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Enlightenment 2

January 4, 2023

As Casey says,

Bruce Lipton points out that if Western Civilization and its Worldview Doesn’t Collapse, we’re Screwed. COVID did a pretty good job of Previewing that Collapse, and our Difficulty in Restoring the prior World well Demonstrates that Dualism no longer Works – and in fact never did. We just got away with it while the Planet still had Abundant Capacity and our Vision was Limited. The First Step toward Sustainability is Sustenance – Removing the Unnecessary, and especially Removing the Counterproductive.

Samadhi is a Hindi word for Enlightenment. Stationary is an Astrologuese word for Amplified. The asteroid Samadhi was Exactly Stationary, ie, Enlightenment was Amplified, at 3am PST 1 January 2023. The Impact on our Planet extends up to three days on either side of that date and time. Here’s the chart…

The heavy or thick lines show the primary Impact on us Hupers. The heavy red right triangle represents a Major Challenge. The Focus of the Challenge is symbolized by the collection of “planets”1 Pholus, Quaoar, Sun, and Karma, standing for Responsiveness, Survival Instincts, Essence, and Fate. They’re Merged, so we can think of it as Our Response to the Perceived Threat to our Continued Existence or more specifically, Our Response to the Perceived Threat to our Ego.

1 Or dwarf planets, asteroids, Stars, other Landmarks in the Sky, or symbolic points.

Our Ego is the part of our Psyche that’s Responsible for our Survival, so a Threat to it is not Trivial, it’s pretty Existential. Pholus-Quaoar is closely associated with Global Climate Change, the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the Demise of the Patriarchy with its Confusion between Dominion and Domination, and most of the increasingly Apocalyptic Events that we’ve been Experiencing for many years now.

This evening I opened a tub of “Hope” brand Hummus. Inside the lid was a sealer imprinted with “In Darkness Are the Stars … Look for the Sparks of Light … A Little Hope Goes a Long Way,” signed by “two organizations with a common mission: spreading hope,” one of which was called Hope for the Day, with a motto of “It’s ok not to be ok.” If we distinguish Dominion from Domination, we substitute our Ability to Co-Create for our Need to Control.

The Major Challenge at the point of the heavy red triangle is Triggered by an internal argument between the two ends of the base of the triangle – planets Salacia Merged with Chiron, Arguing with Makemake Merged with Kassandra. Like Angels and Devils on each Shoulder whispering in your Ears and frequently trading their Horns and Halos with one another. Salacia represents Our Commitment to Enlightenment while Chiron symbolizes Despair or Miracles. Makemake means Manifestation and Kassandra stands for Disbelief.

So the Challenge is about our degree of Despair over the apparent Hopelessness of our Global Predicament versus our degree of Trust in the Miracle of the Light, and our Belief or Disbelief in our Ability to Co-Create Miracles. Needless to say, the degree to which we interpret “Manifestation” as a subset of Engineering and Management, is pretty close to the degree that Western Civilization has Programmed us to Believe that the only way to Solve a Problem is by using Engineering and Management.

Excepting the Indigenous Cultures amongst us, most of us have not fully Liberated ourselves from that Programming, and replaced it with various Abilities to Collaborate and Co-Create with Spirit to Magnetize Intuitive Solutions to us using Feminine methods of Creativity, which we collectively refer to as PIAVA – Prayer, Intention, Affirmation, Visualization or Feeling Into, Asking, and many other methods that we haven’t squeezed into the acronym.

The heavy green isosceles triangle (or wedge) literally stands for PIAVAing. It invokes Curiosity, not the kind that inspires Research and Answers, but the kind that inspires Observation, Wonder, and Awe. It’s all about the notion that we can’t Solve a Problem by using the Same Thinking that Postulated the Problem. We have to Step Aside and see with New Eyes. It represents a Mystery School, where the Acceptance of Paradox replaces the Judgment of Contradiction.

