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Karma the Asteroid

April 26, 2015


Paraphrasing Bob Dylan…

“Everybody’s in despair, Every girl and boy
But when Karma the Asteroid gets here
Everybody’s gonna jump for joy”

With thanks to Elizabeth for the tip, the asteroid Karma acts up Bigtime this summer.  Here’s the program…

  • May 24, 2015 – Asteroid Karma leaves Pisces and enters Aries.
  • June 10, 2015 – South Node (Limiting Beliefs) Initiates asteroid Karma (Held Emotions) at 7 Aries, “A person succeeds in expressing themself simultaneously in two realms.
  • July 27, 2015 – Uranus (Self-Love) Initiates asteroid Karma (Limiting Beliefs) just as Uranus is Stationary, at 21 Aries, “A pugilist enters the ring.”  Put your money on Uranus.
  • August 13, 2015 – Eris (Exposing Denial) Initiates asteroid Karma (Self-Sabotage) at 24 Aries, “Blown inward by the wind, the curtains of an open window take the shape of a cornucopia.
  • Three-degree Sensitivity for the South Node begins around June 3, and around July 17 for Uranus-Eris.

And while we’re on the subject, just so we won’t be completely blindsided…

  • March 17, 2017 – Eris (Pressure to Face Reality) Initiates Uranus (Pressure to Express the True Self) at 23 Aries, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.”  Three-degree Sensitivity starts a full year before.

In other words, we’re just getting warmed up, with regard to being confronted by our Limiting Beliefs.  We can expect several big Ego Deaths in the process – situations where we Feel like “We’d rather Die.”  The more work we can do now to Embrace our Held, Denied, Resisted, or Rejected Emotions and Personal History, the easier the next several months will be for us.  And by the way, when we keep running into other people that express an Emotion that makes us uncomfortable, that’s a good sign that we’re probably Denying just that Emotion.  When we Lovingly Empathize with Feelings that we’re used to suppressing, especially in situations where we Feel like We’d rather Die than surrender to it, significant Rewards await us.  Here’s a good way to start…

from Nick Ortner’s great new book, The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief (pp.27-34), which is useful for a lot more than literal Pain.  Goddess knows our Karma is a Pain!

The Good News is that after May 24, asteroid Karma leaves Pisces, so the Emotional intensity should be reduced.  Any work you do before May 24 will be more complete, but after May 24 Spirit will be a lot more Present, even if you have no idea what She has in mind.  (Aries is all Intuitive and very Future-oriented, so to thrive in Aries you have to Trust a lot, follow your Guidance, and not try to Explain yourself to anyone.)

I know, Karma is dead, though in any situation where we aren’t fully Present with all of our Emotions, at even the most subtle level, rumors of its demise may seen exaggerated.  And the problem with Karma has always been that our Karma defines our Comfort Zone.  In order to Expand beyond our Limiting Beliefs, we need to be willing to step outside of our Comfort Zone.  It’s not that our Karma has us in its grip, it’s that we have our Karma in our grip.  Given the opportunity to Let Go of our Karma, we almost always turn it down! 

Next time we’re in a situation that we’ve seen before, which has always or almost always ended up badly, this time we can Create a different outcome.  But we have to be willing to do it – which isn’t easy, because it means thinking, feeling, and Acting contrary to our Habitual Reactions – and we actually have to do it!  The process of changing a Habit works like this.

We execute the Habit, then we realize that we’ve done it again, and we feel bad.  We might even have collaborators in making ourselves feel bad.  So this is the place where we intervene.  Noticing that we’re feeling bad, we Lovingly Embrace our bad-feeling self.  “You poor Doofus, you’re feeling bad about that again, aren’t you.”  Maybe we’ve already reached for the Chocolate.  “The Chocolate helps a little, doesn’t it Sweetheart.”  Once we give ourselves a Reward (and a tad of Self-Love is a great Reward, better even than Chocolate or Ice Cream) instead of an admonishment, the chemistry Changes.

Now, next time the Habit takes over and we fall into that Programmed behavior or thought pattern, we’ll Notice the Pattern a little sooner.  The sooner we Notice, the easier it is to shift from self-abandonment to Self-Love.  “Oh yes, that again – we recognize that Habit now, don’t we.  Congratulations!  Recognizing the Pattern is the first step toward Conscious Action!”  Each time the Habit arises, we’ll Notice it a little sooner, and each time it will be easier to Empathize with ourselves.  We really are Victims of our Programming, and we can rescue ourselves by Witnessing ourselves Lovingly.

This may take months of gradual Change, but the longer it takes, the deeper the Pattern, and the more Rewarding the Change will be in terms of our no longer sabotaging ourself.  So the longer it takes, the more Self-Love we deserve.  If we backslide, no worries, “You poor Sweetie, you backed up on that one, didn’t you.  Well, that’s inevitable.  We’ll make it up next time.”  After a while we start to learn what triggers the Pattern, what things happen before it starts.  Then we start to Notice the triggers, and be Loving with ourselves then.

