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Manifesting in 3D and 5D II

February 3, 2019

This conversation between John Matthews and his Sidhe guest is an excellent summary of 5D Manifestation…

” ‘Everything has Spirit.  You have Spirit.  Stones have Spirit.  The very air has Spirit.  Thus, if the spirit within you can speak to the spirit within another, then you can create a link that enables you to combine the two within one.  In this way you can bring about changes that are very subtle.  You could, for example, change your form by establishing a link with a creature.

” ‘So long as it was willing to sustain the exchange between you, you would become the creature and the creature would, in a certain sense, become you.  It is a matter of overcoming otherness.  The identity which we all possess, Sidhe, animal, humankind, is only a matter of outer form. 

” ‘The reality of Spirit is much deeper and more constant, since it does not require form of itself.  This is the importance of reestablishing contact between yourselves and the spirit within everything.  Once you have reconnected your own scattered selves, this should be a natural outcome.

“So you are saying that what we call ‘magic’ is the manipulation of spirit?

” ‘Not manipulation.  We are all part of a process that has no end – though I understand that this may be a difficult concept for your kind, who see yourselves as finite beings.  Part of the process is to establish the deepest possible link between all things, all aspects of life.

” ‘When this occurs, it occurs naturally, and the cooperation between each aspect of Spirit is such that there is no manipulation involved.  You might wish to raise a heavy object such as a stone.  To do so you need the agreement of the stone and the fellowship of the stone with your own spirit.  Together, in harmony, the stone may then be moved. 

” ‘In this sense all things that are incarnate are part of the whole – many among your kind have already recognized this, but have been unable to move to the next stage.  Once the understanding of this relationship is truly in place, you must be ready to move forward by applying the knowledge to your lives.’

“How can we do that?

” ‘I am aware that this is a difficult thing for you to grasp.  Try to think of everything around you as sharing in a larger state of being that is all inclusive.  This does not mean that you have no individual reality, any more than it means that for us. 

” ‘Simply, it gives us both access to a level of reality that is different from the one you experience daily.  One of your wise men once said that all form was illusion and in some way he was right.  The outer shape assumed by all beings at the moment of incarnation is far more subtle than is generally understood by your race.’ “

–John Matthews, The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld, pp.49-51.

So, if we’re thinking about Manifestation, we have to ask, Where is dwarf planet Makemake in all this?  Well, it stuttered a bit between Virgo and Libra in 2013 and 2014, before moving into Libra “for good” (ie, for about thirty years) in mid-2015.  The Aries-Virgo half of the Zodiac is about Being.  The Libra-Pisces half is about Relationship.  Makemake is now at 6 Degrees of Libra, so it’s already moved through the Libra and Scorpio Duads (two-and-a-half Degrees) and is in the Sagittarius Duad.

The Libra Duad of Libra (first 2½ Degrees) is about Relating to Relationship, or Discovering the Existence of Other as Distinct from Self.  The Scorpio Duad (second 2½ Degrees) is about Relating to the Truth of Other rather than the Exterior Form.  The Sagittarius Duad (5 to 7½ Degrees) concerns Letting Go of our Preconceptions and Expectations so we can move more deeply into Relating to the Spirit of Other.  Is this relevant to the Now?


Tomorrow’s New Moon features an Almost-Grand Quintile – four of five planets that would be more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiacal Loop.  The Quintile is about Learning and Teaching, and a Grand Quintile indicates unusually good Opportunities for Learning.  When a Zodiac-spanning Configuration is Almost, lacking one corner, we have the Opportunity to harvest the Boon of the complete Configuration by Consciously Adding the Energy of the Vacancy.

In this case that’s 13 Taurus, “A porter carrying heavy baggage.”  That would be the 3D part.  Yes, we certainly need to deal with Heavy Baggage – our Karmic Held Emotions – to the extent that we haven’t already.  Otherwise, as John’s Sidhe friend pointed out, it’s not going to be about Heavy Lifting any more.

The four extant corners of the Almost-Grand-Quintile are the North Node (our Lifetime Mission), Makemake (Manifestation), Jupiter (Expansion), and our recent (1 February) Sign-Changer Vesta (Beliefs).  So the Heavy Baggage we’ll be Confronting is our Emotional Beliefs – kind of an aggressive introduction to Vesta in Pisces.  Vesta asks, Who Do You Worship?  Who do you most Respect?  Who provides your Bottom-Line Guidance?  Do you ever have any Doubt?

You can see the connection to the New Moon in the chart – the New Moon (Celebrating New Energy) makes a Trine Bridge (Easy Path) across the Jupiter-Sappho/Asbolus Opposition (Expanding our Intuitive Self-Love).  How does our Intuitive Self-Love Relate to our Beliefs?  As we’ll see in the next post, this Opposition is the base of a Neptune (Confusion) T-Square (Challenge), and this Challenge to our Appreciation of Confusion – as the first stage of Growth, is the Power Point of the New Moon.

The New Moon is at the Midpoint of Aquarius.  The Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio) are represented by the four Royal Stars of Persia, Aquarius by the Star Formalhaut, which…

“contains a touch of the mystic, a sense of magic, and inspires high ideals or lofty visions… it bestows charisma, beauty, or perfect harmony.  An individual [or a New Moon] with Formalhaut strong in their natal chart will have to clash with mainstream thought in order to achieve these ideals.

“If the ideal is a noble cause, the person will find personal happiness or success for the benefit of the collective.  However, if the ideals or dreams are corrupt in any way, then the downfall is total.  The challenge of people strongly influenced by Formalhaut is to maintain the purity of their ideals or dreams.”

–Bernadette Brady, Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars, p.197

Such is the nature of our Adventures with our Held Emotions and our Response to Confusion.  Our Concepts about what makes the World tick are among the most fundamental of our Beliefs, and Growth in Consciousness is not possible until we Transcend those Limitations.  Resisting the Temptation to Figure It Out, and Learning to Bask in Confusion for its own sake, as an Emotion to be Embraced rather than Squelched, Controlled, Corrected, Suppressed, or Overruled, is Task Number One here.


The Rose above the Sky

May 9, 2017

Let’s look a little more at that Grand Quintile.  Here’s one without all of the other Action in its chart…

It’s a Pentagram, traditional symbol of Magic.  It’s actually pointing down, which sometimes implies Black Magic.  But as we said in the previous post, the whole diagram will turn upside down in twelve hours, so there’s little meaningfully permanent about the pointing.  If there’s anything to the Black part, it’s bad luck or evil intent for the West Coast of the US, as the chart is even rotated for other locations at the same time.

The Full Moon occurs around 3pm PDT, which is the equivalent of 2pm PST.  Since Hawaii is two hours earlier than Pacific Time, the Sun will be close to directly overhead in Hawaii – and the Pentagram will be pointing straight up.

The classic symbol of five-symmetry is the Rose Family, which includes this Apple (a future Fuji), blooming as we speak…

The Rose and Pentagram have always been associated with Venus and the Heart, because the Zodiacal locations of the Heliacal Rising of Venus over eight years plot a perfect Hexagram.  The “Heliacal Rising” of a planet or Star occurs when it first becomes visible again after being hidden by being too close to the Sun.  The ancients measured the seasons of the year by keeping track of the Heliacal Rising of various Stars.