The network of thin blue lines linking the base of the green wedge with the base of the red triangle, is all about Grace. The thin blue lines are Alternative Resolutions to the apparent Contradiction in the central Argument between Despair and Creativity, between Disbelief nd Commitment to Enduring the Long Process of Enlightenment. The base of the green wedge “solves” the Dilemma of the red triangle.

One of these Alternative Resolutions is Strong Assertion, represented by Mars (Assertiveness), which is Out of Bounds (meaning Strong). We could think of this as the Command PIAVA, the C being silent. The other is the Endurance of the Life Force, symbolized by Varuna Out of Bounds. We could think of that as Syntropy, the opposite of Entropy. While Mechanical processes wind down, Living processes are Self-Replicating and Self-Evolving.

But these are Mental solutions to the puzzle, 2D solutions to an nD puzzle. They can be Clues, but we need to move into Reverie to Contemplate how Assertion and Life Itself might actually Impact Global Climate Change et al, taking the Clues with us into the Infinite Unknown.

Aquamarine is a blue or bluish transparent Beryl, or Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate (where the Silicate units are in rings), often with Iron impurities. It’s good for Preserving or Restoring Calm Centeredness during or after Threats to our Survival. The needles embedded in this Aquamarine Crystal are Schorl, or Black Tourmaline (Sodium Iron Aluminum Borocyclosilicate; it’s the Boron that makes Tourmaline so effective at Healing). Schorl Protects against Negative Energy.

There’s a third triangle conjoining the red and green ones, the thick blue equilateral triangle. This is pure Blessing, what we usually call “Dumb-Luck Grace.” A Gift from Spirit, from far beyond Mind or Emotion. The corners of an equilateral triangle represent Energies that, no matter how Contradictory or even Paradoxical they may seem, Cooperate Unconditionally. In addition to our Karma around Global Climate Change, the other two Conciliatory corners are Enlightenment – Samadhi, and Our Mission to Reanimate Nature – the North Node and Pan.

There are also short green thick lines linking Stationary Samadhi with both Varuna and Makemake-Kassandra. The short green lines symbolize Pattern-Breaking, Opportunities to Break long-lived Karmic Patterns more Easily than usual. All we need to do with these is Ask. “Great Spirit, May the Life Force and Enlightenment together Break Through our Disbelief in our Ability to Co-Create what we Need to Resolve Apocalyptic Climate Change.”

The Samadhi Station is at 10 Degrees of Virgo, We all Gather; there is no Observer, no Big Picture, just Willingness, Ability, and the Task that is Drawn to Match what We Can Do and Have Agreed to Do. Guilt, Shame, and Self-Conscious Memories hide in the background, but we can Shift these Patterns. A perfect model for the 5D Community, and an important Reminder that we don’t need to try to Construct a 5D Community while we’re still Living in 3D.

The Guilt and Shame are reflected in the Merger of Atlantis (Collapse of an Over-Technical Civilization) and Phaedra (Shame) in Pisces (Ancient Carried Emotions, Ready to be Let Go) Opposite to Samadhi itself. The Focus of the Major Global Climate Change et al Challenge is the Aries Duad (4th 2½°, or 7½-10°) of Capricorn – Recognizing our Need to Trust a Brand New and Intuitive Approach that is Beyond our Ability to Understand or Judge.

The thin red squares show two additional sets of Interlocking Hassles that are ultimately Self-Resolving, if we Let Them Be. They’re fascinating in themselves, but they aren’t the Major Challenge in the Samadhi Station chart. Any of the three though (the Major Challenge and the two Interlocking Hassles) can become SuperPowers if we Overcome our Doubt and Practice working with them.

Asteroid Sisyphus, Out of Bounds (Emphasis on Never-Ending Tasks), Stood Still on 2-3 January (PST 11:39 am 2nd, GMT 7:39 pm 2nd, IST 1:09 am 3rd, AEDT Qld 5:39 am 3rd). The Samadhi Station and the Sisyphus Station were Merged with each other, so we’re Tasked with Noticing our Frustration that Enlightenment seems to be a Never-Ending Process, and instead keeping our Attention on the Progress we’ve already made toward it. Ascension may be more Relative than Absolute.

