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October 8, 2017

Lilith (Self-Sovereignty) reaches the Galactic Center 13 October.  Today (7 October) Lilith is Initiated by Pholus (Attending to Our Commitments Thoroughly), only three quarters of a Degree shy of the Galactic Center.  The Lilith-Pholus Cycle, which spans more than nine years, is about Attending Thoroughly to Our Commitments to OurSelf.  The Pholus-Lilith Initiation takes place in 27 Sagittarius, “A sculptor at their work: The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials.” 

So Expect one of the themes of the next Decade to be Manifesting a Hardcopy Reality in which we can Safely Enjoy our Yintegrity. Attending Thoroughly to Our Commitments to OurSelf is in fact the same as  Attending Thoroughly to Our Commitments to the Galaxy.  Yintegrity, recall, means that we Trust OurSelf enough to Do exactly what we’re Inspired to Do, Moment to Moment.  Suzanne Lie Channels it this way…

“It’s much like learning a dance.  If your brain is engaged instead of just your feet, you may say ‘Oh, I should do it this way.  Oh, I did it that way.  No, I did it wrong.  Oh, what did she say?’  Well, you’re never going to learn this way because you will have doubt.  But if you just relax and trust your feet, you’ll find that you are actually doing that dance.  It is the same with all of reality.”

The Pholus-Lilith Initiation is also Conjoined by Ixion (our Forbidden Genius) and Quaoar (our Survival Instincts).  If we Live in Yintegrity we will automatically be Living in Synch with our Unique Genius and our Survival Instincts, but the Presence of these planets, and the Galactic Center, serve to help us Integrate OurSelf.  We may still have Ego Deaths to go through to Let Go of the Forbidden nature of our Unique Genius, and we may still depend on Other for Approval to some extent.  These planets will help us move beyond these Limitations.

One of the most inspiring things I’ve read lately is also from Suzanne’s Channel…

“Look at your third dimensional experience through the consciousness of your fifth dimensional Light Body SELF.  Through this exercise, you will begin to ‘close the gap’ between your third, fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of your SELF.”

And by the way, both of these posts of Suzanne’s are well worth reading in full.

The chart of the Initiation is complex…

The overall Configuration reminds me of those little white cardboard boxes with wire handles that we used to get for takeout from Chinese restaurants.  Maybe we’ll call this General Tsao’s Configuration.  We’ll focus on two sub-Configurations – the Veritas Graced Diamond Square (heavy lines), and the Kloth-Sedna Yin Gate (lighter lines).

The Veritas Diamond Square is also one corner of the Fire Grand Trine, which is why we’re referring to it as “Graced.”  The base of the embedded T-Square is the Klotho-Sedna Opposition.  This is about the very Real Threat these days that we could Begin New Timelines (Klotho) in Fear, rather than by Embracing our Fear (Sedna).  The Focus is Truth (Veritas), and while the North Node (our Mission in the Lifetime) is not within three-Degree Sensitivity from the Initiation, it is very much Conjunct Veritas.  So the T-Square itself is about the Challenge to stay Aligned to the Truth of our Mission in the Lifetime in the face of Fear.

The base of the Veritas Finger of God is the Sextile from Nemesis (Ego Death) to Chiron (Empathizing with our own Pain).  These are our two helpers, that convert the T-Square Challenge into Diamond-Square Ease.  By now we all Recognize Ego Death, and we’re all Delighted to encounter it, right?  Ego Death is how we Transcend our Archetypes and move toward Liberation, so it’s definitely cause for Celebration!  And we’re all quick to Poor-Sweetheart ourself when we find Discomfort, right?  That’s how we Transform Pain into Miracles, so another cause for Celebration!

I’m kidding of course; we may never immediately Recognize and Embrace Ego Death and Pain.  But we are working on developing those Habits to replace our Karmic Victim Habits, and the more we Practice the sooner we Recognize, and the sooner we Recognize the Easier it gets.

The base of the Grand Trine (Great Grace) comprises the Initiation itself (Thorough Commitment to our Self-Sovereignty), and Eris-Uranus (Willingness to shatter our Denial to reach our Soul Self).

In other words, all of the things we’ve been Practicing – PIAVAing to reconnect with elements of our True Self, Poor-Sweethearting ourself, Tapping Out Fear, Embracing New Timelines and Yintegrity – all of these Practices are here for us to help us Orient to the Truth of our Mission in the Lifetime and to Commitment to the Galactic Program of Raising the Consciousness of the Planet.  Here in the Darkness of the last hour before the Dawn, Discouragement is appropriate.  But the sooner you Recognize it and Poor-Sweetheart it, the greater is your Service to Self and Planet and Galaxy.

Consider Michael Roads’s Perspective on the Galactic Program…

Nature does not need to be saved; Nature needs to be honoured.  The problem is, you cannot honour Nature if you do not honour Self. 

