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Trusting our Instincts

March 30, 2017

Dwarf Planet Quaoar, which is all about Trusting our Survival Instincts, snuck into Capricorn on 26 January.  Moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn creates a Big Shift, as we move from Letting Go to Just Fixing It.  Sagittarius isn’t cavalier about Letting Go; it’s about Surrendering our baggage to the Violet Flame.  By the time we get to Capricorn, whatever is left that hasn’t been lifted to the Heavens as Smoke, is something we need to Pay Attention To.

Which of course brings us to the state of the Planet and the likelihood of Survival of Species, including our own, at least in the sense of Life As We Know It.  Pundits say that the Clowns will have as much difficulty unwinding Environmental Protection (aka “Regulation”) as they did unwinding Health Insurance.  Of course the Clowns make their own rules, without regard for what we consider to be Reality.  Which is sort of the Real point.  Maybe we need to make our own rules as well.  

On 31 March at 2am PDT, Quaoar Stands Still at 1 Capricorn.  Twenty-Four hours later asteroid Eurydike, symbolizing Trust, Stands Still at 8 Leo.  In the background, Saturn Stands Still on 5 April, 10pm PDT, at 28 Sagittarius, on the Galactic Center.

Next Up: Responsibility

March 26, 2017

As we said earlier, both of the last two weeks of March are Heavy.  We’ve already introduced the 3/27 New Moon, at…

Our next big Adventure is about Responsibility, as dwarf planet and Centaur Pholus Stands Still at 1am PDT 28 March, five hours after the New Moon.  A planet is at its Strongest when it Stands Still, and the New Moon will stretch Pholus-Stationary Energy over several weeks afterward.

I doubt that we can explain the difference between Blame and Responsibility too often.  In a Nutshell, Blame looks backward to Assign Cause, while Responsibility looks forward to Change Outcomes.  Yes, there may be some backward-looking to seek potential levers to facilitate Future Change, but it will be incidental.  

Blame is a Universe unto itself, a Closed System.  Like Cause and Effect, when you’re inside the Bubble, you can’t see out of it.  People who can’t see beyond the opaque Wall of Blame often misinterpret the need for Responsibility as “New Age Guilt,” especially as it applies to dis-ease.  Taking Responsibility for our own Health has nothing to do with who or what causes dis-ease.  It has to do with what we do about it in the Future.

In the Greek Iconography, Pholus met his demise as a result of failing to Attend to what was in retrospect The Most Important Thing, and for taking only partial Responsibility for it.  So when we look into the Unconscious for parallels to Pholus what do we find?  While it may be Conscious Disregard, it’s more often Lack of Awareness itself.

If my Bones ache from eating Gluten two days earlier, it may not be easy to make the Connection.  If my sinuses flush from eating Sugar, will I believe I’m coming down with a cold and, through my thoughts and Emotional response, actually Create a cold?  It’s not like there are ever any shortages of cold germs – it’s my Vulnerability that can make the difference, including my Emotional Vulnerability.

With an Infinity of factors to Take Responsibility for, how do we Discover or Decide which ones to Pay Attention to, and which ones are The Most Important – especially since becoming Conscious of an Infinity of factors sounds impossible?  We hone our Intuition; it’s the only tool we have that can cover the waterfront.  

Long ago when I studied Time Management, the bottom line was that it was necessary to always have a handle on, and Attend to, The Most Important Thing.  What they didn’t Teach, but what was obvious to me, was that in order to know what The Most Important Thing is, we need to keep our Intuition sharp.  And in order to sense any relevant Intuition, we’d need to be Relaxed.  So it turns out that The Most Important Thing is to be Relaxed.

For which PIAVA is well suited – if we Trust it.  “The Gods” don’t appreciate it if we PIAVA the same thing over and over again without first Changing the Subject, Paying Attention, and adjusting our PIAVA accordingly.  So Trusting that our PIAVAs are in the right queue is important.  Luckily, asteroid Eurydike, which symbolizes Trust, Stands Still at 2am PDT on 1 April (no foolin’), so we get good practice here.

So with Pholus Standing Still our best bet may be to PIAVA something on the order of…

“Great Spirit, please Grant me Clarity around The Most Important Thing I need to Take Responsibility for, and Help me know how to do it best.”

