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Sleep – Who Needs It

July 29, 2016

With Uranus Standing Still as I write this, I’d usually be telling folks not to worry if they aren’t Sleeping, because when Uranus is Strong, our Creativity is Strong as well, so Inspiration is often stronger than the need for regular Sleep.  Of course, if we let our Shoulds override our Wannas, we’ll try to Sleep a regular schedule anyway, and end up exhausted. 

I have several close friends with Uranus prominent in their Natalities (birth charts), and with Uranus lit up a lot for the last five years, they’ve been finding themselves lucky to be able to Sleep much at all.  But the last few nights?  They been Sleeping like babes – a good example of how astrology often acts homeopathically!  We can identify a dimension (Sleep, Creativity), but not a Direction (lots or not much).

Stephen Buhner, in his Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature, tells us how to grok Plants…

“There will come a time, when you slightly step back from the plant, at the moment when you are not thinking and not feeling, that the living perception of the plant as a complete whole emerges within you.

“The organism stands forth in its own light and is understood.  Knowledge of the plant as medicine (or its function in the ecosystem, or more) is directly gathered from the plant itself.

“However, before the whole of the plant emerges and is revealed to the imaginal sight, there will be a moment of stasis, a moment in which the will of the perceiver and the resistance of the phenomenon to reveal itself are equal.  There is an impasse. during which movement forward is difficult.

“You may feel as if you are pushing through cotton wool, with no forward momentum possible.  At this point, it is the will of the student to know – and the depth of love he or shw has for the plant – that is essential, that carries the process through.  Love without the will, however, is insufficient, because there is no motive force.  And without love. the phenomenon will not acquiesce to reveal itself to you.

“It is here, at this point of stasis, that you must hold your intention to know and not allow yourself to be distracted in your task.  If you continue, to hold your directed focus, there will be a moment in which the forces involved – the will and love of the perceiver and the life force of the phenomenon – converge.  There will be a moment of breakthrough where you emerge into a center of understanding.”

This is a great description of the process of Knowing anything – Plants, Rocks, People, planets, History, Zeitgeister.  I’ve even been using it to improve my general Intuition.  If we’re going to operate from Yintegrity, as our Soul-Urge Uranus wants us to, we need a well-honed Intuition.

Today’s bigger impact though, isn’t about Yintegrity directly, though Yintegrity is certainly a solid path to achieving it.  Today’s biggest impact is the Unlimited Future available to us when we connect with our Abandoned Genius.  Buhner’s suggestions for having a Heart-to-Heart talk with a Plant, is also an excellent suggestion for having a Heart-to-Heart talk with our Orphaned Genius.

Uranus, turning Retrograde at 2pm PDT 29 July in 25 Aries, is still Conjunct Eris, on its way to the late-September Uranus-Eris Exposition – and still Opposite Haumea, so our Maskless Rebirth is still underway.  

A bit after 12am PDT 30 July, though, the Moon crosses dwarf planet Chaos, which is Sextiled by Uranus.  This is a Biggie because Chaos makes a Grand Cross and sits at the head of a Kite, making Chaos the clear Ruler of the Uranus-Stationary event.

The Grand Cross consists of Chaos-Opposite-Ixion Square to Jupiter-Opposite-Chiron.  Uranus-Eris, Ixion, and Venus form the Grand Trine, with Chaos, Sextile to Uranus and Venus, completing the Kite.  Haumea and our asteroid friend Beatles complete the Grand Sextile, all within 22-25 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs.  The Grand Cross occupies the same Degrees of the Mutable Signs.

It’s been a difficult five years, as we’ve been forced to shed the Masks that have kept us Feeling Safe, even as they kept us from being Present to the World.  Our Vulnerability may well get a whole lot easier here for a while.

Now, with Uranus past its exact Station, excuse me while I go catch up on my Sleep…

Learning to Transcend

July 24, 2016

Being very much still under the influence of the Big-Pattern-Breaker and The-Time-Is-Now Full Moon, there’s lots of Action going on, eh?  

The 19 July Full Moon featured a Grand Unx (Bigtime Pattern Breaking) and a Grand Septile (Timing is Everything).

Can we shed any more Light on that, based on what’s going on now?  

I’m not a huge fan of Cognitive Therapy, because it works mostly for folks who run their lives from their minds, so their Shoulds probably already have them Living someone else’s Life rather than their own, and Cognitive Therapy can make that worse, unless it’s done just right.  

But if you can lead someone into Insight about their previously Unconscious Self-Sabotage (and if necessary provide Tools to facilitate Change), it really doesn’t matter how you do it.  If someone has their Mercury (Thought) or Venus (Values) in an Air Sign (Mind), then the Cognitive approach may be their natural path.  Right at the moment, Mercury and Venus are both in Leo, a Fire (Spiritual) Sign, so in general folks are probably trying to put their best foot forward.