I read today that the process of Learning floods the brain with a particular protein, and that this protein confuses the brain’s reward center, disrupting Addictions.  The same can apply to Archetypes, since our Karmic or Childhood Programming Unconsciously expects a positive reward when we’re Obedience to an Archetype we’re Entranced to.  Liberation from an Archetype is by far the most important type of Learning, since it’s Life-Changing.  And Entrancing someone to a Archetype, such as Nationalism, would be a good case of Black Magic.

Let’s isolate the Grand Decile.  A Decile Angle is one tenth of the Zodiacal Loop, so a Grand Decile has ten planets equally spaced ’round the Circle…

If that reminds you of a Rose it’s no coincidence; with five-symmetry the double Rose has five petals in each layer.  Fortune, the Tenth Harmonic, is related to Learning mostly through Liberation from Archetypes, as Liberation allows us to respond Neutrally to circumstances and Witness Reality more clearly.  Left-brain Learning, which involves only the accumulation of Information and not Liberation, also clogs the brain’s reward center – Jung always said that people whose primary approach to Life is through Thinking, are irrational, because not being in touch with their Heart, they Act according to their thoughts rather than their Values.

There is a reason why astrology considers the Fifth Harmonic a “Minor” Angle, aside from the fact that you can’t instantly spot them because they share the same Degree of their respective Signs, as you can with “Major” Angles.  It’s much more difficult to gain Power Over someone who runs their Life from their Heart rather than their “Head.”  Thinking is usually associated with the Head because Left-Brain Mythology attributes thought to the brain.  In Energy Reality, thinking is assigned to the Third Chakra, the Solar Plexus, not the brain.

In order to Power-Over a “Head”-centered person, all we need to do is match their Archetypal Programming with our Propaganda or Rhetoric.  To Power-With a Heart-centered person, we need to demonstrate that we share their Values.  We may be able to direct our Propaganda to their Values, but a Heart-centered person is much more likely to be in touch with their Intuition and Instincts, which would allow them to know our Intentions.

The more we uses our Quintiles to Break Free of our Archetypes, the more directly we Witness Reality.  When we’re Entranced by an Archetype, that’s all we see – the rest of the Universe is projected onto the outer screen of the Archetype.  The more Archetypes entangle us, the less we see of what goes on behind the curtain.  It’s the greater detection of Reality which allows the Tenth Harmonic to represent Manifestation – which is more difficult when we can’t see the levers and pulleys and cobwebs and Energies that connect the elements of hardcopy Reality.

Crystals do not exhibit five-symmetry, but there are several Powerful Stones named after the Rose, such as this Rose Quartz, a Stone representing the Heart…

Another “Minor” Angle that we use is the Quincunx, which connects two planets that are five Signs apart, or five twelfths of the way ’round the Loop.  The Fifth Harmonic is Learning, and the Twelfth Harmonic Pattern-Breaking, and the Quincunx combines the two – into Curiosity.  This is the source of Power in the Yin Gate – which, with it’s four Quincunxes arranged in two adjacent Xs, introduces us to Paradox or Non-Dual thinking.

And while the Grand Quintile, if used properly, can lead us to Archetype-Busting, the “Grand Unx” (an “Unx” is one twelfth of something), with twelve planets equally spaced around the Zodiac, will almost certainly Bust up some Archetypes and other Addictions.  Here’s a look at the 16 May chart, when the Moon and the Nodes add the final two aligned Oppositions to the four in our Gods and Goddesses Full Moon chart ( to complete a loose Grand Unx…

We’ve drawn in the Unxes and Quincunxes in light green.  From the Perspective of traditional astrology, there’s a problem with this chart.  The twelve positions vary from 22 to 30 Degrees; that’s eight Degrees of Sensitivity, a span that traditional Astrology would only allow for Major Angles in birth charts.  Even in birth charts, the maximum Sensitivity permitted for Minor Angles is three Degrees.

Well, recall that many times we’ve said that Permanent Curiosity (as in Awe and Wonder rather than “Gotta Figure It Out”) is akin to Love because both eschew Judgment.  If we can break our Addiction to Figuring It Out, the Quincunx actually leads us to this space of Non-Judgment, aka Neutrality, aka Enlightenment, aka Ascension.  Maybe we should call it “Unconditional” Curiosity, to parallel Unconditional Love.  In a Relationship, Love dies when Curiosity is replaced by Certainty and Judgment.

So in our Perspective, there’s nothing Minor about a Quincunx – it’s one of the more Major Angles on Reality.  We can say the same for the the Archetype-Busting Quintile and Unx, and for that matter the Septile.  The Septile (Seventh Harmonic) is about Timing – not wasting our Energy when the moment is not ripe, and Acting Decisively when it is – like France’s own new “JFK” apparently has.  We hope he fares better than JFK did.  Well, it turns out that Timing is critical in everything, including Curiosity and Unconditional Love.  It’s Timing that resolves the unsettling apparent Conflicts between Unconditional Love of Other and Unconditional Love of Self.

So we don’t argue that this chart may not be fully descriptive of the Present Moment come 16 May.  But if the Unx and Quincunx are Major Angles, as we aver, then we regard the chart as fully applicable to Projects begun under its watch, including the Rebirths that have been scheduled for us.


Full Moon Configuration IVb

April 11, 2017

Here’s a good Crystal Cluster to facilitate Openness to Learning and Curiosity… 

The pink Crystals are called Inesite, a Calcium Manganese Inosilicate.  Silicates can be structured in a number of ways; in an inosilicate the Silicate groups are arranged in chains, in Inesite double chains, like a necklace.  Enlarge the photo to full screen to appreciate how the individual Crystals relate to one another.  

Full Moon Configuration IV

April 11, 2017

Lets look at another Big Configuration that uses the Sedna-Mars-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium from the Full Moon segment of the Full Moon chart that we’ve just discussed, and the Eurydike asteroid from the Hylonome Station segment which we’ll map out soon,  This is a Grand Quintile

The Quintile or Fifth Harmonic is about Learning.  A Grand Quintile tells us that the Learning Lamp is Lit and burning brightly.  We put Grand in front of a Configuration when it fills up the Zodiac.

Unlike the “major” Angles, the endpoints of Quintiles don’t fall in the same Degrees.  360 divided by 5 is 72, or 2.4 Signs.  They’re often ignored because they aren’t as easy to spot as the multiples-of-30-Degrees Angles.

At a glance we can see that the weightiest corner of this Grand Quintile stands out like the proverbial sore thumb – the Sedna-Mars-Ceres-Mnemosyne Stellium.  (A Stellium is a group of three or more planets.)  So let’s start there.

With thanks to a reader for the Inspiration, we’ve decided that Our Response to Fear is a much better interpretation of Sedna than just Fear.  We could put any Fear-and-Anger-related interpretation we wanted on it, but the only valid reasons I can think of for interpreting it as Fear itself are naivete and Power-Over.  If I said we need to be Scared Shitless (Sedna) about Anger (Mars), would that serve us?

Now if someone is in serious Denial about their Anger issues, it’s possible that they could use this Stellium to Manifest that.  But who among us is there?  And would it actually be useful to suggest that?  No, it would be much more useful to say that we want to Be Mindful about How We Respond to Fear and Anger, and in particular Consider the Sustainability of our Actions (Mars-Ceres) in this context, and Look to See If Current Situations Remind us of Anything (Mnemosyne).