“I Wonder how I might Always Pay Attention to my Intuition and Take Full Responsibility for Acting accordingly.”

On 31 March (2am PDT), dwarf planet Quaoar Stands Still.  Pholus and Quaoar have been traveling together for a long time, and their Stations have been near-simultaneous, and near to the Galactic Center.  Quaoar is about our Survival Guidance.  When the World is Stable, Survival Guidance comes from the Ancestors.  When the World is Changing Rapidly, as it is now, we also need our Intuition.

We’re also aided here by Saturn, which in turn Stands Still on 5 April (10pm PDT).  That’s more than a week away, with two other Stations in between, so normally we’d keep our focus on the near term.  But Saturn is actually Stationary as we speak, within two arcminutes of its ultimate Station.  I have no doubt that this is why we’ve been called to talk a lot about The Most Important Thing, which is Saturn’s Mantra.

We don’t like to Abandon our Secondary Priorities, because they’re our Fallbacks should our First Priority encounter difficulty.  But when Saturn is Lit Up, the message is that our Backup Priorities will Take Care of Themselves for a while, so we don’t need to worry about putting them on the back shelf – they’ll be waiting for us when we get around to picking them up again.

So this week the program tells us that The Most Important Thing is to Trust that all Prayers are answered while we PIAVA to have our Intuition working flawlessly to keep us Informed about what we need to Take Full Responsibility For in order to ensure our Survival, and how to accomplish exactly that.

Now, bear in mind (it’s part of PIAVA actually) that when we are ready to Receive, the Universe gives us exactly what we Need.  When we aren’t ready to Receive, the Universe gives us Information about Why We Aren’t Ready.  So yes, we Trust our PIAVAs, but when they don’t seem to “deliver,” we Take Full Responsibility for Paying Attention to see what they did deliver, because whatever that was, it contains the Information we need to adjust our PIAVA so we Ask for what we are ready to Receive.

Theta Healing is particularly good at this, because it can provide instant feedback, so we don’t need to wait a day or so after Changing the Subject, before we Pay Attention.  A Theta Healing might be…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Receive Clarity around The Most Important Thing I need to Take Responsibility For, and how to do exactly that.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You!  [Breathe]  Show me!”

When you Command “Show Me!” you should See the Clarity being “Delivered” – or, you may Feel it or Know it or Hear it, or Automatic-Write it – whatever Channel your Intuition works best in.  Or, you’ll See or Feel what else you need to add to your PIAVA.  For instance, you might Feel a sense of Inadequacy, and need to modify your PIAVA to something like…

“God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I am Worthy of Receiving Clarity around The Most Important Thing I need to Take Responsibility For and how to do exactly that, and that I Receive it.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You!  [Breathe]  Show me!”


March 26, 2017

It will behoove us to have a quick Review…

What was different in your Life last week, relative to the week before?

What Feels different today than it Felt in the middle of last week?

Was there anything you had to strongly Resist last week, or that you Regret this week?  Anything you felt Guilty about?  Any free-floating Apprehension?

If there was anything you Felt like you had to strongly Resist or Felt Guilty about, it was probably either an important Latent Talent that you were taught was rude, or Selfishness and Pride, and probably both.  There’s still time for you to Reconsider.  You were doing things last week that you seldom do, and you were doing them with Confidence.  And if you Felt afterward that someone was likely to “cut you down to size,” you’re on the right track.  The more subtle it was, the more important it is.

For instance, I was in an all-day meeting with 60-70 people, and I was much less shy, more talkative, and more Confident than I usually am in groups.  I didn’t speak out of turn or make jokes or otherwise (gently) disrupt, as I can do at times; instead I had many satisfying one-on-one encounters.  Afterward I didn’t Regret anything, but I did Feel a vague sense of unease that I couldn’t “pin” on anything in particular.  It was all very subtle; if I didn’t know what to look for I could easily just disregard it.

This was Ixion (our Latent Genius) and Sappho (Self-Love) at work.  My father grew up during the Depression, where as he often said there were dozens of people waiting to take your place if you weren’t the best at your task.  He often advised us to keep a low profile, work quietly and well, and not give anybody any reason to shoot us down.  One of the worst things we could do was to be “too big for our britches.”  Excellent Self-Protection, but mediocre Self-Love.  Good work Skills, but lousy to absent Self-Promotion.