Leo, though, is also a Fixed Sign, so a danger is that folks may be thinking and Feeling that their Perspective on Spirit is the onliest or bestest one.  The Big Opportunity here is to Learn about the places where our Superiority and Privilege – and the places where we acquiesce to Superiority and Privilege in Others – are being exposed.

Part of the ongoing Sappho-Orcus (Challenges to Oaths that are no longer Self-Loving) Opposite Nessus-OR10-Pallas (Setting Boundaries against Abuse and Clearing Boundaries against Memories of Abuse), now T-Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by asteroid Veritas (Truth).

Sappho (Self-Love) is moving out of this Configuration, and is now one foot of a Saturn (The Most Important Thing) T-Square, with Neptune (Our Relationship with Everything Larger than Ourself, such as our Culture, the Goddess, and in general, Other) at the other foot, which is to say…

The Most Important Thing here is to be Self-Loving in our Response to the ongoing Collapse of our Culture and Economic Milieu.  An excellent process for this is to Give Over Control to some aspect of the Godhead, such as “Ganeshi, please Remove any and all Obstacles between me and Ongoing Abundance,” where Abundance of course means Having Enough to Share.

l don’t know if you’ve noticed, but The Donald is a perfect example of Yintegrity.  It’s just Yintegrity mixed with Narcissism.  The hunger for Yintegrity is so great that The Donald is able to hypnotize many people into believing that he will help them Manifest their Narcissism, or at least their Permission to Act Out their childhood and adolescent Fantasies.  

As we move from the Patriarchy to Yang Feminine Cultural Structures we will have to expect to see a good deal more of this, as our repressed Fantasies are Set Free from the Should Prisons they’ve been locked into.  Most of our Terror of our own Fantasies results from their being imprisoned for so long that we Fear they will take over our Consciousness – while in Truth they’ve been running the show all along, just on the Unconscious level.

Yes, we set Oaths to keep them under cover because we would have been – or were – punished for displaying them.  But how old were you when you swore those Oaths?  The urges underlying these Fantasies are still just that old, and it will take some Work and Skill to bring them up to age-appropriateness.  Once they’re Liberated from Repression, our Fantasies will mature – in the sense of being Constructive to Community – surprisingly quickly.

Libertarianism is the -ism that expounds Yintegrity, but as far as I’ve seen its spokesfolks refer only to Economic Libertarianism, which boils down to your right to rip me off if you can get away with it.  Hence The Donald would banish any law that would prevent his making money by destroying the Planet and exploiting People.  Of course, that’s exactly what the WTO, NAFTA, the TPP, and all of the other elements of “Globalization” promote, and which are already law in many places.

The major difference is that Obama and Hillary would banish any law that would prevent their campaign funders from making money by destroying the Planet and exploiting People.  The Culture in the U.S. worships “Success,” which means “Having Enough Money” to do whatever you Want, whenever you Want to.  A friend used to refer to “Enough Money” as “the Ultimate Oxymoron.”

In truth it’s not about Money, but about Courage.  What if “Success” meant “Having Enough Courage” to do whatever you Want, whenever you Want to.  In U.S. elections, Libertarian candidates have never gotten more than around 1% of the vote, because people are so frightened by their own Repression.  And because the other 99% of us lack the Narcissism and Psychopathy necessary to Worship Exploitation as the Highest Virtue.

Much of Economic Theory used in the U.S. and exported to the rest of the World through the IMF, World Bank, and Goldman Sachs alumni in Central Banks worldwide, is based on Milton Friedman’s work at “the Chicago School” of Economics.  Uncle Milty even has a Nobel Prize for it.  Ted Cruz is one of his rabid disciples.  You can find excellent summaries of how it works in Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine and John Perkins’s New Economic Hit Man.

Another noted Libertarian, Narcissist, and Exploitation expert is Doug Casey.  Here’s what Doug has to say this weekend…

Doug and his fellow Vulture Capitalists and 1%-ers know what they’re talking about, and we will never win an economic contest if we try to compete with them.  We can maybe support our own Survival by riding their coattails – Doug is generous enough to be Honest and forthright – to the extent we can ride their coattails and stay within our own Values.  

And of course, we need to be mindful that Economists and folks like Doug are famous for predicting 25 of the last 10 economic slumps.  But as we’ve said, we’re in the last few hairs at the end of the tail of the Industrial Revolution, as we descend into economic and social chaos between now and 2020.  We’ll talk more about that soon.  Our primary focus this week is on what we’re Learning.