As Michael Roads suggests, if someone runs into the back of your car while texting, you should treat them to lunch.  His reasoning is that since there are no accidents, this must be one in a long Chain of Karmic Reactions, and by substituting a “random” act of kindness we Revert the ancient Spell.  So it behooves us to review every less-than-perfect event to see what the Chain might be, so we can Revert.

This is a Grand Quintile, so we can say that the Stellium is Collaborating with the other four elements to Teach Us to Be Mindful about How We Respond to Fear and Anger, Consider the Sustainability of our Actions, and Look to See If Current Situations Remind us of Anything, then Review the Circumstances of our Memories for Opportunities to Let Go of Repeating Patterns We No Longer Need.

And what of the other four elements?  It’s a Powerful collection – asteroid Eurydike (Trust), Jupiter (Expansion), Saturn (Attention), and Neptune (Material Confusion but Spiritual Clarity).  

  • Let’s start with the last, Neptune.  We’ve all been Learning and Practicing to Recognize Confusion and Reframe it as the Beginnings of Growth in Consciousness, right?.  We’ve been talking about that for years.
  • The paired “twins” Jupiter (Extroversion, Expansion) and Saturn (Introversion, Contraction) suggest that We’ll Be Learning to Make Our Boundaries Looser or Tighter on the Fly as We Learn to Become More Sensitive to Confusion, Fear, and Anger.  
  • And Eurydike implies that We’ll Be Learning to Trust our Instincts rather than our Opinions about What’s Going On Moment to Moment in our Lives.

All of which sounds like a fabulous Gift, as long as we’re Alert for situations that appear to be the Opposite of what we’ve suggested, as those will be the “Paper Tigers” that we can Choose not to React to.  

Karma is dead; all we need to do to Confront our Obsolete Patterns – which include any and all Patterns that don’t reinforce our Self-Love and improve our Quality of Life – is to Recognize them and Respond Differently then we’ve been Reacting since Forever.  Then, the next step is to build in Repetitions of exactly this, so our old Habits are completely Replaced.  If you’re Alert, it’s actually easier done than said.

Michael Roads (“365 Steps” email; see gives us some Perspective…

“Freedom is not where you are, or even what you are doing; it is all based in your relationship with yourself.

“You could be on an island paradise, with every luxury at your fingertips, every wish fulfilled, but even all this luxury has nothing to do with freedom.  Most likely you would simply want more!  Freedom is truly based in your relationship with yourself.  

“If you Love yourself, you could experience freedom in a prison cell.  Your body can be confined, but not your spirit-Self; and freedom truly is a spiritual experience.  You can be free within duty to others, within a regular routine, within business, because true freedom is a within-self experience.  I also need to state that endless ‘wants’ curtail and limit any relationship with freedom.”

My New Favorite ‘Roid

February 4, 2016

As our Chief Asteroid Officer Elizabeth points out, the chart of tomorrow’s Sedna Station is fascinating and very Powerful.  We’ll go into detail about that in a minute, but for now let’s skip directly to the punchline.  The key to the chart (in the sense that it unlocks the Energy in the chart) is an asteroid named Hopi, after a group of Native Americans descended from the Aztecs, whose worldview is based on total reverence and respect for all things.  To me, that’s a great start.

When you equally space four planets around the Wheel of the Zodiac, it’s called a Grand Cross.  The essence of the Grand Cross is Motivation.  Normally, when two planets are a fourth of the way ’round the Wheel from each other, it’s a Challenge.  We call it a Challenge to Mastery, because it Motivates to constant improvement, though seen through the Perfectionist’s eye, it often feels Frustrating.  

But when you position four planets in this way, they’re in Balance, and we simply don’t have time to indulge the Perfectionist’s eye, because we’re too busy scurrying from one Challenge to the next that we seldom stop to think about it.  So the Grand Cross is the ultimate in perpetual Motivation.  Most Grand Cross people are Superachievers.

If you equally space three planet around the Zodiac, it’s called a Grand Trine – Trine as in three.  The essence of the Grand Trine is Grace; we often refer to it as “Dumb-Luck” Grace, because it flows so effortlessly and automatically.  Remember those people you grew up with who were “naturals” at something?  You may have had to work your butt off at it, but to them it was as natural as Breathing.  Those are the Grand Trine people.

Till they figure out that other people have their own natural and acquired Skills, a Grand Triner can even be a bit arrogant, thinking “this is so Easy – what’s wrong with them?”  They usually outgrow that pretty early, as soon as they’re involved in a Team and realize that everyone has their Role.

You know those people who Accomplish so much that you can’t comprehend how they do it?  Well, some of them are just good at taking credit for other people’s work.  But some of them were born with a Grand Cross AND a Grand Trine.  There’s a fellow who dropped out of Stanford on his second day there, started PayPal, sold it, bought a disused GM plant and started making fancy electric cars, and now he launches satellites for NASA on his homemade rockets – successfully!  

They say he knows as much about rocket science as the experienced engineers he hires.  His next act will be to reduce the cost of space travel by 99%, on his way to colonizing Mars.  He has a big Grand Cross and three Grand Trines in his Nativity.  These “Grand” Configurations are the Cat’s Meow in astrology – if you want to be the Successful Extrovert your Mother always wanted, that is.  The “Grand” Configurations are there for you – you don’t have to Work at them.  The represent prenatal Alignments in your Psyche that makes Life easier.

For the last week we’ve been experiencing a Grand Septile – seven planets equally spaced around the Loop in a Seven-Rayed Fairy Star.  The essence of such a Grand Septile is Magic – Timing, really, knowing when the moment is right to Act with the utmost Power and Effectiveness without wasting any of your Energy.  Our Stanford-dropout rocket-scientist friend has most of a Grand Quintile too – five equally space planets arrayed around the Zodiac – Mastery of Learning.

When you have six planets equally spaced around the Circle, it’s called a Grand Sextile, and its essence is Harmony and Ease.  Not Work, but Love.  Like the Grand Trine, it symbolizes Grace, but not dumb-luck Grace.  Rather, it’s about taking the first step to start Energy moving in the direction you want it to move.  It’s the Patron Configuration for our adventures with PIAVA.  A Grand Sextile has two Grand Trines embedded in it.

The Discovery chart for this asteroid Hopi, my new favorite asteroid, has both an Grand Cross and a Grand Sextile in it, plus a third Grand Trine – an excellent Energy for Manifesting total reverence and respect for all things!  And the chart for Sedna’s Station tomorrow has a Grand Cross and a Grand Sextile – if you include the asteroid Hopi!  Hopi completes the Grand Sextile.  Do you remember what was in the bottom of Pandora’s Box, that didn’t fly away when the lid came off?

Oh, and did we mention that the asteroid Pandora is there with Hopi too?  What a “Coincidence”!  Along with the asteroids Sappho and Arachne.  Arachne is particularly appropriate, since in the Hopi Mythology it was Spider Grandmother who wove the Universe.