“Many very caring people want to save Nature.  While I think that these dedicated people are a wonderful example to us all, only a few of them seem to comprehend the bigger picture.  Human devotion to saving a species is a wonderful energy to inject into consciousness, but as well as saving a species, Nature as a Whole needs to be honoured.  By honouring Self, you honour all life.  It may appear very noble to devote a life to saving a species – and it is – but not if the people concerned lose sight of the greater picture of all life as One.
“Nature is the power that creates and regulates the world.  If you accept Oneness to mean that all consciousness is One, then nothing in Nature is in jeopardy.  If you believe in separation, then there are species that are in danger of extinction!  No matter how deeply we get caught-up in the illusion of separation, the way out is to constantly and consciously . . . choose Love!”

The Yin Gate is the light-weight green Xs on either side of the Klotho-Sedna Opposition.  A Yin Gate is about Recognizing and Allowing Paradox rather than trying to squeeze Reality into Dualities.  There are no Contradictions in the Real World, because Contradictions can only exist in the Dualistic mind.  The Real World is however full of things we don’t understand, which appear to us as Paradox.  The more we Allow and Enjoy those, and encourage the sort of Permanent Curiosity that doesn’t seek Answers, the sooner we Liberate ourSelf.

The Golden Rectangle that encloses the Yin Gate is made up of…

  • The Pholus-Lilith Initiation and its Ixion, Galactic-Center, and Quaoar fellow travelers (Thorough Commitment to our Sovereignty through Awareness of our Global Ascension, Accepting our Survival Instincts and Embracing our Unique Genius).
  • Eris-Uranus (Willingness to shatter our Denial to reach our Soul Self).
  • Chaos (Unlimited Potential)
  • Jupiter-Haumea-Hopi (Expansive Rebirth into Unconditional Love for All Things).

Take these four elements, along with the first two (Klotho and Sedna), and pair them up, so you have fifteen pairs, then convert each pair to a PIAVA, especially a Wonder PIAVA.  For example, take Sedna and Jupiter-Haumea-Hopi; our PIAVA might be “I Wonder what Fears I will need to Let Go of in order to find my Unconditional Love for All Things.”  By the time you get through all fifteen pairs you’ll grok the Yin Gate.

We would do very well to face the World through the eyes of Wonder for the next nine years, or at least the next five, till this Cycle begins to wind down.  That will save us from a World of Trouble.

Boundaries Reset Full Moon

October 5, 2017

Today’s Full Moon is about Boundaries and Consciousness, especially about Becoming Aware of Leaky Boundaries where we let our Power dribble away, and Terminating the (Unconscious) Contracts that institutionalized them in the first place.  Any time Boundary issues arise for you, check to see if you’re playing the Victim.  If you are, Choose otherwise.  It has to be a Conscious Choice.  You’ll be Dancing with all manner of Guilt, and may well be face to face with someone Begging you to “help me!” when what they really mean is, “keep being my servant; I need someone to Abuse!”…

Asteroid Lachesis is named after one of the three Fates, the one who “cuts the chord,” or determines the length of a Timeline.  Mythology applies to the Unconscious, whereas we strive for maximum Consciousness, because Consciousness gives us the Power to Choice – if we so Choose.  So from our Perspective, Lachesis means the Power to Choose when to terminate or modify a Timeline, or Archetype, or Habit, or Behavior, or Contract.

Lachesis Conjoins Neptune, which is about Emotional Baggage that has us by the short and curlies, about Archetypes we feel Married to (hence Neptune symbolizes the Cultural Unconscious).  So we have the Opportunity during the one-month Lunar Cycle, which begins now, to Disavow all manner of Archetypal Contracts that give us Dis-Ease.  And the same goes for the several other Cycles we’ve just begun or are about to begin…

  • The one-year Mercury-Makemake Cycle (Manifestation Skill)
  • The two-year Venus-Mars Cycle (Gender Rebalancing)
  • The four-year Veritas-North Node Cycle (Finding our True Mission)
  • The four-year Atropos-Orcus Cycle (Ending Obsolete Contracts)
  • The five-year Hopi-Haumea Cycle (Respecting Diversity)
  • The six-year Aletheia-Varuna Cycle (Enjoying the Vitality of Truth)
  • The Lilith-Pholus Cycle (Being Responsible to our Sovereignty)
  • The one-year Venus-Eurydike Cycle (Trusting our own Values)

See the Calendar, , for more information of each of these Cycles.  They’re filed by date there.

Many of us are in the middle of Manifesting a portion of What We Want, and many of us are running into Speedbumps, some of which feel like Roadblocks.  Those Roadblocks and Speedbumps are nothing but Obsolete Contracts we made at one time with the Universe.  You can call them Timelines, or Archetypes, or Habits, or Behaviors, or Vows, or Oaths, or Promises, but they’re all Contracts, and the Stars are giving us Permission and Assistance at Letting Go of Them.

How do we Take Advantage of this Opportunity?  We PIAVA What We Want, and PIAVA What We Want to Jettison…

Intention would be a great Choice of PIAVAs.  Don’t forget Tapping when you’re dealing with Guilt and other Emotions that want to prevent you from Disavowing your Obsolete Contracts.  And remember that the Unconscious understands only Dimension, not Direction, so you don’t want to PIAVA negation.  Ask for Liberation from an Archetype, for instance.