Today’s chart features a Grand Quintile – a complete Configuration making Learning and Teaching the primary current process, in the context of the Pattern-Breaking and Timeliness of the Full Moon chart.  The five planets in the Grand Quintile are…

  • Mercury – Mind and Communication
  • Chiron – Despair and Miracles
  • Juno – the Edges of Consciousness
  • Asteroid Veritas – Truth
  • Pluto – Trance ReFormation

In addition, two planets sit at the Midpoints between two of the Grand Quintile planets, making Deciles (Fortune) to their neighbors, a Biquintile to one another, and Trideciles to Mercury.  These two planets are…

  • Saturn – The Most Important Thing
  • Ceres – Sustainability and Sustenance

Because it has more Active Angles in the Grand Quintile, we have to call Mercury the “head” of the GQ, which is convenient, implying that much of what we Learn here under the GQ and its Decile embellishments will come directly into Conscious Awareness.

We also have to flag five other members as Prominent, because they participate in T-Squares with planets outside the GQ.  That leaves one planet unflagged, and we could easily make the case that this one becomes The Most Important one by virtue of its uniqueness.  We don’t need to do that, though, because the unflagged planet is Pluto, which always points to what’s Mandatory.

Pluto recall is like a big River, the River of Time.  The current is too strong to paddle against; if we try we’ll just be swept over the waterfall backwards.  If we Choose to move with the current, though, we’ll be able to steer to one bank or the other, and portage around the rapids and falls.  Hence we think of Pluto as Transformation – it Changes everything, and often symbolizes a major Change of Zeitgeist.

Since any form of Zeitgeist is a Mass Hypnosis (we forget it was or will ever be different than it is), we often misspell Transformation as Trance(Re)Formation

The T-Squares?  

Foremost are Saturn and Veritas, as they form a Grand Cross with Sappho and Neptune.  (A Grand Quintile does not include Oppositions, but the Decile embellishments on this GQ Oppose members of the GQ.)  Sappho and Veritas complete a Grand Cross with the Waning Saturn-Neptune Square…

As the Culture and Economic Structure Collapse, The Most Important Things for us are to Stay Present with the Truth, and Maintain our Self-Love.  As we’ve suggested, PIAVAing Ongoing Abundance – Having Enough to Share – will allow us to Survive and help our Community Survive as well.  But we have to Sustain ourself first, or we’ll have nothing to Give.

Similarly, Juno and Ceres Oppose one another, forming the base of a T-Square to the Sun…

As we Stay Present with the Truth, we bring our own former Unconscious Limitations up into Consciousness.  Compensating for and Replacing these will allow us to Let Go of what is Unnecessary and Stay Focused on what we Need for Sustainability.

Finally, Chiron is T-Square to the Opposition between dwarf planets Chaos (Unlimited Potential) and Ixion-Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility for our Abandoned Genius).

The rest of the decade will be Challenging.  To avoid Despair we will need to stop discounting our own Skills, and PIAVA to Connect with Unique Skills we didn’t know we had.  Of course Embracing ourself in Despair and Empathizing with ourself no matter what we’re Feeling, is critically important.  

But as they say, “If it doesn’t make you stronger it will kill you” – either way, you’re Liberated from Suffering.  Wait – did I get that backwards?  Mastery follows from Challenges.  Remember Marianne Williamson’s famous anthem…

“Our deepest Fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest Fear is that we are Powerful beyond measure.  It is our Light, not our Darkness That most frightens us.

“We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?  Actually, who are you not to be?  You are a Child of God.  Your playing small does not serve the world.  There’s nothing Enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you.

“We are all meant to Shine, as Children do.  We were born to make Manifest the Glory of God that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us;
It’s in everyone.  And as we let our own Light shine, we unconsciously give other people Permission to do the same.  As we’re Liberated from our own Fear, our Presence automatically Liberates others.”

Hidden Genius lies within All of us.  All we need to do is to stop preventing it from arising.  Accept the Challenges being Presented to you, and Allow your Native Creativity and Curiosity to Surpass them.  The Challenges and your Creative Responses are part and parcel of the Ascension of the Planet.

The Time Is Now 8 – Abuse

July 19, 2016

One thing we neglected to mention in The Time Is Now 3, is that Pallas (Boundaries) is sitting with the dwarf planets OR10 (Leakage from the Deep Unconscious) and Nessus (Abuse and Privilege).  If you encounter any Abuse Memories, don’t waste any Energy worrying about whether or not they’re authentic Memories – if they aren’t yours, they’re certainly someone else’s.  This is one point of the Seven-Pointed Star, meaning that The Time Is Now to Invite, Accept, and PIAVA Healing for Abuse of all forms.  

War is probably the most extreme form of Abuse of all kinds, as well as the easiest excuse for even more kinds of Abuse.  The flip side of Abuse is Privilege; when Abuse isn’t the direct result of Psychopathy, it’s the indirect result of Privilege – otherwise “normal” people (ie, people that do have a Conscience) who are Culturally conditioned into believing that their inherent superiority allows them to Abuse people whom they regard as inferior.  We see this being enacted all over the Planet.  In the Capitalist Ethos, for instance, the Right to make, sell, and own guns Trumps the Right of Others to stay Alive.  The word Trump means Being Privileged.