The general Spiritual Lesson that Sisyphus Teaches us is that there is no real Destination, because we always want More. So Enlightenment involves Attending to, and Taking our Rewards from, the Journey rather than the Destination. We’ll talk more about Sisyphus Station in the next installment, and after that we’ll talk about the Relationship between the two Stations. They’re half a Sign apart in Virgo, which means that their fellow travelers will be making many Octile Angles (Adjustments).

The Moon moved Out of Bounds (Panic Reactions are more common) over the Northern Hemisphere today, 3-4 January (PST 7:03 3rd, GMT 3:03 pm 3rd, IST 8:33 pm 3rd, AEDT Qld 1:03 am 4th), for the rest of the week. It returns In-Bounds 8-9 January (PST 8:15 am 8th, GMT 4:15 pm 8th, IST 9:45 pm 8th, AEDT Qld 2:15 am 9th).

Venus moved into Aries January 2-3 (PST 6:09 pm 2nd, GMT 2:09 am 3rd, IST 7:39 am 3rd, AEDT Qld 12:09 pm 3rd). We’re done for the year being so Emotional about Violations of our Values, and now we’re likely to be interpreting our Values on a higher Plane and being more Forgiving.

The rest of the week we’ll be Working on our Manifestation, as Makemake Stands Still 7-8 January (PST 3 pm 7th, GMT 11 pm 7th, IST 4:30 pm 8th, AEDT Qld 9 am 8th). The Full Moon on 6-7 January (PST 3:07 pm 6th, GMT 11:07 pm 6th, IST 4:37 am 7th, AEDT 9:07 am 7th) Precedes it and Dances with it, as like Sisyphus and Samadhi, the Full Moon and the Makemake Station are half a Sign apart.

Next week we have much Action as Pan (the Deva of Nature), Eris (Revelation of Denial ), Out of Bounds Mars (Action), and Ka’epaoka’awela (Transcendence) in turn all Station about a day apart, while OOB Hopi, Juno, and OOB Tantalus all change Signs. Pan is the Major Player in the Global Climate Change et al Drama, as getting to know Him as Mother Gaia’s Emissary from Nature is kind of the Bottom Line.

“The most ancient of mythologies and folk beliefs bring [huperity] into a marriage with the land, for it was clear to our ancestors that [huperity] lives within a greater fabric of life. This fabric has an outer pattern, as seen in weather, seasons, plant and animal life, and the substance of the land, yet the weaver is invisible. The hands that weave these patterns are of the other world which includes Faeries, ghosts, nature spirits, demons, and deities… It was also clear to our ancestors that the inner landscape, its denizens, and their relationship with the surface world determined such things as health, luck, prosperity, and fertility…

“The material world is like the reflective surface of a pool of water. It is a reflection of the real source world. It is not the source world in itself. In this pool bubbles constantly surface changing the pattern, form and appearance of the pool. At this time in our evolution, most of [huperity] is only conscious of the surface of the pool. Some may take note of the bubbles, but they never delve into the deeper source of its motions… Science tells us much about how the physical world and its processes may appear and act, but little about the forces that brings these patterns forward. Most of the modern sciences strip the intelligence from nature and attempts to turn her (nature) into a clump of chemical and energetic processes…

“The result of hundreds of years of this surface-based, materialist lifestyle and mindset is that [huper] beings have relocated their awareness to the plane of effects (the surface world), leaving much of the plane of causes (the Faery realms) behind, relegating it to the hidden realms of the occult… This limited approach has also dulled the inner sense of intuition while sharpening the outer senses. This has been a detriment to the spiritual skills of our species and the cost of this loss is high.”

