  Not to mention crossing streets or other borders in Time.  Of course a Mystic Rectangle is very positive, and a Finger of Yod is really about Curiosity.  So we can talk about the Mystic Rectangle as

Miraculous Release of Karma resulting from Focus on what’s most Sacred to each of us (ie, Chiron, South Node, Saturn/North Node, Vesta).

and the Yods as

How can I reframe my conception of what I most Want, so it aligns with my sense of the Sacred and unites my Ego with “my” Soul Self?  (ie, Saturn/North Node, Vesta, Uranus)


Great Spirit, may I please accept Miracles that transform my Limiting Beliefs into Enlightenment, lovingly, gently, rapidly, completely, and with harm to no one?  (ie, PIAVA, Chiron, South Node, Sun)

So it’s not like this Cattle Guard configuration is negative, but it’s shape certainly gives us pause, and suggests that we might reconsider our route planning, and maybe even our destination.  I mean, the downfall of Colonialism is good, but it will certainly inconvenience a lot of people.

The Mystic Questangles

If we tilt the chart a little each way, we can see that it also includes two “Mystic Questangles” – parallel Quincunxes connected by Semi-Sextiles (one Sign apart) – Vesta-Sun-Chiron-Uranus, and Sun-Saturn/North Node-Uranus-South Node.  Wouldn’t hurt us a bit to frame those as Wonderings…

How can I bring Miracles of Light into my Union with my Sacred Soul?  (Chiron-Sun-Vesta-Uranus)

When I Focus on my Deepest Longings, how can I invoke my Soul to bring Light into the dark corners of my Karma?  (Saturn-North node, Uranus, Sun, South Node)

Notice that the Signs imply big transitions – Pisces-Aries-Taurus (endings-beginnings-foundations) and Virgo-Libra-Scorpio (deconstruction-Other-fearlessness).  These are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles – Pattern-Breaking.

The Mushroom Cloud

Notice that Pluto also bisects the upper Trine of the Yin Gate, forming a Grand Trine with the bottom blue (black) line, and a T-Square with the central (red) Opposition.  The Vacant sixth point in the now-faded Grand Sextile, Opposite Pluto, is 10 Cancer, “A large Diamond in the first stages of the cutting process,” which Rudhyar hears as “The arduous training for perfection to fully manifest an ideal.”  If you’ve a natal planet at 9-11 of Cancer, I hope you’re about to step up and take an active role in helping pour the foundations for whatever socio-political edifice Humans build to replace the one that’s collapsing.

Look at the Angles to Pluto in the Yin Gate chart…

DSCN4565What’ll we call this if not a Toadstool Formation!  Maybe a Pagoda?  I’ll let you do your own free-associations about what this one means.  It certainly implies to me that the Changes coming down are Plutonic in scale.  In a Plutonic Change, the Planetary Trance changes, and suddenly everything is different.  What stands out in this view, because of its asymmetry, is the Quincunx to the head of the Pallas Diamond Star.  That Quincunx might inquire…

I wonder, if enough of us set Boundaries to assert our own Missions, how will that change the World Trance?!?

I like the Uranus-Pluto-Pallas Pythagorean Triangle, because it loops from Challenge to Curiosity to Grace.  That’s a formula we would all do well to follow most of the time.

That Other Detail

Oh, then we notice that in the chart above, for September 30, the Moon (Manifestation) is crossing Mars (Action), implying that a good deal of leverage will apply, whatever is going on.  Remember anything else about Mars?  Comet ISON is passing Mars, on its way in to witness whatever it’s planning to herald as it slingshots around the Sun.  So that’s Moon-Mars-ISON there in the Aries section of Leo (new Identities).  And that happens to be closely Trine to Eris in the Sagittarius section of Aries (tossing out extraneous features in order to debug the central function of our new creation).  So we can expect a good deal of hidden information to surface here in the Yin Gate, that will have a significant impact on the downfall of the Old Order.

Rutilated Quartz – Titanium Oxide (Rutile) embedded in Quartz, symbolizing the hard-earned past-life Skills that are hidden beneath our South-Node Emotional Holding, skills that we need to liberate if we are to fulfill our Mission in the Lifetime.