Pallas-OR10-Nessus also Opposes Orcus (Reverting old Oaths) and Sappho (Self-Love).

As we Let Go of Fear and set our Resolve against Abuse, we Betray old Oaths around Protecting Ourselves by Limiting Ourself to avoid certain behaviors, people, or places.  Guilt arises over Betraying any Oaths, these included, and Guilt that “it must have somehow been my own – or their own – fault” is part of the way Guilt enforces Limiting Beliefs.  As we Change, we need to be Mindful that the World will React negatively to our newfound Unwillingness to Cooperate with their programs and pogroms.

The Time Is Now 7 – Graces

July 19, 2016

The four Automatic Graces in the 19 July Full Moon chart…

The four Grand Trines embedded in the Grand Unx…

(1) In 26-29 Degrees of the Emotional Signs: Mars in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, Sun-Varuna in Cancer

We get to Miracles by Relentlessly Seeking the Essential Life Force in each Entity, Object, and Circumstance we encounter.

(2) In 27-28 Degrees of the Mental Signs: Nemesis in Libra, asteroid Beatles in Aquarius, Vesta in Gemini

Our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs will shift when we Celebrate our Gratitude for the Ordinary and Bring our Resentments into the Present Moment.  

To Bring our Resentments into the Present Moment means to recognize that our Anger is an Emotion occurring in our own Body.  It may have been triggered by someone or something outside of ourself, but it wasn’t caused by anything External.  If it wasn’t a pre-existing Held Emotion you would not have hesitated to deal with the Issue directly, and Resentment never would have arisen.  You get out of this Archetypal Death Spiral by Owning the Emotion in your own Body.

(3) In 26-29 Degrees of the Material Signs: Astraea in Virgo, Moon in Capricorn, Sedna-Aletheia in Taurus

We abolish our Survival Fear by approaching Ego Death without Preconceptions and Trusting that our Instincts will Guide us in Creating a New Identity with fewer Limiting Beliefs.

To approach Ego Death without Preconceptions means that we Celebrate Confusion as the first stage of Growth, we are Mindful that Fear plus Breathing Equals Excitement, we are Willing to use Tapping and Kegels to accelerate the process, and we are Aware that when we Change it freaks other people out, so we avoid the Temptation to attempt to Revert in order to protect their Comfort Level.  

(4) In 24-28 Degrees of the Spiritual Signs: Hopi in Leo, Pholus-Quaoar-GC in Sagittarius, Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne in Aries

We understand that we have been Endowed and Tasked with a Sacred Trust to Remember that ALL THINGS have Souls and Consciousness.

And the two Conditional Graces, which require only that we Take the First Step, for Blessings to follow…

The two Grand Sextiles embedded in the Grand Unx…

(1) In 24-28 Degrees of the Dynamic Signs: Hopi in Leo, Vesta in Gemini, Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne in Aries, asteroid Beatles in Aquarius, Pholus-Quaoar-GC in Sagittarius, Nemesis in Libra…

Where we would normally Step Back, Get Involved instead.  Where we would normally Step Forward, Stand Still instead.  Where we would usually Stay Silent, Speak Up.  Where we would usually Offer our Opinion, Listen Instead.   Open your Heart to what you most often Judge.  Be Skeptical in situations where you would usually Melt.  When you encounter people disrespecting the Planet or its Denizens, Call them on it.  Surprise your friends by being a lot more Candid than you usually are.  Explore the territory beyond your usual Limits.

(2) In 26-29 Degrees of the Magnetic Signs: Mars in Scorpio, Moon in Capricorn, Chiron in Pisces, Sedna-Aletheia in Taurus, Sun-Varuna in Cancer, Astraea in Virgo…

“Ganeshi, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Leaving no Stone unturned in pursuit of ALL of my Deepest Desires, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Trusting my Instincts, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Loving Embrace of all Negativity and Fear, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Respect for All Life including Inanimate and Noncorporeal Life Forms, and Please Remove all Obstacles to my Embrace of Life without Expectations and Preconceptions.”  Those are the pieces; now, how, for you, will they Integrate into one Unity?

“Ganeshi, Please Remove all Obstacles to my Living Directly from the Heart, Moment to Moment.”

The Time Is Now 6 – Challenges

July 18, 2016

The twelve Signs in astrology are derived by multiplying three Modalities by four Elements.  The three Modalities correspond to the triune Godhead in Hinduism – Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Sustainer, and Shiva the “Destroyer” or Transformer.  The astrological Modalities are “Cardinal” or Creative, “Fixed” or In Form, and “Mutable” (as in Mutation) or Changing.  The four Elements are common to many traditions – Fire/Spirit, Earth/Matter, Air/Mind, and Water/Emotion.  So while one astrological Sign might be about Creative Emotion, another will be about Spiritual Mutation.