–Orion Foxwood, The Faery Teachings, pp.108-109.


January 2, 2023

Among other tidbits of Arcturian Wisdom this week, Marilyn Raffaele reminds us…

“Resistance adds energy and increasingly empowers whatever is being resisted. The clearing process often causes anger, resentment, fear, jealousy, self loathing, guilt, and all sorts of negative emotions to surface. Do not resist them for their presence does not mean you are reverting back to an old state of consciousness, but rather simply means that you are experiencing the emotions associated with whatever pocket of old energy is moving through. Observe, feel, and simply allow any negative emotions or thoughts. Allow these old energies to flow through and out without giving them power or believing that they are personally yours.” —

Imagine what it would be like to Live this way all of the time.

If you were able to Do that, you just Experienced a Moment of Enlightenment, aka Ascension. Is it that “Simple”? Simpler to describe than to Do, but yes. You probably didn’t Levitate while Imagining it, but Levitation isn’t Proof of Enlightenment any more than an Intuition is. Levitation is a trick to give your Body an experience that might Shock you out of the Belief that your Reality is Limited to the “Laws” of Physics. Before Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Carry Water. After Enlightenment, Chop Wood, Carry Water. Imagine it more often, and then let the Moments run together.

The hard part is Remembering to do it, especially when the Emotions and Thoughts get Heavy and Addictive. Emotion means EnergyinMotion. Emotion Triggers Thought, but Thoughts about Emotions are not Emotions. An Enlightened friend once told me, “I’m Angry, but I don’t know why.” Our Belief that Emotions have Objects (“I’m Angry at…”, “I’m Angry about…”) hook us into Believing that they’re Personal, that they’re “Ours.” You can Own all the Emotions and Thoughts that you want, but they’ll make a Heavy Burden that’ll keep you from Enlightenment.

Asteroid Samadhi – Enlightenment – Stood Still today, 1 January 2023, at 2:59 am PST (GMT 10:59 am, IST 4:29 pm, AEDT Qld 8:59 pm). The times we give for Stations are for the moment when the planet appears to Turn Around and start going the other way (the change in Direction is relative to the Earth’s movement, it’s in the eye of the beholder, not in the planet’s movement). The Sky is a 2D snapshot of a Field of Infinite Depth, so it’s as Illusory as out Thoughts. The Increase in a planet’s Impact on us doesn’t stop at the moment it’s Stationary, it gradually declines.

So Samadhi is still Stationary as I write this, 21 hours later. It’s moved 2 arcseconds since it’s Exact Station. That’s one thousandths of the width of the Full Moon. At its average speed it would travel 45% of the width of the Full Moon in 21 hours. Of course we’ll Feel its Impact differently depending on what it Lights up for us, whether it Triggers any Karmic Held Emotions or other Heavy Memories, and whether it Lights up any of our natal planets.

If it does, we’ll likely Feel the natal planet more than we Feel Samadhi. For instance, Samadhi’s Station occurred at 9:01 Virgo, precisely on my natal asteroid Kassandra (Being Disbelieved) – probably why I haven’t been motivated to write for several days. We Expect to Feel the Station of four-year asteroids (Samadhi’s orbit is 3.7 years) for several days on either side of the Exact Station. The impact is greater before the Station, but we can make it lasting or even Karmic if we make Decisions based on Negative Reactions to the Station.

I came here to Sound the Alarm that the Bridge across the Chasm of Western Civilization’s Abuse of the Planet is Down and the Chasm is just up the tracks, so I’ve been telling folks that the Sky is Falling since I was born. My wife once mentioned to my brother that she was never sure when I was kidding, and my brother’s response was that I “am always kidding.” So with my natal Kassandra Lit Up, it would have been very easy for me to have Decided over the last few days that I’m wasting my time writing this blog.

Being Able to tell the difference between the Temporary and the Permanent, especially when what’s been Repeated all our Life is Lit Up, and being Able to Allow these old energies to flow through and out without giving them power or believing that they are personally ours, is a primary benefit of following the astrological Stations.