Portal Within a Portal 9.19

September 17, 2013


Someone peaked out from behind a cloud yesterday evening to remind me that I forgot to include an important player in our Big Venus-Saturn-Dragon Pluto-Station Grand-Sextile Portal.  When we add the Full Moon to our timeline we get…

  • Already: Venus approaching Saturn-North Node
  • Already: Pluto Stationary
  • Half past 9pm PDT September 16, True Node crosses Saturn
  • 8pm PDT September 17, Moon approaches Chiron
  • 2am PDT September 18, Moon leaves the Grand Sextile
  • 7am PDT September 18, Venus crosses the True Node
  • 2pm PDT September 18, Venus crosses Saturn
  • Quarter after 4am PDT September 19, Full Moon
  • 10am PDT September 19, Venus crosses the Mean Node
  • 1am PDT September 20, Moon Squares Pluto
  • Quarter after 5am PDT September 20, Moon crosses Uranus
  • 6am PDT September 20, Mean Node crosses Saturn 
  • Half past 8am PDT September 20, Pluto Stationary Direct
  • September 21, Venus leaves the Grand Sextile

Which gives us a new potential trigger for whatever external circumstances (events) and internal circumstances (feelings) this whole adventure will evoke.  So

our Full Moon Portal within a Portal will span roughly midnight to 8am PDT on September 19.

The other discovery is that Uranus will be behind the Moon when Pluto turns Direct.  That puts a whole new emphasis on Uranus – which we know to be Squaring Pluto anyway – and on

the period between 11pm PDT September 19 and 9am PDT September 20, when the Moon dances across the two-degree gap between Uranus and Pluto.

Whatever external and internal circumstances don’t arise in the Full Moon Portal-in-a-Portal, are likely to develop a day later.  The more involved is the Moon, the more likely are Circumstances to manifest.  PIAVA that you stay out of harm’s way during these periods, because folks who are already a bit unbalanced can get pretty out-there at the Full Moon, and a Pluto Station can be pretty freaky for folks who aren’t well grounded.

When we look at the Full Moon chart, several other very noteworthy things pop out that tell us more about the whole Portal.

  • First, not only does the Pluto Station trigger Uranus via the Square and the Moon, but a Finger of God points at Uranus. 

A Finger of God, or Yod, says “Pay Attention!”  Pay Attention to your Soul Connection, to your Yintegrity, to Following Your Joy.  The tentstakes for the Yod are Venus and Ceres – Values and Sustainability.  The essence of a Yod is Curiosity – we’ll be Wondering how to Sustain Yintegrity while staying true to our Social Values.  Who will we upset if we’re True to our Real Self?  This isn’t just about calling in Well to avoid a job you hate; it’s about Mom rolling over in the grave because you’re betraying the rules she taught you never to transgress.  It’s about admitting to your Loved Ones that you’ve been “lying” to them as long as you’ve known them because you didn’t believe it was Safe to be your True Self.

  • Second, there’s a Mjolnir pointing at Neptune. 

Mjolnirs are about Lightning, either as in Epiphany, or as in potentially devastating shocks.  The feet are Mercury and Jupiter, which is good, as that increases the odds that the Circumstances that get triggered will occur in the intellectual realm.  In fact, we should Expect Epiphanies.  Remember Neptune stands for Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity – maybe those Limiting Beliefs about how difficult it is to manifest Abundance will get shocked out of their rut.  For instance, you could be suddenly transported from where Abundance means a bigger house (or a roof over your head!), to where Abundance means Having Enough to Share.  Neptune operates more on the Cultural level than the Personal – so it may be the Collective that gets the Epiphany!

  • Third, there’s an odd configuration which we’ll have to (half-seriously) call a Mystic Questangle. 

A Mystic Rectangle is two parallel Trines separated by Sextiles to form a rectangle.  A Mystic Questangle is two parallel Quincunxes separated by Semi-Sextiles.  A Semi-Sextile is one twelfth of the way ’round the Circle, while a  Quincunx is five twelfths of the way.  The Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking, and the key to Breaking Patterns gently and lovingly is Curiosity.  So a Mystic Questangle would symbolize a circular chain of Wondering that would either turn one to butter, or allow one to Break through and crack open an unwanted or obsolete or self-sabotaging Habit or Limiting Belief.