The subtlety is important because the more low-key the effect, the more Unconscious the material, and the more important it is to Recover, by bringing it fully into Consciousness.  Consciousness means Choice.  When my Self-Respect is Conscious, I can make moment-to-moment Decisions about whether and how to speak up.  I won’t be inspired to clam up, or disrupt, by vague undetermined urges.  I’ll have more Choice over whether and when and how to speak well of myself.

Can you make any sense of the five questions above and how they fit into your own Life?

Big Weeks III

March 24, 2017

So often right on cue, Dan and the Arcturians describe an excellent process for discovering the roots of our Forbidden Genius (ie, the 25 March Ixion Station) and amping up our Self-Love (which is to say, the 26 March Sappho Station)…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

Greetings.  We are the Arcturian Council.  We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“When you are ready to explore your consciousness to the greatest extent that you possibly can, you are going to uncover a litany of aspects of who you are.  You are almost ready to experience your whole selves and to become your whole selves.  What blocks you from doing so is the fear that you will uncover something about yourself that you cannot reconcile, that you cannot forgive, and that you cannot love.

“To be a whole being means that you must accept all aspects of you, and that means uncovering the parts of you who are lingering around because they have not yet been forgiven, accepted, and loved.  You hold the power to do this, and it’s easier than you might think.

“When you see someone in the outside world doing something that you find abhorrent, you can rest assured that there is an aspect of you that has done the exact same thing in another lifetime.  So in order for you to move forward with the integration of all aspects of self, you must be able to forgive the person that you have become aware of, and their actions.  It is not easy.

“You often determine your goodness by how you are capable of refraining from doing such things.  That makes it easier to look down upon someone who is doing the thing, or who has done the thing, that you would never do.  But this is your mission.  This is what it means to be unconditional love.  This is what it means to be compassion in action.

“There must be something, some condition, some action that you find reprehensible in order for you to make the shift.  We are not talking about the big shift here.  We are talking about making the shift from judgment and condemnation to compassion and unconditional love.

“That is in essence what the big shift is all about.  It is an opportunity for you to leave all the baggage behind, the baggage of the third dimension, the baggage that contains your judgments, your condemnations, whether they be of yourself or others.  Recognize this, however.  When you experience a judgment, or a condemnation, or both, of someone else, you might as well be experiencing it of yourself, because you cannot become aware of something that you are not already in some way, shape, or form yourself.

“When we ask you to love yourselves, we are asking you to love all aspects of yourselves, and we know it is not always easy.  But it is always worth it.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

Glorious New Moon

March 23, 2017

The 27 March New Moon (8pm PDT), which will influence the next several weeks, will likely range from Poignant to Painful.  We’re calling that Glorious not because we’re Sadistic, but because it’s a Glorious Opportunity to Let Go once and for all of the Pain.

Hit me, said the Masochist.  No, said the Sadist.

Michael Roads keeps telling us that Victimhood is a Choice.  Well, now we can make the Choice to Let It Go for good.  

The New Moon (Initiation of a New Cycle) is in 8 Aries (Wisdom Graces the Feminine).  The primary Energy in the 6-8 Degree range is a T-Square (Mastery through Challenge) to asteroid Aletheia (Truth) on the Opposition between Centaur Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) and dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Breaking).

The T-Square has three Bridges (Paths to Make the Challenge Easier): a Trine Bridge (Grace) from Centaur Hylonome (Letting Go of Archetypes), and Quincunx Bridges (Curiosity) from asteroid Eurydike (Trust) and the New Moon itself.

The New Moon Squares (Challenge) Hylonome and Trines Eurydike, creating a Major Tricolor, with Eurydike Quincunx Hylonome indicating the Resolution to the Square via a PIAVA like

I Wonder what would happen if I Trusted that I can Let Go of the Archetypes which have kept me imprisoned.”

This creates Fingers of God to Eurydike and Hylonome, making 

Truth, Trust, and Letting Go of Archetypes the three Keys to the New Moon.