A fascinating conversation about Lemuria and beyond – no kidding!…

Sent from the Gaian Congress, which will feature Amba in January…

If you click on the Gaian Congress picture above and scroll down past the link to Amba and Marguerite’s conversation, you’ll also find Elder Orion Foxwood talking about Ancestral Healing, including our Dragon and Dinosaur Ancestors, clear back to our Single-Celled Ancestors, our Barely-Carnate Lemurian Ancestors, and the Pregnant Altjira Nothingness that Preceded Incarnate Life on Mother Gaia. Orion points out that our Ancestors weren’t Other Beings living in Other Times, they’re Earlier Incarnations of our Blood Line, Embodiments of our own Blood Karma.

End of the World, er, I Mean Year

December 27, 2022

Almost everybody I know is planning to Travel on 28 December 2022, which is fortunate, since Mercury turns Retrograde on 29 December (PST 1:31 am, GMT 9:31 am, IST 3:01 pm, AEDT Qld 7:31 pm). Actually, Traveling while Mercury is Retrograde is Frustrating only when you’re scheduled for an Opportunity to Let Go Of Irritation Karma, such as having important natal planets in 25 Degrees, especially 25 Degrees of Capricorn.

If you Travel with a Sense of (Cosmic) Humor and the Ability to Relax, Mercury Retrograde is not a worry. In addition to being an excellent Opportunity to Let Go Of Irritation Karma, it’s a prime Opportunity to Notice how Karma works. Karma is never in the Present Moment, it’s always an Echo from the Past. The Past is only a Thought, it’s never Real. Only the Present Moment is Real, unless you Think About the Present Moment instead of Experiencing it, then it’s another Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo. Echo.

You’ve Experienced Worry before, so you know it’s Karma, it’s not Real. If you Wink at the Cosmos, She’ll know you’re on to Her, Chuckle to Herself, and go look for somebody else to Teach, while you board your plane, find your seat, and Relax.

Aside from being everyone’s favorite FOO1 Festival, last week was pretty Intense. While most of them were Self-Resolving to one degree or another, we Experienced Opportunities to Let Go Of Karma around Fate and Choice, around Manifestation and Scarcity, around Self-Absorption and Self-Love, around Codependence and Self-Sovereignty, around Convention and Trail-Blazing, around Respect and Disrespect, around Commitment and Uncertainty, around Addiction and Satisfaction, around Abuse and Privilege, around Pattern-Breaking and Whole-Making, around Thinking and Feeling, around Excitement and Burnout, around Blaming or Learning, and around Embracing or Rejecting Our Own Values, all intertwined in overlapping Dramas. Busy busy!

Over the next week we’ll “only” be dealing with Opportunities to Let Go Of Karma around Suffering and Enlightenment, Karma and Climate Change et al, Belief and Doubt, Discouragement and Tenacity, Denial and Boundaries, Divine Assistance and Owning our Power, Growth in Consciousness of Spirit, Our Heart’s Truth, and Unquenchable Desires. Much less Complicated, and much less Intertwined.2

If Discouragement comes your way, spend a little time with this Pink Calcite. It’s Calcium Carbonate. Imagine some of those pesky Climate-Warming Carbon Dioxide molecules interacting with the Calcium Ions in your wallboard, liberating the extra Oxygen for you to Breathe, and leaving a Calcite Crystal. Or better yet, Calcium Ions attaching themselves to the nasty Carbon Monoxide molecules coming off of your Candle, Creating a lovely Calcite Crystal, and Saving you from Suffocation. In Geochemistry it’s not quite that simple, but your Imagination has no such Limits, so you can Stretch it as far as you Want.