The Players in the Questangle are Neptune, Pallas, Vesta, and Juno – quite a quartet.  Neptune represents your Cultural Trance, Juno your Unconscious Identity, Vesta your personal sense of the Sacred, and Pallas your Willingness and Ability to set Boundaries.  In other words you’ll be up against the wall Consciously or Unconsciously defending your personal sense of the Sacred against the onslaught of Conformity – or you’ll be in self-betrayal.  But it will be about Curiosity, not Anger or Grief, so it’s likely to create more Epiphanies, or bend the Epiphanies in the direction of Diversity.

So we have

  • Pluto (the Universal Trance – Stationary),
  • Neptune (the Cultural Trance – the Mjolnir),
  • Uranus (the personal Soul Connection – the Finger of God plus the Moon), and
  • Saturn (the Conscious Self – Initiating the North Node)

all lit up at the same time, all in the context of a Pluto-Chiron-Saturn/Dragon-Ceres-Lilith Grand Sextile (Dragon is another name for the Nodes).  Hard to imagine a more fertile Ground for personal and social Change!  It may turn out that She’ll be roight! after all.

This lovely piece of Astrophyllite always reminds me of the Three Wise Dudes presenting gifts to the Christ Child.  Astrophyllite is a complex Silicate that symbolizes making sense from complexity.  Not simplicity, but sense.  As in, where to find Water, or how to navigate on the open Sea, or knowing when to Trust someone.  The Christ Child represents the Spark of Divinity in everyone, and the Wise Men bearing gifts illustrate the respect that the Intellect properly has for the Spark, no matter how diminutive.  Religions are built by Intellect, and Intellect justifies the hubris that perpetrates abuse of the Planet and of one’s mates, even though the hubris is generated by psychopathic mutations in the Emotional Body.  The Wise Dudes were royalty – even Power must bow to the Spark.

Sustaining Sustenance

February 3, 2013


The Big Issue for the last couple of days and the next several is about Focusing on hearing, expressing, and defending the voice of our Inner Female, and making that a permanent part of our persona.  In case you haven’t met Her yet, she’s likely to be more interested in Collaboration and Communication than in Competition and Control.  Two brothers fighting to defeat one another in the Super Bowl is a perfect analogy for the paradigm that we’re leaving behind.

Ceres is Stationary (Direct) and Out of Bounds and Conjunct Lilith.  There’s a Quintile Yod between Ceres-Lilith, Pallas-Uranus, and Saturn, with Saturn at the Apex.  The Quintile Yod runs through February 6.  The Ceres Station occurs at 1am PST on February 4.  The Moon crossed Saturn and triggered the Q-Yod about 24 hours prior to the Station.

We’re still studying our Heart’s interpretation of what’s Sacred, and revising our Trance accordingly.  “We” mostly don’t have control over the Trance we live our lives from, as it’s given to us by our cultural programming and the Zeitgeist, among other currents.  But we do have some impact on it, depending on how Conscious we are.  We’re all outraged or horrified by some things more than others, and defending those things is important, because they’re either part of our Mission, or Karma that we need to work through in order to find our Mission.  Our Journey is how we discover the difference.

The Vesta-Apex Quincunx Yod, with Saturn and Pluto for feet, remains.

We’re discovering places where we need to be more open and vulnerable, areas where we need to set better boundaries, and circumstances where more honesty is needed, in order to communicate effectively, defend our True Self, collaborate better, and contribute our skills to Community efforts that will help sustain us.

Jupiter is Triseptile Saturn, and Mercury crosses their far Midpoint today (February 3), where it forms Biseptiles to both, creating a complete Seventh-Harmonic triangle.  It’s not a Septile Yod, as that would have a single Septile  for a base rather than a Triseptile, but it’s a strong Configuration akin to a Seventh-Harmonic version of a Trine or T-Square.  The Seventh Harmonic is about Shamanic Power.