Archetypes are Unconscious Constellations of Energy that Control us, often without our knowledge.  For instance, an Archetype of Codependence can leave us Believing that we cannot Survive on our own. even if we’ve been doing it all our Life – we don’t notice the Contradiction because the Archetype is Unconscious.  

Other Archetypes can be Semi-Conscious, and Enforced by Shame.  We can never Consciously exceed the Boundaries of the Archetype without triggering our Shame, which we cannot tolerate.  Other Held Emotions can substitute for Shame.

All this means that Truth about Abuse is very likely to emerge, and that the Vows of Silence which we made under Duress, to try to Protect ourselves from further Abuse, are likely to come up into Consciousness where they can be Renounced.  

Don’t assume that this can’t be about you, as Abuse can take very subtle forms.  For instance, if your Significant Adults never recognized you as an Individual when you were an Infant, but saw you as a “blank slate” or an “Originally Sinful” Entity that required Programming, then you will be ruled by the Archetype of Unworthiness, no matter how kind and Loving your Programmers were.  

Stay open to Surprises, as Liberation may arise from Limitations that we Believed were just Impossibilities.

So, if all this may occur, how do we facilitate the Letting Go part?  Since PIAVAs communicate directly with the Unconscious, they’re a good place to start.  We could try, for instance…

“I Wonder what will happen if I Lovingly and Gently Open to the Truth, Become Aware of Limitations I no longer need, and Rapidly and Completely Let Go of them.”

“Ganeshi, Please Remove All Obstacles to my Letting Go of Obsolete Limitations and Effortlessly moving through the Barriers to this; Thank you, Ganeshi!”

It’s a good idea to add the “Lovinglys” and “Gentlys” because there are likely to be at least minor Ego Deaths, as they are all-too-common companions to Liberation.  The Ego’s very Job Description is to Defend the Status Quo.  You can’t really bribe the Ego with Chocolate or Gin and Tonics to get it to Let Go without a struggle, because it’ll just want More, and soon you’ll have forgotten why you’re bribing it.

The way to catch the Ego unawares so you can slip by while it’s flummoxed, is to be Loving and Gentle with Pain.  Love is Soft and Warm; Fear is Hard and Cold.  Use that Mantra to detect when you start to slip into Fear (one of Ego’s favorite weapons of war), and Consciously Soften and Warm your Pain.  It may help to locate it in your Body – make a guess if you’re not sure where.

Daniel Scranton also has some very useful Wisdom to add; see…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/ 

There’s much more to the chart, starting with two Grand Crosses (So Many Hassles that We Don’t Have Extra Bandwidth for the Luxury of Adding Frustration to the Mix)…

At 29-33 on the Cardinal (Creative) Cusps, we have Stationary (Strong) Pholus (Responsibility) Conjunct Quaoar (Survival Wisdom) on the Cusp of Capricorn (Practicality), Square Pallas (Boundaries) and Moira (Fate) in late Pisces (Letting Go of Attachment to Emotions), Opposite Atropos (Endings) in the last Degree of Gemini (Disassembly), and Square to Makemake (Manifestation) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) in early Libra (Meeting Other).

At 22-26 of the Cardinal Signs, Haumea (Rebirth) in Libra Opposes the Stellium of Uranus (Our Soul Self), Eris (Facing Truth), and Mercury (Intellect) in Aries (Inspiration), and Squares both Vesta (Limiting Beliefs) in Cancer (Nurturance) and Nemesis (Ego Death) in Capricorn.  Pluto (Trance-Reformation) isn’t far from Nemesis, and Jupiter (Expansion) isn’t far from Haumea.

Sedna (Fear) still Opposes Klotho (Foundation of a New Timeline) in 26-27 of Taurus (Organization) and Scorpio (Relentless Investigation) in the Yin Gate that we’ve discussed at length in previous posts, and Sappho (Self-Love) is Stationary and turning Retrograde on the Cusp of Sagittarius (Letting Go) as it prepares to reinstate it’s own Yin Gate with Sedna.

Finally, Chariklo (Walking in Beauty) is Initiating Juno (the Edges of Consciousness) at 14 of Capricorn (An Ancient Granite Sculpture from an Unknown Culture).