1 Family of Origin.

2 Asteroid Samadhi (Enlightenment ) Stationary in 10 Virgo, 1 January 2023 (PST 2:59 am, GMT 10:59 am, IST 4:29 pm, AEDT Qld 8:59 pm). Asteroid Sisyphus (Perpetual Tasks and Desires) Stationary in 24 Virgo, 2-3 January 2023 (PST 1:59 pm 2nd, GMT 9:59 pm 2nd, IST 2:29 am 3rd, AEDT 7:59 am 3rd).

Rebirth into Unconditional Love

November 21, 2022

Wednesday, 23 November 2022, is our Watershed day this week, as…

  • Mercury goes Out of Bounds (Enhanced Awareness and Communication) at 1:19 pm PST (GMT 9:19 pm 23rd; IST 2:49 am 24th; AEDT Qld 7:19 am 24th), in 11 Sagittarius (Completely in Tune with the Flow, and Confronted with the Shadows), home of the Royal Star Antares (Obsession), making our Awareness more Acute and our Communication more Concise, till 22 December. Of course, we don’t need to have our Awareness Dull and our Communication Garble then. If we Set our Intention, we can Learn how Mercury OOB Feels, and Resurrect that Feeling at will later.
  • New Moon (Reboot) at 2:58 pm PST (GMT 10:58 pm 23rd; IST 4:28 am 24th; AEDT Qld 8:58 am 24th), in 2 Sagittarius (The Need to Continually Expand into New Territory by Synthesizing Multiplicity into a Colorful Whole). The overall theme of this New Moon and in general the following several weeks, is Mystical Rebirth into Unconditional Love.1
  • Jupiter Stationary (Great Expansiveness) till 3:02 pm PST (GMT 11:02 pm 23rd; IST 4:32 am 24th; AEDT Qld. 9:02 am 24th), in 29 Sagittarius (Resisting Total Surrender), home of the Fixed Star Acumen (Destructive Gossip).1
  • Moon goes Out of Bounds South at 11:02 pm PST (GMT 7:02 am; IST 12:32 pm; AEDT Qld 5:02 pm), in 7 Sagittarius (Staying on Your Edge). Moon OOB makes us more Emotional because our Instincts are more Acute so our usual Restraint is more often overcome, and in the Southern Hemisphere we may be prone to Panic. The Moon is OOB until 2:26 am PST (GMT 10:26 am; IST 3:56 pm; AEDT Qld 8:26 pm) 28 November, in 8 Aquarius (Focused on Knowing the Self but Thwarted by the Mind’s Insistence on Structure, Form, and Sequence, till Realizing that We’re Seeking a Snapshot rather than a Reality).

1 The combined New Moon-Jupiter Stationary chart features two intertwined Fully Self-Resolving SuperPowers (red triangles), one focused on the Jupiter Station (Exaggerated Expansion of our Acceptance of Emotionality) in the penultimate Degree of Pisces (Obsessive Dedication to Sacred Tradition), and the other focused on the Stellium of Haumea (Rebirth), Narcissus (Self-Obsession), and Eurydike (Trust) Merged (Rebirth of Our Self-Trust) in the Scorpio and Sagittarius Duads of Scorpio (Fearless Examination of the Whys of Things, and Letting Go of Judgment Once They’re Discovered ).

The Expansion and the Rebirth SuperPowers are connected by a Quincunx (Mystery School), making each one leg of the Self-Resolution of the other (the Fingers of the Goddess or green wedges that render each Self-Resolving). Self-Resolution means that Observing and Waiting works better than trying to “Fix” anything). That is, they Collaborate nicely if we Let Them Be.

The other Self-Resolution leg of the Expansion SuperPower is a Merger of Self-Love and Enlightenment (Sappho Conjunct Samadhi) across the Cusp of Virgo. The Cusp of Virgo is where Self-Adulation Breaks Down into Ego Death, and Spiritual Fire Begins to Descend into Matter. Sappho is in the Final Degree of Leo (The Priestess of Self-Clarity, Her Own and Yours) and Samadhi is in 5 Virgo (The Edge between Fear and Ego Death).