The three complete Triangles look like this…


Where the orange lines trace the Quintile Yod, the dark-green-and-blue Triangle is the Quincunx Yod, and the lighter-green lines show the Triseptile-T.  Where do these names come from?  In the picture above we’ve drawn lines connecting the vertices of the three Triangles.  In the picture below we’ve drawn the lines from the center of the circle to each corner of each Triangle.


You can see the near-horizontal orange “Y” and the partly-inverted dark-green “Y” – these are the Yods – “Y” as in Yod.  The light-green lines make more of a “T” than a “Y,” though the top (Triseptile) bar is kinked, hence we’re calling it a Triseptile-T.

Drawing the Configurations this way emphasizes how Saturn sits on a corner of all three Triangles.  It won’t hurt to review Saturn a bit, especially since it’s Stationary during the third week of February.  Saturn asks us to Focus on Priority #1, and let go of Plan B (and C and D).  This can easily feel like limitation, as we might be depending on our secondary priorities as fallbacks, or as the sources of release or joy that provide relief from Priority #1 – which will certainly involve effort and risk.  But as with any other astrological process, this too shall passwhen Saturn’s lit up, Focus on Priority #1 – there will be lots of other times, when Saturn isn’t lit up, where you can enjoy or indulge multi-tasking.

In the current case, this week, Priority #1 is clearly hearing, expressing, and defending the voice of our Inner Female, and making that a permanent part of our persona.  It helps that the Sacred is lit up as well, as the Sacred will illuminate the Inner Female – either by contrast or by reinforcement.  Expect to encounter Resistance, as folks who are invested heavily in their Outer Males, and the obsolete ways of exercising Power and Competition and Control, express their concern over their unwanted retirement.  Don’t argue.  Listen politely and compassionately to what they have to say.

It would even help to mirror them a little.  Ask yourself what kind of verbs they have been using – do they focus on feeling, seeing, hearing, or other ways of experiencing the World?  Match their verbs – I hear you! – or I see what you mean! – or I understand how you feel!  But then be clear and straightforward and brief about what you see or hear or feel or find to be important.  Again, don’t argue.  If they yes-but you, just calmly say…

I know, you feel differently, but I feel this way.  It’s okay if we don’t see the World the same way, as long as we can tolerate other perspectives.  It’s a big World, there are lots of different points of view!  As the World gets more interconnected – as it is, daily – it gets more and more important that we respect the benefits of diversity.

We make space for our True Selves on the Planet by honoring our Uniqueness, and by honoring the Uniqueness of others.  When we do this we greatly increase the potency of Collaboration and Community.

Thulite is a Calcium Aluminum Silicate.  This sample shows three of its four forms.  Most of this Stone is Manganese-rich pink Thulite, with the green Anyolite form around the edges, and a nice vein of brown Zoisite crystal in the left center.  The fourth form, not present, is Tanzanite, a highly-valued blue-purple gemmy form.  Thulite is one of few minerals that combine the two colors of the Heart – pink and green.  It symbolizes Partnership, emphasizing the advantages of mutual respect and collaboration, or Vive la Difference! as the French would say.

It’s not just Marriage and Community that Thulite represents, but the Inner Marriage between our own Anima and Animus, our Inner Female and Inner Male.  Without this Inner Marriage and androgyny, we cannot achieve Wholeness, and our Inner Lovers compete and sabotage one another.  Without internal collaboration, we can’t do outer Collaboration effectively.  So a good deal of our work here – and/or the trance reformations that we undergo above and beyond the level of Will – will be inside of us.

A Thousand Words

January 28, 2013

I know its almost impossible for non-astrologers to make sense of the circular geometries we’re always babbling about, so let’s draw some pictures.  Here’s the Mjolnir to the Pallas-Uranus Initiation that’s going on just about … now.


A Mjolnir or Vajra or Hammer of Thor or Thunderbolt (the purple and red lines) is composed of an Apex planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are three Signs apart (Square – the red line).  The purple lines are the Eighth-Harmonic Angles, or Sesquisquares, connecting planets that are four-and-a-half Signs, or a Square-and-a-half, apart.  A Sesquisquare signifies Realignment, Coming into Balance, and the Mjolnir implies an Epiphany.   Either shakes up the status quo, and one will probably initially experience that as Disruption, and only later as Growth in Consciousness.  We’re deep in a very personal Mjolnir right now – do you concur?