More about all this soon…

Big Weeks II

March 23, 2017

This is a very intense story about Soulmates, and this segment deals with Letting Go of our Self-Rejection – obviously timely…

In it the author links to a video, which I’ll repeat just in case you missed it…

Big Weeks

March 22, 2017

This week and next week are “Big Weeks.”  For the next several days we’re engaged in what will for many of us Feel like Heroic Struggles between Self-Love and the most Rejected and Abandoned portions of ourselves- namely the almost simultaneous Stations (Strengthenings) of Sappho (Self-Love – peaking 4pm PDT 26 March) and Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius, peaking 9pm PDT 25 March).  But of course it’s not Either/Or; our Task is to Embrace All of us.

Since Suppressing our Genius requires a lot of Consistent Effort, and since most of us were Programmed to do this from an early age, we may well encounter an Ego Death or two, where it Feels like “I’m Dying!” or “I’d rather Die than go through this again!”  This is True, but we usually misinterpret it.  It’s not “I’m Dying!”; it’s “I’m Dying” – Rebirth of the Ego, which, since Egos are nothing if not tenacious, usually Feels like a Death en route to Rebirth.

Here’s a wonderful Expression of just what we’re likely to be Experiencing – not at all that the Experience is wonderful, but the Expression is exquisitely crafted…

Megan’s title – A Big Li(f)e – is especially delicious, as she makes it so clear so surreptitiously that the whole Ego game is a Sham – Ego’s job is to protect our Physical Vehicle, but what’s Real about us is not Matter but Energy – Consciousness – and Energy cannot be Destroyed, only Transformed.  What’s the Matter is that Transformation alters Form, and Ego invests heavily in Form.

Of course if we’re new to the Shift Game, since Suppression of both our Innate Genius and our Self-Love was likely through Programming by our Significant Others starting at a very early age, we may not Experience Ego Death per se, but instead Exhaustion, or Panic, or Compulsive DoingDoing, or “just” an irresistible urge to “Get Out.”  We could also be Regressed to a “previous” Lifetime, and “just” be terminally Confused.

If you’re tempted to resort to Blame here, making the Tension someone else’s fault, don’t waste your Energy.  If you both understand though that it’s just more Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and that nobody’s going to get offended, and you want to have a big cathartic screaming match, Go For It.  This Chanelling by Daniel Scranton addresses Blame, Victimhood, and the Outside World…∞the-9th-dimensional-arcturian-council/

“Greetings.  We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

“We have arrived at several conclusions about humanity and how you are going to progress forward in your shift.  First of all, we have noticed that there is a great deal of attention being given to the politicians, and what they are doing, and how they are doing it.  This is more relevant to your shift than you realize.

“It is necessary for you all to accept yourselves as the creators of your reality in order for you to empower yourselves enough to make the shift in consciousness.  It is therefore necessary for each and every individual who is working towards assisting humanity in the shift to let go of any ideas about being victims.  You are not victims, and you are not powerless to those who hold positions of power.

“When you act on your reactions to what is being done out there in political and international realm, you take your attention off of yourselves.  Therefore, it is necessary and important for all of you to let go of your obsessions with what’s happening on the national and global scale.  It is far more important for you to see and feel what is going on inside of you.

“If you use the politicians to assist you by triggering you in the ways that you need to be triggered, then you can move forward with your personal journey and your personal evolution.  And that is how you create a new world.  That is how you create a world where those in positions of power actually care about you.

“You as individuals must first demonstrate that you care more about yourselves than you do about what someone out there is doing, even if it affects you on a personal level.  Letting go of your attachments to the world behaving in a way that is appropriate by your standards is a necessary step in your evolution.

“The shift is happening, and you are all part of it, no matter how insignificant you sometimes feel.  But our recommendation is for you to feel your significance and take your power back.  Demonstrate to yourselves how easy it is for you to manifest the reality that you want to experience.

“Do so by turning off your news and turning on your creativity, your focus, your imagination.  Be absolutely certain about what you want to create, and demonstrate to yourselves how easy it is in the current energies.  All you need is a bit more focus on yourselves and on your internal processes.  You will see much bigger changes when you focus within than when you attempt to make changes by looking at those in power and hoping that their agendas match your own.