If we Experience the Expansion SuperPower as a Challenge or Bummer, the Gift is that Our Blocks Become Obvious to Us. It’s up to us to Claim Ownership of these Blocks and Gently and Lovingly Embrace them as a part of Ourself that has been Unfairly Judged and Abandoned all these Years and possibly Lifetimes, like Welcoming an Unexpected but Very Lovable Younger Sibling that We’ve Been Separated From since Infancy.

The other Self-Resolution leg of the Rebirth SuperPower is Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) in the Last Degree of Taurus (Guided to Explore the Underwhere), which is Adjacent to the Pleiadian Star Alcyone (Absence of Judgment). If we Experience the Rebirth SuperPower as Challenge or Downer, the Gift is that our Unconscious Fears may leak into Consciousness. No matter what you’re Feeling, ask yourself, “Is this hidden Fear? Of What? And Why?” Kegels are always good for Converting Fear to Power. Tapping also works great for Calming Crawling Skin and allowing your Hair to Stand Down. If it appears that Tapping doesn’t work for you, Ask yourself, What if it Did Work but I didn’t Notice it? and Tap several more times. When I wake up with my Skin Crawling, it takes several iterations of Tapping to Calm it.

Gazing at or Holding Morganite (pink Beryl, Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate, usually tinted with Manganese impurities) is recommended as an antidote to Fear…

Testing Our Dreams II

July 1, 2022

Using her unique combination of Intuition and Technical Expertise, our loyal CAO (Chief Asteroid Officer) has discovered that asteroid Samadhi is tightly Merged with the 28 June 2022 New Moon. They’re only seven arcminutes apart! That’s less than a fourth of the width of a Full Moon. And they’re both Out of Bounds, meaning their impact on Hupers is Intensified. Yogananda defines Samadhi as Identity with Spirit, or “Superconsciousness.” 1 And we haven’t even started to discuss the second (Doubly Self-Resolving) Challenge in the New Moon chart, which is Focused on Enlightenment and Transmutation.2

When it was Discovered, asteroid Samadhi was at the Midpoint of Leo, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.3 The 15th Degree of Leo is about Individuation.4 Individuation was Jung’s term for Union with the Inner Self, including the Hieros Gamos or Sacred Marriage between the Inner Female and the Inner Male, a prerequisite for Enlightenment. The Samadhi Discovery chart features only one “simple” Challenge, revolving around the Edge Between Trusting our Instinctual Response to Abuse and Privilege, and Creating Enlightenment through Respect for Ego Death.5 It also has a minor Issue with Denial of the Extent of our Codependence 6 and ongoing complex Maintenance Issues around the Balance between Commitment, Patience, Karma, and Fear.7