Before long we’re vowing to ourselves that we’re going to Notice and shift before we even start the Habit.  A vow to ourselves is an Intention.  When we shift from self-hate to Self-Love, we create a reason to return there.  We’ve rewired our Unconscious Reward system.  When we shift to Intention, we’re enlisting the Unconscious as an ally, and from then on our Habit becomes something we used to do.  We might not even remember that we used to do that – it will seem like another Lifetime, another Persona.   You’ve just gone through an Ego Death Lovingly, and it’s sooo much easier than the alternative!  If we Create this new Habit now, by summer it’ll be ready, willing, and eager to tackle the worst krap our Karma can throw at us.

There’s one other clue to keep up your sleeve.  If you’ve seen it before, you know it’s a Paper Tiger.   Real Life doesn’t Repeat like that.  Our Projections Repeat like that.  In Real Life, every day is a new adventure.  In Archeypeland, it’s all just a treadmill.  Once we’ve Changed a couple of Life-long Patterns, we’ll start to know this, and when a Repeating Event starts to occur, we can just hold out a couple of fingers at odd angles, say “Revert!” and laugh at the onslaught.

Fear, Power, and Rebirth

April 25, 2015


First the Good News – Ceremony and Ritual can trump Corporate Control…

And while this sounds like Bad News, it’s actually not, because the more people know about the Unsustainability of Corporate Agriculture, the more likely we are to begin to rescue our Future from our Multinational Masters…

Does anyone even remember the WTO ( )?  It’s alive and well, and Obomba’s trying to, pretty much secretly, extend it to more countries across the Pacific with his “Trans-Pacific Partnership” ( )  The primary function of the WTO is to give Multinational Corporations more Political Power than national governments. 

And why is Powerlessness a strong theme here, when we should be enjoying Ceremony about our recent Big Rebirth?

We’ll write more about this soon, but basically, Chiron is moving into a Sextile Fez as it Squares Ixion, Quincunxes Haumea, and Sextiles Sedna.  In a Sextile Fez, we resolve the Challenge of the Square by Wondering about the Quincunxes, and Paying Attention to the base – the two planets in the base are both the foci of Fingers of God.  The Challenge is Chiron (Despair/Miracle) Squaring Ixion (Ruthlessness).  The Quincunxes are Chiron to Haumea (Rebirth) and Ixion to Sedna (Action based on Fear).  The Yods are to Sedna and Haumea.  In short…

We need to Ask ourselves, over and over again, What is it that we Fear? then Tap it out, Empathize Lovingly with the Fear, and/or otherwise move into it.  Not through it, into it.  We’re on an Edge between Despair and Miracle, and the worst kind of Despair is when we don’t even Believe there is a possible solution to a quandary that faces us – such as the rising tide of fascism (which means that Governments and Corporations are united against the People).  This is not about finding an Answer or dispelling Fear, it’s about Being Present with it. 

If we aren’t terrified about our Future, we aren’t Paying Attention.  We can’t Deny it.  But we have to be Loving with it.  We could even Celebrate it.  The important thing is that we bring it into Consciousness.  Equally important – bring our Rebirth up into Consciousness as well.  As more people become aware of the Unsustainability of fascism for all but the elite, the scope of Planetary Rebirth expands.

Meanwhile Eris (Exposing Denial) Opposes Haumea, Trines Ixion, and sits at the midpoint of the Chiron-Sedna Sextile.


April 23, 2015

mnop8446bpManganophyllite, aka Manifestite, Manganese Mica.  Manganese Crystals open the Heart, stimulating Healing and Empathy, while Grounding us in Reality.  Mica represents rigid Boundaries where needed, and flexibility where appropriate.

    Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ

With thanks to Bonnie ( ), here’s a fascinating article by Alison Chester-Lambert about Makemake and hisher People…

Most of the article is an engaging review of the Mythic Makemake’s role on Rapa Nui or Easter Island, which will much help us to Intuit dwarf planet Makemake’s role in our own Lives.

Afterwards, Alison has a brief look at the Rapa Nui “Discovery” chart, which is puzzling.  I’m sure that only Intuition could give us the date of the arrival of Polynesians or South Americans on Rapa Nui, if there was such a date, so it’s not surprising that she didn’t look at that date.  The date she chose was when Europeans arrived – the Colonization date.  Maybe it’s an English tradition to equate Colonization with “Discovery,” or maybe she’s thinking that this is the date when “Westerners” were first introduced to Mythic Makemake.  But this “Discovery” date is the birth of the demise of Makemake’s People.

Nevertheless, Alison’s summary of Life on Rapa Nui before the Social Order was destroyed is fascinating, far more information that I’ve been able to find elsewhere.  I use the “Discovery” chart of the dwarf planet Makemake to help determine what its esoteric meaning might be, and that chart has Manifestation written all over it in big letters.  Of course the dwarf planet was – as far as we know – there all along (at least as a quantum potential), we just didn’t notice it until early in the current century.  Our having noticed the dwarf planet implies that its implications will be entering our individual and collective Consciousness more prominently now – ie, that Manifestation will become something we Learn to do somewhat Consciously rather than completely Unconsciously.  That seems quite relevant – not to mention very necessary and even downright urgent.

    Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ   

The Plutoid dwarf planets, unlike the Centaurs, have stable orbits.  They aren’t here for a while to deliver specific messages to “us” from the Uraniam and Neptuniam surface realms of the Unconscious.  They’re permanent fixtures of the deep Plutoniam Unconscious, of the Great Mystery that drives us.  Like Pluto they’re lenses that focus and defocus the Energies reaching this Solar System from our Galaxy and beyond. 

That Edge between the Accessible Unconscious

(if you want to know Neptune, just study how your own Culture differs from another one, and if you want to know Uranus, just study your own personal history with a non-victim Perspective)

and the Deep Unconscious is often called “The Veil,” which was predicted to thin in the current Century as a result of Neptune Conjoining the South Node in the 1/1/2000 chart.  And yes, we can see The Veil thinning almost daily. 

There were three other Main Events in the 1/1/2000 chart…

  • Ceres Rising – Sustainability comes into Visibility; what’s Sustainable is not luxury, but Sustenance.

Turns out Haumea was also not only Rising, but also Stationary – it becomes obvious that a significant Rebirth awaits our return to Sustainability.

  • The Grand Cross – Polarity will be prominent, but to Co-Create the Whole there will be important duties to be carried out by each Pole.

The Oppositions in the Cross are Moon-Saturn and Pallas-Uranus.  Adding the Plutoid dwarfs breathes a lot of Life into the Grand Cross.

Makemake itself makes a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Moon-Saturn axis and a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Pallas-Saturn Axis…

Learning to Manifest by Focusing the Emotions and Trusting Impulse – which we Learn through Intention and Wonder, not booklearning – eases our Journey through the Century.

While we’re on the subject of Manifestation and Emotion, here’s an interesting Perspective, also thanks to Bonnie…

Makemake is also the focus of a Finger of God from Uranus and Eris…

Opening our Consciousness – through perpetual Curiosity (seeking Surprise and Wonder, not answers) – to whatever Soul elements we’re Denying will kickstart our Manifestation. 

Makemake is Squared by the Chiron-Pluto Conjunction…

There is a Dance of Energy between Manifesting and where we are on the scale between Discouragement/Impossibility and Miracles.

Makemake makes a Grand Trine with Saturn – which is Conjunct Sedna, and a Sun-Juno Conjunction…

Immense Grace is available to us, but to access it we need to keep our Focus on the Edge of Consciousness, and be ever mindful that The Most Important Thing is becoming Conscious of, and Empathize with, our Fears.

  • Chiron Conjunct Pluto – We will need Miracles.

Chiron-Pluto turns out to be Conjunct Quaoar…

Attention to Miracles – located through being Loving with our Despair and our negative Beliefs – turns out not just to be Mandatory (Pluto), but essential to our Survival (Quaoar). 

It’s critical to seek out any Discouragement and Empathize with it.  Say to yourself, as if to a lost child, “You poor Sweetheart, you’re Discouraged, aren’t you.”  If that starts a Conversation between you and an earlier version of yourself, that’s great.  If it doesn’t, just move on to other things – it’s the act of Empathizing that unlocks the Miracle, because in that act you stop being the Discouraged One and become the Loving One.

Not seeing the possibility of any good outcomes is Discouragement – we usually call this “Unconscious Despair.”  In any situation, Focus your Attention on the best outcome you can imagine.  If that outcome doesn’t Sparkle and lift you into Ecstasy, you’re Discouraged – you’re just too habitually skeptical to call it that.  “You poor Sweetheart, you can’t even imagine anything that would be uplifting, can you.”

The Quaoar-Pluto Initiation occurred in December 1996 at 4 Sagittarius, “A little child learning to walk with the encouragement of their parents: The natural assistance of superior powers during crises of growth.

Don’t try to do any of this through the Ego or Will.  Do it all through Surrender to your Guides and to Guides and Angels you haven’t met yet.

And Chiron-Pluto creates a Trine-Sextile Bridge across the Pallas-Uranus axis and a Quincunx-Unx Bridge across the Moon-Saturn/Sedna axis…

When we Focus on our Fear, it’s important to Wonder what sort of Miracle might lift us above it.  Explore the possibility that your Conscious or Unconscious Discouragement is caused by Fear.  Ask yourself, “What is it that I Fear?”  That might help you imagine a Miraculous rescue from your Fear.

Chiron-Pluto also makes a Grand Trine with Pallas and Eris, which is Stationary turning Direct.

Great Grace is available.  To find it, ask yourself, “What am I Denying here?” then stop and see what answers you’ve already rejected.  Then Empathize with that Denial, and Honor yourself for keeping it contained until you were (are) ready to deal with it.  Denial is a Healthy process, where we set aside one issue in order to give quality Attention to another issue, then return to the Denied issue with a better Grounding.  As Karma, this is a multi-lifetime project and process.  Sudden Insight can make things look simple, but they’re actually unbelievably complex.

    Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ        Ξ   


April 23, 2015

tosi_stripProbably where all those nasty rumors about Hell started.  Is that one of the Four Horsemen emerging?  Earth is in scale relative to size, not to distance.  Photo: Phillipse Tosi via NASA. 