“We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

We may also be already Feeling the need to Take Full Responsibility for what we’re Creating, as Pholus is Stationary early next week (1am PDT 28 March).



March 20, 2017

Daniel Scranton sounds right on today…∞the-pleiadian-high-council-of-seven-2/

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom.

“Before you ever set foot on planet Earth for the very first time, you understood that this was a mission.  You understood that Earth had a very special place in the galaxy and that you were embarking upon a very specific mission for all of consciousness.

“You all saw this experience as the greatest possible challenge that you could embark upon.  And while you knew that there would be some very dark times, quite a bit of pain, and a little too much suffering, you stepped right up to it and decided that this was the only place for you to be.

“Now as you began your cycle of lifetimes on planet Earth, you also understood how far you would be able to expand.  You understood that the reward for being on planet Earth was like none other in the galaxy.  And so you feel that the pain and suffering was worth it.  You may not feel it now, from where you stand, but we guarantee you that you feel it on the level of your higher self and your oversoul.

“Your next mission on this journey will be to create a brand new Earthly experience for yourselves and for all future generations, and those experiences will not be about challenges.  The next mission is about experiencing joy and unbridled, unconditional love.  You have come this far in order to feel what it is like to move from the depths of darkness to the heights of ecstasy.

“Now when you decide to embark upon the new mission is up to you.  It is up to you how much longer you play with the third-dimensional rules and when you fully embrace the fifth-dimensional perspective, the fifth-dimensional frequency, the fifth-dimensional experience of reality.  We know that many of you feel ready, and we say to you that you are.  It is all just a matter of opening your heart, letting that be your guide, and forgetting everything that you think you have learned up until this point.

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you.  That is all.”

Skeptical?  Wishful Thinking?  Dangerous Kool-Aid?  Remember that the more Perspectives we can Hold, the greater is our Ability to Cope with different and difficult circumstances.  If your Skepticism arises, Embrace it.  Don’t suppress it.  Yes, this is only one Perspective on Reality – but is it one that you’d Enjoy Choosing?  If it is, then Let it into your Heart.  Give it a Place among your Possible Futures.

I know, it Contradicts with a lot of other Beliefs we have, Consciously and otherwise.  Dealing with Contradiction is a major Portal to Growth in Consciousness.  Contradiction, it we Embrace it, creates Confusion, as if Feels like we’re Forced to Choose.  But Recognize that both Contradiction and being Forced to Choose are Either/Ors, Dualities, and only the mind is Dualistic.  Reality itself is Multifarious and Unitary.  So you know that Contradiction and Forced Choice are about your own Limitation, not about Reality.

Imagine standing in a stairwell.  On the stair you’re on, Contradiction, Forced Choice, and Confusion are like Flies buzzing around your Head in a cartoon.  There’s a landing a couple of steps above you, with an open window.  Go ahead and take those next steps up to the landing, so you can see what’s outside the window and get a breath of Fresh Air.  Leave the Flies behind on the lower step, and just Enjoy the territorial view and the Relaxation of Breathing Clean Air.  

“Raising your Frequency” is just that easy.  You can do it with a small Effort of Will.  Just Imagine a bolus of Energy moving up from your Heart, and moving a foot or two above your Head.  You might Feel a little dizzy, so you may want to sit down.  Pick up a pen with your non-dominant hand, and without Judgment or Effort, write “hello!”  It’ll probably look like a Child wrote it – which is more True than you Imagine.

There are a couple of dominating features in the Equinox chart…

  • While the Golden Rectangle (Big Grace about Recovering our Lost Genius) is weakening as an indicator of the flavor of the Present Moment, it’s still very strong as an indicator of the flavor of the Projects you’re Creating, especially your own Rebirth.
  • The Klotho-Sedna Yin Gate (Building a New Timeline or Ego Based on a New Relationship to Fear) is still very much in effect.
  • The Moon (Manifestation) sits between Ixion (Our Forbidden Genius) and Saturn (The Most Important Thing) at the moment the Sun enters Aries, Emphasizing and Potentiating our Recovery.
  • Jupiter-Haumea (Expansive Rebirth) sit at the focus of a Septile Yod (Big Moment in Timing), with Ceres-Mnemosyne (Remembering what’s Sustainable) and Pallas-Chiron-Moira (Feeling that it’s a Fateful Time to Radically Change our Relationship to Pain) as the base.