What all this means, is that any projects we started this week, or start Thursday or Friday or this weekend, will fly like a rocket!  Full of Motivation, full of Love, full of Ease and Grace, and full of natural Effortless Alignment.  If we’ve invested any time and Energy into Embracing the places where Fear arose, that will amplify our Endeavor even more.

Now it’s time to remind you about our usual format here.  Left-justified bold italic type is meant to communicate with anyone.  If you know a little astrology, or if you want to learn some by osmosis, then read the indented “normal” type – we talk more about the actual astrology there.  If we need to define any technical astrological terms, we’ll do it in doubly-indented italic type.  We use the Fuchsia type for emphasis.  So now let’s talk about the actual astrology…

The Grand Cross in the Sedna-Station chart includes an Opposition between dwarf planets Chaos and Ixion (the Unlimited Potential of our Abandoned natural Genius), Square to the Nodes.  Jupiter is on the North Node, and Chiron on the South (Drop your Karma and Expand your Desires by Reframing your bummers).  For additional Motivation there are also an Asbolus T-Square across the Neptune-Orcus Opposition (an Open Window into our Limiting Beliefs), and a Moon-Venus-Pluto T-Square across the Opposition between Lilith and Vesta-Uranus (We can Manifest like Gangbusters by using our Yindependence and by PIAVAing Alignment between our Unconscious Beliefs and our Soul’s Purpose).

In the Grand Sextile, Hopi-Arachne-Pandora-Sappho at the Midpoint of Leo is Trine to Saturn at the Midpoint of Sagittarius and Vesta-Uranus at the Midpoint of Aries (We Create Reverence and Respect for All Things by Trusting our Instinct and Refraining from intellectualizing our Goals).  This Grand Trine is Sextile to the Midpoints of the Air Signs – Lilith in Libra, the Sun in Aquarius, and Chaos in Gemini (It will be a great time to find our Community).  As the corner where the Grand Cross and the Grand Sextile meet, Chaos – symbolizing Unlimited Potential – rules the chart.  In rocket science, the Sky is not the Limit!

Stationary Sedna itself, in Taurus, sits in its own Earth-Sign Grand Trine with Mercury in Capricorn and Jupiter-North Node in Virgo (We Let Go of many Obstacles by Undefining Ourself).  Chiron-South Node in Pisces makes it into a Kite (Empathy for the Orphans!).  In Jupiter-North Node, of course, this Grand Trine also intersects the Grand Cross, providing a secondary focus of Expanding into our Mission and Deepest Desires.

And, five of the seven Rays remain of our Fairy-Star Grand Septile: Jupiter-North Node, Juno-Mars, Chariklo-Hylonome, Vesta-Uranus, and Asbolus.

We’ll look at the Hopi Discovery chart tomorrow.

Gathering No Moss

October 26, 2014

A reader writes…

“Brilliant.  And I will take you up on your kind offer of calculation for the upright / inverted pentacle timing.  Location is South Australia.  I found your site when I noticed a pentagram in my natal chart and have found your perspectives to be eye-opening to say the least.  Would love to get more insight into my chart, but you don’t seem to advertise this service…(?)  Thank you so much for all you do.”

For South Australia, use a starting time of 1:27am ACST, when Sedna crosses the Midheaven.  You can use the same starting time through November 3.  So you’d have, rounding a bit, in Australian Central Standard Time…

  •          Upright Pentacle                Inverted Pentacle
  •     1-2am ACST                        3:30-4:30am
  •    5:45-6:45am                             8-9am
  •  10:30-11:30am                           1-2pm
  •    3:30-4:30pm                      5:45-6:45pm
  •          8-9pm                           10:30-11:30pm

If you want to be more exact, you can add 2:24 over and over again, starting with 1:27am.  Also, I’ve just rounded a bit then added a half hour before and a half hour after, to result in an hour roughly centered on each time when Magic is afoot.  Instead of a half hour, you can add ten minutes or an hour, or any other interval you want, up to 1:12.

And yes, I do readings; I’ll email you about that.  I also have a pentacle in my natal chart.

Another reader, writing from the US East Coast…

“Is there a name for that kind of chart? and is it on  Or can you point me to where I can pull such a chart?  Whenever you write about portals, I always do try be away from or off of work (funny, for a while there it was falling that way that I already was going to be off of work for some reason)  or just simply out of my office, even if I have to go sit in my car so I can relax and focus —- I would like to at least be aware for these peaks too!
Can you advise!!”

Yes, sorry to create frustration; you pretty much need to know how to compute a chart, or have the appropriate software.  But it’s pretty easy for me to look up, since I do have the software.

For Eastern Daylight Time, your start time is midnight, but that’s starting with an Inverse Pentagram.  So the exact Portals would be 12am, 4:48am, 9:36am, 2:24pm, and 7:12pm EDT every day (through November 3) for the Inverted Pentacles (Devolution), and 2:24am, 7:12am, noon, 4:48pm, and 9:36pm EDT for the Upright Pentacles (Ascension).  Give yourself a few minutes to a half hour on either side of those times.  The moments before the exact Portal will likely be stronger than the moments after, so if you want to maximize the impact with the least cost to your schedule, pick a few of the times that are convenient, and relax and focus for the 10-15 minutes prior.

If you have particular interest in one of the members of the pentagram (Sedna, Chiron, North Node, Juno, Mars), choose the time when that member is most prominent.  For instance, Chiron might be of interest, since it’s been acting out for you lately.  Or, you might want to choose a different planet each day.  The daily sequence is…

  • 12am EDT North Node Down
  • 2:24am Sedna Up
  • 4:48am Mars Down
  • 7:12am Juno Up
  • 9:36am Chiron Down
  • noon North Node Up
  • 2:24pm Sedna Down
  • 4:48pm Mars Up
  • 7:12pm Juno Down
  • 9:36pm Chiron Up

You might want to make a note that North Node Down is South Node Up, and North Node Up is South Node Down.  South Node isn’t part of the pentagram, so it won’t prevail, but it will have an impact.  Similarly, Sedna Up is Saturn Down and Sedna Down is Saturn Up.  Saturn’s not in the Star, but it will color our experience of Sedna.  I could give a keyword or two about what to look for at each Subportal, but it will be much better if you approach them without preconceptions or Expectations.

The planets are moving, but they don’t move so far between now and November 3 that the Subportals shift more than a few minutes.

If any of you have calculated the start time for your own time zone, you might consider posting it in a comment, so others in your time zone can take advantage of your work.

When we add the South Node and Saturn, we have seven tenths of a Grand Decile.  That’s subtle, but there is a hint of Abundance in it.

Especially if you have planets in the three Vacancies – Cancer 1, Virgo 13, Aquarius 5, give or take a degree or two.

Learning Opportunities – Portal 10.28-29

October 26, 2014

potent_stripx1_strip2Couple of nice Solar selfies of that big Sunspot.  It is sending out Flairs; it’s just not sending out “Coronal Mass Ejections” or CMEs yet.  Flairs just mess up Earthly communications; CMEs are far heavier.  They are capable of knocking out the (electrical) Power Grid for months or even years, if a big one hits while the Grid is running.  Wouldn’t it be great if a huge one knocked out the Lizard Power Grid.  There are now several satellites that can detect when and where the Sun has belched a big one, and can warn Earth that it’s heading our way, early enough that the electrical Grid can be shut down, minimizing damage.