Let’s look at how the 19 July Full Moon Manifests each Modality and Element…

A Grand Unx includes three Grand Crosses (Challenges), one in each Modality, four Grand Trines (Automatic Grace), one in each Element, and two Grand Sextiles (Blessed Effort), one in each Duality (Dynamic or Magnetic).  

The three Grand Crosses are…

(1) In 26-29 Degrees of the Signs governing Form: Mars in Scorpio, Hopi in Leo, Sedna-Aletheia in Taurus, Beatles in Aquarius…

We are Challenged to demonstrate the highest possible degree of Respect for All Things through acknowledging the Reality of our Fear that Physical Form is Unsustainable (and Tapping it Out), by Attending to it Relentlessly, and by acknowledging the Sacred in the most Mundane facets of Life.

(2) In 24-29 Degrees of the Creative Signs: Nemesis in Libra, Sun-Varuna in Cancer, Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne in Aries, Moon in Capricorn…

We are Challenged to Nurture the Fundamental Sacredness of the Life Force through Honoring the inherent Presence of its Opposite in All Things, Respecting how our Ancestors have prepared the Ground for us to Walk on, and constantly acknowledging that we will never Master the basic incompatibility between I and Other. 

(3) In 26-28 Degrees of the Signs dealing with Change: Astraea in Virgo, Vesta in Gemini, Chiron in Pisces, Pholus-Quaoar-GC in Sagittarius…

We are Challenged to recognize that Spirit is Ineffable while taking Full Responsibility for its Defense, to know that failing to Fully Embrace any Emotion leads to Despair, to be at Peace with the fact that the Mind will never be able to comprehend the Mysteries of the Unconscious, and to accept any affront to our Identity Innocently, as if we had neither Emotional nor Intellectual Investment in our Ego. 


The Time Is Now 5 – PIAVAs

July 18, 2016

At the end of this very nice summary of how to deal with Duality, Phoenix proposes a number of PIAVAs to accelerate our Pattern-Breaking Adventures…

A couple of suggestions…

I avoid the term “Release” because Coyote Lives in the Unconscious and we wouldn’t put it past Her to interpret “Release” as “Re-Lease,” as in signing up for another year’s Lease.  Coyote needs to know we’re Serious, so Her tests are thorough.  So I prefer “Let Go of.”

In normal circumstances, I recommend doing only one PIAVA per day, because otherwise we lose track of what we’re supposed to be Learning in the Pay Attention phase that follows the Change the Subject stage (see to review PIAVA if you’re new to PIAVA, or for a shorter summary).

These aren’t normal circumstances, though, and under a Pattern-Breaking Grand Unx combined with a The Time Is Now Grand Septile, all coordinated by Mars and Beatles in an Ancient Pottery Bowl (see the previous four posts), we may not need to Pay Attention, as the Genie in the Full Moon may just Grant our Wishes forthwith!  Just rub the Full Moon’s Belly.  To cover all bases though, I’d approach it this way…

Spend time drafting your PIAVAs.  Make a list of your top Wants and Needs, then Prioritize them.  Can you “go meta” (raise your Perspective to a higher altitude) and combine two or more of them?  If you want Abundance, and Passion about your Work, and Service to the Planet, for instance, check to see if it would work to PIAVA your Dream Seva, or maybe your Dream Seva and Detachment, so your new Guru status won’t go to your head.

You have to give it a trial run because for instance, if you have an Unconscious Belief that Seva and Abundance are mutually exclusive, then Heart and Mind won’t be able to Unite around the Want.  We know that’s a Duality, but the Unconscious does feature Compartmentalization, even if its primary mode of operation is Dimensional but not Directional.  So you might end up Asking for your Dream Seva, Detachment, and True Community instead.

You see the kinds of Real Issues that arise while assembling a PIAVA.  It might help to pick a Main Theme, and dance around it.  For instance, in my most successful Manifestation ever, I’d been enjoying some leisure time but was feeling increasingly Guilty about ignoring my source of income.  So I composed a PIAVA, and wrote it out over and over again.

I’d write it till it flowed smoothly, without the slightest hesitation in my writing hand.  Then I’d do something else for a while, then come back and write again till my execution (of the act of writing) was flawless again.  Each time I wrote it, I’d let it evolve and change, as I thought of additional Ifs, Ands, and Buts.  One time it might be “I have all the Income I want,” the next it might be “I have all the Income and Leisure I want.”  Then I might add Fun, or think of a word that seemed to me to combine Leisure and Fun.