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There’s always a letdown after we finish a big project.  Before we explore that in more detail, let’s catch up.  Some very relevant articles on Perspective…

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If you go to the second entry on this website (“New Radio Interview”)…

Bryan talks about an even broader Perspective.  I found Bryan’s April 17-19 workshop ( ) to be very worthwhile.  The first entry on describes another similar workshop on May 2nd.

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This is an excellent summary on causes of, consequences of, and fixes for Leaky Gut or Holy Intestines…

I’m not sure if or when it will disappear, as it’s a recording of a presentation from an earlier “Summit.”

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Starting today and running for the next week, there’s a Global Online Women’s Conference “Summit”…

including folks like Barbara Marx Hubbard, Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston, Arielle Ford, Carol Tuttle, Allison Armstrong, Lisa Garr, Ariana Huffington, and many others.

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And don’t forget that the Food Revolution Summit starts tomorrow…

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Nick Ortner’s new book on The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief – highly recommended…

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April 21, 2015

Another question from a reader…

“Seems like a funky energy since Saturday – kind of like a Mercury Retrograde but stranger.  ‘Communication Breakdown’ by Led Zeppelin comes to mind.  Pallas and Hylonome retro?”

Yes, it’s kinky.  I consider it to be vertigo from last week’s Big Ego Death.  The change was big enough for many of us that we aren’t automatically snapping back to the old Limited Karmic Self that we’re so comfortable with, like we usually do.  So we don’t know who we are, how to react to things.  It’s a little past Confusing, more of a Don’t Know place.  Priorities seem different, but they’re still there.

More Good Stuff

April 20, 2015


Another Summit, for Dirt Day, though I can’t imagine how they plan to squeeze thirty-some folks into nine hours…

This is quite a story – Robyn O’Brien’s TED Talk on her rapid shift from food industry financial analyst to Food Revolutionary because of her daughter’s health – which is one of the introductions to John and Ocean Robbins’s Food Revolution Summit…

A great Toby Hemenway article on Permaculture: The Design Arm of a Paradigm Shift

Here’s a fabulous collection of short Geoff Lawton permaculture videos, requiring only that you type in your email address…

Ceres (Sustainability) was Rising (Becoming Visible) all ’round the World at 12am everywhere on January 1, 2000.

Today we have a nice Quintile Yod (Big Learning Opportunity) from Pallas (Boundaries) and Vesta-Neptune (Revisions to our Belief Systems around Community and Culture, newly downloaded straight from Source) to Juno-Jupiter (Expanding Consciousness):

Expect to be adjusting Boundaries (saying NO! to some things and YES! to others) as newly revised Beliefs are tested, while we watch our Consciousness Expand.

Jupiter Initiates Juno in mid-May at the Midpoint of Leo (“A pageant, with its spectacular floats, moves along a street crowded with cheering people: The more or less sensational release of energies in a form dramatizing the unconscious aspirations of man’s primitive and instinctual nature“), and we’re now moving into their Conjunction.

And BTW, if we’d like to make our mood Sustainable, Nick Ortner’s new book on Tapping and Pain Relief comes out today…

Which List Was Nausea On?

April 17, 2015


A couple of questions about our Excellent Big New Adventure that may be useful for many…

  Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö 

What were the two lists I recommended?  You may want to do the “second” list first.  The “second” list is everything that’s the slightest bit unusual that’s occurred in your Life over the last week – interference from the Gendarmes, Relationship candidates being nice, Rain on the back nine, just the item you were looking for in the store, etc.  Put this list on the right side of the page and title it “Deliveries.”

The “first” list isn’t what you Want, it’s everything you’ve Asked For over the last several weeks.  “Asking For” includes negativities, curses, plaintive keening, etc.  For example, you may have thought to yourself or Felt, “I’m lonely this evening” which the Universe could hear, in context, as “I want a Relationship”; you may have been stung by a Bee and thought “God Damn It!” which the Universe might interpret as wanting all the Bees to leave the Planet.  Think PIAVA plus all the bells and whistles – specifically, what have you Prayed for, Intended, Asked for, Visualized, Emotionalized, Affirmed, Commanded, Wished for, Wondered about, Dreamed of, Commanded, etc.  Title this list “Orders,” on the left.

All Prayers are answered, but are we Paying Attention?  Are we putting out so many Requests to the Universe that we can’t keep track of the Universe’s Responses?  The Universe follows the path of least resistance – Ask for money and it’s likely to give you more work hours, even if you hate the work.  Ask for money AND pleasure, and it might send you a John or a Jane.  What’ll you do with that?  Ask for money AND Freedom, and it may send you information about what blocks you from having both money and Freedom at the same time.  If it’s not a Karmic issue for us, we’ll probably get what we Ask for, but it may not be what we were thinking when we Asked, if we weren’t very Conscious about Asking.  If it is a Karmic issue, what we’re likely to get is information about our Karma – all the more important to Pay Attention, so we can Clear it.

Then you draw lines connecting individual Orders to individual Deliveries, scratching your mind to try to imagine…

  • Orders you’ve forgotten that a Delivery reminds you about
  • Deliveries you’ve overlooked that an unmarked Order may be connected to
  • What could possibly connect individual Orders and Deliveries that have no lines yet

There may be some cases where two Deliveries match one Order, or vice versa. 