* * * * *

That gorgeous Grand Pentangle – our “Learning Opportunity” – that we discussed in Mercury Direct 10.25 and illustrated in Mercury Direct 10.25 II – Fantasy has been with us since October 21, peaks on October 28-29, and hangs about until November 3.

Using three degrees of Sensitivity.  We assigned the October 29 peak (12pm PDT) by looking for the exact Quintile between the two fastest planets, Mars and Juno.  The October 28 peak (6am PDT) is when the Moon crosses Mars.

If you know how to cast a chart for your location, here’s a neat trick.

In the picture, the five-pointed Star is pointing straight up – astrologically.  “Straight Up” astrologically is where the arrowhead is, near Mercury-North Node.  That arrowhead (the Midheaven) travels all the way ’round the Zodiac every 24 hours.  It moves counterclockwise.  Having five points or peaks, the Star will point Straight Up five times a day.  In between, though, a different peak will point Straight Down – opposite the arrowhead.

So the Star will point Straight Up every 4 hours and 48 minutes (one fifth of a day), and it will point Straight Down every 4 hours and 48 minutes.  It will take 2 hours and 24 minutes (one tenth of a day) to switch from Straight Up to Straight Down.

So just for the sake of example, let’s say it pointed Straight Up at 12:30pm.  Then it would point Straight Down at 12:30am, 5:18am, 10:06am, 2:54pm, and 7:42pm.  It would point Straight Up at at 2:54am, 7:42am, 12:30pm, 5:18pm, and 10:06pm.  (Check my math!)

A Pentacle pointing Straight Up represents Ascension or Evolution (Steiner), while an Inverse Pentacle pointing Straight Down symbolizes the Descent of Spirit into Matter, or Devolution.

So we could take our Ascending Hours – in the example, 2:24-3:24am, 7:12-8:12am, 12:00-1:00pm, 4:48-5:48pm, and 9:36-10:36pm – and devote them to matters of Ascension: such as…

  • Becoming Conscious of what sabotages us
  • PIAVAing a better understanding of our Mission
  • PIAVAing a Healing for someone who has asked for our Prayers
  • Taking steps to move toward our Deepest Desires
  • Gently Letting Go of our Self-Judgments
  • Inviting Forgiveness for someone

And we could take our Devolving Hours – in the example 12:00-1:00am, 4:48-5:48am, 9:36-10:36am, 2:24-3:24pm, and 7:12-8:12pm – and dedicate them to matters of Devolution:

  • Manifesting what we Want,
  • PIAVAing an end to addiction for ourself or another who has asked us to help
  • PIAVAing an exciting end to a Soul-killing job or relationship
  • Contemplating the Faeries who inhabit Flowers
  • Exploring our Guilt and Shame
  • Owning our Projections

Now, think about those distinctions, the differences between the items in the first list and the items in the second list.  Can you see an obvious distinction, or do they keep flipping back and forth?

Matter Ascending into Spirit and Spirit Descending into Matter are the same thing.  Like day and night, it’s a continuous Cycle, like a Pentacle rolling ’round the Heavens daily.  You can split them apart and make one the back of the hand and the other the palm is you want, but it’s still the same hand.  Duality is never more than an intellectual exercise.

Nevertheless, if you meditate at each of those Hours, you’ll find a distinct difference in their flavors.

The Inverse Pentacle has a reputation for Black Magic.  That’s an excellent topic for Meditation at one of the Descending Hours.  You might uncover some parts of yourself that still believe in Original Sin rather than Original Blessing.  You might realize that Morality is a Duality.  It could be a very productive Hour.

You’ll have to draw up the charts for your location, probably using some trial and error, rotating the charts till you find a time when one of the Star’s peaks points directly at the Midheaven – that is, when one of the planets in the Grand Quintile crosses the Midheaven.  The five planets are Mars, Juno, the North Node, Chiron, and Sedna.  Then you can add and subtract your 2:24’s to and from that starting time.

If you’re willing and have the time to take this seriously, but you don’t have the astrological capability to find the starting times at your location, drop me a comment with your location, and I’ll compute them for you.

Notice the coincidence with the “other” Portal 10.29, the Conjunction of Pandora and Eris, meaning…

It’s no coincidence that what we’re Learning is about material emerging from the Unconscious.  When discomfort confronts you, call time out, look inside, and inquire from whence the discomfort springs.  Don’t even worry about the triggering event in the outside World, this is about You and your Relationship to the Unconscious.  Yes, you have a Personal Unconscious, but the Unconscious is like the Earth, the same massive formation underlies us all, and it’s all connected.

Many people are locking in to their Cultural Unconscious and the Planetary Unconscious instead of their Personal Unconscious.  Take a step backwards.  If you’re merged with your Culture or your Planet, you aren’t Living from your own Heart or Soul, you’re Living from an Archetype, a superpersonal constellation in the Unconscious that has great Power.  Bring your Attention back to YourSelf.  If no other information emerges from the Unconscious here for you Personally, the information that you’re enslaved to an Archetype is a first step toward Freedom.

It’s a Journey to retrieve our Heart from an Archetype.  You feel dedicated to the Archetype, it stands in for your Mission.  But it’s not; it stands between you and your Mission, and the Archetype is complete unto itself.  If you want to improve the Planet you Live on, you need to embark on that Journey, because the Archetype is not going to Change.  Trying to Change the Culture from within the Archetype is not possible, because your Resistance to the Present Moment solidifies the Archetype furthur. 

The keyword here is selfish.  What’s the most selfish thing you can think of?  Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of the World, ask yourself what would please you right now?  Whenever your Attention turns to how dissatisfied you are with the state of yourSelf, embrace yourself the way you are.  Doesn’t mean you need to indulge an addiction.  It means you need to sit with yourself long enough to be able to be completely Loving with yourself right where you are.

The planet Venus is heavily and mystically associated with the Pentangle, because over the course of eight years her five “inferior” Conjunctions with the Sun (when she’s on our side of the Sun) trace out a Pentagram on the Zodiac.

The various line segments in a Five-Pointed Star are all related to one another by Phi, the Golden Angle of Sacred Geometry; each segment in turn is 1.618 times the length of the segment that’s shorter than it.

Phi is a Fifth-Harmonic animal, defined as one divided by one half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five].  One half of the quantity [one plus the square root of five] is equal to approximately 1.618.  One divided by that number is 0.618.  The Phitile, 222-1/2, is 61.8% of the distance ’round the Zodiac.  It symbolizes Completion.  The Opposition is the Blossoming stage of a Cycle, and the Phitile is the Fruiting stage.  After that, we set Seed.

The Golden Angle is not arbitrary; it appears everywhere in biology.  The integration of Matter and Spirit – or rather, the realization that they are mirrors for one another, we are mirrors for one another – is a Fifth-Harmonic affair.  The Fifth Harmonic is about Learning and Teaching; the bottom line is that the ultimate relationship between Spirit and Matter is not something that can be understood through Duality – Learning this relationship is an infinite task.

The Phitile of the Solar Year occurs on November 5, at 13 of Scorpio, “An inventor performs a laboratory experiment” – constant Learning, constant Curiosity.

Mercury Direct 10.25

October 22, 2014

endwellOh no!  Another Learning Opportunity!