So you might start with “I Wonder if I can get away with Asking for Everything I Want,” Change the Subject for an hour, and then see how that Feels, see what Intuitions have arisen in the interim, see what “Coincidences” have befallen you, see if you’re Feeling mostly Worried or mostly Ecstatic.  

Also, normally I’d advise adding “Lovingly, Gently, Rapidly, and Completely” to most PIAVAs, but again, that may be optional with this much Grace flying about.  On the other hand, with this much Grace applying to Pattern-Breaking, Reacting and Responding to all of the “unintended consequences” of wholesale Letting Go of Archetypes is going to be a full-time job for a while, so at a minimum “Lovingly and Gently” may be more critical than ever.

So we might want to choose “I Lovingly and Gently Let Go of my Personal Victim” over “I Let Go of my Personal Victim.”  Our Families of Origin will be particularly troublesome.  Our FOOs are Units with interlocking pieces, and when one Changes the others have to Adapt, and what usually happens is first, Denial (as they pretend you haven’t Changed), then Bullying (as they demonstrate their Anger that you’ve slipped out of your Role).  What comes after that will depend on who they are, but it often isn’t pretty.

The Time is Now 4 – Action

July 18, 2016

The Seven-Pointed Star and the Twelve-Pointed Star in the 19 July Full Moon chart share only one point – Mars.  Which is to say, Action is called for.  It doesn’t need to be Dramatic or Aggressive – a PIAVA or Meditation would be appropriate Action.  

Mars is in Scorpio, and Scorpio tends to Forgive other people’s transgressions.  Up to a limit.  After that, there’s no turning back.  It would be a good idea in the current situation to defer tendencies to Forgive.  Instead, just calmly state your Grievance, so the other person knows that you noticed when they stepped on your toes.  That’ll keep the air clear, so complications don’t compound.  

If they make excuses, just tell them “Hey, don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal.  Just don’t do it again.”  Scorpio does eye contact better than anybody, so they’ll know you’re serious.  They’ll be shook up, but you don’t need to rescue them from their Discomfort; it’s their homework, not yours.  Your homework is to be upfront about the “small stuff,” so it doesn’t accumulate, but in a casual, non-confrontational way.  

You’ll probably notice that you have to Break some pretty Ancient Patterns of your own to pull that off.  Make the Effort; it’ll be easier than you Expect.  This level of casual Honesty is important in close Communities, and we’ll be living in close Communities under the New Economic Paradigm.  Under Yintegrity and Yindependence, no one tells you what to do or how to do it, unless you’re studying under them, or they’re paying you to do it their way.  There isn’t any debate about this, it just is.

Here’s an interesting Perspective on the breakdown of the Old Order of Things (the July 10-17 passage)…

Have you ever seen the movie The Corporation?  It’s worth seeing.  Kind of a video version of John Perkins or Naomi Klein, without the Cosmic Humor of The Yes Men.  I saw it some years ago at a private showing put on by a small group of activists.  Afterwards I left their meeting thinking, “Oh shit, I guess we have to go back to the barricades again” like we did in the 1960s.  

But as I walked I could feel the Earth moving under the sidewalk, and in my inner vision I saw a large green Alien-looking fellow – he would have fit right in on Sesame Street – standing in a pit next to the sidewalk.  He telepathed to me, very clearly, “No, we just need to set the Vibration of what we Do Want.”  That’s the kind of Action that will be appropriate.

The Time is Now 3 – Beatles

July 17, 2016

For astrologers, here are the seven planets in the Grand Septile…

  • Mars (Action, Physical Energy, Anger)
  • Makemake (Manifestation)
  • Mercury-Venus (Integrating Heart and Mind)
  • Chaos (Unlimited Potential)
  • Ceres (Sustainability, Eliminating the Unnecessary)
  • Pallas-Nessus-OR10 (Remembering Episodes of Abuse and Setting Boundaries to Prevent their Recurrence)
  • Pluto (Transformation, Trance Reformation, the Unavoidable but Adaptable

And the twelve planets and positions in the Grand Unx…

  • Mars
  • Quaoar-Pholus-Galactic Center (Taking Full Responsibility for our Survival, by order of Headquarters)
  • The Full Moon (Illumination)
  • The 27-Aquarius Fresh Violets in an Ancient Pottery Bowl Vacancy (see The Time is Now 2)
  • Chiron (Despair and Miracles)
  • Stationary Eris-Uranus-Mnemosyne (see The Time is Now 2)
  • Sedna-Aletheia (Acknowledging what Frightens us so we can Breathe into it and Transform it into Excitement)
  • Vesta (Unconscious Beliefs, Archetypes)
  • Sun-Varuna (the Primordial Life Force, Transformation of Energy into Matter, Alchemy)
  • Hopi (Respect for all Things)
  • Astraea (Innocence)
  • Nemesis (Regret, Endings)

We’ll talk about most of these in subsequent snippets.

