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Mercury 2

October 21, 2020

It sure seems like we just got through a Moon Out-Of-Bounds, but we’re back in another one now, starting at 12:09 pm PDT 20 October 2020. This one will last till 3:24 am PDT 23 October, almost three days. Later during this MOOB Decade (2020-2030 or so) the Moon will stay OOB for up to five days every two weeks. Emotional Exhaustion, here we come.

In the last post we threatened to talk about the Election-Day Station (Exaggeration) of Mercury (Anal-ysis, Communication), and here we are. In just that tiny drop of interpretation we can already envision the commercial media trotting out their best Dewey headlines, potentially screwing up the Fate of the Comedy Empire even more than it is, if such is possible. Since the Mercury Direct Station occurs at 26 Degrees (of Libra), it’s a chart we Know and (like it or not, have to) Love…

Our Intellect (Mercury) longs for Rebirth (Conjoins dwarf planet Haumea), but it’s Held Back by its Hesitation to Fully Embrace Old Bummers (Opposes dwarf planet Eris). We can’t continue to drag around being Bummed out by Imaginary Futures projected from the Dregs of a Past that still clings to us like yesterday’s undercooked Scrambled Eggs. The Future isn’t Created yet, but as we speak we’re Manifesting the Energy that will Create it, and the more we Allow ourself to Focus on What We Don’t Want, the more the Future will be a Bummer for us.

Which doesn’t mean we can just Change our Energy the way we Change our Decisions or our jackets (though Poor-Sweethearting is always a possibility – we can go to Plan B if it doesn’t work). First we have to sweet-talk Eris to get him to disclose his Secrets, then we have to be Loving and Gentle with what he Reveals. If his Secrets were Fun, we’d have had no reason to Shelter our Ego from them. So we may be in a Held-Emotion situation, where we’re being Confronted with Emotions that We’d Rather Die Than Feel. The Ego will usually go to great lengths to conceal those from us, since the Ego’s job is to keep us Alive.

This Standoff between our Intellectual Desire for Rebirth (Mercury-Haumea) and our Ego’s Emotional Protectiveness (Opposite Eris) Challenges (T-Squares) two other Energies. First there’s the Priority-Confidence-Trance Energy (Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto) that we’ve been working with for a while, where we either Struggle to maintain our Self-Confidence under a Trance we haven’t Chosen, or we Choose a possibly-suboptimal Trance that does Allow us to remain Confident. And second there’s our Inclusiveness (asteroid Hopi or Respect for All Things). It’s not unusual that What We’re Denying has something to do with our Experiences around Inclusiveness – even Sibling Rivalry would be an example.

In the Blessings Department, we have five of six planets Aligned into what would be a Grand-Sextile (six planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, meaning Excellent access to Grace), indicating that the Energies of these five planets Harmonize Naturally. The five are Mercury–Haumea, Eris, Ixion (our Hidden Genius), Karma (Karma or Innate Habits), and the Conjoined dwarf planets Asbolus and Chaos (Intuition about our Unlimited Potential).

These Patterns always turn out to be more Effortless if we can find planets or Stars to fill in the sixth position in the Grand Sextile – otherwise we have to try to generate the Vacant Energy Consciously ourself. In this case there are plenty or planets and Stars in the Vacancy, and especially in this context they foretell a very interesting Script…

First there’s asteroid Damocles – Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop, or more literally, for the Sword to Fall on our Head. The Damocles Story is about a Leader always being in Danger of having to repay a Political Debt to someone he’s Wronged. I can think of at least one party who’s very much camped under that Sword, and one can make a good case for an entire Senate sitting in that chair.

Second, there’s the Star Deneb Algedi, which is associated with The Hero’s Journey. Is that our Hero’s Journey, or the Candidates? It’s certainly ours with regard to keeping our Focus on What We Want, in the sense that our Thoughts and Emotions are Creating the Future as we Speak, and Learning to Manifest Directly by Conscious Attention to our Mental and Emotional Energies is arguably one of the most important elements of any Hero’s Journey.

And third, asteroid Kassandra is also there. The Mythic Kassandra was given the Sight, but because she Betrayed a Promise, she was also given the “gift” of Never Having Her Prophesies Believed. As a gambler, she could have used that to become very Wealthy, but there are also a zillion ways to become a Victim in that context, if she Reacted Emotionally. In the Myth she did the latter, but recall that a purpose of Myth is to reveal the places where we have Great Power if we Choose to become Conscious.

When we combine this with the Saturn-Chariklo-Pluto emphasis on Confidence, I read this as a clear Suggestion that we can Create the Future We Want to Live In by Being Conscious of our Thoughts and Emotions, and Choosing to be Confident about steering them in the direction of the way we would like to Feel after the Election results are in.

Confidence Game

August 17, 2020

In the 18 August 2020 (7:41 pm PDT) New Moon (in 27 Leo) chart, The Most Important Thing (Saturn) is our Confidence (Chariklo) that our Species can Rebirth itself (Haumea) and Act (Mars) on the other side of Denial (Eris) and Codependence (Lilith)(That is, a Saturn-Chariklo T-Square across the Opposition between Haumea and Mars-Eris-Lilith.)  Worth repeating…

The Most Important Thing is our Confidence that our Species can Rebirth itself and Act on the other side of Denial and Codependence.

They call Grifting a “Con Game” because more than anything, Hupers are Attracted to Confidence.  We’re Programmed to Give Away our Power to those who Project Confidence.  Without our own Confidence we waste our Energy and Creativity on Worry and Negative Thoughts and Emotions, and Negative Thoughts and Emotions Create What We Don’t Want, because the Energy we Project is the precursor of What We Manifest, and if our Energies are Negative our Manifestations will be Unsatisfying.  So we need to “Pretend” like it’s all going to Work Out, and that we’re heading pell-mell for 5D.

It’s actually more complex than Pretending, because when we Pretend we don’t really Believe it, and we need to Believe it.  Do we need to go into that here, or does everyone understand how that works?

As is common of late, we have Almost-Great-Grace (an Almost-Grand-Sextile), but we find two Major Stars and an asteroid to Fill In the Vacancy and Manifest the Grace.  The Vacancy contains (1) the Star Deneb Algedi that symbolizes a Benefic Ruler – which would be a Refreshing Change, (2) the Star Sadalsuud that means “The Luckiest of the Lucky” (Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.308) – Hooray!  And (3) asteroid Damocles.

So yes, that Sword dangling over our Head is the Antichrist, the object of our “Pretending,” or rather our Passionate, Frequent, and Prolonged Focus on How We’ll Feel when We Have a Benefic Leader, because that’s what’s likely to Create our Confident Belief in that circumstance.

The part about Action on the Other Side of Denial and Codependence is Critical because the Antichrist knows that Denial Creates a Reality, and knows very well how to Maintain the Illusion that it’s Real.  The disadvantage of Denial is that it eventually crumbles under the weight of its own Falsehood, and our Confidence will facilitate that crumbling.

Codependence Creates a Reality of Self-Rejection in favor of the Truth of Others.  The Definition of Conservatism is Trust in Authority – which is Codependence on Steroids.  Trust in the Illusion of Authority that the Antichrist Projects is one of the tools of his Deceit.  And Trust in Authority is how the Planet-Destroying Wetiko sickness is maintained and strengthened by the Status Quo.  We blow through that Mirage by Rooting Out our own Temptations to Give Away our Power to Others, and to Obsolete Paradigms and Memes.