The Big Deal about the Direct Station of Mercury at quarter past noon PDT October 25 is a full-fledged Grand Quintile.

A Grand Quintile is formed by five planets equally spaced around the Zodiac.  A Grand Quintile means that there’s a Quintile Yod (PAY ATTENTION to Learning This!) pointing at each of the five planets; it’s a very powerful Configuration.

I’m reminded of a car I saw on the ferry dock one day with a big dent in the door.  Pasted on the dent was a sign that said “Oh no, another Learning Opportunity!”  Unfortunately, that’s how we usually greet the Fifth Harmonic of Learning and Teaching.  Big Fifth-Harmonic Configurations aren’t about Learning that Cashews come from Laos.  We’re more likely to be Learning about what a fool we’ve made of ourself for the last twenty years by doing such-and-such, or how we’ve been sabotaging ourself by failing to do this-and-that. 

Those kinds of things are fabulous things to Learn, as they’ll allow us to turn our Lives in a better direction – but they Hurt when we first notice them.  So we need to be watchful for things that Hurt, especially Hurtful things that Other people say to us, and consider them carefully for any shred of validity.  We don’t want to stay in Denial.  We also need to be gentle with the Hurt; we can’t ignore that either.  But we want to look forward, imagining how much better our Life will become, rather than looking back and dwelling on the Shame of how dumb we’ve been.

Mercury itself turns Direct on the North Node, meaning that what we’ve been studying, knowingly or not, for the last three weeks

(while Mercury was Retrograde)

is our Mission in the Lifetime, aka our Deepest Desires.  It also means that the Station, and the several days thereafter

(while Mercury actually crosses the North Node – that Portal would be open widest at quarter after 4pm PDT on October 29)

should provide good insight into the nature of why we’re here on this Planet just now.

The other four corners of the Grand Quintile are Mars (Action), Chiron (Paradigm Change), Sedna (Self-Sabotage), and Juno (Personal Growth).

In particular, this Bigtime Learning Opportunity can Teach us, if we Open to it, where we sabotage ourself (Sedna), how to locate and shift our deepest Unconscious Negative Beliefs (Chiron) in order to raise our Conscious Awareness (Juno), how to Act to Change them (Mars) so we’re moving toward our Deepest Desires and most fulfilling Lifetime Mission (North Node), and how to remember these Changes so we don’t regress (Mercury).

Since the Stationary Mercury is Conjunct the North Node, it’s also by definition Opposite the South Node.  Jupiter and the dwarf planet Chaos form a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Opposition.

Of course our Self-Sabotage is encased in our Held Emotions, which are protected by our Resistance to embracing the Feelings that will overwhelm us and make us Feel like, quite frankly, we’d rather die.  So we will need to pass through some Ego Death to take advantage of this very promising Big Learning Opportunity. 

A Trine-Sextile Bridge tells us how to avoid any Pain that the Opposition may imply.

While any embrace of those Feelings that we can muster will Change our Life profoundly, we can make it easier on ourselves by focusing on Expanding our Fantasy about how the Future could unfold. 

Fantasy is seldom a profound way to Manifest, because Fantasy is only an illustration of our Unconscious Negative Beliefs, a picture of what we’ve never given ourselves permission to pursue.  Using our Fantasies to bring our Unconscious Negative Beliefs into Consciousness is a powerful technique, but not what we recommend right now. 

In this particular Mercury-Stationary Portal, Potential for the Unimagined is rich, so we will gain by stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically.

It wouldn’t hurt us a bit to PIAVA that we painlessly and effortlessly and lovingly and gently Learn how we sabotage ourself, how to locate and shift our deepest Unconscious Negative Beliefs in order to raise our Conscious Awareness, how to Act to Change them so we’re moving toward our Deepest Desires and most fulfilling Lifetime Mission, and how to remember these Changes so we don’t regress.

As you PIAVA this, watch for any Fear that arises, and follow it to see what it’s about.  Then add another clause to your PIAVA that addresses the Fear.  For instance, if you’re struck by the Fear that your Mom will freak out if you Change like this, you can add a phrase at the end like “all with my Mother’s full support.”  After all, we’re stretching our Imagination, thinking Big, and thinking Optimistically, right?

Mercury’s Station

November 8, 2013

heul7029bpHeulandite heals hesitation to speak our Truth.

Well, “puny” Mercury has the last laugh!  Not surprising, Trickster and Magician that he is.  Mercury symbolizes the First Harmonic, hence ruling Initiation.  So we go nowhere without his approval.

The chart of his November 10 Station (1pm PST) is a well-ordered Spiderweb of Quintiles (orange) and Septiles (light blue)…

GQMercRemarkable.  His return from his Retrograde journey is heralded by four parts of a Grand Quintile, forming a cauldron securely capped by a Septile Bridge!  Ceres, Jupiter, the South Node, and the Moon form the all-but Grand Quintile.  Vesta, the Sun, Pluto, and Neptune form the cauldron’s lid.

There is a huge Learning Opportunity (Grand Quintile) here, hidden beneath a veil of Magic (Septile Bridge).

We could Learn Enduring (Ceres) secrets about our Karma (South Node), Manifestation and Authenticity (Moon), and Transcending our Limits (Jupiter). 

These Lessons are protected by the Sacred (Vesta), the Source (Sun), Alchemy (Pluto) and Mystery (Neptune).

Five Quintile Yods create a Grand Quintile.  When one point of the Grand Quintile is missing, three of the five Q-Yods are absent.  The two Q-Yods that remain are Moon with Ceres and Jupiter and Ceres with Moon and South Node…

We’re Learning how Attention to Sustainability (Ceres) and Stepping beyond our Limits (Jupiter) support Authenticity and facilitate Manifestation (Moon).

We’re Learning that Respect for our Experience (South Node) and Respect for the Intuition hidden in our apparently-random Emotions (Moon) create Patterns with Enduring Value (Ceres).

And there is one additional Q-Yod that’s not part of the all-but Grand Quintile, a Uranus Q-Yod with Saturn and Pallas…

We’re Learning how to Identify with and Express our True Self (Uranus) through Attention to the Edges and Boundaries (Pallas) of our Yintegrity, and Prioritizing what’s Most Important (Saturn).

In the Septile Bridge…

Yielding control to Source (Sun) and allowing ourselves to be  Transformed (Pluto) will resolve the Conflicts between The Mystery (Neptune) and our Beliefs about it (Vesta).  Unconscious obsession with these Conflicts absorb our Attention and prevent Timely Action that would yield Miracles.  This Configuration holds the promise of dissolving these Conflicts.

Now, with an all-but Grand Quintile, you know we’re going to be looking at the Vacancy – the empty spot that would fill the Grand Quintile – as the key to the whole drama, eh?

Well, at the Vacancy sits the Conjunction of two asteroids that we don’t usually consider – the Asteroid Persephone and the Asteroid PsychePsyche means “Soul.”  Psyche was so lovely that she made Venus jealous, so Venus sent her son Cupid to torment Psyche.  Instead, Cupid fell in love with Psyche, but through misdirected Curiosity, Psyche wounds Cupid and he flies away.  Wandering in search of Cupid, Psyche falls under the Power – and wrath – of Venus.