You can compare the Mjolnir to the narrower Yod (the green and blue lines), which is an Apex planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are two Signs apart (Sextile, the blue line) – or two Quincunxes to the same Apex planet.  A Quincunx (the green lines) is formed by two planets that are five Signs apart.  The Quincunx symbolizes Curiosity, and the Yod opens a door to new perceptions that can bring previously unrelated phenomena into relationship.  That of course can mean that there is initial Confusion over apparently mismatched Energies, but as we know Confusion is the first step in Growth of Consciousness.  The Quincunx and Yod are Twelfth-Harmonic Angles and Configurations, and the Twelfth Harmonic is about Pattern-Breaking.

A T-Square is, like a Yod and Mjolnir, a triangle, but wider than the Mjolnir.  It’s formed by two planets in Opposition or six Signs apart, with a third planet at their Midpoint.  The third planet Squares both of the other planets.  Like the red lines in this picture…


Which is a picture of a Diamond Star – which occurs when a T-Square and a Yod share the same Apex planet.  You can see the “Bowl of Grace” (the blue lines, Sextiles and Trines) under the T-Square.  A T-Square represents Mastery through Challenge – it’s not a problem to be solved, but an adventure to be lived.  T-Squares are enormously frustrating as long as we strive to succeed at solving the dilemma they present.  And enormously rewarding when we realize that a T-Square is a graduate seminar in exploring all facets of an issue.  When we become Curious about what plot twists our T-Square Hero’s Journey will produce next (which Curiosity can be provoked by the Quincunxes), and are willing to expand our perspectives (as the Yod invites us to do), the result is the Bowl of Grace that resolves the T-Square.

You can also see the Pentagram, or five-pointed Star, symbolizing Manifestation.  The Triple Yod below also shows off a Pentagram – there are Yods pointing at the Apex of this Configuration, and Yods pointing at each of the feet.  I’ve never seen this Configuration named.  Since it looks to me like a big electric transmission tower, I’ve called it an Energy Star, but if you called it a Bat Star or a Standing Grizzly Star instead, I can see why!


While the Energy Star might be less of a Hero’s Journey than the Diamond Star, it’s got more than enough Grace (blue) and Curiosity (green) to ameliorate the Challenges (red) and inspire us to great enthusiasm.

This next and last picture shows two Golden Yods or Quintile Yods (the orange lines) – a Golden Yod Configuration is composed of a planet at the far Midpoint between two other planets that are Quintile to one another.  A Quintile is one fifth of the way ’round the Zodiac, the Fifth Harmonic.  The longer orange lines are Biquintiles – two fifths of the way ’round.


The Fifth Harmonic is about Teaching and Learning.  As with a Quincunx Yod, the planet at the Apex of the Golden Yod is probably not harmonious with the planets at the base – for instance, Aries and Gemini and Leo are Dynamic, while Scorpio and Capricorn are Magnetic.  So a Golden Yod will Teach us about harmonizing contrasts like a Quincunx Yod does – and provide us with a deep skill to Teach others.

Now these two Golden Yods are occurring as we speak, so it may behoove us to have a look at the planets involved – one has Juno at the Apex with Moon and Vesta-Jupiter for feet, and the other has Saturn at the Apex with Pallas-Uranus and Lilith-Ceres at the Base.

For the first we could say that our Emotional response (Moon) to the ongoing Expansion (Jupiter) of our Heart-connection to ourselves (Vesta) is making a profound shift in our Unconscious Identity (Juno).  I can vouch for that, though I was “blaming” other factors and not appreciating the gift!  Remember that both Vesta and Jupiter are Stationary (Strong)!

And for the second we could propose that our budding willingness to stand up for (Pallas) our True Self (Uranus: Pallas is Conjoining Uranus as we speak!) is combining with a process that is giving our Inner Feminine (Lilith) more Power to Sustain us (Ceres), and as these two Energies converge it will be easier for us to Focus (Saturn) on finding the perfect role for ourselves in the New Paradigm.

Here’s an outstanding epic ballad by Kelley Hunter on exactly this subject…