It’s a Grand Sextile, and Sextiles only release their Grace after we take the first step, so this exercise is important for knowing where to step next, so we don’t step in a whole or a dogturd.  Of course it’s also important for keeping better track of what we’re constantly Asking of the Universe, what the Universe is Delivering, and what we might do – and how we might be – to better prioritize and align our Life with the Universe.

  Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö    Ö 

Different question…

If they’re avoiding you now, that’s great!  Can you detect a subtle inner smile, or even a snicker, when they do that?  There’s no way we need to surrender to being eaten by the Dragon in order to find the Source of the Light.  What you need to do is NOT make peace with your Projection (them), but make peace with your Reactions (nausea and rage).  Once you accept it as your own issue and Heal it from within, their behavior will shift so suddenly you’ll forget why it used to be offensive.

So “Sit” with the nausea (it’ll be easier than starting with rage).  First Ground yourself, then Mirror your protagonist (hold a wardrobe Mirror up between you, facing them, for a few minutes).  Then locate the nausea in your Body.  If it’s not there after you’ve Grounded and Mirrored, you may want to Unground yourself so you can work with it more! 

If you think from now on you’ll always remember to Mirror and Ground, moment to moment, and there are no complications to the Mirroring (such as them “going around to the back door”), then you’re done.  The need for Mirroring and Grounding is caused by a “hole in the Aura,” and the practice of Mirroring and Grounding is basically a Sensory-Energetic equivalent to filling the hole.  If you want to just practice Mirroring and Grounding every twenty minutes for the next few months, till you habitually fill the hole, Great! – maybe that’s be your New (Life-Changing) Adventure! 

Guilt will arise – someone installed that hole in your Aura on purpose so they could manipulate you.  You may end up working with the Guilt as you would have worked with the nausea and rage.  Most folks Resent that they have to spend their scarce Attention on this, but it’s their Choice – spend their Life as a Victim, or practice filling in the whole.

Put your hand on the nausea then, warm it, soften around it, put all of your Attention into the center of it, and hold your Attention there.  If you can’t get your Attention into the center of it (often a bubble of Fear surrounds these tumors), just hold a gentle pressure on the edge of it till it lets you in.  It’s possible that it could take a few days before it lets you in.  When your Attention wanders, gently bring it back to your Body.  When the nausea (or Guilt, or any unpleasantness) starts to shift, to another location in your Body or to a different sensation, like a pain in your back or something, follow it with your Attention.  Once it shifts, you’ve “won” the game, but following it for a while can reduce any Karmic appendages. 

I’ll wager that you’ll then find that the rage is easier to work with, in the same way.

You can also try Tapping on the nausea or rage or Guilt, and if you alternated Sitting with and Tapping, a couple of times a day for each, they would complement one another nicely.  Start simple, with ~”I feel nausea” or “I feel rage” or “I feel Guilty” – and let it evolve.  If we’re talking Lifetime or long-lived Patterns, Clearing them in a week would be a Miracle, no?  So don’t hesitate to spend a couple of days doing this.

It doesn’t matter so much why you may be having these Reactions.  Our willingness to explore and be Loving with all of our usually-rejected Emotions is so much more important than the details of our personal or Karmic history.  If details come up, more Power to them, they may be helpful for triggering Letting Go of the Held Emotions.  (“Release” isn’t such a good word here because we don’t want to Re-lease – sign a new lease – on expired Karma.)  By Grounding Yourself, Mirroring your Projection (disguised as a real person), “Sitting” with the Discomfort, and Tapping, you may be able to just whip through the Letting Go without a lot of inconvenience. 

Karma, after all, is dead.  It’s just our habit of responding that way, and our inability or unwillingness to imagine seeking new ways to Receive the World and Respond to it, that lingers. 

Uh, yes, that’s True, that’s all it ever was.  We just Learned to Sit with it and discover that it wasn’t Retribution after all – that was just somebody blowing holes in our Aura so they could eat our dinner while we enjoyed Experiencing Inferiority and Inadequacy, so we could Learn to always Lovingly recognize these Feelings in the Future, and never fall for the same trick again.  We just didn’t connect what the Universe Gave us with what we Asked for.  It was very Generous of us to share our dinner with them so they could postpone their own Experience of Fear and Scarcity.  Well, while we Honor ourself for our Generosity, it’s their turn.  This time, you can teach them how to Sit and Tap, so we can all get on with the business of Cooperative and Complementary Community.

Consider Eris (Revelation of Denial) Opposite Haumea (Rebirth) in the Hourglass with Sedna (Acting from Fear) Opposite Ixion-Pholus (Self-Interest; Guilt or Blame).  As we indicated in the recent Fingerlings post, Blame (including Projection, Guilt, even Failure to Take Responsibility) is the doorway; the other Energies are deep in the Unconscious.  The fact that Mike Brown and the gang have “discovered” these Plutoids means that it’s time to start bringing their Energies into our Consciousness.