Persephone, daughter of Ceres/Demeter, was abducted by Hades (aka Pluto), and served as Queen of the Underworld.  Persephone and Psyche have met before.  Venus, worn out by healing Cupid’s wound, sent her now-servant Psyche on a mission to the Underworld to retrieve a blessing from Persephone, to restore Venus’s beauty for an upcoming event.  Now the thick plottens.  Psyche usurped the blessing, it backfired, and she had to be rescued by a now-healed Cupid.  Cupid appeals to Jupiter/Zeus, who intervenes with Venus, and grants Psyche immortality so she can marry Cupid.

It’s Jupiter’s son Mercury who gets the job of assembling the Gods so Jupiter can proclaim these decisions.  In the Station chart, Mercury Septiles Jupiter and Sextiles Venus, while Venus Conjoins Pluto.  Stationary Mercury Trines Stationary Neptune.  We can summarize all these complex Shakespearean relationships simply with…

Magic is afoot.

I was joking with a friend the other day about how the planets seem to be conspiring since the End of Time, as if they’re acting out some script presenting the Earth with coordinated Challenges and Blessings.  After this “coincidence,” it feels a lot less like a joke.

Portal 2.24

February 22, 2013


What’s Up?

As there were at the end of January, there are two Big-Deal Portals coming up, one on Sunday-becoming-Monday (2/24), and the other on Monday-becoming-Tuesday (2/25).  That’s in addition to a Mercury Station turning Retrograde on Friday-becoming-Saturday (2/23), and a Full Moon on Monday.  Our first Big Deal, the 2.24 Portal, is a Grand Quintile that threatens to illuminate a good deal of our Self-Rejection.  It’s important that we stay alert and reject our habit of believing the line of Bullshit behind our Self-Rejection.  He also talks a bit about how astrology and Human psychology interact to keep us out of the Present Moment and hence out of our Power.

The Heavy Weekend

He’s already talked about Saturday’s Mercury Station.  It’s probably good that Mercury’s Retrograde while the rest of the weekend happens, since we’ll be more inclined to think it over rather than just living it and taking it for granted.

He’ll talk about Monday’s Full Moon a bit later; for now, realize that since the two Big Deals he’s about to discuss bracket the Full Moon, we could feel their impact for several weeks.  Mostly they’re short and intense – “Portals” is an apt word – but they could tint our spectacles for longer.  Astrological events usually rise to a peak and then fade quickly.  When they linger, it’s often because of two phenomena, one astrological and one mental.


First, the event can take place very near the Initiation of an astrological Cycle, and hence color the entire Cycle.  Initiations are normally Conjunctions, but there are more subtle Cycles begun at other points as well, particularly Oppositions like the Full Moon.  As we discovered last fall while descending into the End-of-the-World-as-We-Then-Knew-It, the Full Moons can carry a lot more weight than the New Moons.  Conjunction-Initiations may not even be consciously felt by those who aren’t sensitive to the Energy of the Initiation, although Non-Sensitives are often deeply invested in Resistance to the Energy as expressed by the Sensitives!

Oppositions are about Awareness, so it’s common for Oppositions to introduce apparent dichotomies to Consciousness, accompanied by potential for Growth in Consciousness.  For instance, a New Moon in Aries makes no sense even to Arians, because it’s a creative spark without tinder, but an Aries-Libra Opposition, whoa, that makes it clear as a bell that there’s Me and then there’s You.  That can blow up a lot of Projections and Introjections.  This Full Moon is a Virgo-Pisces Opposition, where we get to differentiate between old memories that need to be Blessed and sent on their way, and old actions for which we need to make Amends.  So the impact of the two Big Deals may linger because they embrace this Full Moon.

Second, we can make Decisions under the influence of the event, and those Decisions can change our life for a while, and quite possibly for a long while.  For instance, a common Decision that might be made in our childhood under the influence of strong Virgo elements in the sky or in our horoscope or in our environment, is that We Aren’t Worth Much.  Strong Leo Energies might lead on the other hand to Decisions more like Hey, I’m Pretty Neat.  Of course we’re talking about human psychology here, and since only the mind is dualistic, we expect to see the opposite of what’s indicated almost as often as we see the indicated.  Decisions like these will have serious impact on the rest of our lives.

For instance, in the Diamond Star (Portal 2.25) below and the Full Moon, Chiron and the Sun Square Vesta.  Well, Chiron represents Miracles, but only if we have New Eyes to see through the Veil that covers our Birdcage.  Without New Eyes, Chiron represents Despair, because from the perspective of our Limitations, Chiron represents the Unhealable Healer, or Problems that do not have Solutions.  Vesta symbolizes What We Hold Sacred.  So if we are in Despair that what we hold Sacred has been irretrievably despoiled, we might easily question whether there is anything left that is worth living for.  The Square Challenges us to find New Eyes, but we may not, or we may not find them in time.

If we make Decisions based on our Despair, then that Energy can linger until we unmake the Decisions, and that can be a looong time, sometimes many lifetimes.  Karma, that’s called.  On the other hand, some Decisions are healthy, even Decisions based on Despair.  For instance, if we’re in our fifties and still holding on to the Relationship fantasies that our raging hormones created when we were sixteen, the Decision that

It’s too late, we’ve missed that and the opportunity will never return!

is a healthy release that frees us to Dream more age-appropriate Relationship scenarios – that is, to seek New Eyes beyond the bars of our Birdcage.

Bottom line, while it’s appropriate to consider the following two Big Deals as Portals, opportunities for us to emerge into a World of Higher Dimension, it also behooves us to keep in mind that “this too shall pass.”  As Portals, it would be useful to Meditate through them with our Inner Eye wide open.  As Moments, it will be useful for us to maintain the position of the Observer.  Oh My, look what She or He is experiencing! rather than Oh Shit, I feel like that again!

The Grand Quintile

Portal 2.24, which is in full glory for five or six hours starting about 8pm PST on Sunday, is the Grand Quintile we see below.  If you’re sensitive to the Energy, it could begin earlier and end later – by as much as a day or two.


Lovely, isn’t she?  Quintiles are about Learning and Teaching.  When we Learn something New, the bars in our Cage come loose, and at the very least we’ll experience Confusion, if not Fear (the whole reason for our Birdcage is Safety), or some other feeling like Anger.  If Confusion isn’t Safe, and our Boundaries are dissolving, Anger is an appropriate emotion, as it prepares us to Defend.

Like Despair, Confusion is a Red Flag that tells us Miracles are just behind the Hedge.

We just need to know where to find our New Eyes.  One of the best ways to do that is Surrender.  Not as in Giving Up, but as in Giving Over.  Let Go and Let Goddess.  We don’t find Miracles where the Light is better, we find Miracles where we dropped our keys.  An excellent place for PIAVA.

So who’s dancing in this lovely Hexagram?  Uranus, Saturn, Lilith, Juno, and the Moon…

  • Uranus (our Soul Connection, Yin Integrity on a macro scale),
  • Saturn (Focus, Discipline),
  • Lilith (the Deep Feminine),
  • Juno (Unconscious Identity), and the
  • Moon (Authenticity, Yin Integrity on a micro scale).