Can you see the Relationship between these astrological features and Daniel’s Channeling?

Self-Love and Genius

March 17, 2017

As usual, Michael Roads is right in tune with the “Stars,” writing in his “365 steps to a happier more conscious life” email ( as if for the simultaneous Stations (Strengthenings) of Ixion (Forbidden Genius) and Sappho (Self-Love)…

“There is no higher-Self and lower-self; there is only Self

“As I have often written, Self is who you are.  When I refer to self, this is the aspect that relates to separation and identity.  Some people call this the ego-self.  The problem with this is that these people often indulge in attacking their ego, claiming that the ego must die before Self can be realised.  This is nonsense.

“It is Love that brings freedom from the illusion, and Love does not attack any aspect of who you are to achieve this.  Love and accept yourself for who you are, the way you are, right now.  Treat identity-self lovingly, gently, and with great care.  Always, always, always . . . choose Love!”

Ixion was the psychopath of the Greek Pantheon, creating all manner of cultural havoc until Zeus cornered him.  Rather than punish Ixion though, Zeus, liking Libertarian males as the Founder and Archetype of Patriarchy, gave Ixion a second chance.  With that second chance, Ixion set out to seduce Zeus’s wife Hera.  That Zeus didn’t tolerate, so Zeus bound Ixion to the Sun, to forever spin across the Sky in Fire.

Of course the behavior Zeus couldn’t tolerate in others, was exactly the behavior that Zeus perpetrated repeatedly on other women.  Some authors attribute upwards of 150 children to Zeus in the various versions of Greek Iconography.  This is a good example of the “Funhouse Mirror” through which we see our selves.  If it occurred to Zeus that Ixion was simply Mirroring Zeus’s own behavior, then Zeus becomes a bit of a tyrant, reserving those sorts of Adventures only for himself.

More likely, Zeus failed to recognize the Mirroring, as we are wont to do when we Judge others for the behaviors or attitudes that we are unable to Witness in our self because it would conflict with our Limiting Beliefs, or trigger the Held Emotions that we’re unwilling to tolerate.  An illustration of how our Judgments, when exposed to the Light, are doorways into our Stuck places.  Hence the punishment of being strapped to the Sun, to the Light, and hence the burning Pain of Ego Death from Spiritual Fire.

Here is some excellent Perspective on one of the greatest tricks of the Patriarchy and Power-Over in general, a behavior which for some weird reason people are naming “Gaslighting.”  In my day it would simply have been called a Mindfuck, but that may not be polite enough for the DSM…

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Gaslighting is illustrated here…

In the process of Zeus’s punishment of Ixion, Ixion grandfathered the Centaurs, Equine-Huper hybrids – Zeus fashioned a Cloud in the image of Hera, and the father of the Centaurs was the result of Ixion’s tryst with the Cloud.  We’ll let your own imagination play with any Atlantean metaphors about the Cloud that our Computers mate with today.  Of course our most famous Centaur is Chiron, master of Pain and Miracle, and metaphor for Separation.

An interesting and very useful Perspective on Chiron, from…

“…a dream message from a guide who called himself The Hierophant.  His message was to ‘follow the 8 winds’ and he also said, ‘Within a moment you will be changed.’  My research indicated that the Hierophant was a typical part of the tarot deck often also known as the High Priest.  Further, he can also be known as Chiron, the wounded healer.  Further research showed the 8 winds as a reminder to avoid attachment to those things which are very desirous while also not avoiding things that are very painful.”

The Hierophant stands for the Fifth Harmonic – Learning and Teaching, while the Eighth Harmonic is about “alignment and balance” and “piercing the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception” (Angie Arrien, Tarot Handbook, p.55).  The part about “the 8 winds as a reminder to avoid attachment to those things which are very desirous while also not avoiding things that are very painful,” in addition to being the core of Liberation from Archetypes, is for me an intriguing addition to the concept of Rebalancing.  

And “Within a moment you will be changed” is the hallmark of Chiron, as the Leap from Despair to Miracles that results from the successful Shift to a New Perspective that, for instance, Poor-Sweethearting can accomplish.  