  • 1 Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi, footnotes on pp.238 and 400. Yogananda distinguished two stages of Samadhi – sabikalpa samadhi, where Spirit-Unity exists when in Meditation, and nirbikalpa samadhi, where Spirit-Unity exists at all times. One of my first uses of PIAVA was to Pray for nirbikalpa samadhi.
  • 2 In the New Moon chart: T-Square and Finger of the Goddess pointing at dwarf planet Zhulong (Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment ) in 6 Scorpio (The Edge between Self-Importance and Selflessness) Merged with (Conjunct) asteroid Ka epaoka awela (Transmutation) in 4 Scorpio (Apprehension of Doom). We’ll document the rest of the Configuration in a future post
  • 3 Thanks to Precession, the four Royal Stars of Persia, whose Rising marked the Pagan Fire Festivals or Cross-Quarter days, and the Midpoints of the four Fixed Signs, have moved on into the Beginnings of the following Signs. The Royal Star Regulus (Success), now in 1 Virgo, still honors the Leo Midpoint. 15 Leo is now adjacent to the Fixed Star Acubens (Resurrection).
  • 4 These words or short phrases indicating the meaning of each Degree are my short summary of the full-page interpretation given of the Chandra Symbols by Ellias Lonsdale in 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny. I’m finding them to be Scary Accurate, so I highly recommend that anyone with more than a passing interest obtain a copy of this book. The words or short phrases indicating the meaning of the Fixed Stars are my short summary of the interpretations given in Bernadette Brady’s Brady’s Book of the Fixed Stars.
  • 5 In the Samadhi Discovery chart: A Naked Square between…
    • A Stellium (group of planets) of…
      • Zhulong (Enlightenment ) in 19 Virgo (Focusing on our Feelings Instead of Our Thoughts About Them),
      • Dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) in 13 Virgo (Absolute Lifelong Dedication to a Gut Truth ), and
      • Asteroid Requiem (Respect for Death) in 17 Virgo (Ornery Hermit Due to Excessive Sensitivity), versus
    • The Stellium of…
      • Dwarf planet Nessus (Abuse and Privilege) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 15 Sagittarius (Adept with Apocalypse Once We Accept It ),
      • Asteroid Eurydike (Trust ) Out of Bounds in 12 Sagittarius (Recognizing that Discomfort Won’t Go Away) adjacent to the Royal Star Antares (Obsession), and
      • The Moon (Instinct ) in 18 Sagittarius (Going with the Flow), adjacent to the Fixed Star Ras Algehi (Submission to a Natural Emotional Order).
    • The Challenge to Integrate or At Least Balance Our Lust for Liberation with Our Desire to Reduce Suffering.
  • 6 An Opposition (Argument ) between Dwarf planet Eris (Revelation of What’s Been Denied ) in 18 Aries (Irrepressible Intuition of the Extranormal ) versus dwarf planets Pholus (Being Fully Responsive) in 12 Libra (Giving Up Identification with the Surficial and Moving Inside) and Hylonome (Self-Sovereignty and Codependence) in 16 Libra (Dueling Compulsions to Outer- and Inner-Direction). Overcoming Skepticism about Spirit.
  • 7 A Grand Cross – four planets more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac, ie four adjacent T-Squares (Downside: Constant Irritations; Upside: Skills at Multi-Tasking and Managing Multiple Projects and Conflicting Demands, Constant Mutually-Supporting Irritationsthat is, the Irritations Balance One Another, though the Irritations may not be Simultaneous and therefore Patience or Wisdom is Required in order to Avoid Intervening with 2D or 3D “Corrections” which would Disrupt the Multidimensional Tapestry). The four corners are…
    • Samadhi in 15 Leo (Individuation) and dwarf planet Orcus (Oath-Making and Pattern-Breaking) in 18 Leo (Renunciation of Human Drama). Commitment and Breaking Patterns of Resistance.
    • Asteroids Karma (Karma) Out of Bounds (Exaggerated ) in 15 Scorpio (Dedication to the Path of the Goddess) adjacent to the Fixed Star Zuben Elgenubi (Social Reform without Corruption or Need for Status), and Kassandra (True Oracle Condemned to be Disbelieved ) in 18 Scorpio (Will-Spirit Merger, Difficult but Enlightening). Trudging on without Support.
    • The Stellium of the Sun (Essence) and asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limitations) in 15 Aquarius (Death of Either/Or), plus asteroids Icarus (Flirting with Danger) Out of Bounds (Amplified ) in 12 Aquarius (Either/Or Attachments Becoming Synthesis), Klotho (New Beginnings) in 17 Aquarius (Maintaining Tradition), and Arachnis (The Tapestry of Life) in 16 Aquarius (Never Giving Up). Moving Beyond the Mind.
    • Dwarf planets Sedna (Converting Fear to Power) in 14 Taurus (Union with the Soul of the Planet ) and Altjira (The Field in which Life Arises) in 16 Taurus (The Compulsive Truth of Love). Both are adjacent Fixed Planet Menkar (Eruption). Love for the Earth.