Pair them up – we’re Learning to

  • Be Disciplined about our Yin Integrity
  • Collaborate with our Soul Connection
  • Align our Yin Integrity with our Unconscious Identity
  • Act Out who we Really Are
  • Focus on Collaboration and Community
  • Make a Habit of Discipline
  • Bring Consistency to expression of our True Self
  • Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Stop covering up our Feelings
  • Be Honest with Ourself

Then the trios…

  • Align our Yin Integrity with our Discipline
  • Be compassionate with gaps in that Alignment
  • Be Honest about our Integrity and our gaps
  • Be Disciplined about rooting out Resentments
  • Focus on promoting our Truth
  • Let It All Hang Out

And the foursomes…

  • Focus on locating programming that’s not aligned with our True Self and loving it to death
  • Stop restraining our actions, so that they reveal this programming
  • Use theater to explore these edges
  • Use theater to practice acting out our True Self
  • Let It All Hang Out

And finally the whole Grand Quintile in all its fiveness…

We all have misalignments between our programming (Juno) and our Yin Integrity (Uranus).  That’s the basis of self-sabotage.  If we allow ourselves to Act Out without restraining ourselves (Moon), while Paying Attention (Saturn), it will illuminate these misalignments.  It will help if we solicit collaborative friends (Lilith) to witness and help interpret.  Then we can be Disciplined (Saturn) about being Honest (Moon) about these misalignments of ours, as they are likely to be self-correcting if we maintain our Attention and Honesty. 

It is important to maintain Collaboration (Lilith) between

  • our current-moment Observer,
  • our True Self (what we’re unquestioningly proud of taking to our grave), and
  • our Karma and programming,

as it is Love that Heals.  We are a Community, these three of us, bound by flesh and herstory, and it is only by supporting one another unwaveringly that we thrive.  Like King Solomon ordering the disputed child to be cut in half, we die without one another.  When any of these three of us goes into Competition or Judgment, we sabotage ourselves.

Now, most of us feel poorly when we sense misalignment, because we were programmed to feel Guilt or Shame when we misbehaved, and misalignment feels like misbehavior.  We confuse Who We Are with How We Behave because we are trapped in a Culture where Doing trumps Being.  So we feel Shame about Who We Are, which is the ultimate Self-Betrayal.  And not by accident – those who had Power over us, and those who want Power over us, have a much easier job when they can find our Shame.  It turns out that Self-Betrayal is precisely what we need to Heal if we are to squeeze through these post-End-of-World Portals into a Wider Universe – as well as what we need to Heal if we are to discover our New-Paradigm Community and thrive within it.

So what do we need to do to survive a Grand Quintile, Ultimate-Learning-Opportunity Portal?  We need to be watchful for Confusion, Fear, Shame, and Guilt, and tap them out.  We need to be Relentless (Saturn in Scorpio is nothing if not Relentless) about refusing to depart from uncompromising Self-Love.  We do that by “going meta,” or moving our Sense of Self outside of our current Self, so we can look back at ourself with Compassion.

You poor Dear, you really feel like Shit, don’t you!  Let me hug you and comfort you, because I Love you dearly! 

Keep stepping outside of Yourself until you can be genuine about that, and you feel the shift in your feelings.  We are Onions of many layers.


Which brings us back to Responsibility.  A friend recently advised that they see “Responsibility as an Answer-to-Conscience, i.e. looking at life thru the lens of the Higher Self” rather than the distinction he was using – Responsibility looking to the future, Blame looking toward the past.  Yes, that is perfect, as long as our Higher Self and our Operating Self are aligned.  But that’s not fully the case for most of us.  Most of us have places where, if we aren’t in Blame per se, we’re in if-only mode, If only my childhood had been different, for instance.

Blame, along with its various subspecies, is a Universe unto itself – a Black Hole for a Birdcage.  If you apply a “moral” argument like Answering to Conscience to a person living in Blame, what you get is Anger, and appropriately so, because you aren’t supporting their Operating Self, and their Operating Self is always doing the best they can with the resources they have at that moment.  Consider disease.  You take Responsibility for disease not by questioning how you’ve been contrary to Conscience (past), or even by correcting behavior that may be contrary to Conscience (present), but by devoting whatever resources you have available to the tasks of seeking possible causes and testing ways to change habits to see if the change addresses the causes effectively – you Act in the future-becoming-present.  You take Responsibility to change the future.

This approach, by the way, is adapted from Gay Hendricks and Kate Ludeman’s wonderful book The Corporate Mystic: A Guidebook for Visionaries with Their Feet on the Ground.

He doesn’t routinely use the concept of Conscience because more often than not, Conscience is part of our programming, not part of our True Self.  He’s heard people say that Integrity is never doing anything that would make you feel Guilty.  To him that’s not Integrity, that’s the bars on our Birdcage.  And it’s especially not Yin Integrity (Uranus), which means always doing what you damn well feel like doing in the moment – while making Amends whenever appropriate.  Obviously if Yin Integrity includes cruelty, then that’s a fabulous topic for our theater exploring the edges of our misalignments.  The Perennial Wisdom tells him that the True Self is Loving.  And if we can be Loving with ourselves exactly where we are at any and every given moment, then he doesn’t think there’s more that we can ask for.

Now yes, a case can be made for Karma as retribution – that if we always followed our Conscience there would be no disharmony to manifest.  And if by Conscience you mean the voice of the Higher Self, as suggested, then of course the notion is worthy.  But how many of us actually routinely channel our Higher Self, as opposed to channeling the introjected voices of the Significant Others who taught us how to behave in our tender and impressionable youth?  For most of us, Conscience is programmed by our culture.  In the language he grew up in, it’s not his Conscience that speaks for his Higher Self, it’s his Intuition, and yes, he does self-sabotage when he ignores his Intuition.

So he thinks we’re using different words to express the same thing.  However, teaching someone to Answer to their Intuition is much harder than teaching someone to Answer to their Conscience – you’re talking Psychic Training, rather than Sunday School.  So the idea of Answering to Intuition is not what you teach, it’s what you hope to have taught.  And Answering to their Intuition would have little value in helping someone molt out of a Blame Universe, since their Intuition would always be bumping up against their Blame, with no instruction about how to resolve the boundary, except to hope for a Grand Quintile.  Responsibility as Future Action does have potential to break someone free from Blame, by demonstrating that there is an alternative.


On Clear Quartz, probably Tibetan – Lead Iron Antimony Sulfide, heavy iridescent needle-crystals.  Antimony helps keep our thinking clear when we’re faced with heavy emotions, and actually facilitates following our Inner Voice, by any name.  Iron promotes honesty and gives us the Energy and motivation to finish unfinished business.  Lead provides Discipline, and can free us from Despair.  Sulfur illuminates our Shadow and paves the path to reconciliation.  Jamesonite can Heal defects in DNA and reorient misalignments that began with our Ancestors.  Very timely – as well as being a great visual image of how held Emotions clog our microtubules and blind our access to the Zero Point Field and it’s wealth of information, including the Akashic Records.

What’d He Say?

Sunday’s 2.24 Portal is about getting our Soul Connection, our Discipline, our Collaboration, our Habit Patterns, and our Moment-to-Moment Authenticity all into alignment.  That may not be something we can finish in a weekend, but on the other hand, we do aver that Miracles are hiding just behind the Hedgerow.

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