April 16, 2015

Real Life.  Herstory versus History.  Boston.  Garissa.  Lac Megantic.  WTC.  Gaza.  Tacloban.  Fukushima.  Phuket.  Sarajevo.  Da Nang.  Nagasaki.  Tokyo.  London.  Dresden.  Iwo Jima.  Auschwitz.  Hamburg – in a different body, but “I” was there.  Gallipoli – a hundred thousand dead in a single battle.  Today we struggle to get to a hundred – this is actually progress.  Simferopol.  Gettysburg.  Waterloo.  Troy.  It goes on and on.  Sarajevo was where the Romans settled the Ostrogoths!  And where the Ottoman Empire was never quite put to rest.  It goes on and on.  For how long?  Who do we Blame?  Shall we stop?  Can the Planet afford to support us all if we stop?  What about the Elephants?  The Starfish?  Between Killer and Killed, what’s the Coin? 

What is it that we do or don’t do out of Fear?  We aren’t talking about bravery and cowardice.  We’re talking about what we do every day Unconsciously to perpetuate the War.  Fear is the absence of Love.  What is it that we do every day out of the absence of Love?  No answers, answers are just the mind masturbating.  That won’t change the Unconscious.  Just Curiosity, just the unanswered Question, lingering, for the Unconscious to put on the rotisserie and serve up to us when its done, a surprise when we least expect it.  There’s an inflection point here.  It will be different for each of us.  But the Opportunity is here this weekend, and it’s Big.


April 16, 2015

Security officers carry away a protester who jumped on the table in front of the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi during a news conference in FrankfurtWho farted?

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Five astroevents and several Configurations coming up here over the next few days.  First the timing…

  • April 16, Noon PDT ( – Reorganization of our Unconscious Beliefs is substantially complete, though the other events may eye your dots and tease your cross, or add wells and thistles. 

Neptune Initiates Vesta at 9 Pisces, “A jockey spurs his horse, intent on outdistancing his rivals.”  Your Emotional (Pisces) Beliefs (Vesta) around Community, Culture, Spirit, and the Sacred (Neptune) are particularly vulnerable to Transformation.

  • April 16, 9 pm PDT ( – Expect things to Lighten Up a little, though not completely, until the next event occurs.  Whatever Traumas you’ve encountered since Christmas are now open for review and resolution over the next several months.  We recommend leaning toward Forgiveness and Loving Kindness, particularly toward yourSelf, and toward (as a friend writes it) yoursElf.

Pluto Stands Still and turns Retrograde, in 16 Capricorn.  Pluto entered it’s 13-16 Degree Shadow Period (the span of its Retrogradation – see below) late last December.  This is basically the Gemini Duad of Capricorn, which is about deciding what you want to include or revise in Version 2.0 of whatever Trance(Re)Formation you’re undergoing.  Not that “deciding” is the right word when the Deep Unconscious is involved, but Intention (and PIAVA in general) can work Wonders.  Bryan’s workshop is amazingly well timed…

The Moon Squares Pluto and Occults Uranus.  An Occultation is basically an Eclipse – the Moon crossing in front of Uranus – making visible what was previously indistinguishable from the background, in this case another part of our Yintegrity.

A New Moon – seems like we have one of these darn near every month!  This one’s at 29 Aries, “The Music of the Spheres: Attunement to Cosmic Order.”  Intense, eh?  After all this Waiting for Godot, this may really be the Tripping Point.  More on this below.

  • April 19, 7pm PDT ( – GO!  Whatever that new project is, now is the time to throw it into high gear.  All necessary background revisions are complete.  Any Boundary Issues (people who anger you, opportunities missed) occur for you in February or March?  Time to think about rectifying them by Speaking your Truth, and Acting on Opportunities.

Pallas Stands Still and turns Retrograde, at 1 Capricorn.  It’s Shadow Period starts at 12 Sagittarius in late January, the Taurus and Virgo Decanates of Capricorn.  This is more Version 2.0 – we Build something, put it out there to see if it “sells,” then revise it.  “Building” here is probably about how well we Live our Yintegrity and how willing we are to Act on our Wants, to let ourself recognize and receive them.  In this regard, the Dain Heer presentation on Lisa Garr’s Summit is, as Bugs would say, verrry interesting

I don’t now how long it will be online.

Shadow Period – the Can Opener portion of a Retrogradation happens before the Retrograde Station, when the planet crosses the zone for the first time.  The Retrograde period is the Exposition phase.  The Confidence-Builder stage occurs after the Direct Station.  The term “Shadow Period” refers to the Zodiacal Span between the Direct Station and the Retrograde Station, and the Time Span between the planet’s first entering that Zodiacal Span and the planet’s final exit, which involves all three crossings.

Duad or Dwad – one twelfth of a Sign, or two and a half Degrees.  The Aries Duad of Aries is the first twelfth, the Taurus Dwad the second twelfth, and so on.  The Taurus Duad of Taurus is the first two-and-a-half Degrees, the Gemini Duad the second two-and-a-half, etc.

Decanate – ten Degrees.  The Aries Decanate of Aries is the first ten Degrees.  The second ten Degrees is the Leo Decanate – the next Fire Sign.  The third ten Degrees is the Sagittarius Decanate.  The second Decanate of Taurus is the Virgo Decanate – the next Earth Sign.  The second Decanate of Gemini is the Libra Decanate – the next Air Sign.  The second Decanate of Cancer is the Scorpio Decanate – the next Water Sign.  Und so weiter.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Grace Abounds, but it’s up to us to take the first step.