It also sheds further Light on the Mjolnir or Thor’s Hammer (a third planet at the Far Midpoint of a Square) as Lightning or Epiphany, since the Mjolnir is a pair of Trioctiles, or the combination of the Third (Love with Wisdom) and Eighth Harmonics.  A Waning Trioctile is after all a Quinoctile, combining the Fifth and Eighth rhythms.

Cutting the Cloth VII and Aries Week II

March 16, 2017

In the arenas where we’ve achieved or otherwise enjoy some sort of Mastery, the sense of relative Control feels exquisite.  But then there are the other arenas of Life.  And it’s not actually about Control, it’s about Surrender.  It Feels to me like we’re already into “Aries Week” – time to reread… 

Bottom Line…

It’s all about Healing, but if we’re Ego-Attached to any of our Wounds [or any of our Achievements], the Healing Crisis will have to involve Ego Death.  It wouldn’t be surprising if this is what we Took Birth for…  We could easily make the case that the primary astroEnergy bathing us in late 2016 and early 2017 [and especially in late March] is a Struggle between Fear and Self-Love.  Love is Soft and Warm, Fear is Cold and Hard.  Love Heals, Fear is the Foundation for continued Separation and Pain.  “Love” means Unconditional Love.  The sort of Love that Expects something in Return is another category altogether.”

If we’re Struggling to Manifest something and it’s not working, we have to Love Ourself for that too.  How do we Love a Wound without Expecting something – like Healing for instance – in Return?  Lots of Tapping, perhaps?  Poor-Sweethearting the part of ourself that’s craving the Healing?  Looking into the Funhouse Mirror to see if there are other things we’re actually craving more than Healing?  Other cravings which may be holding back the Healing – or which the Universe thinks we need to Heal more than what our Ego wants to Heal, and It’s just using the Frustrating Wound to get our Attention?

The contest this week and next probably isn’t directly about Self-Love versus Fear; it’s probably more about Self-Love versus Self-Abandonment and Self-Doubt.  We have very Powerful Skills we aren’t using – we may not even be Aware of them – and the Universe may be Teasing us our Frustration, trying to get our Ego to open up to the unseen.  If you find Confusion, know you’re on the right track.  Don’t try to Disfuddle yourself; instead, Relax into the Confusion.  

Don’t-Know Beginners Mind is where we want to Be.  It’s all about Letting Go of Expectations and Judgments.  As Michael Roads says (From Illusion to Enlightenment p.94),”I need you to fully realize that you cannot change and remain the same.”  You could also be Feeling Pressure from Others.  Dealing with their Expectations and Judgments is a whole ‘nother story, especially if you Let them have Power Over you, or if they Want Power Over you.  

Sappho – Self-Love – has its 26 March Station and turns Back before it reaches Lilith, but the Station is Conjunct (Merged With) Lilith – Self-Sovereignty.  It will be mid-November by the time Sappho catches up with Lilith again, but the Initiation is intriguing – 2 Capricorn, “Three rose windows in a Gothic church, one damaged by war: The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.”

The 25 March Station of Ixion – Forbidden Genius – is also still Conjunct Saturn – Focus, or what we usually refer to as The Most Important Thing, since it implies suspending all priorities of lesser import.  The nascent Saturn-Ixion Cycle began mid-February at 26 Sagittarius, “A flag bearer in a battle” – a flag represents an Identity, particularly a Group Identity.  

Ixion and Saturn are Channeling the Galactic Center here, so we can interpret this as the necessity of moving to our Galactic or “Fifth-Dimension” Identity, the one that emphasizes Collaboration, Cooperation, Respect for All Things, and Shared Abundance, rather than Competition, Success and Failure, Privilege and Abuse, Duality, and Greed.  But we do this by Shifting our Frequency, not by “battle” or “war” or “violence.”

The two Stations bracket Sagittarius – Sappho at the Beginning and Ixion near the End.  Sagittarius is about Letting Go and Letting the Goddess.  So along the way we may be Grieving the Loss of some cherished “Third-Dimensional” Ego props, like Expectation, Judgment, Control, even Mastery.  Try putting Awe in their place.