Oh, and our Chief Asteroid Officer reports that there is an asteroid sitting in our Grand Unx Vacancy – the Asteroid Beatles.  Spelled with an a that can mean only one thing.  Or rather, lots of things, such as…

  • It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night
  • Help me get my feet back on the ground
  • I’m Looking through You, and You’re Unaware
  • I’m Sorry that I Doubted You, I was so Unfair
  • All the Lonely People, Where Do They All Belong?
  • I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends
  • Picture Yourself in a Boat on a River with Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies
  • Fixing a Whole where the Rain Gets in, to Keep My Mind from Wandering
  • Swaying Daisies Sing a Lazy Song beneath the Sun
  • And Our Friends are All Aboard, Many More of Them Live Next Door
  • I Feel that Ice Is Slowly Melting
  • I Really Want to Touch You Lord but It Takes So Long my Lord
  • Nothing’s Gonna Change My World
  • As we Live a Life of Ease Every One of Us has All We Need
  • Get Back to Where You Once Belonged
  • One Thing I can Tell You Is You Got to be Free
  • Here Comes the Sun and I Say, It’s All Right
  • There Will be an Answer, Let It Be, Let It Be
  • All There Is Is Love, Love, Love is All There Is
  • All Your life, You were only Waiting for This Moment to Arise

The Time is Now 1 – Trance(Re)Formation

July 17, 2016

Let’s start this discussion of the 19 July Full Moon with a short summary of the Bottom Line…

  • Whatever projects you’ve been thinking about for a long time, NOW is the time to dive into them head-first.
  • Whatever old Habits are holding you back, this is the time to drop them like a hot potato.  You’ll be amazed at how Easy that is Now, even if you’ve been struggling unsuccessfully with them for years.
  • We all have Unconscious Habits that are holding us back.  Drop them now as well.  How the devil do we do that if we don’t know what they are?  Simple.  What is it you Want that you haven’t been able to Manifest?  Just PIAVA that.  Period.  No ifs ands or buts.  Pattern-Change is so Effortless now that your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs will just drop away on their own.  All you have to do is Ask for whatever you know you Want that Transcends them.  “Ganeshi, please remove all Obstacles between me and {Heaven on Earth}{Whatever it is that you Want}.  Thanks, Sweetheart!”
  • That’s the Good News.  The Bad News is that every part of you that’s Attached to the Status Quo is going to be freaking out, because everything in and around you will be Changing.  When this happens, just Laugh at it.  This is why they say, “Be careful what you Ask for.”  No matter, it’s happening anyway, we just have to Live with it, you may as well Go for It.  The Sky is Falling?  Wow, look at the way it cracks up when it hits the Trees!  The Ground is all covered with Blue!  That’s hilarious!
  • Where would you like to be in five years?  Living a life of Ease on a Tropical Beach?  Working at a job that you Love doing so much that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, that pays you more than you ever imagined was possible?  Embraced in a Safe, Loving, Abundant, Exciting Community?  Working cooperatively with billions of Others to bring the Planet back from the brink?  
  • We’re Transitioning to a whole new Social and Economic Order.  It would behoove to Ask for a Loving and Gentle Transition for yourself and your Family of Choice over the intervening five years.  A lot of people will be self-destructing.  Let them go; there isn’t a lot you can do to help most of them.  Their Earth-Adventure is winding down.  It’s really their Choice.  Help them if they Ask, but don’t give away what you Need, and don’t extend beyond their Gratitude.

Next we’re going to talk directly to the astrologers, and while they’re gasping for breath, we’ll do a series of short interpretations.  I’m doing it this way simply because there’s so much to be said.

Self-Love Vs. Abuse

July 11, 2016

The themes this week are more Truthiness, Self-Love, Self-Nurturance, and your Willingness to overcome Conscious and Unconscious Habits to the contrary and Learn to Set Solid and Consistent Boundaries against your Internalized Voices of Self-Judgment, and against their External Mirror, that is, against Bullies.  Abuse issues could arise.

Let me say that over again in a less convoluted way.  We have Habitual Internal Voices that Judge us and call us names.  Instead of “You poor Sweetheart, that hurt, didn’t it,” it’s more like “You dumbshit, why’d you do that?”  Our Willingness to tell those Voices to shape up, and work to build new Habits that eliminate their Abuse.  Start with “You poor Sweetheart, they were nasty to you, weren’t they.”  Then move to “If they weren’t me, I Wonder who they were.”

Watch for Self-Sabotage due to Inattention, such as tripping, bumping into things, hurting yourself.  If that happens, Wonder why you weren’t Paying Attention.  What was your Attention on?  There are secrets here waiting to reveal themselves.  For example, maybe you berated someone a little harshly, and when you look back your Attention was on Being Right rather than Connecting.