Our Grand Sextile still holds…

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The New Moon Tricolor is the second-most-prominent Configuration, since the New Moon Trines the Pallas Station, which in turn Squares Makemake.

There’s something important you’ve been working on for the last few months.  You’ve more or less Created a prototype of it, and you’re kind of questioning how badly you really Want it, since it feels like you may be Asked to give up some other valuable things if you actually Choose it.  It may not end up being a Conscious Choice, however, as in some ways it’s sort of preordained. 

Where you do have Choice, is in how you Manifest Version 2 of it.  If you Want you can even PIAVA to “have your cake and eat it too” – you can Intend that Version 2 brings you all of the best parts of your new Creation, and that you get to keep all of the good things about all of your previous Co-Creations.  Be patient; Version 2 will be in the oven till December.  Lots of time to sharpen your “Oh, I Want this too!” PIAVAs.

In early December, Pluto Initiates Pallas, at the Midpoint of Capricorn, “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.

Pallas still sits in the center of a Stellium (a group of three or more planets lined up together), with Chariklo (Charm), Hylonome (Grief), Quaoar (Lawgiver), and, weakly, Pholus (Blame).  The Pallas Station-Stellium makes a bunch of interesting Angles here.  It’s Triseptile to Venus – Magic is afoot.  Mercury Trines it while Juno Quintiles it, meaning we’ll not just be Growing our Consciousness, but to some extent understanding how we’re Growing.  It’s Quintile to Vesta-Neptune and Binovile to the North Node, implying that Meditation will be a Powerful aid to Learning here.  And, the North Node and Juno form the base of a Finger of God focused on Vesta-Neptune.

Basically, Walking in Beauty here involves…

  • Staying Curious about how your new Beliefs will impact your Mission (that is, if you think you’ve got it figured out, Let it Go – you want to stay in Curiosity as long as you can, or your Dualistic mind will freeze it and kill it dead – a Revert!).
  • Whenever you feel any tinge of Conflict over how what you’re Creating might impact what you’ve already Manifested, Wonder how you might attune to the Music of the Spheres instead.  You can have Both/And, with ice cream too, you just have to be Worthy enough to Ask for it.

This color means that this part is really important.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

The next-most-important Configuration is a new one that looks like one of those old twin-peaked WWII US Army hats…

We’ll call this Configuration a Twin Peaks.  It’s two planets Quincunx to one another, each one Sextile to another planet that Squares the other end of the Quincunx.  It’s composed of two Minor Tricolors that share the same Quincunx, so that any Challenges that arise from each of the Squares can be resolved using Curiosity, as long as you take the first step.

The Quincunx is between our Stationary Pluto and the dwarf planet Chaos (Potential, not Disorder), and the Squares are Uranus to Pluto and Chiron to Chaos.

The Potential here is not Limited, but we are.  We’re Limited by our Negative Beliefs – which,

Even though they’ve been blown away, have we noticed? 

Or are we just assuming that it can’t happen because we’ve never been able to visualize it or imagine how it might happen.  Focusing on how is the Male way of Creating, and we’re moving into unknown territory here, where Male Energy is useless.  We need to use the Female way of Creating, which doesn’t care about how, it focuses on what.  Of course we don’t know how it’s never been done before.  Think about your Mythology – the Boys do the things that have been done before, but when things get invisible or unattainable, it’s the Girls that take over.  It wasn’t Buddy the Vampire Slayer!

This is the definition of Unconscious Despair – we don’t know how to Create something we Want, and for whatever reason we don’t Believe it’s possible, so we don’t even consider it. 

You don’t know what you Want?  Well, what if you did know?  So, what answer have you already rejected

Is that what you Want?  Or is it some unimaginable triple quadruple permutation of that?  This is Stretch Time.  See how far you can reach, how Ridiculous you can be while being completely serious.  When we’re in the realm of the Ridiculous, we know we’re getting close, because there’s a good chance you were indeed Ridiculed for Wanting that, maybe even by yourself.

Marry the Quarterback?  Ha!  Don’t be silly.  I don’t even have tits yet, why would he even look at me? 

Make a hundred times as much as the old man?  By doing what, robbing banks?  Besides, he’d hate me for showing him up – don’t even think about it. 

Create a Life that would look like a Legend in my own mind?  Forget it, I’m a Girl – look at how they treat Girls!  It’s not even worth fantasizing about. 

Nobody would ever let a Gay Black live like that.  It’d get me dead!

The don’t even have a name for the kind of Sex or Relationship I would like. 

I couldn’t talk about that even to my best friend – I’d be so Ashamed I’d die!

Why do I even bother thinking about that – I can’t even get it up. 

I can’t have Security and Freedom – they’re contradictory.

I’d do anything for Love, but I won’t do that!

The key is Wondering about it, letting yourself Dream without worrying about “Reality.”  We’re stretching Reality.  So what if no one has ever done it, you can be the first.  Somebody has to be first.  How else are we going to Co-Create a New World? 

When you get a tickle, take one step in that direction, then wait to see what happens, but stay open to Miracles.  PIAVFA that you’ll recognize it, because it may be so far out of your ideation that you don’t even notice it when it happens.  You don’t even need to know what to Ask for – in fact, it’s better if you don’t…

Great Spirit, may I please have a Miracle that Surprises and Delights me for the rest of my Life?

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

One more, another new Configuration, that we’ll call an Hourglass.  This one is an Opposition and a Quincunx that cross each other, so they’re one Sign apart on one end, and two Signs apart on the other.  We unlock the Sextile by Wondering what single step might start the Manifestation process rolling in our favor.

The Opposition is Eris (Revelation of Denial) to Haumea (Rebirth), and the Quincunx is Sedna (Actions taken out of Fear) to Ixion (Damn the Consequences) and Pholus (Don’t Blame me, I couldn’t stop it).  These Energies are Deep in the Unconscious, out beyond Pluto, so we may be only dimly aware of them at best.  The only exception is Pholus, which orbits from Saturn to out beyond Neptune, so it is within our realm of Attention, if through a glass darkly.  It’s currently on its way to Neptune.  It left Saturn’s neighborhood around 1990.  What were we Wishing For back then, during the Harmonic Convergence?  Wasn’t that about a Culture that actually supported individual Autonomy?  Not in the who-gives-a-shit-about-you-its-all-about-me “Libertarian” fashion, but with Harmony and Understanding, Sympathy and Trust Abounding.

So as Chiron carries the Individual Soul’s Message in from Uranus to the Saturnian Ego, and carries the Ego’s Request back to the Individual Soul, Pholus carries the Community Soul’s Message in from Neptune to the Saturnian Ego, and carries the Ego’s Request back to the Community Soul.  Pholus’s Request that’s being delivered to the Community Soul soon is plaintive…

I want my Tribe!  Where is the Community that I Love Unconditionally and that Loves me Unconditionally?  The Community that doesn’t waste it’s Energy fighting other Communities – We’re All One, damn it!  The Community that Lives on this Planet not just Sustainably, but that leaves only footprints and actually leaves things better than before!  How can we do that when Surviving and Fighting takes all of our Energy and Attention?  Where is our Tribe?  Enough with the Walkabout already!

In 1990 the relationship between Pholus and Neptune was Cancer Opposite Capricorn – “I want my Mommy!” – but on the Community level.  On its previous loop it left Neptune in 1957, the year of the tailfin.  On the surface its Message for the Ego was “You can have it all!”  Behind the curtain it was “See if you can figure out how to make Community work!” – Scorpio Square Aquarius.  When Pholus leaves Neptune again in 2021, the new Message will be “Let’s do Compassion this time, we can do it!” – Capricorn Sextile Pisces.

It’s the Pholus-Ixion Conjunction that renders Libertarianism so hedonistic.  I’ve never read it, but I’m told that Ayn’s work wasn’t Fuck-the-99% at all, even though it was anti-Communist in the sense of anti-Power Over.  As Naomi Klein so clearly explains in The Shock Doctrine, anti-Communism was the doublethink used to justify Ixionic Greed.

So Blame here is our doorway to Deeper layers of the Unconscious, where we can make Changes that have a real and lasting Impact.  The Unconscious is impersonal – every positive Change that any one of us makes in there, is one more marble moved toward the Tipping Point.  The Prize here (the “Coin” in the Opposition) is opening up to a Deep, Deep Denial (Eris) in such a way that it allows a complete Rebirth (Haumea).  The key that unlocks the Portal is

Wondering what it is that we do, or not do, out of Fear (Sedna) that we’ll be Accused (Pholus) of Failing to Care (Ixion).  It’s not about Figuring it Out – it’s about maintaining the state of Wonder.  It’s not a Question that wants an Answer.  It’s a Koan meant to permanently Open our Curiosity, and keep it Open.

I Wonder what it is that I do or don’t do, because of Fear that I’ll be Accused of not Caring?!?  Or out of Fear that it will look like I’m being Selfish?!?  I Wonder.

  Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ    Θ 

Another One! Money & Manifestation

April 14, 2015


And who doesn’t want to know more about Money and Manifestation!?!  I just found out about this one and it’s already in progress, but last week’s recordings are still available.  Lisa Garr, Jack Canfield, Carol Look, Joe Vitale, and Doreen Virtue are names I recognize.  Sign up at…

From there it gets very confusing.  The “bonuses” pop up, but if you sign up and can’t find the interviews, let me know and I’ll help you find them. 

What a time for blowing away Limiting Beliefs, with Pluto Stationary (Powerful Transformations) and Vesta on Neptune (Downloads straight from the Goddess)!!  These folks have astrologers for sure, or they’re remarkably in tune.  People are telling me they’re having experiences similar to my Tulip adventure, where their Limiting Beliefs “flash before their eyes” – the most effortless Ego Death I’ve ever experienced, by far.  I’m heading back out to see what other Gifts “my” Tulips have for me, let alone “my” Akebias!  Mind-blowing, or rather, skeptic-devastating.