Or maybe you burnt your tongue when you forgot how hot your Coffee was because your Attention was on your long to-do list.  The PIAVA is “I Wonder what childhood family dynamic  would make it be important for me to Be Right, or to Overfocus on my to-do list, or to ___.”  What did you gain, or not lose, by doing that in your family of origin or your childhood?  You probably wouldn’t Consciously hurt yourself.  So why would you do it?

The operative word here is “you.”  Rather than your Conscious Intentions, think of yourself as the sum and result of your Actions.  No one else hurt you, you did.  How can you Integrate that with your Conscious-Intentions view of your Identity?

Chances are there’s a part of you that was split off at a fairly early age, and she’s still trying to get your Attention to let her (or him) back in.  She may be pretty cynical and untrusting by now, so it may not be as easy as “You poor Sweetheart, I’ve shut you out all these years, haven’t I” but it’s a start.  Even if you can trace your Critical and Self-Judgmental Voices back to a sibling or significant adult or local Bully, they still may be part of you.

This is a time to set Boundaries against those Voices.  Not rigid, rejecting Boundaries against the Offender, but firm Boundaries (ie, stop Believing the Self-Judgment) against the Abuse.  The Behavior needs correcting, the Behaver needs Love.  That’s the Internal version.  If you’re manifesting External Bullies to Mirror your Internal Bullies, this is where you need rigid, rejecting Boundaries.

You can Feel Compassion for the Wounded Child of your External Bullies, but not Act on your Compassion.  It’s good Piscean Practice.  Someone else can Act Compassionately toward them, not you.  No one left in the World except you?  Well, that’s unfortunate, because your assignment here is to take care of You.  Not to take care of You first before you take care of them, but to take care of You, period.

That’s the Opportunity in the air this week, and there’s a lot of Grace available if you’re Willing to do the Work.  But the Work must get done regardless.

(1)  Eris (Truth-speaking) turns Retrograde at next week’s Full Moon, which means it’s Stationary (Dominant) this week.  This ignites 24 Degrees and its neighbors, which is fairly busy.  Eris is the shoulder of a Kite (Focused Grace) pointing to Vesta (Bringing Unconscious Beliefs into Consciousness), with Ixion (our Abandoned Genius) and Hopi (Respect for All Things) the other corners of the Grand Trine (Dumb-Luck Grace).

The Eris-Vesta Sextile (Grace Requiring Initial Effort) is the base of a Finger of God (Pay Attention!) pointing at Mars (Anger, Action, Physical Energy).  In other words, if there’s Abuse directed at you, or if Memories of same emerge, Take Responsibility for them, not in the Blame sense (Attributing Past Cause), but in the Action sense (Changing Future Outcomes).  Of course, if you find yourself Abusing someone, Stop, and then if it’s a relationship you want to keep, Make Amends.

Eris of course is still Conjoined by Uranus (More Masks to be Removed), and it’s Squared (Mastery through Challenge) by Mercury (Conscious Awareness).  The resulting Tricolor is Eris-Square-Mercury-Quincunx-Ixion-Trine-Eris, implying that our anthem is something like “I Wonder how my Abandoned Genius is tied up in all this.”

The Mercury-Eris Square is Waxing (the Cycle is Growing), and the Initiation occurred (the Cycle is about…) in 23 Aries (Pregnant woman in light summer dress) – Nothing to hide, nothing to be Ashamed of.

Mars Squares Hopi (How do we reconcile our Anger with Respect for  All Things?  Hint: Just get off the bus, Gus.)  The Tricolor is Hopi Square Mars Quincunx Eris Trine Hopi, or “I Wonder what Action will be required by the New Information I’m likely to receive.”  The Mars-Hopi Square is also Waxing, having begun at 30 Cancer (A daughter of the American Revolution), Pay Attention to which Rituals are Required.

(2)  The other dominant Configuration, an Initiation of Sappho (Self-Love) by Orcus (Oath-Breaking), illuminates 7 Degrees of the Yin Signs.  It Opposes the ongoing Conjunction between Pallas (Boundaries) and Nessus (Abuse).  Which is to say, it’s time to Break any Oaths we made to Tolerate Abuse.  The Opposition is Truss-Bridged (Eased) by Lilith and Chariklo (Entire Generations of Women, back to the dawn of history, Stand Behind you in this).

The Opposition splits a Quintile Yod (Pay Attention to Learning This!) directed at Pallas-Nessus (Standing your Ground) in Pisces (Compassion).  The base of the QYod is the Quintile between the Moon and Venus-Varuna (No, back to the Dawn of Life!).  Which puts the Orcus-Sappho Initiation Decile (Abundance) to both Moon and Venus-Varuna (Making New Oaths to Uncompromising Self-Love).

Big Stuff!